Speechless in the USA

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Let’s turn the floor over to our audience.

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93 responses to “Speechless in the USA

  1. AND that was a 1996 novel.

  2. ~ IMCHRISTIAN -Dec. 6, 2014 at 10:54am ~

    “He who guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23

    I wonder at times if Al Sharpton has blackened his soul.

    • Not for us to say, BUTT I wouldn’t want to be standing in his shoes at the end of all things.

      • Sunshine

        Great stuff here !

        Check this out: Obama’s daughters are named Natasha and Malia.
        Lets turn their names around backwards now : ailamahsatan
        Lets remove the a, the l, the a and the h (for allah) and we are left with iamsatan or I Am Satan.
        Is this just a coincidence, ya think or just some ‘fun’ the powers that be thought they would throw in there?
        O’ SO INTERESTING 2 think ABOUT!!!!! happy new year ALL…

  3. Did you know that 75% of our youth believe there is no such thing as “absolute truth” & that all truth is relative? Did you know that 83% of our High School students have been sexually active? Did you know that 40% of our 8th graders have used illicit drugs? Did you know that 78% of our Inmates grew up in a Single Parent or NO ….. Parent home?

    We are told by the Psalmist that “children are a gift from God,” yet we have aborted 55 million since 1973. If the child survives the mother’s womb, many of our young ones feel they are a burden to their parents, not a blessing from God. The main reason we are gradually increasing in our population is not because of the natural pro-creation of the American family but because of Immigration, both Legal & NOT. Couples living together outside of marriage is a growing trend that keeps the divorce rate at about 55%. We can agree that Divorce or Illegitimacy is NOT a Healthy upbringing for ANY Child.

  4. YEP it has HAPPENED… He’s even SICK of his-self! ha PERFECT!!!

    Acid reflux is a condition in which the stomach contents flow back up from the stomach into the esophagus, causing such symptoms as heartburn & sore throat.

    Obama, 53 ????????? went to Walter Reed military hospital for a fiber
    optic exam of his throat & since swelling was detected, doctors decided to perform a CT scan as well, O’ … Oh Sure .. over-dosed? BLOW?

    • He’s been giving it to all of us for nigh on a decade, so karma is a b*tch, ain’t it?

        • hate to interrupt this,; but!!!!! Will you believe me now when what I show you is more proof……
          I can also connect a few other things, but since I haven’t been able to post some old photos I have of various folks and such, I haven’t been able to show all the connections to Ms. Nides, Nidesand, Ndesandjo’s family and her very important family, her connections to spain too….(which was once mentioned in the wanted sections of the National T. database on her. But everyone in our Saga tends to have connects to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, maybe slightly even to Dallas.

          • I don’t even think Ms. N is even worried anymore about her shady past, because it’s been taken care of ,so to speak….if you know what I mean.

          • The link doesn’t appear to work. What’s up?

            • I guess you have to be on Facebook. Ms. N is on Facebook and it shows her to be from San Antonio….says employed by trinity university or something to that effect. Weird/ the same lady who claims she’s from Massechussettes says she’s from San Antonio which makes all the sense in the world. She has connections to Austin and folks in Texas…of course Joseph. It’s the same lady with her Madari K. She’s also got some interesting friends. Look her up. She does have a friend wight he last name Baker and Ayers.
              Another interesting person is E. Dukes daughter….CHeryl…..and her affiliations…..her 1st cousin Laura Vale worked for a Dunham and Rogers law firm (Paul J. Dunham and Rachel Allen) .That proves nothing, but interesting that she would work for this law firm with a Dunham in it.
              I found one person whose name I believe is one in common on Cheryl’s Facebook as a business associate that I think I found years back that was associated with Joseph N. I haven’t checked, but I am pretty sure. Gotta CHeck when time permits. But Ruth’s FB is a whopping bit of info.!!!!

            • all is interesting…… go alfy…go

          • Not so sure this is another diversion, especially since such obvious names show up. FB says about RUTH, “To see what he shares with friends, send him a friend request.”

            Notice it says what “he” shares and then send “him” a friend request. Whoever signed up the FB page was sloppy. FB is gender specific; just verified with many random female and male names to see how worded. Ruth would NOT mislead FB and say she was a he and then have her posts be in first person. I suspect if the page was indeed around since 2010 we would have found it before now. Wonder if it was or if recently created as an established page????? What are those here at WTPOTUS discussing that needs to be pushed aside while everyone goes checking all things Ruth and FB?

  5. bob68 102p · 1 hour ago

    Thanks, excellent post……I am beginning to Doubt the Charade can be held together for 2 more years, which is the goal of the complicit in the biggest fraud in history Congress. It’s why there are so many excuses by the Republicans NOT to impeach or investigate Barry, both of which run too much of a risk to Congress of fully revealing the TRUTH about Barry, & Congress complicity in putting the FRAUD in office, for them to ever do. Perhaps he will be persuaded to RE-sign for “health reasons &/or family reasons”. What is most important to Congress is that “Obama” RE-main officially considered a LEG-itimate president while he is actively usurping the office.

    Congress is STILL…… protecting Obama to protect themselves… from treason charges.

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2014/12/reality-check-vital-statistics-office.html#DfZW2Kczk8QWtGtV.99

    • Maybe they’re lying (as usual) about the results of that throat scan. Ya think? If it weren’t “acid reflux”, would they tell us, anyway?

      • Jackson did not give any cause for Obama’s case of the illness. There are many risk factors for acid reflux, including smoking, use of alcohol and hiatal hernia, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Most people respond to lifestyle changes and medicines, although many patients need to continue on medication to control their symptoms. O’

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