Obama Speaks Some Truth?

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Barack Hussein Obama II has announced his executive order action to illegally give “legal” status to millions of illegal aliens, against the wishes of the majority of U.S. citizens. In a speech extolling the wonders of himself for doing this illegal end run around the Congress and the Constitution, he may have skated rather close to a truth when he said:

You hear stories about young people who were brought here when they were two or three years old – are as American as any of us in attitude and love of country but don’t have the right papers and as a consequence they can’t apply for scholarships or they can’t travel because they are fearful that it might mean that they were deported …

Those of us who question the narrative Obama presents about his childhood, and wonder at the lack of solid documentation to back up the claims he makes about  that childhood, will notice some rather interesting coincidences in his parable of the quintessential “Dreamer”: Someone brought to the USA at age 2, who doesn’t have “the right papers,” and so who “can’t apply for scholarships” or who “can’t travel.”

Obama himself showed up in Hawaii at age 2, only after his alleged father left Hawaii for Harvard. Obama has never yet produced a three-dimensional, certified-and-authenticated birth certificate, proving what he claims–that he was born in Hawaii (before being whisked within days to Seattle) and so is (arguably) a natural born citizen.

Speculation is that because of a lack of the “right papers,” Obama himself couldn’t apply for scholarships except, perhaps, as a foreign student.

Curious entries on his mother’s passport files (removing Soebarkah from her passport); the missing port of entry records for the week of Obama’s alleged birth; the “loss” of his mother’s pre-1965 passport application; the fact that Obama’s own passport files were “cauterized” before the 2008 election; Obama’s use of a Social Security number that was issued in Connecticut (a state in which he’s never admitted to living); evidence that Obama’s alleged draft registration information was “created” most probably very recently; the fact that Obama was an Indonesian citizen at the age of 6; the fact that Obama admits to being a British subject at birth … all these and more seem to indicate that perhaps Obama was describing himself (his favorite subject) in his recent speech to his illegal alien “constituents”.

Does this explain why Obama seems to feel such sympathy for them? Does Obama particularly identify with abandoned children who were sent into this country without papers?

When Obama claims these illegal aliens are “as American as any of us,” he’s correct only insomuch as some of them were born in countries that are part of North America or South America, although when most people refer to America, they mean the United States of America, not Mexico or Guatemala.

Illegal aliens are most definitely not “as American as any of us,” but they may (or may not) be “as American as Obama,” which could be not at all.

Someone needs to remind Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is suing Obama over his illegal executive order action, that there’s only about a week remaining in the month of November.

We the People continue to await that “universe-shattering” information about Obama’s papers. If the truth is truly that monumental, then perhaps its revelation would be more effective than any lawsuit. Not to mention a Godsend.



102 responses to “Obama Speaks Some Truth?

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/26/us/ferguson-missouri-violence.html?_r=0

    “… Disorder broke out moments after Mr. McCulloch announced that Mr. Wilson would not face charges for the Aug. 9 shooting.

    Mr. Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, and stepfather, Louis Head, stood with protesters outside the barricaded Ferguson police station as Mr. McCulloch made the decision public. As Ms. McSpadden cried, Mr. Head turned and yelled, with an expletive injected, “Burn this down!” …’

    The “family” that wants peace. btw, Gateway Pundit has video of the mother, dropping the f-bomb multiple times. Such a lady.

    • Very peaceful guy.

    • His story is totally believable, especially after viewing the video of how Brown acted in the store that he robbed. He came back at the shopkeeper in exactly the same way as he came after the cop. With the same arrogant attitude as if to say, “How DARE you, a ‘pu**y,’ upbrade ME? How DARE you try to impede me in what I’m doing?” The man obviously had an anger management problem, as well as a drug problem and perhaps also a psychiatric problem that remains to be exposed, but which seems apparent from simple observation. The accomplice actually ADMITS (in what is believable from his testimony) that Brown DID INDEED slam the car door on the officer, so what’s not believable about THAT? This writer is obviously an amateur researcher, unaware that Johnson (the “friend” of Brown’s) DID INDEED SAY ON AL SHARPTON’S SHOW THAT BROWN HANDED OFF THE CIGARILLOS TO HIM. So that’s also CONFIRMED by Brown’s friend. As far as Brown putting his hand on his waist, multiple witnesses testified that he DID have his arm at his waist, grasping it.

  2. Michael Brown’s Step – Father is …. “being Criticized ” ????????
    for ……. “Appearing to incite” a … ( HE did OR didn’t !!!! )
    Crowd of PRO -testers shortly after learning of the
    ~ grand jury’s decision NOT to indict Ferguson, Mo., police officer
    Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of his unarmed Step -son.

    Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, stood silently on the hood of a
    car, surrounded by protesters, seemingly letting the news that Wilson would NOT B charged in her son’s KILL-ing ….. soak in. ????

    McSpadden, overcome with grief, broke down & was comforted by Brown’s stepfather, ” LOUIS HEAD “…who
    …… Climbed on TOP of the Car ….ALSO……… & …. turned …….
    TO the CROWD & RE-peated-LY SHOUT- ed,
    >>…….. “BURN this B—- DOWN!” <<<<<<<<<< O' …. O" ….. !

    $$$$ 4 WHAT
    WAS DONE…..THAT …. NIGHT!!!! …. IT'S the LAW!! " I N C I T E D "!

    • Oh, butt no. We shouldn’t criticize him for his grief, so sayeth his lawyer Crump, who was “wif” Sharpton today (as Crump pronounces it). It’s a LIE that the mother just stood there in silent grief. She was shouting eff this and M-eff that, too. It’s on Gateway Pundit. What they get upset about is that, left to their own devices, without their “minders”, then they appear to the world and the media as exactly what they are. He has his own rap sheet a mile long. No matter how they try to rehabilitate their image, the truth leaks out. They need to maintain the sympathy, though, because they depend upon the jury pool for their civil trial, in which they hope to make MILLIONS from somebody. If not Ferguson, then the County of St. Louis or the state of MO or maybe even YOU.

      • nonparieldolls • hour ago .. (snatched from some-thing off subject)

        Another wonderful Journalistic “Coup”, under the Heading of what the
        Maid saw through the Key-hole. I’m starting to think Prostitution may
        the oldest profession, but “Journal-ism” is the DIRT-iest.
        ~ Now a days, for sure. ~

  3. BLACK-BLOOD on your HAND’s … ~ mr. LOUIS H E A D ???
    And this is why I worried… last night as I entered DARK TOWN!
    I made it out alive….. not all DID!!! .. 20 & dead ? 4 the CAUSE???


    • I wondered if he was robbed, if it was a gang shooting, if it was over drugs, OR if he was recognized, somehow, as one of the black witnesses who corroborated Wilson’s statement.

  4. the YEAR is 2014 & WE Watch ~ LIVE ~ “DESTROYING” ~ LIVE ~
    ALLOWING this in 2014 …. is “a CROCK” as WE ALL KNOW …


  5. O K ~ Take THIS… & THIS … & THIS … & THIS .. now I GET IT!!!
    How MANY HITS…. MUST an OFFICER TAKE???? tell me now!


  6. CASE CLOSED: NO CHARGES… ( it will never B over! ha)
    Eyewitness told police Brown charged cop ‘like football player head down’…
    Prosecutor: Democrat…
    Michael Brown’s mother ….. collapses outside station… O’….
    Stepfather changes his tune: ‘BURN THIS BITCH DOWN’…
    Protesters overturn barricades, swarm courthouse…
    Block traffic on Interstate…
    PHOTOS: Smoldering wreckage…
    Most Businesses Destroyed Minority Owned…
    Cars vandalized, overturned…
    Suburb Enlists Private Security Contractors…
    Store Robbed by Brown Looted… ~ (4 sure! FREE CIGARS 4 ALL)
    FOXNEWS Reporter In Ferguson Attacked…
    “MSNBC Anchor Chased Off Air By Gunfire” O’ (can’t LIE can’t report!)
    Protestor has phone stolen — while live-streaming… (FREE PHONES!!)
    Body Found Shot to Death, Set Fire… ( another 1 ?? why? )
    2,200 TROOPS ON ALERT… ( 2 late??? )
    Mayor: Delayed deployment ‘deeply disturbing’… O”!!! @DRUDGE!

  7. ~ @ DRUDGE >>>>> ~
    Guard reinforcements contain damage in Ferguson…
    Before and after photos show extent of damage…
    Black protester punches white bystander; Cop called gay slurs in Portland…
    MAG: In Defense of Rioting…
    PAPA JOHN’S Manager Defends Store From Looters — With
    Bare Hands…
    Rioting as ‘planned event’…
    180 Arrested In LA Protests…
    45 in Boston…
    Trooper bitten…
    Lincoln Tunnel Blocked in NYC; FDR Drive Shut Down…

  8. Brown’s Mother: ‘I Don’t Believe A Word Of It’… O’ !!!!

    ‘He would never do anything to anybody’… ???? O?

    Family church burned during riots…

    Pastor blames WHITE ….. supremacists…

    Pharrell Williams: …”Why Aren’t We” ….. Talking About Michael Brown’s ‘Bullyish’ Behavior? …????????????
    Cleveland crowd protests over boy shot by police…
    @ DRUDGE ~

    you sucker BUTT’ protector…. ” MARTIN d. S I N G E R ” ….. ha


  10. SO just WHEN will “SINGER”… SING …? us LADIES ARE watching!


  11. Hey, everybody. Like all of you, probably, I’m busy cooking and cleaning. Hope to catch you tomorrow. Stay safe and warm. 🙂

  12. He was clearly acting for the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which is owned by the British crown it’s not a country. At this late date it’s time for Americans need to realize they are not protected by the crowns corporation and it’s second constitution. The U.S. has a military and a civil flag, the flag flying on masts across the nation and in buildings is a war flag. The flag in the WH is the one which depicts, Admiralty Law, Martial Law – War.

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