Michael Brown Protesters Calling the Shots


Philosopher Cornel West (second from right) joins members of the clergy as they minister to Ferguson police in front of the Ferguson Police Department on Monday, Oct. 13, 2014.

as they minister to Ferguson police …

Members of the clergy got in the faces of law enforcement officers and offered opportunities for them to do penance. Amazing restraint was demonstrated by these police officers, who were forced to stand there and take this outrageous abuse:

The biggest [demonstration that day] took place outside the Ferguson police station, where about 500 people stood in heavy rain to chant and cheer 100 clergy members who offered themselves for arrest. About a dozen ministers walked toward a police line as a man on a bullhorn said they were offering to hear the confessions of police officers.

That “Moral Monday” event happened nearly a month ago. “Philosopher” Cornel West was arrested.  Far from “ministering” to the police officers, these so-called people of God were there to arrogantly taunt them:

According to several reports, members of the clergy approached the police and offered to hear their confessions of guilt for the death of Michael Brown and acts of violence against the public. However, none of the police responded to the offerings and then two people were arrested.

“Though the mood was tense, the arrests were relatively calm as clergy members and others said they wished to meet with Ferguson police officers inside the building, then stepped forward after saying they were prepared to be arrested if they could not,” the New York Times reported.

The Grand Jury is expected to deliver its decision shortly about whether or not to charge Officer Darren Wilson with any (alleged) crime. In preparation, and in yet another outrage, the protesters have arrogantly presented law enforcement commanders in the St. Louis area with a list of demands--their so-called “rules of engagement” for the upcoming demonstrations/protests/riots:

These essentially amount to a set of constraints on police response to the violence expected to result when the grand jury declines to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson for his self-defense shooting of Mike Brown, the 290-pound black adult male who, in what seems like an all too common moment of poor judgment, attacked and tried to kill the police officer.

The “rules” include

  • forbidding law enforcement officers from wearing any equipment that is more than what is “minimally” required to ensure their safety;
  • forbidding the use of armored vehicles, rubber bullets, rifles, and tear gas;
  • forbidding the jamming of the protesters’ cell phones or communication devices;
  • forbidding wiretaps on protesters;
  • allowing protesters to take over “larger and more disruptive spaces than normally would be tolerated,” and for as long as the protesters want;  and
  • ordering the police to be “tolerant of more minor lawbreaking,” such as having water bottles thrown at them.

Can you imagine mayors or police commanders meeting withTea Partiers, much less accepting and considering, negotiating about, such a list of demands from them?

Now, considering what happened back in October when CLERGY (alleged clergy) got in the faces of police officers in order to arrogantly offer them a chance to repent, consider this demand from the protesters of police:

Intimidation and harassment of protesters will not be tolerated.

The list goes on to specifically state that publication of protesters’ private information will not be tolerated. Considering that “protesters” obtained and published the private information of the county police chief, including his parents’ personal information, leading to the theft of $16,000 from their bank accounts and numerous other negative happenings, this “demand” is particularly ironic.

To put the icing on the cake, now Ron Davis, a special minion of Eric Holder, at the behest of Barack Obama, is being sent to St. Louis

to host a training session about fair and impartial policing to commanders of local departments, including Ferguson.

The effort is part of the Justice Department’s Collaborative Reform Initiative within the St. Louis County police that started after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in August.

That story by Gateway Pundit includes more examples of irony, with regard to protesters’ demands that they not be intimidated or harassed.

The Ferguson mob has been harassing and abusing local police officers for weeks.

One proud protester recorded himself cussing out police and spitting in a “bitch” officer’s face. …

You can hear the “protester” scream, “Suck my d*ck, you cowards!” before he spit on the officer’s face.

The mob was screaming, “F*ck you!” in the background.

The “protester” then posted the abuse online.

The title of the video:


(Video at the link.)

While we’re talking about ironies, I’ll close with two stories for your consideration:

First, the mother of Michael Brown allegedly assaulted the paternal step-grandmother of Michael Brown, because Mom was upset that Step-Granny was infringing on Mom’s exclusive right to exploit Michael Brown’s death by selling Michael Brown stuff:

According to the newly released Ferguson police report, several people, including Brown`s paternal [step] grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, were selling ‘Justice for Mike Brown merchandise.’

Then at about 1:20 pm, cars pulled up and 20-30 people ‘jumped out’ and ‘rushed them.’ One of those people was Michael Brown`s Mom, Lesley McSpadden, who is quoted yelling, ‘you can`t sell this s%$&.’

The report says Brown`s step-grandma was ‘repeatedly struck in the back of the head by an unknown subject’ and ‘knocked to the ground.’ The report adds that McSpadden ‘then ran up and punched (grandma).’

The report also mentions a witness who shot cell phone video of the entire fight, however police report they haven`t been able to convince that witness to hand over the video.

Their argument was definitely over who can use Brown’s name on merchandise, because the step-grandmother was overheard demanding that her former daughter-in-law son-in-law’s ex-wife offer proof that she owns exclusive rights to the name. The mob stole the merchandise as well as a case full of money.

Second story: The aforementioned McSpadden leaves for Geneva, Switzerland, on November 11, 2014. She has been invited to speak to the United Nations about police violence.


Updated 11/07/14: Post corrected (in red) to reflect new information about the relationship between the two feuding women. The woman allegedly attacked by Michael Brown’s mother is the mother of Michael Brown’s father’s current wife.

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  1. A very sad state of affairs Miri. 😦

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    I am home and doing alright so far.
    Still have a long way to go tho. 😀

    • Glad to hear it, Foxy. We’re thinking of you and pulling for you. Luv ya!

      • Thanks Miri and all.. it was your prayers and good thoughts was a huge factor in my recovery. ❤

        • anyone spry enough to call themselves ‘FOXYLADI’ will surely pull thru! Praying for a speedy mend and any support we/I can give ,let us know. Maybe one good joke a day, or any good news to share, just name it>

    • Glad to know you’re Home and hope its not too loooong before you’re feeling on the mend. Bless you, foxy. xo 🙂

  3. fl14…^^ I saw your hand cane photo @ drkates…. I’m not sure what
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    Glad your BACK…we ARE the FIGHTERS & WE did HELP.. the SHIFT
    in the WIND with ALL our God given Energy… on each & every BLOG!

    • I hope so, Zen. Would like to think we played at least a small part, if only to keep each other’s spirits up.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Even if it was to buoy one another’s spirits, that was more than enough. To know we are not alone.

        I have winnowed the political blogs I frequent to a handful. Even some old faithfuls haven’t made the cut. It’s been a process where discernment (thank the Good Lord) reigns supreme.

        Thanks, as always, Miri and those who contribute to the ongoing “discussion”. WTPOTUS is up there with Drudge in my book! Breitbart always teeters on the edge of oblivion. I seldom visit The Blaze (Beck’s kumbaya stance was the final straw) And ever since Pamela Geller switched formats, I no longer post there. Ah me…..

        • TY, RW. You’re up there on the top of our list, too. We’re old soldiers together, aren’t we? Discernment is certainly OUR hallmark. How clearly I remember our early discussions about this scary person giving us chills and how we couldn’t even abide the sound of his voice, as we wondered why so many others fell under its sway.

      • Amen Amen!!!! 🙂

  4. ~ JacksonPearson JoeKidd • 17 minutes ago

    We The People
    Owe illegal aliens nothing,
    but our Veterans everything.

  5. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/ferguson-mob-turns-on-umsl-student-beat-him-chase-him-down-chambers-street-screaming/

    The Michael Brown protesters were having a strategy meeting in a local church. They apparently thought a young white college student who has been protesting with them was video taping and so they decided to BEAT HIM DOWN. They pursued him out of the church, beating him all the way. He ran for blocks and had to take refuge in a Walgreens, where employees didn’t call 911 when he begged them to. He made it back to the pharmacy counter, where someone there finally called 911. He’s in the hospital. Awaiting word on whether or not this progressive has FINALLY gotten the education his parents paid for and WISED UP.

    btw, his phone was allegedly taken by a white female MINISTER who’s married to a black man who’s associated with St. Louis University, which Eric Holder just praised for their wonderful work in CAPITULATING to the demands of the “protesters” who OCCUPIED the campus, one of whom is a rapper who praises the joys of raping white women. The minister allegedly erased data from the young white student’s phone, lest there be anything incriminating on it. Last time I checked, that’s a crime–to DESTROY EVIDENCE that’s related to a FELONY (assault and battery, not to mention HATE CRIMES).

    Gateway Pundit has inklings that the decision may be announced this weekend, whether Officer Wilson will be indicted. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/anonymous-issues-special-action-alert-calls-all-activists-to-rise-up-ferguson/

    As for the nexus between DOJ, SLU, Ferguson “protesters”, all those black groups (one associated with Van Jones), and OBAMA–the “community” has been “organized”. The race riot will be televised.

  6. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/13-year-old-pregnant-teen-arrested-in-st-louis-knock-out-style-robberies/

    The link says it all. You cannot make this stuff up. This is what the Obamanation has wrought. Now the knock-out “game” is played by the knocked-up female CHILDREN:

    “Three girls, including a 13 year-old pregnant teen, were arrested in a series of violent robberies and beatings in downtown St. Louis.
    The arrested girls are 12, 13 and 14.
    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

    Several young teenagers have been taken into custody for three attacks in downtown St. Louis in recent weeks, prompting officials to bolster patrols in the heart of the city.

    Three girls, including a pregnant 13-year-old, were arrested in two attacks last month, and a boy was arrested in an attack earlier this week.

    Capt. Daniel Howard, the commander of downtown’s District 4 police unit, said the attack on Monday and the earlier attacks are unrelated.

    “They are only connected because they are so egregious and it is surprising to see young people acting this way,” Howard said. “They are both violent and disgusting.” …”

  7. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/wow-holders-doj-to-meet-with-criminal-cop-hater-hamas-supporter-on-ferguson-police-reform/

    An infamous “protester” who is charged with assaulting a police officer in St. Louis during the “protests” and who supports Hamas is asked by Eric Holder for input into how the police in St. Louis should be “reformed”.

  8. On November 7, 2014, it was announced that President Barack Obama would nominate …………LORETTA Lynch 55 born 5-29-1959 in Greensboro, North Carolina to replace …..
    Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General.
    If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, she would be the first African-American woman to hold this office.
    O’ this RACE …being FIRST ..is getting ….. old… really it is!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Were one to view this nation from the outside, one would imagine it to be, primarily, a black nation.

    • Wonder if she’s originally from Greensboro, nc.? THat’s the very place that all the Black Panther upheavals, race riots, sit ins in the 60’s and 70’s took place don’t ya know. The city is crawling with the old race baiting snake chambers. Just saying wonder if she’s been indoctrinated with her Greensboro past???

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Interesting question, alfy.

        • Heard her speech today. She did sound sincere and said she was humbled. If her agenda is not just justice for some , but for all , that will be a nice change. They’re bound to have searched for someone whose not controversial after ERIC the Race Baited Breath Holder!

          • http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/11/former-clinton-us-attorney-loretta-lynch-tapped-next-attorney-general/

            She was appointed to a position by Bill Clinton. From the article:

            Lynch believes that the American criminal-justice system is filled with discrimination against nonwhite minorities. In August of 2014, Lynch wrote, “The department has made great progress in reforming America’s criminal justice system. Our focus is not just on the prosecution of crime, but on eradicating its root causes as well as providing support for those re-entering society after having paid their debt to it.”

            So what is her solution of “eradicating” the “root cause” of crime? Is it the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change the wicked heart of the criminal? No. From Lynch’s perspective, an enforcement of critical race theory is what is needed. In case you have forgotten, critical race theory was developed by none other than Obama’s Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Harvard is also where Lynch graduated.

            “There is, of course, much work still to be done,” she continued. “Currently our country imprisons approximately 2.2 million people, disproportionately people of color. This situation is a drain on both precious resources and human capital. The Attorney General is committed to reform of this aspect of our criminal justice system.”

            Lynch has also advanced alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders, as well as a restoration of voting rights for convicted felons who have served their prison sentences.

            Certainly our prison system and justice system needs reform, but it should not be handled by a person that has intimate ties with a man that oversaw the violation of the Bill of Rights regarding guns in the Fast and Furious scandal, freedom of speech against Islam, freedom of the press with regards to the Associated Press and James Rosen, as well as a multitude of other criminal acts by the ironically named Justice Department. It seems like Lynch has had her hand in every cookie jar that spews forth corruption, from the Clintons to Obama to the Federal Reserve to Harvard and the promotion of critical race theory. Would anyone expect anything less from an appointee of Barack Hussein Obama?”

            • Breitbart believes that this Loretta Lynch is the same one discussed by the New York Times as having helped the Clintons during the Whitewater scandal.

              “The complicated relationship between Mr. McDougal and the Clintons came to light in an investigation by The New York Times of the Clintons’ tax records and business relationships. It raises questions of whether a governor should be involved in a business deal with the owner of a business regulated by the state and whether, having done so, the governor’s wife through her law firm should be receiving legal fees for work done for the business. Confusion Is Cited

              Asked about these matters, the Clintons retained two lawyers to answer questions. The lawyers said the improper tax deductions were honest errors, made because there was confusion over who really owned a certain piece of Whitewater property and who was responsible for the loan taken out to buy it, Whitewater or the Clintons.

              The deed for the land and the loan papers are all in the Clintons’ names.

              The lawyers said they were not in a position to answer questions about where the money that went into Whitewater came from. But generally, they said they thought neither the Clintons nor Mr. McDougal had profited from the venture. They also said the Clintons were once liable for about $100,000 in bank loans that financed Whitewater’s original purchase of land. But the lawyers have only been able to find original documents showing $5,000 that the Clintons paid.

              Some questions about the relationship and the Clintons’ role in it may be difficult to resolve because of differing accounts and the missing records.

              The two lawyers representing the Clintons are Susan P. Thomases, a longtime friend, and Loretta Lynch, a campaign aide, who participated in several hours of interviews at Ms. Thomases’ Manhattan offices Thursday and Friday. …”

    • WSJ, iirc, said today that Barry doesn’t know her; butt, can we believe that when she was also at Harvard Law AND also a protege, of sorts, of Ogletree? Lynch? What kind of name is that for a black woman? btw, separated at birth?

  9. Ferguson. Totally orchestrated by the US Federal Government.

    Thuggery Rules The Day.

  10. If those people want to burn down their cities then so be it. 👿

  11. Rosemary Woodhouse

    While they’re gearing up for Ferguson, here’s another “entitled” ‘Merican

    • Of course Barry would be happy about it. He’s a doper. (I’ll let you decide whether my contraction means “He is” or “he was.”

    O O O O O …… Silly US…silly USA….. ha .. stick it BUSTER!


  13. PROTEST ~ WITH ~ OUT HARM ~ A CIVIL SOUL… un-heard-of ?

    • Excuse my French, “Bullshit!” The author is uninformed and uneducated all things US Constitution. There are a couple of BIG conservative sites pushing for Cruz and do not tolerate any comments about him not being eligible. End of subject to them because they are right. Ignorance maxed out.

      • I’m already fixin’ to be disappointed about Mia Love. Her parents were immigrants, too. So what was their citizenship status when she was born? She’s one of our rising stars. Is she ALSO not a NBC? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mia_Love

        “Love was born Ludmya Bourdeau on December 6, 1975, to Mary and Jean Maxine Bourdeau in Brooklyn, New York. Both of her parents emigrated from Haiti in 1973, leaving their two children behind.

        According to Love, her birth occurred just before an immigration law would expire in 1976. Her father had been threatened by the Tonton Macoute, the secret police in Haiti, and came to the United States on a tourist visa.[10] After the family moved to Norwalk, Connecticut, her parents brought her older siblings from Haiti. When Love was five her family moved from Brooklyn to Norwalk, Connecticut. Love attended Norwalk High School.

        Love graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in the performing arts. While at the University of Hartford she was part of the Hartt School’s Music Theatre program. She worked at Sento Corp. and the Ecopass Corporation. She was also a flight attendant with Continental Airlines.”

        Does NOT sound promising, unless they became citizens within 2 years of arriving.

        • When did Mia become a citizen? I ask because I knew a lady who came here from another country when she was six years old. She went years and years working and paying taxes and had a social security number. When she was close to forty it was requested by immigration for her to renew her green card. She did not know what they were talking about as she never had a green card. Well, she was going to be deported as she had worked all those years illegally, supposedly, and was not a citizen. She did not know this. She always thought she was. She never thought to ask her parents if they became citizens, which she found out they did not and were in the US all these years illegally, which made her here illegally. I lost contact with her and never learned the outcome.

          Many adults of immigrants assume they are citizens when indeed they are not.

          Interesting how liberal Mia’s background is. But not surprising as I thought she says she was entrenced in liberalism before she was set free; but don’t quote me on this as have not vetted.

          • I don’t know and I don’t know how to find out. If she was born here, then I assume she’s a citizen at birth (and she is said to have been born in New York). The question is: when did her parents become citizens, if ever? I don’t know how it works with refugees. They get asylum, I assume. Her parents were targeted by those loonies in Haiti. If they get green cards, I think it’s 5 years before they can apply for citizenship (at least, that’s the way I believe it works now, but I don’t know if refugees are treated differently). So if they had green cards and weren’t able to apply for citizenship until they lived here for 5 years, then they were NOT citizens when Mia was born and so she’s not the child of U.S. citizens, although she is probably a dual citizen of the U.S. and Haiti (unless refugees somehow lose their citizenship in Haiti).

            Why is it that nearly EVERY rising star in the Republican Party is a dual citizen with questionable natural born citizenship status? What the heck is going on?

            • Why? Could it be because they are NOT traditional Republicans but instead usurping wolves in sheeps clothing? Hmmmmm…..Where DID Cruz go to college? Yep.

  14. Dumb…BUTT’ ON TARGET ….. O B A M A ~ NO!

  15. Compare poster for Stalin and the picture here at Ferguson site


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      All that’s missing is the setting sun.

    • Yeah, well. They’re commies, aren’t they? Stalinists. They certainly would aspire to “achieve” what Stalin did when he murdered over 20 MILLION who disagreed with his policies. These are anarchists. Look at the list of cities they intend to disrupt. No wonder they’re “demanding” a heads up when the announcement will be made. Can you believe that? It’s unprecedented that the judiciary and law enforcement would coordinate with demonstrators (especially those calling for violence and “revolution”) so they can facilitate their riots. A lawyer opined that it’s never been done, but it’s NOT ILLEGAL, so it may happen. This is ALL orchestrated out of the WH. Obama and Nixon are speaking. Obama is being kept up to date on developments via Holder AND JARRETT, according to the St. Louis paper. IF they truly cared about the people and the safety of the people and human life AND property, then they would hold the announcement until the city is buried in a foot of snow with near-zero temperatures. Let NATURE handle suppressing the potential riots. WHY THE HELL NOT? If Obama does all that he does under the guise of national security, then why can’t the authorities in MO use NATURE to protect citizens and their property? It’s a no brainer. In the meantime, the protesters are blaming “nerves” and “stress” to EXCUSE the black mob that attacked and beat a white college student because they BELIEVED that he was recording their plans.

  16. Rosemary Woodhouse

    People are fed up.


      • http://www.redstate.com/2014/10/22/fact-check-fact-check-dana-loeschs-hot-new-book-hands-gun/

        I like that one, too. They take Media Matters to the woodshed over their spurious “fact check” of Dana Loesch’s awesome new book about the Second Amendment.

        • As an aside, the author quotes James Madison:

          “You know what else Madison said?

          A Government resting on a minority, is an aristocracy not a Republic, and could not be safe with a numerical & physical force against it, without a standing Army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.””

          Consider this: The “aristocracy” which currently comprises the liberal elite, in particular Barry and his czars, cannot “be safe,” according to Madison, “without a standing Army” (which Barry has), “an enslaved press” (which Barry has, obviously), and “a disarmed populace” (which he doesn’t have butt is working on diligently).

          Two down, one to go AND I believe Ferguson is the pretext. Never let it be said that Barry is not a student of the Founding Fathers.

    • Alabamans are fed up, too: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/alabama-amendment-banning-foreign-laws-includes-sharia

      ” A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of “foreign laws”—which would include Sharia law—was passed Tuesday by an overwhelming majority of Alabama voters. By a 72-28 margin, voters passed “The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment,” which specifically prohibits judges and legal authorities from applying “laws of other countries or cultures” to Alabama citizens. Critics claim the amendment directly targets Muslims.

      Current Alabama law allows for authorities to determine whether foreign law is applicable to a situation. With the passage of the new amendment that will no longer be the case. Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey provided the following summary of the amendment in a press release in September:

      Called “The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment,” Amendment 1 relates to the application of foreign law during the legal process involving an Alabama citizen. Foreign law refers to the laws of other countries or cultures. Currently, judges or other legal authorities discern whether foreign law is applied. Amendment 1 would create constitutional protection that foreign law is not applied if it violates the guaranteed rights of Alabama citizens. …”

  17. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/radical-ferguson-activists-put-bounty-out-on-officer-darren-wilsons-head/

    “The “peaceful” Ferguson activists have put a bounty on Darren Wilson’s head.

    The starting price if $5,000 – paid by RbG Black Rebels and a local investor. …

    THe RbG Black Rebels are Pan Africanist, Military Minded, Political Aware, Revolutionary but Gangsta Garveyites. Fighting for Uhuru. …

    Uhuru is a very radical black power movement in the United States.

    The group is promoting violent revolution. …”

    • I’ll try to give what I think are highlights or new info (at least to me):

      Cashill says that Media Matters had a person assigned solely to watch him to find things to attack him for.

      He says Obama has an advantage with the media in that he “looks like he’s an African-American.” Hmmm. “Looks like …”

      He also said earlier, “… Hawaii or Indonesia or wherever he’s from …” He believes Barry lied when he said he was born in Kenya for his book bio. Butt it’s interesting that Cashill posits the possibility of Barry being from Indonesia. And then there’s the comment about he “looks like he’s an African-American.”

      Cashill says we know that both his avowed parents “hated America.” He lists some lies:

      1. BHO Sr. left Barry and his mom when Barry was two.
      2. Fast and Furious was begun under the Bush administration. (Jake Tapper, who he says is the only reporter who actually asks questions, proved to Jay Carney that this is a lie.)
      3. There’s “not a smidgen of corruption” involved in the IRS/Lois Lerner scandal.
      4. David Letterman, a week after Benghazi, was the first to ask Barry what happened, and Barry responded that an “extremely offensive” video was produced, “directed at Mohammed and Islam” and that the video was “making fun of the prophet Mohammed.” So a week after Benghazi, Barry was blaming the video, even though he said in the second debate with Romney that he said on the first day after Benghazi that it was an act of terrorism.
      5. Obama said “transparency” and fidelity to “the rule of law” will be the “touchstones” of his presidency.
      6. If you like your health plan, you can keep it.
      7. 1/20/2009: With hand on the Bible, Obama swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the USA. That’s Cashill’s nominee for his number one lie.
      8. Ebola: 9/16/2014 Barry says it’s highly improbable that anybody will bring Ebola to the USA because we screen them carefully at the airport and that our hospitals are well prepared, anyway. Three days later, Duncan is here.

      Obama is untrustworthy because he lies all the time, in every crisis. Nobody knows when he does tell the truth.

      • About halfway in, somebody finally asks Cashill about WHERE Obama was born and how the Maraniss book says it was in the hospital in Hawaii. He says Maraniss spent 2 pages on his “best evidence” which was the infamous story told by a “woman” (Babs) who had lunch with a doctor (not the one who delivered the baby) who mentioned that Stanley had a baby, and that the woman remembers this 30 years later. (He says 30 years but it was longer than that. Babs came out with her tall tale in 2008 or so. That’s almost 50 years later.) The questioner mentioned something that I didn’t know (if true): In 22 states, in 1961, SAD would have been arrested for having given birth to a black baby. Hawaii wasn’t as strict on that issue as other states. Cashill answers the man’s question with his speculation: BHO Sr. was telling INS that they were going to give the baby up to the Salvation Army for adoption. There is a maternity hospital for unwed mothers, run by the Salvation Army, which is in Vancouver. Cashill knows people who are tracking this. He says they believe that she had the baby there, changed her mind, brought it back to Seattle. (Now there’s an original theory. Let’s hope somebody can PROVE THIS. If he was born there, there ought to be a BC. It wouldn’t or shouldn’t be sealed, if no adoption happened. This would explain how she showed up with a baby that she didn’t even know how to diaper.) Remember, too, that her aunt was in Canada at that time. Cashill says we have no idea how she got to Seattle from Hawaii at that time. (Butt, remember, that week of the port of entry records are missing.) He reminds them that this is speculation at the moment. Cashill doesn’t think Barry was born in Kenya. If he had to guess, he “likes” the Vancouver story better than the Hawaii story or the Kenyan one. Remember, folks: IF he was born in Canada, then he is definitely NOT a NBC and may not have been even a U.S. citizen until, possibly, he naturalized in secret at some point or else maybe never, but just ran on forged docs. His mother was TOO YOUNG to transmit citizenship, if he was born outside the USA (that is, if she’s his mother). She hadn’t lived in the USA for 5 years beyond age 14. Therefore, she couldn’t give her citizenship to any child of hers born outside the USA. Barry’s father was a Kenyan. Barry, if anything, in that scenario, would be a British subject with Canadian citizenship and then, possibly later, Kenyan citizenship, and later still, Indonesian citizenship. It may have been easy for her to go there to give birth as the “wife” of a British subject, seeing as how Canada was/is aligned with the UK. IF the BC in Hawaii was attempted to be created back in 1961, perhaps it was based upon a false affidavit by his grandmother OR perhaps the HDOH never issued one, because there was no proof he was born in Hawaii. IF he were born in Canada, then way back then his family WOULD have a reason to try to get him a false BC.

        Cashill says Barry is too lazy to become a dictator. He also says he won’t be impeached because the Republicans were burned by the media, which made Clinton the left’s Reagan and demonized Linda Tripp and Ken Starr, as so they are reluctant to try again. Besides, they don’t have the votes to do it, so he doesn’t blame them for not trying.

        Someone asks about the forged documents at 40 minutes. He only will answer what he knows for sure: For 25 years Obama HAS been using a CT SS card. He has to have been in CT to get that card. There’s no explanation for it. IF you speculate, he came back from Indonesia as Barry Soetoro and he needed documents to go through life as Barry Obama, US citizen. Another thing we know for sure, that didn’t get the attention it deserved, was when Barry spoke for the first time, in April 2008, about going to Pakistan. Jake Tapper wondered why Barry hadn’t mentioned this in either of his books OR any other time during the campaign, when Pakistan was a topic many times before. Then Cashill ties in that 3 weeks prior, the passport files were broken into. One of the perps worked for Brennan. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/passportgate-a-history/

        45 minutes in, a great comment that gets applause to the effect that Barry is a nihilist whose goal is to destroy the USA.

  18. Opinions on the dialogue of vaccinations here in the comment section, http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/11/10/monday-open-thread-november-10th/#comments The comments continue on and off through the section until shut down. It is a continuation, of sorts, of an early discussion between the two.

    a Canadian tells us OUR… problem or HIS…


    • I guess this dude was asleep at the wheel during GWB’s two terms. Didn’t happen to notice the disrespect HE got not only from the leftists but also from the media? Hollywood (movies about killing him)? Hanging him in effigy? Burning him in effigy? Photoshopping pics to make GWB look like a demon or Guy Fawkes or a monkey? Cartoons about GWB as a monkey? Guess he didn’t notice THAT disrespect. Actually, to do otherwise for Obama, to not treat him in typical AMERICAN fashion (as an equal, if not as an EMPLOYEE of ours), would be racist.

  20. Keep the faith Friends. ❤

  21. http://dailycaller.com/2014/11/09/obama-attorney-general-pick-voter-id-laws-are-about-taking-back-what-dr-king-won/

    “President Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch said that voter ID laws are meant to reverse Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s accomplishments and promised that DOJ lawsuits against “Deep South” states with voter ID laws will continue. …”

    In addition, check out her use of language:

    “But we also know that when we sit and look at schools that have zero-tolerance programs, they are often used. And they take our babies, minority children, black children, Hispanic children [white children? Asian children?], and they put them out of school before they have a chance to learn. So the Department of Justice this past year has gone into the South, although we’re looking further, and brought the first school-to-prison pipeline cases against school districts in Alabama.”

    I’ll let you try to figure out what the hell a “school-to-prison pipeline case” is. I’d just like you to note the use of “our” and “they”, and her extreme lack of concern, apparently, about disparities in schools that may serve poor white folks or poor Asian folks. What’s her beef, btw, with “zero-tolerance programs” in schools? This certainly smacks of a preference on her part for the same kind of look-the-other-way programs in schools as the one that allowed Trayvon Martin to escape punishment for his crimes, thus leaving him on the streets where his thuggery ended up costing him his life. All so the school system wouldn’t catch the eye of the DOJ. Just yesterday, I read a story about a school official who was assaulted in the school hallway and guess what? The punishment was SUSPENSION. I didn’t see anywhere that they called the cops. So it sounds AS IF Loretta is on board with giving a pass to “our children” who happen to assault teachers, lest they end up in the school-to-prison pipeline. More of the same, from Holder’s wife’s BFF.

  22. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/obamacare-architect-admits-democrats-lied-to-stupid-americans-to-pass-obamacare-video/

    I am SO SICK of these leftists. They got their shellacking and now we need to REMOVE THEM from our government. A clean sweep is necessary. Don’t forget that Barry has the same sentiment about the STUPID bitter clingers who comprise those who did not recognize his wonderfulness because they’re just too ignorant to realize his superiority.

    “At an October 2013 conference Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragged about deceiving the American people, who he thinks are stupid. Gruber’s comments will blow your mind.

    “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. [Hmm. Chalk up another one for Roberts.] If CBO scores the mandate as taxes the bill dies. So it’s written to do that… If you get a law that says healthy people are going to pay and sick people would get money, it would not have passed.

    Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really very very critical to get the thing to pass. And, you know, it’s the second best argument. I wish Mark was right we could make this transparent but I would rather have this law than not.” …”

  23. Pretty weird Barry picture,
    I don’t know where to put this, it doesn’t really belong here but it certainly does not belong in Veteran’s Day posts,
    anyways here it is:

    Is this real?
    Would you bring something like that into your house? even on haloween?
    But this isn’t some LA devil party, this is supposedly the prezodent of the USA.
    Yes, it is a B4itsnews type of link so anything is possible
    They always go on about that kind of stuff – but if it’s a real picture then
    What in the world is going on?

  24. The comment above, which disappeared into moderation refused to display the link
    I’ll try it one more time:

    If it disappears agin, I’ll give up.

    • Apparently the WordPress system didn’t like a comment with those links in it. Sorry I wasn’t around to release you from moderation. I can’t figure out how WordPress makes these decisions.

  25. Fri, November 14, 2014 @12:00 a.m. @vindy.com/news
    Brown family urges restraint ~ CLAYTON, Mo.

    Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown are urging restraint by both protesters & police once a grand jury decides whether the suburban
    St. Louis officer who shot him should face charges.

    Attorneys Anthony Gray & Benjamin Crump had a news conference Thursday outside the St. Louis County Justice Center, where the grand jury is meeting & Dr. Michael Baden, who performed a private autopsy on the family’s behalf, was testifying. Brown’s Parents, who were IN …. “Geneva this week as the U.N. Committee Against Torture” ….. heard testimony about U.S. policies,
    did not attend.

    Their attorneys echoed Gov. Jay Nixon’s call for protesters to avoid rioting, looting & violence, but faulted him for not also calling on police to exercise restraint.

  26. Washington POST Dismantles “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT”
    Narrative….. IT NEVER REALLY HAPPENED!!! EVER!!!


  27. She noted the widely divergent recollections of witnesses at the scene of
    the shooting & the fact that many early claims suggesting Brown was attempting to surrender were later recanted……… In the paper’s tradition
    of researching disputed claims & assigning them up to four “Pinocchios”
    to determine their relative inaccuracies,….. this protest theme earned
    the maximum.

    “’Hands up, don’t shoot’ did not happen in Brown’s killing,” Lee wrote,

    “& it is a characterization that deserves …… Four Pinocchios.”

    h/t: IJReview

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