Election Day 11/04/2014

Mexico/US border
Today is election day. Vote as if your life and the lives of your children depend upon it, because they just may.

What do the policies of Obama and his Democrat Party (and some Republicans) bring?

Open borders!

What do open borders bring?


Ebola_Virus - Copy

Enterovirus D68

enterovirus - Copy

Not to mention drug-resistant TB, MRSA, severe Coxsackie viral infections, and venereal disease.

What else do open borders bring?

Criminal illegal aliens who’ve been deported multiple times already, to no avail.

Some even kill law enforcement officers.

What else?

Drug-trafficking criminal gangs and

“Radicalized” Muslims

I’m just sayin’!!

Vote as if your lives depend upon it.


152 responses to “Election Day 11/04/2014

  1. Midterm Elections … @ coasttocoast.com

    In the first hour, author Howard Bloom shared his thoughts on the mid-term election results and what they might mean about the state of the country. He observed that “midterm elections of this kind have traditionally flushed out the party of the president in charge” and, thus, warned against reading too much into the results of Tuesday’s vote. Beyond that, he lamented that the general population has been bombarded with negative and skewed narrative by both ends of the political spectrum as the Left repeatedly blames people for their deleterious effect on the environment while the Right continually promotes the concept of failed policies enacted by President Obama. Ultimately, Bloom mused that ” America is a nation in need of a ……..dream” to unify… the country towards a common goal.

    • It’s not a “concept” that Barry has failed policies–it’s FACT.

      They’re already setting up a meme, trying to scare Republicans into “compromising” with Barry by pointing out that next election, 24 of the 34 Senate seats in play belong to Republicans. So to stay in charge in the Senate, they will need to preserve most of those seats, if they don’t take some of the other 10 from the DemoncRATS. The meme is that maybe the Republicans will play “nice” in order to not alienate the electorate and thus lose the Senate in 2016, when voter turnout “favors” DemoncRATS.

    • Lloyd Marcus…@ AT..Folks, WE have a presidential Election coming in 2016. Rather than a Weak-Kneed Republican presidential Candidate who will embrace the Democrats’ & mainstream liberal media’s so-called “big tent” agenda, I PRAY for a candidate with the Backbone & Faith in God of the Duggar family. My Prayer is for a candidate who will take a STAND for what he or she believes is Right, regardless of the left’s faux invincibility – portraying itself ….. like a “Roaring Lion” seeking whom it may Devour.

      Two courageous patriots who immediately come to mind are Sarah Palin
      & Ted Cruz. This is not a formal endorsement. It is far too early. I’m just sayin’. ….. ~ Praise God!

      • Is that real?

        • Hey….^^^ just might have something…. 2 DO with THIS…..
          YES! & much MO’ @BR… burn’in UP the lines… + comments!
          YEP… MUSIC 2 MY EARS… WTPOTUS …. just LOVING IT!

          ~Must See: Marine SGT “Outside White House”

          With Megaphone

          Telling USURPER …… Obama To Resign !

        • Miri …. stroll down the page & your find …. the loco DOOR MAN..
          is it 4 REAL?… 4 SURE! just lazy & VERY MAD.. that’s ALL


          • Tell me that Josh was only joshing. Did he REALLY say this, in earnest?

            “White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Friday that Obama “is very focused on” immigration and that Republicans can do only one thing to stop him.

            “They can allow that common-sense, bipartisan [amnesty] bill from the Senate to come to the floor of the House of Representatives,” he said. “And if the House passes that Senate bill, the president won’t take executive action. Maybe the republic will be saved. Maybe the ego of the House Republicans will not be bruised. Certainly, the United States of America would benefit significantly from them taking that step.”

            Update: It appears that is a real quote. Amazing. http://www.pressherald.com/2014/11/08/obama-insisting-on-immigration-action-now/

          • I’m still looking for the door man, butt this one is funny. Love that Michelle’s Mirror:

  2. What’s up with Alaska?

  3. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Never heard this song before. Excellent, IMO.

  4. his mental illness by these traits… O U R S – USURPERS LIFE !

    – An OverSized EGO. ~ (a HOT-AIR BALLOON is tiny 2 O’… ! )
    – LYing and showing manipulative behavior.( LIE-LIE-LIE-LIER ha!)
    – Incapable of Showing – Empathy. … ( Z E R O ! )
    – No lack of SHAME or remorse. … (SHAME-LESS & SHAME-FULL)
    – Staying Eerily calm in dangerous situations… (E E R I L Y child-ish)
    – Behaving Irresponsibly or with Extreme Impulsivity…. YEP!
    – Having “FEW close friends.”.. ( PS as ALL R buried down DEEP?)
    – Being charming-BUTT’ only SUPER-ficially. (O’ so charm-less 2 US!)
    – Living by the Pleasure principle…. O’…Let’s count the WAYS!
    – Showing Disregard for societal norms….( D I S RE G A R D -YES!)
    – Having IN-tense Eyes… (HIS SICK FIRE BURNS DEEPLY inside 24/7)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The man IS… Either Sick ….. or Non-Human….. BOTH??? !
    ~SICK & DANGEROUS 4 SURE ~ ?… a HUMAN? got our Doubts!
    He does not RE-Act like a Normal HumanBeing…~ & NEVER HAS!

  5. news with VIEWS… ^^^ is the DUDE…a REAL CRACKED-POT? ha


    • “As I sit here and write, I am listening to Mr. Obama’s press conference. Something is very wrong with this guy. He is either mentally ill or demon possessed. Either choice is a possibility. But something is definitely wrong with him. He seems somehow inhuman.”

      Uh, huh. We got it.

  6. 150′ .. re-sults of her in OUR -Face in-sults …. just B-ing… Pelosi
    Because NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW …. old news / new news




  8. MISS P… WHAT CAN “we GIVE them in 2016″~ COLORED.. TV’s?

    what a piece of W O R K ..NANCY is …GOT 2 PASS IT ..2 READ IT!


  9. OBAMA is SEETHING…. so says Krauthammer…. how Peachy…
    It would B…. Cruz said…. Senate VOTES…. might do the JOB!
    IMPEACHMENT is NOT enough…O’ should NOT B on the LOOSE
    a loose CANNON BUTT’ worse than THAT! … O’ what 2 do-do


    • Wow. Great research by Orly.

      “I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell.

      The name of the wife of AG Holder is Sharon Malone, she is the sister of a known civil rights leader Vivien Malone -Jones (one of 2 black students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama).

      I checked the age: both were born in 1959 and both went to Harvard at the same time. There were very few African American students in Harvard in 1977-1981, so I am rather certain that Loretta Lynch is an old college friend of Sharon Malone, the wife of the current AG Eric Holder.

      Why this connection is important? Holder will be investigated by Congress for totally lawless gun trafficking to Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, VA scandal, DOJ, NSA, EPA, FEC and other scandals. Most importantly, Holder covered up Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel 042-68-4425 and Obama’s use of bogus IDs. It seems that a long time college friend of Holder’s wife was picked up as a gate keeper to continue all of the cover up by Holder and shield Holder and Obama from criminal prosecution.”

      • Check out the photo. I swear it would not surprise me to learn she’s also connected to/related to Rev. Al. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-loretta-lynch-attorney-general-20141108-story.html

        “When the African American Delta Sigma Theta sorority chapter was established at Harvard College in 1980, its first members included two undergraduates named Loretta Lynch and Sharon Malone.

        Decades later, Lynch, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, stood at a podium Saturday in the White House with Malone’s husband, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., and was nominated by President Barack Obama to be the first African American woman to serve as attorney general. … Lynch was never part of Obama’s inner circle. But she was close to Holder, who announced in September his plans to step down as soon as a new nominee is confirmed by the Senate. She chairs the Justice Department committee that advises Holder on policy decisions. In that role, she traveled to Washington often, working closely with senior Justice officials.”

        THAT MEANS that everything Holder does is with her approval/advice. This will only be a CONTINUATION of Holder’s regime. Apparently, Lanny Breuer vouches for Lynch. Hmm. I just read that name today: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/passportgate-a-history/4/

        “Jack Cashill stated recently on a radio program that the individuals who broke into the passport files have never been identified. Some have been, although whether the cauterizer is among them is anyone’s guess:

        Gerald R. Lueders, 65, of Woodbridge, Virginia, pleaded guilty in January to one count of unauthorized computer access, according to a statement from Lanny A. Breuer, the District of Columbia assistant attorney general. [Yes, THAT Lanny Breuer.] …”

        Round and round we go.

    • Very interesting article. How about this part?

      “The East-West Center promoted both cultural policies of integration and military policies of containment. Designed as a counterpart to Moscow’s Friendship University, it brought Asian, Pacific, and American students together in one setting; at the same time it coordinated grants for Indonesian military officers who were undergoing small-arms training before the 1965 military coup that, with the goal of eradicating communism, left a half-million Indonesians dead.”

      • This is a common method for the US. If you look into it , we’ve done this in small countries all over the world….it’s our standard course of operation. NOt only that we used the Muslim military to eradicate the commies, another feature that by now everyone should see it as standard too. We continue to do this today as is obvious in the middle east , central America, ect.
        This might be why we can’t find Lolo part of his time in US. It’s likely he was training somewhere like Texas, or Indiana Army bases were used for this. We also trained some in Mexico I think at that time. The East West Center was really a way to steer monies thru an institution for these sorts of schemes at the same time we were chatting and having new dialogue with the Asian Pacific countries.

      • Here is the same article again but from another site the author is associated with. Comments good too. For example,
        slumber_j says:
        October 29, 2014 at 10:21 pm GMT
        I think the house Obama visited in Norfolk CT when he was dating that Cook woman (as recounted in Dreams From My Father) is for sale. In any case, it definitely belongs to the Jessup family. For $1.8m, this (possibly, and if so extremely marginally) historic property can be yours:


        • DCThrowback says: • Website
          October 29, 2014 at 11:03 pm GMT
          @Steve Sailer

          IIRC, Jessup’s nephew, Nathan Jessup, was a Colonel in the Marine Corps who was court-martialed in the early 90s when he was involved in the controversial death of young (gay?) Marine. Such a small world, really.

        • leftist conservative says: • Website
          October 30, 2014 at 12:57 am GMT
          the really interesting and important aspects of this essay are the ones that you treat ironically and casually–the idea that contemporary american Leftist/progressivism was molded and shaped by “the powers that be” decades ago. You (and others) don’t really know the mechanisms of such shaping, and you want to avoid being seen as conspiracy theorists, so you approach the subject in an oblique, casual or humorous manner.

          Well, lucky for you that I am here to tell you how it (most likely) happened. Yes, American leftism is a product of forces exerted decades ago, and those forces were exerted by Big Money.

          You mentioned the Ford Foundation. That is right on target. But it almost certainly involved other large, rich nonprofit foundations. Yes, there was an overt conspiracy. A fellow named Bissell (who was involved in both the ford foundation and either the CIA or FBI (I forget which)) said that the objective of “the powers that be” with respect to populist-economic uprisings and activists (which some might call “socialist”) was to give these activists less harmful things to do. Less harmful meaning less harmful to Big Money.

          What sort of diversions were created? Well, Gloria Steinem was funded in part by the FBI.

          It appears that multiculturalism and feminism were both funded at the start by Big Money, via nonprofit foundations and govt agencies. Why?

          The Left in the west evolved just as an organism evolves in its natural environment. An animal is the product of decades, eons of environmental forces felt on its ancestors. An ice age will allow only those species with large fur coats to survive. Big Money funded leftist activists, writers and academics who were interested in things that would not hurt the rich and corporations but would help the rich and corporations.

          What sort of things are those? Well, regressive taxation and cheap labor. So over decades leftism was shaped, molded and evolved by Big Money funds, directed through nonprofit foundations and govt agencies. So at this date, we have feminism and multiculturalism oriented Leftism, which tends to expand the labor pool and thus depress wages, and of course it is not about progressive taxation at all.

          So it was not a conspiracy at all. But simply an accretion of the effects of self-interested parties giving money to those sort of activists and writers whose work supports ideology that helps the rich and corporations. Multiply that by hundreds of occasions over decades, and you get something out the other end that…has changed…into something rich and strange…. Changed from economics-oriented Leftism to multiculti-feminism oriented Leftism.

          Just as the current elite are using the white guilt generated by multiculti to “elect a new people”, the elite of yesteryear created a new Left, one more suitable to their interests.

          Big Money is the Ice Age, and contemporary Leftism is the species of arctic fox that came through with a heavy coat of fur. Not a conspiracy. Just nature and natural selection in action….

          See Stonor Saunders’ book on The Cultural Cold War, and see Roelofs’ book on Foundations and Public Policy for more detail.

        • nome says:
          October 30, 2014 at 2:09 am GMT
          Mohammad Mansur Medeiros, a reclusive and scholarly Subud member from Fall River, Massachusetts…

          Was he the brother of the Cardinal of the Boston Archdiocese?

        • Same link but putting here to make easier to get back to. Check out comments 36-41. Any of that stuff copy and pasted from here? http://www.unz.com/isteve/obama-the-indonesian-connection/

          • Did you see #34, which (I assume) says that Barry’s related to Scott Brown? That would be IF he really descends from Richard Singletary, which I seriously doubt.

            WAH, I don’t believe any of that’s copied and pasted from here. (Not to say we aren’t a source, though. As you see, he cites Am. Thinker article by Kissner, who did, I’m relatively sure, read our work. Jan. 3, 2014 I first mentioned Subud Voice and the resemblance between Barry and Subud master. A commenter by the same name is at CT.)

            That’s a very good set of summaries of events in those comments. btw, did you know (I learned this on Free Republic recently) that Fuddy’s death certificate originally said the cause of death was drowning? This was AFTER autopsy, but still pending TOXICOLOGY results, which, imho, in no way would modify an autopsy finding of drowning. (Uh, water in lungs.) Apparently the death certificate was changed after the fact. What I suspect is that it was changed from an accidental cause to a “natural” cause in order to circumvent Hawaiian laws about mandatory investigation, which would, perhaps, require transparency and release of results to the public.

            • btw, does this appear to have been changed to you? http://www.subudvoice.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SubudVoiceEnglishAug2011.pdf


              Mohammad Mansur Madeiros, a reclusive and scholarly Subud member from Fall River, Massachusetts, and Harvard, whom Ann hired as a teacher, had immersed himself so deeply in Javanese culture, language and religion that friends nicknamed him Mansur Java. When he died in 2007, friends recalled his preference for the company of ordinary Indonesians –street vendors and becak drivers — over that of other Subud members and expatriates.””


              Humberto Sousa Medeiros (October 6, 1915 – September 17, 1983) [obit: http://www.nytimes.com/1983/09/18/obituaries/cardinal-medeiros-of-boston-dies-after-coronary-bypass-operation.html ] was a Portuguese American clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Boston from 1970 until his death in 1983, and was created a cardinal in 1973.

              Humberto Sousa Medeiros was born in Arrifes, on the island of São Miguel, Azores, to Antonio Medeiros and Maria de Jesus Sousa Massa Flor. He was baptized in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Saúde on November 1, 1915. His father raised vegetables and ran a small variety store until 1931, when the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Fall River, Massachusetts. The family there attended St. Michael’s Church, the local Portuguese parish. (1940 census: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:K4V5-M6D )

              Forced to leave school at age 16, Humberto swept floors in a local textile mill for 62 cents a day, studying English in his spare time. He was able to return to school in 1935, when his younger brothers became old enough to work to support the family. After graduating first in his class from B.M.C. Durfee High School in 1937, he entered The Catholic University of America. He obtained a Master of Philosophy degree in 1942 and a Licentiate of Sacred Theology in 1946.

              Medeiros was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop James Edwin Cassidy on June 15, 1946. He then returned to the Diocese of Fall River, where he was assigned to St. John of God Church in Somerset. In 1949, he returned to Catholic University to pursue his doctoral studies. He earned a Doctor of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome in 1952. After returning to Fall River, he was assigned to Holy Name Church and named assistant chancellor of the diocese. He later served as vicar for religious, vice-chancellor, and finally chancellor before becoming a Monsignor in 1958. He became pastor of St. Michael’s Church in 1960.”

              Could there be a connection besides the similar surname and Fall River? This bishop’s name was spelled both ways. A Texas connection, too: http://immaculateconceptioncathedral.org/75 The Subud guy’s surname was spelled both ways, too: http://www.subudvision.org/ed/Subud%20Vision%20Assessments.htm

              It seems to be a common surname in Fall River, however, based upon Find A Grave.

              • picture or content?

                • I don’t know. I thought there was a different photo–the one that looked like Barry. Maybe it’s just me “misremembering.” 🙂

                  • Well, I did notice when I did a google image search of Bapak only two in all the selections were of the one most looking like Barak. This was not how it was awhile back. There were many, many pics that were remarkably similar in a Father/son way. Now, mostly old pics of Bapak. And the two of him sitting on throne-like chair. Interesting.

        • CT? Possible he knew Cook back in Indonesia and somebody used her home to get an SS#?

    • Did you read this one about the possibility of the Barry/Genevieve love affair being a Subud op? http://takimag.com/article/a_small_world_steve_sailer/print%22%20%5Cl%20%22axzz3Hu1f3RJb

      Some amazing connections in that one.

  10. Another great article…. and the comments are very interesting.

    Love the bit about the Kenyan being the final witness in the Mboya Assassination trial. I have watched the videos of the assassination and the funeral and didn’t catch a glimpse of him though its said he was present at both events.

  11. YEP! ~ OUT of HIS “ELEMENT” ~ & also 4 GOT 2 PACK? so silly

  12. “VAL went to whatever meeting SHE wanted to go to—basically ALL

    of them – & then would go & Whisper to the USURPER,” says a former

    White House official. “People don’t trust the process… YEP so TRUE!
    They think she’s a spy.” ??? !!!! ??? O’

  13. Hey BUSTER…. CAN U Hear us NOW??? …. USA PLAYS SANE!


  14. HEY …CRUZ…… lend US YOUR FRIGG-IN’ EAR ….


  15. Kara • an hour ago …… ^^^^^

    Another Illegal alien-borne disease. Chagas was shown to be in the
    blood supply in CA years ago.

    copperpeony • an hour ago

    “The actual parasite causing the disease, Trypanosoma cruzi, is found in Mexico, Central America, and South America” TY President Obola for leaving the southern border open. We now have Enterovirus D68, Ebola and Chagas.

    He needs to be ARRESTED for treasonous behavior toward the population of the United States which includes human trafficking & putting our lives at risk.

    SHUT down the freaking southern border & deport all illegals.
    NO PUCKING AMNESTY. How long can we live like this?

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