Ebola Lola and the Pity Party

Can you take another post about Ebola? Just a few bits of new information and some commentary:

Yes, we can! 

Catch Ebola from surfaces, upon which the virus can survive for nearly two months! We can also catch Ebola from sitting next to someone on public transportation, from airborne droplets, and even from toilet seats. We can catch Ebola not only from the seats, but also from simply being in the same restroom with, or after it’s used by, a person with Ebola, given the particulars of how our modern toilets so rigorously flush, sending aerosolized waste droplets flying. Isn’t THAT special?

Yes, that is a stuffed Ebola virus “toy” in the photo above. Isn’t he cute?

Another uncomfortable fact: Already more than 200 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have contracted and died from Ebola. One doctor says:

We still don’t know how they can possibly get it.

Doctors Without Borders, the group with whom Kaci Hickox allegedly “volunteered,” reports that 16 of their staff caught Ebola, 9 of whom have died. Presumably, a majority of these trained professionals know how to “prevent” Ebola by using the recommended precautions. Nevertheless, despite following protocol, over 200 have contracted the disease and died.

Even so, we are supposed to believe that Kaci Hickox poses no threat to the public here in the USA, nor do any other healthcare workers (as opposed to troops) who return from Africa after working in Ebola-infested areas.

Hickox claims to be “asymptomatic” and so cries out against the “inhumane” quarantine. Dr. Craig Spencer was also asymptomatic, with a normal temperature one day and then, on the very next day, symptomatic, with stomach cramps and a fever. Unfortunately, he’d been allowed into the country and allowed to go out and about in public, riding the subway, bowling, and who knows what else. We can only hope that the next several weeks will prove that he didn’t spread his infection to anyone else.

The CDC’s Dr. Thomas Frieden has come out with yet another set of reactionary new recommendations, in response to Ms. Hickox’s complaints and the Obama administration’s opposition to mandatory quarantines (for healthcare workers, not troops): [emphasis added to quotes]

Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), called for voluntary home quarantine for people at the highest risk for Ebola infection but said most medical workers returning from the three countries at the center of the epidemic would require daily monitoring without isolation. …

Under new CDC guidelines that spell out four risk categories, most healthcare workers returning from West Africa’s Ebola hot zone would be considered to be at “some risk” for infection, while healthcare workers tending to Ebola patients at U.S. facilities would be seen as “low but non-zero” risk. …

There has been a growing chorus of critics, including public health experts, the United Nations, medical charities and even the White House, denouncing mandatory quarantines as scientifically unjustified and an obstacle to fighting the disease at its source in West Africa. …

Frieden said high-risk people include healthcare workers who suffer a needle stick while caring for an Ebola patient or who tend to a patient without protective gear.

He said returning health workers at “some risk” would have their health monitored daily by a local health department official who would check their temperature, look for signs of fatigue and review their daily activity plans to determine what activity “makes sense for that individual, at that time.” …

President Barack Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, made clear Monday that the White House was not thrilled that individual states had implemented quarantines viewed as unfair to returning healthcare workers, though he acknowledged the states’ rights to set them. …

The bottom line is that most of the returning healthcare workers, according to the Obama administration, should not be subjected to mandatory quarantine; it should be left up to them to decide whether or not they will “isolate” themselves.

The new recommendations, according to Frieden, are based upon “science” and “experience,” despite the FACT that over 200 health care workers in Africa have already contracted and died from Ebola, also despite the FACT that Dr. Spencer has contracted Ebola, returned to the USA “asymptomatic,” wasn’t quarantined, and inadvisedly went out into the public, into crowded areas, potentially infecting others with this deadly disease that he is now fighting.  

Nurse Pham embracing the man whose misguided policies nearly killed her. Go figure.

It’s simply “unfair,” according to Obama and Frieden, to expect these returning “heroes” to be quarantined for 3 weeks for the sake of the health of their fellow Americans–that includes our mental health as well as our physical health.

Keep in mind that the mandatory quarantines, opposed by Obama and his administration, are wholly within the authority of the states and their respective governors. Obama and his administration uniformly oppose the decisions by various governors to impose 3-week mandatory quarantines on returning healthcare workers. Oddly enough, however:

In other Ebola-related developments, the U.S. military said it was isolating troops returning from their mission to help West African countries curb Ebola even though they showed no sign of infection. …

The Pentagon move went well beyond previously established military protocols. …

“We are billeted in a separate area (on the base). There’s no contact with the general population or with family. No one will be walking around Vicenza,” [Major General Darryl] Williams told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“Nobody is symptomatic. No Army soldier came in contact with Ebola-stricken patients,” Williams said, calling the move precautionary.

It is within the authority of Obama and his administration to determine whether or not the military imposes mandatory quarantines. The military troops, however, have no contact with Ebola patients. NONE. Nevertheless, the troops who have been in Africa will be quarantined for 3 weeks. They cannot see their families. They cannot leave the base. They cannot mix with the general population.

So there is a massive disconnect here. Obama has no authority and no business trying to interfere with decisions made in the states about the public health of citizens of the states. It’s not his purview.

Nevertheless, he adamantly opposes quarantines for healthcare workers who have been in close contact with Ebola victims. Over 200 of these workers have somehow contracted the virus and died from it, so they are demonstrably at risk for having the disease and passing it on to others, once they return to the USA.

On the other hand, Obama is, for some reason, instituting mandatory quarantines of our troops, even though the troops have not been in any contact with Ebola victims. WHY? It makes no sense.

Does he oppose the quarantine in New Jersey simply because Governor Christie is a Republican? Obama, along with Mayor DeBlasio, has managed to orchestrate a rift between Governors Christie and Cuomo after they were, amazingly enough, cooperating in a bi-partisan way when both imposed mandatory quarantines. After being contacted by Obama, Cuomo walked back his decision.

Does Obama oppose the quarantine of healthcare workers because, as he says, it may discourage others from going to Africa to help with the epidemic, if they determine that 3 weeks in quarantine is simply too high of a price to pay in return for being considered noble heroes?

If so, then does Obama place the health of Africans ahead of the health of Americans? Healthcare workers who treat Ebola patients here in the USA are at “low but non-zero risk,” according to the CDC’s Frieden. Returning healthcare workers are at “some” risk to high risk. In other words, all of these healthcare workers are at some level of risk, and so are you and your family if the CDC gets its way and they’re allowed to walk around in public, as if there’s NO RISK.

Does Obama value the friends and families of returning troops more than he values the general public within the USA? If not, then why are troops put into mandatory quarantine but healthcare workers are not?


Out of an abundance of caution the Army directed a small number of personnel, about a dozen, that recently returned to Italy to be monitored in a separate location at their home station of Vicenza,” Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said today. “None of these individuals have shown any symptoms of exposure.”

 The Army later released a statement confirming that the decision was made by Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff.

“The Army Chief of Staff has directed a 21-day controlled monitoring period for all redeploying soldiers returning from Operation United Assistance,” the statement said. “He has done this out of caution to ensure soldiers, family members and their surrounding communities are confident that we are taking all steps necessary to protect their health.”

But Obama does not want governors to impose a mandatory “21-day controlled monitoring period” (in other words, a mandatory quarantine) on all returning healthcare workers.

What’s the opposite of “an abundance of caution?” Would that be, “a total lack of caution?” Or maybe a “lesser amount of caution?” Whatever.

For some reason, Obama doesn’t seem to care whether or not the citizens of the USA are “confident” that his administration is “taking all steps necessary to protect their health,” because if he were, then Frieden would be acting like Odierno.

Make no mistake, however: Odierno is not the Commander in Chief. He who is the Commander in Chief did not allow Odierno to make this decision, but he did allow order Odierno to take responsibility for it.

Obama and Frieden urge governors to base policies on “science,” and yet this mandatory troop quarantine seems based upon … what?

If the science says it’s safe for returning healthcare workers to walk about in public, so long as they self-monitor for symptoms and decide from day to day what excursions their situations may allow, then how can the science at the same time dictate that it’s not safe for troops, who never were in contact with Ebola patients, to do the same?

Some suggest that it’s easier for the troops to accept a quarantine, being accustomed to a regimented way of life. But that argument makes it sound as if public health decisions are made based upon whether or not those expected to follow the rules will be voluntarily compliant–Nurse Hickox being a perfect example of a non-compliant individual.

What kind of warped policy is that? Your life and the lives of your family depend upon the whims of those who may carry a deadly virus but who believe they have the “human right” to expose you to it if they don’t feel like doing what’s necessary to ensure that you’re not exposed to it?

This is analogous to parents who set rules and then enforce them only upon the children who are self-disciplined enough to obey in the first place, while giving a pass to any willful, headstrong, rebellious, selfish brats in their families.

There’s an alternate explanation, however, to these diametrically opposed policies:  The troops coming from Africa must stop first in bases in Europe. Those countries are the ones who are imposing the quarantines on our troops, not Obama. At least that’s one theory.

The “White House” has no other explanation that makes any sense. However, the European countries, it seems, are run by adults with common sense.

Watch White House spokesman Josh Earnest squirm as he suggests that a military quarantine is easier, or more uniform. Huh?

That’s the standard for protecting Americans from a deadly disease? Ease? Uniformity? He also speaks about the kinds of “sacrifices” the troops are accustomed to making.

Not to take anything away from our valiant troops, but a sacrifice is not a sacrifice when it’s imposed.

On the other hand, noble heroes, as these healthcare workers are described to us, should not have to have their “sacrifices” imposed upon them.

Pardon me. My head is spinning.

One clue that might help solve this riddle is contained within this most excellent article, The Case Against Liberal Compassion, by William Voegeli, from the current issue of Imprimus. That clue may be pathological altruism, defined as

“altruism in which attempts to promote the welfare of others instead result in unanticipated harm.” Surprises and accidents happen, of course. The pathology of pathological altruism is not the failure to salve every wound. It is, rather, the indifference—blithe, heedless, smug, or solipsistic—to the fact and consequences of those failures, just as long as the empathizer is accruing compassion points that he and others will admire. As philosophy professor David Schmidtz has said,

“If you’re trying to prove your heart is in the right place, it isn’t.”

… [L]iberals care about helping much less than they care about caring.

In other words, the sufferers of pathological altruism engage in ostentatious displays of “caring” to bring upon themselves self-satisfaction and the admiration of others.

This phenomenon is evident in the current meme amongst elite liberals, in the numerous instances of the public being chided for treating (they say) Ms. Hickox as a “pariah” instead of as a noble heroine. Unfortunately for the progressive elite, the general public has common sense.

What if you gave a pity party and nobody came?

Stories about the plight of Hickox have generated thousands of comments. Unfortunately for Hickox and her progressive supporters, especially in the Obama administration, the public, as evidenced by their comments, is nearly uniformly unsympathetic to her complaints.

The progressive elite always mistake the American public. Overeducated, they believe that their education makes them more intelligent than the public at large. They mistake education for intelligence. Obama, himself a graduate of several Ivy League universities, puts the lie to that belief.

The America people understand that over 200 of these educated professionals, despite all their training, nevertheless have contracted Ebola in the course of their “good works” and therefore ARE a very real threat to our population. Therefore, for the good of their fellow Americans, the returning healthcare workers ought to “sacrifice” by voluntarily abiding by a quarantine of a mere 3 weeks.

Why, then, won’t they? Hickox is adamant that she will not obey even the lesser restrictions imposed by her home state of Maine.

Now comes this news: After denying the rumor that the Obama administration plans to bring infected non-citizens to the USA for treatment, they are caught in their lie:

The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according to an internal department document that argued the only way to get other countries to send medical teams to West Africa is to promise that the U.S. will be the world’s medical backstop.

Some countries “are implicitly or explicitly waiting for medevac assurances” before they will agree to send their own medical teams to join U.S. and U.N. aid workers on the ground, the State Department argues in the undated four-page memo, which was reviewed by The Washington Times.

Quietly now …

They think we’re stupid.

If the precautions outlined by the CDC are followed, then why would it be necessary to have a “medical backstop” in the USA for healthcare workers who contract Ebola in Africa? If they follow the protocols, then they won’t get infected, will they? If they nevertheless get infected, then the controlling officials (Obama, his people, as well as the UN) must admit that they are lying to the public about the virulence of this disease and their ability to treat its victims.

Therefore, for the national security of the United States of America and to ensure the health and lives of its people, the Obama administration should, like Australia, immediately issue and enforce a travel ban between the U.S. and Ebola-affected countries in Africa. Obama’s allegiance should be, first and foremost, to the USA, not to the “global community.”

Yes, by all means, send money, experts, and supplies to Africa. Allow volunteers to go to help, but also ensure, by any means necessary, that no one returns to risk the welfare of the American people.

That’s easily accomplished by imposing a sensible mandatory quarantine on the returnees, such as Governor Christie has done.

In addition, close the borders!

Ebola Lola:


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  1. The actual ebola virus does not have eyes. It is blind being too small to have any possibility of decoding light’s wavelenghts. This is what is called anthropomorphism – making suqirrels, rats, viruses etc. appear to have qualities that are human like so we can identify with them.
    Disney was a master at that (and other things like why is Frozen so very evil) but I diverge.
    The nurse, who wants to show us what an incredibly brave soul she is, who was detained by (RINO) Christie in New Jersey until his Master called,
    and who has now been released to self-quarrantine in Maine, is refusing to self quarrantine herself.
    Here’s a link off of Drudge:
    I think that is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the Obama regime wants to seed the USA with a deadly plague, now the rest is up to the Governor’s to stop it in their states. Any other course of action will be too slow to be effective.

  2. A pertinent link from dave m, who commented on the previous post: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/10/22/what-would-thucydides-do-how-to-create-negative-atmospheric-pressure-in-the-ebola-hot-zone/

    I linked to where it’s cross-posted to ensure that you get the correct article. The original was here: http://errortheory.blogspot.co.uk/

    “… An example of something that creates an undesirable “positive atmospheric pressure” in the Ebola hot-zone is the promise that CDC Director Tom Frieden issued last week, telling the world that if anyone arrives at a major American airport with history or symptoms that indicate possible Ebola infection they will be whisked straight to the hospital, providing the strongest possible incentive for people who think they might be infected to come here for treatment. (This incentive can also be described as the creation of negative atmospheric pressure in the United States because the flux direction depends on position.)

    At the same time, Frieden insists that travel from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to the United States should remain unrestricted, providing opportunity as well as incentive for hot-zone residents to flee here. …

    This funneling of hot-zone travelers through screening here in the U.S. was just made mandatory, guaranteeing care to the possibly infected. The resulting outward pressure—motivating infected people to move to a previously uninfected continent—will spread the infection, not contain it. Set aside that the CDC is supposed to give priority to American lives and should first and foremost work to keep Ebola from coming here, intercontinental spread of Ebola is a disaster for the whole world. Each breach of containment endangers everyone everywhere.”

    I never thought of it that way, but this is so spot on. (Only just read this after posting my latest. I feel a little gratified that this obviously intelligent writer used nearly the same words I did with regard to what Barry’s ALLEGIANCE OUGHT TO BE. Synchronicity. It’s in the air.)

    • Do read this entire article. The writer brings up many important facts to consider, among them the sheer expense of treating even ONE Ebola victim, something which can bankrupt a small hospital. Of course, when you’re Obama, that could also be part of the plan. It’s all good when your goal IS to bring down the USA, by any means necessary.

      You know why it’s satisfying to read something like this? It’s intelligently argued, full of common sense, and it makes us (me, in particular) feel that we are NOT, after all, losing our minds. Somebody out there, unlike what we get from the media, actually thinks like we do and SEES the simple solution. Not the politically correct one. The one that WILL WORK. But as the article from Imprimus that I linked in my post argues, too often progressives DO NOT WANT TO SOLVE A PROBLEM. They want it to continue because it provides to them a bottomless well of OPPORTUNITIES FOR THEM TO PROVE THAT THEY’RE MORE CARING, MORE EMPATHETIC, MORE COMPASSIONATE, AND, THUS, BETTER PEOPLE THAN EVERYONE ELSE. You can see this in their perpetuation of the “plantation” upon which they consign the blacks who continue to vote for them despite the fact that progressivism has done little to nothing over the years to raise up African-Americans. In fact, by making blacks more and more dependent upon the government (and the progressives within it), progressives have vitrually destroyed African-American communities in the USA.

    • WTF does he know he is not a Doctor. 😡

      • But he IS a genius (in his own mind). We, however, are just those STUPID bitter clingers who don’t know as much about “science” as he believes that he does.

  3. I just tole Medince Sans Frontiers I am ending my contributions to them.
    I wrote to them after the scampering doctor scampered all over NYC.
    They assured me they were very careful and this was just one case out of lots of others,
    but I said two is too many.
    Sorry but if they really wanted to do good, then they would have no hesitation in quarranting themselves for a limited time upon their return,
    so I cancelled their ability to directly access my checking account.
    I can’t say what others should do but I say CLOSE THE BORDERS.

    • Great job. I can’t believe they told you it’s just one case. They have already had 16 cases of their people contracting it with NINE of them DYING. I wonder how the families of those 9 would feel if someone should be so flip as to say their loved one was “just one case.” ONE IS TOO MANY. When you’re playing with other people’s lives, you have to reduce the risk to ZERO or as close to it as possible. Allowing these people to fly into this country and decide for themselves whether or not they’ll obey “voluntary quarantine” is ridiculous. What about Hickox? She worked for them or WITH them, whatever. They claim her in the news articles. She REFUSES to obey the isolation orders. It will be interesting to see if the state of Maine enforces their own rules. Doctors Without Borders (that says it all, doesn’t it?) claim they’re “very careful?” If so, then how do they account for Spencer and Hickox?

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    The visual is priceless. Will read article later. Wishing everyone at WTPOTUS a wonderful day (and lately, our days are always filled with wonder, but I mean it in the old fashioned, positive sense. Goodness, even the word “positive” is now fraught with meaning. YIKES! )

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Sorry to digress from Obola, but who here is surprised by this? (silence) Further, who else believes we, the taxpayers, will pay for the busses and the drivers to transport them.

    Again, the sole reason for the timing of the invasion.


  6. NO…”FAT BUTT” ~ Loretta SUBUD FUDDY… could …N E V E R
    Have D I E D from D R O W N I N G ~ never-ever in a TRILLION
    Y E A R S… BUTT’ she could have DIED from Antisocial Behavior..
    OR a Pit Bull attack … OR Loneliness.. OR she Got HiT by a Train
    Maybe “BUSH DID IT” ! OR she FELL & hit HER HEAD…. LIKE
    HILLARY CLINTON did ? O’ … let US count the WAYS!!! ????


  7. Pay close attention to your voting machine.
    this happening all over….:shock:




  9. Hickox is causing PANIC in her home state by refusing to follow orders. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/ebola-panic-in-maine-hometown-of-quarantine-bucking-nurse-kaci-hickox/

    It’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    • http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/10/christies_quarantine_policy_attacked_by_aclu_cdc_and_even_the_un_is_embraced_by_2011_nobel_prize_win.html

      “After days of blistering criticism from the ACLU, the CDC and even the United Nations secretary general over Gov. Chris Christie’s new, 21-day mandatory quarantine policy for all healthcare workers exposed to Ebola, the New Jersey governor has gotten a much-needed vote of support from a heavyweight name in the medical community: Nobel Prize-winning doctor and medical researcher, Dr. Bruce Beutler.

      Dr. Beutler, an American medical doctor and researcher, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 2011 for his work researching the cellular subsystem of the body’s overall immune system — the part of it that defends the body from infection by other organisms, like Ebola.

      He is currently the Director of the Center for the Genetics of Host Defense at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas — the first U.S. city to treat an Ebola patient and also the first to watch one die from the virus. In an exclusive interview with NJ Advance Media, Beutler reviewed Christie’s new policy of mandatory quarantine for all health care workers exposed to Ebola, and declared: “I favor it.” …”

      So do probably 99.9% of Americans, leaving out the die-hard OBOTS.

      • Here’s a scary FACT from that story I linked:

        “In fact, in a study published online in late September by the New England Journal of Medicine and backed by the World Health Organization, 3,343 confirmed and 667 probable cases of Ebola were analyzed, and nearly 13 percent of the time, those infected with Ebola exhibited no fever at all.”

        • He went on: “Even if someone is asymptomatic you cannot rely on people to report themselves if they get a fever,” said Dr. Beutler, adding, “You can’t just depend on the goodwill of people to confine the disease like that – even healthcare workers. They behave very irresponsibly.”

          They certainly do, as we’ve seen with Dr. Spencer AND WITH KACI HICKOX.

        • More from the doctor: “The thought of an afebrile parent passing Ebola on to a child – as ostensibly can happen 13 percent of the time, “would disturb me. The point of quarantine of is to make sure they [Ebola viruses] are not carried elsewhere. It’s a little bit frustrating. Some of the things that are being done are not completely motivated by safety. For some reason, there’s an imperative to maintain open borders no matter what – to err on the side of total individual freedom rather than on the side of public health,” he said, adding, “If you really want to isolate a disease, then you have to isolate the people who carry it.”

          And therein may be the rub. Barry can use this crisis to gather more power to himself. To be able to limit “total individual freedom.”

  10. Okay. Does this make sense? Obama on the two different quarantine policies:

    “President Barack Obama on Tuesday noted that US troops do not handle Ebola patients themselves, and he is skeptical of broader quarantines at home. But Obama seemed to defend a stricter confinement for them than for civilian healthcare volunteers confronting the disease.

    “We don’t expect to have similar rules for our military as we do for civilians,” said Obama. “We don’t want to do things that aren’t based on science and best practices.””


  11. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/10/the-crisis-in-us-israel-relations-is-officially-here/382031/

    WHO is “chickenshit” and a “coward?” I absolutely believe that someone in Obama’s administration said these things. I’ve had obots call me “Aspergery”, too. Not that I’m in any league with the HERO Netanyahu. BUTT, that’s exactly the kind of things that PAID OBOTS say on Internet forums and we all know that they are sent out by the WH to infect the blogosphere. It rings too true to be made up by an ambitious reporter.

  12. They WILL use ANY trick in the book to maintain power. Vote fraud. Dead voters. ILLEGAL ALIEN voters encouraged by La Raza. Now there are FAKE REPUBLICAN ELECTION JUDGES: http://dailycaller.com/2014/10/29/democrats-accused-of-posing-as-republican-election-judges-in-colorado/

    “The Colorado secretary of state is investigating allegations that some Boulder County Republican election judges are actually Democrats in disguise.

    Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Ellyn Hilliard initially raised the alarm when visiting polling locations where she didn’t recognize some of the GOP judges who are tasked with comparing voter signatures on mail ballots to protect against vote fraud.

    She became alarmed when she noticed some ballots whose signatures clearly didn’t match those on file for the voter being accepted. …

    She cited instances in which she said she saw judges accept ballots with signatures that clearly did not match those on file for the voter. At one point, the Camera reported, Hilliard had tears in her eyes.

    “I’m sorry,” she said. “I get emotional because this is how they win.””

    I get tears in my eyes, too. From ANGER that this goes on and that there are actually this many LYING, CHEATING AMERICANS who have the gall to pull this crap on their fellow citizens. ARE THERE NO MORALS ANYMORE?

    This upcoming election will be one for the ages. Didn’t John Fund say that Republicans need to have a LANDSLIDE in order to overcome all the DemoncRAT lying, cheating, and vote fraud?

  13. YES ! ..MOVE Heaven & EARTH .. 2 do Everything Possible to bring
    about something WTPOTUS NEEDS & Desire .. a F’in LANDSLIDE !

  14. Ballots R TRASHED as FACEBOOK shuts DOWN James O’Keefe’s




      BUTT’ E R I C ~ H O L D E R has his (color/illegals) BLIND-ERS ON !


    • http://www.nationalreview.com/article/390893/james-okeefe-strikes-again-john-fund

      “James O’Keefe, the guerilla filmmaker who brought down the ACORN voter-registration fraudsters in 2010 and forced the resignation of NPR executives, politely disagrees. Today, he is releasing some new undercover footage that raises disturbing questions about ballot integrity in Colorado, the site of fiercely contested races for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, and the governorship. When he raised the issue of filling out some of the unused ballots that are mailed to every household in the state this month, he was told by Meredith Hicks, the director of Work for Progress, a liberal group funded by Democratic Super PACS.: “That is not even like lying or something, if someone throws out a ballot, like if you want to fill it out you should do it.” She then brazenly offered O’Keefe, disguised as a middle-aged college instructor, a job with her group. The video of O’Keefe’s encounters with other operatives is equally disturbing. He has a conversation with Greenpeace employee Christina Topping, and suggests he might have access to unused ballots from people who have recently moved out of college fraternity houses. “I mean it is putting the votes to good use,” she responds. “So really, truly, like yeah, that is awesome.” …”

      Topping’s been fired, but for every one who’s caught, there are probably 10 who aren’t.

    • Facebook is another Obamedia place, (evil:

    • O’ there goes the NEIGHBOR-“HOOD”… I PONDER on just WHO
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      talk on the air & also 2 his straight co-workers .. because he’s allowed
      to BE FREE & they R his side-kicks today..? YES-so your gay?-come
      out & PLAY FAIR – WE SEE the games played- Respectful is Respect!

  15. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/295543/

    Hickox went on a bike ride today. Went out of the house to meet reporters, all dolled up with her eye liner and makeover. The media treat her as if she’s a celebrity. THEY, but hardly anyone else, think she’s a brave crusader for individual rights.

    ” Negotiations with nurse Kaci Hickox, who refuses to be quarantined after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, have “failed” and the governor of Maine will now “exercise the full extent of his authority,” according to a statement from the governor’s office.

    Gov. Paul LePage didn’t say whether that meant getting a court order to enforce Hickox’s quarantine or forcing her to take an Ebola blood test. Earlier on Thursday, LePage indicated to ABC News that he would abandon his demand that Hickox remain under quarantine if she would agree to take a blood test for the lethal virus.

    “I was ready and willing — and remain ready and willing — to reasonably address the needs of healthcare workers meeting guidelines to assure the public health is protected,” LePage said.

    The governor made his comment after Hickox defiantly challenged demands that she remain quarantined by leaving her home in Fort Kent Thursday morning for a bike ride with her boyfriend. She was trailed by a police car as she rode. …”

    NEGOTIATIONS!!! They actually negotiate with this woman instead of just treating her the same way the family of Thomas Duncan were treated. SHE “believes” that the quarantine is not “scientific” and so SHE ALSO BELIEVES that LAWS and RULES don’t apply to her. Because why? Well, because she’s educated, more intelligent, and better able to decide what’s good for the public than those she’s derided a “politicians”. Obama will probably make her one of his czars.

  16. This REEKS of obot dirty tricks: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/she-was-hacked-grand-jury-did-not-leak-info-attorney-issues-statement-on-leaks-in-mikebrown-case/

    This concerns a Tweet that was on the Web and which initiated a cry from the protesters in Ferguson that argued that the Grand Jury is “tainted” and there’s juror misconduct and so there’s NO other solution than to disband the Grand Jury and “start over.” Of course, this came out, iirc, AFTER Darren Wilson’s version of the incident and the other leaks began to come out. They THOUGHT that they could pull it off, but McCulloch was smart enough to investigate:

    “… The initial investigation into the grand jury was launched following a tweet last month that said, “I know someone sitting on the grand jury of this case. There isn’t enough at this point to warrant an arrest.” That Twitter account was deleted shortly after the tweet. The woman associated with that account later claimed she’d been hacked.

    St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch said his office’s investigation confirmed the woman’s Twitter account had, indeed, been hacked. The owner of that account has no connection with any member of the grand jury.”

  17. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/hundreds-of-illegals-caught-voting-in-maryland/

    Hundreds of voters in Maryland over three elections were ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  18. http://nypost.com/2014/10/29/cdc-admits-droplets-from-a-sneeze-could-spread-ebola/

    “Ebola is a lot easier to catch than health officials have admitted — and can be contracted by contact with a doorknob contaminated by a sneeze from an infected person an hour or more before, experts told The Post Tuesday.

    “If you are sniffling and sneezing, you produce microorganisms that can get on stuff in a room. If people touch them, they could be” infected, said Dr. Meryl Nass, of the Institute for Public Accuracy in Washington, DC.

    Nass pointed to a poster the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly released on its Web site saying the deadly virus can be spread through “droplets.”

    “Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose or mouth of another person,” the poster states.

    Nass slammed the contradiction.

    “The CDC said it doesn’t spread at all by air, then Friday they came out with this poster,” she said. “They admit that these particles or droplets may land on objects such as doorknobs and that Ebola can be transmitted that way.”

    Dr. Rossi Hassad, a professor of epidemiology at Mercy College, said droplets could remain active for up to a day. …”

  19. This crap has bugged me from day one. Day one! I’m sick to death of hearing how healthcare workers who go to Africa to help with Ebola are heroes. Obama brings them to the WH. He gives a presser where he says that WE should “respect” and honor them as heroes. Then he has the unmitigated gall to say that they’re different from the military because the likes of Hickox are VOLUNTEERS and that they’re spending time away from their families, and so it’s an extra burden on them to have to go into quarantine. Read this:

    “President Obama’s explanation on why troops coming back from West Africa should be quarantined but not civilian healthcare workers is drawing fire from military spouses.

    In a response he gave during a Tuesday press briefing, the president suggested a 21-day quarantine ordered by the Army was appropriate for soldiers but not for civilian health care workers because troops “are not there voluntarily” and are used to more restrictive conditions.
    “It’s part of their mission that’s been assigned to them by their commanders and ultimately by me, the commander in chief. So we don’t expect to have similar rules for our military as we do for civilians. They are already, by definition, if they’re in the military, under more circumscribed conditions,” he said.

    The president went on to say, “When we have volunteers who are taking time out from their families, from their loved ones and so forth to go over there because they have very particular expertise to tackle a very difficult job — we want to make sure that when they come back that we are prudent, that we are making sure that they are not at risk themselves or at risk of spreading the disease — but we don’t want to do things that aren’t based on science and best practices.”

    “Because if we do, then we’re just putting another barrier on somebody who’s already doing really important work on our behalf. And that’s not something that I think any of us should want to see happen,” he added.”

    OMG, I could spit! He actually says the troops are not there “voluntarily”! As if they’re not ALL HEROES WHO VOLUNTEERED TO DEFEND AMERICA! What the doofus means is that he ORDERED THEM TO GO–that they had no choice but to obey the Commander in Chief, as if that makes any difference.

    Butt, oh, does that get his rocks off (sorry) to be able to keep pointing out that all these “minions” (in his opinion) HAVE TO obey him when he tells them what to do. What else does he mean by all that crap about the “mission that’s been assigned … ultimately by ME?”

    Don’t you just love how he distinguishes between what our brave and loyal and EXPERT troops do versus the “particular expertise” of these healthcare workers? Oh, and he doesn’t want to put any “barrier” on people who are, GET THIS: “doing really important work ON OUR BEHALF!!!!!”

    On OUR behalf? NO, on the behalf of the poor Africans, yes, but NOT on OUR behalf. And what are the troops doing there? UNIMPORTANT WORK?

    Who owes the healthcare workers respect and thanks and honor for being THEIR heroes? NOT US. The Africans whom they have helped.

    Whom do WE OWE respect and honor and thanks to, for being OUR heroes? The troops.

    I’m not taking away anything from the medical people who have gone to help, at the risk of their own lives, BUTT for Obama to parade them out before us AS IF WE OWE THEM A DEBT TO THE EXTENT THAT WE OUGHT TO BE THANKFUL TO HAVE THEM WALKING IN OUR MIDST, EVEN IF SPREADING EBOLA, that’s just too much.

    I can’t take it anymore. I’m sick to death of this administration. The next two years cannot go by fast enough.

  20. And so, having already insulted the troops and their families, Hagel digs the hole deeper in their attempt to explain the inexplicable:


    “The policy creates a separate set of rules for military members than what the White House has pushed for civilian health care workers. President Obama has argued that civilian volunteer health workers returning from aid trips to Africa should not be quarantined and the White House has urged states not to impose their own quarantine policies. Science, Obama has said, does not support the need for a quarantine. …

    In their discussions the chiefs—who each head one of the military services branches—noted that many of the US troops are young and inexperienced in any medical issues. There was concern they might not adhere to an informal protocol of taking their temperature twice a day on their own. …”

    GOT THAT? The troops are too young and inexperienced to be trusted to follow the protocol of monitoring themselves. Mind you: The troops are especially trained in discipline and following protocols and orders. On the other hand, we have already seen how disciplined the healthcare workers are, if DOCTOR Snyderman, DOCTOR Spencer, and NURSE Hickox are examples. Snyderman broke quarantine to go for takeout. Spencer went bowling and even lied about breaking quarantine. Hickox, we all know, is and has been non-compliant from the beginning.

    So Hagel adds another INSULT to the INJURY already done to the HEROES in the armed forces by Obama.

  21. ~ ~Ruthless Rulers~ ~T Chandruptla ~
    Vast countries
    They ruled awhile
    Enormous power
    They wielded.
    ~ At wave of hand
    Heads dropped
    Fear engulfed
    People en masse.
    ~ Life’s hard
    Living a curse
    One more member
    Bit the dust.
    ~ Fellow beings
    Bristled with rage
    Secretly gathered
    To build courage.
    ~ Power of people
    Built up speed
    Boulder rolling
    Down the slope.
    ~ Ruler “chose”
    The next ruler ?
    Systems change
    People choose.
    ~ Ruthless rulers
    Living or dead
    History in the end
    Wiped them all.

  22. I have no idea of the veracity of this, it’s from berfore itnews so all bets are off, but it is about that nurse,
    an excerpt:

    Turns out she had hid something from her background that is VERY important – she works for the CDC and her lawyer is a white house visitor!
    She is an official Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer who performed work for the CDC in recent months! And her loyal Norman Siegel must be Obama’s buddy because he was official guest at the white dinner on Feb 11, 2014! This whole nurse Hickox thing stinks! Kaci is a shill for the CDC and has pretended the entire time that she was some noble nurse that got caught up in the Ebola quarantine. She never disclosed that she was an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer making huge bucks for the CDC which is pretty important!
    Could be complete rubbish,
    it needs investigating,
    might explain why she is so defiant in ways any of us would unlikely to be.

    • Although, IMO, the parts about her “making big bucks from the CDC” and being a “shill” don’t necessarily follow from her being a former EIS fellow. It’s curious though…

    • We knew that pic was a media photo!!!!!!!! Finally, someone found it!

      • What is interesting is a tineye photo search of this pic brought nothing up other than two recent uses of Ebola story. This link as the originating source of photo used for recent stories should have come up. Butt did not.

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