A Faunal Interlude

Enjoy these images and some lovely music, courtesy of National Geographic.

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  1. Kaci Hickox works with the nation’s top epidemiologists to solve health crises.
    Passion, Practicality Drive Nursing Graduate ~ Summer 2012 ~
    ~ Alumna Kaci Hickox takes a reasoned approach to almost everything. She’s enthusiastic about nursing, but her career choices follow a logical order.
    “I always felt a strong desire to work overseas with vulnerable populations, and nursing seemed to be a perfect avenue,” she says. “On top of that, I knew there was—and still is—a nursing shortage and that I would have job security.”
    It just made sense to pursue a two-year postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.
    Think of the CDCP’s Epidemic Intelligence Service as the CIA of public health. EIS teams respond to crises such as the West Nile virus and the pandemic H1N1 influenza outbreak. Hickox ’02 will work with the country’s top epidemiologists to analyze and improve health and disease surveillance.
    Her first overseas project came in 2004 with the International Medical Corps after the tsunami in Indonesia. “While the work there was difficult and challenging, both professionally and emotionally, it also made me feel alive in a new way,” she says.
    After Doctors Without Borders turned her down, she enrolled at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and received a Tropical Nursing Diploma. She also graduated from Johns Hopkins University’s dual program for a Master in Public Health and Master of Science in Nursing.
    Her perseverance paid off. She landed that position she wanted with Doctors Without Borders in Myanmar in Southeast Asia, where she spent two years managing three primary health care clinics. In 2010 she was working on a measles outbreak in northern Nigeria when the Doctors Without Borders team conducted a medical investigation. Children were dying in one village, and the team discovered the cause to be acute lead poisoning from poor gold mining practices.

    “After that experience and others like it, I realize that we need to find better ways to improve health surveillance and outbreak response in settings with poor resources,” Hickox says. “My training in the EIS with the CDC will allow me to learn the gold standard of this kind of work.”
    – See more at: http://www.uta.edu/utamagazine/archive

    • The thing about that quote is that it still leaves us in doubt as to who is paying her salary. The taxpayers, via CDC, or DWB? They keep saying she’s a “volunteer” with DWB. So does that mean that the position she touted on her LinkedIn page at the CDC is over (being a time-limited fellowship), in limbo (on hiatus whilst working with those “vulnerable populations”), or is she still on the CDC payroll while “volunteering” in Africa? If one is a “volunteer”, then does one collect NO SALARY? Does DWB pay the “volunteers” or do We the Taxpayers, under some program similar to AmeriCorps, which calls people “volunteers”, too, but it’s an oxymoron because they DO get paid? If she’s a true volunteer, meaning no stipend or salary, then how does she support herself (via the “partner”)? iirc, the deleted LinkedIn page called her a “fellow” at the CDC, so depending upon when her two-year post-grad fellowship ended, she may no longer work for the CDC. But back to square one: For whom, then, does she work? Is she now unemployed, being back in the USA?

      Note that it says she “landed” a “position” and was directing projects. They PAY THEIR STAFFS AND THEIR MANAGERS and even the “volunteers” get a “sum”: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/our-work/how-we-work/opening-a-project

  2. PresidentNiggerBoy John Smith • 2 hours ago
    ~~~~~ Radioactive ~~~~~ Dyke Alert ….

  3. Harlemite Fourever October 26, 2014 2:2PM @ CBS

    Just On a Very Basic Level: Kaci Hickox displays an amazing amount of self-serving and self-entitled selfishness on this side of the Atlantic. Clearly she doesn’t subscribe to the medical maxim of “First, do no harm” with her woe is me rhetoric. Just like none of us should go into work with the flu or some other infectious illness, why does she believe this part of the Hippocratic Oath doesn’t apply to her as a professional healthcare worker. Moreover, since there is no fully proven science on how this or similar epidemics can spread or be treated — especially when they all have the ability to morph into other strains (flu, HIV, TB, et cetera) — why should the general public be put at ANY potential risk just to cushion your feelings and embarrassment. Chilling-out for just a mere 3 weeks from everybody at anytime can be a good thing, at least once in any of our lives — especially if it potentially saves lives. Come on Ms. Hickox. Think beyond just yourself, just as you did in helping other infected people in Africa. Whining to the media and then impulsively hiring a lawyer — at least in this situation — only brings your integrity into more scrutiny and suspicion.
    ~~~~ FIRST, do NO harm.

  4. Kaci & Kara LYNNE HICKOX
    Born : Johnson County TEXAS ?
    1 …. 21 …. 1981 … (33 years stupid)
    Father : Leon Hill Hickox
    Mother : Karen ( < gets her name?) …. Karen Ann HART

    • I saw that yesterday. There’s a 39-year-old named Kara and due to the similarity in the names, I’m guessing they’re sisters. Mom and Dad have initials K and L. Daughters have initials K and L (Kaci and Kara, Lynne and Leigh).

    • Gee, ya think it harms ALL Americans, black, white, brown, yellow, red, beige, etc.? I do believe so. How RACIST of this commissioner to not bother to care if it hurts everybody, just blacks. This guy’s name doesn’t sound black. I’m just sayin’. Shouldn’t and wouldn’t he be charged with ensuring the futures of ALL Americans, not just the black ones, seeing as how we’re all paying his salary? Isn’t it racist of him to say/ADMIT that he’s “particularly” concerned about the effect on BLACK Americans? Are they more extra special than anybody else?

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