A Bad Memory Made Good

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Researchers have found a way to eradicate the negative effects of bad memories: [emphasis added]

Bad memories of past trauma can leave people emotionally scarred for life. But now neuroscientists believe they can erase feelings of fear or anxiety attached to stressful events, in a breakthrough which could help treat depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.


Researchers at MIT, US, have discovered which brain circuits attach emotions to memories, and crucially, how to reverse the link.

They managed to ‘switch off’ feelings of fear in mice which had been conditioned to feel anxious. It is likely the same technique could be used in humans. …

The team studied which brain cells were active when mice were experiencing a pleasant experience – a male mouse socialising with a female mouse – or a negative experience – a mild electrical shock.

They then showed that by stimulating the neurons associated with the opposite emotion they could reverse the feeling attached to the memory. Mice became more relaxed in situations where they had previously been anxious and more fearful where they had previously been content.

We’re all going to need this treatment, once Obama is finally out of office.

A “mild electric shock” will be a small price to pay for relief, after eight years of the Obama administration.

An eight-year-long bad experience needn’t leave us “scarred for life.”




112 responses to “A Bad Memory Made Good

  1. ~~ Radegunda September 24, 2014 @ulstermanbooks.com ^^^

    A while back, Brennan got agitated & ended an interview when some
    people asked him about Jihad & Cited Facts about the Violent understanding of it. Same thing here: NOT just a disagreement, but a Defensive, Emotional Response. Obama, like Brennan, takes it
    Personally when the Honor of Islam is Challenged. ~ O’…Twins?

  2. O’~ kicks HOLDER ~ from HIS cozy NEST O’

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