Brown to Illegals: “You’re All Welcome in California!” USA Is the “Other Mexico,” Says Mexican President

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Recently, Governor Jerry Brown of California (CA) welcomed illegal aliens into his state. But just a few weeks ago, television network Univision released an interesting survey showing that, unlike what Democrats want us to believe, “Latinos” in CA are very much like the rest of America. First what Brown and the president of Mexico reportedly said: [emphasis added to quotes]

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto kicked off a two-day tour of California with a speech to Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles on Monday [8/25/14] in which he pledged to make life better for his countrymen living on both sides of the border.

“This is the other Mexico,” he said of the United States, which is home to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants. [Isn’t that the figure for illegal aliens?]

Brown spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California and nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter whether they had permission to be in the United States.

“You’re all welcome in California,” he said.

Brown must have missed the results of that Univision survey of “Latino” Californians:

Immigration is only the 6th-most-important issue for Latino voters in California when casting a vote for a candidate for U.S. Senator or for U.S. Congress, according to a statewide survey conducted by Univision. 

When registered Latino voters were asked to name their most important issues, the results, in order, were: education (21%), jobs (16%), government spending and the deficit (15%), social security (13%), “how what they do will affect my wallet” (10%), health care (9%), immigration (8%), and crime and personal safety (5%).

An overwhelming 86% of those surveyed support comprehensive immigration reform. However, a majority–53%–of registered Latino voters in California also answered that they believe that, “…we should require borders to be secured before providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.”

“Latinos are focused on pocketbook issues. They want to know how a proposition or legislation is going to affect them financially, “ said Hector Barajas, a partner at the Revolvis political consulting firm, and a leading expert on Latino issues. 

The survey also showed that “Latinos” were concerned about how much Obamacare has caused health care premiums to rise.

If registered “Latino” voters are most concerned (in this order) about education, jobs, and government debt, then they should be up in arms about illegal immigration because illegal aliens take seats in their schools, take their jobs, and also are disproportionately responsible for that state’s deficit and debt.

Somebody should advise “Latino” voters in CA that the cost of illegal immigration for each of their households is $2,370 per year, and somebody should also advise the Governor that the cost of illegal immigration on his state is $25.3 billion per year! A suggestion to help remedy this situation from FAIR:

The costs related to the presence of illegal aliens can be lowered. The most effective step a state can take to discourage the arrival of illegal aliens is to utilize the E-Verify screening system designed to prevent employers from hiring illegal workers. California instead is moving in the opposite direction by adopting measures designed to accommodate the presence of illegal aliens. A.B. 4, the so-called Trust Act, restricts the cooperation between state and local law enforcement agencies with federal immigration authorities. A more recent law, A.B. 60, gives illegal aliens access to driver’s licenses. This measure alone is going to cost the state of California, by its own admission, $64.7 million per year.

Like Barack Obama, the Governor of California seems more concerned with the welfare of illegal aliens than with the welfare of U.S. citizens who are registered voters.

It’s a puzzlement. No way to explain it except that Brown and Obama seem to want everyone to be global citizens of a global community or global government. To hell with national sovereignty.

And yet. What is it that some “Latinos” chant?

Mexico for Mexicans, and the USA for everyone.


166 responses to “Brown to Illegals: “You’re All Welcome in California!” USA Is the “Other Mexico,” Says Mexican President

  1. Peter Boyles had Carl Gallups on this morning. I happened to be in my car early and caught a small part; you can listen to it here:
    I’m getting ready to listen, but one thing he said that he had permission from the CCPosse to say was that Loretta Fuddy wasn’t the one who fabricated the computer generated BC, but they “know” who did. Now, I take that to mean they have strong evidence but I don’t know if that means they have “proof”.

    • Well, if we go by the suggestions of Frederick, that leaves Val or Bernardine. I don’t think it’s either, though. I don’t know why. Gut feeling. If I had to hazard a guess, it would be some self-deluded “hotshot” who thinks he’s a computer expert but really is just a lame obot at heart. If it were Brennan, they’d have done a better job of it, although there could be a connection there to the “short form” that might have been created for and substituted into the passport records. Who knows? Will anybody EVER know? If there are whistle blowers, at this point, will anyone believe them?

  2. It’s NOT FUDDY ?…BUTT’ how would we on this side of the fence
    know THAT? So we wait ~ I want it 2 END! … I’m sick of NOT
    KNOWING … what WTPOTUS …. should KNOW …. & being
    TRICKED for over 6 YEARS…. of LIES~ LIES~ LIES …disgusting !

    • I second that emotion. 😉

    • What they found they need to submit to forensics? Hmmm. WHAT could it be?

      I’m sick of it all, too. Once again, Zullo was in DC 5 times recently, allegedly to go to the National Archives (this was stated in a previous interview). What could/would still be there at this point? And why go now, after so many freaking YEARS? AS IF he’d be allowed to see anything that’s “incriminating.”

      Gallups says we’re all “whipped into this frenzy of speculation.” Well, what else do we have with this years-long LACK OF EVIDENCE? There’s not one shred of “evidence” to support that he was even born, other than his body!

      Gallups does say that it definitely was NOT Fuddy who modified the birth certificate. I can accept that. Somebody modified it AFTER THE FACT. That’s not to say that she wouldn’t have been involved in creating a birth certificate YEARS AFTERWARDS, meaning one he needed once he decided to run for POTUS. She may have, probably did, create one based upon whatever it was that was “written down” in the state archives, maybe even based upon some affidavit signed by Madelyn in 2008. Or perhaps there was one created or greatly modified in 1971, changing the father’s name or whatever, but every modification ever made, under Hawaiian law, is required to be dated and listed on the document itself. They would be breaking the law to lie on that document, but they could easily have created a very, very “late” BC for him (that truthfully indicated that it was late and based upon an affidavit) or an amended one, which was then modified to fit the lies that Barry had already told.

      Then their “crime” would be not speaking out to say that that thing posted on the WH blog is NOT an exact facsimile of what was handed off to Barry’s lawyer.

      Oh, yeah. He said the “criminal” investigation is of something that is “dark” and which happened IN Maricopa county. Oh, yeah #2: Gallups says the press conferences “will be held” and “rather soon.”

      • I was thinking about this last night –

        Oh, yeah. He said the “criminal” investigation is of something that is “dark” and which happened IN Maricopa county.

        And I kept thinking something dark that happened in Maricopa county, what the heck could that it be. Then it hit me! Remember the verification from Hawaii Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett was waiting too get back? Remember how what little verification he did receive back he let slide and allowed Barry on the ballot in AZ?

        Just a thought 😉

        • Leza, if that’s a thought, it’s a good one. It’s the only possibility I can think of, other than them certifying him as eligible when maybe they know he’s not. Anybody else have an idea?

  3. More 2 read @ BR ….. here’s the Making of ANTI-AMERICAN
    U S U R P E R ????? what do we know??? O’ !!!!


    Interesting article about how suddenly the feds are forcing gun sellers to make buyers identify their race and ethnicity, specifically whether or not hispanic. Speculation is that this is designed to build dossiers on owners (back door registration) and also to supply ammunition to “prove” that guns used by the cartels in Mexico come from here, being run across the border by straw buyers, etc. Remember that meme? An attempt to justify the “need” for registration and gun control.


    Imagine whites complaining if a school planned to be named for George Bush was in a community that was “too black.”


  7. Colin Flaherty ~ + 315 comments WHY CRIME IS “NOT” HIGHER???
    It’s now HARDER 2 GET ARRESTED …. as we coddle ON…O’ !!!

    • Rose Barrette · Top Commenter · Aurora Central High School ^^^^ O’
      Things just don’t add up with this guy. If you look at his 1/2 Bro Mark
      he looks like Obama’s TWIN. I bet he was Adopted by Dunham & raised
      as her own. No way 2 different women can have a child that look so alike.

      • And David, the ever-elusive one who is no longer even mentioned by Mark, is named Opiyo, which, as we know, means the elder of twins. Mark, btw, likes to emphasize that Barry is older than he.

    • I’m going to park this one on the SAD passport thread, too. TY.

  8. With no apologies

    In America, its the 5th of May.
    I rest my case.

  9. Sunny Vee September 19, 2014 at 1:51 pm @MM

    After well over 6 years of this, and casual observation (no need for any training on this one!), I can confidently list what is important to Obama:

    1. Golf
    2. Fundraising
    3. Basketball
    4. Lavish (and frequent) vacations $$$$$$$$$$
    5. Hearing his own voice
    6. Golf
    7. Avoiding staff meetings & updates
    8. Sleep
    9. Golf
    10. Avoiding Michelle

    Based on his actions, it is easy to see what is Important to Him.
    Certainly not the business of this country, or ….We The People!

    Thank you for another well said & accurate assessment of this pathetic excuse for anything even remotely human, Mychal.

  10. Questions….Questions ….Answers???….old SAD & O Jr ? WHO?

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