Never Forget: 9/11/01

National_Park_Service_9-11_World_Trade_Center_Debris - Copy



National_Guard_at_WTC - Copy

Flight_93_Crater - Copy



Terrorist Attack


76 responses to “Never Forget: 9/11/01

  1. God Bless America

    Benghazi. Never Forget

    On This Day
    ISIL is not a religion, Islamic, a State. Its a small group of terrorists killing a vast majority of muslims.

  2. The other 9-11
    So this year I will do something different: I will commemorate the events of five years ago by revisiting events of 323 years ago. I refer, of course, to the other 9-11: September 11th, 1683, the day when an alliance of Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna.

    Jan III Sobieski confronts Pasha Kara Mustafa at the Gates of Vienna

    The Ottoman Empire had been expanding into Europe ever since Constantinople fell to the Turks, and even before that. Wherever the Muslim armies went, they plundered cities, took slaves, turned churches into mosques, and converted many thousands of Christian captives to Islam at the point of a sword.

    The Sultan’s armies overran Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. They turned Protestant Hungary into a compliant vassal and made war repeatedly on Austria and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Ottomans had designs on Vienna, since the fall of the city would open the way into the heart of Austria and the rich principalities of southern Germany.
    Vienna is where the most numerous invadin islamic army was handed defeat in 1683.

    So now, it is 331 years later. 331 – Here’s how a conspiracy theorist might look at that number,
    331 – look suspicious, don’t it?
    There are two three’s so obviously multiply them together and you get nine.
    There’s a one. Wait a minute! There’s only one one, get it?
    so you have a nine and only one one which obviously forms the number 911 which is the date today and how the attack in NYC is referred to,
    that means something REALLY BAD is going to happen for sure!

    Fortunately so far, nothing, but the day is not over. I am being careful.

    • I didn’t know that about the connection of Sobieski to Sept. 11. I’ll bet the Muslims knew it, though. Always wondered how they chose the date. It’s all symbolism with them.

  3. 21st Century American, circa 2008, a.d.

    • Oh, thanks. I asked in one post or another about how progressives rank people and groups in order of importance. That sums it up well.

  4. Just asking…..Does anyone know anything about or have an opinion on Senator Sessions? I just read his comments from the Drudge headline, and it appears that he gets it. At least what I read in this article. I really don’t know anything about him. I was wondering if he might be a good candidate for 2016. What are your thoughts?

    • Sessions is a national treasure Kathy. Unfortunately the vast majority do not even know who he is, there lay’s the problem as a 2016 candidate.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Agreed, Leza!

      • One way we could all get a little satisfaction is to refuse to use Facebook. Of what use is it, anyway? A forum for narcissists (do we really care what you had for dinner?), bragging, bullying, chain letters, and SPYING on We the People. Tracking you. Spying on you. Building a dossier on you and all your kin. Enabling those new nifty people searches to gather data (accurate or worse, inaccurate) about you and give the dossier to whoever wants it. Faugh! Who needs ’em?

    • He seems to get it, for sure. There was something else he said recently that indicates so, but whatever it was has slipped my mind. They’d call him a racist and so any chance he might have in 2016 would evaporate. The Democrats don’t mind the executive action because, as with Hawaiian affidavits about births there, it will be the “honor system” when someone registers to vote. With a photo ID AND a Social Security number, how will any election official determine whether or not the illegal is a citizen, especially when they’re not allowed to ask or investigate? The person just “swears” he or she is eligible. Sound familiar? There are already numerous documented cases of people swearing to be eligible, registering to vote, and then voting. By the time the votes are cast, it’s too late. They don’t throw them out. They let the election results stand. Thus, no Democrat is going to oppose giving all these ILLEGAL ALIENS paperwork that WILL allow them to illegally register and illegally vote.

  5. Never Forget Sept. 11, 2001

  6. Downloadable six page .pdf with links from live threads of 9-11-2001 from

    Click to access FR_9.11_threads.pdf


    Hers was the voice on the other end of the line for Todd Beamer, the passenger aboard United Flight 93 whose last purported words “Let’s Roll” became a Rallying Cry for OUR Nation in the Days Following the Terror Attacks.

    Can we EVER muster up … “LET’S ROLL” once more? I ponder deeply …

  8. If Senator Sessions is truly a treasure, then I say let’s find a way to ROLL! If we make it as a country until 2016, WTPOTUS have got to UNITE and STAND against these elitist new one world orders. We need to find a great candidate and unite all sides for the American People and steam ROLL right over these elitists.

    I so hope Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo have the goods and can help us to ROLL right over all the filthy corruption in DC.

  9. I posted a couple of comments on the O Timeline page; they didn’t show up in the list of recent comments yesterday so I’m posting this here in case anyone wants to comment on my comments 🙂 It’s regarding an address in Massachusetts for Ruth Ndesandjo in 1999. I wonder if it was maybe her family’s home and she was back there to sell it (it is listed as last selling Nov 1999) or did we already know she was back in the states then?

    • SEO, I’ve tried and tried to find info on Ruth’s address in Massachussetts . I’d look on google trying to locate the house and also try to see who lived there now, but not much luck. Do we have the same address though? I’m speaking of an address for Ruth B. Ndesandjo in Auburndale Ma. Is that the one you are referring to? I found a street address somewhere, can’t think of it right now. I think Holman street. Pleeeze help.

    • SEO, that’s a WordPress glitch that Papoose noticed, too. I never have figured it out. It must have something to do with the fact that the O Timeline is posted on the banner at the top of the home page instead of in the usual fashion. I’m going to try to remember (it’s Sept.!) to update the timeline with your find.

  10. Go to the last comments on the O timeline. But I’ll see if i can find the link and post here also

    • Name: Ruth B Ndesandjo
      Residence Date: 01 Mar 1999
      Residence Place: Auburndale, Massachusetts, United States
      Phone Number: (617) 796-9281
      Phone Number Recorded Date: 01 Mar 1999
      Address: 32 Holman Rd
      Address Continued: Auburndale, Massachusetts 02466
      Address Date: 01 Mar 1999
      Record Number: 364915229

      • So that was about 15 years ago…
        When did her parents pass? We have that archived somewhere here.

        Also, I have a vague memory of Mark recalling his Grandmother and the words she impressed upon him. Does anyone remember that? I remember questioning, so when was he around his Granny so much?

        Timeline info is great. Was the hobo licensed as a real estate agent – or as a door-to-door peddler? Just a thought.

        Did you notice that that in addition to the highlighted teacher at the commie school, there is also a woman named Flora listed with the same surname in the first column?

      • I’m going to park this here, since we’re speaking about Ruth and company:

        Hannity interviews Mark. I haven’t listened yet. It’s pretty long. What say u?

        • Ok. My first impressions: Mark has his rote narrative about what his book is about, beginning about 7 minutes in. It’s the same odd way he speaks as before, where he recites in a detached way about how “Barack Obama Senior went to the University of Hawaii and he met Stanley Ann Dunham, the president’s mother [got her name “right” this time!]” and Barack was “conceived” shortly afterward. As before, he doesn’t say WHO did the conceiving. He stumbles once again AS IF he’s going to say they did something after they met. Married? He doesn’t say that. He pauses and then says only that they “fell in love” and then he moves on to the conception and the divorce (sticking to what’s the alleged official story). He pauses again when he says his father “went to Harvard, after they …” and then he says “divorced.” Same weird careful parsing. Then he says something very interesting because he’s pointing out the similarities between himself and Barry: his father “met my mother, ALSO white, American, JEWISH [did he misspeak?] and “later that year they got married in Kenya” and Mark was “conceived shortly after.” He heard “rumors” that he had a brother! (Talking about Barry.) He keeps emphasizing, seemingly, that he only met Barry for the first time during a “balmy summer” in 1988. He slips up at 8:30 or so when he tells Hannity that he was in his “late teens” when he met Barry for the first time. Do the math. Born 11/1965. 1988 minus 1965? Whoops! Good question, Hannity! He says Barry was on his way to Harvard and he was on his way to Stanford. He said he had just graduated from Brown. Now, if on schedule, he would have been at least 22 when he graduated from college–not in his late teens unless, like so many of the others, he’s a genius! When Mark WAS in his late teens, it was 1985 or so, exactly when Kezia and other relatives say Barry was in Kenya, having visited them all in the Kariokor Flats. That timeline is ALSO consistent with the age that Barry looked in some of the non-head-replaced photos from his visit with Granny in the mid-80s. Barry shows up unexpectedly and Ruth tells Mark, “your brother from America is here.” But this is supposed to be 1988 and MARK is supposed to himself be an American! Right? Oh, interesting slip or emphasis at 9:35 or so. He begins to say “your half-brother” but then changes it to “your brother.” Now isn’t that curious? He says he and Barry are the “only two mixed-race kids in the Obama family.” He keeps saying “my father” not “our” father. Then he says “I was a Kenyan, uh, I’m an American, actually.” Hannity seems surprised and says, “You’re an American?” But Mark just plows on and doesn’t comment about that little technicality. Or explain it. Mark calls Madelyn Barry’s “Irish” grandmother. Irish? Slightly. That similar lisp really stands out. How could two who grew up separately share that characteristic and also the same cadence, etc.? Mark says when he first met Barry, it was clear that he “did not like white people.” Actually Hannity said it and Mark agreed.

          • Second clip impressions: Barry made Mark feel like an “Uncle Tom”. Gee, what a surprise. Mark repeats the “one day, all of us are going to be brown.” Mark says he was called names in Kenya for being “half caste”. Mark says there are “five siblings in the Obama family.” He denies that George lived in a shack. Says they have to “check on that” but not all the “news” is accurate. Siblings: Oldest is Malik, then “my sister” Auma, then Barack, then “I come in”, and then “I have one younger brother called George.” All the same father. (Where’s David? Not mentioned. There’s no we had one younger brother who died. Nope. If you had a close and beloved brother who died in his teens, wouldn’t you at least memorialize him by mentioning him on world-wide TV?) And, of course, Bernard and the other one, Samson, not accepted as brothers, apparently. Mark says he was jealous of Barry because “he got into Harvard and I got rejected.” He thought Barry was arrogant and “stuck up.” He says BHO Sr. was “atheist”. At about 7:39 into the clip, it sounds as if Mark is saying that he (Mark) first met Michelle in Jakarta. That’s how Hannity seems to have taken it, too. It makes little sense, in the context of what Hannity was talking about–an interview by NY Times reporter Kristoff of Barry in his office in 2007. Gotta hand it to Hannity. He didn’t pull his punches when telling Mark what he thinks of Barry. Mark evades and says he doesn’t get into the politics of it.

    • thanks SEO. One time I found lots of Bowman’s at that address or around that neighborhood. Never got anywhere and forgot the street no. so I might look again for any thing about when the house sold or if it did.

  11. So much information….. I listened to most of it….I care 2 know MORE
    WTPOTUS….. NEED 2 know why this happened….. interesting.

  12. FORCED….. 2 …. B ….. SILENCED …. they NEVER SLEEP!
    @ Mychal ….. Can’t DIG the TRUTH~ CAN THEY???

  13. “GO BIG”… SARAH PALIN …. vs the usurper “PATTY CAKES” dude buckles … still ….. AT WHAT COST 2 USA??? whatamesshespins…

    • They probably paid that ex to instigate. After all, how DARE she criticize Barry or deign to give HIM advice on waging war? Don’t they mean, “snow MACHINE brawl?”

  14. ~ Military Quotes ~…… Sun-Tzu ….food 4 winning…. & more

  15. Avatar~ Oklahoma Lady jhkrischel • 2 hours ago

    ~ Bomb, Bomb, Bomb. Let God sort them out. If we fight a war, we had
    better WIN IT. William T. Sherman said “war is hell”. We need to make
    war hell, for ISIS & any other sand box fanatic. ~

  16. does any-ONE? know how 2 win any-longer? GUT-LESS SOUL-LESS

  17. @The Bilzerian Report

    ~ To know what life is worth, you have to ~ risk it ~ once ~ in a while.

    ~~Jean-Paul Sartre~~

  18. ★FALCON★ 139p · 1 hour ago …^^^ @BR
    Chester Arthur burned his documents after the usurpation – Obama burned his before.

  19. American First Lady commemorates 911 at KaBoom charity festival to honor Patriots Day 2014 .

    • They probably thought this was hilarious. Sending a subliminal message to their peeps while at the same time pretending to honor the deceased. It’s all in the symbolism. No accident. No coincidence.

  20. ^^^ I got so excited 2 see Miri back..
    I must have not done MY JOB… BUTT’ my machine is always…. & I
    mean always ….playin’ with me…. as I ponder that also…. hi gang!

    • TY, Zenway. I’ve been under the weather. I think it was that enterovirus that’s going around amongst the kids. I didn’t have the energy or will to read and research. Putting up a post to commemorate 9/11 was enough for me. I’m much better now. Missed y’all, too.

  21. View this post on Instagram

    Play should be everywhere. #playmatters

    A post shared by KABOOM! (@kaboom) on

    YEP….. JUST as OBAMA…..playing 24/7….. & MO’

  22. Never was ready…as the UsurPer wormed his way in… now he’s
    slipping .. ~ FAST & FURIOUS … as HE SHOW’s what he is .. NOT
    MADE OF….Never has been… as every-one is BAILING butt sharing
    they DID VOTE 4 HIM TWICE… last night Karel SCREAMED… what WE have been waiting 4 … AGAIN 2 LATE Karel 2 LATE! … as they MADE
    FUN OF US SANE 1’s ! …. AS… we ALL… GO 2…HELL just great!
    ~ Another FOOL…. Alan Colmes .. A HUGE SILLYBOYFOOL in-STINK’-GATER’ .. 2 BUCKLE .. any DAY NOW! .. BUTT’ he still Fiddles..
    of course Begs..Yep!. the same Listeners to call & talk 2HIM! so SAD!

  23. ths is suspicious:

    DEBKAfile will be closed temporarily
    for maintenance work.
    The site will return to regular operation as usual
    on October 5, 2014.

    Last time they did this israel destroyed the syrian nuke reactor

    • Hmmmm. We shall see.

      • Okey dokey. Explain this one:
        Per John Kerry:

        “The United States has asked one of our most respected and experienced military experts, General John Allen, to join the State Department to serve as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL. In this role, General Allen will help build and sustain the coalition so it can operate across multiple lines of effort in order to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL. General Allen is a patriot and a remarkable leader. His extraordinary career in the military speaks for itself. Whether as the top commander of NATO’s ISAF forces in Afghanistan during a critical period from 2011-2013, or as a deputy commander in Anbar during the Sunni awakening, or as a thinker, scholar, and teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy. And he has done significant public service out of uniform since he returned to civilian life. His commitment to country and to service has really been enduring.”

        Uh, isn’t this the guy who “retired” in disgrace after playing whatever it was with the Kelley twins (or whatever they are)?

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