Remember September?

It’s September. Remember?

Kids are back in school.

Seems a long while from March to September, when something big was supposed to happen. Something was going to be revealed. Something that promised to

shatter the

Universe - Copy


But will we be


stymie - Copy

d again?

What are you waiting for now, Cold Case Posse?

Back to our regular programming:


57 responses to “Remember September?

    For what it’s worth. Uh, he’s only just NOW getting his library card for the National Archives!???? Berita Negara.

    I’ll quote: “It’s gut wrenching!”

    Mm, hmm. And it’s not going to happen before the election. So, yes. Stymied again!

  2. Oy vey! The plague spreads to another nation:

    “A “BIRTHER”-style theory such as the one that dogged Barack Obama’s early presidency has now attached to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

    An online petition with more than 5400 signatories has called on Mr Abbott, who was born in London to a British father, to produce his British citizenship renunciation form.

    A spokesman for Mr Abbott last night would say only: “The Prime Minister is an Australian citizen and he does not hold citizenship of any other country.”

    His office refused to provide documents verifying this and would not say if Mr Abbott had renounced British citizenship.

    The petition claims the PM’s refusal to make the document public raises serious questions about the legality of his election as an MP.

    The Constitution requires that MPs not hold citizenship of any “foreign power”. …”

  3. h/t somebody at BR. Note how strangely he acts when he mentions Mooch and the daughters. HA! He pretends that if elected president, he won’t take vacations and will “sacrifice” leisure time. .

    • Published on Sep 16, 2012 ~ MR. BS the JOKER USURPER MAN!
      Obama: “uh umm, you give me this office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving my self to YOU .” …….. your joking’ RIGHT?
      @1:22….grabs the ear-lob…so weird….is HE a WIND-UP-TOY? is his
      relay system not working ??? purple lips….
      & the FRONT CRACK ….of his HEAD? …. Cracked spear…. weird

  4. AS WE ~~~ WTPOTUS ~~~ FIGHT with every FIBER 2 STAY “ALIVE”
    4 WHAT….WE ASK…. 4 WHAT …so we can continue 2 LIVE in the
    ~ STENCH …. of O B A M A LAND???? GET REAL…

  5. OUR~ TRASH ~ MAN ! IMMIGRATION … he says IT’S the right
    thing 2
    DO….. ? for whom …. mr. O’ 4 WHOM????? just ask US OK!

  6. Results Update: 70% NOW ~ Believe Obama Is NOT ~~~

    An American Citizen; Illegal President Damit!? @ BR…..


    Ten reasons not to shop at Costco (which I don’t, anyway). Number one reason relates directly to this post and also derives from this:



  9. Heather Adams1 day ago

    I agree. If you listen closely, right after he makes the “slip-up” you can hear
    it in his voice that he realized what he did. It’s almost as if you can hear in
    his voice his stomach drop, …….& then a very nervous sounding “uhhh”.

  10. SO JOAN… Ha~ we ponder on as U in FACT left US LAUGHING at

  11. @ 2:22 is interesting as we know about this also

    • So, beginning tomorrow. It would be a hoot to attend, wouldn’t it? HA! It’s a “story of American identity?” Whom are they talking about? Surely not Mark?!! Accolades from Ogletree? You can’t make this stuff up.

  12. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I’m posting this not to much for the article as I am for the photo. There ain’t enough drag queen make up in the world….

  13. “Bait-&-Switch” is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in Other CON-texts. First, Customers are “baited” by merchants’ advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items (“switching”). … LEAD-ing behind the Green … as the golf games continue…. with narrow Strokes OR none at all … usurpers game plan?

  14. the KIDS @Sidwell LUNCHES with an AFRICAN TWIST O’ WOW!
    4 ~ September 19, 2014 ~ LS ~ interesting meal ? ~
    Snack: Local Apples & Cheese
    Saladu Awooka ak Mango ~ (Avocado-Mango Salad)
    Mamadou’s ~ African Menu ~
    Senegalese Chicken
    African Vegetarian Dish
    Sautéed Collards w/ African Spices
    White Rice
    ~ Ice Pops

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Cheese. Avocado. Sauteed collards= fat. Ice pops= sugar. This menu would be outlawed at any public school serving Nutritionist Michael’s menus.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Whoa, Zen. You’re not kidding. All tied up in a tidy, hour upon hours worth of research bow. Am now watching the BBC- 9/11 videos, because I have never been a truther. Thank you!

  16. @BR… Coming OUT Reporter talks Obama….
    Hawaii Act ~ 96 ~ in effect from ~ 1911 until 1972 ~ ….. O’

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      The golden ticket.

    • That’s interesting because it offers the possibility that what was “written down” in the state archives was an affidavit as an application for a birth certificate that maybe wasn’t issued in the first place. At least not back then.

  17. ~ js/js · 3 hours ago … @BR ~ that FUKINO was a COUSIN?
    In reference to Act 96, then Linda Jordan should run requests for
    E-verify on “Virginia Sunahara” & ALSO,

    Barry SUNAHARA. See what comes up. HUH? Linda, are you there??? Also, try Duncan Sunahara.

    BTW, note that Butterdezillion Blog and Citizen Wells Blog asserted that
    K. Fukino, former Registrar, was a Relative ? (? DID WE KNOW THIS?)

    of “Virginia Sunahara” Virginia was a distant cousin.
    Did Fukino at HDOH meddle in the SWITCH and data transfer to Barry Obama? Huh???
    One wonders, Danno!!!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Pardon my “French” , but there sure is a lot of shiite coming out now. One has to ask is this an actual culmination of research or does it bode something? Hey, you know me. Ever cynical.

    • I remember the allegation but don’t remember anything linked to back it up. It sure would be a smoking gun, huh?

    her-self .. what a real JEWEL that 1` a sickness that never heals!

    WHILE the White House “BLACK~GIRLS” allow US to pay $38,000
    per year X’s 2 at the SIDWELL 4 WEALTHY FOLKS offsprings ~ Ha!
    ~~~~~~~~~ MUST ~ SEE ~ VIDEO ~~~~~~~~~~ WOW!!!!!!

  19. Rivers’ doctor — who identified himself as an ear, nose and throat specialist — asked if he could use their instruments when the clinic’s doctor noticed “something” on Rivers’ vocal chords, according to the source.

    “He asked and they let him,” the source said. “A huge no-no.”

    The source added that the “Fashion Police” star had only signed off on an endoscopy — not the far more dangerous biopsy of her vocal chords.

    Read more:

    • I had some growths cut from my vocal chords, that was 15 years ago,
      they didn’t tell me it was THAT dangerous. They never came back and I am still here, but then again, I hadn’t said any political stuff, I was pretty much just into rock and roll and travel and sun tans.

  20. Surely you meant this September,
    Harry Belafonte,
    Try to remember the Kind of September
    That’s the one!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      No offense, dave m but screw him! Belafonte is an outspoken communist

      • So is Bonnie Raitt, but I like her music.
        Musicians have a precious gift. It doesn’t make them experts at anything else.
        For the most parts I separate their music from their politics unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do otherwise.
        Turing batted for the other side as they say, but he was the father of the computing machine and without him the German enigma code would probably remain unbroken and where would we be now?
        It’s a serious day and life can be frail.
        My wife likes the flowers called Foxglove. I used to say “nice flower – shame about the leaves”
        She said that was ridiculous.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Dave, I never post personal info, but believe me, I understand this
          better than most. Belafonte is so outspoken about being anti American that he is one whom I simply cannot look.past. Daaaaaay o,

          l like foxgloves too. 🙂

        • I like it: “Nice flower–shame about the leaves.” Good one. You could say the same for jimson weed, which is also beautiful but the seeds are deadly. Did you see that they’re auctioning off Georgia O’Keefe’s painting of jimson weed? If only I had a spare 15 million bucks.

        • Is Raitt radical? Aww. I like her music, too. Please don’t tell me that Emmy Lou is, too.

    • I’m no fan of Belafonte for several reasons. First, his politics (he’s a whiner) and, then also, I can’t get past that most infamous of songs about the banana boat. Yikes. Hated it! 🙂 I will cut him a little slack nowadays on account of his age. Maybe he can’t help himself. I did include Willie Nelson and he’s got some questionable aspects, too, although I do love Willie, nevertheless. We can’t have everything and I agree with you about artists. Since they’re right brained …

  21. I needed some cheering up after listening to that Willie Nelson song,
    Is this a tribute band or what !?!
    Puppini Sisters – Bugle Boy

    • Willie’s song made me cry as well Dave. Please God keep us safe during this most distressing anniversary.

    • Probably a tribute for the Andrew Sisters. I love that. I once played Patty at a Halloween party. We sang and everything. Too funny. I’m a better dancer than she was, if I do say so myself. 🙂

  22. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I despise “di Blassio” (not his real surname as we all know). And although it’s a step in the right direction (you know….because of his communist past, and all) how ludicrous is it that the mayor of NYC can potentially be denied national security clearance while the POTUS, about which nothing is known (outside the confines of this vast ad hoc internet research committee) has The Doomsday Codes?

    More 9/11 fear mongering. Nonetheless…

    • Wow. That’s something. How DOES Barry get clearance then? Seems to me that someone said that a president isn’t required to pass background checks, having been elected.

  23. …Several weeks ago I was made aware of a bus of illegal invaders at the Social Security Office here in Memphis. I went to check it out for myself and couldn’t believe what I saw. A bus load of Illegal Invaders with Mexico Passports, and Visas, being issued Social Security Numbers. At the time I was unsure if they were…


    Are you kidding me?

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