Labor Day Weekend Open Thread

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To all our friends, we wish you a wonderful holiday weekend.

Picnicking! Swimming! Boating!

Eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy your days off with friends and family. Curl up with a good book or watch a marathon or sports on TV.

Barbecue. Go to the ballgame.

Whatever you do, enjoy the rest of summer!

And drive carefully.



87 responses to “Labor Day Weekend Open Thread

  1. NO WAY! … the “BEST” Dogs… are left BEHIND? Can WE STOP IT?

  2. Rosemary Woodhouse

    • That figures, doesn’t it? Barry has ensured that all protections put in place by Bush after the 2001 attack have been dismantled. I read yesterday that they have “lost track” of 6000 “students” who have overstayed their visas.

      • Miri, I don’t think the protections were ever put into place to begin with. All the money went to controlling the American people. It’s my guess that these guy’s with those clearances are probably CIA/DARPA and DHS. Just more actors to control us.

  3. SO ~ ” 3 ” AUTOPSIED & NOT a SINGLE SHOT in HIS ~ BACK!!!! O’
    & 4 in the arm trying to Stop him with a BLOWN~OUT EYE BALL … O’
    let’s see I think ~ ONE ~ would have STOPED ME !! & U???

  4. O’s pony rides 4 ALL Illegal Alien Kids & MO’… “TROJAN~HORSES”

    • “A Hudson Institute study shows that illegals granted amnesty by Obama are far less inclined to assimilate, embrace English, the concept of American Exceptionalism, and respect our Constitution.”

      Well, they should fit right in with the latest crop of graduates from our public schools, where the kids are taught to reject English and American culture, to despise the very concept of American Exceptionalism and instead believe fervently that the USA has a long history of oppressing others, and to disrespect our Constitution (of which they learn NOTHING) as well as to laugh at our laws.

  5. LESS TAN SUITS…& jokes as Mr. Don Rosenberg DEMANDS O’ ~
    2 VISIT his DEAD SON’s GRAVE…. now that’s some Awakening….
    The son was run over 3 TIMES while the Illegal Immigrant try 2
    FLEE the SCENE yep.. they NEED A BREAK? your DEAD WRONG O’!

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    They will never impeach him. We all know Ferguson was meant to be a meme. Fear us because of the the color of our skin. A ridiculous premise, but a meme nonetheless. And if you dare impeach him or speak against him it’s because you are raaaaaaccccccist! I wrote it in 2007 and I write it seven years later: black is the new teflon. And the choir says…..

    • He’s got it down to a system now. By the time the FOIA requests are answered, if ever, he will be out of office. (One hopes.)

    • Yeah, it’s a meme for sure. Did you see the report that one of the star witnesses (Piaget, I think her name is) was being coached by a member of the New Black Panthers? These people have zero credibility because of the sheer number of times their stories have changed. It becomes apparent that some of them are only reporting rumors, as if they saw things they didn’t see, with their own eyes. Dorian can’t even remember who told the officer that they’re “but a minute from our destination.” He’s said he told him that and then elsewhere he said Mike Brown said it. Maybe it was Paul Winchell.

    Joan Rivers has died. RIP, Joan. Thanks for all the laughs and memories. She was a great lady.

  8. ” Can we talk?”… did they know Some-Thing we didn’t? I ponder on…
    at least they BOTH left with their HEADS STILL ATTACHED!!!!
    & just when we needed a Laugh! ~ Bless them both, always & forever

  9. Many laughs here .. she made it 2 ~ 81 will WE? .. Laughs keep you
    young so what WERE left WITH is OBAMA’S SICKLY JOKES… I see
    nothing 2 laugh @ …. any-LONGER! … so very un-health-ly

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