Life and Afterlife

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All life is precious.

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 All life is precious. Value life …

Live it in the keeping of Our Faithful Creator.

Take heart!!


135 responses to “Life and Afterlife

  1. ~ No. No. No.
    Øbama has accomplished much.
    He’s made Americans Hate each other even MOre.
    ~ danadee markinalpine • a day ago
    No joke. In my entire lifetime, I’ve never known America to be so Divided!
    ~ Daily Gut Check danadee • a day ago
    No kidding. You can Thank Obama, the Great Divider.
    ~ richard Daily Gut Check • a day ago
    He was never really a community Organizer. He’s a community Agitator.

  2. Well, here is a new one for me. I googled my mom’s name “…… and rosa parks” and at the end of the page is this,

    “In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at”

    Is this something new google is doing?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      That is odd. But now is anything, really?

    • Did you go read the complaint?

      • It was a list of names and really made no sense. I just tried to get back there but this time, today, googling it does not show up.

      • OK. I remembered I googled my mom’s name and “and rosa parks detroit” whereas today I left off the word “detroit”. So, I get this,

        In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at

        and the link will take you to the complaint that must list every single book that has those words in it.

      • You will notice way over on the top right side of supposed complaint is, “Sender Information:
        Hachette Livre
        Sent by: [Private]

        Hatchette Livre is “Hachette Livre, a subsidiary of the French media giant Lagardère and a depository of part of France’s”

        Now, I realize this has nothing to do with anything we research around here. Or does it? Lately, more and more of information outside the USA in inaccessible on the internet.

        Another insight into this?

    • Have you figured out the answer? I’m curious, too. Was there anything to do with copyright? Like Hatchette Livre owning the rights to whatever story or photo was being suppressed? I know Google is in big fights with European governments and media, so it may relate to that, somehow. Is there any way you can deduce exactly WHAT is being hidden so that we can try to find it elsewhere, such as at a library database?

  3. That thug* killed in Mo only stole a few cigars… how come no one has anything to say about him roughing up the clerk? Excuse you, but why isn’t that a factor? Its live on tape. A few cigars… Assassination of character…give me a break. He assaulted some little guy.

    Yeah, he was on his knees with his arms up in the air. “Don’t shoot”.

    He assaulted a diminutive person after robbing him. Shhhhhhh.

    What did he do to the cop?

    Was his accomplice the witness that states he surrendered?

    *Poor little 18 year old child.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      But he was………….bllllllllaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk!

    • I know. That’s the NEW MEME. First it was that the child was gunned down in cold blood just for being insolent and walking in the street. Now that they KNOW he robbed the store and assaulted the store owner, they have spun around and the new meme is to focus on the cigarillos and NOT the assault. They’re holding up cigars now, instead of their hands. It’s like Trayvon’s iced tea (which was really fruit punch) and Skittles. They are deliberately IGNORING the assault on the store owner. Sadly, he’s terrified. Used to this sort of intimidation and thuggery in his home country, and so he is making sure to point out that he didn’t call the police, that they want no “trouble”, that they want to stay in the neighborhood. One store owner actually said that he “understands” them looting his store once, but not twice! He’s another immigrant, btw. Sad thing is that the immigrants will go into those neighborhoods to serve the community when others won’t. Now they’re being TARGETED (isn’t that racist?) by the thugs they serve. That same guy went to defend his store with a gun, found two guys in his store, and LET THEM GO because he didn’t want any more trouble. The cops probably let Johnson go because that other store owner is TOO AFRAID to prosecute. These guys are losing their businesses. They want to stay in the neighborhood. (Where’s the “go fund me” hashtag to donate to help THESE VICTIMS?) They’re AFRAID of the thugs. They know NOW that the cops will NOT protect them. Nor will the county police. Nor will the black-man-headed community-outreaching Highway Patrol.

      Sharpton’s NEW (very suddenly new) campaign is against police overreacting to “petty crimes” committed by black young men. You see? They will ignore the ASSAULT and violent thuggery and intimidation of the little immigrant store owner, and focus on, “he was killed for stealing a cigar.” They’re already saying it. (BTW, a box of cigars, which they said he stole, is worth $50.)

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Sharpton et. al can fu#! Off. Sick of this chit!

        • You and me both. I will never be convinced that this is NOT Barry’s doing. He’s on the phone with the MO governor, behind the scenes. Illegally, they put a black guy in charge (over the head of the Highway Patrol, who’s white, pushing aside two white police chiefs, a white mayor).

          Then the black guy decides to “stand down”. He orders the cops to NOT INTERVENE to stop looting. He was on the news a while ago and said, get this: There were children present and yes, the looters “took some stuff” but lives were at risk and to intervene might have caused more violence. And did he mention there were children there?

          The business owners who had to protect their businesses with their own guns? They’re from Afghanistan. They were amazed. Said they’re supposed to be Americans now and never expected it to be like a war zone, like they had back home. They said they could have shot the guys they caught in their store, but they didn’t. They really could have, because that state has a “castle doctrine”. Lucky for THOSE looters that the Afgani-Americans had mercy on them. Next time, though, the property owner may not feel the same way. And then what? Riots to lynch them, too?

          So the new sheriff sends a clear signal: Looters, (continue to) bring your kids as human shields and you can take all the “stuff” you want. The mainstream media actually remarked on this earlier–how brazen the looters were to have KIDS in the cars. What an example they set for “the children!” They talked today, over and over, about how bold the looters are. Well, why not? They probably know that they will not be stopped. Why not load up on “stuff”?

          This new black “sheriff” looks decidedly uncomfortable when he’s spouting this BS about not protecting businesses. He’s under his orders from above.

          He pointedly ignored a business owner who asked for assurance. Similarly, the governor, when asked, just kept spinning about finding the right “balance”.

          Remind you of Barry ordering the Border Patrol to “stand down” and not ARREST CRIMINALS?

          • from Gateway Pundit’s commenter:
            cheechakos • an hour ago

            “”Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!”
            —Malik Zulu Shabazz,

            On January 7, 2009, the Justice Department under President Bush filed criminal charges against NBPP chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz for violating the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

            On April 6, 2012, three NBPP leaders (including Shabazz) conducted a group phone call to discuss a scheduled rally that was to be held in memory of Trayvon Martin. During the course of that call, they said:

            “[I]f you are having any doubt about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we’re in that has never ended, let me tell you somethin…the thing that’s about to happen these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf***er[s]…it has been long overdue.”

            Malik Shabazz was at the Governor of MO’s press conference. He was allowed to have a mike and spout off for at least 10 minutes. The new black sheriff in town acted AS IF he’s going to “work with” Shabazz to allow these RACIST thugs to police the city of Ferguson.

  4. ~ Glen T. Meert · Top Commenter · @
    He spent all his money on Weed so he didn’t have any money for the Swisher sweets to roll his Weed. What good is the Weed if you have
    no way to smoke it? ……..
    I’m sure WE CAN… Start a Charitable Organization that hands out
    “Free Swishers”…. so we can avoid these unnecessary deaths caused
    by young people stealing them. Kind of like handing out clean needles
    for heroin addicts.

  5. THE WORST GHETTO: North St. Louis, Missouri
    Ghettos Of The United State ~ Uploaded on Oct 24, 2009

    I have been to many ghettos in the United States, such as Detroit, Baltimore, Flint, Los Angeles, ect. None were as bad as when I went to
    St. Louis’ Northside. OR …. “North COUNTY” St. Lewis” ….
    These pictures are not just of one part of North St. Louis.. all of it is this bad. There is no good part, no safe zones. ….
    O’ so now we get a Idea ? …of what his MOM might of meant …
    of SHE take in’ HIM OUT??? RUFF RUFF RUFF AREA 100% …

  6. ~ Perceptions & reality ~ NORTH COUNTY is what IT’s CALLED!
    Among residents of greater St. Louis, the north side has a pretty awful reputation. It’s supposedly a place where you just don’t go if you’re of Caucasian extraction. But a lot of the stereotypes you’ll hear are exaggerations, distortions, gross simplifications, or just plain not true. They’re based on the incidents reported on the nightly news, on what someone heard from someone who heard it from someone else, on fear, misinformation, popular perception and bias. They’re rarely based on actual experience.

    Of course, most stereotypes have a kernel of truth somewhere, and to be sure, the North Side has more than its share of urban and social problems. Drugs, gangs, violence, abandonment, burnouts, deterioration – all of these can be found here in abundance. The notions of segregation are certainly true – if you’re Black and live in the City of St. Louis, there’s a good chance you live on the North Side; if you’re white, it’s a fair bet that you don’t.

    But the North Side is neither the homogenious ghetto that many outsiders assume, nor is it some crime-culture dystopia where instant death awaits the unwitting visitor. Its neighborhoods are not all the same – Baden is nothing like Old North, which is nothing like Cabanne, which is nothing like Fairgrounds.

  7. Such a CON… PEOPLE …” FELL 4 ” I still SHAKE MY HEAD!
    D I S G U S T I N G …. piece of worthless worth…. in a NUT SHELL!

  8. NOW …Ha! … this makes ME VERY HAPPY….EARS & ALL!!!!

  9. bob strauss | August 16, 2014 at 3:17 pm | @citizen wells

    Allen West just went on an EPIC rant against Obama’s “lies and propaganda,” calling him out in front of the world for helping create the “Islamic State.” Every American needs to read this.

    West said that Obama is an “inhumane coward” who has blood on his hands for letting innocent people die.

    Allen West Goes on Epic Rant Against Obama…
    ….. It’s Going Viral … [FULL TEXT] …… This is powerful.

  10. OFFICER Darren Wilson Received Police AWARD….. YEP…..he MUST
    SO TRULY OUT of TOUCH….. check yourself's I listen UP WTPOTUS
    ARE….T I R E D …. of your S H I T !!!! IT IS DIRTY & OLD…. $$$Ha

    • I haven’t caught up with all you’ve posted in the past few hours, so forgive me if I repeat. Gateway Pundit has the officer’s version of the story, through a friend of his:

      It’s as you might have imagined. The cop passed them after telling them to get out of the street. Then he backed up when he realized they fit the profile of the robbery suspects (this was confirmed by Johnson, who said the cop came back. He said it in the Sharpton interview.) Immediately, Brown hit the car door as the officer was exiting. Then the cop tried to get out again and Brown attacked him, punching him in the face. The cop drew his gun and Brown struggled with him for it and it went off. Then the two suspects took off running. The officer got out and told them to freeze. Brown stopped (apparently Johnson hid or kept running, depending on whether you believe him). Then Brown RUSHED AT THE OFFICER as if to attack him again. Then the cop shot, to stop him, in apparent self defense.

      Yahoo is posting the officer’s photo: He looks a lot smaller than Brown. Despicable, imho, to steal his photo from his father’s Facebook page to potentially put his life in danger, but that’s just me. Gee, if only the media would “dox” the so-called potus.

      I watched the presser on FOX News. The governor of MO is finally declaring a LEGAL state of emergency, and they cut the local authorities out completely. Johnson (the highway patrolman) took questions ONLY from the “community”, including MALIK SHABAZZ (connected to the black panthers and nation of islam) who he is apparently allowing to “work” with to patrol the streets. It’s appalling. The NBP are the people who stopped WHITE people from voting in PA. Remember? There was one person of color business owner who asked who will protect the businesses tonight. Will cops be present to defend their businesses? Johnson answered somebody else and then took more questions and NEVER answered that man’s questions, so it’s apparent that he’s there to “protect” the rights of the demonstrators and looters and NOT the businesses. In addition, black supremacists will be allowed to act as enforcers, but not any white militias, I’m sure. The governor is imposing a curfew, but Johnson wouldn’t or couldn’t explain how the hell he intends to enforce it. It’s MIDNIGHT to 5 a.m. What a joke. IF it weren’t so serious, it would be funny to see these DemoncRATS trying to reap what they’ve sown. There was sheer chaos and disrespect in the press conference. Everybody talked over each other and of course NOBODY was allowed to ask who told the cops to stand down and allow stores to be looted. Johnson claims that the only reason he allowed tear gas, etc., last night was to rescue three cops who were surrounded and INJURED, so they went in with the SWAT mobiles. This is a joke. The governor actually praised the fact that 80 other communities had “peaceful demonstrations” in support of these people. The people were crying out for the cop to be charged with MURDER and said there won’t be peace until he is. Why don’t they just ask for him to be drawn and quartered or lynched? They want REVENGE and nothing less. I suppose they want to lynch as many white people as they think will pay them back for however many they assume were lynched in the past. The people did not WANT to learn the process and did not WANT to know the facts. They only want to rig the system (by replacing the prosecutor) to get the desired result. I hope the cop is in Australia. The media asked no questions (I assume were not allowed to) and they accepted that and didn’t ask questions but sat there like good little Obama minions, filming the chaos. How is it a “press” conference if media can’t ask questions? Congressman Clay was there to say, basically, that the WH and Holder are calling the shots on the “investigation” and that HOLDER will PROSECUTE, so even Clay, a Congressman, does not know or care about the LEGAL SYSTEM in this country. The cop is not innocent until proven guilty. Clay has already decided that he WILL BE prosecuted. The poor man’s life is DESTROYED because he dared to defend his own life and the lives of others in that community that he was foolish enough to believe he was hired to SERVE (and which he did). Maybe the WHITE cops should all pull out of black areas and allow Malik to keep the peace.

    • Jesse Jackson was there yesterday and today. Today he actually criticized the police for NOT taking action to stop looting. Wanna know why, probably? Some of the business owners are black. They’re NOT HAPPY campers today. But their new black sheriff IGNORES their desire for somebody to protect their “stuff”.


      Enuf said. Lucky for the officer and significant other, they left the state of MO days ago. Butt the neighbors remain and the media are knocking on their doors, disturbing their lives.

      Read this story, too. They’re smearing the man’s deceased mother, AS IF she has anything to do with it. She’s been dead for over 10 years, since her son was 16.

    OF…course HE WON’T STIR THE POT & STIR THE POT SOME-MO’–politics.html

  12. I guess he COMES out of the WOOD-WORK….every NOW & THEN
    …always 4 HIS CAUSE… for the greater GOOD of DARK FOLKS!!!!
    ~ 3 Racially – charged – cases …. when will “WE SEE 4??? ” soon?–politics.html

  13. YES…. COP’S who gave THEIR Lives…. & ALSO, NEVER WENT
    H O M E ……. I think it up 2 about 50 + ?

  14. RAISE a fool…or RAISE the BAR ?…what’s so cool 2 be a clown?
    4 all 2 see U ? it’s also who IS NOT RAISING them young-in’s right

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