IRS Was Supposed to Archive Instant Messages

We learned recently that some more very convenient computer crashes happened at the IRS, among cronies of Lois Lerner. The number is now less than 20, but counting. Seriously? What are the odds?

One might ask, as Obama did with regard to the investigation (or lack thereof) into the Ukraine plane crash, and without any apparent sense of irony:

What exactly are they trying to hide?


A little research, which didn’t take long at all, proves that Lois Lerner and everybody at the IRS, not to mention the entire U.S. government, must archive instant messages, as well as email: [emphasis added to quotes] (06-01-2010)
Basic Electronic Records Management Definitions

An electronic record contains information recorded in a form that is machine-readable (e.g., information that only a computer can process, and which, without a computer, would not be understandable to people). Recorded electronic information becomes a federal record when it satisfies the statutory definition of a “record,” see IRM 1.15.2, which is the same definition applied to information recorded on paper. … (06-01-2010)
Use of Social Media and Collaboration Tools (New Media)

IRS must plan for the proper management of record material produced using Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, and other similar technologies. With the use of these technologies, the following records management considerations must be addressed:

Information that meets the statutory definition of a federal record (44 U.S.C. 3301) must be captured and managed in accordance with an approved Records Control Schedule.

Record material must be captured in an accessible, usable format.

1) IRS offices must be aware that issues may arise since IRS does not own the servers on which records may reside. IRS should address this at the time of signature of Terms of Agreement with Social Media vendor.

A responsible office must be designated for management of record material.

1) In some cases, more than one entity may have a responsibility for the same records, depending on their use.

Records must be scheduled and managed according to the content and not the format.

Records determined to have Permanent value must be transferred to NARA in an approved format. (Records may have to be migrated from original format to one accepted by NARA at the time of transfer.)

IRS must plan for the proper management of record material produced using Collaboration Tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office Communicator, and any other instant messaging or collaboration environments (i.e. wikis, blogs, web portals, etc.) Collaboration may happen in multiple contexts such as Office to Office, Agency to Agency, Multiple Agency, or public to Agency (i.e. via interactive web sites.) The following records management considerations must be addressed:

Information that meets the statutory definition of a federal record (44 U.S.C. 3301) must be captured and managed in accordance with an approved Records Control Schedule.

Records must be captured in an accessible, usable format. [Which, btw, belies what IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said when he testified before the House committee that records on the backup tapes are too difficult to search. If the IRS follows the law, then the records must be somewhere in an “accessible, usable format.”]

1) Most collaboration software and instant messaging clients reside on the Agency server and can be captured at the server level in either plain text or through the use of a DoD 5015.2 certified application, such as EMC Documentum.

2) If the collaboration environment is not located on the Agency’s server, procedures for the capture of record material must be discussed with the vendor/owner of the software or tool. …

Those were some of the rules as of January 2013, when Lerner inquired about what happens to instant messages and seemed happy to learn that they were not saved or capable of being subpoenaed.

These are rules that Lerner as well as John Koskinen ought to have known, yet NARA had to remind the IRS recently that instant messages must be retained as public records under federal law.

An Archives spokeswoman, in a statement to Government Executive, said, “The definition of a federal record includes all machine-readable materials made or received by an agency under federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business. Agencies that allow instant messaging traffic on their networks must recognize that such content may be a federal record and must be managed accordingly. NARA has issued an FAQ on Instant Messaging that provides general information about these potential records.”

The National Archives has a FAQ page that explains in more depth.

Mr. Chris Horner had an interesting take on the IRS apparently failing to save relevant instant messages:

IRS staffer Maria Hooke told Lerner “messages are not set to automatically save as the standard; however, the functionality exists within the software.”

[Writer Phil Kerpen] asked the leading force for government transparency in the country, Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, whether it was legal for the IRS to disable the archiving function.

“It’s unlawful to not enable it, and if it is default-enabled, it is unlawful to disable it,”  [Horner said] …

How far this administration has come since the days when people worried about Obama’s planned use of a Blackberry, which could mean that presidential records would be lost in cyberspace.

Mr. Obama is subject to the Presidential Records Act, which puts his correspondence in the official record and ultimately up for public review, and the threat of subpoenas. None of his e-mails could be released until after his presidency.

Surely the administration is being diligent about saving those presidential records!

A writer at the Washington Post points out that if any of Lerner’s lost emails were sent from or received via Blackberry, then they’d still exist, perhaps, on a server.

In sheer spite of the law, the EPA is also fighting disclosure and claiming lost records in another lawsuit. The aforementioned Mr. Horner

is suing in CEI v. EPA, a Federal Records case seeking to compel EPA to stop destroying current Administrator Gina McCarthy’s text messages. Horner has obtained metadata showing texting was increasingly her medium of choice for conducting agency business, which she then illegally destroyed wholesale.

EPA replied to the court that Horner’s request is “intrusive,” and that if they choose to disregard the law, nobody should be able to force them to comply.

“These agencies have shown they are aware of and know how to perform the law’s requirement to notify the Archivist, which triggers remedial steps to reconstruct these records,” Horner says. “Yet the EPA is insisting it cannot be compelled to do so when it doesn’t want to.” … 

If … the court accepts the EPA’s argument, not only will that agency be free to conduct its business in willful violation of the Federal Records Act and, by extension, the Freedom of Information Act (since there will never be any responsive documents), but so will every other agency. Including the IRS, which obviously already has a head start. …

“The Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act,” Horner says, “operate on an honor system, contingent upon the honor of those covered by them.

So you see the problem.”

Indeed, we do. We still don’t have an answer as to whether anybody in the IRS IT department tried to recreate Lerner’s alleged “lost” email from backup tape when the new hard drive was installed on her computer. If not, then why not? Backups should have been available at that time, and the tapes would have contained at least the past 6 months of records, if not more.

Much to the dismay of Representative Elijah Cummings, John Koskinen is expected to testify again tomorrow before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. He’ll probably be asked why he assured the committee that the backup tapes were overwritten, even though an IRS lawyer, Thomas Kane, recently testified that perhaps they were not.

As if that weren’t enough, now we learn from Representative Dave Camp that the IRS filing in Judge Reggie B. Walton’s court may also be, shall we say, incorrect or incomplete. Camp writes in a press release:

Ways and Means Committee investigators have now learned from interviews that the hard drive of former IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner was “scratched,” but data was recoverable  In fact, in-house professionals at the IRS recommended the Agency seek outside assistance in recovering the data.  That information conflicts with a July 18, 2014 court filing by the Agency, which stated the data on the hard drive was unrecoverable – including multiple years’ worth of missing emails.

It is unbelievable that we cannot get a simple, straight answer from the IRS about this hard drive,” said Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI).  “The Committee was told no data was recoverable and the physical drive was recycled and potentially shredded.  To now learn that the hard drive was only scratched, yet the IRS refused to utilize outside experts to recover the data, raises more questions about potential criminal wrong doing at the IRS.”

It is also unknown whether the scratch was accidental or deliberate, [“stuff just happens“] but former federal law enforcement and Department of Defense forensic experts consulted by the Committee say that most of the data on a scratched drive, such as Lerner’s, should have been recoverable.  However, in a declaration filed last Friday by the IRS, the agency said it tried but failed to recover the data, but is not sure what happened to the hard drive afterwards other than saying they believe it was recycled, which, according to the court filing means “shredded.”

Further complicating the situation, the Committee’s investigation has revealed evidence that this declaration may not be accurate.  A review of internal IRS IT tracking system documents revealed that Lerner’s computer was actually once described as “recovered.”  In a transcribed interview on July 18, IRS IT employees were unable to confirm the accuracy of the documents or the meaning of the entry “recovered.”

So it all depends upon what the meaning of “recovered” is. In the Obamanation, words sometimes have their own unique definitions:

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

We know only too well who believes he’s master now.

One has to wonder whether the other 19 (more or less) failed computer hard drives were also inexplicably but very conveniently “scratched.”


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  1. What exactly are they trying to hide?? All fingers pointing to the Obama Administration.

  2. Koskinen is testifying now and being his usual smart-ass self. Not a good tactic for a so-called PUBLIC SERVANT. We the People DESERVE straight talk from OUR EMPLOYEES and for sure our REPRESENTATIVES deserve the TRUTH from this administration and its minions.

    DeSantis asked him to definitely say under oath whether or not the backup tapes were overwritten, as he previously testified. So Koskinen falls back on his usual evasive lack of “information” about the topic (so why is HE testifying?) and also the ongoing investigation to NOT respond yes or no, as he was asked to do. He asked him to state how many hard drives have crashed and he’s answering in general–the entire IRS. He’s evading, as usual. Falling back on the “ongoing investigation” to avoid responding. He won’t answer the question, because he claims the inspector (who WORKS FOR THE IRS) asked him not to investigate anything. It’s more of the same. Cummings speaking now and Koskinen is all smiles and respect to him. Cummings is trying to reiterate that the ongoing investigation prevents the witness from testifying so he doesn’t “muddy the waters.” Such a joke. This is the stock response of the entire Obama administration: They open bogus investigations and run out the clock, using the ongoing investigation as the excuse to not respond. fyi, if you don’t know, the IRS refused to tell the COURT of Judge Walton WHEN the so-called investigation would end.

  3. Now Cummings is introducing a ridiculous notion: That a backup tape that indicated it was from 2011 “might have been mislabeled”. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Can you believe this?

    It’s so frustrating to listen to this. I wish they’d let US give them the questions to ask. Such as, WHY DOESN’T THE IRS FOLLOW THE LAW WITH REGARD TO RECORDS RETENTION? That issue has NOTHING to do with any ongoing investigation and Koskinen IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE TO SEE THE IRS FOLLOWS THE LAW. So what is he doing NOW to make sure they follow the law with regard to email, text messages, instant messages, paper documents, AND following the FOIA, too?

    Koskinen’s argument is that he doesn’t know anything to testify to because the ongoing investigation prevents him from asking the questions to get the answers.

  4. Excellent investigative work Miri. Again doing the investigative work the news media will not touch. You are truly appreciated by all.

    I happened upon this the other day, I wasn’t sure if you had seen it.

    IRS UNION BOSS COLLEEN KELLEY: The Missing Link to Obama?

    July 12, 2014

    On March 31, 2010, the day before the Inspector General’s report says the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began its scheme to target tea party and conservative groups, the White House Visitors Log reveals that President Barack Obama met with IRS union boss Colleen Kelley.

    In a notable feat of investigative journalism, American Spectator reporter Jeffrey Lord exposed what appears to be an unholy alliance among the White House, Democrat members of Congress and the thousands of IRS employees, who are members of the far-left, anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).

    The NTEU, which supported Obama in 2008 and 2012, through its political action committee, raised $613,633 in the 2010 cycle, giving 98% of its contributions to anti-Tea Party Democrats. In 2012, the figure was $729,708, with 94% going to anti-Tea Party candidates.

    NTEU’s Kelley has a long history of interaction with the Obama Administration, first meeting in the White House on January 30, 2008, a mere ten days after his first inauguration, which she described:

    “We are looking for a return to what we used to call partnership. I don’t really care what it’s called. For me, it’s about collaboration.”

    Think about it.

    IRS union-member employees financed anti-Tea Party candidates, while in their official positions blocked, audited, or intimidated Tea Party and conservative groups and were urged to do so in letters from Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Tom Udall (D-NM), Al Franken (D-MN), Max Baucus(D-MT, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which oversees the IRS), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Carl Levin (D-MI), as well as Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT).

    And this one connects too the above regarding the NTEU

    An NTEU Connection in the IRS Scandal?


    FEC Commissioner Don McGahn has released a slew of documents that reveal that left-wing partisan rot has set in at the FEC, as well as at the IRS. Among the staff abuses enumerated are: “[U]nauthorized investigations, unsanctioned work with law enforcement, and cases when documents were kept from commissioners. These abuses were largely aimed at investigating conservative political groups.”

    As Townhall readers know, it now appears that IRS staff (Lois Lerner) colluded with FEC staff to harass the American Issues Project, a sworn enemy of the Obama campaign.

    So what do the IRS and the FEC staffs have in common? They are both represented by an extremely powerful government union, the National Treasury Employees Union, as Jeffrey Lord notes.

    And although Lord doesn’t mention it today, don’t forget that:

    In short: the very day after the president of the quite publicly anti-Tea Party labor union — the union for IRS employees — met with President Obama, the manager of the IRS “Determinations Unit Program agreed” to open a “Sensitive Case report on the Tea party cases.” As stated by the IG report.

    Oh, and don’t forget that the NTEU gives over 90% of its donations to Democrats — which means that, despite its claims to “nonpartisanship,” its members have a distinct rooting interest in the outcome of every election.

    Is this all coincidence?

    • Thanks, Leza. That’s a good article. I remember reading somewhere about her many visits to the WH. Surely Lois NEVER emailed her, huh?

      • The “crashes” are so totally bogus, we all know that. Will anything ever come of the investigations, very, very doubtful.

        Congress knows what they are dealing with this administration. He needs too be impeached and they (well most) of the people in congress know it. The reason why they do not impeach him? I think it is because of what will come out in the process. Then what? The record will show that they are complcied in even allowing him too get as far as he did and even run for the presidency too begin with, they knew he was not Eligible. Not one spoke up, not one said nay. They are “stuck” and not quite sure what too do about it.

        But too answer your original question. oh I’m sure they did e-mail each other on many occasions. Especially after Kellys visits too the W.H. makes you wonder why the haven’t subpenaed Kelly yet.

        • Maybe they have. Who knows? I can’t even keep track of what they do. I still can’t get over it that they let Koskinen get away with saying that IMs don’t fall under the Records Act. They obviously do and it’s right there on the IRS website! Maybe they’re stringing him along, though. Getting him on the record for later. It’s a crime to not retain records. To NOT create and maintain the policies that ensure that the law is followed. Mr. Kane, a good lawyer, apparently, knows this, which is WHY he, unlike Koskinen, won’t say on the record that the backups were erased. He knows either that they were not and that it’s a red herring OR that it’s breaking the law to erase them in the first place UNLESS there are copies of the records somewhere else, which I suspect. The records exist, just like the entry records for the week that Barry was born exist, just like SOME birth certificate for Barry exists SOMEWHERE, just like BHO Sr.’s college transcripts exist somewhere, just like SAD’s passport records exist somewhere. THEY JUST LIE BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO TURN THEM OVER.

  5. Rep. Meehan asked Koskinen about the backup tapes that attorney Kane said might NOT have been recycled. Koskinen again falls back on the “ongoing investigation” issue but says that the IG “found” some backup tapes but he doesn’t know the circumstances. They “might” still have data on them and maybe they weren’t recycled. Now Koskinen is saying he was “advised” that all the tapes had been recycled, and yet he said under OATH that they had been destroyed. Koskinen says the IG is “looking” to see IF the tapes contain information that wasn’t erased by recycling. Meehan is asking why the documents necessary for this were NOT backed up to prevent, for example, when the government gets attacked or has a massive data loss, so it can continue to operate. Koskinen is falling back again about the backups being on a 6-month schedule for “disaster recovery” and says that now they have a different system. It’s always convenient that the guy testifying is a NEW guy who wasn’t around and wasn’t responsible when the “loss” happened.

    Koskinen is talking about “going forward,” which sounds suspiciously like “let’s move on. What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  6. It’s no use to even bother to listen to the DemoncRATS on the committee. ARE THEY NOT AMERICANS? DO THEY NOT CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE AT ALL, SOMETHING WHICH OVER 3/4 OF AMERICANS DO CARE ABOUT?!!!! Party and power before their oaths of office.

    All they do is spout numbers of “documents” provided and how much money it’s cost for this “distraction” (Koskinen’s word just now) that required them to respond to the committee, which I’d like to remind him again are the REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE who are HIS EMPLOYERS. It’s OUR MONEY, Mr. Koskinen, NOT YOURS. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of documents they supplied so far; WHAT MATTERS ARE THE DOCUMENTS THAT HE CLAIMS WERE LOST, WHICH JUST HAPPEN TO BE THE PERTINENT DOCUMENTS. I read an article recently that showed how the Obama administration’s IRS responds to information requests.

    The requester was charged over $400 for the response. The document requested was only 94 pages long, and yet the IRS provided 2143 pages and charged the recipient for all of them. THEY PRINTED OUT THEIR ENTIRE WEBSITE, in addition to the requested documents.

    • It’s a real shame, imho, that Koskinen “has to” pull people off their current jobs in order to work on responding to the House committee. Yep, that’s a shame, isn’t it? That they have to stop harassing taxpayers in order to produce documents for our representatives. I, however, consider this a PLUS.

  7. Gowdy is great. He asks Koskinen to explain his under-oath statement that “We confirmed” that the tapes were erased. He got him to say “we” is (paraphrasing) the royal we; iow, he meant the entire IRS and not himself personally. Gowdy asked him about the word “confirmed” and he hedges, indicating again that he personally didn’t confirm anything. (And yet he testified to this under oath!) Gowdy points out that it’s “not supported by the law” that nobody can respond during an ongoing IG investigation.


    “… Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer for the conservative group pushing for an outside forensic specialist, has said the IRS court declarations filed on Friday fall short because they’re not the first-person accounts the judge requested. They were written by the heads of the IT and criminal divisions, and the names of the IRS experts who worked on Lerner’s computers were not mentioned.

    Some in the tech world are watching closely.

    Without the certificate of destruction, we don’t know if it was officially destroyed or not,” said Tim LaFleur, another IAITAM member with multiple asset management certifications.”

    btw, I read somewhere that the technician who worked on her hard drive is blind.

  9. Now, in response to Jordan, Koskinen uses another Hillary Clinton excuse: there’s no evidence of that, except that Koskinen challenges Jordan to “find DIRECT evidence” that he deliberately didn’t advise the committee of the “lost” email until after the IRS had learned from the committee that the DOJ supplied some email to them that the IRS hadn’t. (IOW, they were caught not turning over email. The only thing that bugs me is that Jordan assumes that the IRS is telling the truth, or he pretends to believe them, about the mail being lost. He doesn’t suggest that they were deliberately lost or that they’re lying about them being lost to cover up their lack of response, which is MY belief.)

    • Hot Air supplies Lerner with a “plausible” explanation, so watch for her suddenly to say she dropped the laptop and it made a horrible screech. This would be the second “yeah, that’s the ticket” and it would by definition eliminate her previous explanation of the Blue Screen of Death, but as with Obama, prior narratives must simply be forgotten, as in Orwell’s world.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Snowdon recently stated that technologies currently employed render Orwell’ visions .”naive” by comparison.

        • That sounds about right. Orwell was close but he never imagined the huge databases and the Web, or the NSA, which is worse than Big Brother.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Or destinations, such as FB whereby one volunteers all of their personal data under the guise of communication with friends and family. Deviously brilliant, truth be told, and solid evidence that despite their overt “bumbling” they are actually very cunning….very smart

            Aside from the successfully divisive “race issue”, I will bet the farm they regret having groomed such an inept, unqualified (except for the fact that he is mocha) idiot.

  10. Issa asks Koskinen about instant messages (IMs). He says that Koskinen previously said that IMs aren’t saved and aren’t records because they’re the equivalent of phone calls or visits in person. So despite the clear language of the Records Act, as cited above in my post, and despite that the IRS recently had it made clear to them by the Archives, it appears that Koskinen still believes that IMs aren’t required to be saved. Issa told him that has to stop, but Koskinen said nothing about the issue.

  11. WOW. Koskinen just testified that his understanding is that IMs are not records to be saved like email!!! This, despite that the IRS was NOTIFIED by NARA after this testimony about the instant messaging being required to be saved. So what? Koskinen doesn’t even read instructions on public records from the national archivist, whose job it is TO maintain public records? He reiterates UNDER OATH his belief that IMs are like phone calls or in-person meetings.

    “When asked about the so-called OCS system of internal messaging used by some within IRS, Koskinen said he was unfamiliar with OCS, but that his IT team was communicating with the National Archives and Records Administration on the issue of how such communications should be handled under the Federal Records Act.

    An Archives spokeswoman, in a statement to Government Executive, said, “The definition of a federal record includes all machine-readable materials made or received by an agency under federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business. Agencies that allow instant messaging traffic on their networks must recognize that such content may be a federal record and must be managed accordingly. NARA has issued an FAQ on Instant Messaging that provides general information about these potential records.”

    In addition, Koskinen apparently doesn’t even know about or understand his own agency’s policies on saving instant messages!

  12. BUTT’ Impeachment … Proves he LIED & Cheated US ALL…. so just
    let the CROOK off the HOOK?? NOT the AMERICAN WAY … IF U

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      We all know the answer, Race.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        It occurs to me that years of indoctrination of the premise that black people are “savages”, (which is a very broad paint stroke, They truly have been used and abused since being shipped over from Africa, and further enslaved and kept on the plantation by democrats…their friends. :roll)

        At the end of the day, we are all human. Nothing makes a person inherently more savage or dangerous due to a chromosomal difference. But “training” does.

        I will add that the premise they are the Sons of Cain makes a heck of a lot of sense. They DO, as a generalization, seem to be accursed. Until fairly recently, the Mormon Church, FWIW, espoused that belief.

  13. Another take on today’s hearing:

    And another take on the implausibility of what they’re claiming:

    Data, however, can be easily retrieved from scratched drives, according to Webster. “This happens all the time,” he told “There are little storefront companies in just about every major city that can do this and there are forensic companies that can restore files and even do higher end recovery of data.” [Which reminds me that I reviewed the qualifications of the apparently blind tech who dealt with her hard drive and I saw nothing that indicated FORENSIC expertise such as with RECOVERING data from broken hard drives. In fact, the IRS told Camp that the tech ADVISED higher ups to take advantage of these outside companies that are in every major city but, for some reason Koskinen couldn’t explain, they didn’t do it. THIS means that, knowing the drive contained the ONLY versions of public records that are REQUIRED BY LAW to be retained, they didn’t try to get them back. In addition, they didn’t notify NARA at the time of that FACT–that the only versions of public records were lost. They might have given NARA the hard drive and let them try to recover it!]

    Webster explained that, even when a drive’s file directory is damaged or destroyed, information still can be recovered from the magnetic disk where data is stored, known as a drive platter.

    Hard drives can become scratched when a read-write head that is meant to operate just above the platter touches down on the magnetic disk. Webster, who has served as a consulting and IT expert in more than 80 civil lawsuits, told that this can be caused by a physical jolt, or, in some case, a mechanical failure. …”

    HOWEVER, if she had a mechanical failure in her hard drive, then the story told by her attorney about the Blue Screen of Death truly was a Blue Screen of Bullsh**, because if the hard drive isn’t even operating, then you CAN’T get ANY screen, blue or otherwise. If you get the BSOD, then the operating system is OPERATING.

    • FOX News take on the hearing:

      “The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing “backup tapes” — despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled.

      IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know “how they found them” or “whether there’s anything on them or not.” But he said the inspector general’s office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any “recoverable” material. [But wait! I thought he said he’s having NO DISCUSSIONS with anybody at the IRS about these topics.]

      The revelation is significant because the IRS claimed, when the agency first told Congress about the missing emails, that backup tapes “no longer exist because they have been recycled.” [The IRS didn’t say that, Koskinen swore that under oath! But now his “we” really means “the IRS” and so, I guess they did. What a shame that an entire organization can’t be in trouble for perjury.]

      It is unclear whether the tapes in IG custody contain any Lerner emails, but Koskinen said investigators are now checking. …”

      Ya see, that’s where that royal we comes in. He said that “we” have CONFIRMED that the tapes were all overwritten but that was then and this is now and now the same “WE” NOW “know” that there might be some tapes that weren’t overwritten. So when he testifies under oath that “we” confirmed something, that doesn’t mean that he’s confirming it. It’s the “we” that collectively might seconds later learn something new and so that negates what was said previously under oath and now it’s a new situation altogether. “Confirmed” means that somebody in a meeting with him “advised” him of that “fact”, but he can’t say who it was ’cause he doesn’t remember (even though he testified TO CONGRESS UNDER OATH!) and he won’t say who was even IN the meeting because, you know, he has “12 meetings a day” and he can’t remember everything (yet he does remember that “we confirmed” that the tapes were erased).

      Of course, they failed to ask him if he has an office calendar, an agenda, a reminder system for these meetings. I mean, when I used to attend numerous office meetings, why, we got appointments put on our calendars, we got reminders, we had the meetings, and son of a gun if we didn’t later get MINUTES of the meetings.

      Does the IRS run differently than typical businesses? Hmmm. How DOES he keep things straight? How does he know when to go to which of the 12-per-day meetings? They should have asked for his Day-Timer or the modern equivalent thereof. Or his cell phone. Probably that’s government issued and so belongs to us, too. Anything to, you know, REFRESH HIS MEMORY like judges allow witnesses to do.

    • yeah, I’ve had all that restored before, just like that…from computers that can’t even turn on.

      • The more research I do, the more I read, the more I wonder if this whole scenario is kabuki theater. Ordinarily, I trust Gowdy, and Jordan seems straight forward, but do they NOT have staffs? It’s a wonder why they don’t ask the obvious questions.

        I’ve come up with some more just this evening. I learned that the IRS has 60,000 (!!!) contracts with that EMC Documentum company that manages electronic email and instant messages, etc., for storage just for the type of things that the government requires, but also, in the case of private businesses, for potential litigation, such as when they’re being sued. Some company even paid a HUGE settlement to the government because they “lost” emails. (Maybe that’s how the gummint learned to try that narrative on dupes like (at least) the media.)

        So, the obvious question, of the 60,000 contracts–did one of them cover Lerner’s office? IF SO, then where in the cloud are her records?

        They did a FOIA request (people like Judicial Watch and True the Vote) of the IRS, but since these people at IRS are such weasels, might the IRS assume that anything in “the cloud” in the custody of some other entity is NOT subject to FOIA requests? Ditto for subpoenas?

        Does it occur to the House members to ASK if any of these records are in the cloud?

        The way Koskinen talks about the backup tapes, it sounds as if they’re NOT for archival purposes. If you read the policies, the records MUST be “accessible” and in a format that IS accessible and easily searchable. That’s EXACTLY what this EMC Documentum software does. But the backups aren’t easy to search, as Koskinen testified. That may be so, if they’re something like “journals” which record, for example, only changes made to a document and which require someone to start with the source and then reapply all the changes from the journal entries.

        He referred to these tapes as “disaster recovery”, which is exactly what a journal would be. Something like that CAN be overwritten without losing anything, so long as you have a snapshot of the current state of things and then you start again recording “changes” to the files again. I hope that makes sense.

        It’s almost like the reverse of “undo”. Have you ever modified a photograph and then decided you don’t like the way it is so you hit “undo” repetitively until you’re back where you started? Well, journalling is how the software keeps track of each iteration.

        IN ANY CASE, it seems to me that there is a REAL backup of her emails SOMEWHERE but that the House and the people suing IRS simply haven’t ASKED the “right” questions or queried or subpoenaed exactly the “right” people or entities.

        Where are the servers? Who owns them?

        I also wonder on what schedule the “permanent” records are transferred to the NARA. Has it occurred to any of them to subpoena records from the National Archives on the off chance that THAT’S where they are now?

  14. judy judy judy…. & George Marcus the Founder of the real estate
    brokerage firm Marcus & Millichap will open their private home for Obama’s 300th?… fundraiser at noon, other DIG-NIT-aries with tickets
    starting at $10,000 will be NANCY PELOSI & Anna Eshoo in the lovely
    Los Altos Hills to raise MO $$$ MONEY 4 O’….pocket…. ?

  15. Can’t Congress send the Sgt. at Arms over to the IRS to seize EVERYTHING NOW?!!! Having the fox investigate the fox for breaking into the hen house seems a little, you know, unseemly. HUH? Duh.

    The dog ate the backup tapes but then, ya know, he pooped them out so now we’re “reviewing” them to see if anything relates to Lerner.

    You just know what’s going to happen. They’ll go back and review again and hey! They’ll “find” the records but amazingly enough none of them will relate to Lerner. This is all just a big right-wing conspiracy.

  16. The case against the EPA for hiding communications involves this woman, Gina McCarthy, who’s at odds with a Republican senator, according to this story:

    “Senate Republicans on Wednesday accused Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy of trying to run America by proposing new rules to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.

    McCarthy is the public face of the agency’s new carbon rules, which are a central pillar of President Obama’s second-term climate change agenda. Republicans say the rules threaten to bring the economy to its knees, and on Wednesday, accused the EPA of staging a massive power grab.

    The American people run this country — you don’t run this country,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) told McCarthy during a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing.

    When given a chance to respond, McCarthy said she doesn’t think she runs the U.S., and cited a Supreme Court endangerment finding on carbon pollution, backing up the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases. …”

    Hmm. Like Lerner perhaps coordinating with others in the Obama administration, perhaps even the WH. EPA is being used to put certain unpopular-with-Barry businesses out of business. Now who would imagine coordination on either of these things? I mean, it’s not as if Barry went out and attacked the Citizens United decision or as if he said that he wanted to bankrupt coal companies. Oh, wait. Never mind. He did both those things.

    But still, it’s just a huge right-wing conspiracy because rich white men don’t like Obama on account of he’s white black.

  17. LIVE…… SIT DOWN with a BEER!….
    in 25 minutes ~ Linda Jordan, Pat Boone & Butterdezillion
    on …. LORETTA FUDDY’s DEATH…..

    • Now that’s a combination.

      • I’m burnt toast….. so here we have it again some rehashed some
        NEW… interesting … long yawn…. where’s me burger? It’s late
        Miki said things of Fuddy which I like BUTTER SEE CLEARLY…
        Miki was off.. BUTT’ she like many don’t watch 20 TIMES O’ WELL

        • They have truly met their match in the steel-trap mind of Butter. What I heard that was new, at least to me, was that there was a military operation scheduled that day from the airport near the crash site.

          A Navy Seal had explained to Butter that there’s no way that anybody would or could know WHERE the crash would happen. There was also some indication from Miller (we researched him) about the Navy practicing “stop and goes” in the area. The airport was notified about the military operation planned for between 3 and 4 that day, in that area. (About 83 minutes in.) So, the speculation is that the “operation” that was “stop and goes” was to drop the frogmen into the water wherever the crash eventually happened.

          So, in this theory, it was a sort of drill or military operation (what else WOULD it be? Cover the butt of CiC.), which makes a heck of a lot of sense. Operation Make Somebody Plausibly Disappear.

          The government gave Butter audio but NOT radar, which they claimed (apparently falsely) that they didn’t have to retain and so destroyed. The radar WOULD HAVE SHOWN where those planes were at the time of the crash.

          There’re also discrepancies with regard to air traffic controllers hearing notifications of the crash BEFORE the crash happened. The timing is off, too. The crash is said to have happened at the exact same time, if I understood correctly, that people were notified OF the crash. So no elapsed time between crash and notification.

          In addition, there were the news reports that said one dead BEFORE the helicopter that brought the people who picked up Fuddy (allegedly) had even arrived. So how did they know ANYBODY was dead?

          Butter talked to Fuddy’s brother who wasn’t forthcoming and didn’t want to talk to her, but did a little. He seemed to back off his earlier claim that Fuddy had no fear and wasn’t a person prone to stress. Not long after, he filed a lawsuit against the plane manufacturer alleging that they’re responsible for his sister’s death/

          I thought the lawsuit was good news, with regard to discovery potential; but they have destroyed the radar which seems to go against rules about spoliation of evidence. Why would anyone destroy anything that’s connected to a plane crash where someone has died? (I’m reminded of Barry’s criticism of the investigation of the crash in Ukraine, where he asks “what are they trying to hide?”)

          In any case, a lawsuit like this (a potential SHAM) might be an easy way to launder money to buy silence, huh? Especially if, say, there really was no death and you want the public to believe in the entire scenario. I, for one, thought that this lawsuit lent credibility to the notion that she is, indeed, no longer with us.

          I see what you mean about Miki calling in to dispute what Butter says. The thing is, there’s EVIDENCE of those “touch and go” practices in what was released to Butter. Miki’s opinion of whether or not the military would do such practicing in the area is just that–her opinion. Butter has facts that indicate that perhaps they did, or at least that they pretended to whilst they were actually doing another type of military operation. The operation served to put on notice everybody else to stay out of the area, which makes one wonder: How, then, did that other pilot get there to fly over the site? Was he the only one approved to fly over, and for the obvious reason? Same reason why a Go-Pro or two were on the plane?

          Butter asked for the bills associated with the autopsy and found that some of the OBVIOUS tests that would have been done were not billed for and that some doctor’s schedule, if I heard correctly, didn’t allow for that doctor to be there when the doctor was supposed to be there, doing the autopsy.

          Linda says the Go-Pro video wasn’t released for a month. Is that true?

          Miki said Fuddy wasn’t an “island girl” and so maybe wasn’t accustomed to swimming in the ocean. Is that true? Seems to me that we thought she had roots ON Molokai. Am I misremembering?

          Someone called in to say that the paint job on the plane doesn’t match the paint on the so-called recovered plane. He knows a pilot who reviewed the video. He talked about something wrong with the way the wing looked and something else was also fishy. It’s about 1:10 into the audio. This person planned to post his information on Butter’s blog.

          Butter says the photo of the plane shot by the pilot and his girlfriend who flew over the crash site is of a different plane. Linda asked why this guy would photograph the plane but NONE of the people allegedly in the water after the crash. Nobody seen in the water around the plane and nobody hanging off the wing.

          Zen, did you pick up on anything else new?

          A lot of Butter’s info, she says, is on Hagmann and Hagmann under her name (although I can’t find it) or on her blog.

          • Can’t share much … dealing with bigger fish today…. not fun.
            SO if the plane photo was in fact a different plane… was it like a
            “movie” take one-take two? all actors in the plan? Mike V or a
            caller about able 2 stall the plane I believe & they might have set
            it down & filmed another time… all actors to PROTECT FUDDY’S
            BUTT’ ….. thinking it was Safe to film it as it is a Remote area & all.
            I Don’t Think it was FUDDY… in those “UN-CLEAR shots in the water
            & NO I did not see FUDDY with HER head back HER shoes up?
            NO.. & her shoes were Black & White if I remember NOT YELLOW..
            & I don’t believe her pants got that “inflated” she was fat!
            Butter also said her “bracelet”… & shoes & socks were removed?
            Fuddy seemed FAR to relaxed, kicked back & slowish of a person to
            have seen ZERO blood on anyone… to have panic with a group
            around HER….NO it’s all an ACT…

            ( & remember gals NEVER LEAVE the jewels behind? ) no way!

            I have notes….BUTT’ you’ll have to wait a bit for that from me. &
            YES I saw “many Seal like People or men” near the “dead-one” ?
            YOUR Blind or choose not 2 see them… they ARE THERE !
            A photo I saw in a magazine a week ago… had “the exact same
            looking creatures”… with the black suits & yellow face gear etc..
            100% match up… exactly the same. “TWINS” ….. SO? ..
            BUTT’ they were HUMANS! …YES THEY WERE… NO DOUBT!
            Was it just ANOTHER…. scam on us all ?… She may very well be
            100% alive. I feel deep down… you know that “feeling” stuff in the
            gut is OFTEN so very very…. right on.
            The funeral the casket had phony shots that were not FUDDY…
            & the way they spoke of her etc-etc. was VERY weird… 2 me.

            Butter was powerful- as was Linda Jordan- Miki? – was a bit OFF?
            Can last night be heard again? .. they also gave all the other sites
            & more past videos links to listen 2…. some I have not heard.

            • Oh, yeah, Zen. It can be heard again. I found it on their website. I’ll see if I can find the link again. Thanks for your comments. This is the link, I think.

            • Just trying to add a few things to your posts about the plane for what it’s worth. I have a friend I just recently ran into , who has been living on maui for several years with her husband. He surfs, she boogie boards giant waves. They were back here buying a house so they can go back and forth to Hawaii all the winter months. I asked her (I already knew, but) do you guys ever go to Molekai. Sure, they said. Ask about flying there and how long that took. Her friend (not a friendly sort) spoke up saying you can swim over…It’s not that far. I said , “OH yeah, isn’t that where they have all the big paddle races?” THey told me yeah, part of the area, it’s not that deep and they have races there all the time from Maui to Molekai.” I didn’t dig any deeper. I didn’t want them to realize I was snooping for answers. When I see her again, soon I think, I may probe some more, but people will clam up if they think you’re prying. I’d rather the topic come up again and see what their take on all of it is, being a local. I hope I can find out what the typical local knows.
              So being that you can swim across somewhere (I don’t know my geography), I had thought about this whole thing being staged somewhere with Molekai in the background in a few shots.
              And yes, I noticed the wing of the plane….two different wings…one is bent with damage about 1/4 way along the edge of wing and other shots with the dude sitting on the wing, there is no damage. There’s other shots where the wing shows no damage too.
              Another observation or matter about the circumstances of the crash. Still today when a pilot has lost power and is going down, they still use the “MAYDAY” call. He had time to do that if he’l gliding and hitting the water. If they remained in the plane any period of time….the early minutes he could likely still be radioing till his radio drowned out(shorted out)….I mean he had time to sit in the plane and get life vests on ect., but yet he never radios it appears. The closest control tower was Molekai and had nothing blocking it’s reception. I’ve witnessed a plane crash and my husband, brother and I were first to be there (we thought the plane was going to hit us). My other friend I think I told you about that flew banners crashed his plane too in a field by a farmers house. THe FAA(federal aviation) was on the scene so fast. I was told the FAA wastes no time so as to get all possible information. They were on both these plane crash scenes in minutes , so as any contact is made at all about the crash, evidently it goes right to FFA. I can’t imagine anyone destroying any evidence…it would be a federal offense and anyone associated with this kind of stuff knows it. One of these crashes I witnessed…the pilots and others radio a tower immediately of engine failure, just before parachuting out the plane and not but a few minutes went by before a helicopter was on the scene looking for them and the FAA had already been notified. Not but a few minutes went by before the local fire department was on the scene…the FAA was sending someone to the site.I just don’t believe the stories we’re hearing. It definitely stinks. The air taxi company had been in a long legal battle with the IRS and that was not final still……then there’s the fact that Obama shows up and hangs out with a bunch of dudes on Hawaii that are pilots/parachutors and diver types….staying with his friend right near a small airport in Hawaii partying and going to cookouts.

              • And Fuddy was barely stiff

              • Oh, that last part of your story is pretty interesting, huh? Somebody owes the IRS and then maybe a big favor is done and the IRS forgets all?

                • I mentioned that earlier when we were all looking into the story, when we found the Philip dude belonged to an aviation or skydive company….he was also listed in some lawsuits with a skydive company. The case with the owner of the Air Taxi co. (forgot names right now) was he owed taxes that he was arguing he didn’t owe because of his type of air service…it was a lot of money. The case had gone on for a few years. How you do that with taxes I don’t know. I understood it when I was looking into it, but I can’t remember the details now. Yeah, I thought the same thing MIRI when I was looking into it. Sure He’d like to put an end to his lawsuits…so your guess is as good as mine what happened. I haven’t looked to see If the case is now resolved. That would be interesting or especially if the case was finally just dropped or reduced taxes or if the case has been removed from public view.
                  And, Autopsy says something about due to hyperventilation from nerves. Well, guess what, passing out is due to hyperventilation, which is the body’s way of dealing with stress, so ….you relax once you pass out. And if you’re passed out with a life vest on you just float. I just read FreeRepublic’s take (don’t remember who on there) on it, how the medical examiner’s report was based all on non medical facts and language which is so unprofessional. I really attribute what they said as to how I feel about the autopsy….as totally weird and bogus.

                  • Oh, yeah. It sure would be interesting if the IRS (!!) suddenly decides to play nice. That autopsy is a joke. How does a doctor (a scientist!) decide that an hours-old corpse became a corpse from hyperventilation from nerves? Maybe that’s why Butter couldn’t find bills for actual tests, like MRIs–because they saved the county money by not running any because, you know, the tests wouldn’t show hyperventilation or “nerves” or stress, and that’s the foregone conclusion. I thought she allegedly died from cardiac arrhythmia, which also can’t be determined by any postmortem TEST (that one would bill for) or even by examining the body. Whatever it says, it’s convenient that it’s a cause of death that no objective evidence can confirm. She just up and died. It would make more sense if they said drowning, but that would be discernible by lab tests and autopsy. Hmm. One almost wonders if the legal penalties for faking lab test results are higher than just mistakenly attributing death to something unprovable like arrhythmia. Butter is one who said that the autopsy read as if it wasn’t written by a medical doctor or professional. I wonder what kind of coroner they have. In some counties in rural America, the coroner is just somebody who’s elected and isn’t required to have ANY medical training whatsoever. He or she is just like any politician.

            • I pretty much agree with you Zen…..not Fuddy’s shoes or clothes, but the guys in scuba gear, yes. Still don’t know if dead or alive, but I did thing it was weird to bring a dead person to the place they took her and the priest did all the talking about how she died…why not the guy who”just let go her hand”. Maybe she’s hiding out as a nun somewhere till she was slid out of the country. Or was hid by the priest till all was blown over.
              Only one thing (actually several but who’s counting anymore)…I saw other people in the plane. Also I always thought the first people to be scrambling out of that plane would be the ones in the front of the plane that was sitting nose first in the water. What would be your reaction? We’re to believe they sat their till water started filling up the plane and then put on their lifejackets. I think what’s his name’s ORDER “Life Jackets” was immediate if you believe the tape wasn’t edited. He said it almost like a drill, don’t you think? And of course, first he had a go pro….but then he has two and one on a stick which is typical for people with scuba gear…and of course there’s the camera that took the photos of the cameras…RI-G-HT! But the one thing that made me feel really eerie, was the sliver of Fuddy’s clothes in what looks to be Rosa and her husbands seat while they are putting on life vests, then a hand flops down over the top of the seat and then appears in another clip near rosa near the seat. It just looks so lifeless and about the size of you know who’s hand. It was either a dummy (cause the hand looks lifeless)or an already dead person. If you haven’t spotted it (I had to stop and start over and over),you should try,it was eerie and I couldn’t understand what I was seeing.

          • Did we see this?? @ July 2014 BUTTER’s Shout OUT of the
            TRUTH… that NO ONE DARES speak ABOUT… WHAT a CROCK!


    • God bless him. Like the doctors who worked with lepers only this is far deadlier and far quicker. I hope he survives.


    This was a good catch. Lerner WAS sending and receiving email via Blackberry, which means that THOSE records, at least, MIGHT be accessible on her phone or in her phone records at her provider. Ya think?

  19. Off topic and apropos of nothing in particular, an Ndesandjo sighting:

  20. I love Kevin Jackson:

    “Studying Liberals as long as I have, I have learned quite well the smell of RAT! The Lois Lerner backup tapes have been found. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that her emails were never lost. So did they use this time to scrub them? Possibly. I think they have just decided who’s going down, and the calls have been made. One more trial balloon before the IRS starts chopping heads like Muslim jihadis. …”

    Can he say that? He just did!

  21. 😆

  22. TGIF Have a great weekend friends. 😀

  23. RIDE YA my surf board…RIDE YA? what-ever…a bit YOUNG them
    youngin’s watching trash … …kiss-kiss….I’m a STAR! Hang-OUT
    with all the HOT people…. O’ ya…. J-Z & the B

  24. LAW Center Drafts Articles of Usurper impeachment possible


    “… “Accidental” hard drive scratches on modern equipment are about as common as winning lottery tickets. It takes considerable blunt-force trauma to cause something like that… say, the kind of trauma that might be administered by a political operative frantically attempting to wipe out damning evidence with a hammer. It’s unlikely that merely dropping a laptop could do it, unless it was the sort of drop that had a rather epic story behind it. And we didn’t hear any such stories during the long months when the IRS assured Congress they’d have Lois Lerner’s emails any day now. [No, and the one we did hear about the Blue Screen of Death is inconsistent with this new tall tale.] At any rate, a physical scratch across a few sectors of a hard drive wouldn’t make all of its stored data unrecoverable.

    To emphasize the unlikelihood of this story even further, something like twenty other IRS employees linked to the political targeting scandal also supposedly suffered massive computer failures that wiped out their data. Other government agencies have tendered similar excuses, after seeing the IRS get away with it. There has even been a recent case of SRHDF (Subpoena Response Hard Drive Failure) reported in Australia, where a member of parliament accused of corruption claims his computer crashed and irreparably wiped out crucial documents. It’s the worst global pandemic since the Andromeda Strain. And hard drives seemed so reliable before now!

    But wait, this gets even better, because that “shredded” tale also has a certain shaggy-dog quality about it:

    Further complicating the situation, the Committee’s investigation has revealed evidence that this declaration may not be accurate. A review of internal IRS IT tracking system documents revealed that Lerner’s computer was actually once described as “restored.” In a transcribed interview on July 18, IRS IT employees were unable to confirm the accuracy of the documents or the meaning of the entry “recovered.”…”

    Hmm. It’s almost as if these people having been paying any attention since 2007. Oh, wait. They HAVEN’T. If they had been paying attention, then by now they would be well aware of and able to point to the PATTERN OF OBFUSCATION, DELAY, AND SCRUBBING of documents that has been going on since Obama decided to run for the presidency.

    What’s new TO US? Nothing. It’s par for the course for them to lie, “lose” information, “remember” facts, invent new “facts”, forget old “facts”, make sure public records go inexplicably missing, claim that “privacy” or “policy” or nonexistent “laws” prevent them from producing documents, and/or (my personal favorite):

    After having disappeared all evidence, complain that opponents haven’t a shred of “evidence” to PROVE that they’re lying.

    • I’ll never get over it. I mean how does that happen? How does a massive fly just walk all over someone’s face and actually camp out on their lip?

      • Hmm. I have a few theories. One thing I know, it’s NEVER happened to me, so how can it possibly happen to him so many times in just a few short years? Maybe he uses a facial cream that’s got dung in it? They’re just loving on that guy. If it were I, I’d be RATHER concerned about it. Isn’t he some kind of clean freak, too? Afraid of germs? Just imagine what flies have on their feet.

  26. I agree with GP, this WAS beautiful:

    “Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, July 27, 2014, 7:30 PM
    This was beautiful!
    Sarah Palin unloads on Obama lackeys at Washington Post.
    Via Facebook:

    My Challenge to the Washington Post

    To reclaim your credibility (and the mainstream media’s, at large), I challenge you to engage in the same aggressive investigative journalism you courageously employed 42 years ago covering President Nixon. The public knows of our current president’s incompetence, denials, and cover-ups, but would be well served if we could count on your resources to dig deep for truth in all matters pertaining to Team Obama.

    One example: your reporters kept tracking an obscure break-in story and that led to revealing a grave problem in the White House. The Washington Post’s reputation soared as the model of good journalism. Today, you’ve fallen like a lead balloon. Whereas you once doggedly covered the 18.5 minute gap in Nixon’s White House communications, you’ve virtually ignored the Obama Administration’s 1.2 million minutes of deleted communications by just one of the agencies under Obama’s executive branch. I’m speaking of the Lois Lerner IRS harassment-of-conservatives scandal wherein Lerner “lost” pertinent email communications. You’ve allowed Obama to skate with his proclamation that absolutely no wrongdoing occurred at the IRS, “not even a smidgen.”

    The list of Obama abuses and impeachable offenses is long. I challenge you to lift a finger and help protect democracy, allow justice for all, and ensure domestic tranquility by doing your job reporting current corrupt events fairly. If not, you prove yourselves incompetent and in bed with Obama, not caring one iota about media integrity.

    Those running the Washington Post’s show now, compared to those during the Nixon era, are too afraid of being uninvited to the permanent political class’ cocktail parties and petty gossip fests, making you all a bunch of wusses. I challenge you to get to work.

    – Sarah Palin”

    And may God bless and keep the patriotic Governor Sarah Palin. btw, record number of people wish they’d elected Romney in 2012. He would have been an improvement over THIS Obamanation. At least he’s a man of integrity who loves this country.

  27. Does anyone remember who it was who promotes a theory that Barry says things in speeches that deliberately give away his offenses–such as his fake identity and snarks about what he really believes versus what he professes to believe? Does anybody remember the articles or where they can be found? I seem to remember several of them. The man (can’t remember if it’s a psychologist or linguist) says that Obama gives himself away by his word choices, as if he’s trying to get caught. Nevermind. I just found it:

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