IRS Was Supposed to Archive Instant Messages

We learned recently that some more very convenient computer crashes happened at the IRS, among cronies of Lois Lerner. The number is now less than 20, but counting. Seriously? What are the odds?

One might ask, as Obama did with regard to the investigation (or lack thereof) into the Ukraine plane crash, and without any apparent sense of irony:

What exactly are they trying to hide?


A little research, which didn’t take long at all, proves that Lois Lerner and everybody at the IRS, not to mention the entire U.S. government, must archive instant messages, as well as email: [emphasis added to quotes] (06-01-2010)
Basic Electronic Records Management Definitions

An electronic record contains information recorded in a form that is machine-readable (e.g., information that only a computer can process, and which, without a computer, would not be understandable to people). Recorded electronic information becomes a federal record when it satisfies the statutory definition of a “record,” see IRM 1.15.2, which is the same definition applied to information recorded on paper. … (06-01-2010)
Use of Social Media and Collaboration Tools (New Media)

IRS must plan for the proper management of record material produced using Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, and other similar technologies. With the use of these technologies, the following records management considerations must be addressed:

Information that meets the statutory definition of a federal record (44 U.S.C. 3301) must be captured and managed in accordance with an approved Records Control Schedule.

Record material must be captured in an accessible, usable format.

1) IRS offices must be aware that issues may arise since IRS does not own the servers on which records may reside. IRS should address this at the time of signature of Terms of Agreement with Social Media vendor.

A responsible office must be designated for management of record material.

1) In some cases, more than one entity may have a responsibility for the same records, depending on their use.

Records must be scheduled and managed according to the content and not the format.

Records determined to have Permanent value must be transferred to NARA in an approved format. (Records may have to be migrated from original format to one accepted by NARA at the time of transfer.)

IRS must plan for the proper management of record material produced using Collaboration Tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office Communicator, and any other instant messaging or collaboration environments (i.e. wikis, blogs, web portals, etc.) Collaboration may happen in multiple contexts such as Office to Office, Agency to Agency, Multiple Agency, or public to Agency (i.e. via interactive web sites.) The following records management considerations must be addressed:

Information that meets the statutory definition of a federal record (44 U.S.C. 3301) must be captured and managed in accordance with an approved Records Control Schedule.

Records must be captured in an accessible, usable format. [Which, btw, belies what IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said when he testified before the House committee that records on the backup tapes are too difficult to search. If the IRS follows the law, then the records must be somewhere in an “accessible, usable format.”]

1) Most collaboration software and instant messaging clients reside on the Agency server and can be captured at the server level in either plain text or through the use of a DoD 5015.2 certified application, such as EMC Documentum.

2) If the collaboration environment is not located on the Agency’s server, procedures for the capture of record material must be discussed with the vendor/owner of the software or tool. …

Those were some of the rules as of January 2013, when Lerner inquired about what happens to instant messages and seemed happy to learn that they were not saved or capable of being subpoenaed.

These are rules that Lerner as well as John Koskinen ought to have known, yet NARA had to remind the IRS recently that instant messages must be retained as public records under federal law.

An Archives spokeswoman, in a statement to Government Executive, said, “The definition of a federal record includes all machine-readable materials made or received by an agency under federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business. Agencies that allow instant messaging traffic on their networks must recognize that such content may be a federal record and must be managed accordingly. NARA has issued an FAQ on Instant Messaging that provides general information about these potential records.”

The National Archives has a FAQ page that explains in more depth.

Mr. Chris Horner had an interesting take on the IRS apparently failing to save relevant instant messages:

IRS staffer Maria Hooke told Lerner “messages are not set to automatically save as the standard; however, the functionality exists within the software.”

[Writer Phil Kerpen] asked the leading force for government transparency in the country, Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, whether it was legal for the IRS to disable the archiving function.

“It’s unlawful to not enable it, and if it is default-enabled, it is unlawful to disable it,”  [Horner said] …

How far this administration has come since the days when people worried about Obama’s planned use of a Blackberry, which could mean that presidential records would be lost in cyberspace.

Mr. Obama is subject to the Presidential Records Act, which puts his correspondence in the official record and ultimately up for public review, and the threat of subpoenas. None of his e-mails could be released until after his presidency.

Surely the administration is being diligent about saving those presidential records!

A writer at the Washington Post points out that if any of Lerner’s lost emails were sent from or received via Blackberry, then they’d still exist, perhaps, on a server.

In sheer spite of the law, the EPA is also fighting disclosure and claiming lost records in another lawsuit. The aforementioned Mr. Horner

is suing in CEI v. EPA, a Federal Records case seeking to compel EPA to stop destroying current Administrator Gina McCarthy’s text messages. Horner has obtained metadata showing texting was increasingly her medium of choice for conducting agency business, which she then illegally destroyed wholesale.

EPA replied to the court that Horner’s request is “intrusive,” and that if they choose to disregard the law, nobody should be able to force them to comply.

“These agencies have shown they are aware of and know how to perform the law’s requirement to notify the Archivist, which triggers remedial steps to reconstruct these records,” Horner says. “Yet the EPA is insisting it cannot be compelled to do so when it doesn’t want to.” … 

If … the court accepts the EPA’s argument, not only will that agency be free to conduct its business in willful violation of the Federal Records Act and, by extension, the Freedom of Information Act (since there will never be any responsive documents), but so will every other agency. Including the IRS, which obviously already has a head start. …

“The Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act,” Horner says, “operate on an honor system, contingent upon the honor of those covered by them.

So you see the problem.”

Indeed, we do. We still don’t have an answer as to whether anybody in the IRS IT department tried to recreate Lerner’s alleged “lost” email from backup tape when the new hard drive was installed on her computer. If not, then why not? Backups should have been available at that time, and the tapes would have contained at least the past 6 months of records, if not more.

Much to the dismay of Representative Elijah Cummings, John Koskinen is expected to testify again tomorrow before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. He’ll probably be asked why he assured the committee that the backup tapes were overwritten, even though an IRS lawyer, Thomas Kane, recently testified that perhaps they were not.

As if that weren’t enough, now we learn from Representative Dave Camp that the IRS filing in Judge Reggie B. Walton’s court may also be, shall we say, incorrect or incomplete. Camp writes in a press release:

Ways and Means Committee investigators have now learned from interviews that the hard drive of former IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner was “scratched,” but data was recoverable  In fact, in-house professionals at the IRS recommended the Agency seek outside assistance in recovering the data.  That information conflicts with a July 18, 2014 court filing by the Agency, which stated the data on the hard drive was unrecoverable – including multiple years’ worth of missing emails.

It is unbelievable that we cannot get a simple, straight answer from the IRS about this hard drive,” said Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI).  “The Committee was told no data was recoverable and the physical drive was recycled and potentially shredded.  To now learn that the hard drive was only scratched, yet the IRS refused to utilize outside experts to recover the data, raises more questions about potential criminal wrong doing at the IRS.”

It is also unknown whether the scratch was accidental or deliberate, [“stuff just happens“] but former federal law enforcement and Department of Defense forensic experts consulted by the Committee say that most of the data on a scratched drive, such as Lerner’s, should have been recoverable.  However, in a declaration filed last Friday by the IRS, the agency said it tried but failed to recover the data, but is not sure what happened to the hard drive afterwards other than saying they believe it was recycled, which, according to the court filing means “shredded.”

Further complicating the situation, the Committee’s investigation has revealed evidence that this declaration may not be accurate.  A review of internal IRS IT tracking system documents revealed that Lerner’s computer was actually once described as “recovered.”  In a transcribed interview on July 18, IRS IT employees were unable to confirm the accuracy of the documents or the meaning of the entry “recovered.”

So it all depends upon what the meaning of “recovered” is. In the Obamanation, words sometimes have their own unique definitions:

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

We know only too well who believes he’s master now.

One has to wonder whether the other 19 (more or less) failed computer hard drives were also inexplicably but very conveniently “scratched.”


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    “A second American aid worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus at the same hospital in Liberia where an American doctor became infected while helping to combat an outbreak of the deadly disease, a relief group official said Sunday. …

    There is no known cure for Ebola, which begins with symptoms including fever and sore throat and escalates to vomiting, diarrhea and internal and external bleeding. [Begins like a cold or the flu.] The WHO says the disease is not contagious until a person begins to show symptoms.

    Brantly’s wife and children had been living with him in Liberia but flew home to the U.S. about a week ago, before the doctor started showing any signs of illness, said Melissa Strickland, a spokeswoman for Samaritan’s Purse.

    They have absolutely shown no symptoms,” she said. …” YET.


    btw, one of the doctors who contracted the disease has died. One of the doctors who contracted the disease wore head to toe, including full face mask, “protection” the whole while he worked with patients. And yet, he got it and he died.

    While the TSA does body-cavity searches on 80-year-old ladies, these people who have been in the very areas of Africa where this DEADLY DISEASE is epidemic are allowed to simply waltz back into the USA. Are they even yet quarantined? Doesn’t sound like it. Remember the days when the health dept. would slap a “scarlet Q” on the front doors of people with measles or scarlet fever?

    How long before these viruses “accidentally” go pandemic and help reduce the world population to the Agenda 21 magic number of 500,000,000? Who will be the lucky “few”? Keep in mind that China has nearly 3 times that number right now. There are currently 7 billion people in the entire world. Do the math. How ELSE will they reach their magic number, short of outright murder and genocide? Well, we can let “nature” take its course, can’t we? And of course we know how evil white people and especially Americans are so …

    • Ok. Now can you believe this? Just heard on the news that Brantly’s family is NOW QUARANTINED!!! Barry the germ-o-phobe?

      • Of course they are quarantined. They are CRIMINAL! There I said it! Do-Gooder Missionaries does not mean they were not criminal. They knew. The timeline shows they knew. They got on an airplane, knowing the manner in which this desease works; more than most people. The only reason they were not quarantined or questioned or challenged about their entry into the US is because people ASSUME they are good and honest and Christian and would NEVER, EVER do something like get on an airplane at the expense of other passengers and an entire country.

        There. I said it. Coldhearted and judgemental. No apologies.

        • I just read on Drudge that a second victim of Ebola was headed to the US but he died on the way, at a stopover, I assume. He was throwing up on the airplane, which means EVERY person on board that plane is at risk of contracting that DEADLY disease. The incubation period is 21 days. The people on the plane were warned about symptoms and then they WENT ON THEIR WAY. Maybe even into the USA. It’s OUTRAGEOUS, DANGEROUS, AND UNBELIEVABLE.

  2. Just saw this source of Obama pictures for 1976-1978…Not sure who this is.//Michigan-Patriot

  3. Things seem 2 B heating UP! HOTTER & how can WTPOTUS
    help advance the cause? Any Ideas? + comments are fun as always

  4. bogus potus warns governors of sovereign American States… “and if I hear abaout you criticising my policies… you’ll hear form me.”


    the gall. the threat. the audacity…

    • whoops, 7-23-2014.

      Bartender, a Gin and Tonic, please. With a Twist a lime. For auld lang syne, My Dear.

      getting fat, old and tired. lucky not to be ugly yet.


    • It is insane, Kathy. I wonder how the residents of DC feel about being test subjects? Incubators? How do they feel, after voting for Barry, that he has so little regard for their lives and health that he will allow this “summit” to go on? And WHY would he shut down the government? Is Barry going to be there, hobnobbing with the Africans? Mr. Germ-o-phobe himself? Will Mooch and the daughters be in attendance at the soirees?

      Who’d have expected GRAYSON, of all people, to step up? There’s a hole in his proposal big enough to drive a TRAIN FULL OF UACs through, though.

    • Read the link and I think there’s more to it than “eBOla”.

      I’m inclined to believe something nefarious. He’s clearing out the joint.
      Telling federal workers to stay home. mmmmkay.

      Here’s a March 14th, 2014 article from This Is Africa

      47 “Leaders”…

      • Oh boy, you have set my imagination spinning!

        • Most transparent communists ever, Hoot.

          What a lucky break for us that HRC caved in 2008. We’d still be bamboozled and hoodwinked, except our portfolios and paychecks would be healthier. The Clinton’s knew not to eff with our incomes whilst they ushered in the NWO. NATO NAFTA, for an example.

          xo Hoot, so happy to live in your Generation.
          circa mid 20th Century American, the Doomed Boomers.

          • “Doomed Boomers” says it in a nutshell.

            Our education instilled in us all the horrors of Nazi Germany, with papers for identification to get from here to there and to get this service and that service. Thus, when one takes child, that had a bit later in life, to get drivers permit to prove the child’s residency the parent shows they are a resident and must show a bunch of stuff. Mother’s bc to prove identity and then two things proving residency. True story so will switch to first person… My driver’s license for the state was not accepted for residency because it was not one of the new ‘secured’ ones with a……are you ready for this?……with a star, which means I did not prove with a bc THAT WAS COPIED INTO STATE FILES and the residency papers used (utility bill etc., were not recorded/copied either). My license is renewed in 2015 and at that time I will have to provide bc to be COPIED. Since I was sixteen and in three different states to obtain a driver’s license I SHOWED my bc and two workers verified it’s authenticity and thus proceeded. Yet, one of the major security questions asked in banking, accts, irs, etc., is, “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Duh? It is practically public knowledge with the ‘secured license’. The whole point of ONLY the living person or parent of a minor having access to be issued a bc from a state is because it is NOT suppose to be used for identity record keeping and certainly not suppose to be copied. In fact, hubs had to provide both mine and his bc’s to be COPIED and filed with some of his retirement funds.

            Anyways, back to be hardwired that ‘presenting your papers’ is BAAAAAAAD and unAmerican — I felt so violated. Still do. Shaken to the bones. (The worker at DMV encouraged me, which we did, to go get more proof of daughters residency to skip my documentation. She said it several times and I don’t know what she was trying to tell me with the suggestion, but we went the extra miles and inconvenience to do just that.)

            It will be interesting to see what I do come renewal. I remember a high school teacher asking, “Do you count those that refused to show papers as fools or heroes?” Honestly, I never understood the question but remembered it all these years.

        • Editor!! DId I say NATO? oh that’s right I was educated in in Grade School way back when in the Cradle of Liberty.

          Of course I meant NAFTA. I am not duped. Just old.

      • I agree. He should go to them in Africa, not vice versa. Please do boycott the summit, African leaders. Wow. They have Barry’s number:

        Like a father calling his children together to discuss their futures, President Obama has summoned 47 African heads of state to Washington DC for a mass Africa Summit. He has even decided who should join him at the dinner table –the ICC-indicted Uhuru Kenyatta has been invited, but his erring children, Mugabe and Bashir, have been asked not to ruin the dinner and stay home. … In politics symbolism is everything. 47 African leaders at dinner with Obama seating at the head of the table is a good photo-op for Obama. See him laughing, his hand placed patronisingly on Zuma’s back – see a president in control finally bringing the light of good governance and security to the dark and lawless continent. And the African leaders – of what symbolic value is that photograph? Maybe later in their memoirs the handshake photo will be useful but the meeting will not in anyway contribute to national confidence.”


        • I caught that too. And was even going to post that specific paragraph.

          Africa. That Continent should be paved in gold and have the most majestic buildings and infrastructure in the World’s history by now.

          We’ve paid to teach men how to clean their genitals in the 21st Century.


          • Oh, please. The mental images. Yikes! Did Barry pay attention? The pictures in the report are good. Hopefully there’s none of the washing research.

            • Did anyone catch this?

              July 30, 2014

              …500 participants in the Young African Leaders Initiative converged on Washington – “The objective was to give young Africans the opportunity to come to the United States and develop their skills as the next generation of leaders in civil society”

              From July 28 to 30, 500 participants in the Young African Leaders Initiative converged on Washington for the first Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. President Barack Obama hosted a presidential summit and town hall to foster executive leadership training, networking, and skills building among Africa’s most promising young minds.

              “The spirit of this program reflects Madiba’s (Mandela) optimism, his idealism, his belief in what he called the endless heroism of youth, and so today with the blessing of the Mandela family . . . we are proud to announce that the new name of this program is the Mandela Washington Fellowship,” President Obama said during the town hall.

              The United States intends to double the number of fellowship recipients from 500 to 1000 by the summer of 2016, according to the president, and next year’s presidential summit will be held in sub-Saharan Africa. “The objective was to give young Africans the opportunity to come to the United States and develop their skills as the next generation of leaders in civil society, in business, and [in] government, and the response was overwhelming,” Obama said, referring to the 50,000 young Africans who underwent some difficult and monotonous trials to apply for the program. He added that the initiative would also expand with online courses and training sessions for networking and staring up businesses.


              Or this?

              Congressional Report: Ebola Bio Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States


              The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. The report, published in April amid growing fears that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa, says that the portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

              Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are “rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens,” says executive officer for the DOD’s Chemical and Biological Defense group Carmen J. Spencer.

              The Chemical and Biological Defense Program has sharpened the DoD diagnostics portfolio by increasing the capability of our fielded system, some 340 of which have been provided to the Military Services.

              The Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System is a portable system capable of rapid, reliable, and simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens. By partnering with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the Food and Drug Administration, we have made accessible additional diagnostic assays for high consequence, low probability biological threat agents for use during declared public health emergencies.

              This collaboration has facilitated the availability of viral hemorrhagic fever diagnostic assays for use during a declared emergency and adds previously unavailable preparedness capabilities to this fielded system.


              And this also?

              Illegal Alien Minors Spreading TB, Ebola, Dengue, Swine Flu

              July 8, 2014

              The hordes of illegal immigrant minors entering the U.S. are bringing serious diseases—including swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis—that present a danger to the American public as well as the Border Patrol agents forced to care for the kids, according to a U.S. Congressman who is also medical doctor.

              This has created a “severe and dangerous” crisis, says the Georgia lawmaker, Phil Gingrey. Most of the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) are coming from Central America and they’re importing infectious diseases considered to be largely eradicated in this country. Additionally, many of the migrants lack basic vaccinations such as those to prevent chicken pox or measles, leaving America’s young children and the elderly particularly susceptible, Gingrey reveals.

              In a hard-hitting letter to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Congressman Gingrey demands that the agency keep Americans informed about its plan to handle the growing public health crisis posed by the influx of minors. “As the unaccompanied children continue to be transported to shelters around the country on commercial airlines and other forms of transportation, I have serious concerns that the diseases carried by these children may begin to spread too rapidly to control,” the congressman writes. “In fact, as you undoubtedly know, some of these diseases have no known cure.”

              Gingrey mentions reports of Border Patrol agents contracting diseases through contact with the infected illegal aliens. A few weeks ago Judicial Watch reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is forcing Border Patrol agents to serve as babysitters for the UACs. An internal agency document obtained by JW calls for agents with “child care or juvenile teaching and/or counseling” experience to work at the various shelters housing the migrants. Officers from the front-line agency responsible for preventing terrorists and weapons of mass destruction from entering the U.S. will be “responsible for feeding, monitoring, interacting and providing security” for the illegal alien minors until they are placed elsewhere.

              To handle the escalating health crisis the CDC has activated an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), but Gingrey points out in his letter that Congress and the public are being kept in the dark about what it’s doing. “I firmly believe the public deserves to know the specific actions the EOC and other departments of the CDC are taking to combat and prevent the spread of communicable diseases,” the lawmaker writes. He goes on to demand that the CDC take immediate action to assess the public risk posed by the UACs and their subsequent transfer to different parts of the country. “I would also like information on what is being done to protect border patrol agents who come in contact with these diseases, what decontamination efforts are taking place, and what is included in medical screenings of the children.”


              Now isn’t that good reason to declare Martial Law, Ebola? A National Health Crises!

              I heard a doctor on Fox news a couple of mornings ago, he said this out break of Ebola is unlike any other out break they have seen before.

              He said in past cases Ebola worked its way “into” the villages of Africa. In this latest out break it started “inside” the villages and is spreading out.

              He said he believed it is “possible” this Ebola out break was intentional.

              His analysis, not mine, but yes, a huge possibility. Buttt do I think Barry basically opening the U.S. border, allowing flights into the U.S. from Africa (but yet he closed flights into or out of Israel’s airport) and letting all these possible diseases into the U.S. was/is “”part”” of Barry’s agenda for a major health crisis, with the possibility of a major disease outbreak within U.S. boarders, and then allowing for him to declare Martial Law….Absolutely, 100% I do. He has become an open book, and every day it becomes easier too read.

              • Well, I love it (not!) that the Peach Corps is evacuating hundreds of their workers in Africa. Oh, yeah? And where are they evacuating them TO? QUARANTINE for the next month on some island somewhere? That’s what SHOULD HAPPEN, before they’re brought here and left to wander free, perhaps carrying that deadly virus.

                • Not just the Peace Corp’s Miri, Samaritan’s Purse is also bringing back their volunteers also. Although I have donated to Samaritan’s Purse for many years I am furious with them right now. WHY is the Peace Corp’s and Samaritan’s Purse not putting these people under QUARANTINE before letting them return? It’s unbelievable too me. Why is STUPID not closing our borders rather than letting our borders be flooded by people with every disease you can think of including possible cases of Ebola?

                  I’m sure by now you have also heard the latest –

                  Plane carrying U.S. aid worker with Ebola leaves Liberia

                  DAKAR (Reuters) – A plane carrying one of two U.S. aid workers infected with the deadly Ebola virus has left Liberia for the United States, a spokesperson for the charity Samaritan’s Purse said on Saturday.

                  The plane was carrying Dr. Kent Brantly, the spokesperson said, but could not provide a time for its arrival in the United States. The second Samaritan’s Purse staff member, missionary Nancy Writebol, is due to be transported on a later flight, as the plane is only equipped to carry one patient at a time.

                  The charity said on Friday the medical evacuations should be completed by early next week.


                  WHY? Why would we bring the Ebola virus here? Why not just continue too treat these people where they are? I read the Doctor at Emory that is going too be in charge of the safety of these people is the same Doctor that recently had a mishap at Emory with Anthrax. So whats too say he will not have a “mishap” with the containment of the Ebola virus while these people are being treated at Emory?

                  I did some research into some of the research of the Ebola virus and vaccines being tested here in the U.S. –

                  Ebola Fighter AVI Biopharma Gears Up for Biodefense Contracts
                  Luke Timmerman


                  AVI Biopharma has got Ebola virus on its mind. This horrifying bug from central Africa would only have to infect a few people in the U.S. to cause a real bioterror scare, because it’s so deadly and there’s no cure. The federal government would like to get an effective treatment stockpiled just in case a terrorist gets his hands on Ebola virus, and now Portland, OR-based AVI thinks it might have the inside track on the federal contract to deliver an effective treatment.

                  AVI (NASDAQ: AVII) has been reinventing itself over the past year as a developer of RNA-based drugs. I got an update recently from CEO Leslie Hudson about the latest on the Ebola treatment program.

                  This month, the U.S. Department of Defense plans to conclude a public solicitation for business opportunities to get a contract to make RNA-based drugs for Ebola and Marburg viruses, Hudson says. The contract specifically states that it must be an RNA therapeutic ready for clinical trials, not a different kind of treatment like a vaccine or a monoclonal antibody, Hudson says. RNA-based therapies, sometimes known as next-generation antisense or gene-silencing drugs, are thought to hold great potential to block the underlying mechanisms of disease in ways that previous therapies can’t. Cambridge, MA-based Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, a leader in RNA-based therapies, has said it is operating a biodefense program that includes Ebola, although it hasn’t said the Ebola treatment is ready for clinical trials like AVI has.

                  If AVI can secure this contract, which is expected to be awarded later this year, possibly as soon as the summer, it would bring in a total of $50 million, Hudson says. This would be a significant boon to the company, which had $11.5 million in cash entering 2009 year and raised another $16.5 million from Eastbourne Capital and other institutional investors in late January.


                  Interesting huh? Readying for the Ebola virus since 2009.

                  Oct 5, 2009, 8:37am PDT

                  AVI BioPharma gets $11.5M military contract

                  AVI BioPharma Inc. said it’s received an $11.5 million contract from the federal government for the development of its Junin virus infection drug; a virus the government believes could be possibly be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

                  [Get that? A virus the government believes could be possibly be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Under who’s watch? Remember this drug was planned for in 2009, why? Never since the virus was discovered in 1976 has it been mentioned that the Ebola virus could be used as a weapon of “mass destruction” before 2009 that I could find, just say’in, seems awful – odd? And now 5 yr’s later, surprise!!! It’s here! And under who’s watch??? Same Admin’s watch that is letting it enter the U.S.]

                  Article cont’s –

                  The funding comes from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Transformational Medical Technologies Initiative (TMTI). The DTRA was formed in 1998 to combat threats of weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological and radiation threats. The TMTI was created by the U.S. Dept. of Defense to study ways to protect soldiers from biological threats by developing medical countermeasures, such as those created by Bothell, Wash.-based AVI BioPharma (NASDAQ: AVII), which recently moved its headquarters from Portland.

                  AVI officials said the latest $11.5 million contract is part of a potential total of $45 million in Department of Defense funds earmarked to the company to develop drugs to treat Ebola, Marburg and Junin virus infections. Testing and studies for drugs targeting Ebola and Marburg virus infections were conducted with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md.


                  • OMG Miri, look what I just came across. Turns out Obama bought stock in AVI BioPharma, the VERY SAME Company he gave the contract too to make an Ebola anti – virus. HOLY CRAP!! WHY is the Media not picking up on this!!!

                    “However, this event, designed to introduce legislation Gutierrez and Obama have been working on for months, will be overshadowed by a page one story in the New York Times questioning the credibility of Obama’s blind trust. Turns out Obama bought stock in little known companies whose investors included some of his major donors. Said ABC of the Times story: “In their front page investigative must-read, Mike McIntire and Christopher Drew of the New York Times report: “Less than two months after ascending to the United States Senate, Barack Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies whose major investors included some of his biggest political donors.” One of those two companies was AVI BioPharma, a biotech company that was then starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu, now in the race to save the world from H1N1.”

                    Full Article –

                    If H1N1 can grind economic recovery to a halt, why can’t it send Obamacare off in a totally new direction?

                    Are rumors that the flu scare will pave the way for martial law based on more reality than conspiracy? Was Laszlo Consulting managing director George Laszlo, who wrote “How Will Obama HIT Biopharm?” on Jan. 20, 2009 seeing into a crystal ball, or was he just lucky?

                    Reminiscing about New Year’s Eve in Times Square “everyone is wishing that things will go better in 2009,” Laszlo opined, “And so do we in the Biopharm industry where many are not sure if the new guy in the White House is friend or foe. This is especially so in the United States, a country where free market capitalism is fiercely defended and anything that smacks of socialism is treated with great suspicion.”

                    Listed among eight reasons Laszlo gave for why “nothing will happen fast” on what could be expected from Obama on the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) front was number 5:

                    “The population at large gets a chance to make comments and participate in hearings.” (Emphasis CFP’s). Stepping back in time to 9:42 a.m., March 7, 2007 White House hopeful Barack Obama was preparing for a press conference in the Capitol. “The freshman Illinois Democrat and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) skedded the newser to tout a bill to freeze immigration fees bringing in the leaders of Latino empowerment groups concerned about the plight of immigrants. (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times).

                    “However, this event, designed to introduce legislation Gutierrez and Obama have been working on for months, will be overshadowed by a page one story in the New York Times questioning the credibility of Obama’s blind trust. Turns out Obama bought stock in little known companies whose investors included some of his major donors. Said ABC of the Times story: “In their front page investigative must-read, Mike McIntire and Christopher Drew of the New York Times report: “Less than two months after ascending to the United States Senate, Barack Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies whose major investors included some of his biggest political donors.” One of those two companies was AVI BioPharma, a biotech company that was then starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu, now in the race to save the world from H1N1.

                    . In any case, the Obama campaign soon told the New York Times: “There is no evidence that any of (Obama’s) actions ended up benefiting either company during the roughly eight months that he owned the stocks. “(Obama) sold them at a net loss of $13,000”. Nothing mentioned though in the many teachable moments about pandemics in the eight-month period.

                    Back to Obama and flu bugs. It was Obama and eight cosponsors who introduced the avian flu bill (S. 969) on April 28, 2005. According to ABC, “Bipartisan Senate Amendment Cosponsored by Obama Did Not Earmark Funds for Particular Companies. The bipartisan Harkin amendment, which Obama cosponsored, provided $3.8 billion related to the flu and included funding for new drug development.

                    However, it did not direct funds to individual companies. (SA 2283, 109th Congress; introduced 10/26/05). “Amendment passed by Full Senate Had No Positive Impact on Avi BioPharma Stock. “Money Avi BioPharma Received Was Unconnected to Obama Or Avian flu. In October 2005, AVI BioPharma preliminarily announced DoD funding for research on four viruses. That funding was unconnected to Obama and was not related to research on avian flu. U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations has approved $22 million for AVI’s research and development programs as part of the FY2006 defense spending bill…the spending bill would direct $22 million to AVI for the continued development of technology to test for and find therapeutic agents for Ebola ($6 million) viruses, and anthrax and ricin toxins ($4 million), In addition, the allocation includes new funding for an AVI project to test for and find therapeutic agents for dengue virus ($6 million).”

                    AVI BioPharma eventually received $11 million in the DoD Appropriations Bill for 2006 (, AVI BioPharma Press release, 10/3/05).

                    The clock is now ticking out the year 2009. In 2007, Obama called a push to increase federal financing to fight avian flu “one of my top priorities since arriving in the Senate”.

                    In 2009, the worry is now about a global pandemic courtesy of Avian flu’s cousin H1N1.

                    Since touting the March 2007 New York Times $50,000 Obama portfolio story, ABC has since morphed into what some describe as the `All Barack Channel’.

                    The New York Times ran Obama’s Health Care op-ed only on Sunday. Did the ABC and New York Times lead the masses on a paper chase about Obama not making much money on the AVI BioPharma investment to distract John Q. Public from the more important issue: the influence Obama may have gleaned from his association with Big Pharm?

                    Meanwhile, it may be more than your Granny you have to hide from Barack Hussein Obama and Co.


                    • AVI BioPharma, a biotech company that was then starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu, now in the race to save the world from H1N1.”

                      And now Ebola!

                      And Obama heavily invested in AVI BioPharma.

                      I’m stunned…why I do not know why. Stuck between Holy Cra# and OMG!
                      The media has to have connected all of this, WHY are they not reporting it?

                      Oh’ Yeah, Never mind…/s


                      Do you think the 6 nurses who died, according to this nurse’s diary, were totally ignorant of infection control and so devalued their own lives that they didn’t bother to take necessary precautions? That’s what we’re supposed to believe.


                      Another of his nominees who were tied to biotech and vaccines, in particular.

                    • Think of some potential implications and you’re on the scale of Mengele. Gutierrez, of course, is front and center with this UAC debacle at the border. He tipped his hand the other day when he was ranting about the Republicans and how they want to prevent “our” children from coming in–he said the Republican House bill is a disaster for Republicans (as if he cares) and that then the “immigrants” won’t VOTE for Republicans in the future. Uh, Gutierrez, ILLEGAL ALIENS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO VOTE.

                  • Consider the timing of the African leaders conference in DC next week, the incubation period for Ebola, and the FACT that not only Congress but also the Obama family will be out of DC for the rest of August. They’re bringing Brantly to a hospital near the CDC, or so I read in the paper today. One possibility that I can’t confirm and may be totally wrong about is that perhaps they haven’t been able to have that virus here in the USA to use in experiments but bringing it in within a person’s body, under the guise of being humanitarian and treating him/her, would give them access to a ready supply of the virus. There may be treaties or international law about these things, like distributing deadly viruses around labs for research. I don’t know. I’m just speculating. There’s NO REASON that I can understand why these people had to be treated here, versus there. The treatments could be given in whatever hospital they were in already. They’re telling us not to worry because ordinary infection control works and that all they have to do is normal procedures and nobody will catch it. So at the same time we’re supposed to believe the DOCTOR Brantly, at the risk of his own life and with him KNOWING ALL ABOUT (having studied) infectious disease AND infection control, still somehow failed to protect his own self from this virus. It’s said he walked from the ambulance into the hospital. What I’d like to know, also, is this: Once a person survives this virus, is it totally GONE from his body? Or can be be a carrier, like Typhoid Mary?

              • will letting all these diseased people in be a good reason to start inoculating everybody ….like our own children? not just the alien children

  5. ORYR. as my wonderful editor is MIA.

    I miss her, Dearly. Wish her well. And hope she’ll forgive me for any transgressions. I have a place carved in my American Heart. And always will.

    ~ with gratitude. Papoose.

    And, Miri, all the Love one American Heart can hold. Always.

    They’ll know we are Americans by our Love. WTP are and never will be chumps. USA! God Save The Republic, Please.

    • Here I is!!!! I step away for a few minutes … 🙂

      TY. Luv u 2.

      • God Love You, Patriot. Its a blessing to know you are able to see what I cannot whilst I work 2 full days plus to pay my fair share.

        Miri, you are Miep bringing us bread whilst the factory is closed.
        May your Diary one day be discovered.

        • The capture

          On the morning of 4 August 1944, sitting at her desk, Miep looked up and saw a man pointing a gun towards Anne and her sister and said, “Sit down! Don’t even flinch!”[

        • God love you, too. And all our readers and commenters. Scary to think about being discovered. Rather than being Miep, I feel more like the one hiding in the attic, but thanks for the compliment. I am not worthy.

  6. WTPeops,

    I am in tears.

    • I am in tears.

      Just where the Communist B@st#rds want us too be Papoose. Pull up those boot straps and let’s roll girl!

  7. Just watch the first few minutes. It’s amazing. The inspectors “identified” the IRS person who would know about the backups, “interviewed” him or her, DEMANDED the tapes and voila! The next day they HAD THE TAPES (that Koskinen testified did not exist any longer).

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