Truth and Transparency (Open Thread)

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We’re having some fun with a photo recently touted by the White House, in light of comments by Joan Rivers. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of these staged “iconic” photographs, which resemble propaganda from communist regimes like North Korea or China.

How about a little respect for the intelligence of the free people of the United States of America for a change?

Why do we have to pay for an official propaganda photographer, anyway?

Let the media do their jobs.

Access. Transparency. REALITY. Truth.

NOT propaganda:



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    • Wouldn’t that be crazy, I mean Pope Francis being involved in ILLEGAL Immigration? Helping create Globalization?

      When Pope Benedict XVI stepped down, the first Pope to do so since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, he said it was because of his age. But was it really to do with his age, or was he forced to step down because of an agenda to be carried out by world powers and Pope Benedict XVI refused to be involved?

      Not to say Pope Francis is involved or Pope Benedict would be involved in some type of agenda, but he, Pope Francis is a very leftist leaning Pope and maybe more open to go along not knowing the full out come of said agenda.

      My Question Zenway is this – are we being held hostage by some agenda that is being carried out against the will of the people? And if so by whom?

      I think most people have that one nailed down, the Muslims, Communists, and the Globalist. But what the Globalist do not realize is they will be eventually eaten by the Muslims and the Communists, and then the Communists will be eventually eaten up by the Muslims.

      All’s I know for fact is since 9-11 it seems we have been forced to live in a “Oz” world. And it’s becoming more like Oz daily.

      Sometimes it honestly does make me wonder if 9-11 was just the beginning. And I have NEVER been a “Truther” nor have ever read up on 9-11 conspiracys.

      But why did Barry do his fly over the twin tower’s right after being elected? Why did Ayer’s trample the United States flag right in front of the twin towers after 9-11? Why was that lady (I cannot remember her name right now that had some discriminating evidence to 9-11 on her way to give the evidence was involved in an “accidental” plane crash and died…and the list goes on, and on.

      As too your original question Zenway I found this regarding was “is POPE Francis Involved ? … in Illegal ALIEN CRISIS ? with BO?”

      Pope Francis: Child Migrants to U.S. Must Be ‘Welcomed and Protected’

      The Pope has called for tens of thousands of unaccompanied child migrants to be “welcomed and protected” as they attempt to enter the U.S. from Central America and Mexico, reports Elizabeth Dias in Time magazine.

      In a letter read Monday at a Vatican conference in Mexico City on human migration and development, Pope Francis said migration “has now become a hallmark of our society and a challenge.”

      The Vatican Radio translation continues with the Pope noting: “Many people forced to emigrate suffer, and often die, tragically; many of their rights are violated, they are obliged to separate from their families and, unfortunately, continue to be the subject of racist and xenophobic attitudes.”

      The pontiff calls on nations to become more welcoming towards migrants, singling out the increasing numbers of children who migrate alone as deserving special care and attention.

      “They are increasing day by day,” the Pope said, in a reference to the rising number of unaccompanied child migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border. “The humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected.”

      Pope Francis ended the letter by suggesting that the international community should inform migrants about the dangers of their journey and instead promote development in their home countries.

      Time Magazine Names Pope Francis “Person of the Year”

      Calling Pope Francis “The People’s Pope,” Time magazine today named Pope Francis its Person of the Year.

      “For pulling the papacy out of the palace and into the streets, for committing the world’s largest church to confronting its deepest needs, and for balancing judgment with mercy, Pope Francis is Time’s 2013 Person of the Year,” Time said in its announcement.

      The honor comes just one day after Pope Francis called for a global “wave of prayer” to combat the growing epidemic of hunger. The Vatican-based federation of Catholic charities, Caritas Internacionalis, organized this global campaign of prayer and action.

      Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan joined with Pope Francis yesterday to pray for the millions of people who face hunger throughout the world, urging others to do so as well.

      There it is “AGAIN” Catholic Charities. FYI Catholic Charities is a Private ind-entity and is NOT part of the Catholic Church, but they do work WITH the Catholic Church. And now we also have Caritas Internacionalis, who are they? I have no idea, I have never heard of Caritas Internacionalis, but evidently Catholic charities, Caritas Internacionalis work together.

      • I also found a few other items that might be of interest, and surprising? Ha! that was a joke without really meaning too be. What is surprising anymore?

        Unsecured Border: Catholic Charities Helps Weary Border Crossers in South Texas

        By Jerry Kammer, July 1, 2014

        Introductory Comment: On several occasions this blog has criticized the Catholic Church’s position on immigration, especially its position on illegal immigration. But last week I was proud as a Catholic to see the effort that Catholic Charities has mobilized to meet the basic human needs — for food, clothing, shelter, and compassion — of Central Americans released by the Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley.

        Looking weary and worn, a group of four women and six children walked slowly into the parish hall of Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas, last week. They looked up in surprise to see that they were being welcomed with applause by the dozens of volunteers mobilized by Catholic Charities to help them transition from detention to the long bus rides they will soon take, traveling to relatives across the United States.

        “We’re basically providing a place for the immigrants who are coming through to catch a breath, to take a rest, to receive a meal, and take some supplies as they continue their journey,” said Brenda Nettles Riojas, who was working at the shelter. In her regular job, she is editor of The Valley Catholic, the newspaper of the Diocese of Brownsville.
        The number of OTMs crossing the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley has climbed slowly since 2011. But a few months ago, their numbers spiked. Suddenly there was a flood of Central Americans pushed north by desperation in their home countries and by stories that have spread like wildfire about the amazing opportunity to be admitted to the United States simply by crossing the border and turning oneself in to the Border Patrol.

        The reasons for the abrupt surge are unclear. But Ofelia de los Santos, whose work with the OTMs at the parish hall has taken her away from her regular job as director of the diocese’s Office of Jail Ministry, has a theory.

        “To me it was a perfect example of a tipping point,” said de Los Santos. “The word spread slowly — ‘Come to the U.S., the land of opportunity!’ Then it was suddenly a lot more.”

        Said Brenda Nettles Riojas, “I think they’re hearing that this is an opportunity right now to cross, especially if you cross with children. So I think that’s why we’re seeing the numbers increase. They feel like this is the time to do it.”
        So, just wondering…is one of the first things being offered through Catholic Charities Of The Rio Grande Valley ObamaCare? Was this part of the plan from the begging of ObamaCare?


        Check out these local resources if you have questions about coverage options or how to enroll for health insurance in the Marketplace. Keep in mind that if you have insurance through Medicare, a military program or, in most cases, employer coverage, that coverage is separate from the marketplaces.

        We have made every effort to provide accurate and timely information; however, AARP does not control nor guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information.

        Last updated: 07/05/2014

        Catholic Charities Of The Rio Grande Valley
        Main Phone: (956) 702-4088
        Street Address: 955 W. Price Rd
        Brownsville, TX 78520
        Office Hours: 8Am – 12 Pm
        1Pm – 5 Pm

        • begging = beginning

        • “Reverend Raymundo J. Peña, Bishop of the Diocese of Brownsville, Sister Norma Pimentel” Names too remember.

          On Saturday, February 7, 2009, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville, presented the Most Reverend Raymundo J. Peña, Bishop of the Diocese of Brownsville, a Senate Resolution in celebration of his 75th birthday. Featured, from left: Sister Norma Pimentel; Ms. Linda McKamie, CEO, Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi Diocese; Mr. Steve Saldaña, CEO, Catholic Charities of San Antonio; Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo; Bishop Peña; and Sen. Lucio. See story later in this posting.


          AUSTIN, TEXAS
          TWELFTH DAY
          (Tuesday, February 17, 2009)

          Senator Lucio offered the following resolution:

          WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes pleasure in welcoming the visiting delegation from Catholic Charities and salutes the members of the organization for their many good works over the years; and

          WHEREAS, Catholic Charities is present in more than 20 locations in Texas; Catholic Charities extends to persons of all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds faith-based and tangible assistance, with the goal of helping them reach self-sufficiency; and

          WHEREAS, Among the many programs and services provided by Catholic Charities and Parish Social Ministry programs are adoption, basic personal-living needs, counseling, disaster response, education and enrichment, housing, food banks, and health, refugee, immigration, and social support; in 2008 alone the organization aided more than 400,000 individuals; and

          WHEREAS, As a part of the Catholic Church’s mission to respect the dignity of all people, Catholic Criminal Justice Ministers serve as chaplains in jails and prisons throughout the state of Texas, working to assist in the rehabilitation of the convicted and the reintegration of ex-offenders into society; and

          WHEREAS, In addition to its Catholic Charities and Criminal Justice Ministry programs, Catholic Social Action Ministry is a continuing advocate of social justice and seeks to empower communities through action and education with the guiding principle of ensuring basic human dignity for all; now, therefore, be it

          RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 81st Legislature, hereby extend a warm welcome to the members of the Catholic Charity and Justice delegation on the occasion of their visit to the State Capitol and commend all those associated with the organization for their ongoing efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others; and, be it further

          RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for the Texas Catholic Conference as an expression of high regard from the Texas Senate.

          SR 227 was read and was adopted without objection.

          Senator Lucio offered the following resolution:

          WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to pay tribute to the Most Reverend Raymundo J. Peña, Bishop of the Diocese of Brownsville, on the grand occasion of his 75th birthday; and

          WHEREAS, Well known for his warmth and generosity of spirit, this distinguished clergyman has devoted his time and energy unselfishly to the people of his diocese since 1995; and

          WHEREAS, Bishop Peña was born February 19, 1934; he was ordained to the priesthood on May 25, 1957, in Corpus Christi, and he has served his church with wisdom and humility in various positions through the years, including auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio and bishop of the Diocese of El Paso; and

          238 81st Legislature — Regular Session 12th Day


          Faces of the Border Crisis: Sister Norma Pimentel
          One of the immigration crisis’s indispensable leaders is Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

          July 9, 2014 12:15 pm

          Sister Norma Pimentel, far right, joins U.S. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi during a press conference addressing the border crisis.

          ver the past month, the surge of undocumented immigrants across the U.S.’s southwestern border—many of them unaccompanied minors and young families—has become one of the biggest and most polarizing stories in the country. President Barack Obama has dubbed it “an actual humanitarian crisis” and asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funding for beefed-up border security, additional immigration judges, and more detention facilities. Governor Rick Perry has blamed the White House’s immigration policies for the surge, allocated $1.3 million a week for extra Department of Public Safety border operations, and warned that if the wave of children and families continues through the summer it will produce a “trail of tears again from Central America to Texas.”

          And then there are the immigrants themselves. Since the 2014 fiscal year began last October, more than 52,000 unaccompanied minors and 39,000 family units have been detained by Border Patrol, a huge increase from last year and an astronomical leap from the beginning of the decade. In the entire 2011 fiscal year, there were just under 16,000 unaccompanie­d minors caught at the border. This May alone, there were 9,000. The vast majority of these children and families have come from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, fleeing horrific levels of violence, trying to rejoin family members, looking for dependable work, and, in some cases, driven by rumors—some of them planted by smuggling networks—that the U.S. is offering residency “permits” to women and minors.

          • Above article continues on to say –

            The majority of these Central American immigrants are crossing over at Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, surrendering themselves to Border Patrol, hoping the legal system will allow them to remain in the U.S. In order to take stock of the border situation in the Rio Grande Valley, we talked with a wide array of figures on the front lines to get various perspectives on this crisis. In this, the first of a five-article series, we profile Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

            “The ladies have organized the clothing. It almost looks like Sears department store, right?” says Sister Norma Pimentel as she surveys the parish hall of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown McAllen. Shirts, pants, socks, and underwear are stacked by size on rectangular tables, and every so often a voice sounds over the PA system announcing the impending arrival of a shuttle to the local bus station. The volunteers wear nametags and immigrant mothers and their children sit in plastic classroom chairs. A young girl in an orange-and-white-striped Whataburger T-shirt scampers around us, laughing as she slaps a yellow balloon up into the air.

            Sister Norma Pimentel, a gray-haired, round-cheeked, 61-year-old nun of the Missionaries of Jesus who has run the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley for the past eleven years, has become one of the immigration crisis’s indispensable leaders by helping to alleviate one of the most visible problems of the immigration surge. The Border Patrol was releasing hundreds of Central American immigrant families at McAllen Central Station, with only a bus ticket and a “Notice to Appear” at an immigration court. (Unaccompanied children are sent to Office of Refugee Resettlement facilities and are not dropped off at bus stations.) The families were hungry, tired, and distraught from an arduous journey through Mexico and then having spent days getting processed at increasingly overcrowded Border Patrol stations. Some didn’t have bus reservations until the following day. Local citizens were stepping in to aid them.

      • Leza you should check out Pope Francis (his prior name) and the coups in the 1970’s. Don’t remember the dates . But he was involved with the Junta in Argentina some way…..and liberation theology. Haven’t done a lot of research, but many priest and some nuns were murdered and other stuff. and he was involved.

        • Alfy, Thank You so much for “getting it” and why I’m looking into all this, as your saying the Pope and liberation theology you also realize the connections. As too “he was involved” I do not even want too touch upon that one though. All’s I want First and foremost are ANSWER’S as to what is happening here and globally now.

          I found an article posted in the Communist leaning “The Nation”. It has to do with the Pope Francis and Liberation Theology. But before I post snippets from that article I want to carry Miri’s posting over to here on what she found the other day –

          Miri | July 12, 2014 at 4:47 pm | Reply

          Miri | July 12, 2014 at 4:20 pm | Reply

          Look at the treasure trove of names and connections in this article, Leza. There are biographies of the elite progressives towards the end. This document accidentally (?) fell into the hands of the guys at Powerline.

          This is a conference of a cabal of progressives who seek to reshape the USA into a more perfect progressive “democracy”. Valerie Jarrett was there to give them insight into Barry’s plans for the next 2 years and how critical outside groups like this one are to his plans. They caution about secrecy and none of them want to be known as members. Hmm. How transparent of them–these elites who want to fundamentally transform OUR COUNTRY. Yeah, they belong to it, too, but We the People outnumber them BY FAR. What gives them the right? That’s a serious question.

          Commentary by the Powerline guy:
          “There is always a certain dissociation when leftists gather at a Ritz Carlton hotel to discuss their commitment to the poor. It is impossible not to laugh at this invitation to a dinner with Katrina vanden Heuvel, the heiress who bought and now runs the Nation magazine, a Communist publication, and New York’s newly-elected mayor Bill de Blasio. They will discuss “New York’s path to social and economic equality.” Sure: in the world to come, the hedge fund manager will share his income equally with the doorman, and Miss vanden Heuvel will divide her inheritance with New York’s poor.

          I fully recommend going back and reading all of Miri’s comments. She nail’s it repeatedly.

          But also Alfy remember De Blasio’s involvement in the communist-front Nicaragua Solidarity Network, Kerry, and that other guy in congress. I’m sure there are many others we just haven’t found out who they are yet. J. Wright, Barry’s pastor for 20 plus years again Liberation Theology. Iran is big into Liberation Theology, where is V. Jarrett from? Iran!

          Okay, the article I was referring to from “The Nation” same magazine listed above in Miri’s post –

          Is Pope Francis the New Champion of Liberation Theology?

          In attacking “the structural causes of inequality,” he is reviving that great movement’s “preferential option for the poor.”

          December 18, 2013

          When Bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, of Buenos Aires was inaugurated as the 266th pope this past March, one of his first acts was to call 85-year-old Father Gustavo Gutiérrez of Lima, Peru, to invite him to Rome for a conversation. The two concelebrated Mass, then ate breakfast and talked. It was a short meeting, but with enormous significance. In 1968, Gutiérrez wrote a paper, “Toward a Theology of Liberation,” whose ideas were embraced by the Latin American bishops at their historic meeting that year in Medellín, Colombia, where they issued a series of documents that became the Magna Carta of one of the most influential theological movements of the twentieth century: liberation theology. At the 1979 conference in Puebla, Mexico, the bishops affirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s “preferential option for the poor,” which had become the leitmotif of the movement, inspiring both laypeople and clergy to wade into the struggle against political and economic injustice.

          The official response to these efforts by Latin American dictatorships and their allies was a violent repression that cost many thousands their lives. Among the victims was Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador, who was assassinated by a death squad while saying Mass in 1980, and four North American churchwomen later the same year, including two Maryknoll sisters. Despite the repression, liberation theology lifted the spirits of millions of impoverished Latin Americans, while its message spread to Korea (Minjung theology), India (Dalit theology) and all around the world. Soon Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and evangelical liberation theologies appeared. It was an idea whose time had come.

          But the Vatican was not happy. As prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, publicly censured liberation theology, disciplined some of its principal advocates and silenced Father Leonardo Boff, the Franciscan editor of Brazil’s principal theological journal. Both pope and prefect stalled the efforts of Catholics to beatify Romero, the first step to sainthood. But now, with croissants and cappuccinos in Rome, the Vatican’s war against liberation theology seems to be over. As if to make that message clear, Pope Francis restarted the process for the beatification of Romero. Is this, then, a second act for liberation theology—which many had dismissed as yesterday’s stale trend—only on a much larger stage? And is Francis its unlikely champion?

          As head of the Jesuits in Argentina and then as a bishop, Francis never joined in the attack on liberation theology—but he was never a forceful defender of it either. As a bishop, he claimed that he favored it, but not in an ideological way. When debates about the movement split both the church and the Jesuits, Francis tried to patch up the divisions. He has subsequently conceded that he often did it with a heavy hand, which he now regrets. After Argentina’s return to civilian rule in 1983, then-Bishop Bergoglio was dogged by rumors that he had done little to oppose the military dictatorship, under which some 30,000 people had been killed. Some even suggested that he had been involved in the arrest and torture of two of his priests, who were putting the message of Medellín into practice by organizing slum dwellers. Subsequent investigations have cleared him of any complicity. The consensus of informed opinion on this affair was best summed up by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the left-wing Argentine writer and activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980: “Perhaps he didn’t have the courage of other priests, but he never collaborated.” In any case, Bergoglio has told friends that he wishes he had acted differently and will try not to make such a mistake in the future. But now, as the first South American pope, just where does he stand on the most important theological contribution ever made by his continent to Christian theology?

          What Bergoglio has said and done since his selection indicates that the message of Medellín and the example of Romero have indeed shaped him and could inform his papacy. Choosing the name Francis—in honor of the saint who was a friend of the poor and a critic of the wealth and worldly power of the church in the thirteenth century—sent a clear signal. His first trip outside Rome was to the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, where refugees from hunger and poverty in Africa wade ashore seeking something better in Europe. The pope welcomed some, expressed condolences to the families of several others whose bodies had recently washed up on the beach, and celebrated Mass on an altar shaped like one of the flimsy boats in which these refugees make the dangerous voyage. The principal currency of the church is symbols, and these made a tangible impact. But in addition to rituals, Pope Francis has also made splendid use of words. And whatever his ambivalence about liberation theology in the past, his first Apostolic Exhortation, issued in November, eloquently reveals his thinking today.
          Snip to page 2
          Francis calls on leaders to guarantee “dignified work, education and healthcare” to their citizens and criticizes the “idolatry of money.” In a direct reproof to capitalism, he writes: “Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills.” The liberation theologians often found themselves in hot water for insisting that a preferential option for the poor requires not just charity but systemic change. On this point, Francis speaks with unequivocal frankness: “As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world’s problems or, for that matter, to any problems.” Might Francis have visited Zuccotti Park in Manhattan to pray with the activists of Occupy Wall Street?

          This is strong medicine for those who have cast the Catholic Church as the defender of market capitalism. Did the cardinals who selected Bergoglio know what they were getting? The answer is yes and no. Clearly, his selection was not without an element of self-interest, both for the cardinals and for the church. They knew who he was: Bergoglio had already been the runner-up to Ratzinger in the last conclave, and he was widely respected among the cardinals of the Global South, who thought that after centuries of European popes, it was now their turn. They also did not want a pope drawn from the Vatican Curia, which many of the cardinals had come to dislike for arrogating so much power to itself. Both John Paul II and Benedict preferred the Curia’s Rome-centered view and a highly centralized church; but already, Pope Francis has identified himself as favoring decentralization. “Excessive centralization,” he writes, “rather than proving helpful, complicates the Church’s life.” To jump-start the process, he has appointed eight cardinals from around the world as a kind of cabinet and buffer between himself and the Curia. Benedict distrusted the regional councils of bishops that had emerged after Vatican II as a possible threat to papal power. But Francis expressly favors these councils and quotes from them, in particular the Brazilian one in his recent Exhortation.

          • Now take a look at Radical Islam and Liberation Theology

            Snip ~

            Radical Islam and Liberation Theology

            Ahmadinejad has been able to make alliance with some countries in Latin America. Latin America’s Catholic Church and radical Islam have something in common. Both religious movements have support of the masses to challenge domination of their countries by the Western imperial powers. There is a similarity between radical Islamists in Iran and the supporters of liberal theologians’ movements in Latin America. They both have common ideology to resist the West hegemony. Liberation theology, originated in Catholic Church, emphasizes effort to bring justice to the poor and oppressed. Liberation theology uses democratic socialism as a political theory to combat poverty. Radical Islam similarly uses political aspects of Islam as a force for creating national liberation and economic justice. Ali Shariati is known to be the first Islamist thinker who merged Islam political ideology and liberation theology. He was influenced by Frantz Fanon and Che Guevara, but unlike them who rejected religion in supporting national liberation, Shariati tailored Iran’s Islamic ideological roots as a means to mobilize masses for national liberation. However, Shariati was against clerical rule. He died mysteriously before the revolution in 1977, widely believed to be a victim of the Shah’s secret police (Savak) assassination. He did not live to see the clerics dominating political leadership in Iran.

            Ahmadinejad pursues the same brand of Islamic radicalism as Shariati. He has been able to use religion to challenge the hegemony of the West as the liberation theologian leaders have done in Latin America. In this context Ahmadinejad joins similar brand of political figures such as Luiz Lula da Silva of Brazil, Hugo Chavez Venezuela, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, and Bolivian President Evo Morales who enjoy popularity among the Roman Catholic Church followers. However, there is an important distinction between the Islamic Republic and the Latin American governments. The Islamic Republic is a quasi-theocracy run by the clerics, while the Latin American countries are secular republics that are only supported by the Church. In the past, some Muslim political leaders have advocated Islamic Socialism. Examples are: Mohamed Ali Jinnah and Zulfakar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan, and Jamal Abdul Nasser in Egypt. Ahmadinejad too has strived for a socially just Islamic State in Iran. It remains to be seen whether he can succeed.


            And just a FYI too anyone who might think I have a inkling of disrespect looking into any of the above information. It has absolutely nothing do with disrespect. My mother was a devote Catholic and I took Catechism as a child. I research too get to the TRUTH. I want the truth BEFORE our great Country is completely destroyed. PERIOD!

            Hug’s Alfy, and thank you so much for your help.

            • Miri, I have a duplicate comment in moderation you can trash. I had added too many link’s too one post…as usual 😉

            • Thanks Leza, you also enlightened me some more on this with these articles here. That relationship with the Islamic world and the practices of liberation theology of South America and elsewhere, the socialist aspect is a hard one to completely understand, so this was very helpful and needed reiterating. also , I have learned that it’s often not the practices of the everyday religious church goer …Their convictions are all their own and they wouldn’t identify with all this, but many are aiding this theology naively as well just as in any religious group. It’s the architects of these movements who deceive and use the church as a spiritual and political weapon.

            • All that is likely the truth, and that’s what we want here. Islam is always and ever a POLITICAL movement. Religion is USED, like sheep’s clothing, to achieve a political end by USING the people’s religious instincts against them. That’s what their prophet recognized from the beginning: That religion could be used to organize and lead (mislead) the people into subjection and submission. Liberation theologists believe like the progressives here in the USA: That they know better and that the ends justify the means. Latin America is or was nearly uniformly Catholic, so why NOT use the Catholic faith to “community organize” CHANGE? Marxist change. It’s fundamentally against the tenets of the religion that I learned, which is FREE WILL. To be forced into being “charitable” is not free will. Render unto Caesar. I often wonder how such people will be judged in the end. Will they get “brownie points” in heaven for having violated the autonomy of other people in order to force them to aid the poor? Who will get credit for helping these poor? The ones who robbed Peter to pay Paul (but contributed nothing of their own) or Peter, who in the end was robbed to benefit others? I’m not a theologist. Leave that up to them, but I’d sure like to know the answer.

              All they accomplish, imho, is replacing one type of dictatorship with another. FREEDOM and SELF-DETERMINATION.

              • Alfy, Pappose, all. We all here make a great team, your help Alfy is always so greatly appreciated.

                Miri, I’m short for time this morning but I wanted too thank you for you once again summing it up so perfectly.

                I not sure what the bottom line on all of this is, but what I do know is each day we get a little closer too finding out.

          • “Pope Francis has identified himself as favoring decentralization. “Excessive centralization,” he writes, “rather than proving helpful, complicates the Church’s life.””

            So we could as easily spin this as Pope Francis being AGAINST BIG GOVERMENT, as this writer spins what the Pope has said elsewhere as indicating that he is in line with Occupy Wall Street. HARDLY. It’s certainly more nuanced than that and writers at commie rags WILL spin anything to gain whatever advantage they think they can out of anything.

            If you read between the lines on the Pope’s situation in Argentina in the ’80s, you’ll see that he was in a no-win situation, huh? If he sided with or defended the liberation theology people, then he was a commie in the making. If, however, he sided with the military junta, then he was on the side of dictatorship and oppression and murder of dissidents.

            In the end, he’s a priest. Priests will, by definition, take pity on the poor, as Jesus would do. As Saint Francis would do.

            I don’t see anywhere that Pope Francis promotes commie governments to FORCE people into socialism. Then there’s always the problem of the spin put onto his writings by translators with an agenda.

            It almost sounds as if this current Pope, when back in Argentina in the ’80s, was in the same situation as Pope Pius XII during the Holocaust. Between a rock and a hard place.

            Can’t there be another choice? Must he have been either a communist in support of “liberation theology” or a supporter of dictators and oppressors?

            btw, liberation theology was not just religion. It was a political movement intended to force governments to do whatever these “religious” beings wanted to impose on everyone. As a political movement, it should be outside the realm of the Catholic Church. People who belong to religious orders do have political ideas and agendas. That doesn’t mean that what they do or say is sanctioned by the Catholic Church. imho, it (melding politics with religion) should be discouraged, but I’m not the Pope.

            Jury’s out, imho, on this current Pope. The previous two certainly knew the horrors of communism. Let’s hope this one does, too.

      • Great analysis, Leza. Its so easy to to discern when laid out.

        I still find it unfathomable that parishes have been disintegrated in the 21st Century. Of course its been a 40 year process. It was a systematic demise. I think it began with the implementation of Ecumenical Council II ~ which was the first ‘fundamental transformation’ in my life.

        There goes the neighborhood… make way for the “community”.

  1. Judge allows tea party lawsuit against the IRS to move forward ….
    BUTT’ 4 how long? …..

  2. so will ^^^ they trade the horse 4 a CELL PHONE???

  3. … Hits the target … once again….Go ANN

    • Who isn’t for a world where every individual lives freely? imho, that includes the FREEDOM of not being forced to SUPPORT PEOPLE WE DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT. That means, nobody can STEAL our resources via taxation to be used in any way to benefit those who do nothing in return. If you’re not a SELF-SUPPORTING, productive member of the society, then you’re on your own, unless you can manage to find people who WILLINGLY give up their own resources that they earned themselves (not managed to get government to take from others) to “help” you.


    27 seconds into the video, they even show how easy it is to photoshop in or out. You might wonder why. Maybe it’s all to get the money to “fight” for gun control. Where are all the millions going?

    The alleged perp’s immediate family contains federal agents and a police chief. You tell me how this guy could have so many “priors” and yet was still walking around to murder all these people? In fact, shortly before the murders, he tied his own mother up with duct tape and held her hostage for 4 hours. And yet, he was roaming free to kill? Again they say that the girl was tied up and yet somehow, they don’t explain how, her hands were free to put up over her head to protect it from gunshots. The grandfather appears to say she was shot in the side of the head, which ought to be visible on the video, especially since she was said to have gotten 9 stitches (unless those were in her finger. Even so, what caused the skull fracture if not the bullet?) With a head injury that serious, what doctor would advise the range of activities she engaged in only a day and a half later? Alleged perp is in a state mental health unit and it’s said on the video that someone who’s insane isn’t “criminally responsible”, so let’s guess: no trial. No evidence. No public transparency.

    • “he tied Cassidy up while he waited for the other 6 to come home”

      As the worm turns @ 2:19

      Also, the police hung up on the reporter when he asked why there wasn’t a warrant for his arrest after he tied up his mother for hours. @ 1:56

      another fake photo a 24 secs.

      @ 1:03 there’s another interesting family photo.

      Wonder why the national press wasn’t interested in this event. Probably because it didn’t add up.

      • That’s a possibility.

        • The original story was the murderer came to the house disguised and the heroine didn’t let him in as the parents were not home. Then he came back a second time and pushed his way in and tied up all the kids. The parents were “at the bank.”. This news report is totally different.

          My feeling is if they were a real family the photos wouldn’t be fake.

          • This story was under my radar up until it showed up on national news with the brave heroine speaking to her “supporters” (the news actually called them that. I thought she was memorializing her family, not beginning some kind of campaign.) Anyway, I didn’t read the original stories but it seeped into my consciousness that he was supposed to be disguised as a FedEx employee and also that she didn’t know him as her uncle. I’d have to go back and read the older stories, but I did pick out the discrepancies like how, later on, somebody mentioned that she did know this uncle and so should have recognized him. You’re probably right about “real family”. It makes no sense UNLESS these reporters are even crappier than we’re accustomed to–like they can’t even get straight who’s the father of whom. Whoever that woman was at the funeral, she’s the spitting image of the survivor. The photo I’ve seen of the aunt and the uncle, with kids, seems to indicate that wasn’t the aunt in question at the funeral, but she must be a close relative of the survivor. Both must be related to that grandfather and grandmother in CA (as seen in that video). They’re supposed to be her father’s parents, not her mother’s parents. Only the survivor, imho, closely resembles that woman at the funeral and that grandfather. The other kids resemble their father, if anyone. But he doesn’t resemble that grandfather who’s supposed to be his own father. Now I know that sometimes traits skip generations, but a woman isn’t supposed to look like in-laws. How can that be possible? Only if the reporters are so totally inept that they can’t keep relationships straight, which is always possible. I would say that anything the grandfather out there says about how things happened means nothing, since he wasn’t there. It’s just so fishy that this alleged perp “kidnapped” and at least certainly assaulted and abused his own mother and yet was allowed to be free to travel halfway across the country to murder 6 people in cold blood. And didn’t the story say he bought weaponry along the way? This is certainly a setup to push for more regulations on gun sales and ammo sales and more registration and tracking of the “mentally ill”, which, if you notice, now includes nearly ALL veterans returning from the Middle East. This is what Soviet Russia did. They didn’t jail dissidents; they just labeled them insane for not getting with the program and put them in “mental” institutions (aka gulags). There’s some agenda. They’re compiling a long list of “incidents” to use as statistics in their ongoing assault on the Second Amendment. Nobody can take us over until they disarm us, and that includes the globalists and the UN. That’s Agenda 1, the prelude to Agenda 21.

      • The girl looks like the mother and the aunt. The girl looks like this grandfather but not so much like the one who was at the memorial with her. And yet the one in the video here is supposed to be the father of the father, not the mother. I’m confused. The photo at 1:03 is missing someone.

    • What’s ironic is that it “feels good” to FORCE OTHERS to pay employees $15 an hour but I wonder how much THOSE ELITE FOLKS who come up with and promote these ideas pay: Their gardeners, their nannies, their babysitters, their house cleaners, their dog walkers, their hair dressers, their manicurists, etc. What do you think? $15 an hour? I bet not.

  5. Avatar ….Beau Toxx • an hour ago
    What part of “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA doesn’t the Americans still not get? Obama told everyone before his 2008 election exactly what he was going to do & now everyone is surprised?!! Redistribute wealth, dilute the culture through immagration, legitimize homosexuality, downgrade America’s standing on the world scene. He doubled down on 2012 & Americans voted him in for four more years!! NEVER in Human History has a FREE people given up their fundamental RIGHT’s without “a shot being fired”…… I commend Obama & the Progressive/Marxist’s total control of the media, entertainment & school
    that have enabled his takeover & transformation. They have been brilliant & persistent. …..( & then their IS “US” ? ~ sitting on a fence ??)

    • I totally believe that, too. Everything he’s done to date proves it. There’s no evidence to refute it. And we can easily understand why Barry would want all infidels out of “muslim lands.” She wrote about Benghazi, too.

      • “Lopez said the closest adviser for the National Security Council has been an imam named Muhammad Magid.

        “He heads up something called the ADAMS Center, the ‘All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center,’ near Dulles airport. He is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood’s grand mufti of Sudan. He is also the president of something called ISNA, Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim Brotherhood front group in the country. And, he’s an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding trial.

        Indeed, in February 2013, WND’s Diana West warned that Magid was working with the National Security Council with the support of John Brennan, who for four years was the president’s top counterterrorism adviser and is now CIA director. West reported then-deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough also heaped praise on Magid. McDonough is now Obama’s chief of staff.

        WND also reported that one of the FBI’s former top experts on Islam even claims that Brennan became a Muslim while serving overseas. Brennan did, indeed, serve as CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the 1990s.

        Whether the claim about Brennan is true or not, from the above accounts, it appears Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the Obama administration could not have reached much higher. …”

    • Have any of you taken the time to listen to the many hours of Sibel Edmonds claims and her case? If you have and you take note of the many people she outs and what they were up to…….then you apply this with what this CIA expert says in this WND narrative, you could just about figure the play by play as to what this administration is doing. While this lady does not understand some of the reasons we have been doing what we’re doing, you can connect her dots with Sibels with your own research and supporting evidence of what’s going on with the Kurds, iraqis,Turkey,moslem brotherhood and all the rest. One can just about predict the outcomes (there’s a plan A and B too.) Israel plays into this thru and thru…they have their own agenda with the Kurds and that region. We are using the Kurds and Islamic terrorist to do our agitation for us to steer the outcomes…that’s why sometimes we seem to be standing back. They know exactly what their doing(this administration and elite intell). They’ve been wanting a balkanized Iraq and we’re just about there.
      Anyone notice how no rockets ever get fired into Israel near the holy places. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they accidentally blew up their mosque….oops, that would be a game changer wouldn’t it.

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