Hard Work: The Obama Resume

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This weekend we were treated to a puff piece by PARADE that told us all about how hard Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama “struggled” when they worked menial minimum-wage jobs while growing up and pinched pennies to support themselves and their two young children after they both graduated from law school. It’s almost as if the authors (Lynn Sherr and Maggie Murphy) did no fact checking but accepted the Obama narrative as presented to them.

We, however, know the timeline for the Obama narrative only too well, so consequently we know that both of the Obamas were well paid by the time their children were born. Nevertheless, some new jobs were added to the Barack Obama résumé, one that was news even to his wife.

Let’s recap that résumé, with a little help from the progressive-loving political blog, PolitiFact. An anonymous writer there compiled a list of Obama’s jobs.  Below is a condensed version. If only the writer had provided links to the “host of sources” from which he or she compiled this list. If I can find sources, I’ll link them:

1975 or ’76, Honolulu, Baskin-Robbins counter clerk [note that Obama would have been too young to legally work there]

Unspecified summer, Honolulu, made and sold sandwiches at an unnamed deli

Summer 1980, Honolulu, sold “trinkets” at an unnamed “gift shop

Unspecified summer before 1983, New York, cleared a construction site for unnamed employer

Unspecified summer before 1983, New York, processed health records of cops or firefighters, for unnamed private company

Unspecified summer before 1983, Manhattan, sold New York Times subscriptions as a telemarketer, employer unnamed

1983-84, New York, researched and wrote for Business International Corporation

1985, New York, project coordinator for NYPIRG

1985-1988, Chicago, community organizer, Developing Communities Project

1988, Boston, research assistant for Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe

Summer 1989, Chicago, summer associate (student intern, h/t Hayden) at Hopkins & Sutter law firm; PolitiFact says 1989; this link says 1990.

Summer 1990, Chicago, summer associate (intern) at Sidley & Austin law firm

1990-1991, Boston, president Harvard Law Review (unpaid position)

1991-1992, Chicago, executive director of Project Vote

1993-2004, Chicago, associate (part-time 1996-2004) at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland law firm

1993-2004, Chicago, part-time lecturer, U of Chicago law school

1995, published memoir, Dreams From My Father (allegedly ghost-written by Bill Ayers)

1997-2004, Illinois, state senator from Chicago

2005-2008, Washington, D.C., U.S. senator from Illinois

2006, published The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

2009-present, Washington, D.C., president

The article at Parade adds these jobs, but doesn’t specify the year:

The president, who once scooped ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, began by recalling his days as a waiter in an assisted living facility—a story that even surprised his wife.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It was a great job, although the folks there sometimes were cranky because they were on restricted diets. Mr. Smith would want more salt, and you’d say, “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. You’re not allowed.”

MICHELLE OBAMA: I never knew about that one!

PO: I also worked as a painter. My first four jobs were minimum wage or close to it.

Try to find any mention of Obama working as a waiter at an assisted living facility prior to this interview. When did “assisted living” facilities first come into vogue? 1981.

In 1981, Obama went to Pakistan, so that can’t be the summer that he was a waiter at any assisted living facility. There are three other summer jobs listed above for that year and subsequent years. As you see from the list, Obama was continuously employed after 1983, so where does this alleged job as a waiter fit in? When and where did he work as a painter? (Of walls or landscapes?)

Obama seems to make narratives up as he goes along, so it’s no wonder that even his wife hadn’t heard that story before.Very few of his jobs, especially those before college graduation, can be documented. Most of the sources are Obama himself or his campaign. We aren’t deluged with kudos from all of his former bosses or co-workers who ought to remember having a future president in their midst. Curious. Isn’t it?

Obama certainly seems to have flitted from job to job, especially during his youth. Some point out that Obama is quite bored already with his current job.

Dean Barnett asked at the Daily Standard,

Would you hire Barack Obama?

I wouldn’t and I didn’t, but unfortunately others did.

Barnett wrote about how Obama might “certainly shine” in an interview and how a prospective employer would probably “really want to hire him” because he presents as an exceptionally talented person. However,

you’d still have the cold, hard facts of his résumé staring you in the face. You’d reluctantly have to conclude that Obama’s failure to commit himself to any career sufficiently to excel at it suggests some unexplained restlessness.

Or perhaps it suggests that Obama is all presentation and narrative without any substance to back up the illusion he creates. Therefore, he’s always in over his head and so immediately begins to look for the next rung up on the ladder.


112 responses to “Hard Work: The Obama Resume

  1. His resume is to sporadic, it shows no real experience, so if I were to hire this president, it would only be as a toilet tender, this person’s stands in a toilet area to pas out towels, keep toilet paper on hand, cleans the toilet area, to include the mirror, and then, be there to assist, those who can’t wipe their own hinny would call on the Toilet Tender to wipe the hinny for them. This would be the only job that I could trust him to do. If he did not except this job, then, No I would not hire him.

  2. You might want to differentiate between a summer associate, which is a law student who does a summer internship at a law firm (may be paid or unpaid) and an associate attorney, which is a licensed attorney who has completed law school and passed the state bar.

    Law review is not paid. It’s comprised of law students, supposedly the best and brightest, who edit legal articles and put together the school’s law journal – not paid, more like an extracurricular activity.

    • Good point, Hayden. In my ignorance of all things legal, I did not know that! I will update the post and a hat tip to you. The original at PolitiFact (which I like to call PolitiLie) did, in fact, say “summer associate”, iirc. I thought it was redundant to mention that it was a summer job as a summer associate. Now I know better. Thanks for the info about the law review “job”, too. I had a feeling it was unpaid, unless somehow they get a stipend of some kind, but I couldn’t find anything to back it up. If one were making a resume, would that be listed as a “job” or somewhere at the bottom, as a footnote or extracurricular activity? Good to hear from you, btw.

    • another excellent explanation of the law review. They may make very good observers or interpreters of the law but only to substantiate their schooling…not paid. Right on Hayden…still a student of law. Most lawyers don’t even have a great understanding of all law , only an area of law, and only after “PRACTICE” do they get decent at a particular area of law. I love the term ” law practice” , so apprapoe. You’re right Hayden.


  4. Work is a dirty word to the elite Obama’s. 🙄

  5. Love Trey!!!!. 🙂

    • Huh, that’s new information for me…about the Ann Dunham in the 1960 Seattle Polk…you guys?

      • I got one for ya…..and this is my own creative thinking mind you, but there is room for prevarication because as we know, some of what we may read….from news caps, photos birth announcements, deaths; for all we know are just creations, so I’ll spin an idea borrowing from a few creations , whether some of it is fiction or truth is only in the (mind) of the beholder.
        I noticed way back that photo of Barack Sr. delivering some speech at the U Hawaii….and the caption said he was there on behalf of some AFrican cultural Studies Foundation(or Club). Well now, that cultural studies club was first in existence back then at a University in New York, not Hawaii……. I can’t remember the name of it exactly right now…as I don’t that article in front of me. Keeping that in mind, now remember I made mention a couple of times that Barack O. Sr. first shows up not at a port of call or airport in Hawaii, but his papers say he flew into New York. Hmm….so what if Barack Obama’s actual first place of study is actually in New York and not HI. I know you’re thinking that just can’t be, but remember only a couple of misfits like Abercrombie and Pake Zane and a few other folks ( we have no real evidence of knowing the honesty of anyone). Obmama Sr also leaves the US by way of New York. Now I just find those anomalies all associated with New York a bit odd. Well, you say there’s photos of B. Sr. with students from the East West center, but that is only a small bit of evidence to support him ever being at Hawaii U….. THe East West Center in it’s beginnings (I hadn’t realized this till I looked up archives of the newsletters on the very beginnings of the EW Center) was actually a separate entity of the HI University, and it’s creation was of course supported with Federal Dollars and the Ford Foundation and maybe another Foundation, but it was also the CIA’s Asian liaison and the whole thing was partly their baby(so I’ve read in a couple sites on the CIA). The East West Center was all about the Pacific and ASIA cultural studies and all things pertaining to Asian relations(and important source for the CIA, our building tensions in Cambodia, Viet nam , ect. It was not an African cultural center.
        Now what I propose the photo of O. Sr. at some (what looks like a ship dock at night; I could make out small lights of what looked like it could possibly be a ship behind them with small porthole places) arrival at night with the lay around his neck? I propose it is Obama on a cultural exchange visit to Hawaii and the kids from East West center and various dock workers meet him, thus the reason he is the only one with a lei around his neck. I say he only visited there for a short time as a study exchange and the EW kids were his special chaperones…to parties and cultural events. Certainly this would make sense as to why he was not on the plane with the other African Students, because the socialist Tom Myboya and likely Union associates urged Obama’s arrival on behalf of Myboya as a representative for him.
        This may sound absurd seeing as how there are a few documents to say he was in Hawaii, but it would only take a few doctored pieces of paper to insinuate he went to the U. of HI. from 1959-62. He could have easily visited HI as a student of New York University (where the African Cultural studies center was located) to share his expertise in African culture and share Myboya’s and his Marxist views on economic and the African Unions. Just doesn’t seem that far fetched to me. It would have been very likely he would have met Frank Davis and other folks with the EW Center because the directors of that center at the time were connected to the Dock workers uNion and so on.

        • alfy … U just keep ticking away … it can’t ever B out of the BOX…
          since WE have NO BOX! & U … get my juices flowing all is good!
          here’s SENIOR with lei – the lights behind the dock & much more…


        • That caption under O. Sr.’s photo on the Hawaii campus has to be a made up title for him. First of all there was no Afro-America Affairs institute till some black dude at Kent State founded one around 1969. Then one in Virginia, and New York university. And anyone care to explain why there would be a afro -American institute at the University of Hawaii, when O . Sr. would have been just about the only Afro student there? There wasn’t one….the caption is misleading……this was a peace ralley, nuclear weapons speeches people speaking on that topic. Again, I just think this is all made up. .

          • “That caption under O. Sr.’s photo on the Hawaii campus has to be a made up title for him. First of all there was no Afro-America Affairs institute” The one started in 1969 is Institute of African American Affairs (IAAA) supposedly. On the search for more information I came across so much stuff and who knows if anything there within. It is just that you all have so much information that you would more ready recognize if significant. Here are three articles from cache. The pages in current forms are minus the pictures.



            On this page for FundMetis, a children charity for mixed race Russians, the author says these three articles were written in 1991. http://www.fundmetis.ru/en/who-we.html

            “RUSSIA: Mixed-race children’s charity in Russia celebrates 19th anniversary
            Mixed race children’s charity Metis celebrated its 15th anniversary in May with a charity market fair in Moscow. Since its foundation in 1998, the charity has provided financial and social support to many Afro-Russian families living in Moscow. The Metis fund was established and is run by the wives of ambassadors of African countries in Russia and has been helping Afro-Russian families in need, organising charity events and workshops for children. “This is very important for us because these children usually have only mothers or grandmothers. And their African fathers have either left or died. So for us it is very important to help those children,” Pana Sale Boutou, the wife of the Cameroon ambassador in Russia told Reuters. The fund is also helping children to cope with racial prejudice that still exist in Russian society towards ethnic minorities. It has established a special Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre for interracial community in Russia. The centre helps victims of race-related crime and racial discrimination. “We help those who are in need, especially children, who haven’t asked for such a destiny, who haven’t chosen their parents. We need to be able to help them whenever they need help. We call all the people and especially organisations who can help us to promote the charity to continue to help other people. We think that love is the most essential thing in life, the love we can give to others,” said the wife of the ambassador of Cote d’Ivoire Tanoh-Boutchoue Salamata. There are around 4,000 Afro-Russian children the Moscow region, according to the fund website, many of whom live below the poverty line. In many cases fathers left for Africa abandoning their Russian families and not offering them any financial assistance. Some 350 Afro-Russian children have been registered with the Metis fund and have received financial and psychological support. Some, although they do not require support, feel their participation in the fund’s activities is important to them. Yulia Nazarova’s husband Patrick came to Russia from Democratic Republic of the Congo more than eight years ago. They live with their two daughters and a son in Moscow. The family spent the day at Metis charity event cheering their daughters, Polina and Liza as they performed on stage at the event. Nazarova said the her children’s skin colour has never been a problem. “I think in Russia generally the attitudes towards children are not as they should be, sometimes you can see that. But I don’t think it has got anything to do with them being mulattos. it is just that sometimes people say ‘well, you gave birth to the kids’, you hear that sometimes, but I don’t think that’s because they are mulattos,” she said. “In the kindergarten, its is absolutely fine, they are treated in a very good way. But indeed, there is some curiosity and one gets tired of this curiosity. But in general, we have friends and acquaintances here, we go for walks together and spend time outside,” she said. Metis, partially sponsored by the European Union as well as international humanitarian organizations, also provides legal advice and psychological support to adult members of mixed race families.” (itnsource.com/shotlist/RTV/2013/06/01/RTV010613036/RTV010613036-1208?v=2)

        • Alfy, your points are right on. You and I think so much alike on so many levels, our research often run’s parallel.

          This part of you comment –
          I hadn’t realized this till I looked up archives of the newsletters on the very beginnings of the EW Center) was actually a separate entity of the HI University, and it’s creation was of course supported with Federal Dollars and the Ford Foundation and maybe another Foundation, but it was also the CIA’s Asian liaison and the whole thing was partly their baby(so I’ve read in a couple sites on the CIA).

          You exactly right, and anyone that did research into this obamanation from the beginning knows you research is correct.

          I found this not long ago

          426 OUEEN STREET. ROOM 201

          March 4,1992

          Mr. Raleigh Awaya Acting Vice President for Administration East—West
          Center 1777 East-West Road Honolulu, Hawaii 96848

          Dear Mr. Awaya:
          Re: East-West Center
          This is in response to your letter dated October 25, 1991, in which you
          stated that the Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between
          East and West, Inc. (“EWC”), is not governed by the Uniform Information
          Practices Act (Modified), chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“UIPA”).

          Whether, under the UIPA, the EWC is an “agency” and, therefore, governed by the provisions of the UIPA.

          Act 82, 1975 Hawaii Session Laws, states that the EWC “shall not be
          considered a department, agency, or public instrumentality of the State,
          and shall not be subject to the laws of the State” applying to government

          Act 82, §4,1975 Haw. Sess. Laws 143,145. Based upon the clear language of this Act, we believe that the EWC does not constitute an
          “agency” as this term is defined by section 92F-3, Hawaii Revised Statutes. Consequently, the EWC does not fall within the jurisdiction of the
          UIPA and need not comply with the UIPA’s disclosure and public records
          report requirements.

          In 1960, Congress enacted the “Center for Cultural and Technical
          Interchange Between East and West Act of 1960,” Public Law No. 86-472, chapter VII (“East-West Center Act”), which instructed the Secretary of State to establish and operate the EWC “through arrangements with public, educational, or other nonprofit institutions.”
          East-West Center Act, Pub. L. No. 86—472, § 703, 74 Stat. 141 (1960). From funds appropriated by Congress, the Secretary of State, gave the
          University of Hawaii (“UH”) a grant to administer the EWC.
          In turn, the UH provided land, facilities, and services to the EWC.
          See Act 82, § 2, 1975 Hawaii Session Laws 143, 144.
          In 1975, the Legislature of the State of Hawaii enacted the East-West Center Corporation Act, establishing “an educational non—profit
          public corporation that would make arrangements with the secretary of
          state to administer and operate the East-West center.”
          Id. By incorporating the EWC, the Legislature intended that the EWC
          “maintain its own autonomy” [self-government?] although the EWC would
          still be “dependent upon continued federal funding through grants-in-aid,
          the use in perpetuity of state lands, and the state’s assumption of certain
          educational and institutional support costs.” S. Conf. Comm. Rep. No. 29,
          8th Leg., 1975 Reg. Sess., Haw. S.J. 868, 868—9 (1975), H. Conf. Comm. Rep. No. 29, Haw. H.J. 911, 912 (1975).

          Click to access opinion-92-02.pdf

          More interesting facts there, but I wanted to point out the above to you, that in 1975 the By incorporating the EWC, the Legislature intended that the EWC “maintain its own autonomy” [self-government?] turned the EWC into a corporation.

          These facts are also listed there –

          To further emphasize the EWC’s autonomous status, the State Legislature
          declared, in Act 82, 1975 Hawaii Session Laws:
          The corporation shall not be considered a department, agency, or public
          instrumentality of the State, and shall not be subject to the laws of the
          State applying to departments, agencies and public instrumentalities
          of the State, except that the corporation shall be subject to all the laws of
          the State pertaining to non-profit corporations.

          So Alfy, your analyses makes perfect sense to me. A self government /corporation which EWC has been since 1975 can produce any information they please. Is the information that they produce factual? Why would it have to be? They are self governed! What id like to know is who is running the corporation!

            • Thanks, I went back and read your information there. Yep, Soros to the rescue…..now jump back to all the border crossing stuff again, yep.
              Now jump to the dude in Mexcan prison. Why can everybody and his uncle speak to the dude by phone in prison and this has come to the attention of quite a few in Washington about how cruel this is. A bit uncanny, I think. Why the wait? Just wonder if that dude in prison is some kind of bargaining chip, when all H breaks loose in Mexico, or south america…….for some kind of big crescendo. Call me crazy, but not yet.
              Thanks too, Leza for that excellent evidence on the E West Center to support what I said. So we should have gained some powerful truths by now with unrefutable evidence. That’s saying a lot considering what we’ve been dealing with for the past several years. And if it’s even true that Ann D. was ever involved with the EW center , it’s likely more proof she had ties to CIA or was guided by the wishes of some government entity.

            • Isn’t it wonderful, too, that they’re not under Hawaii’s version of the FOIA?

      • Students in the Polk Directory?

      • “Surprisingly, the 1956-1960 Seattle/Honolulu Polk directories do more or less agree with Barack’s Mercer Island narrative. (1) The 1956-1959 Seattle Polk directories (with an exception of 1958) lists the Dunhams on Mercer Island. (2) The March 1960 Seattle Telephone directory lists the Dunhams on Mercer Island. (3) The 1960-1961 Honolulu Polk directory lists the Dunhams at 6085 Kalanianaole.”

        “with an exception of 1958”. Hmmm. 1958 would match the age of today’s barry. Or, Where were they in 1958? Or was the 1958 directory just unattainable and can still be it?

        • Who knows? I wish this person would provide more photos of the directories in question. I don’t have access to those directories, unfortunately. They must be in libraries in Hawaii, so people go there to get excerpts. It bugs the heck out of me that those who do go don’t look up everybody, like the PRATTS, who lived in that house, allegedly, WITH Stan and Mad.

    • Off topic, but I need a drink. My head is spinning more than usual.

    • That’s kind of interesting, huh? Janny Scott mentions that she may have done a short “stint” in nursing? Does one HAVE TO be a U of WA student to be a “laboratory student” at that clinic? Are there not other possible schools she may have attended (if Ann Dunham is SAD)? Very curious indeed. https://www.virginiamason.org/body.cfm?id=122&fr=true

      • http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/biographer-admits-there-was-no-obama-family/

        Where does this all leave the Pratt family? They supposedly lived at the Lefforge’s address, where the Dunhams also lived.

        From the AT link: “… The 1960-1961 Honolulu Polk directory lists the Dunhams at 6085 Kalanianaole. … Thelma, according to the 1962-1963, 1964-1965, and 1965-1966 Honolulu Polk directories, lived with her husband, Orland (UH associate professor & 1970’s UH director of curriculum) at the 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy address sequentially after the Dunham family. …”

        BUTT the so-called birth announcements say SAD and BHO Sr. lived at that address in August 1961. Are the Pratts not listed there, too? Has anybody ever looked?

        And what an(other) amazing coincidence. For only the date when Barry was announced, did the Advertiser only announce births in ONE edition of the two-editions-per-day paper.

  6. YES WE CAN! the demon-ic got trashed Mississippi MUD style..


  7. keep the balls rolling….. FORWARD!!!!! so much info here!!!

  8. B… H …. O’ ….. SENIOR who’s daddy????



  9. always busy, busy, busy at ‘work’


    ~ ~ ~ ~
    anyone find it strange that the State Investigator of Sandy Hook dropped dead last week at age 49? Major Podgorski, RIP

    Upon his promotion to major on August 1, 2008, he served in the Division of Homeland Security, on the Commissioner’s Staff, in the Division of Scientific Services, and most recently, as the commanding officer of Western District Headquarters –

    See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/hartfordcourant/obituary.aspx?pid=171408088#sthash.ElVo1hOa.dpuf


    • I suppose they probably also called upon the DemoncRAT party’s vote fraud division to help pull him over the finish line?

  10. I am starting to wonder if emails have the ability to have an Identity Crisis and run off to join the Hare Krishnas or the circus. to find themselves. or something.


  11. have comment in moderation; must have too many links.

  12. Related to the Thad Cochran story: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/06/breaking-nearly-7-million-americans-are-registered-to-vote-in-two-or-more-states/

    The link says it all: 7 MILLIONS “voters” are registered in TWO OR MORE states. So did they vote in 2012 and 2008 in two or more states? What do YOU think? I heard on radio, unconfirmed, that the illegals crossing the border are being given SS#’s. So will THEY vote in 2014 and 2016, too?

  13. A couple of pics of the governor, upstream, are just blank squares.

    • Try refreshing the screen. There’s something wrong with those photos. I didn’t capture them, just linked to them so they load when you display the screen. At the website where they’re found, it stalls when loading the photo sometimes and I get a message saying the photo “contains errors,” whatever that means.

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