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Do you notice how the stories and the outrages are coming fast and furious?  Well, that’s the plan, isn’t it?  To overwhelm us and wear us all down. In the ensuing confusion, many stories go unnoticed and unremarked upon. We can’t have that! So let’s look at some other stories that have been in the news lately.

Let’s talk about the Washington Redskins. Now the U.S. Patent Office is getting involved in the issue of their name. (Is there any government agency in the Obama administration that hasn’t been politicized yet?)

The patent office has canceled the Redskins trademark because after all these years they’ve suddenly decided that the name is “disparaging”, even though 80% of Americans think the name is just fine and, in fact, might be an homage to the bravery and strength of Native Americans. However, some vocal Native Americans think otherwise, and so a minority of a minority population now has the power to nix a trademark that they alone consider “offensive” or “disparaging”.

Putting aside the question of whether or not the patent office even has the authority to do this retrospectively, one has to wonder how small an objecting minority can be and still get a politicized agency to acquiesce. If even one person is offended, will the U.S. Patent Office pull a trademark?

If the owners do eventually knuckle under to political correctness and threats from a federal agency that’s abusing its power, I have a suggestion for a new name for the Redskins. This name embodies something that every progressive can get behind. It’s politically correct and totally in sync with the new definition of hero.  Here you go:

The Washington Victims.

Hold that thought about minorities. Progressives like Hillary Clinton seem to love certain minorities but hate on others, such as the Tea Party and gun-rights defenders (although the latter may be a majority). You know, progressives dislike basically anybody who cherishes our Constitution. Recently Hillary opined about gun rights and minorities:

I’m well aware that this is a hot political subject.  And again, I will speak out no matter what role I find myself in, but I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation. We cannot let a minority of people – and it’s, that’s what it is, it is a minority of people – hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.

There’s too much Alinsky in that quote for me to parse. The writer at the link does a most excellent job. But I will say this: One has to wonder if the owners of the Redskins feel terrorized at the moment. After all, it’s a minority of a minority that’s attacking them and using the apparatus of the U.S. government to do it. What stands out most, in my opinion, is Hillary’s contention that “we”, whoever we are, “cannot let” anyone “hold a viewpoint” that, in her opinion, “terrorizes” others. We can’t allow someone to hold a viewpoint? Whoops! Hillary accidentally revealed how her mind works.

What does Hillary suggest, repeal of the First Amendment? Yet she goes beyond the First Amendment. She’s talking about suppressing viewpoints. In other words, thought control! Orwellian.

Hillary, of course, wants to become our first female president. She plans to get there by using the trumped-up “Republican war on women” meme in her campaign. Hillary used to be Secretary of State.

WND tells us that, via the State Dept., Democrats plan to “thrust” the gay agenda on the whole world:

But now a coalition in Congress, made up exclusively of Democrats, wants to take the effort further and make promoting LGBT “human rights” a “priority for the U.S. government worldwide.”

Prepared by Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the “International Human Rights Defense Act” would demand that the State Department “make preventing and responding to discrimination and violence against the LGBT community a foreign policy priority and devise a global strategy to achieve those goals.” …

Markey, who was joined by more than a dozen other Democrats in affirming the new guidance for a worldwide campaign for the U.S., said in a statement on Friday there are more than 80 nations around the world that criminalize homosexuality.

In seven countries, homosexuality is punishable by death,” his announcement noted.

Markey’s bill (S. 2472)

Directs the Secretary of State to establish in the Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor a Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Peoples.
So I checked out the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

There are six deputies, of whom one is female and the rest are male. There’s one current “special envoy” who’s male, whose job is to “monitor and combat anti-Semitism.” There’s one “special advisor” (not “envoy”) who’s female; her job concerns disability rights.

So out of a “leadership” of eight at that agency, only two leaders are female. There’s no “special envoy” to monitor or combat misogyny, despite the fact that over half the population of the world is female and that in many nations, particularly Muslim-majority ones, women are oppressed, enslaved, persecuted, murdered, mutilated, and denied freedom and human rights. What did Hillary do for Muslim women when she was Secretary of State?

Let’s switch gears for a minute and talk about another sports team owner: Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers basketball team. He’s been in the news for uttering allegedly disparaging comments about blacks in a private conversation that was secretly taped by his “mistress”. Now the NBA is trying to force him to sell the team to another (more politically correct) owner like Oprah or Dr. Dre. Sterling, however, is not going gently:

Donald Sterling … has hired four private firms to investigate the NBA’s former and current commissioners, and its 29 other owners, a person close to Sterling’s team of lawyers told Associated Press, or AP. [T]he investigators have been offered a six-figure budget to scrutinize the league’s finances, compensations paid to the present and former commissioners, and previous unfair conducts, within 30 days. Sterling’s primary targets reportedly include previous NBA Commissioner David Stern and current Commissioner Adam Silver.

“The gloves are off, as they say,” the source told AP. “Have them dig up all the dirt they can find.” …

According to the source, investigators have also been asked to find out if any other NBA team owner has ever made racist or sexual remarks. …

“Now his objective is to demonstrate for everybody that the NBA is a damned hypocrite,” Bobby Samini, Sterling’s attorney, told ESPN, on Wednesday. “We’re going to pull every case against the NBA. Then we’ll demonstrate that the culture of racism and gender discrimination is born at the NBA, where Adam Silver has worked in a high-level position for a long time.”

I love that. It’s about time somebody fought back.

Remember General Petraeus, who once directed the CIA and international forces in Afghanistan, and who had his own problems with extramarital imbroglios? Well, he’s back in the news with some disturbing comments in light of recent developments on our southern border:

Gen. Petraeus was speaking on the “After America, What?” panel at the Centre for Policy Studies’ Margaret Thatcher Liberty Conference at the Guildhall in the City of London.

After America comes North America,” he said, discussing how Canada, the United States and Mexico are set to be a formidable force together, “notwithstanding Mexico’s rule of law issues”.

“Clearly China is gong to continue to grow and develop, he said, but the former CIA chief was optimistic about America’s future. 

“The United States does faces challenges, we do have to get immigration reform … our debt-to-GDP ratio … the deadlock in Washington, et cetera et cetera.”

We “have to get immigration reform.” We do? What’s he talking about there–a North American Union? Petraeus now works as “chairman” of the KKR Global Institute.

Did you hear about how Muslim jihadists went door to door in Kenya, forcing people to recite passages from the Koran and, if they couldn’t, murdered them in cold blood? Some say the attacks were directed by a “white” man who spoke English and Arabic.

“I saw a group of armed man standing then dividing themselves into groups, one went to the police station, one towards the town centre to attack the banks and businesses,” he said.“All were commanded by someone who was white or an Arab,” he said. …

The larger of the two most recent raids happened on Sunday night, when gunmen took control of Mpeketoni town and went door-to-door asking people if they were Muslims. They executed those who were not. Sixty people died. [Were murdered!]

There were further clashes on Monday night, when as many as 15 more people were killed. So far, no one has been arrested.

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, shocked many when he claimed the raids were the work of local politicians trying to stir up ethnic hatred against his Kikuyu tribe, and not al-Shabaab.

This was despite the fact that the Somalia-based al-Qaeda army had already claimed responsibility. …

Also in the news again is the situation in Libya. Obama took credit recently for capturing Ahmed Abu Kattala, the alleged perpetrator of the attack on our mission in Benghazi.

Kattala has been “hiding” in plain sight for the past two years. The “capture” took place just as the House prepares to initiate new hearings into the Benghazi attack, which took the lives of four Americans. Kattala was not, however, the maker of the video that Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary said caused the “spontaneous demonstration” that caused the attack. No, that was another Muslim, who some say is an agent who worked with or for the U.S. government.

Before the Benghazi attack, WTPOTUS ran a post asking who the U.S. government was arming in Libya, and why we were arming them. In that post, we discussed Khalifa Hifter,

the new leader of Libya’s opposition military [who] spent the past two decades in suburban Virginia but felt compelled – even in his late-60s – to return to the battlefield in his homeland, according to people who know him.

Khalifa Hifter was once a top military officer for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, but after a disastrous military adventure in Chad in the late 1980s, Hifter switched to the anti-Gadhafi opposition. In the early 1990s, he moved to suburban Virginia, where he established a life but maintained ties to anti-Gadhafi groups.

The Asia Times Online wrote in March 2011:

Khalifa Hifter – a former Libyan army colonel who spent nearly 20 years in Vienna, Virginia, not far from the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley? Progressives will love to learn that the romantic “rebels” are now led by a CIA asset.

Coincidentally, or not, Hifter is in the news again this week:

Troops loyal to a rogue general launched airstrikes on Sunday against Islamist militias in Benghazi, a Libyan security official said, in what appeared to [be] a new push into the city itself as part of his ongoing offensive against the fighters.

The strikes followed a ground assault with infantry and clashes earlier in the day that left five dead. Both actions seemed to be part of a plan by Gen. Khalifa Hifter and his forces to seize control of the eastern city.

In conjunction with these events, the government of Libya is now demanding the return of Kattala (aka Kattalah).

Libya’s weak interim government on Wednesday verbally assailed the U.S. capture of a suspected mastermind of the 2012 attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans and set off a political firestorm in the United States.

At a news conference nearly 24 hours after the Pentagon publicly disclosed the special-operations raid that netted Ahmed Abu Khatallah, Justice Minister Saleh Marghani denounced the U.S. military action as a violation of Libyan sovereignty and demanded that Abu Khatallah be returned to Libya for trial.

“We had no prior notification,” the minister told reporters. “We did not expect the U.S. to upset our political order.” …

Deepening the turmoil, a rogue ex-general, Khalifa Hifter, has in recent weeks launched a self-declared war against the Islamists. He has urged regular Libyan military units to join forces with him and has marshaled weapons including artillery and attack aircraft to bombard Islamist militias’ positions in Benghazi.

The Islamists and Hifter’s troops routinely exchange fire with heavy weapons while civilians cower in their homes.

Where did Hifter get the artillery, attack aircraft, and heavy weapons? Why did Hifter go rogue at this particular point in time? Is he or was he on the CIA payroll? Why did the U.S. government suddenly and simultaneously grab up Kattala, whose whereabouts have been known for the past two years? Why did they grab him without notifying the Libyan government, violating their national sovereignty and upsetting their “political order?” Did Hifter know in advance? Was that his go signal? Why did Obama have Kattala seized now, putting him on ice, right as Representative Trey Gowdy’s hearings are set to begin? Was this a CIA mop up? What stories might both Kattala and Hifter have to tell? What is the truth about Benghazi?


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  1. Great post Miri. :thumbsup:

  2. AMERICA : IMAGINE the WORLD …. with ~ OUT HER ~

    OPENING NEAR YOU SOON ~ JULY 4, 2014 ~ Dinesh D’Souza ~

  3. ~ Missing Ronnier • 7 minutes ago ~
    This Usurper… is a traitor to the Nation he has Sworn to Defend….
    He has Violated his Oath of Office by leading a De facto invasion by
    foreign insurgents onto American Soil. He should be impeached & tried
    on charges of Treason. As Malaria- Measles- Hepatitis- TB is Highly
    Contagious U can catch it anywhere @ Schools Malls Buses & is ALSO
    DRUG Resistant. Smallpox & Polio will FOLLOW is this FAIR 2 USA?

    • Hey, they announced on NBC news that Barry says he checked and can’t find any emails from Lois. Case closed. Time for American Idol!

  4. Sheriff Joe: Obama’s ‘dumping of illegals intentional’… @ DRUDGE!!!!
    Boehner: ‘Administration’s own making’…
    SHOCK PHOTO: Tin Foil Blankets…
    Scabies, chicken pox…
    Hundreds Arrive By Hour…
    Border ‘Most Porous It’s Ever Been’…
    ‘De facto amnesty is here’…
    Known Gang Members Released…
    Frustrated Agents Look For New Jobs…
    Rick Perry Unloads On Obama’s Failure To Secure Border…
    No room left for homeless Texans…
    CLAIM: ‘Homeland’ Paying For Illegals to be ESCORTED INTO USA…

  5. Frustrated Agents Look 4 New Jobs .. ^^ & JUST as PLANNED

    • And Congress continues to fiddle …

      Boehner and McConnell actually went to the WH to sit in the same room with that guy. Would you, if you were in their shoes? Why go through the motions? He KNOWS he can do anything he wants and get away with it. Will ISSA or GOWDY achieve diddly squat? It’s scary.

  6. The IRS news gets more ridiculous by the moment. Now they claim the hard drives (plural) have already been destroyed.

    BUTT they said it was Lerner’s laptop and there are servers and backups of those servers that should, BY LAW, still exist and be preserved. BUTT on NBC news, we’re informed NOW that the “server” crashed. It’s ridiculous and the only reason they would lie SO BLATANTLY is that they KNOW they have an ace in the hole and NOTHING will ever be done. The Congress is toothless, for WHATEVER REASON.

    Barry wags the dog and look! Petraeus back to do more of his bidding, for WHATEVER reason.

    “America should launch “targeted” military attacks against an emerging “terrorist army” in Iraq if it jeopardises the security of the West, the former head of Coalition forces in the country said last night.

    In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, David Petraeus, one of the most senior figures in the American military over the past decade, said that he would now support limited strikes against the leadership of Isis.

    Gen Petraeus’s intervention came as Barack Obama, the US President, announced that America was sending 300 special forces advisers to Iraq to help support the fight against Isis. Mr Obama also said that the US was prepared to launch military strikes if future intelligence recommended such action. …”

    • There must be lots of other stuff on there too. Conversations about what to do about certain Citizen’s… the malicious plans…
      Wait til someone gets to them through the back door. It would be a thrill!

    “The revelation that the computers of Internal Revenue Service workers, including Tea Party prober Lois Lerner, were erased of critical emails sought by lawmakers has elevated the affair to — and maybe beyond — an old familiar presidential scandal, Watergate.

    “The IRS tea-party audit story isn’t Watergate; it’s worse than Watergate,” according to deputy Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Daniel Henninger.

    “The Watergate break-in was the professionals of the party in power going after the party professionals of the party out of power. The IRS scandal is the party in power going after the most average Americans imaginable,” he added.

    Some argue that it is certainly worse than when former President Bill Clinton was accused of using the IRS to punish huge conservative groups including the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch.

    The reason: Obama’s IRS went after the grassroots. Henninger suggested the order to do so came in Obama’s code language. “Mr. Obama himself in a March 2010 radio address spoke of ‘shadowy groups with harmless sounding names’ that threaten ‘our democracy,’ ” he wrote. …”

  8. rut roh

    “He got sloppy, arrogant and greedy.”

    oh, and What’s up with Mitt Romney? Hollywood Donors?

    • They’re going after Scott Walker, too. Watch how these “scandals” will be huge daily news but Barry’s? Zip, zero, nada. And in the meantime, Blago and Rezko? Scandals of Barry’s from 2008 still marking time. Travesty.

    • ^^
      The Esquire piece follows a victory lap of sorts for Christie in California. At a donors’ summit following his stint on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he was praised for “staying in the ring,” Christie declared the saga over. “It’s over, it’s done with and I’m moving on,” Christie told potential donors, brought together by Mitt Romney.

  9. ISIS – Islamic States

    ISIL – Levant

    check out Levant, the bogus potus preference.
    And do note Palestine is declared in Today’s Levant.

    Get the picture?

  10. So here we are, 3 months after the “universe-shattering” information was to be released and Sheriff Joe is back to the “I don’t care where the president was born” meme and saying he’s closing in on the forgers. So if the universe-shattering information doesn’t concern where Barry was born and they don’t yet KNOW who the forgers are, then WHAT is the universe-shattering information and how, in any way, could revelation shatter the UNIVERSE? I’m trying to wrap my head around it. Trying to imagine what about the forged document would or could be “universe shattering”. Right now, we’re looking at an IRS that is lying to the public, under oath, apparently. They claim they “lost” what most IT experts in the country say cannot BE lost. Koskinen is under oath and contradicting himself about what he said earlier under oath. Go back to the LONG list of documents that have been disappeared (sometimes against the LAW) by this administration’s people or by private persons who are covering for him (I’m thinking of college archives). Has knowledge of, say, the disappearance of port of entry records from the freaking NATIONAL ARCHIVES for the week of his alleged birth shattered the universe? Hardly. Most people don’t even know about it. Back to the LFCOLB. What about the identity of the forgers would perhaps be universe shattering? (Keep in mind that if Arpaio doesn’t even know for sure who they are, then how could it BE universe shattering?) Maybe if Putin’s peeps forged it, that might be universe shattering. Or maybe George Soros’s peeps. Ya think? I’m not sure what it would take to shatter this particular Obama universe. The only thing that I can imagine WOULD shatter this universe is sure and certain evidence that he isn’t even African AT ALL. Butt then, that concerns himself and Arpaio’s not interested in that, apparently. Or is he? Do they have something OR NOT?

      A disgruntled ex-CCP employee, working with obots, has failed at having the CCP shut down for not listing a street address on their paperwork. They use a P.O. Box on account of threats. But the gummint has ruled that they can use Zullo’s address at the Sheriff’s office and all is well. Except, however, the investigation is getting “long in the tooth” yet Zullo’s sure the document was forged. Is THAT what’s supposed to be “universe shattering”?

    • ~ ~ Oh, My Goodness! ~ by Shirley Temple ~ ~ it’s altered 4 fun~

      When U say It’s … Day Light ~ & WE say it’s “the DARKEST of Nights”
      When U … say HE’s.. Black ??? ~ & WE say HE’s White ! ?
      Tell ME ~ What’s wrong with U Baby?

      When WE say It’s Left ~ U say it’s Right ?
      BUTT’ … When U say it, ~ DO .. U say it just 4 Spite? .. do tell …
      Gee WHIZ ! ~ What is WRONG with U? “BABY” ?
      Why can’t WE ~ TPOTUS ~ just get … “IT OVER” JOE?

      At times WE Ought to … ‘Hate ON U dude’
      You make US … Feel SO Blue (untrusting 2 ) … SO BLUE!
      BUTT’… Honest …. I Can’t Hate ON U
      when U throw US ~ a BONER OR 2 …
      Oh, My Goodness!

      Sometimes “I” so want to Leave U ~ I DO
      You tell such Sim-ple ~ TALES… ( the truth before WE die?..)
      BUTT’ I Could Never leave U JOE .. NO where else 2 Fly!

      WE really Ought to >> SCOLD <> OLD & GRAY<< no LIE
      BUTT' when It's Time to ~ SCOLD ~ U ..
      I hang my head … & sigh … atleastyourstillalive
      ~ (do U… Believe WE NEED 2 SAY THAT in 2014 ? )

      So Tighter than "Fort Knock's".. we knock pounding harder each
      knuckles bleeding, hearts R broken as MANY turned away ..

      We PRAY 4 U JOE… ~ 4 TRUTH's of YESTERDAY's ~ I prance
      I dance I keep the beat … 4 W-a-i-t-i-n-g… is such HELL on EARTH!
      TRUSTING a NON-BLABBER MOUTH got something up your CUFF?
      JOE & ZULLO "YOUR the MAN" WhO' will SHATTER these LIES !
      BLESS your FAMILY's 2 ~ MY HERO's ~ NO matter What!

      • Good one, Zenway! I hope they do have something, but it’s hard to keep hoping, especially when they sound like they’re backtracking. Yes, at least he’s still alive.

    • CW has written about Joe: And cabbyaz had a brilliant insight to explain why the Benghazi mastermind was arrested and brought here for trial: Because it gives everybody at DOJ and in the administration an “out” to testifying before the House Committees (or even the Senate should Reps. take control): they can’t comment because of the “ongoing” investigation and trial. I think cabby is spot on. Exactly. Great thought.

  11. So I wasted some of my time this morning watching some of this, but missed Ryan. This testifier IS truly unbelievable and also a smarta** in the mold of his ultimate boss. He testified earlier that he would supply all of Lerner’s emails, KNOWING AT THE TIME that there was this alleged hard-drive crash UNLESS that “yeah, that’s the ticket” scenario hadn’t yet been invented and given to him before his prior testimony.

    As they tell a NEW lie, then the past disappears. It’s magical. Orwellian. Or do they simply switch from an alternate universe where the previous “reality” lives on but now there’s a new “reality” with a different past trajectory? The MATRIX? OMG. It’s freaking unbelievable.

    I saw this guy testify that the IT people at the IRS decided in AUG. 2011 that her hard drive was unrecoverable and was “recycled” (aka destroyed). IF IT WAS! One of the representatives asked for the serial numbers of the hard drives in question. Koskinen, as he did throughout whenever anyone asked for details or names, said he didn’t know anything about serial numbers or whether government property like hard drives have an audit trail documenting what became of them. (BELIEVE ME, they do. ALL public property is inventoried and followed via paperwork from purchase to disposal.) He testified that the IRS IT took the “extraordinary step” to send her hard drive (any others?) to the forensic examiners at the IRS. [imho, this was a direct answer to Sharyl Attkisson who said it needed to be forensically examined. imho, it’s a prevarication, shall we say, and one that backfired on him. Read on to see why.] One rep asked WHY they did that? Why take an “extraordinary step” to recover HER email BEFORE there even was an investigation?

    These are the CSI types. The CRIMINAL investigators. The representative had knowledge of how this unit works and asked Koskinen for the REPORT from the CSI types on why the hard drive was broken and what steps were taken to try to recover it and upon what basis they decided it was useless and WHO made the decision to send it to the forensic guys in the first place. He asked which CSI type guys handled it, and who made the decision to scrap it. OF COURSE, Koskinen had NO KNOWLEDGE of any of this. Says he doesn’t even know the names of the examiners!

    Mind you, the CSI guys work for US. They’re SUPPOSED to be examining criminal cases of tax evasion on behalf of We the People, who pay their salaries. HOW did they account for their time and the resources necessary to try to recover Lerner’s files when this was OUTSIDE their mission? She wasn’t under investigation THEN, so was this a misuse of public resources to do a personal favor for Lerner? THAT, in itself, is a problem. Here’s the timeline I gleaned:

    August 2011: IRS IT guys say the hard drive is irretrievably broken and they destroy it.

    “Last FALL” (so Sept.-Nov./Dec. 2013): Lerner advised Koskinen or somebody who told him about it that she thought there was an “issue” with her emails and the hard drive. They didn’t advise Congress. Apparently the IT guys who knew didn’t tell anybody or else (more likely) they were ordered to keep their traps shut. So, imho, Congress NEEDS to subpoena them.

    Feb. 2014: Koskinen says they noticed a gap (he wouldn’t use that terminology, of course–he said “discrepancy”) in the DATES of the emails they did retrieve using keywords. There weren’t many (or any) for the specific time frames of the IRS targeting (so convenient!). THEN there also was suddenly “found” a “ticket” that would have been the requisition, I suppose, for the IT guys’ time to work on her broken hard drive. This is standard IT practice. They track what everybody’s doing and have the equivalent of “work orders” to account for people’s time.

    April 2014: Koskinen said, after it was pointed out to him, that the Treasury Dept.’s lawyers learned from the IRS lawyers that there was the issue of the missing emails on account of the broken hard drive, but nobody told Congress. The WH wrote a letter to the committee recently telling them that the WH first learned of the missing emails in April 2014 from the Treasury Dept., but nobody told Congress. Koskinen couldn’t or wouldn’t say WHO in the IRS told the lawyers or Treasury about the hard drive crash or WHY other executive branch officials AND the WH were told about the missing emails and the CONGRESS, which is INVESTIGATING AND SUBPOENAING these records, were NOT told. He couldn’t or wouldn’t explain why he said he’d give all the emails when he knew most were missing. He said he wanted to be sure what happened first and write up a “fulsome” report before he told them, so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings or rushes to judgment (my terminology).

    In essence, he admitted that POLITICS was driving his decisions because when you’re a public servant who’s supposed to be cooperating with your superiors, which are the representatives of THE PEOPLE, you tell the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth without worrying about how the chips may fall.

    He was worrying about how the truth (or the fable about a broken hard drive) would be received and so, obviously, he was spinning the truth for political reasons. That’s not what you do when you’re supposed to be a public SERVANT.

    So damned frustrating, but what was heartening is that CSPAN ran tweets at the bottom of the screen after the hearing ended and nearly ALL of them evidenced disbelief in the IRS and called what was said “lies”.

  12. It gets more ridiculous by the moment–this situation with the UAC (unaccompanied children) which I shall call UAIAC (unaccompanied illegal alien children): The first lady of Honduras says she’s coming to the U.S. to gather up their country’s children and bring them back home. Good for her. But on cue, the U.S. officials say she can’t do it. Then there’s news that they had planned to put some of these pest-ridden, chicken-pox and measles infested illegal aliens in a mothballed, historically black college. The PEOPLE objected, and good for them! (WHAT is wrong with the FEMA camps?) UPSET that their citizens get deported but the UAIAC are getting special treatment, Barry tells the Mexicans that the kids won’t get to stay! OMG, I guess the illegal alien Mexicans are afraid the UAIAC might take THEIR jopsss.

    “President Obama told his Mexican counterpart in a phone call Thursday that immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally won’t qualify for legalized status or deferred deportation, including children.”

    It gets too funny, doesn’t it? These people have such a LACK of imagination. I should dearly LOVE to play chess or poker FOR MONEY with any of them. They cannot see beyond the move at hand. Joe’s going to Guatemala. He’s going to put his foot down!

    “Mr. Biden will warn officials and parents that illegal immigration is dangerous and that youth won’t be allowed to stay in the U.S.”

    This all comes about as Allen West blew the whistle on that bid for contracts found on the gummint website back in JANUARY, asking for people to contract to move all the 65,000 UAIAC to RESETTLEMENT camps. You don’t go to a RESETTLEMENT camp unless you’re going to be assimilated into the population.

    I heard on Glenn Beck this morning that Pelosi also said the kids are going home. Hmmm. I GUESS THEY HEARD THE PEOPLE LOUD AND CLEAR. The feds even APOLOGIZED to the people in Virginia who didn’t want the “immigrants”.

    It gets too interesting. One can imagine that these people carrying the “no illegal immigrants” signs who were upset about the illegals being housed in the closed historically black college might themselves be black, huh? So Barry’s peeps, myopic as usual, offend them by just springing it on them, probably expecting a kumbaya moment and instead run into a buzz saw.

    Then they apologize. WOULD they apologize to whites or would, instead, the whites be called RACIST for carrying anti-illegal-alien signs? You know the answer to that.

    I’m guessing the citizens with signs are black because had they been white, it would be top story on NBC news about the RACIST whites in VA. Oh, wait! There’s video at the first link. The most vocal people there were the black people, one of whom complained that there’s nothing for “our children” and yet the feds are bringing illegals in.

    • Was this all a setup so Hillary can look tough on illegal immigration?

      “Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that U.S. should send a clear message that the illegal immigrant children who have been surging across the border will be sent home.

      Mrs. Clinton, speaking during a town hall hosted by CNN, said the children should receive the best possible medical care, but should be return to their home countries if their relatives can be located. …”

      Methinks, perhaps, the minority communities have been heard from. Note the caveat: IF their relatives can be located. Their relatives are HERE! I think they probably got the names of the kin who left kids behind in Central America, then arranged for them to “surge” across the border, then put out the call for bids to transport them, and now are going to “reunite” families.

      Nothing that happens can be accepted at face value. It’s ALL orchestrated. They try it and, if it backfires, they turn on a dime and spin another way. Now Barry and Hillary will PRETEND to be tough on illegal immigration. Why? Because the PEOPLE, all of us, are against it. They will PRETEND until in office and then will do as they please, as we have seen with Barry.

    • They’re here to infiltrate your neighborhoods, your schools, your committees and boards, your fire and police departments, your life.

      They’re here to insult you for your traditions and culture and to deem you offensive.

      They’re here to dilute the natural born citizen population.

  13. It’s being reported, frighteningly, that ISIS has taken over a plant in Iraq that may have sarin gas and other WMDs from Hussein’s tenure. This raises several questions:

    1. WHY, after we overthrew Hussein and basically “occupied” Iraq, would there STILL be WMDs at that location?
    2. Why weren’t they removed or destroyed?
    3. Would these be the WMDs that the progressives persist in saying WEREN’T IN IRAQ in the first place?

  14. PETA?

    Barry’s administration kills our canine troops after their usefulness is over.

  15. And we knew it, didn’t we? Plamegate was a bogus “scandal” trumped up by the CIA. DISINFORMATION.
    Turkey and weapons transfers.

  16. scooped ice cream.. & binded books? such hard work as we suffered
    O’s daughters get a real.. taste of our lives? NO it’s not movie making

    • I want to see W-2 forms because, frankly, my dears, I don’t BELIEVE them. I don’t believe that EITHER of them EVER worked at minimum wage jopsss. Do you? We saw what kind of “job” Malia gets. Hanging out on the Hollywood set with Halle Berry. That’s “hard work”. Sasha, btw, is too young to legally work, isn’t she? All this crap is designed to do is (1) help TRY to raise Barry’s approval ratings and (2) set Mooch up for a run for office. She’ll be HANDED that job, as she’s been HANDED on a silver platter every other job she’s ever had. Let’s not forget how Mooch’s hospital administration job just suddenly saw a tripling of salary after Barry first was elected. Is that a new part of the fabulous fable? Did you ever hear before that they allegedly lived in Mooch’s parents’ house on the second floor after they married? This was after their wedding–you know the one with the high-faluting photography and the expensive dress and accoutrements. Did Mother Robinson pay the tab? They married in ’92. Both were working as lawyers then and Barry had his big jopss as a community organizer. Are we supposed to believe that Mooch wasn’t VERY well paid as an associate, an African-American one, at a big law firm? They didn’t struggle to afford to raise small children. By the time the kids were born, Barry was a state senator pulling down close to, if not well more than, $60,000 a year. And Mooch was working at the university and then not long after at the hospital. They had money. This is all more lies.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        I believe the crux of what she was saying is that although she was (cough…Affirmative Action) Ivy League educated, she was.using the.Marxist meme take the.collective to.properly instruct a parent how to raise a child. Just as Hillary did with, “it takes a village”.

    • 5108 comments in 7 hours!

      Poor Kid.

  17. Sheriff Joe: Obama’s ‘dumping of illegals intentional’…
    Boehner: ‘Administration’s own making’…
    Calls for National Guard to be deployed…
    Migrants amassing at Rio Grande’s edge…
    Militia groups call members to border…
    130,000 minors expected to arrive in coming year…
    Feds nix plan to house at Va. site after outrage…
    Hundreds of Toddlers Taken Into Custody…
    Miami Public Schools Issue SOS…
    Illegal arrested for assault at Border Patrol station…
    ICE Agent: Infectious TB Moving Into USA…
    @ DRUDGE… is every-ONE JUST sleep – WALKING?????

    • ifeelsorryforameric – Jun. 20, 2014 at 11:55am @ the Blaze

      This has all been planned for a long time, it is 100% Cloward and Piven, totally overload the Federal Government so that it implodes. The master plan is to turn the United States into a socialized state. Obama said it when he was elected, he was going to completely transform America. Well folks, welcome to the transformed America

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Apathetic. Helpless. Both?

  18. The bogus potus’ brain dines with Rupert Murdoch. How Cozy?

    Well somebody has to clean up after hotel guests, don’t they?

  19. It was only a matter of time. Lerner’s disk “crashed” right after Rep. Camp first asked about the targeting. ANOTHER amazing coincidence:

    “House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp first sent a letter asking if the IRS was engaged in targeting in June, 2011. Ms. Lerner denied it. She engineered a plant in an audience at a tax conference in May 2013 to drop the bombshell news about targeting (maybe hoping nobody would notice?). She has subsequently asserted a Fifth Amendment right to silence in front of the only people actually investigating the affair, Congress. Now we learn that her hard drive supposedly defied modernity and suffered total annihilation about 10 days after the Camp letter arrived. …”

    • They COUNT on the Congress to be computer illiterate. Thank goodness for the blogosphere. Will they SUBPOENA the folks that We the People are paying to archive the IRS email?

      “It turns out the IRS contracted with a company that provides email backup services starting in 2005. This first came to light in the Twitter feed of moregenr, who noticed that the IRS appears on the client list of email archiving service provider Sonasoft. … This was was picked up by Peter Suderman of Reason, who writes:

      The IRS had a contract with email backup service vendor Sonasoft starting in 2005,according to, which lists the contract as being for “automatic data processing services.” Sonasoft’s motto is “email archiving done right,” and the company lists the IRS as a customer.

      In 2009, Sonasoft even sent out a Tweet advertising its work for the IRS. …”

      At the link are copies of tweets where Sonasoft advertises that they backup the SERVERS at the IRS. Their specialty is email backup.

      Nothing in the “cloud” ever disappears from the cloud. I have a feeling that Sonasoft, if they are the backup contractor for the IRS, may even have multiple backups (backups of backups) even if the IRS retains only 6 months, just to be safe. If it were my company, I’d have years worth saved up, just in case. One of the representatives who questioned Koskinen yesterday was frustrated about how the IRS isn’t forthcoming because they answer ONLY what they’re asked. So did ANYBODY ask the IRS who does the archiving, for how long, where the archives are, etc.? I bet not.

      • Impressive list of customers

        Network Solutions
        The New York Times
        among many, many others.

        Click to access SonaVault-Email-Archiving-Datasheet-2011-08-23.pdf

        They have solutions for FOIA requests, too.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Watch some higher ups of Sonasoft “off themselves”


          Lois’s computer crashes right after the first enquiry from the House about targeting. Then, just weeks later, they cancel the contract with the email archiving service. Who canceled it and WHY and what happened to the archived email that company may have had? If the IRS bought the archiving hardware from that company, then WHERE IS THAT EQUIPMENT? There should be inventory records documenting all this equipment and software, when purchased and when disposed of and why. Are the committee members LISTENING to experts?

          “The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cancelled its longtime relationship with an email-storage contractor just weeks after ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and shortly before other IRS officials’ computers allegedly crashed.

          The IRS signed a contract with Sonasoft, an email-archiving company based in San Jose, California, each year from 2005 to 2010. …

          Sonasoft was providing “automatic data processing” services for the IRS throughout the January 2009 to April 2011 period in which Lerner sent her missing emails.

          But Sonasoft’s six-year business relationship with the IRS came to an abrupt end at the close of fiscal year 2011, as congressional investigators began looking into the IRS conservative targeting scandal and IRS employees’ computers started crashing left and right. …”

          In addition, the question should be asked: DID the IRS request that any archived emails be RESTORED to Lerner’s NEW hard drive once they fixed her computer and determined that they couldn’t be recovered and restored from the old hard drive? IF NOT, then WHY NOT? They pretend that Lerner was so adamant about getting back all her files. They even took the “extraordinary” step to have the criminal forensic investigators give it a go. So, if Sonasoft was under contract with them THEN, why weren’t the lost files ALL restored to Lerner’s NEW computer, making them available under subpoena? Yes, it probably IS true that the IT guys couldn’t save that hard drive, but the Congresspersons OBVIOUSLY must ask the correct questions: DID YOU TRY TO RESTORE THE EMAIL FROM THE ARCHIVES? WHERE ARE THE ARCHIVES NOW?

  20. RIP

    NEW HAVEN >> State police Maj. William Podgorski, a 24-year veteran of the department, has died after suffering from a brief illness.

    Trooper Kelly Grant said Podgorski, 49, the Western District commander, died Monday after surgery. The illness was not disclosed.

    Well, that didn’t take long.

  21. a new day so it’s some-ones birthday today…. also

  22. Sandy Hook a witch-hunt? staged event + more articles on site also

  23. O’ ….. LOIS!!!! all comes CRASHING DOWN! Big FAT CHEATERS
    ……. & more @ free republic…2

  24. Rosemary Woodhouse

    As I was reading about how so many people are cheering this POS’s EO to bury queer partners of vets along side them, I was struck anew (something I thought I was well past) by how this nation is truly two separate nations forced to coexist. And how WE are being forced to support so many of them,

    We are acting as if WE are a pre civil rights act minority. And THAT is what is so pathetic!

  25. Gay is a slur. Regroup.
    Gay: happy, light, elated, joyful.

    Usurped. Gay is not your night job.

    Homosexual is more like it and most definitive. HOMO latin, greek. same


    • which doesn’t mean your a bad person. it means your different. Unique,
      if you like.

      Who cares? I don’t and haven’t for more than 6 decades.

      Why all of a sudden does gayn need to be legal with a crazy assed juveile banner? Get off my back. Do your thang, it’s ancient history. bfd

  26. ~ Avatar ….PatrickJT • 2 days ago ~
    Over? Yeah, keep on believing what the libs say. Maybe his
    presidency is over, but his dictatorship has 2 1/2 years to go. And if
    Obama is not impeached and removed from office, he will cause more
    damage in that 2 1/2 years than he has in the previous 6. He and his
    minions will complete the destruction they have begun. Obama has
    nothing to lose, he has willing accomplices in Congress and the media,
    & an apathetic – at best – “opposition” in the RINO Republican Party.

    If Obama has his way, by 2016 there will be no
    private health insurance companies — healthcare will be completely
    socialized — the government will own you if you’re ill; energy costs
    will be out the roof in the interest of addressing the global warming
    scam; we will be easy pickings for Islamic terrorists; half of our
    military will have committed suicide; the other half will be on
    “humanitarian” missions, reaching out to Islam and Guatemala; the US
    Constitution will be unrecognizable; & we will all be expected to
    speak Spanish.

    Chaos is Obama’s middle name. If we don’t want to see the United States disappear, he must not have another 2 1/2 years.
    The idea that Obama’s presidency is over is absurd. He never had a
    presidency. When has anyone ever seen a US president behave like Obama?

    • He’s making his sprint to the finish line and there’s NO guarantee that a man who has ignored laws and the Constitution for 8 years will suddenly decide to obey the term limits set forth in the Constitution. He needs to be impeached and removed NOW, before he completes his plan to be a lifetime dictator. They gave the IRS a year and look what happened.

  27. JOLT: HILLARY BOOK FALLS OUT OF TOP 10 AMAZON AFTER ONE WEEK… can’t give the BS away now… hill is going down… good news

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      That’s all well and good, but wait until these countless invaders are given permission to vote (several times!!) They’ll vote for whomever POtuS’ people tell them to. Again , it’s an undeclared civil.war and I only hope.the.rumor.of various state militias heading to the southern border is factual. As the Chambers Brothers sang, Time has come today!

      • What do these “unaccompanied” INFANTS and TODDLERS do–crawl or toddle across the dangerous U.S. border? How is it possible for an INFANT to cross the border unaccompanied? Do they put them on a conveyor belt at customs and send them over? Do they drop them by drone into the desert? Do they stick them in the trunk of cars of unsuspecting legal border crossers? Obama’s administration apparently not explaining.

        “… From October 1, 2013 to June 11, Border Patrol detained 378 unaccompanied children ages two or younger, according to data obtained by Fusion from the office of a high-ranking Democratic senator. Of those children, 95 were infants under 1 year old.

        Fusion tried multiple times by phone and in writing to confirm the reports with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security, but no official would comment specifically, and instead referred to a previous statement. The Department of Health and Human Services, charged with the care of unaccompanied minors caught at the border, did not respond to a request for comment. …”

        • You Have to remember Cecilia Munoz is the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. She was Senior Vice President of the National Council of La Raza. She was, still is? closely connected to Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. And the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a coalition of local immigrant advocates, national policy groups, labor unions, faith-based groups, and ethnic organizations that come together under the umbrella of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. They have a habit of mounting nationwide campaigns to support passage of workable comprehensive immigration reform legislation in Congress, and did so back in ’07 fighting their hardest for passage of comprehensive immigration reform back then. That was during Bush’s shamisty I believe, iirc.

          They also had members of their Strategy Council, that were groups such as ACORN, Center for American Progress, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Center for Community Change, National Council of La Raza, MALDEF, NAACP, SEIU, ect, I cannot remember them all.

          I remember their main financing came from The Atlantic Philanthropies, Chuck Feeney.

          From Wiki

          Charles Francis Feeney (born April 23, 1931 in Elizabeth, New Jersey)[1] is an Irish-American businessman and philanthropist and the founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies, one of the largest private foundations in the world. He made his fortune as a co-founder, with Robert Warren Miller, of the Duty Free Shoppers Group. The concept of “duty-free shopping”—offering high-end concessions to travelers, free of import taxes—was in its infancy when, along with Miller, Feeney founded DFS on November 7, 1960. DFS began operations in Hong Kong (where it retains its corporate headquarters), later expanding to Europe and other continents. DFS’ first major breakthrough came in the early 1960s, when it secured the exclusive concession for duty-free sales in Hawaii, allowing it to market its products to Japanese travelers.

          Hawaii, just can’t make the connection’s up, they are right there in black and white!

          Seems were starting to find several Irish connections also btw.

          Anyhow, just bringing it up because it makes me wonder how the infants and smaller children are getting here also. They would have to have help. Just doing a hmmm, on Munoz and these groups pushing immigration reform, and “if” they maybe lending a helping “hand”.

          • I forgot to also say that Gara LaMarche is now President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, he took over sometime in ’07. Before becoming the CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies he served as Vice President and Director of U.S. Programs for the Open Society Institute….Soro’s.

            • Wow, lots of great information Leza. Can’t keep up with it all though. The names are now a muddle in my brain. That first stuff you spoke of this morning about the Al Baraka bank dismissal and the Global Relief foundation also relates to the Vallery Plame and her husband ambassador Wilson…..all too deep , twisted and completed, but the stuff goes back to Clinton days and Bush days with Osama B. and just so much stuff. Ms. Plame is now a bigg donar for Hillary.

            • And I kept thinking all this border stuff has a Soros Open Society kind of ring to it, but haven’t been on a quest about it yet. Thanks for all the info.

                This is just a tiny bit of insight into the Plame,Wilson, their friend Marc Grossman episode, but if you use your finder you’ll see the Baraka investment Bank. I tried highlighting it for you. ….THis is very complicated to understand, but the whistleblower lady Sibel Edmunds still has a blog. She was ordered with a GaG so as not to let the public know state’s secrets, as were other cases involved. Now I can’t help but wonder why around the time of the deserter Bowe Bergdahll’s release happened just around the time that (just like Plame) a dude with the CIA was outed by our own gov., then we also suddenly get little sound bites about Haquani network, trading terrorists, then a build of of ISIS with our own weapons. Hmmm….thru Turkey, wonder how they got those Weapons. Now what were they doing again in Bengahzi? I know, it’s convoluted at best, but how do you keep a lid on the truth? THere’s various players and someone might have wanted to spill the beans on this story. We’re back to IRAQ again and must build up the military industrial complex again as they are out of weapons seeing as how someone keeps dispensing them to our pretend enemies, that we trained by the way.

                • Believe me Alfy I get you. When you have the time, these are interesting things I’ve found –

                  This archived article has do with Islamic Banking, which has infiltrated itself into our Federal Reserve btw thanks to Clinton, but I’ve sniped it so you can see a point I’m hoping to make that connects to your thinking above also. If you follow it you’ll understand.


                  Activists from Otpor in Serbia have said that publications and training they received from the US based Albert Einstein Institution staff have been instrumental in the formation of their strategies. The Albert Einstein Institution is funded by the Soros Foundation and NED. (Wikipedia)

                  In the article, “Georgia revolt carried mark of Soros” (November 26, 2003), the Globe & Mail reported, “[Soros’ Open Society Institute] sent a 31-year-old Tbilisi activist named Giga Bokeria to Serbia to meet with members of the Otpor (Resistance) movement and learn how they used street demonstrations to topple dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Then, in the summer, Mr. Soros’s foundation paid for a return trip to Georgia by Otpor activists, who ran three-day courses teaching more than 1,000 students how to stage a peaceful revolution.”

                  Egyptian activists wearing Otpor shirts. Otpor was started by Soros in Serbia and has trained activists in other colour revolutions

                  Several protest organizers on the streets in Egypt last week were wearing Otpor t-shirts. These t-shirts are given out by Otpor at training sessions. This is only to say that there may be a link here, between Soros and Tunisian protesters.

                  In 2007-08, Freedom House [funded by Soros and the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI)] ran the following program: “New Generation of Advocates, a MEPI-funded program that supports young civil society activists working for peaceful political change in the Middle East and North Africa, spearheaded the “Lawyers against Corruption” campaign in Tunisia.”(Freedom House website). The group of “journalists, lawyers, and other activists who advocate for democratic reform” had a meeting with then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on a trip to Washington on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2008. In May 2009, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with the group of activist/dissidents. Freedom House reported on their website that the group also visited “U.S. government officials, members of Congress, media outlets and think tanks . . . After returning to Egypt, the fellows received small grants to implement innovative initiatives such as advocating for political reform through Facebook and SMS messaging.” (emphasis added)


                  From Wiki –


                  In the beginning, Otpor’s activities were limited to the University of Belgrade. In an effort of gathering some new nonpartisan energy, not to mention making it harder for the regime media to discredit and smear them as just another opposition political group, Otpor! avoided publicizing its ties to the Democratic Party (DS) even though the two organizations held similar political goals and shared many of the same members.[5] Early on they agreed the organization’s symbol to be the clenched fist. The actual drawing was reportedly a product of a man in love: young designer Nenad “Duda” Petrović who was asked to create a logo by a girl he was in love with – she reportedly told him that it’s for some student organization.

                  (clenched fist/she reportedly told him that it’s for some student organization.)

                  Organization grows into a movement

                  A non-partisan, but overtly anti-regime organization with a loose and dynamic structure, Otpor managed to bring opposition parties together and mobilize the population of Serbia against Milošević. Otpor stressed the importance of mobilizing the population to vote, but also promoted “individual resistance” (i.e. nonviolent methods of civic disobedience in order to counter possible electoral fraud). This strategy was slowly embraced by the opposition parties in the months to come.

                  The strategy was based on two assumptions:

                  That the opposition had to be united around one presidential candidate in order to get more votes than Milošević; and

                  That Milošević would never accept defeat in the elections (and he would falsify ballots and even use force to defend his power)


                  The Clintons Terrorist Ties


                  Please read all, but this snip is important –

                  The Ethnic Cleansing Clinton Approved and Ted Turner: Buffoon or Bigot?


                  “…Along with Senator Joseph Lieberman, who now supports the arming of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Dole [the then Senate majority leader who became the Republican candidate for president a year later] was a big supporter of breaking the United Nations arms embargo of the former Yugoslavia by arming the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs. Although the Clinton administration claimed to be opposed to this scheme, it was later proven and acknowledged that the Clinton administration approved Iranian arms shipments through Croatia to the Bosnian Muslims.

                  “Actually, NATO’s aggression, provoked by the KLA, may yet lead to an Islamic-fundamentalist Greater Albania, incorporating all territories where Albanians live and pushing global Islamic terrorism into the heart of Europe.

                  “On Sept. 11, 2001, Milosevic was kept in prison without bail as the Hitler of today, guilty only of having tried to stamp out the KLA as part of global Islamic terrorism. And here the United States was attacked by Islamic terrorism for the struggle against which Milosevic had been indicted as the Hitler of today, abducted for $1 billion, and kept in prison without bail.

                  “But the good news? President Clinton got rid of the impeachment, all the skeletons were put safely back into his closet, and it all seems to have happened a century or a millennium ago.”


          • Nothing is coincidence. It was arranged.

    • BUTT, there was a “free” ad for her book today when they noted on the news the “gaffe” that wasn’t any gaffe butt an orchestrated publicity stunt. That being Hillary pretending to not recognize the staged arrival of an actor from GLEE at a book signing. It’s a twofer! Promotes her book to higher visibility (thus, hopefully making her more money) and also helps her presidential campaign by “normalizing” her within the general culture (although how much good that will do, I don’t know. I’m not a fan of GLEE.) In any case, it’s Journolist to the rescue. I think Sarah’s book outsold Hillary’s 6 to 1. Something like that, and you also have to subtract from Hillary’s sales the likely huge purchases by her pals like Oprah and Soros, etc.

  28. Are they WILLFULLY dense or what? Here’s the letter concerning Lerner’s crash and emails reflecting it, ALLEGEDLY:

    Ok, now somebody, anybody, with Adobe that allows them to edit pdf files: Download this and change the wording on the emails allegedly being provided to Congress.

    I don’t have that capability but I GUARANTEE you that it’s entirely possible to print this information to a FILE and then EDIT IT there to make it seem to say whatever the hell they want it to say to conform with the story they’re selling Congress.

    They need to subpoena the hard drives, the servers, the DIGITAL SOURCES of these so-called emails. THEY HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES TO BE LIARS AND UNTRUSTWORTHY. This was provided in an “update” by a guy named Leonard Oursler who is the IRS National Director on Legislative Affairs. So does that make this an OFFICIAL, under-the-law, under-penalty-of-perjury response to a subpoena? I’m guessing it’s not.

    This article points out that the email stream doesn’t even MENTION that Lerner lost ANY emails. So is this another smokescreen?

    I wonder if anywhere in Koskinen’s testimony he said that her EMAIL couldn’t be recovered from the hard drive. Or did he only say that her hard drive couldn’t be restored, cleverly neglecting to mention that perhaps the emails weren’t there and cleverly neglecting to say they were restored from backups to her new drive or still exist SOMEWHERE in cyberspace?

    In addition, WHY did Lerner NOT create backups of her own files on her hard drive? Is there NO policy for them to do this, considering that the IRS gives the employee the responsibility to archive what will not fit on the server?

    Has anyone ASKED if she had backups of her hard drive emails? Did they specifically ask for her paper copies of emails that fit “official business”? (Although, in her opinion, working for the campaign would probably not be “official business”.)

    They admit that they save 6 months of email from servers on backup tapes, so at the time that her personal hard drive crashed, then somewhere they had the previous 6 months of her email. SURELY they could have restored them to her personal computer from that source. Why didn’t they? Or did Issa simply not ask the right question?


    A good article by George Will. I hope that Congress pays attention and at least TRIES this suggested route. A lawsuit, with the hope that Congress will have “standing”.

    • Wow. Looks like the same person. Check this out. Bey.
      I’m thinking there’s hope for all of us. 🙂

    • Who is the guy on the left? The similarity in the eyebrows is ridiculous. Of course, either one could be photoshopped for all i know.

      • SEO, I finally discovered who the guy on the left is: The so-called mastermind of the attack on the Benghazi mission. My gosh but he does look like Holder, doesn’t he? Kattalah or Kattala.

        • HA! That’s hilarious, I want to see them in court together.

          • It’s all a sham. It’s like cabbyaz from CW said: they grabbed this guy up and put him on trial fast so they can use the trial as an excuse to not cooperate with Gowdy’s hearings and investigation. So today I read in the paper that if Barry gets a conviction on this case, it will be a big win for him. How do they figure? They spent months telling us the video and the videographer were responsible. They knew all along where this guy was. Seems to me that I remember photos of this guy from 2 years ago and he looked nothing like an insane jihadi. More like an urbane professor. Now that he’s on trial here–a show trial–he has the long beard and scruffy hair. It’s a sham. IF he’s convicted, he’ll get a pardon.


    They fear that people are going to make the connection between the “missing” IRS emails and all of Barry’s documents that are missing. Now they’re trying to equate “believing” in the IRS “conspiracy theory” with “birthers. Amazing.

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