Prayer Circle

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We light this candle for our country. Come each day, bow your head, if you wish, and say a prayer with us for our constitutional republic.

No comments necessary. No need to say anything. Just join us in prayer for the United States of America. Yet if you feel the need, then share a comment, a verse, a prayer, an image, a video, a song–whatever may bring light to darkness.

Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid.


119 responses to “Prayer Circle

  1. October 2nd, a Day I learned to honor as a baby child. I never fail to remember when Sister first told us to sit a little to the side of our seat to make room for our personal Protector, each and every October 2nd.

    Geebs, mine is getting old. Hang in there, Babe.

    Happy Feast Day Patrick!

  2. CHIP-AWAY at a GOD of “OUR” under “STAND” ing…. as “THEY”
    Can’t under “STAND”… Why we LOVE OUT-LOUD ~ & ALL your
    MONEY $$$ …. Can’t …BUY THAT!!! ~ OR US~
    OUT … 4 GOD makes them “WEAK” in the KNEES…. for the JELLY
    FISH… is only THAT! ~ WE HAVE FAITH ~ not IN “YOU” .. & YOU
    CAN’T take it .. BIG-BOYS! .. ha ~ “GOD is Watching U” ~ HE~IS

  3. Although the fault of the Americans to elect Barac Obama as president of the United States of America that somehow tarnish the very image of America as God’s people, that trust no one but God alone, and leaning or leading the citizenry to accept Islam, and yet America will stand and never be intimidated by treats, only time will tell or the event to come will teach the world during the hour of Obama ouster by impeachment or otherwise, for he is not fit to govern of the United States of America and as world police. GOD BLESS AMERICA, on how the American people eradicate and/or eliminate unfit president.

    • I do hope and pray that America will stand and not be intimidated by threats. Yes, only time will tell. With God on our side, in two years we will begin the task of rebuilding our Republic, undoing the harm that the past 8 years has done.

  4. For Miri.

    Hail Mary, Full of Grace. The Lord is with You.
    Blessed are You among women and Blessed
    Is the Fruit, or Your Womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    Pray for us sinners. Now.
    And the hour of our death.


    You are on my mind and in my heart.

  5. Joni Mitchell …. puffed her life near DEATH…. May U get reborn
    & come BACK 2 OUR GARDEN….. Here On EARTH…. I pray 4 U
    ~ I love this story ~ Beneath the Matalla MOON ~ Oh CAREY

  6. Prayers, please for Michelle Malkin’s little girl,
    Here in Michelle’s own words:
    Fifteen years ago this week, my beautiful daughter Veronica entered the world. She didn’t make a sound. As I stretched out my arms to hold her in the delivery room, furrow-browed doctors and nurses instead whisked her away. I shouted after them in panic:

    “Is she all right? Is she going to be OK?!”

    Slightly underweight and jaundiced, she remained in the hospital for several days before we got the all-clear. My husband and I counted our blessings. But it wouldn’t be the last time we felt the pangs of parental helplessness when it came to her health.

    Here’s the good news: In the blink of an eye, our shy, clingy little girl blossomed into a wry, wisecracking and independent young lady. She loves to go fishing, hates shallow people, solves a Rubik’s Cube in 35 seconds, prefers true-crime novels to “Twilight” schlock and recently developed a thing for ice hockey players. Veronica’s a wicked Photoshopper, a talented drawer, a makeup artist and (unlike mom) a math whiz. Until six weeks ago, her main obsessions were “Grey’s Anatomy,” the Stanley Cup, Instagram, her new cartilage piercing, an actor named Evan Peters and the hope of getting a learner’s permit.

    Just before Mother’s Day weekend, however, she started having what appeared to be respiratory trouble. She “couldn’t get a good breath” and began gently gasping and sighing for air every few minutes. Two trips to the ER later, she had been administered ibuprofen for “costochondritis” and then albuterol to open up her airways.

    The problem is that all the various tests and exams indicate she’s getting plenty of oxygen. Her lungs, heart and vocal cords are all “normal,” and yet she describes a chronic feeling that she’s “drowning.” Every day begins with gasping beyond her control, multiple times a minute, nonstop, every hour of every day, until she reaches a point of exhaustion at 1 or 2 in the morning. After a brief respite while sleeping, the day-mare starts all over again.

    Despite taking an alphabet soup of potent neuro-related meds for tics and Tourette’s, Veronica’s condition has steadily deteriorated. The force and frequency of the gasping — now with loud stridor on both the inhale and exhale — keep her in bed most of the day. She has choked on food and drink several times; aspiration is a constant risk.

    It has been agonizing to watch her suffer while waiting weeks and months on end to see an increasingly short supply of specialists. It is more agonizing knowing that, despite obtaining the best care possible for her, we still don’t really know what’s going on. “Dr. Google,” though much maligned, has helped connect us to compassionate patient advocacy groups and websites for other perplexed parents with children suffering chronic mystery ailments. The awareness of not being alone is profoundly comforting. But we don’t know how long the winding trail of diagnoses and trial-and-error prescriptions will go on.

    On her birthday week, I’m overwhelmed at the strength and grace that my fierce first-born child has shown. My husband and I named her after St. Veronica, a woman who displayed great courage in the face of adversity when she stepped forward from a jeering mob to comfort Jesus on the road to Calvary. Over the past month and a half, our teenage daughter has shown more resilience worthy of her namesake than I have witnessed in most adults. She is my hero.

    Through it all, Veronica has not cried or raged or lost her will. Not once. I confess that I can’t say the same, though I put on a good game face for work and public functions. With every labored breath she takes, every minute, every hour of the day, the same waking, aching thoughts echo without relief or resolution:

    “Is she all right? Is she going to be OK?!”
    I will say God, this sounds undeserved, please send this away from Veronica.
    source here:

    • Will pray for her. While I’m not a doctor, I have known people with a similar problem that was related to nerves in the throat. Thoughts and prayers with her family.

  7. That’s one thing that’s always, like, been a difference between, like, the performing arts, and being a painter, you know. A painter does a painting, and he paints it, and that’s it, you know. He has the joy of creating it, it hangs on a wall, and somebody buys it, and maybe somebody buys it again, or maybe nobody buys it and it sits up in a loft somewhere until he dies. But he never, you know, nobody ever, nobody ever said to Van Gogh, ‘Paint a Starry Night again, man!’ You know? He painted it and that was it.

  8. Praying that Donald Trump will do well in SC and that he, his Family and Staff remain safe from treachery.

  9. facebkwallflower

    There is a meme popping up in my fb feed, from a couple of different people and I would like to address briefly and respectfully respond but really don’t know “the facts”. My limited knowledge says, “Duh, 9/11 changed everything, including the economy.” but that is all. Anyone want to help me out here? (Yeah, sort of asking you to do my thinking for me!) Thanks! The meme wording:

    “In 1993, when Bill Clinton raised taxes on the wealthiest 1.5%, Republicans predicted high unemployment, a recession, and a growing budget deficit. THE EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENED.

    In 2001, when GW Bush cut taxes for the wealthy, Republicans predicted record job growth, increased budget surplus and prosperity. THE EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENED.”

    Query: Would I still be respectful if as I posted a response I am thinking, “You moronic liberals!”?

    • They’re picking and choosing. The 90’s economic boom came when Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress followed through on their “Contract with America” and Clinton triangulated (iow, went along) because he knew which way the wind was blowing. The successes came from Republican Congressional programs that Clinton signed. He got the credit, but of course he would, because the media give all credit to DemoncRATS and all blame to Republicans.

  10. Tom Fitton 6/1/17 Judicial Watch calling on Citizen Journalists

    Clinton> Clinton Foundation> Chelsea> Russian Connections
    Classified Mishandling> Email Documents> Corruption Central
    Obama Funding Soros> Macedonia….

    Please! “Persist”

  11. Fiat justitia ruat cælum

  12. Prayers for President Trump, First Lady Melania and Hope.
    We love you! 🙏🏻 Amen.

  13. Fight Back …. Kick-AZZ ….
    Better now …than down the road …
    Win-win …. WTP …. Pray 4 U all 24/7
    TRUMP …. 2020
    Glass 1/2 FULL ….
    CHINA will never ever Rule the USA
    NEVER…. !

  14. That is beautiful. Thank you. 🇺🇸

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