Some News for Today – June 9, 2014

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The news for today is typical of what we’ve come to expect in the Obamanation. Chaos. Misdirection. Cloward and Piven. Alinsky. Lies.

More of the same old, same old.

There’s been another shooting, but this atrocity wasn’t committed by the apocryphal “lone gunman”. The perps are alleged to be a married couple, alleged “white supremacists”, who targeted police in Las Vegas, on an alleged quest to start a “revolution.” On cue, the perps, who may be meth heads, are quickly connected by some in the media to Cliven Bundy, the Gadsden flag, and, of course, the Tea Party. [emphasis added to quotes]

Two Las Vegas police officers were killed Sunday in what appears to be a politically motivated ambush in a pizza restaurant that spilled over to a nearby Wal-Mart, where the two shooters committed suicide after killing a woman in the store.

Details are sketchy, but Metropolitan Police Department sources close to the investigation say the shooters shouted that “this is the start of a revolution” before opening fire on the officers, and draped their bodies with cloth showing a Revolutionary War-era flag. Investigators have also found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists.

Witnesses told police one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before shooting the officers. [Sheriff Doug] Gillespie later said he could not confirm that.

The shooters then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and badges, according to a[n anonymous] law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. They then covered the officers with something that featured the Gadsden flag, a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on Me.”

The flag is named for Christopher Gadsden a Revolutionary War general who designed it. It has recently come back in vogue as an adopted symbol of the American tea party movement.

Like many of the neighbors contacted, Krista Koch said she didn’t know the couple’s last names. She described them as “militant.” They talked about planning to kill police officers, “going underground” and not coming out until the time was right to kill.

Brandon Monroe, 22, has lived in the complex for about two weeks. He said the man who lived in the apartment that was being searched often rambled about conspiracy theories. He often wore camouflage or dressed as Peter Pan to work as a Fremont Street Experience street performer. A woman lived with him, Monroe said, but he didn’t see her as often.

They were weird people, Monroe said, adding that he thought the couple used methamphetamine.

Any questions? Such as, what would you do if you lived near a “weird” couple who “talked about planning to kill police officers” and “not coming out until the time was right to kill?”

May the deceased rest in peace. Condolences to their family and friends. The story linked above points out that a citizen with a gun shot back at the perps, possibly wounding one of them, perhaps saving innocent lives. Since the shooters are deceased, we’ll never know their motivation.

Bowe Bergdahl’s story continues to morph. Now that his platoon comrades have openly, not anonymously, shared their truth about Bergdahl (and who would know better than they?) those brave troops are seeing their credibility and competency attacked for sheer political reasons.

Suddenly it’s suggested that Bergdahl didn’t desert; he may have only temporarily left his post, with no intention of leaving “permanently.” He might have simply gone out for a stroll, to watch the sunrise or the sunset. He’s a “free spirited” guy, after all. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

We have no indication that he intended to leave permanently,” one [anonymous] government official familiar with the probe told Military Times. Several soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit told investigators that Bergdahl had previously talked about a desire to leave the base unaccompanied and may have done so and returned unharmed at least once before the night he disappeared, the official said.

An internal military investigation concluded in 2010 that there was little doubt Bergdahl walked away from his unit before he was captured. That investigation, known as an AR-15-6, remains classified and has not been released publicly, but several officials familiar with it have disclosed its results under condition of anonymity.

First Bergdahl left a note. Now, there’s no note. Could this new “fact” be because Congress wants the truth and may subpoena documents? George Will recently wrote,

This episode will be examined by congressional committees, if they can pierce the administration’s coming cover-up, which has been foreshadowed by the response to congressional attempts to scrutinize the politicization of the IRS. If the military stalls on turning over files to Congress pertaining to the five years of Bergdahl’s absence, we will at least know that there is no national institution remaining to be corrupted.

Know it. It is so. It has been made so. “The military” doesn’t have to stall on turning over “files” that they will now claim don’t exist. Never existed. The first time around, The New York Times was simply mistaken about that note. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

If the military investigators forgot to read Bergdahl his rights, then anything he says about his capture can’t be used in a court-martial, so there may never be a court-martial, and so, there will be no files to turn over from that event, either. Surely his hospitalization records and anything he tells psychiatrists or other medical personnel currently caring for him will be protected under HIPAA.

Several stories over the weekend said that Bergdahl claims that he was “tortured” after trying to escape from captivity a couple of times. His torture consisted of being locked in a “shark cage“, which may cause one to wonder if the Taliban ordered the shark cage from Amazon and had it delivered by drone. Afghanistan is, of course, landlocked and hundreds of miles from the nearest shark.

So the story morphs and will continue to morph until Bergdahl’s narrative is perfected. Senator Saxby Chambliss said recently that he can’t “believe a thing this president says.” Good start. Take it from there, Senators and Representatives.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

That’s just about what Hillary Clinton told Diane Sawyer in an interview the other day, when she was asked about the possibility that Bergdahl deserted:

CLINTON: It doesn’t matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation.

SAWYER: It doesn’t matter?

CLINTON: It does not matter – we bring our people home!

It mattered during WWII, when Eddie Slovik deserted. He was executed by firing squad.

Finally, there’s the curious case of all the illegal alien children who are showing up in Texas, from Guatemala and other Central American countries. Obama’s administration is flying them to Arizona, to the surprise and dismay of Governor Jan Brewer.

How do thousands of children cross the border illegally? Why are they coming here and why aren’t they being flown home to Central America, instead of to Arizona? The answer appears to be that Obama more or less invited them, what with his illegal amnesty for “Dreamers” and other illegal aliens and his refusal to enforce the law and secure the border:

[L]ured by news reports in their home countries that a feckless Obama administration has essentially declared amnesty for illegal aliens, thousands of women and children are flooding holding centers in Texas and Arizona.

Since being overwhelmed by an influx of illegal immigrants at the Texas-Mexico border last month, including huge numbers of children unaccompanied by adults, the Department of Homeland Security has been transporting migrants – by bus and plane — from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to sites in Arizona, The Associated Press reported.

One center in Nogales, Ariz., expected to receive more than 1,000 unaccompanied children from Friday to Sunday alone. …

KRGV Channel 5, in the border town of McAllen, Texas, reported that migrants from Central American countries like Guatemala are hearing news reports at home that mothers with children are being welcomed in the U.S. with plane and bus tickets to the interior.

And where are the news outlets in Central America getting the idea that the U.S. is open to all comers?

From the White House, says Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“It is a direct consequence of the presidents illegal actions,” he said, “The parents think, ‘If I send my child [to the U.S.], my child will have amnesty.’ That’s what the president of the U.S. has said. It is the exact opposite of a humane approach to immigration or to securing our borders.”

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans Friday to allocate about $2 million in grants pay lawyers and paralegals to represent minors who enter the country illegally – taxpayer money going to pay for non-citizens.

Obama and his administration, in the meantime, disrespect by continuing to ignore Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican and a woman.

Brewer sent an angry letter to President Barack Obama on Monday demanding that the program of dropping off families at bus stations in Phoenix stop immediately. She called the program dangerous and unconscionable, asked for details and demanded to know why state authorities weren’t consulted or even informed.

The governor said she hadn’t received a response to her letter by Friday.

“I have reached out to Federal Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson for answers. Meanwhile, I reiterate my call on President Obama to secure our southern border and terminate this operation immediately,” Brewer said in a statement.

How do 48,000 unaccompanied Central American children cross our border? How did they first get across Mexico? Did they walk a thousand miles from the Guatemala/Mexico border to Texas? Or is the government of Mexico cooperating in this “operation” by ceasing to police their own southern border and by helping Guatemalan “refugees” to get into Texas? Or are they just foisting their own illegal alien problem off on us, by spiriting their captured illegals into Texas?

It’s passing strange. Stranger still that the media don’t seem interested in the “how” of this curious phenomenon.

Chaos. Distraction. Disruption. Disrespect. Alinsky. Cloward and Piven. Pen and Phone.

The Obamanation.


06/11/14: About that note–Senator Chambliss was “shocked” by news of the note Bergdahl left, citing his desire to renounce his U.S. citizenship, which was reported to exist by none other than The New York Times but which wasn’t in the file when Chambliss finally was allowed to read it. Now the question is whether or not the administration hid the note and the truth from the Senate Intelligence Committee. There are also allegations that his platoon members were told to lie about the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance. We begin to understand why, suddenly, that note never did exist. Or did it? Cover up?

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    You’re paying for it. It’s done in your name. But you cannot be told the truth about it:

    “… In response to the leaked images out of Arizona, Patrol Agent in Charge Leslie Lawson is cracking down on the use of personal technology by agents in the Nogales Border Patrol processing center.

    “Due to the recent unauthorized use of a personally owned electronic device in the Nogales Processing Center, the use of such devices will be restricted to locations outside of detention areas,” Lawson wrote in a June 6 memo to all employees at the Nogales station. “Effective immediately, the use of personally owned cellular phones, cameras, or recording devices in the Nogales Detention Facility and the Nogales Processing Center is strictly prohibited. All personnel working or visiting detention facilities at the Nogales Station will be required to turn off these electronic devices and store them in a locker other secure location prior to entering the detention area.”

    According to sources, agents have been threatened with firings if found to have leaked the photos to media.

    “They are looking to fire any agents involved,” one source said anonymously for fear of losing their job.

    “Apparently they are so ticked over these photos that they are going to fire the person that leaked them,” another source said. …”

    We wouldn’t want the American people to learn what’s going on. They might object and we can’t have that.


    “… The joint project between the Justice Department and AmeriCorps, the government’s national service organization, aims to recruit 100 lawyers and paralegals to shepherd the children through the immigration system, making sure they are treated properly and can make claims for legal status or protection if they are eligible.

    “We’re taking a historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement announcing the plan. … [They’re not members of OUR society.]

    The government expects more than 90,000 of the children to be apprehended on the U.S. side of the border this year and more than 140,000 to be caught next year. That doesn’t include the tens of thousands more who avoid capture. …” [They EXPECT more next year. Now why is that and whose interests do they serve? OURS or theirs? WHAT are they doing to stanch the flow? Better yet, WHAT WILL CONGRESS DO TO STOP THIS INSANITY? DEFUND THEM ALL. NOW!]


    “… If Rep. Paul Gosar has his way, Holder can add another first to his bio: the first cabinet secretary to be impeached.

    Gosar, R-Ariz., tells U.S. News he plans to either draft articles of impeachment or co-sponsor existing impeachment legislation introduced in November by Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas, which has 26 co-sponsors. …

    We’ve seen a wanton disrespect for the rule of law,” he says. “Very, very poor legal counsel is being given to the president by the attorney general.”

    What pushed Gosar over the edge is something he calls “illegal alien smuggling.” He says Holder has failed to stop the Department of Homeland Security from releasing in Arizona people detained in Texas for residing in the U.S. without legal permission. …

    Though Gosar’s advocacy of impeachment may be brushed off as an insignificant move from a backbencher, his participation in fact may seriously threaten the attorney general. …”

  4. Tone deaf. They play one note: It’s RACISM.

    “The White House has been surprised by how much attention has remained on the questions about Bergdahl, from the circumstances of his disappearance to the wild beard his father grew while he was being held that’s even led to Bergdahl’s hometown canceling a celebration. All this, Obama aides say, is in their minds a proxy for the hatred toward the president.”

    Amazing. They can’t be SERIOUS.

  5. The representatives of We the PEOPLE must be kept in the dark, while the parents of the (alleged) deserter are included in classified briefings! I’m not making it up:

    The Obama administration gave the parents of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl extraordinary insider access to the military’s hunt for their son by having them take part in a series of secure video conferences with senior commanders as well as White House and State Department officials.

    A former government official involved in American hostage issues said he had never heard of giving a family such access and questioned whether sensitive information could have been conveyed to Robert and Jani Bergdahl and somehow leaked out. …

    Soon after Sgt. Bergdahl went missing in Afghanistan in June 2009, the Obama administration approved an outreach program that involved the Bergdahls traveling from their home in Hailey, Idaho, to the state’s National Guard headquarters in Boise.

    There they were hooked into secure video conferences that included representatives of U.S. Central Command, which runs the war in Afghanistan, as well as with White House, State Department and intelligence officials.

    Robert Bergdahl has expressed sympathy for the al Qaeda and Taliban captives at Guantanamo, as he has for other prisoners, both Christian and Muslim, around the world.

    Shortly before his son’s release, he tweeted: “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen!” That message on Twitter was later deleted.

    In 2011, he issued a personal video urging the Pakistani military to secure his son’s release.

    “Strangely to some, we must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years,” Mr. Bergdahl said. Addressing the Haqqanis, he said, “We know our son is a prisoner and, at the same time, a guest in your home.”

    He also said, “We have been quiet in public, but we haven’t been quiet behind the scenes,” and “no family understands the detainee issue like ours.”

    Larry Johnson, who worked on the issue of the American hostages in Lebanon while at the State Department in the 1980s, said he had never heard of bringing families into top-level discussions about efforts to free their relatives.

    It’s wrong,” Mr. Johnson said. “The Bergdahls shouldn’t have been part of that for no other reason than on the off chance they may inadvertently divulge some tactic.

    “I mean, it’s one thing for government officials to interview the family, get insights from the family about what’s going on,” he said. “But to put them in the middle of what is essentially a classified secure video conference is ridiculous.” …”

    Any questions?

    • just watched the vid you posted. Oh yeah and I couldn’t help but think about that video of the interview of Bowe….seemed so perfectly matched to the peaceniks of the 60’s, as if Ayers wrote his dialogue for him. THe anti colonial type thinking just like Dr. Gina says. Obama sure got his wish for a prisoner didn’t he? hmmm….

      • Exactly. Good thought to connect him to the Ayers types. There must be more of a back story for that guy. If he was an Olympian, you’d almost expect that to have been reported more frequently. I wonder where he moved to Idaho FROM.

  6. Great post Miri. 🙂

  7. Yea, Great PotPost, Miri.

    The main reason for the Federal Government to conduct a massive foreign invasion is to dilute us. Foreigners to be distributed to your neighborhood.

    Ghettoize. Control.

    • said, the Pan: Post! 🙂

      You always have a good read!


        More from that article. Some back story:

        “Bob, 54, had been a cycling champion and would have competed at the 1980 Moscow Olympics had America not boycotted them in protest at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

        The experience prompted disillusionment with the US government and he later moved to Hailey in Idaho’s Sun Valley. He and Jani, 56, raised Bowe and his elder sister Sky without television but with thousands of books, many of them stacked on the floor. The pair were home-schooled.

        As a child, Bowe would shoot with his father and hunt elk using a bow and arrow. He reveled in paragliding, dirt biking, karate and fencing, also taking up ballet and practicing two or three times a day.

        He harboured ambitions of joining the French foreign legion or sailing around the world but was, in the words of Sue Martin, “a sensitive, compassionate soul” who had studied Buddhism.

        Rather than accepting a lift into the nearby town of Ketchum, Bergdahl would walk the 18 miles from his parents’ home, a ramshackle bungalow with a corrugated roof built by his father beside a dirt road in Hidden Valley canyon. [They got a makeover, apparently, for the WH event. How did they happen to be in DC for that, anyway? The narrative is that they knew nothing about the impending release. It was just coincidence. And how did they get the dinero to fly there?]

        Hailey is a liberal oasis in a Republican state, attracting the rich and famous to skiing in Ketchum and hiking in the Sawtooth mountains. Bruce Willis owns the Hailey theatre and other Hollywood stars with property nearby include Tom Hanks, Brooke Shields and Robin Williams.

        Eccentricity is almost the norm. Even before Bowe’s capture, Bob would talk incessantly about philosophy, history and politics. “Sometimes it’s hard to talk to him because he does get into all this intellectual stuff — he almost reads and thinks too much,” said Lee Ann Ferris, a long-time neighbour.

        Another friend said Bob had once flirted with joining the Aryan Nation, a white supremacist group, and moving to the woods of northern Idaho.

        “I love him but you have to understand, Bob is a kook. Half the stuff he talks about never happens — he changes his mind and six months later it’s something else.

        In the past five years, Bob, a devout Presbyterian, has studied Pashto and Urdu, the Koran and Middle Eastern history for several hours a day. …

        [about Bowe’s desertion] Two Afghan police officers disappeared at the same time, suggesting they might have helped Bergdahl leave and then betrayed him. [At least one report said he was seen walking off with two Afghans.] But there have been persistent reports that he converted to Islam in captivity and a Pentagon-funded investigation included claims that he played football with his captors, took part in AK-47 target practice and giggled frequently, saying “Salaam”, the Arabic word for peace.

        Bob has said the son of Bowe’s captor had been killed by a US drone strike — almost identical to a dramatic incident in Homeland that helped convince the fictional Brody to turn against America. [It’s a bad novel. A narrative. Written by whom?]

        In 2011 a Taliban commander told The Sunday Times that Bergdahl’s captors had let him hunt birds and rabbits in the mountains with an old British rifle. He is believed to have tried to escape at least twice, getting away for three days before he was discovered lying in leaves in a trench he had dug with his own hands. …

        Bergdahl has been kept at Landstuhl in Germany for the last week, undergoing intensive “debriefing” from intelligence officers as well as receiving medical and psychiatric care. One early goal, the US army said, was for him to “regain control of his emotions”. He has not been allowed to speak to his parents, even by telephone.

        Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator, has threatened impeachment proceedings if Obama breaks the law again to free prisoners. [!!!] …

        A day after Bergdahl’s release, Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, opined on a Sunday television talk show that he had served with “honour and distinction”. It was this jaw-dropping statement that prompted Vierkant and five other soldiers from the platoon to speak out. …

        Brandon Friedman, an Obama-appointed housing department official, suggested that Bergdahl was justifiably “disillusioned” and speculated via Twitter: “What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership?” [Hmmm. Sounds like the Obama administration! So a deliberate campaign to Alinsky the members of his platoon and BLAME THEM for his behavior. Cue the New York Times story, too. ]

        Vierkant, 27, called this “misinformation”. [A wise young man.] Bergdahl had told a friend in Hailey that he had witnessed an Afghan child being killed, but this was “a bald-faced lie – nothing like that happened”, Vierkant said. …”

        Just WOW. Unbelievable.

        • Wow. I am sure the Department of Homeland Security is right on this implementing the Patriot Act.

          editing, redacting and shredding

    • The Guarantee Clause:!/articles/4/essays/128/guarantee-clause

      Yo Brewer, McCain, Arpaio!
      Cat got your tongue?

    • TY. I fixed the typo. 🙂 I thought that, too. That it dilutes us. Odd, though, that he’s shipping in Guatemalans and not Africans or “desis”.

      • Transform and Decimate the natural born citizen; usurp the surviving 20th Century Americans who slave to make ends meet while forking over taxes that represent a separate Household, funded better than your own humble abode.


        And TY for being the best Editor in the World! So much. I’m spoiled. 🙂

        • No lie. My abode is seriously “humble” compared to what the U.S. taxpayer supplies, even to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Try to get Mexico or Guatemala to give you a free education, food, housing, and even let you vote.

      • I think this breach is deliberate for those breaches, soon. ^^

        What’s the deal with Mexico? Really? Something’s not right.

        • Mexico let these illegals in their southern border and through their northern border into US. Bet they don’t let them across if America sends them back. Then Mexican uses those h um v ees the are purchasing to protect their border from the Guatemalans from trying to get home. Will use them on children. And that boys and girls is the regime’s moral issue to go to optic war with Mexican where us loses but Mexico wins which really is the regime winning with Mexico. Coward picante Cloward-Piven is working. I can’t read or absorb anymore. In denial as begin to think fake pics of kids coming across. What gets me is they TELL us kids are being warehoused but if look at “leaked” pics those are no moe kids than trayvon and there are lots of moms/woman in those pics to go with the children. But because we are told the pics are of children being warehoused the worn down brain see ONLY children and not the reality that more adults, fourteen and up, are in the pics than young children. These children are soldier age.

          • Wow. Spell check auto correct really messed the above up. Cloward Piven became coward picante. Lol.

            • My brain picked that up for some reason, too. Cloward Piven came to mind. LOL. Yep, “kids”. Liars.

            • auto check is notoriously forever screwing up my stuff too and then all I have to do is spell a couple of words wrong myself that auto check doesn’t catch and the whole thing becomes a mess. I tried to follow what you just said, but yeah, it a bit hard for this old brain. But I got the jest. Hey Hoot , wonder if some of those teens as you say, are actually moms of some of the younger ones? I always think, when this border stuff occurs, we could nip this in the bud without all the manpower if we chose to ridicule the president of Mexico, make him look so bad with corruption,pushing people out of his country that most these people would love their mother country and hate leaving their remaining relatives if it weren’t for their own government not caring about it’s own. We could force them to want to change their reputation by exposing all the potential these young people have if the country would get it’s act together. I do have compassion for the Mexicans that come here but what they really want is their own country to hear them. We play this game with Mexico and use their people, thus sinking lower than they are…which is pretty low and corrupt.

            • Picante’ cowards would be a suitable name for them,seems I still got it…..Little cowards, great name for em.

            • Ha! Ha! WAH. I wondered what coward picante meant. I thought it was a Texas politician named Picante, but I was too lazy to look him up. 🙂 I’ll fix it.

          • I heard this morning that a good number of them have communicable diseases. So there’s another element. By spreading them across the country, they’re introducing the diseases here. In addition, by sending this “humanitarian crisis” north, then Mexico fobs the EXPENSE of caring for these children on us. They should be flown home to their home countries and the bill for the flights should be presented to their home countries. Mexico militarizes its southern border. Therefore, they must be complicit somehow in allowing these people free passage, perhaps even paid passage, through a thousand miles of jungle or desert to the Texas border. And then, how, how, do these kids cross the border? Barry just said last week that the border fence is complete. How is it possible? You could very well be correct and this whole thing could be fake, although that would mean that Brewer is not telling the truth about being inundated with these children that somehow AZ now has to care for. I agree with you. Those are teenagers, not “children”. Maybe they’re “children” by Barry’s Obamacare definition and up to age 26.

    • I wonder how Feinstein feels today, knowing that the Bergdahls were in the inner circle, kept up on everything, while at the same time Barry and his administration didn’t keep HER informed, because they feared leaks. Appalling, isn’t it? When will these people WAKE the eff up? They’re all being played like a violin. So Clapper was against it before he was for it?

  8. Why is the President of the United States of America supporting a foreign country to the South of the Border and punishing the United State Arizona?

    what’s up with that. 6 years Arizona has taken it with one hand tied behind It’s American back.

    Senator McCain, what do you know? And when did you know it?

    • Good point. What’s McLame got to say about this? Crickets. And Drudge is reporting that Ryan is going for amnesty soon.

  9. Bowe’s … sister Sky Albrecht…. interesting

  10. let’s see… would that BE Sky with the Black Hat & FLAG???

  11. Brother-in-law … Michael… Aug. 10, 2009′

  12. OBAMA a USURPER ~ Until “PROVEN” the PRESIDENT of the USA

    ~~~ OR ~~~
    BOWE is ~ Innocent UNTIL ~ “PROVEN ~ GUILTY”

  13. so.. did in fact the Taliban cut out his tongue ? or is their a LARGER
    Threat hanging OVER BOWE’S HEAD? to blow us all away? I ponder
    yes, he Can Speak but this way he can’t tell a BIGGER LIE like Obama

  14. the CURIOUS CASE…. of B-B…. & he spend 2007-2008 in the
    Pacific Northwest at a Buddhist Monastery searching HIS … faith

    • Article makes it sound like the pastor visited as a child but ten/eleven years ago Bowe was seventeen.

      • Heard Judge Napolitano today. He says the people who held Bergdahl were NOT Taliban. They’re not even officially terrorists in the sense of what we’re fighting. He says they’re a criminal gang that preys upon the people in Afghanistan like the Mafia did/does in Italy. Extorts, steals, blackmails, makes people pay “protection” money. He said, as such, the word around DC is that they would NOT have figured getting those five Taliban free to be a good deal for them, so the word is (suspected) that they were paid millions to let him go. That was the deal. The thing is, Napolitano says this means that Barry and company broke U.S. law by providing monetary support to terrorists (which, of course, made no sense to me because he’d said they aren’t terrorists. Maybe the law is against supporting criminal gangs like they have in Mexico.) Anyway, here’s what’s interesting then: IF all these guys wanted was ransom money, then WHY did we also pay them the five jihadist masterminds that they didn’t even value or want? Hmmm? There’s the question and my answer can only be because somebody ELSE wanted an excuse to free them. Think about it: What IF the captors’ price was NOT those Taliban masterminds? Then WHY are they set free?

    • The pastor only was pastor to them for six months before he and his family went for missions to Uganda. But during those six months Bowe shared his faith struggles and even did the Buddhist monastery thing. Daddy wanted son to go to Uganda to visit pastor and mission but pastor was furloughed back to US. Pastor ends up in DC as article says Mr. and Mrs. Were hosted by him whenever they went to DC on Release-Bowe business.

      Thought. Were platoon sent out to look for him because he was an American, fellow soldier, or to bring back a deserter, or was it important to get him back because the gov knew he was a terrorist amongst the ranks and they lost sight of him and if not caught his infiltrate mission would be successful in reporting to Taliban info. Who knows? Never will, suppose.

      • good point Hoot, excellent thinking…I wonder now too? I Wonder if we’ll ever know also.

      • He never professed faith in Christ. He wanted to go to UGANDA? How OFTEN did the Bergdahls go to DC to talk with “officials” about Bowe’s captivity and WHO PAID for their trips? Wait a minute. The father retired early? Didn’t we hear that he’s a UPS driver? Is this a planted story to make us believe that the father did NOT convert? “Robert Coie of the OPC’s Committee on Chaplains and Military Personnel said a pair of chaplains in Germany hadn’t yet gained access to visit Bergdahl as he recovers.” ?? Because Seattle ain’t that far from Idaho, after all. I’m just curious.

      • We will never know, just as we will never know the whole truth of Benghazi. I read one story where the troops who were looking for Bergdahl said they considered him armed and dangerous and were prepared to put him down, should they encounter him and he resists. So, what I take from that is that he WAS considered a deserter and possibly someone very important to get back, if possible, or silence if not possible.

    • Another curious case of a curious couple:

      They’re trying to link them to the Tea Party, “anti-government” people, and “conspiracy theorists”, also Alex Jones. But seems they have much in common with all the peeps in Colorado and points west who are all FOR growing and selling “weed”. Not exactly a “right wing” pursuit. Since the shooter decries his lack of medical and dental care, and sounds as if he believes it’s the government’s responsibility, then I’d put him more in the “progressive” camp. His words,

      “… So as I sit here in agony, taking the penasilin the ER perscribed me I contemplate the state of things here in the good old USA. How the Gov. spends billions of dollars on the war on drugs and all these missles and bombs to kill people. I think about all that money that could do to helping people instead. Creating jobs, creating happy, healthy people. …”

      Sound like a Tea Party CONSERVATIVE to you? He also published a sci-fi like story on Alex Jones’s site that talks about how “they” dirtied all the water. Sounds like a progressive enviro-whacko. More like that than any Tea Partier.

      It’s Mother Jones and so their readership is predictable. What’s amazing is that the first few comments I read confirm my take. They say they AGREE with Miller’s philosophy but wish he’d done things differently. Also, they say he’s blaming the “wrong” people. It’s the Republicans’ fault, not Obama’s, because he’s been “blocked”. Amazing.

      Last night I was contemplating how the administration’s people say that their political opponents take their positions based mostly on their hatred of Obama. In truth, in reality, the opposite is fact: They decide all their positions based upon their unreasoning LOVE for Obama.

      • FWIW: Jones has a conspiracy theory.

        Sorry to link to those jerks, imho, which I’m still allowed to have until Barry shuts down SOME (but not all) on the Internet, as this looks like another plan. Anyway, all the screen grabs they attribute to Miller are very interesting. He actually used his real name. IS he real or Memorex?

        btw, this seems familiar. That was very fast research and posting, too. Hmm. If you link to someone, then they’re guilty, too? And so are you? Whatever someone “shares” on Facebook or elsewhere makes them somehow guilty by association? Hmmm. Whatever philosophy any criminal may share, then they’re equally guilty in any crime he commits? How will that work for all the pro-legalize marijuana folks or the pro-Obamacare and free-dental-care folks? Oh, I see. They pick and choose WHICH posts on Facebook suit THEIR political purposes.

    • Several things are curious about this case. First, the pastor says he was only at Bergdahl’s church for 6 months. This would be in 2003. He spent 8 years in Uganda. NOW, he’s in Virginia, where he may minister to a lot of gummint types, maybe even Cee Eye A types. This article (with photo of pastor and his family) says he went to Uganda after graduating from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. [It’s in Maryland.] Of course, I suppose somewhere in there he might have been “interim pastor” at the Bergdahl’s now-dissolved church in Boise. How far is Boise from where they lived? [Answer: between 141 and 159 miles, depending upon the route. Lots of mountains in between. How often did they go to church within that 6 months? How often did the interim pastor visit them in the mountains?] Here’s a longer interview with the pastor. He calls people who discuss the Muslim words of Mr. Bergdahl a “lynch mob”. He uses “prodigal son” which has become a meme in the political and media sectors. Coincidence? I hate it that Obama has made us have to doubt everything said and everyone saying anything.

    • this is a farse if I ever saw one. I suppose once Bo-we gets home from his very looong stay in Germany (are they working on Bowe’w story for him?) he really needs to write a book “The many adventures of the Presbytarian,buddhist Bowe Bergdahl. He can write stories about his Quaker Universalist like father, the humble mail man/arabist/antrhopology dropout and how he and his father made beautiful music together traveling the world and singin Cum bi ya.
      THis stuff is over the top, too much info, too many journals ….sounds like a CIA script to me….which is beginning to make quite a pattern these days.Just like the fluff pieces for all the families at Newtown. And we’re to believe the military or the Obama regime allowed him to go off on his own, making contact with the Taliban and other networks, who even locate Bowe in one story……if that were completely true then the military could have gotten him out with troops who were there already getting killed on his behalf. This crap is so highly unlikely it’s just bizarre. THen all the emails (where are all the emails) are fairytale peace comments about war, ending the war, killing innocents, making trades. WHen has the government ever allowed such crap as this? Course I guess if Obama allowed Mr. Bergdahl to negotiate with terrorists that’s OK by this administration> THe stories are just too fluffy and perfect, insuring to cover all and any aspects in every direction. Wonder what Bowe was really trained for? Or homeschooled for? He sure left the perfect trail to cover all territory , from Psycho to charming dancer, marksman, deserter, world traveler (when did he have time for all this).Actually if you look closely, Bowe is your “everything” you want him to be and then some…in fact he is even the antithesis of himself, which is really hard to be in all aspects of one’s personality, but Bowe is……I will explain if need be but I don’t think Bowe Bergdahl (if that’s really his and his family’s real name)is worth the analysis, because I think this is a false narrative of a person. WHat in the h*** is somebody up to?

      • alfy, they have an answer for that, too: Special Forces didn’t want to risk anybody to rescue a deserter. Of course, that presents the false idea that the SF can do whatever they want. That THEY’RE the deciders and can go against the CiC. Is that the way it works? I think not. It besmirches them to even suggest that they wouldn’t follow orders. We know that they do, to their own detriment, sometimes. We don’t forget the many who died in that helicopter crash. Or the 5 who just died in “friendly fire” in Afghanistan, which might have not been so very friendly, depending upon who they were and what they knew, which of course the Pentagon is not saying. I haven’t seen their names yet. Funny how so many SEALS died in “accidents” right after the OBL take-down and the pirate take-down and now SFs after Bergdahl’s ransoming.

        I’m willing to entertain the possibility that Bergdahl the father did all this in order to run an op on the captors with the hope that if they believe he’s a good guy, in their opinion, and on their side, then maybe they would keep his son alive until he could be rescued or ransomed. But it seems he had these sentiments going way back, was always against the Afghanistan war (keep in mind that the Taliban were complicit in the loss of over 3000 of our innocent citizens and even the Dems voted for the war), and that he CONTINUED his sympathetic statements AFTER his son was free.

        His friends, of course, now put out the meme that he, also, had Stockholm Syndrome. You said, “the stories are just too fluffy and perfect, insuring to cover all and any aspects of any direction.” So true, and they MORPH over time, just like Barry’s bogus biography, AS PEOPLE POINT OUT PROBLEMS AND DISCREPANCIES WITH THE NARRATIVE. That’s a hallmark of Alinsky disinformation and Orwellian, too, because you’re supposed to forget the past narrative and, in fact, are treated as if you’re nuts if you remember it.

        I was pondering this last night. What a bunch of coincidences, as usual. California. The Pacific Northwest. Virginia. Maryland. (The DC area.) Afghanistan. Russia. The latter two being involved in Bergdahl the father’s dashed dreams of Olympic glory and then with his son’s capture, with Bowe for some reason having STUDIED RUSSIAN as a teen and then reading Russian military books in Afghanistan, which makes one wonder where he got such things in the middle of that forsaken outpost.

        From the beginning, which we know is true, Barry planned to end the war against terror which was really a war against Islamic jihadists. He stands with the Muslims, he said. He planned to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (particularly) and close Guantanamo, letting all the jihadists free. He took office in 2009. In 2009, Bowe enlisted after having been discharged from the Coast Guard in 2006. It’s said that to enlist in another branch he would have needed a “waiver” to get in, but nobody will say whether or how he got one. They must have counted on nobody remembering that he’d been in the CG. His own writings suggest he’s schizo. He’s, therefore, KNOWN to the military branch of government as such. His father’s sympathies are probably known, too. Bergdahl also studies Pashto. He wants to go to Afghanistan to HELP the people, with whom he sympathizes.

        Then he walks off the base, right into the arms of the Taliban, after looking for anybody who could speak English so he could meet with the Taliban. He may have left with two Afghan “guards”, who may have led him right to where he wanted to go. All of his platoon mates are ordered to lie about his desertion and made to sign non-disclosure statements so, in essence, they’re blackmailed into keeping quiet lest they be discharged and lose all benefits, among other possible consequences.

        Bergdahl (for some reason) is not beheaded, as others promptly were. He wasn’t treated like Daniel Pearl. Then two years ago, Hastings writes an article foreshadowing exactly what happened: How Bergdahl would be a main player in ending the war in Afghanistan and that he would be part of a “prisoner swap” and that, this is crucial, in an election year, it would be a big coup for Barry.

        Other than that it was a big disaster for Barry, which they’re now trying to spin away, the narrative played out exactly as Hastings wrote it and now Hastings is dead under odd circumstances. What is somebody up to?

        • More thoughts: Bergdahl the elder is said to have dropped out of U of CA Santa Barbara and moved to Idaho. The UK paper has a photo allegedly of him racing with Greg LeMond in CA.

          “The pair were photographed cycling next to each other in a 1978 race in Acton, California. On the back of the black and white photo it says: ‘“The Break” Bob Bergdahl & the great Greg LeMond Olympic Develop(ment) Acton, Ca 1978.”

          His shirt says, “ARCO”. There’s a town in Idaho called Arco. But in 1978, Bergdahl would have been right out of high school, possibly in freshman year in college. At some point, he dropped out of college in CA. At what point, one wonders? Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to compete at that level on the cycling circuit? Yes, the teams have sponsors, of course. Why isn’t there more out there about “The Break”? Arco is a chemical company, also a chain of gas stations.

          Bergdahl the son used coded messages to friends: The mother of the woman with whom he lived after leaving his parents’ home at age about 16 was to receive his remains, should he die. Not his parents. Odd. We have only her word for it that he sent her the book Atlas Shrugged, and that’s not her real name. Now this story says he joined the Army in 2008, which contradicts what I read before, which was 2009. We’re supposed to believe that all this written material she got right after his capture was not confiscated and KEPT on file by the military. This story says he grew up in Ketchum, which is not Hailey.

  15. Bill Clinton gets too much credit for what a Republican House & Senate did during the last 6 years of his Presidency.

    George W. Bush gets too much blame for what a Democrat House & Senate did during the last 2 years of his Presidency.

    Employment-Population Ratio, Correlated with Majority Party, Jan 1995 – May 2014

    There’s a lot of info in that post, but the main graph is:

    Employment-Population Ratio and Averages, January 1995 - May 2014

  16. Reagan vs. Obama…

    Employment-Population Ratio:

    Reagan vs. Obama, E-P ratio

    Labor Force Participation Rate:

    Reagan vs. Obama, Labor Force Participation Rate

    • That’s really sad, isn’t it? Barry’s handing out more “bread” (to go with the circuses) in the form of breaks on monthly student loan payments and the kids will be, oh, so grateful. I wonder if they realize that they wouldn’t need any break on their payments if they could find JOBS worthy of the advanced degrees they all have and yet even lawyers are now slinging hamburgers or retailing tech gadgets because there are NO JOBS in the Obamanation.

  17. mass shooting ….. mother jones full data 1982-2012
    use the blue bar at bottom of list for more info. ..

  18. I don’t know if this was posted yet, but this could be good news…I hope the airplane manufacturer has fantastic lawyers and investigators!

  19. And I should have linked directly to the whole story (Lewis Fuddy suing over his sister’s death)

  20. Barack Obama ✔ @BarackObama
    “It’s been 51 years since the Equal Pay Act was signed, but women still don’t have equal pay. #TimeForProgress
    9:39 AM – 10 Jun 2014”
    What’s wrong with that picture and tweet?

    Goes with this story about a HIGH SCHOOL in CHICAGO:

    • I am controlling myself. yea, I is.

      what a shame. sad.

      • Did you notice the name of the school? It’s YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! Senior high school prom. And what about the teachers/administrators who surely must have okayed the purchase order for printing these tickets? How many times must we educate these HIGH SCHOOL seniors? Isn’t this, like, third grade English? It is sad, and infuriating.

  21. Will we have one per day until Barry can disarm the entire country?
    Another totally liberal location with massive gun control already. Last time, Vegas, Harry Reid’s stomping grounds. Santa Barbara? Big Sis Naps’s stomping ground. On and on.

    “A shooting took place at Reynolds High School in Oregon this morning.
    The shooter is reportedly dead.

    #BREAKING: Police report 3 shooters at Reynolds HS; 2 fled the scene. One caught at a church across the street.
    — The Oregonian (@Oregonian) June 10, 2014″

    Nope. Once again, it’s the apocryphal “lone gunman” and he’s conveniently dead.

    “Authorities in Oregon say a lone gunman entered a high school outside of Portland Tuesday morning and fatally shot a student with a rifle before he was found dead inside a school bathroom.

    The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the situation is now stabilized at Reynolds High School in Troutdale.

    Scott Anderson, the chief of the Troutdale Police Department, confirmed the deaths and called the events a “tragic day” for the community.

    Troutdale Police Sgt. Carey Kaer told Fox News that the victim was a male student and the shooter was a teenage male, but it is not known whether the gunman was a student at the school. …”

    • Related?

      He won’t be able to wait.

      “White House spokesman Josh Earnest [Josh anything butt Earnest] said Tuesday that President Barack Obama is “always” looking for opportunities to act “unilaterally” again on guns, though he would prefer to work with Congress. [No, he wouldn’t. He would prefer Congress not exist.]

      “The president’s goal is to look for opportunities to act administratively, unilaterally using his executive authority to try to make our communities safer,” [I thought his goal should be to follow the law, the Constitution, and respect the People’s representatives.] Earnest said, responding to a question the day that a gunman opened fire at an Oregon high school, killing one student and injuring a teacher. “We’re always looking for those opportunities. But none of those opportunities when they present themselves is going to be an acceptable substitute for robust legislative action.” …

      There’s no doubt there has been an alarming frequency of tragic incidents of gun violence that are concerning to Democrats and Republicans in Washington but more importantly to people all across the country,” Earnest said. “The question is what can we do to make certain something like this never ever happens again? [Stop giving kids psychoactive drugs? Stop corrupting our culture with rampant sex and drugs and libertine ways? Try instilling some morality in the young? Make concealed carry universal?] There are going to be other tragedies. [Sounds like a threat. Or is it a promise?] The question I think really facing lawmakers right now is what common sense [Meme alert! Passive/aggressive crap. If you oppose their “solutions,” you have no common sense.] steps can Democrats and Republicans take to reduce the likelihood of gun violence.” [Meme alert!]

      “And there are some, and they have unfortunately been bottled up in Congress and that is a disappointment to the president,” Earnest continued. “But that’s not going to stop the president from continuing to push for administrative steps that we can take to help reduce gun violence.”” [He’s disappointed that he just can’t wait and will have no choice butt to be a dictator.]

  22. Food For Thought

    Ever wonder why that guy’s face was wrapped up? Ever wonder why they don’t want him to ever be identified? a 5 second clip..


    Tears in her eyes because they’re exactly the kind of people America needs in this Country… overthrow.

  24. Oh my gosh! Cantors gone!!!! Loses Primary!!!! Praise God and Pray, Pray, Pray…………………..

  25. CANTOR ~~ WHO ??? there is a GOD!!! David Brat drinks T ~!

  26. The results Tuesday left him and the other supporters “crazy happy,” Nordvig said. “There’s a lot of can’t believe this has happened, just a wonderful disbelief. Just absolutely thrilled.”

    On Fox host Sean Hannity’s show after the victory, Brat said: “I was blessed. I mean, it’s a miracle. … God acts through people. And God
    acted through the people.”

  27. Kathy says:
    June 7, 2014 at 2:50 am

    Your question from above…….

    “Then Hastings died an untimely death ? And WHO did his wife work for ?”

    Here is the answer. My, my what a list. JORDAN……..hummmm?

    Elise Jordan is an American journalist, political speechwriter and commentator.[1][2][3][4][5][6] She served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008-09. She also worked in the White House Office of Presidential Speechwriting, at the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad and for the Commanding General’s Strategic Advisory Group at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, and was a speechwriter for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.[7]

    • Here is a link to the article that the comment was posted to. Lot’s of good information and links on this scandal.

      • TY for the link, because I couldn’t figure out where that comment was posted here. It’s interesting that the wife allegedly, according to Wiki, helped “clear up” the circumstances of her husband’s death as just a tragic “accident”. I’m trying to figure, though, how she fits in and why the FBI WAS allegedly investigating her husband, other than, as with other reporters, they were trying to IDENTIFY and thus PUNISH the “leakers” or sources who went off the reservation and actually told the TRUTH about Bergdahl’s desertion and emails. Hastings, however, did also attack his platoon a la the current meme that BLAMES them and their leadership for his disaffection and subsequent words and actions. Too many players with too many agendas. Note that the father of the guy (Farwell) who introduced Hastings to the sources is in IDAHO. Connections to the Bergdahls? Spouting the administration meme and defending the deserter? In addition to my skepticism about the pastor who was allegedly their pastor for no more than 6 months, now I wonder why the media didn’t go to the man who followed that pastor and who was at that same Boise church for many years longer and who would, presumably, know the family better than some guy who was there for 6 months at a church about 150 miles from where the Bergdahls live. I know people drive long distances in the West, but is it usual to attend services at a church 150 miles away? When I go out into rural areas, I pass churches every few miles. Surely there was a closer congregation. Note also that within the story by Hastings, he foreshadows that the war will “end” with a “prisoner swap” that will include Bergdahl. Gee, it sounds almost like a predetermined mission. That story tells us that Bowe was born in Sun Valley but that the parents moved there from California, where they went to college. Let me guess. Stanford? 🙂 This is the narrative from which all the others sprang. Like Barry’s bio. Well, and then there’s something else wrong with that narrative. It conflicts with what the pastor said. Did he not say he knew Bowe in 2003, visited him at his home in Hailey where his parents lived? Keep in mind pastor was there only 6 months in 2003. Butt Hastings’s story tells us Bowe moved to Ketchum to live with his ballet-dancing girlfriend, where he earned his keep by working on her parents’ home. Hastings calls her parents Bowe’s “new family”. Whoops. Well, maybe Bowe often drove the 11.4 miles from Ketchum back to Hailey to see the pastor when he visited his “old family”. At the time, Bowe was only 16 and so here he was, not living with his parents, while still a minor, but living with a girlfriend. Hastings calls the pastor “a family friend” and not the young man’s pastor. Somehow, at age 20, Bowe was able to go to PARIS, where he tried to join the French Foreign Legion. One wonders who bankrolled that.

  28. A tea-party-backed challenger resoundingly defeated Rep. Eric Cantor
    of Virginia, the second-ranking House Republican, in a primary election Tuesday, an unexpected assertion of insurgent conservative power sure
    to reshape Republican policy and leadership.

    Mr. Cantor, considered the leading candidate to be the next House speaker, lost to David Brat, a college economics professor, by 11 points, 56% to 45%.

    Mr. ERIC IVAN Cantor’s defeat…

    • “Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army sergeant captured in Afghanistan and held for nearly five years before being traded for five top Taliban operatives, was discharged from the Coast Guard before he joined the Army, Fox News confirmed.

      An Army spokesman did not confirm reports that Bergdahl’s discharge was due to psychological reasons or elaborate on the circumstances leading to his ouster in 2006.

      “We did confirm that Bergdahl was administratively discharged from the USCG prior to his enlistment to the U.S. Army,” the spokesman said.

      But the Washington Post reported that it obtained a journal and emails Bergdahl wrote that seemed to paint the picture of a troubled young man.

      “I’m worried,” Bergdahl wrote in journals before he deployed that were obtained by the Post. “The closer I get to ship day, the calmer the voices are. I’m reverting. I’m getting colder. My feelings are being flushed with the frozen logic and the training, all the unfeeling cold judgment of the darkness.[Does this sound a little like, say, Jason Bourne? MKUltra? “The VOICES?” What psychoactive drugs has he been on?]

      I will not lose this mind, this world I have deep inside,” he wrote a few pages later. “I will not lose this passion of beauty.” …”

      • Gee, good find, Zenway. I guess Hastings missed that chapter of Bowe’s life. At 20 he was in the Coast Guard, but at 20 he went to Paris to join the Foreign Legion.

  29. We’ve been reading this guy’s articles.

      • David Mossi · Top Commenter
        Home schooling did this kid a world of good…taught him how to be a pathetic speller and anti-social. Maybe his parents home schooled for fear of exposing his mental state to people, or maybe lack of social interaction made him a bone-fide psycho. I’m no psychologist, just an
        off the cuff observation. ….. YEP!…another ONE !

          • JUST DE-SERT O’.. these are written in 2009 + more @ blue


          • Considering what’s happened to deserters in the past, it wouldn’t be unusual; but I am coming more and more to feel sorry for him, especially after 5 years in captivity, UNLESS he collaborated in which case … But they are doing a good job portraying him as a mentally fragile (can’t think of a nicer way to put it) person who got in over his head. Yeah, I would have compassion for him but for the fact that some have DIED, lost their lives, looking for him, and perhaps more also died or were maimed IF he was tortured and understandably might have given up secrets that allowed the jihadist attacks to become more accurate, because IF he hadn’t stupidly (at best) put himself in that position then he wouldn’t have been captured and wouldn’t have been giving up anything.

            At what point, we have to philosophize, does someone lose responsibility for all the consequences of his actions? He’s been portrayed as someone who perhaps was too self-centered to think beyond his own desires, no matter how silly or foolish those pipe-dreams were, and consider the consequences of his own actions on his fellow soldiers. ANYBODY with common sense would recognize the risk of being captured and tortured by the likes of the Taliban. Look what happened to “tourists” and journalists who have been captured over the years by these jihadists. It would take a very deluded person to have no fear of falling into their hands.

            Let a jury of his peers decide. But I doubt it will ever come to that because, fortunately for him, Barry’s reputation and legacy now depends upon him being, if not a hero, then at least a very sympathetic VICTIM. This will be a massive cover up and if the truth ever comes out, it will be 100 years from now.

        • Hey, they had an answer for his poor spelling, too. Like Barry, he’s really “highly intelligent”. They say he CHOSE to deliberately misspell words. Doesn’t that sound like something they’d say about Barry? They are very much trying to portray him as pathetic and a head case. Yep. Another one. As likely for real as not. Who knows? I’m guessing he was on some kind of psychoactive drugs. It’s interesting that he left his parents’ keeping at age 16 and so hasn’t lived with them for a decade. Yes, the progressive enclaves in the wild west are different, but it says something when a kid goes to live with some other “new family” and even wants that woman to get his remains if he should die. Doesn’t it? Maybe this provides a little insight into the “I’m your father” and that he didn’t want to speak with them. Butt, did he want to speak with the “new family”? We’ll never be told the truth, so really, what difference, at this point, does it make?

          Lost in all of this is that the FIVE are free, planning and plotting and running loose around the Middle East. When will we hear from them again and, if we do, will we be told? What do YOU think? If they are involved again, will we be TOLD about it? Pshaw! Fat chance.


    What a surprise. Harry Reid is a liar:
    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claimed he was told the day before the Bergdahl was released, but administration officials say that was not true.”

  31. Rush Limbaugh on amnesty and Eric Cantor, for your reading pleasure. I didn’t get to hear it live:

  32. The post has been updated. Bottom line is that as Chambliss went on FOX to complain about how the note Bergdahl left behind was missing from the official file, and then the New York Times suddenly backtracked on the existence of the note, which was mentioned elsewhere and by those who probably saw it/found it. These same guys, it’s now reported, were told to LIE about the “narrative” about how Bergdahl disappeared. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time documents disappeared in the Obamanation, would it? Conversely, documents are known to appear, too. On a similar note, the NSA is deliberately destroying records of their illegal spying, after judges have ordered them three times NOT TO DESTROY records, because a LIBERAL group is suing them over their illegal spying. But hey! Welcome to the club. It’s not as if the Obama administration, their minions, or their pals (say, in Hawaii) haven’t made it a habit to destroy and disappear records. It’s only “fair” that the progressives get a taste of what we’ve dealt with since at least 2007.

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