This is Called Hope

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Recently (white) Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban said:

 If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I’ll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos (on the side he now is on), I’ll move back to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts; we all live in glass houses.

For that sentiment, which is so much like what (black) Jesse Jackson said

(There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.)  [emphasis added]

Cuban felt forced to give a special apology to the family of (black) Trayvon Martin, who sometimes wore a hoodie, as if the Martin family owns the copyright on that particular article of clothing.

In response, (black) Stephen A. Smith, a sports journalist and TV personality, defended Cuban on ESPN’s “First Take”:

I have absolutely, positively no problem whatsoever with what Mark Cuban had to say … There was nothing remotely offensive with what this man had to say. Now, I understand that me being a black man, an African American, that people are going to be rubbed the wrong way by those statements. They will need to get over it. [emphasis added]

Apparently Smith’s prediction was correct, because he was railed against for defending Cuban and also for sharing his own analysis of how a person’s choices about personal “presentation” (i.e., tattoos or hoodies) sometimes can negatively affect how others react.

Here’s what I find particularly hopeful: After being pressured publicly as well as privately, Smith doubled down instead of caving  in.

This is what it will take.  All of us need to stand up together against political correctness, accusations of racism where none exists, and the plague of bogus “offense” taken when somebody merely speaks the truth about “reality” or dares to speak common sense.  As Smith said,

[Not] every single issue is race related. Sometimes it is about how you represent yourself. 


132 responses to “This is Called Hope


    What is in the water in Chicago? Seriously. If this were a black majority school, would this happen? Some kids threw their caps in the air when they graduated, so the school authorities, who “warned” them not to, planned to punish THE ENTIRE CLASS by withholding their diplomas UNTIL the leaders of the uprising APOLOGIZED. Think of all the warped progressive “logic” in this decision. EVERYBODY is equally responsible, not the “perps”. EVERYBODY is to be punished UNTIL the “perps” apologize for their disobedience. This reminds me of how EVERYBODY is to blame for the murders in Isla Vista. It also reminds me of how the progressives seek an apology for EVERYTHING. Why ZERO TOLERANCE for cap throwing but not for, say, marauding through the streets knocking out randomly encountered people just because of the color of their skin? In fact, you’re not even supposed to mention it. And in schools that are majority “persons of color”, the students (I’m thinking Trayvon) get chance after chance, as authorities look the other way on things like BURGLARY, DRUG USE and DEALING, etc. These “perps” are “VICTIMS” of society. They’re NOT responsible for ANYTHING they do and certainly they’re not supposed to apologize for burglarizing or carrying guns or dealing drugs or mixing Skittles with cough medicine to get high or engaging, arguably, in stalking in an attempt to knock someone out by hitting his head on the sidewalk. btw, the superintendent reversed his decision after it went viral, I suppose. We’ll never know why because his blog post explaining himself has been, surprise! Scrubbed.

    • Another thing. The superintendent believed throwing the caps was “disrespectful” at this important ceremony. I wonder if he (or anybody else in the progressive realm) thought it was BEYOND disrespectful for a man to turn a MEMORIAL SERVICE for his son but also OTHER people’s children INTO A POLITICAL RALLY. I wonder if all the kids who were there to remember their friends and fellow students felt in the least uncomfortable to be led in anti-gun-rights CHANTS, as if this ceremony of remembrance was a political campaign rally. Just sayin’.

      • Eric Shinseki ………. from Lihue, Kauai …11-28-1942 .. is 71

        • Oh, how interesting is that? He was born within days of Barry’s mom and lived in the same general vicinity. Hmmm. Any reason there why Barry was dedicated to him and had to have a long talk before he “decided” to resign rather than be a “distraction”? Isn’t it odd that Barry didn’t ask Sebelius to resign because THAT would be the distraction but now NOT asking Shinseki to resign is the distraction? Wonder where Shinseki will pop up next, meaning, what’s his next cushy (very cushy) dig?

  2. Gateway Pundit reports: Shinseki wasn’t fired, he resigned. Today. Under the bus with you! Tire tread marks all over this person of color. He didn’t want to be a “distraction”. From what, one wonders? Barry is NOT off the hook. People, veterans, died.

    “… Sparks flew during a rare late-night hearing before the House Veterans Affairs Committee, as visibly upset Republicans raked VA officials over the coals while the ink was still wet on a scathing inspector general report condemning the agency’s deadly failures.

    The report found that in Phoenix, Arizona alone, 1,700 U.S. military veterans were denied medical care and others waited an average of 115 days to be seen by a doctor – and that officials covered up the lapses by manipulating wait-lists and other official records.

    Tennessee Republican Rep. Phil Roe, a physician and veteran of the Army Medical Corps, summed up the mood on Capitol Hill when he addressed Dr. Thomas Lynch, the VA’s assistant deputy undersecretary for health.

    Noting that the three officials at the witness table are well-paid but presided over a system that ignored the needs of cash-strapped veterans who are locked into the VA health system, he leveled a sledgehammer at Lynch

    ‘What I don’t understand is, as a veteran – as a doctor, as a practitioner – I don’t understand how you can stand at a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror, and shave in the morning, and not throw up,’ he said, ‘knowing that you’ve got people out there … how in the world?’ …”

    There’s the “distraction.”

    On a suspicious note: Is it possible that the Dems are hyping this scandal and using this “crisis” to save Obamacare, SOMEHOW? Will their preferred solution be to ROLL THE VETS INTO OBAMACARE, thus putting a huge shiteload of money into the system and DARING anybody to cut the budget for Obamacare, lest they be accused of not wanting to take care of our veterans?

    • that’s exactly what I am waiting to see happen. It’s already been hinted at . Move the vets to better hospitals…trouble is VA makes cuts all the time so some places/hospitals/and nursing homes have turned away vets already over the years. A lot of crap will have to get slung around for this to make andy logical sense to do, although this administration has lied it’s way to this point….guess they are capable of doing the same to vets.

      • Really, alfy? You thought of it, too. I think something’s up. Heretofore, the DemoncRATS were never wont to criticize Barry’s administration or get on board with ANY scandal. You might think, well, it’s veterans so they know they’d better BUTT what about the border agents and the SEALS killed and those who died in Benghazi? All Barry’s scandals and they dismiss them all as if those people didn’t matter at all, measured against the importance of Barry’s “legacy”. Nope. I smell a rat. Something’s up. More Kabuki theater.

    • “he submitted his own resignation”


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Seems like the plan. They’re so bloody predictable.

  3. Commin thick and fast now.
    Clown Carney is leaving as press secretary he will be replaced by Josh Earnest another Obama mouth piece!! 😯

  4. I laughed too. 😆

    • She’s laughing even as she dishes this BS. How do you pronounce that name, btw? Silent P? It is laughable. The guy only gives himself credit for EVERYTHING. He has the world’s biggest ego. What is she, anyway? 23? Well preserved. Actually about 35. “Saki” as in the liqueur.

  5. ~ Linda Moulton Howe ~ this is all so serious… take what U like
    BUTT’ take it 2 HEART…

    • What is really going DOWN…. OH! just US…. powerful knowledge
      only for non-kooks …

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        This? I could have sworn I posted this awhile back. Not THIS video, per se, but one about the humming sound

        • Whenever I hear these videos or hear reports my mind’s eye says “they’re tunneling”.

          Just like the East Coast earthquake in August a couple of years back. It originated in Virginia somewhere, cracked the top of the Washington Monument and shook the Poconos and beyond for several looong seconds.

          Not many people are talking about the incessant painting of our skies, and sometimes as I sit and watch them spray I know for sure we’re going to have a thick milky haze for days on end (they even spray the sprayed areas in broad daylight) – but my mind’s eye tells me its a perfect environment to cast holograms if they wanted to. Among other sinister purposes which they are now finally admitting to, I wonder if their little game could serve to create a “movie screen” as well. Bill Clinton’s remarks made my crazy brain to come up with that one.

  6. Rosemary … ^^^^^^ “Amaaazing” … thanks – perfect Video
    & just what do we think it really is all about … ?

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