Mother’s Day Weekend Open Thread

Heart_and_Soul_nebulae - CopyHappy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, foster mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers-in-law, and honorary mothers in our reading audience.  That includes greats, great-grands, and greats of any degree, too! 

God bless you, every one. 

(The photo above is the “Heart and Soul” nebulae.)

Mary_Cassatt_Young_Mother_Sewing - Copy

Madonna_of_the_Great_Plains - Copy

Mexican_Mother - Copy

Fritz_Zuber-Buhler_Maternity - Copy

Mother_of_Warriors - Copy

Mothers–Enjoy Spring. Enjoy YOUR weekend.

P.S. Give special thanks to your mother today, sincerely and from the bottom of your heart, for having the courage to give you your life.  Remember the nearly 57 million precious infants whose mothers did not choose life.  R.I.P.



79 responses to “Mother’s Day Weekend Open Thread

  1. GO TEXAS GO…. ^ line them up & send them off…. what these
    killers do … is worse than RACIST… TALK & need to be put to
    death… much sooner… STOP Baby – Sitting the TRASH… STOP IT

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Old school is best. A bullet to the head….cheaper than a firing squad. I would post hanging, but that seems to have racist overtones in this age of peee ceeeee ness.

  2. Billions 2 TOSS & ABORTION’s R the CORE of Warren BUFFET’s
    deadly .. AGENDA … so all powerful .. so all giving… & HE helps U
    take “YOURS AWAY”… $$$ 1 . 2 BILLION … WOW ~ WOW
    now where WOULD his Daughter Susie & Sons Howard & Peter
    B…. Mr BUFFET… if you had YOUR off-SPRINGS ABORTED ?
    O Butt’ you HAD MONEY so … U can AFFORD 2 keep THEM ?
    or does it mean you were … Married so you were a safer UNIT ?
    or that you Wanted them? or you “knew WHO” the FATHER was ?
    or that U weren’t DRUGED ~ 24/7 if not TOSS them Babies souls…
    in the TRASH… no BIG DEAL! JUST 2 .7 Million of the unprotected
    …& we wonder why … our youth are …. getting increasing weird-er?

  3. Are U in the know ? …this is a TEST cost of the abort-able ones

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