Obama Mystery Theater: Stanley Ann’s Passport Discussion (continued)

 Stanley Ann Dunham  to Philipines April 6 1986  Passport File Page 14, Signature

Stanley Ann Dunham to Philipines April 6 1986 Passport File Page 14, Signature

Because there are so many comments on the topic, we’ve had a request for a new thread, where we can continue our discussion of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro’s passport records, which began here, here, and here.

Please share your comments on this subject below.

What have we learned so far?

Ann had a passport prior to the one she renewed in July 1965. She may have used that passport to travel to the Philippines or to Southeast Asia, to do “field work”, as part of her studies.

Ann had to renew the 1965 passport in August 1968 for another two years. At the same time, she appears to have amended her passport to exclude Soebarkah and (perhaps) to include Barack Hussein Obama, although there was no photo or supporting documentation to back up that possibility. Therefore, it appears that Ann amended her passport in 1968 to exclude her son Barry.

Alphonse F. La Porta signed the renewal form as “vice consul”, even though that was not his title and he says he was assigned to a different office (the political office) in 1968.

We don’t know which passport Barry traveled upon from that moment on.  If he was made an Indonesian citizen, then he probably would have been henceforth required to leave or enter Indonesia on an Indonesian passport, just as U.S. citizens are required to enter and leave the USA on a U.S. passport.  Barry may no longer have been a U.S. citizen, if he renounced his U.S. citizenship, which was possible, if a U.S. official decided that he knew what he was doing.

Oddly enough, Ann’s 1965 passport was not issued in her new married name Soetoro. She amended the passport in 1967 to reflect her new married name, right before she moved to Indonesia.

Ann and Lolo were summoned to appear before the INS on the very day that her 1965 passport was issued to her:  July 19, 1965.  Quite a coincidence. (h/t Papoose)

Similarly, the day after Barry’s alleged LFCOLB was accepted by the local registrar in Hawaii, 8/8/61, BHO  Sr. was supposed to leave the USA. Later that month, he filled out paperwork, asking for an extension so he could stay until 8/9/62, but he neglected to list his brand spanking new son as his child.  In fact, he listed no children, although the following year, he again omitted Barry, as well as Auma, naming only Roy Obama as his child.

Lolo Soetoro would have been required to register his marriage to Ann with the Indonesian government within a year of the family returning to Indonesia.

Barry would likely not have been allowed to attend public schools in Indonesia unless he was an Indonesian citizen; he was listed as an Indonesian citizen on his school registration papers. He was also listed as the son of  Lolo Soetoro and his name was given as Barry Soetoro. Barry’s half-sister implied that her father adopted Barry legally, under Indonesian law.  Also under Indonesian law, it was possible for Lolo to legitimate Barry as his natural son.

Barry’s mother was required to report to the U.S. Dept. of State whether or not Barry accepted any benefits of Indonesian nationality.  Her passport renewal/amendment of 1968 implies that she did so, although supporting documentation is missing from the government’s response to the FOIA request.

We are not sure who Soebarkah was.


422 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: Stanley Ann’s Passport Discussion (continued)

  1. ~ the sound ^ may be removed? not sure… so read ON…

    • “But still I rail and scream.”

      But still We the Peeps rail and scream, too. We feel her pain, do we not?

      I agree with her, too, with regard to the hit.

  2. Benghazi-GATE … Enters NEW Phase … JayJackoffCarney? joker
    ~ by Thomas Lifson


  3. RedStater Strength_Honor • a day ago
    *sigh* I long for the good old days, when Richard Nixon, who himself never broke a law, was hounded from office over covering up a botched break-in of a Democrat campaign office. No one died, yet the press acted like it was the most earth shaking event since the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination. They were relentless, & would not rest until
    Nixon’s inner circle was in prison and Nixon was hounded from office.

    Today, we have something far worse, & far more serious, being lied
    about & covered up by the highest levels of government.
    WE have four dead Americans, including an Ambassador,
    WE have botched relations with every nation in the Middle East,
    including Israel, even as WE still have men there fighting.
    WE have a gross display of waning American power, & the entire affair may have been over the overseas version of
    Fast and Furious involving Illegal Arms to Libyan rebels which found their way to the …. Muslim Brotherhood & A Q..
    BUTT’….. the Media, Obsessed with who used the Word “NEGRO” or
    who might have Refused to bake a GAY Wedding Cake, can’t be bothered.

    • Proud techer [sic]]
      Iis Darmawan, 63, Obama’s kindergarten teacher, remembers him as an exceptionally tall and curly haired child who quickly picked up the local language and had sharp math skills. “He wrote an essay titled, ‘I Want To Become President,'” the teacher said.

      wow kindergarten teachers can channel one another -“sharp math skills” ? seriously?

      • How many kindergarten teachers does that make? I’m counting three so far. Two Hawaiian women and now this one? How’s about you? How many kindergarten teachers did YOU have? I had one. And I bet that, no matter how much of a genius and stand out I was, she wouldn’t remember ANY “essay” I wrote in KINDERGARTEN! Did you write ANY essays in KINDERGARTEN? Did you know how to write in kindergarten? So Barry says he was 7 and 8 in the Muslim school. So he had to start there after August 1968, right? But he’s supposed to have spent anywhere from 2 to 3 or 4 years at the CATHOLIC school, which he started at in January 1968. Hmmm. Barry did not excel at math, that’s obvious.

        I guess it’s rather obvious that he couldn’t have had ANY kindergarten teachers in INDONESIA, since he went to kindergarten in HAWAII, where they lost his records, and also since when he BEGAN school at the Catholic school, he was in FIRST GRADE!

      • “He wrote an essay titled, ‘I Want To Become President,’” IN KINDERGARTEN?????? Sure he did.

        • I didn’t go to kindergarten. And, must have been a late bloomer because we didn’t start writing essays until 4th- 5th grade. My First Composition was:
          How I Spent My Summer

          – then it was off to dumb book reports with covers made of construction paper and pictures, etc. Always got an A, though. Mostly for neatness and nice penmanship. 😦

  4. Jakarta, Indonesia an Islam “story”… he prayed 4 x’s a day ….& NOW
    WTPOTUS….. pray day & night….. interesting


  5. don’t U just “LOVE” IT? “Debate Prep” vs OUR GUYS in BENGHAZI
    what different would it B to THEM???? Really….


  6. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/obama-skips-self-deprecation-lashes-out-republicans-vicious-whca-dinner-monologue
    Just in case anybody’s interested in what Barry said at that dinner. He’s such a SMALL creature.

    • Translation of page where pic from (think talking about O’s book),
      “Obama on teen alienation in society. He openly in the book that he had to turn to alcohol and drugs, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine from the chase to forget who they are … Obama grew up under a variety of ideas about religion … The biological father of the Muslim faith. God does not exist I came from a family of That do not adhere to any religious And stepfather, an Indonesian who does not see that religion is very important in life …

      He had to seek psychological anchor manually. Until he ended up a member of Trinity Church United Church of Christ under the non-blocking critical thinking (Critical Thinking) and will not disrupt the struggle for authenticity. And social and economic equality.”

      Another pic, this one of Barry and Baby sister. http://www.bloggang.com/data/offway/picture/1225899259.jpg

      • Uh, this pic of brother holding sister shows the ear on Sister is the ear on well-accepted picture of Brother in striped diaper cover pants…About that baby picture of Brother with Sister’s ear and straight hair . . . . .The shadow under the arms is not really an actual shadow alone and shows background. The rest of pic has, of course been whited out. (have to enlarge to see the observation)

      • And this pic may be the only authentic pic of the guy currently in the WH

        Seen this pic before??? http://www.bloggang.com/data/offway/picture/1225899805.jpg

          • Now that ear does resemble the one on the baby, BUTT consider how it sticks out there so bizarrely and doesn’t really match the adult ears. Did they do an ear clone here? He looks rather unlike the fatty kid with the baby Maya.

            • The ear is missing the two “knobs” inside the top curve that the baby has. Actually, it appears someone took a “today” picture of Barry and put onto another photo. Sort of a reverse age-progression exercise. When opened in Paint and looked at large you can see the adjustment very clearly. One can even see it in this pic here, without enlarging. Look right below the lower lip to above the eyes. You can see what may be the original undereye on the eye on the left hand side of this picture (boy’s right eye). Looks like cut out regressed adult Barry and place atop, leaving original eyes.

            • Those ears don’t appear to be symmetric to me. The floppy one is up with his eyeballs. and the other one is looks kinda normal with the lobe elongated with his nose. Plus his eyeballs don’t align. All you need is a straight edge to at the point of irises see the that – as well as one side of his face is full and they other side slim. Its a half and half slapped together.

              Its weird at a glance.

              • You got it, Papoose. I should have remembered your straight edge technique! Obviously, that ear is pasted on. Why? You can see the evidence of tampering by the straight line next to his left ear and a similar straight line next to the inside corner of his right eye.

                Also, put your straight edge down the middle of the face. His right side looks like chubby boy and his left side looks like the boy who went to school with Scott Inoue in 3rd grade. A composite character, all right. Two kids morphed into one.

                • I think its BS, that 3rd grade bunk. He had sharp math skills and could write essays in kindergarten. Maybe Houdini was his father, too, since he can be in 2 places at one time. Didn’t that Scott photos say 1969?

                  Baloney. He must be hiding something really, really bad.

                  Why is he getting away with this?

          • only other site this pic still shows up at http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2008/10/

        • Here’s the second photo WAH linked:

  7. O’s half -sister ….birth cert. etc.


  8. Interview with Maya by an Indonesian journal

    Click to access TPP-15th-Edition.pdf

    • Observations on her interview:
      1. How so is she the “closest living relative” of Barry’s? Excluding his daughters, does he not have another half-sister and at least 6 half-brothers? Note that she calls herself his “sibling” and “sister” in that context, not his half-sister, and she calls him her “brother”.
      2. For exactly how long did Barry live with or grow up with Maya? He went to Hawaii within a year of her birth. Even IF he lived with her on Poki St., which I don’t believe, how close would she, as a pre-kindergartener, become to a brother who is 9 years her senior? By the time she moved to Hawaii to attend Punahou, Barry was on the mainland.
      3. No surprise, really, that her paid position in 2010 was with the East-West Center. Sounds as if she got that job after Barry was selected. Pays to have connections. She’s also on many boards. Pays to have connections.
      4. Her “first schooling” took place in 1981, at international school, so prior to that Ann home-schooled her. In ’81, they “moved from Semarang to Jakarta.” Same year Barry visited Pakistan, stopping first in Indonesia. Same year Ann renews her own passport and gives an address in Jakarta, and same year she gets a new job in Jakarta for the Ford Foundation. Maya was at the international school until ’84 and then went to Punahou in Hawaii.
      5. She says for years Ann and Lolo didn’t live together “steadily” and she became her “mother’s child.” She says Barry knew Lolo better than she did.
      6. She says Ann was more fluent in Indonesian than she was. How is this possible? The child was raised in Indonesia. Or was she? We all know how children absorb languages. How much contact did Maya have with people while being home-schooled by Ann? Or was she? She didn’t know her own father well. Her mother did field work. Where was Maya and who was raising her and what language did they speak? We’ve been told she lived for a time with Lolo’s mother. Is that true?
      7. She was two, not one, when they traveled the mainland together–she, Ann, Barry. She would have been 2 between August 1972 and July 1973. She mentions Yellowstone and parts of the WEST. Didn’t someone claim Barry said they went to Chicago, too? They went back to Indonesia and returned to Hawaii from ’73-76, and they all lived together from when she was 3 to 6. She says it was “only” from 1976 when Barry was left behind. But that’s not true, is it? He was in Hawaii with Stan and Mad from 1971 until 1973. Again, I don’t believe he lived with them on Poki St. They may have been there, but I don’t think he was. None of his friends talk about visiting him on Poki St. but talk about visiting him at Mad’s apartment. This sounds like spin to make her mother sound less detached.

  9. Observation on eyes. There appears to be two presidents. One has the SAD trait of the eyes slanting, drastically, insides upward; almost like on sideways and although not as exaggerated as SAD’s, it is there, for sure. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQAe83KOzibA8SadsLUhw3Gu4f-ryzGQeoUfva_TNtOMJ4HHHk4 and https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTz2L2XTPbeWUbV2iMt2EIvA_qK0lypPRNDWGORf2KMq9v4cSyo

    NONE of the presented childhood pics of the prez have this distinct trait. At least that how it seems in this ten minutes.

  10. Somehow I’ve landed on that photo of Sr. with the lei, and Stanley and all the people either welcoming him or sending him off, at the docks. I used Tineye to try to trace it back to it’s alleged origin in a 1959 Honolulu newspaper. the earliest appearance I can find is 2-14-2010 and some articles refer to it as a going away party in 1962. ]
    It appears that Jack Cashill got the 1959 claim here:

    “In a recent article in the Claremont Review of Books, national-security guru Angelo Codevilla makes a provocative claim.
    “Another photo, published in a Honolulu newspaper in 1959,” he writes, “shows [Ann’s father] Stanley Dunham escorted by uniformed U.S. Navy officers, greeting Barack Obama Sr., as he arrived in Hawaii from Kenya.”
    But searching the Claremont sites for Barack Obama Sr. I get nothing, except some references to bad links or something. Does anyone remember seeing any HARD evidence (I’m getting SO weary of “claims” that sound as if the writer “knows” something we don’t but NO proof or even evidence is provided) of that photo appearing in a 1959 newspaper?

    • Well, this is the article by Codevilla apparently, but the actual photo isn’t shown and HE refers back to Wayne Madsen as the origin of the “1959” claim. http://www.claremont.org/index.php?act=crbArticle&id=340#.U2pvV41OW1s
      I’m disappointed, again. If this was in a newspaper it would have had to have a caption, right? So….why not show us the actual newspaper photo in context? grrrr.

      • I’ve never seen this photo looking as if it came out of a newspaper. It looks too much like a snapshot. I don’t recall hearing anything about 1959 or it being in a newspaper. WM is always somewhat unreliable, imho. There were only the two newspapers then, unless this was some kind of local rag. It would be kind of hard to find it in an entire year of records, even if there’s some site with the papers online.

      • http://gulagbound.com/18116/a-closer-look-at-obama-sr/

        Stan himself doesn’t look “escorted” by naval officers, but they could be with BHO Sr., who could be arriving or leaving. In 1959, Stan was 41, so it COULD be him. On the other hand, it could be one of those guys seen in the “party” photo where BHO Sr. is sitting next to the Asian woman whose name is “Ann, USA”. There’s one guy who’s blond and has a long chin, like Stan the dad. The woman second from the left, who’s slumping, is SAID to be Marda, who was also said to be at that party at the Nachmanoff’s, where BHO Sr. sits on the floor with “Ann, USA”. I only just now noticed that the man in front, who’s squatting and looking at the black guy with the trunk/suitcase, looks somewhat Indonesian. Ann’s surname is Niamoto, according to Maraniss. I forgot the name of the guy on the far right. There were two brothers; he’s one of them.

        • Viewing the pic enlarged, showing pixels, Stan the man and the supposed Sr. are not true to the rest of the picture. Just saying.

        • The person to focus on in this picture is the black man on the far right, squatting and hands on trunk.

          • “trunk man” ^ may have Juniors BC all folded UP inside? ya think?
            His ears are a match but LC thinks the taller guy next 2 him is daddy
            O..Butt’ he sure looks guilty or worried about something or just a very DEEP thinker .. the name has never been spilled … or do U know it?

            • Why, because he is suspicious as not being part of the original photo, when viewed different ways in a photo editor. Too much focus on the main character, that we were told is the main character Sr., without any other names provided. Distraction? From what in photo? Why? Because he is the one with the trunk; thus, could be the one coming or going. Why, why not? If I had something, I would say and not string everyone along.

          • That person on the far right, touching the trunk, looks more like Barry than does his purported father. Who the heck is he?

        • I have to say that I have never thought that was Stanley Armour Dunham, who had very dark hair until he went gray. I think that’s the long-chinned guy who’s sitting on the floor next to BHO Sr. at the party. I’m going to make some crops of the faces and post them, for comparison.

        • Why would navy escort Obama? I could see escorting a foreign dignitary of some sort but a student?

          • I never had the feeling that they were “escorting” anybody. I just thought they were there. If BHO’s leaving on a boat, then the guy in the service cap (with the brim) could be the captain (if a plane, he could be the pilot). The guy in the sailor hat could just be some guy who’s there for the same reason the other people are present. His looks like a navy uniform. Does the other guy’s? I can’t figure out what this photo is. Because of the leis, one assumes it’s a going away or welcoming entourage for BHO Sr. Since the people he met while in Hawaii are there, I always thought they were seeing him off–back to Kenya. If so, it could explain SAD’s absence, since she wasn’t there to see him off, being in Seattle. If that’s Stan, then he could be there as a courtesy to his “son-in-law” or to thank him for his “service”. Odd that BHO Sr. has no right arm. There is some very odd pixelation by the big-eared trunk man, right next to his left ear.

        • http://www.vsadc.com/people/marda-robillard/
          About the one who’s might be in that coming/going photo and also in those party photos.
          I believe this is she, again: http://www.classmates.com/people/Marda-Robillard/419653421 Gap in her resume between high school and college. It appears that Robillard is her married name.

        • Is the man at top, on left, the young man in the group photo, in the flowered shirt, next to the guy I think might be his brother, standing beside the man with the trunk? If so, then his wife probably is the woman to the sailor’s right (his right, our left). I’m assuming that’s her husband she’s with, in the top photo.

  11. http://www.wnd.com/2009/10/114359/
    .. photo above ^ more info again & again

  12. http://keywiki.org/index.php/Barak_Obama
    more ^ from above with names… Barak’ O’

  13. Since this is from freerepublic it is probably already around here somewhere??? http://ilwulocal142.org/images/newspapersmall.JPG

  14. OK… take note … IS it the same Face in the “Two Photos” …of
    Stan on the Couch with Ann & Mad… & the one in the Lei photo
    I think they altered the mouth/smile? & they may have spun the
    head a bit… can we get them together?
    just like the one with little ann standing on the board in her dress by
    the river? …. is that also the same face? not sure now…

  15. Okey dokey. First, a photo composite I found:

  16. GREAT work ….Miss M… PERFECT!!!!

    • Butt am I a “divine” Miss M? 🙂

      • WE ALL know Your …. “DIVINE” are U NUTS ? I don’t know
        how you DO ALL of this .. (butt’ U do have the best helpers around)

        …BUTT’.. U wouldn’t want old “Bette” jealous now would ya?
        Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1945 … a Jewish GIRL….
        with extremely RED curly hair so she really “FELT DIFFERENT”
        just like …. poor LITTLE DARKer SKINNED OBAMA…. boohoo

        my brain must be on auto-pilot… I did see Miss M once .. a blast
        + clap – clap on your great photo work ^ it really helps seeing is dis-believing .. when will this end? soon as we pray ~ as we pray

        • Indeed I do have the BESTEST helpers on Earth. Hey! The REAL Divine Miss M. can have the title. I look nothing like her! Are you saying she was born in Honolulu? If so, who knew? I love that episode of Seinfeld that she’s in: Rochelle, Rochelle! 🙂

    • Now, haven’t we heard that BHO Sr. missed the airlift and so came LATER, with the help of two, if not three, rich white women who funded him? This story has another presumably enchanted white woman saying BHO Sr. came BEFORE the airlift.

    • TY, Zen. Knew we could count on you. The key here was that “Kiri” is really Naranhkiri. I found his site in the WayBack (Shhhh!): http://web.archive.org/web/20110916073105/http://cambodiana.org/Myprofessionalbackground.aspx Here’s where the photos are: http://web.archive.org/web/20110913150958/http://cambodiana.org/MainreasonsofmysupportofObama.aspx

      • See the dude right in the middle, drink in hand, white shirt, next to “Bob”? His name’s Dave Finkelstein and he apparently supplied those photos. I know because of the title given to them when they were originally posted online. We have three potential Bobs: Robillard (Marda’s husband), Craft, and Ruenitz. Any of them could be the guy with the long face.

        • There is a passage in David Maraniss’ book about these guys, how they hung out and had parties, how NONE of them remembered Ann dating Barack, etc. Is that where you got the name Niamoto for the Ann that is in the photos?

          • I haven’t read his book, just whatever excerpts I find online. I found numerous news articles that mention one or the other of these people and almost to a person they say (except for Abercommie) that they don’t remember any wife or him dating Ann. Some even say they knew “Ann” but NEVER saw her with BHO Sr. or heard they married. Some of his college chums went to Kenya to visit him in the 80s, iirc, and he never mentioned her or asked about her, they said. I’ll have to check where I learned the name Niamoto. Could be here: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/07/what_david_maraniss_left_out_of_the_story.html Note how this guy draws lines between the people in the two different photos. I’m not sure he’s correct, butt …

          • Ok. I do have in comments that I learned her name from his book, BUTT I think I knew it before. Maybe Maraniss put his source in one of his numerous footnotes? I could have learned it at Free Republic.

      • btw, that site cadged the lei photo from Beckwith at Obama Files. I wonder if he links to the first posting of that photo? Beckwith is the A-1 “archivist” on the Web so probably was tipped early on to the photo. His photo is dated July 25, 2011, so I don’t know if that’s the earliest “sighting”. Doesn’t seem like it.

  17. informative comments… 2 read thru… (& I’m burnt toast’..^ this crap^
    makes me ILL everything we are doing… over & over & over… YIKE!


    • It does creep me out sometimes that the old is brand new. I just tell myself that everyone here knows it is not actually new; just going over again and again and again to glean something new as looking at things through six-year sage eyes might see something not seen before. who knows??? I don’t. May have to take a break on the speculating/brainstorming.

  18. Wonder if the guy credited to be Stanley A. and the blond young man next to him are father and son. The young man is the only one his age it looks like.

  19. FWIW

    This newspaper article picture…….the author, “Or names like Shurei Hirozawa, former business editor fo the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and now a First Hawaiian Bank vice president;” http://www.tannajinkai.org/history.html

    Listed in 1966 as ‘newspaperman’ and in 72 as ‘economic researcher’. Both he and wife big in labor. He was reporter Star-Bulletin 50-55, labor reporter 1955-62, and bus. & labor editor 62-70.

    • Good eye, WAH. So he’s first a “journalist” writing about BHO Sr., then he’s the “business editor”, then a banker. Quite a trajectory. FMD was also connected to “journalism”, the ILWU, and labor (not to mention communism). Ditto Leith, who donated his own BC to CNN, and who’s connected to … ILWU. Then there’s the Yugo Okubo who was a writer at the same place FMD was and who also is connected to ILWU and probably, somehow, because everything is coincidentally connected to Barry, is connected to the HDOH Okubo. I mean, why the heck not?

  20. Something new(?) on Stanley Ann? I found this by accident and I’m neither endorsing nor condemning the website I found it on (just not a fan of “anti-Jewish” sentiment even if couched as anti-zionist) but there was some stuff that interested me that I had never seen. One was the Seattle newpaper article showing Stanley Armour getting a real estate license in 1959 (posted over on the O timeline) and this:

    “Finally, the school yearbooks. I searched local libraries, the Seattle School Archives, online sales of yearbooks, but no luck. I called Eckstein, they had nothing. Surely, the Mercer Island High School yearbooks had to be somewhere. Otherwise, how would high school yearbook pictures of Stanley Ann be showing up in the media? I hoped to find something incriminatingly Jewish regarding Stanley’s “Anarchy Alley” days. So I made a call to Mercer Island High School:


    Hi, I was wondering if I could come over and look at some of your yearbooks. Do you have any from the 1950’s?

    Are you looking for something on President Obama’s mother?


    Well, don’t bother coming over, because you’re not going to find anything.

    Why is that?

    A few years ago, just before the Obama campaign got started, before most people knew who he was, someone came here and asked to look at those yearbooks. Unfortunately, we let them. And they took off with them and never brought the books back…and we think we know who she is, and that’s all we’re going to say about it.”

    Wow. I admit, I was momentarily speechless. What had I stumbled across? An organized conspiracy?”

    • So they were interviewing old classmates and Kansas relatives back in March of 2007.

      March 27, 2007|By Tim Jones, Tribune national correspondent. Tribune correspondents Kirsten Scharnberg and Laurie Goering contributed to this report

  21. An oldie but goodie on Stanley Steemer:

    and on page 35-36 here ~

    Big Daddy forgot who he was married to and that he had a new born son. He neglected to note their address as requested, as well.

    And on page 39, 4/10/61, the newly married gentleman was confronted for running around and he said he would try to stay away from the girls.

    ho hum Somebody lied in the shady birth announcements.

  22. moved to another thread

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