Three-Parent Babies

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Sodom and Gomorrah? Unnatural? But it’s the progressive way.

Federal health regulators will consider … whether to green light a provocative new fertilization technique that could eventually create babies from the DNA of three people, with the goal of preventing mothers from passing on debilitating genetic diseases to their children. … 

Scientists claim that their goal is completely benign. They want only to do whatever they can to eliminate mitochondria-propagated diseases:

Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov … is seeking FDA approval to begin testing in a handful of women who carry defective genes that can lead to devastating diseases in children, including blindness, organ failure and epilepsy.

An estimated 1 in 5,000 U.S. children inherit such conditions because of defective DNA in their mitochondria, small energy-producing organs found in the cell. Unlike most DNA — located in the nucleus of the cell — mitochondrial DNA is passed along only by the mother, not the father.

The experimental technique, if approved for use, would allow a woman to give birth to a baby who inherits her normal nucleus DNA but not her defective mitochondrial DNA.

To accomplish this, researchers would remove the nucleus DNA from a healthy female donor’s eggs and replace it with the nucleus DNA of the prospective mother. After fertilization, the resulting child would inherit the mother’s nucleus DNA — which contains most inherited traits like eye color and height — but the donor’s healthy mitochondrial DNA.

The doctor has already perfected the technique on monkeys. Let’s guess where this one is heading.

Further redefining of the nuclear family. (Pun intended.) 

Today, it’s a technique to eliminate genetic disease. Tomorrow, it’s a huge money-making industry that creates a lot of jobs, not to mention GMHs (genetically modified humans). There are patents to be obtained on proprietary techniques. Billions and billions and billions to be made. Surely the researchers and the institutes that pay them aren’t going to give away this technology out of the goodness of their hearts. Just as surely, We the People are going to pay for this research, only to see well-connected businessmen and companies cash in.

Imagine the future: Parents (as many as you like) can custom design their babies. What a Brave New World it will be:

[The book Brave New World] doesn’t, and isn’t intended by its author [Aldous Huxley] to, evoke just how wonderful our lives could be if the human genome were intelligently rewritten. In the era of post-genomic medicine, our DNA is likely to be spliced and edited so we can all enjoy life-long bliss, awesome peak experiences, and a spectrum of outrageously good designer-drugs.

Yes, DNA can and will be “spliced and edited” so that, for example, a practitioner of polygyny will no longer have to choose a wife with whom to procreate. All co-wives can contribute to the genetic stew.

Heather has eight mommies!

Similarly, women engaged in polyandry will find that scientists can combine sperm from multiple partners, so that

Winston has six daddies!

Better yet, and you know this is coming. (How not, considering LGBT politics?) Multiple same-sex partners can have a baby to share amongst themselves.

Lenina has three daddies and no mommies, only an anonymous no-nucleus-egg donor, because she was incubated in a lab-grown uterus!

What’s not to like? Why worry?

Worry, because this is the stuff of science fiction, which unfortunately too often comes to pass. A character in the book Leviathan Wakes was “the only child of a family co-op.” 1984, anyone?

The FDA says we should “experiment” first and worry about ethics and philosophy later:

[B]efore the FDA considers the philosophical implications of genetically modified children, its first concern is the safety of any patients enrolled in experiments. In documents posted ahead of this week’s meeting, the agency said it will seek public input on how to monitor the safety of women who undergo the fertilization process. The agency also wants to hear proposals for long-term follow-up of any children produced via the process.

Stanford University Professor Hank Greely says the FDA is taking the right approach by focusing on the immediate safety concerns, rather than speculating on whether this could lead to a “Brave New World” scenario of biologically engineered humans.

“We constantly live on slippery slopes and it’s our job as moral humans to hold a good position on the slope,” said Greely, a law professor who studies medical ethics. “If you’re worried about  then you try to stop that, you don’t try to stop medically useful interventions because you’re worried that 17 steps down the line it will turn into something we don’t like.”

What an idealist. Try. Try to stop it after the ball is rolling, rolling, rolling. What could go wrong? What was it Yoda said?

DO. Or DO NOT. There is no TRY.

Can we as a society dare to take the risk that some imagined future “try” ends up failing? Can we take the risk that we “do not” succeed in stopping the creation of “genetically engineered monsters or superheroes?

Progressives always seem to misunderestimate the law of unintended consequences.

On second thought, perhaps what most would consider to be noxious unintended consequences are exactly the consequences that progressives might prefer.

Regardless of what society at large wants, progressives are intent upon nudging everyone into the New World Order (their Brave New World), whether or not we want to go there. Whether or not we want to live there.

Our government must consider the moral, ethical, and “philosophical implications of genetically modified children” now, before it funds or approves these techniques.

Laws must be carefully written to ensure that no designer baby industry comes to pass, especially one that further erodes the nuclear family.


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  1. “We’re trying…. to HURT Mr. Sterling’s $-pocketbook-$ so that he “understands how offensive” his comments are,” he said.
    “Asking somebody… to ” not – go ” ? to a … basketball game …

    (Donald SAID ..don’t “U BRING” them… “nothing about” NOT GOING!
    ~ DONALD asking HIS SEXual partner.. not 2 do that is HIS BUSINESS
    SO WHO & WHY makes it their BUSINESS? – Angry Race-Baiters ?)

    is the least we can do when “people paid a huge debt with their very
    lives”, in terms of taking a stand “against racism.”

    Race Race Race Race Race… get over it… RUN 2 the LIGHT ! ?

    ~SO WTPOTUS CAN TRASH “OUR” Constitution
    & MORE…
    BUTT’ not a PEEP… about HOW …
    “people paid a huge debt with their lives” .. & still do! peep-peep

    ONE sided LOVE affair ?… the man said HIS Truth… I know What he
    said & Why he said it WERE NOT STUPID! BUTT’ OBAMA.. trashes

    the “Special Olympics”….. BUTT’ we let it slide… or Clinging to OUR
    GUNS & BIBLES ? “disgusting” coming from a USURPER – at THAT
    BUTT’.. AT LEAST.. “WE PAID” for THEM! $$$ – Yes – We – Did!
    ~ A never ending cycle to crash & burn ?… what a foolish bunch!
    BUTT’…none of them REALLY FOOL US…. WE SEE U~ WE DO!

    • Judge Napolitano said it’s a crime in CA to tape someone without his knowledge. I would argue the girlfriend is going to be sued for more than the $1.8 million they already say she embezzled. If I were he, I’d insist they prosecute but you know that they won’t. Is anybody ever again safe in their own homes? Can you ever again be sure that your privacy will be honored? I’m offended just by the fact that the guy is married, 80 years old, with a girlfriend 1/4 his age that he flaunts as if his wife doesn’t exist. Of course, that’s their business, I suppose, but if Al Sharpton (of ALL people) has the gall to be offended by stuff the old geezer said in the heat of an argument, then why can’t I? What guy wants to see his girlfriend out in public, in the public eye, with “celebrities” (black or otherwise) when everybody knows she’s supposed to be his girlfriend? She’s a real prize, isn’t she? Who knows what was going on in his mind? Who cares, actually? I don’t. Imagine being in an argument with your significant other and the next thing you know, everything you say is reported world wide and suddenly you are losing everything. Is that fair? Is that justice? So far as I know, nobody’s proved it’s his voice or even that the tape hasn’t been severely edited. I forgot about Barry and his stupid Special Olympics “quip”. Good point.

  2. …Special Olympics ^ … & so MUCH MORE…. ^ O said IT! PERIOD.

    President “Barack Obama” said Sunday that comments reportedly made
    by Sterling are ……“incredibly offensive Racist statements,”…. before
    casting them as part of a continuing “legacy” of “slavery” & segregation
    that Americans must confront.
    “When ignorant”… folks” want to “advertise”.. their ignorance” you
    don’t really have to do anything, …. you just let them talk”…. OK O’

    “Obama said it 2” …MOST of us do it … I see it often..often .. often
    Special KIDS (all colors.. was it RACIST was it with intent? accidental)
    those KIDS R … just as ….. Special … as BLACK FOLKS?
    Did U hurt their feeling & their family’s feeling? U BET Ya! IT HURT!
    Did they also reflect back to a day they were un-aware of a
    normal healthy child? Butt’ it was NOT 2 B…. we do the best we can!

  3. A FEW thoughts on the Donald Sterling scandal, but first a personal disclosure: I have sometimes uttered words in the heat of a domestic squabble that I later regretted. I have expressed thoughts in personal conversation that I would never want to share with the world. On occasion I have yielded to impulses in private that I would be loath to be judged by in public.

    Maybe you have too. …@ Boston Globe

    • My sentiments exactly. Hooray for Kareem:

      “But as former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote on Monday: “Shouldn’t we be equally angered by the fact that his private, intimate conversation was taped and then leaked to the media? Didn’t we just call to task the NSA for intruding into American citizens’ privacy in such an un-American way?””

      • Already there is technology that allows someone to point a high-tech mic at your home and listen in and RECORD anything you say. Who will be immune? Especially if it pays off (to make these accusations) and no laws are enforced for the illegal taping? Why are we not equally excoriating the media scum who publicized this? It’s OBVIOUSLY private. It’s OBVIOUSLY illegal. They should be sued, too. It’s not “entertainment” and it’s not even “informing” us of anything. There’s no public service here. People already knew the guy was an alleged racist. He’s not running for president. Or any public office. The NAACP was happy to take his money and even honor him. So were the DemoncRATS. In fact, all this incident has done is to add to the dissension and racial division in our country, amongst all our people.

    • Maybe because he was sending arms to them in Syria via Benghazi? If and when it came out (it did recently), then he planned to say they’re not a threat anymore, they don’t exist so he couldn’t send them arms, they’re not terrorist. Any of that or anything else that gets invented in his feverish mind?

  4. Now just who …. was Acting … STUPIDLY … 2009′ & NOW 2014′

  5. And as quick as you can say …”MAC-DADDY sissy”. O jumps up for
    his FAMOUS DUMP….on “WHITE CRACKER” Sterling…. oh my


      Some people are apparently more equal than others. Some people don’t have to be judged by the same standard. Some people can MOCK the disabled (that includes Barry with his “joke” about the Special Olympics) and NOBODY hits them in their pocketbook. The young man was a FAN of Shaq’s. He gets CYBERBULLIED by his hero, but then, as the young man said, he’s USED to being ridiculed and bullied. I guess just not by a black sports hero who should know better.

      btw, where’s the outrage about the misogyny that’s rampant in the NBA? Judge NOT, lest ye be judged, although we KNOW certain people are IMMUNE from being judged and there’s no JUSTICE for their victims. Let’s guess at the number of women who’ve been beaten, raped, maybe even killed by NBA, NFL, or baseball players. What’s worse? Saying something stupid that you’re BAITED INTO SAYING and having it ILLEGALLY recorded and then given to the media OR mocking the disabled world-wide by your own choice, OR beating, raping, killing a woman? That’s the link to the mocking image; it’s too disgusting to copy on our blog.

  6. MO’ shit….. flowing down-stream….FAST & FURIOUS!! Internet…
    Hate Speech….. Bulls eye

  7. PRAY … for Sheriff JOE ….. make it RIGHT JOE!!!!

  8. this is a test…I can’t seem to comment on the other thread

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