PRYING Eyes Are Watching YOU!

Kathryn Watson of writes from Alexandria, Virginia:

The police know exactly where my car has been — and when — during the past few months.

They could have the same information — or more — about you.

Curious to learn what the police gathers and stores about her own movements, Watson asked them for her personal information, noting that she has nothing more than parking tickets on her record. What she learned was “unsettling,” to say the least. [emphasis added]

In all, police captured 16 photos of my car — mostly at night — and recorded my license plate eight times on five dates — from October 2013 to as recently as April 1.

In January, a license plate reader captured my plate twice while my car was parked in the lot of my apartment complex, according to latitude and longitude records.

Police also captured records of my car as I  drove to Bible study on a typical Wednesday night in March.

Still, others were captured in various spots around Old Town Alexandria. …

The state’s highest constitutional office has already said random collection and storage isn’t legal — but many local police departments in Virginia continue to do it.

The top-of-the-line ALPR technology allows local police departments like Alexandria’s to capture up to 1,800 license plates per minute

That’s exactly why civil rights advocates such as John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville, said the widespread collection and preservation of license plate data not only potentially violates search and seizure rights in the Fourth Amendment, but it also makes people leery to exercise their First Amendment rights.

In 2008 and 2009, the Virginia State Police, which now regularly expunges records but still collects them, captured license plate data of people at political rallies for Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

It could be used against you later,” Whitehead said earlier this month. …

It can and will be used against you “later.”

Capturing and storing information about everyone’s movements (e.g., as they attend a Palin rally) makes people afraid to exercise their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom to associate and assemble, which is certainly one of the goals of the Obama administration when it comes to their political opponents.

In addition, if the government can capture license plates of people attending rallies for Obama, then they can find their names and addresses, too.  Then “later,” these presumed-pro-Obama “folks” can be targeted for political ads and get-out-the-vote activities, which has always been a goal of the Obama campaigners, especially ACORN and ACORN-like groups.

Who believes that, given this juicy database, the powers-that-be in Virginia and the federal government won’t tap the data for political purposes?

It can certainly be credibly argued that the political usefulness of the information is exactly why the data is being collected.

As we’ve seen with the illegal data collection done by the NSA, as we’ve seen with the illegal targeting of political adversaries by the IRS, the Obama administration and its fellow travelers continue to ignore the laws and the U.S. Constitution. 

Unless something radically changes in the elections of 2014 and 2016, those “private”

 prying eyes will be watching you, watching you, watching you …

forever more. Welcome to the Police State of America.

The USA becomes the PSA … “fundamentally transformed” before your very

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110 responses to “PRYING Eyes Are Watching YOU!

  1. Oh, yeah … And “Happy TAX DAY”. Have you paid your “fair share”?


    Obamacare patients who go to their doctors for a free annual checkup are finding out that they may have to pay for the preventive healthcare visit after all.

    They are angry to learn that if they mention past or ongoing health concerns during the physical, that can result in co-pays and deductibles, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive care includes screenings for high blood pressure and high cholesterol counts, evaluations for several cancers and diabetes, and vaccinations. The patient is allowed, in most cases, one checkup per year.

    But “wellness” care on potential new health issues is viewed as “evaluation and monitoring,” and leads to patients having to fork out for the “free” annual physical.

    “Patients are scheduling physicals because physicals are free,” Randy Wexler, a family physician in Columbus, Ohio, told the Journal. “But they come in and say, ‘I’ve been having headaches. My back has been bothering me, and I’m depressed.’ That’s not part of a physical. That will trigger a copay.” …”

    So the DEVIL is in the DETAILS, huh? They had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

    Watch what you say to the doctor. Now you’re going to have to be afraid to SPEAK in the so-called confidential privacy of your doctor’s office. Censor your words.


    “President Obama on Friday formally nominated Sylvia Mathews Burwell to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) following the botched resignation of Kathleen Sebelius.

    Burwell served in several positions under the Bill Clinton administration, including as a deputy aide to then-budget director Jack Lew. In July 1995, Burwell (then Sylvia Mathews) was one of several key aides questioned by the Senate Whitewater Committee regarding the death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster. …

    Under questioning, Sylvia Mathews and her colleagues denied impeding a police investigation into Foster’s death after his body was found in a northern Virginia park. According to the New York Times, Mathews testified “in laborious detail about what she had found in Mr. Foster’s garbage on the night he died.”

    That experience may come in handy as she prepares to oversee the implementation of Obamacare.”

    She’ll no doubt be confirmed and this, no doubt, won’t even come up.

    • suspense is killing me….OK what’d she find in Vince Foster’s garbage the night of his death.

      • Trash? 🙂

        • gee thanks Miri. You’re smiling I see.

          • Yes, I was being facetious, as usual. 🙂

            I wonder if anybody chronicled what exactly she said she found in the garbage “in laborious detail.” Bottom line: She’s a good little doo-bee from way back.

          • actually i see she went thru the trash and also his “burn bag”. perhaps the question is “what” she didn’t find. She says she went thru his trash and found papers but found nothing in his burn bag.I didn’t realize there was a burn bag ….I guess that’s far better than a paper shredder??


    Another attack of a black group on a white person. Will Barry extend his condolences? Will Holder file hate crime charges? Will the lamestream media even report THIS?

  5. Say NO MORE!!!! O’

    • I read the pdf and still can’t tell. Since it’s NBC and MSNBC, I would guess it’s overblown. Sounds like ICE is as guilty as they say Arpaio was. It probably has no fundamental effect one way or the other.

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Resolution: secession!

  7. There will be more to this story stay tuned. 🙂

    • You would think that by now they would know how corrupt he and this administration are, so why would they be “stunned”? I agree–they should abolish the IRS and they should also call for, and GET, Holder’s resignation, ASAP.

  8. For most of us, the election of 2014 is not a matter of campaigns, rhetoric, or local outcomes; instead, the results that determine who controls the Senate — and thus supports or blocks the president’s radical destructive agenda — boils down to a question of whether this nation will survive. Ultimately, the 2014 election will go a long way toward revealing whether we can take a step back from the brink.

    • that story?

      ” Liberal media outlets CNN and MSNBC have joined forces with the biased, numbers-cooking Southern Poverty Law Center and New America Foundation to foment renewed fear and hatred of conservative Americans.

      Their latest talking point: “Right-wing” terrorists have caused more American deaths than Islamic jihadists since 9/11. …” [Conveniently omitting the nearly 3000 murdered ON 9/11.]

      Oh, let’s play THEIR game and lie with STATISTICS: Democratic voters have perpetrated more murders, especially via “gun violence”, than Republican voters since 9/11.

    • Where’s Kittycat? Put her on this yahweh thing pronto. She’ll get to the bottom of this.

    • How can Malik possibly be allowed back in the USA after supporting terrorism, evading taxes via his illegal foundation (which CANNOT legally be given retroactive sanction by Lois Lerner), not to mention the multiple wives? Oh, yeah. Yisrayl of the 30 wives! Remember? We covered him long ago here:

      But that’s probably an “exclusive” by Corsi. 🙂 Malik’s going to be teaching “character”. He’s a character, all right. A rather shady one.

    • There was a tiny paragraph, no photo, on the back page of my paper that reported Zeituni’s death. That was it.

      Hey. Exactly WHICH half-siblings did Zeituni look after in Kenya, at the time Barry visited there, according to his own book? Is that really what Barry said in the “memoir”? If he first visited in 1988, when he says he met Zeituni, he himself was at least 26 or 27. So Auma was (arguably) anywhere from 27 to 28. Not exactly in need of a nanny. Malik was even older–anywhere from 3 to 6 years older than Auma. The Kenyans don’t CLAIM the younger kids BHO Sr. allegedly had with Kezia after his return to Kenya, so is Barry claiming in his book that somehow THOSE kids lived with Ruth and BHO Sr. and Zeituni was there caring for them? I doubt that. Or did Zeituni live with Kezia to help raise her kids who Zeituni has said were not her brother’s kids? That can’t be true. And I doubt it’s true that Zeituni lived with RUTH. The Kenyan Obamas didn’t care for Ruth. Boyle says that Malik has changed his name back to Roy again. Did we hear this or is this misinformation (not deliberate)? It’s a good question whether or not Barry went to Zeituni’s funeral. Did he? Was she buried? Where? Was she returned to Kenya? She’s Muslim, so was she buried by sundown the day she died? What a heel.

      • If you’re curious, here’s a link to the Boyles interview of Corsi about Zeituni and the illegal Malik and Granny Sarah terrorism-supporting foundations:

      • I imagine she’s going back with Odinga. What a joke and lie all this stuff is. They must be getting either so confused about all their lies that it doesn’t really matter anymore how they throw it out there, it sticks like glue to the already giant ball of wax they’ve stuffed down everyones gullible throats. Come on,” important ” Odinga goes first to visit a dying aunt that no one has bothered to care about for years. He’s too important for that. He would have had to search her out and find this off the path rehab center for the indigent. Then a convenient small snapshot of some skinny lady under some covers in a bed that no one knew was sick till Odinga shows up,,and some reporter puts it on your back page in some newspaper. Give me a break, no give me a slap, if I believe it. Perhaps they’ve already dumped her body off the ironing board into the ocean of bin laden den and maybe like in some Poseiden mythological event aunt zeituni will come back as a beautiful white swan, or as a cook at the whitehouse. Bon e’ petit Barack

        • ROFLMAO. That’s a good one, alfy. ” … like in some Poseiden mythological event aunt zeituni will come back as a beautiful white swan, or as a cook at the whitehouse. …”

          Why not? Everything else is a myth. Zeituni springs from Zeus’s head, all armored up and as beautiful as Athena.

          I also don’t think the lady in the hospital was Zeituni. In fact, we never did believe that the red-head at court was Zeituni.

          • Has anyone heard about Omar lately? The cauterization of embarrassing relatives from the country may continue apace.

            Oh, I got it. Maybe Malik’s coming by to pick up her body and escort her back to the family cemetery.

          • I got an evil idea. Lets all perform an oline necromancy for Zeituni to come back from the dead. Bet she could tell us a thing or two. Wouldn’t it be cool to have her spirit floating about the whitehouse, wakin up Obama’s mother-in-law and pinching Michelle while she sleeps (probably with the children). She could tickle Obama’s feet and pinch his cheeks, blow kisses to him while he reads the teleprompter. Gosh, a good necromancy might be what the country needs. It’d make for a great movie anyway. The ghost and Mr. chicken…remember that? with Don Knotts. I loved the organ music in that movie..the blood on the organ keyes! Id love to see Obama’s knees knocking and Michell’s shrieks would scare america back to her senses. or better yet another good movie would be like the three Amigo’s and the ghost Zeituni of Dark Africa on their heels. THe Amigo’s starring Obama, Biden, and Holder. Could play that” High Noon” movie jus harp music everytime Zeituni shows up. ……..Ok, I’m pining for an online necromancy of ole Zeituni. I miss her already, doesn’t everyone????

          • This is a difficult question and no definitive answer can be given. There are specific references to people who came back to life, including:

            1. Elijah raised the son of the Zarephath widow from the dead (1 Kings 17:17-22).

            2. Elisha raised the son of the Shunammite woman from the dead (2 Kings 4:32-35).

            3. A man was raised from the dead when his body touched Elisha’s bones (2 Kings 13:20, 21).

            4. Many saints rose from the dead at the resurrection of Jesus (Matt. 27:50-53).

            5. Jesus rose from the dead (Matt. 28:5-8; Mark 16:6; Luke 24:5, 6).

            6. Jesus raised the son of the widow of Nain from the dead (Luke 7:11-15).

            7. Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus from the dead (Luke 8:41, 42, 49-55).

            8. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11:1-44).

            9. Peter raised Dorcas from the dead (Acts 9:36-41).

            10. Eutychus was raised from the dead by Paul (Acts 20:9, 10).

            11. Other references are much less specific, or prophetic, which would include Ezekiel 37:1-10 and Revelation 11:1-12.

            This is not a complete study, but should give you a good start. God bless…. Raise the DEAD… SPOT ON!!! USA
            WHO says IT… CAN’T …HAPPEN ?

  9. “Senator Lee Addresses Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate; Water Under Bridge?”

    “Lee was asked by resident Robert Weston why Congress hasn’t done anything about what Weston said was Obama’s failure to show proof of an authenticated birth certificate. Lee said there are different interpretations of the law and that many have questioned Obama’s citizenship, but his mother was a U.S. citizen, therefore making Obama one, and that is one interpretation.

    “He is the president and we have got to focus on who we elect next,” Lee said of the issue. …”

    >>> bob68’s comment: “It’s not the “dirt” on individual Congress members that keeps them protecting Obama from any action on his ineligibility and identity fraud, it’s the TREASON every last one of them committed when they sat on their cowardly, afraid of being called “racist”, overpaid lying asses and watched and did nothing to stop an unvetted, identity fraud con-artist from becoming the putative president. From that moment, when no one in Congress objected to the usurpation of the presidency, they all became guilty of treason at the highest possible level. It has only worsened since then as Congress refuses to do anything to stop Obama. No impeachment, no investigation, no matter how many blatant violations of the Constitution the regime commits. Congress doesn’t even react to being told by Barry…and Holder, that they are irrelevant and the regime will do whatever it pleases. WHY?, It’s because Congress will do…or not do, ANYTHING to keep Obama officially considered “legitimate” until he leaves the usurped presidency. They believe that is the only hope for getting away with treason for their part in the biggest fraud in history. If, like Senator Lee, they have to make absurd comments, considering we have an enemy of America in charge of her military and her nuclear weapons, they will make those comments in the desperate effort to not have to deal with the huge screw-up they allowed and abetted. Imagine members of Congress explaining to the loved ones of military personnel killed and wounded in combat why they allowed an enemy of America to send those loved ones into combat? That is just one of many things Congress will do anything not to have to deal with.
    Congress will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING, no matter how stupid it sounds, to prevent themselves from being changed with the treason they committed in the act of allowing Obama’s usurpation. The inaction, lies, BS and obfuscation they have immersed themselves in to try to save their own sorry asses has dug them a hole they see no way out of except for more of the same.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves.”

    • That explanation about the typo is totally bogus. The SSA DOUBLE CHECKS applications to make sure mistakes like that are NOT made. In addition, the zip code for where Barry lived then is FALSELY stated. It was different in 1976. AND there’s no evidence whatsoever that Bounel lived in Danbury, CT. That that’s where the SS# was assigned. It’s all grasping at straws and obot spin. In fact, this spin that the “fact checkers” put out there was first posited BY OBOTS on Free Republic BEFORE the fact checkers debunked it.

      I’ll repeat something I speculated about before: Harrison is a name that shows up frequently in the Kenyan Gazette. Since Luos get a Christian-sounding first name (like Rita Auma and Grace Kezia) in addition to their Luo name, maybe Harry J. is just another one of Barry’s illegal alien relatives. OUMA is also a common surname associated with the Obama clan, so maybe Harrison J. “Bounel” Was really Harrison J. Ouma, corrupted into Bounel somehow. And then there was evidence that at one time little Joey went by H. Joseph.

    • He gets a prize for this sentence!

      “Either that, or Davidson’s rule is: coincidences that can be construed in favor of Obama are actually conspiracies against Obama, while all coincidences that cast Obama’s identity in doubt are in fact idle conspiracy theories.”

  10. southernsue ~ sendtheclunkerbacktochicago • 4 hours ago

    ~ our congress knows ~
    many, i believe are being black-mailed

    ps….. O’ … Can WE still … say … ” BLACK” ~ “MALE”…. ?

    • How we desparately want to believe they are being blackmailed. Denial is so much easier. Denial makes excuses. Denial keeps us from the truth. Which could be as simple as ……… if they do not speak up, they are of the Regime. If they do not speak up they are part of the usurpatin of the USA. If they don’t speak up, they are against us. Not even two are willing to band together to speak up. If all the supposed blackmailed banded together there would be little power in the blackmail. But they do not. They ARE the New America. They were the “enemies within” but no longer; we are. Belieiving the meme of blackmail and bullying just gives the usurpers more time to brainwash the masses into forgetting what AMerica was. Keeps them from knowing the REAL Constitution. Etc.,

      No blackmail. No coersion. They are what they are. Including Ted Cruz. And yet he is the darling of the rino-bashing truth-telling republicans. He is worse than a rino. He is a decepticon. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Time to quit being so desparate that we refuse to see it for what it is. At this point he gives all indicaiton he is willing to usurp the office of president of the USA.

  11. Vote em all out. 🙂

    • “Those opposed to abortion cannot simply invoke God’s willthey have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths.”

      Wow. I’ve never heard this quote before. He doesn’t know WHY abortion violates “some principle”. He doesn’t understand the sacredness of LIFE or why unnecessary killing would offend God’s will.

      • “Those that oppose (murder, rape, incest, stealing, etc.) cannot simply invoke God’s will-they have to explain why (murder, rape, incest, stealing, etc.,) violates some principle that is accesible to people of all faiths”

        • Excellent point, WAH. Speaking of crimes: Did I tell y’all that they caught a likely suspect in KC–the guy who was randomly shooting at (white?) people on the highway, hitting some of them, taking the “knock-out game” to a new level? He’s black, and his name is Mohammed. His parents say there’s no way he’d do this. Time will tell. They don’t or WON’T say what his motive was. News at 11. Don’t bother to stay tuned. Nothing to see here, folks. MOVE ON. There will be NO hate crime charges because, you know what? Only whites can commit hate crimes, per Eric the Red Holder. Just as the Civil Rights laws and the Voting Rights Act don’t apply to whites, per Eric the Red Holder.

  12. Our Friend misses us very much.

    Our Common Core Compatriot, let’s get reacquainted.

  13. ~ Word Origin & History ~

    SHE ~nanigan ….. ( P E L O S I , Nancy …work-in-IT! )

    1855, of uncertain origin. Earliest records of it are in
    San Francisco …..
    & Sacramento, California, U.S.

    Suggestions include Sp. Chanada, a shortened form of Charranada
    ~ “Trick, Deceit;” ~ or, less likely, Ger. Schenigelei, Peddler’s argot for
    ~ “Work, Craft,” or the related Ger. slang verb schinäglen.

    • Good research, Zenway! San Fran Nana is full of She Nan Igans. I didn’t know that. Trickster. Deceiver. It fits.

  14. PELOSI….CAMERA…. ACTION…. IT’S ALL 4 U ! ~ I’d be really
    Impressed if she would stick her HEAD in the POT! Cool-AID! 4-U?
    They KNOW no SHAME… what a bunch of CON’S… sad sacks…

    • I hope those peeps had athlete’s foot, warts, and foot odor out the wazoo. Oh, yeah, and toenail fungus, too. 🙂 All the better to gross out San Fran Nana.

  15. PELOSI also USED the O’ccasion to talk about PASSing HR15-bipartisan Immigration Legislation that her Office says would “Reduce the Deficit by nearly $1 trillion, Secure our Borders, Unite our families, Protect our workers & provide an earned pathway to Citizenship.”.. (4~SURE ???)

  16. ~ olderandwiser49 • 40 minutes ago

    Leave it to a hardened criminal like Killary to call another criminal
    “brave”! I would love to put Killary in the shoes of an illegal alien …

    ~ eewell • 42 minutes ago

    Too bad she can’t step into the Late Ambassador’s shoes to Libya!!

    • Whoa! Zen what did you just Say?!!! Well tell us how you really feel girl!!!
      Actually, I’m responding cause my sentiments are about the same!!!!
      You Go ! Say it like ya mean it! THat woke me up I was reading boringly and then you said that. Killary would suit very well as an ambassador, far away from here….like…do they have a conculate in SIberia. SHe actually is an illegal alien already; illegal and very alien to me.

      • alfy … the above comments ^ (are from below @ wnd.) & here’s
        another one to share with you … I’m really not that clever…
        BUTT’ thanks !
        ps …& here’s a clue… if it has another name & time etc. it’s that
        persons comment…. Butt’ you must already know that …

        ~ Hy Alldredge • 4 hours ago
        If I were Nova I’d be mighty mad at my parents for bringing me here illegally when I was five. Shame on them. I guess the solution is to change the law to accommodate those who break IT.

        That’s liberal logic for you. It reminds me of the people who clamor for
        the Catholic Church to change her stance on abortion & homosexuality.
        If you don’t like the rules, don’t Join the Club. …. YEP!!!!! Exactly!

        • Zen, guess I wasn’t paying close attention. Thought you made that comment yourself. Oh well, I dito it anyway.

        • Really. What a phony baloney. She pretends to be a Catholic what? Twice a year? Christmas and Easter. She’s “lapsed“:

          “Some lapsed Catholics attend Mass on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Such lapsed Catholics are colloquially referred to by such terms as Cultural Catholics, Two-Timers, Chreasters,[16][17] C&E Catholics,[18] Poinsettia & Lily Catholics,[17] CEOs (Christmas and Easter Only), CAPE Catholics (Christmas, Ash [Wednesday], Palm [Sunday], Easter), PACE Catholics (Palm [Sunday], Ash [Wednesday], Christmas, Easter), CASE Catholics (Christmas and Sometimes Easter), CMEs (Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter), or A&P Catholics (for Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday).[19]

          “Cultural Catholic” is also used to refer to a non-religious member of a historically Catholic ethnic group, such as Italian, Polish, Irish, French Canadian, or Latin American.”

    I SEE ~ WE SEE ~ “ILLEGALS ” & U SEE how to USE the ILLEGALS!
    A sucker sucked in each & every minute…. Baiters/ ELITERS/scumb

  18. Hey… Hill would you say so very BRAVE as the women stepped
    in-to your..”SHOES”.. & “played house / footies”? with slick willie?

  19. If it is working so good. Then why fire Sillybus? 🙄


    ” … “Revealed: Hawaii Keeps Autopsy Report Top Secret; Evidence Of Fuddy Death Withheld”

    “Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) (HRS 92F) [1] classifies medical examiner autopsy reports as public records subject to UIPA and dictates that copies be released to an “agency or business entity” upon request. [2] Accordingly this reporter requested Loretta Fuddy’s autopsy report on April 7, 2014. [3]

    When I opened my copy a week or so later I was surprised to find the seven page report was a big black hole. Every single medical observation noted during the autopsy detailing the physical examination of Loretta’s body, had faded to black.

    Citing HRS 92F-13(1)(4), 92F-22 [4] and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) [5] the Maui Police Department had taken a virtual Sharpie to almost every word of the Medical Examiner’s report before releasing it. …”

  21. CW commenters linked an article from the Blaze about how a US jet was spotted in Tehran this week. Ya think they’re transporting Zeituni to her final resting place? Or maybe that will be her final “resting” spot.

  22. ” Eric HOLDER ” do-tell.. once Participated in Armed.. TAKE-OVER..
    of former Columbia University ROTC Office….. O really….

    • “For example, some time back, Attorney General Eric Holder said that “the threat [of terrorism] has changed … to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens – raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born.””

      HE SHOULD KNOW. But wait! He probably wasn’t talking about Muslims. He was talking about those white folks who cling to guns. You know, those “domestic terrorists” Reid talked about–the ones who supported Cliven Bundy.

  23. as College Student ..Eric HOLDER… Participated In “Armed” Takeover
    of Former Columbia University…. ROTC Office….. I see… WTF???
    ~ So in 1970 ~ …boy’s just being boy’s… letting off a bit of steam ..?

  24. “Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices,”
    Eric Holder said.

    “The question is Not When Does it END, but When Does it BEGIN. ?

    When DO people of COLOR truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”

    Eric Holder has also come under fire for presiding over a Justice Department that Declined to Prosecute Members of the …..
    ~ New Black Panther Party ~ ….
    who Allegedly Intimidated WHITE Voters outside a Philadelphia
    Polling Precinct in 2008… WOW… WTPOTUS… REMEMBER THAT!

    • Until we get a republucan that can speak this language, then we can tear this argument up. IT’s true affirmative action has been an issue since segregation, but it should have ended a long time ago, once equal right became ratified. No on speaks to this clearly. If they did they could tear Eric Holders argument up, and the black population would get it , but no one addresses it right, no one urges the black race past this stumbling block. Eirc Holder is stuck as well in the past. We just need to speak past it and blacks would understan, they ain’t stupid. as a matter of fact they’re begging to get past Eric Holder’s retoric. I say we need someone to speak to this ….Ron Paul sort of does, but we need more willing people to speak past this issue. It’s the Erid Holder, the Jessie’s , the Al’s that keep blacks where they are, no one else. THat’s the INJUSTICE!

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