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Wishing everyone a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.  This is the last weekend in March.  Will we hear anything from the CCP or are they waiting for April Fool’s Day?

As predicted, Obama and his peeps claim that they’ve met their self-invented and oft-revised “goal” of 6,000,000 alleged new enrollees for Obamacare.  Too bad that 6,171,890 people have lost their health insurance, thanks to Obamacare.

Joe Biden imagines that the alleged 11,000,000 illegal aliens in our midst (you know there are far more than that) are already citizens!  ALL these illegals are, according to Joe,

already American citizens. … These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to contribute fully. And by that standard alone eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans in my view.

And they made fun of Governor Palin for her view (of Russia).

Nine more high-ranking military commanders are fired, although they weren’t “directly involved” in the “cheating scandal” at the Air Force intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile program.  As many as 100 lower-ranking folks were directly involved, but they’re not fired.  These

could face punishments ranging from letters of counseling to courts-martial on various charges.

More gutting of military leaders.  What? Me worry?

Let’s just give Putin a green light.

The Voice of America reports that on March 25, 2014, speaking at Brussels’ Palais des Beaux Arts after meetings with European Union and NATO officials, Obama said Western powers do not have any plans to try to dislodge Russia from Crimea by force. He believes democracy and the rule of law will triumph in Ukraine, and that over time, if the West remains united, Russia will recognize that it cannot use brute force to achieve its goals.

Sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows.

One more time, with feeling.

MH-370 Back To The Drawing Board – All Prior Search Areas Abandoned, With New Search Area Established 684 Miles Further North East…

The Australian authorities are now saying all satellite imaging (debris field) should be discarded.   In addition they are adjusting the search area 684 miles North and East of the initial search area.   In essence they are back to square one.

The sound of two hands clapping:


129 responses to “TGIF!!! Happy Friday Open Thread

  1. It’s Friday and I’m still mad, but also busy, feeling a little fey, and glad it’s Friday. New open thread, in any case. I’m working on another post that’s taking longer than I thought it might, so …

    Happy weekend!

    • TY, Gordo. I never saw or even heard of that movie! Jeff Goldblum? Ha! Oh, I love the Commodores. Good find. Get out your disco clothes.

      • “Thank God It’s Friday”

        “Thank God It’s Friday is a 1978 film directed by Robert Klane and produced by Motown Productions and Casablanca Filmworks for Columbia Pictures (whose torch-holding mascot, in a specially produced logo, dances to disco music before the opening credits). Produced at the height of the disco craze, … The film features an early performance by Jeff Goldblum and the first major screen appearance by Debra Winger.

        The film contains many popular disco songs, with many key performers featured, including Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Thelma Houston, The Commodores. A triple album containing many of the tracks heard in the film was a commercial success.

        The biggest hit single on the album was Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”, which won an Academy Award as well as a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and also made it to #3 on the US singles chart. …”

  2. George Soros finger is in THIS PIE~ more Videos at

  3. Hey….DIRTY HARRY…. Reid all’s FAIR in love & war?
    Grand-daughters is being…Harassed… Well SO ARE WE HARRY!

  4. Miss Reid….. the Family Jewels…. & O’ should have passed one to
    the Pope… encasing the W H garden SEEDS…..

    • Ha! Good point, Zenway. imho, those are kind of ugly. Don’t you think? He thinks THAT’S talented? But still, a necklace, even ugly, seems better than SEEDS from Mooch’s garden. I’ll bet he’s too dumb to know they’re probably hybrids and the Pope will be growing weeds. 🙂

  5. March 29, 2014

    Shawn Glasco:

    “Did baby Barack Obama live with Ann Dunham in Seattle?”

    “The sole purpose of Susan’s, Mary’s, and others’ recollections was to give credence to the fact that baby Barack was in Seattle with Ann during her first year at UW, and those recollections contain paradoxes. Therefore, until proven otherwise, it must be concluded that baby Barack did not, in fact, return with Ann to Seattle in August 1961.

    And if baby Barack didn’t return with Ann Dunham to Seattle in August 1961, then it can be reasonably concluded that Ann is not baby Barack Obama’s mother. But thanks to Obama’s “biographers” and Obama’s sycophantic media, whether or not baby Barack truly lived with his mother Ann Dunham in Seattle will likely never be known.”

    • I believe Not. No Baby. And I believe “Anna” Obama is somebody else. But who could it be? Yeah, she was in WA and he was in MA…. blah blah blah.

      though, it is a clue, that Polk entry.

    • I remember that one of the early stories said that the baby stayed behind in Honolulu.

      “Meanwhile, Obama’s mother, whose parents Madelyn and Stanley Dunham had moved here from Kansas a decade earlier, left Mercer Island in 1960. But she returned to live in Seattle around 1962, after Barack was born in August 1961, leaving her husband, Kenya-born Barack Sr., and his newborn namesake in Hawaii. She lived on Capitol Hill and enrolled at the University of Washington.”

      • Now this story says she drove to Susan Blake’s house in a borrowed car, and yet the American Thinker article says she didn’t drive, never learned to drive. But what was Leahy’s source? Well, it’s footnoted but the excerpt doesn’t include the bibliography. We were the FIRST to note the discrepancy in Mary the babysitter’s mathematics. One of my pet peeves. She and Brennan. And all these more well-known folks who cadge our blog for THEIR “exclusives”.

      • Here’s a blatant liefrom the article:

        “Ann” went on to become an anthropologist, later remarried, and, with help in particular from her mother Madelyn in Hawaii…

        Accurate journalism:
        Ann, one of her many monikers, remarried and later went on to become an anthropologist…

    • That’s hilarious. The dueling versions of Ann’s visit, as told by Susan Blake, remind me TOO much of the detail-ridden memoirs of our friend Babs and we can also add the other woman, Ms. Waidelich.

  6. 😆

  7. is this the right ? Toutonghi??

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2 about

    Mary L Toutonghi Name: Mary L Toutonghi
    Address: 1208 10th Ave W Apt B3, Seattle, WA, 98119-3402

    • She’s a relative, iirc, an in-law. But don’t quote me on that. Long time since I’ve looked into them.

    • U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
      G M Toutonghi Name: G M Toutonghi
      Phone Number: 522-4788
      Address: 3202 NE 95th St, Seattle, WA, 98115-2526 (1993)
      [3302 95th NE, Seattle, WA, 98115 (1993)]
      [461 N 45th St Apt 4, Seattle, WA, 98103-6470]

      THIS one may be the right ONE…
      what was the address she baby sat & lived back then…?

      • 2 results were found for G Toutonghi in WA

        Name Age Has Lived In Possible Relations Phone Number, Address & Other Details
        1. G M Toutonghi

        Gabrielle M Greene
        Gabrielle M Toutonghi

        54 Seattle, WA
        John J Greene
        Mason Greene
        G M Toutonghi

        View Details
        2. G M Toutonghi

        Seattle, WA
        Gabrielle M Greene
        John J Greene
        Mason Greene

      • I think that’s another relative. A generation down, iirc. Ok. I think Gab/Bab is the babysitter’s daughter. Other kids: Mary (the one you found before), Michael, Stephen, and Annette. All born in the ’50s. Babysitter’s maiden name was Zolin and she was born about 1935. (Hint: Then she ought to be in the 1940 census at familysearch.)

  8. Toutonghi, baby Barack’s apparent lone babysitter, claimed that she babysat the little hapa-Kenyan “a few times a week, for about three hours at a time” for a period of “two months,” while Ann was “attending night classes a few days a week” at UW. And in 2009, Mary recalled (emphases added):

    “My daughter was 18 months old and she just had her 50th birthday this year…So, that would make the [babysitting] time around February and March 1962…Ann Dunham and the baby moved in while we were there…I can’t remember when she moved in, but the baby was seven months old.”

    Since Mary’s statement was in 2009, her fifty-year-old daughter was born in 1959 (July 1959 has been confirmed). Then, since Mary’s daughter was born in July 1959, and Mary’s daughter was “18 months old” when Mary babysat Barack, Mary’s babysitting would have had to occur in early 1961. Yet since Mary specifically states that baby Barack was “seven months old,” and baby Barack was “seven months old” in early 1962, Mary’s statement contains a paradox.

  9. h/t 22tula215 at ORYR

    “Caravan To Midnight” – Episode 31

    John B. Wells interviews Butterdezillion about the plane crash that killed FMR HI Health Director Loretta Fuddy.

    Published on March 29, 2014

  10. YEP…. WE Make our Stand…. This IS OUR HOME.. Everyone MUST
    Do the WORK…. DO NOT leave it for the NEXT GUY….. CARRY YOUR
    LOAD…… & not JUST your friggin’ dang ….CELL PHONES! please!!!

    ~ …I shared the same drama day’s AGO…. do WTP… DIE 1st…. & the
    FOOLS….. 2nd….. very SAD …. VERY DE-tached ….WAKE UP!!!

    ~~ R I P ~~ LORETTA FUDDY…. We have EYES…. YESWEDO

  11. Dianne Emiel Goldman FEINSTEIN BLUM…. 6/22/1933 80 years of it
    Husband …Richard C BLUM married in 1980…

    …… the Controversy ….
    Blum’s wife, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has received scrutiny due to her husband’s government contracts and extensive business dealings with
    China …… O’…… interesting…stuff
    & her past votes on trade issues with the country. Blum has denied any wrongdoing, however. Critics have argued that business contracts with the US government awarded to a company (Perini) controlled by Blum may raise a potential conflict-of-interest issue with the voting and policy activities of his wife. URS Corp, which Blum had a substantial stake in, bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from The Carlyle Group in 2002; EG&G subsequently won a $600m defense contract. …..

    • What a Commie in Maryland. I think the Obamas’ once landed there too, once upon a time.

      I knew Pelosi became a commie. I just never knew she always one.

      We live and we learn. Thanks Trevor.

      an incredible read.

  12. Nana ANNA….. aka SAD….Stanley ANN Makes a SAFARI ???
    I saw the jeep before….no ann hitching’ a rede….. say U?

  13. It occurs to me that I never did explain that the cat in the photo above is a Sphinx, aka a “chicken cat” because his face where his whiskers belong looks like a plucked chicken. I think this is what Mr. Bigglesworth was, but I’m not sure.

    • “Mr. Bigglesworth is played by a champion purebred hairless Sphynx cat named SGC Belfry Ted Nude-Gent, bred by Michelle Berge of Belfry Cattery. Ted Nude-Gent is also something of a cinematic pioneer, having been cast in a role more suitable for a dog due to the necessary training deemed impossible to do with a cat; Sphinxes are among the most easily trained of all cats and among the most sociable. Filming of the three Austin Powers films was delayed more than once because of Ted’s particular fondness for Mike Myers, upon whose lap he would often be found sleeping.”

      • TY, Gordo. I see I spelled it wrong. My bad. They say their skin feels like velvet. Would love to see one in feline. 🙂

  14. March 30, 2014

    Sharon Rondeau (“The Post & Email”):


    “On Saturday, a story appeared at (BIN) titled “CIA Reveals Arpaio Information To Media – Video – Apocalypse Breaks Right Now Before your Eyes.”

    The Post & Email contacted Zullo about the BeforeItsNews articles, to which he responded, “When the time is decided upon by Sheriff Arpaio to release our information, I personally will put out a public statement. If you don’t hear it from me it isn’t true.””

  15. Ready for a mystery? This one caught me by surprise. Zenway posted a vid on Diego Garcia. I found the Island by accident while searching Google Earth. It seems someone looking through archives of 4chan found a forum post with a black picture. the message post stated “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly. ”
    The Exif on the pic shows it’s from an Iphone5 and the GPS of Diego Garcia.

    Is this real? WTF?

  16. Unfreakingbelievable….. look who was sitting next to Malia on the 2011 safari trip. They tried to hide it. But it is out now!!!!

  17. I saw an article stating this over the weekend, but cannot find it.

    will look

    😉 😉

  18. “” -Nana Anna, aka “Stanley Ann” – Makes a Safari, could post link at on the Weekend thread, can’t here though.

    • Suspect a planted story. Care to guess why I say that?

      • Isn’t this a post by Martha Trowbridge? Or am I mistaken? Dis-info can come from many directions, and I really expect it as the CCP disclosure gets near.
        do tell WAH why you suspect a planted story.

        • Rather simple. It is being linked on all our favorite “birther” sites by first-time posters. Yeah, not very scientific. Actually, I recall this story going around a couple of years ago. It seems lately old news is new news and all is dejavu.

        • It certainly seems as if it came from the “pen” of that fantasy fiction writer MT. fwiw, the woman’s hair doesn’t look like SAD’s AT ALL. IMHO.

          • THat should let you know too, just what MT might be up to. Wild goose chases take a considerable amount of time and effort don’t they.

  19. Guessing, is George Soros funded ????

  20. Man… I feel for all the lovely black ladies out there …. interesting


    Excellent article about Fuddy’s autopsy report by Linda Jordan.

  22. Dr. Common Sense

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