Michelle in China

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Michelle Obama, her daughters, her mother, and goodness knows who else are flying to China today on the taxpayers’ dime. But of course!

The Chinese built the Great Wall to keep out “barbarians”.  Does it work?  Apparently not all the time.

The 8-day junket is described by the White House as “official” business in order to justify making We the People foot the bill: [emphasis added to quotes]

White House advisers on Monday described First Lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming official trip to China as focused on cultural exchanges and the value of education … No press pool of American reporters will be allowed to travel on her government aircraft during the trip, but the first lady will post her own accounts during her trip on the White House website.

Earlier it was reported that Michelle expects (orders?) schools across the nation to check out her blog posts, so the children can follow her, her daughters, and her mother on their most excellent Chinese adventure.  So far, the White House isn’t saying how much this trip will cost taxpayers.  Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, did say, however:

The first lady’s story itself sends a powerful message about the ability of someone of a disadvantaged economic background from a minority group to ascend to the position that she did in private life and now as first lady.

That’s a story, all right.  As in a tall tale.

For a little perspective, the average annual family income in China is about $2100.   The Chinese live in places like this:

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, grew up here:

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While no palace (compared to the White House or the mansion in Chicago where Michelle lived before moving to DC), her childhood home is not what most people would associate with someone from adisadvantaged economic background.”  This story from the UK described the truth about Michelle’s upbringing:

[We]e found a rather different picture from the one so single-mindedly promoted by Camp Obama.

Instead of the one-room tenement that now appears in most accounts of her upbringing, we found a well-kept neighbourhood of red-brick Arts and Craft-style houses which have long been home to respectable black families.

Michelle was from a middle-class family,” confirmed one of her long-time friends, Angela Acree.

“She came from a regular family. They had a nice home. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was just fine. It was a decent neighbourhood.”

The Robinsons grew up on the upper floor of a house built in the Twenties. Number 7436 South Euclid Avenue – a classical reference to the Greek mathematician which found an appropriate echo in Michelle’s subsequent respect for traditional learning – even has a small garden, shaded by a large elm tree, and an ornate stone bench.  …

[Michelle’s father] Frasier Robinson … was a good deal more than the labourer that many seem to imagine.

Indeed, according to family friends, Michelle’s father was a volunteer organiser for the city’s Democratic Party, a by-word for machine politics in America, and his loyalty was rewarded with a well-paid engineering job at Chicago’s water plant. Even before overtime, he earned $42,686 – 25 per cent more than High School teachers at the time.

Michelle’s mother stayed at home and devoted her energies to her and her older brother Craig. …

Television was all but banned in favour of homework, debates about the issues of the day and improving games of chess.

Michelle had a stay-at-home mom.  She attended a good magnet school in Chicago and later went to Princeton and then on to Harvard Law School.  Hardly the life of a person from a “disadvantaged economic background.”  Being of the “middle class” in the United States of America is far from being “disadvantaged.”

One has to wonder what kind of fables Michelle will spin for the Chinese.  Will she talk about the long miles she had to walk to school with a sweet potato in her pocket?  (Her elementary school was a little over half a mile from her home.)  Will she tell them that when her mom told her that “sometimes you just have to eat your peas,” Michelle wanted to send them instead to those proverbial starving people in China?

Perhaps some day, John Adams will write an opera in three acts entitled

Michelle in China

Will they cast Beyoncé  in the starring role?   Probably not if Michelle has anything to say about it.


h/t Zenway for the idea for this post.

153 responses to “Michelle in China

    • My guess is that they wanted to fool all the rich Saudis into thinking they were supporting Malik’s “charity” while instead they were collecting dough for Barry’s library. I suppose foreign donations are okay for presidential libraries? Will have to be because who else will fund it?

  1. SSA has found Harry !!!! Still unable to post link.

    • Click to access Bounels-records-found-by-SSA-redacted.pdf

      The signature is suspicious. Why has no named person signed this letter? See this one:

      For that matter, why would Orly redact her own name? Wait. She had some guy named Brewer make the request.

      • Click this link to read it via proxy. The record is said to be in the Office of Earnings Operations of the SSA. http://www.ssa.gov/org/orgdco.htm Her request was sent on there, 5 months after the fact. The LEGAL turnaround time is much shorter than that. But we learned last week that every FOIA request concerning “White House equities” (whatever that is) MUST go through upper management. More stonewalling and it appears nobody wants to put a name on the stonewalling lest s/he end up prosecuted.

        • If you parse the letter, it doesn’t specifically say that office has anything pertaining to Bounel. Only that the records she requested are under that office’s “jurisdiction”. You could read that to say that all such records come under that agency’s jurisdiction; yet previously they told her that such records for Bounel don’t exist. What would be interesting to know is from what office did people manage to obtain the records for Mr. Wood(s?)?

          • They also, stated that the SSN# was of a living person, so they couldn’t release the information. Yet they didn.t inform the Court of the 120 year rule for Bounel. Meanwhile, Orly is requesting of Cheif Justice Moore of Alabama to covene a Grand Jury of his recent dissenting opinion. After all, he is as much a Constitutional Officer as the Sec.of State was. Some, tit for tat. Just might work !!!!

  2. (sigh)

  3. Three articles about “the plane”:


    The pilot took a long phone call from an untraceable phone right before the flight. Nobody knows who the woman was who called him. Out of respect for the wife, the authorities haven’t grilled her.


    Iran built a bogus “U.S.” aircraft carrier for some unknown reason, but suspected to be propaganda when they would later blow it up and take credit for a big coup against the USA.


    A hypothesis about the plane and why our gummint released the story about the bogus aircraft carrier Iran built. Basically, to let them know that WE KNOW where the plane is, who has it, and who will (I hope) get the blame for the hijacking.

    Scary thought that May 1 will be the anniversary of OBL’s demise (if any demise actually occurred).

  4. MO’s designer ..?? in China…. O’ ….I GET IT NOW!!!

  5. the Forbidden City…. spoon-fed Jay-Jay? Drop the Cursive…O’ yikes!


  6. ~ IMPEACHMENTS…… History for …JUDGES ~ interesting….


  7. ~ IMPEACHMENTS ~ 1986 ~ ( 2 in 1989 ) ~ 2009 ~ 2010

    Harry E. Claiborne, U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.
    Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, July 22, 1986, on charges of income tax evasion and of remaining on the bench following criminal conviction; Convicted by the U.S. Senate and removed from office, October 9, 1986.

    Alcee L. Hastings, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
    Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, August 3, 1988, on charges of perjury and conspiring to solicit a bribe; Convicted by the U.S. Senate and removed from office, October 20, 1989.

    Walter L. Nixon, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.
    Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, May 10, 1989, on charges of perjury before a federal grand jury; Convicted by the U.S. Senate and removed from office, November 3, 1989.

    Samuel B. Kent, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.
    Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, June 19, 2009, on charges of sexual assault, obstructing and impeding an official proceeding, and making false and misleading statements; Resigned from office, June 30, 2009. On July 20, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives agreed to a resolution not to pursue further the articles of impeachment, and on July 22, 2009, the Senate, sitting as a court of impeachment, dismissed the articles.

    G. Thomas Porteous, Jr., U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.
    Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, March 11, 2010, on charges of accepting bribes and making false statements under penalty of perjury; Convicted by the U.S. Senate and removed from office, December 8, 2010.

  8. March 23, 2014

    Colin Flaherty:

    “Roving black mobs too many to ignore”

    “Ten years ago, the media in Louisville, Ky., could have gotten away with reporting this weekend’s events this way: A group of 10 “roving teens got into a fight with two girls … then it happened a few more times over two hours.”

    But now, less than 24 hours after a mob of 30 black people roamed through the city’s downtown Saturday, beating, laughing, destroying property, sending three seriously hurt people to the hospital and walking away laughing, outraged citizens in Louisville are asking two questions: Why is black mob violence such a problem? And when is local media going to start telling the truth about it?

    Samantha Craven saw one of the attacks: “I seriously just witnessed a man get beat (almost) to death on Broadway right by 4th street live,” she wrote at the WAVE-TV News site. “He was jumped by AT LEAST 30 kids!! There was blood everywhere. … This is the craziest s— I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m shaking. … I wanna cry.””


  9. An,”eye for an eye”. Egypt sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death. In just a 3 day trial !!!!!

  10. http://washingtonexaminer.com/press-covering-michelle-obama-shoved-screamed-at-blocked-from-events-in-china/article/2546166

    “First lady Michelle Obama’s Spring Break trip to China with her daughters and mom has received some glowing news reports, but not because her press corps has had an easy time covering the event-filled trip.

    Reporters say that they have been blocked from events, screamed at by officials, held back with red tape and told not to move from prepositioned lookouts, possibly to avoid taking embarrassing photos. …

    And for that photo opportunity on the Great Wall, reporters and photographers were prepositioned to catch the first family walking toward them. “Photographers and reporters covering the visit were sent ahead to Tower 15, and told they could not move from the top of the tower until told to do so. After a while, we could see Ms. Obama, Malia and Sasha walking down the steps, through Tower 14 and down toward Tower 15,” wrote McClatchy’s Beijing bureau chief.

    “Had photographers been able to shoot from Tower 14 as the family walked north, the photographs would have captured them walking the wall with a massive rock inscription on the hillside above them to the north, which read in Chinese characters, ‘Loyal to Chairman Mao,’ ” he added.

    The report noted that it wasn’t the only potential embarrassment officials avoided. Sales of a popular t-shirt sold at stalls near the wall that show President Obama in a Mao military-style hat were temporarily banned. …”

  11. Guaranteed to make you madder on this mad Monday:

    “Leaked Homeland Security documents obtained by Infowars reveal details of a joint DHS/FEMA national exercise set to take place this week, one of the components of which revolves around an effort to counter online dissent by a group called “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny,” which is disgruntled at the imposition of martial law after an earthquake in Alaska.

    The document again underscores the federal government’s obsession with characterizing libertarians and conservatives as some kind of extremist radical threat. …

    The exercise is designed to evaluate readiness in preparation for a catastrophic incident, natural disaster or major act of terrorism. Some of the scenarios which will be in play during the exercise include a series of earthquakes, tsunamis and a nuclear weapons accident.

    On page 125 of the document, a scenario is outlined whereby a group calling itself “Free Americans against Socialist Tyranny” responds to “The U.S. Northern Command mission of Defense Support to Civil Authorities” (or the imposition of martial law) by launching a protest campaign on social media and potentially engaging in cyber attacks.

    According to the scenario, the campaign is driven by suspicion that “the government is responsible for the Alaska earthquake and a “hacktivist” manifesto.” …

    The Capstone Exercise 2014 document makes it clear that a key part of the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA’s preparation for the aftermath of major catastrophic incidents in the United States is centered around combating online dissent which will be sparked as a result of federal authorities and military assets instituting martial law, or what the document refers to as “Defense Support to Civil Authorities”.

    This is particularly chilling given reports that emerged in 2006 concerning a nationwide FEMA program under which Pastors and other religious representatives were trained to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

    The fact that the DHS is focusing its cyber security efforts during a major national exercise not on targeting foreign state actors or terrorists but on combating online dissent by conservatives is sure to increase concerns that the federal agency once again has libertarians, patriots and small government activists in the crosshairs.”

    War gaming, within the USA, for MARTIAL LAW. This is HOMELAND security? This is what the department was created to guard against? OR was that FOREIGN ISLAMIC TERRORISM?

  12. Speaking of martial law, false flags, and terrorism. Guess who’s in the news again? Arredondo’s special project. AND, not making this up–he’s writing his MEMOIRS. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/03/23/man_who_lost_legs_in_boston_marathon_bombing_is_expecting_baby.html

    • poor Bowman. Sorry about his legs, but they didn’t get taken out in Boston. Arredendo is a CiA operative plain and simple.Who writes all these stories for these peole?

      • What freaks me out is how I think about someone and up he pops. Just the other day, I was wondering whatever happened to Bauman (or whatever the name is. He’s in the news and then suddenly, nothing else heard.) Arredondo is a pal of Code Pink and those other loons.

    • And the next thing you know, he’ll be running for office.

      • OMG, cynic. I had the exact same thought when I read that in the paper this morning. Watch for him to run for Senate or House in Massachusetts. The politically correct wouldn’t dare NOT vote for a disabled person, especially a “hero”. Hero as defined now by progressives: Hero equals VICTIM of something. Anything. Just so long as s/he’s a victim.

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