An African Imposter and a Dream

Here’s an interesting scenario, about an African with a false identity, which he used to dupe Americans: [emphasis added]

Federal prosecutors say a man from Nigeria pretended to be a U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan to woo and bilk American women.

[According to the indictment] Adagun Moshood Olalekan set up fake online profiles … [H]e pretended to be “Lt. Col. Cadin Cayce Webb” and used the photos of a real soldier … Olalekan used those profiles on dating sites … and romanced American women … Olalekan then manipulated the women into wiring him thousands of dollars

Olalekan was indicted on four wire fraud charges Tuesday in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis, for four payments sent by someone from Collinsville totaling $1061.

A man uses an invented identity, posts bogus “proof” online, and then dupes U.S. citizens into sending money.  It’s a federal crime called wire fraud.

In my opinion, Olalekan is being indicted and tried over chump change–all of $1061.  Certainly, I’m not suggesting that the man should get off, but it seems as if Eric Holder and his federal prosecutors might find bigger fish to fry.

I have a dream …

And now a public service announcement:

Support your local fish fry!

After all, it’s Lent and tomorrow’s Friday.

Is Olalekan an illegal alien?  Has he been given amnesty as one of Obama’s Dreamers?  Story doesn’t say, which in itself may be a hint.



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