Obama Mystery Theater: Mark Ndesandjo Speaks

markandbrother - CopyIn a recent Newmax article, there’s audio of an interview with Mark Ndesandjo, Barack Obama’s half-brother by another mother.  A partial transcript appears below, of what seems most interesting, at least to me. [emphasis added]

At the beginning of the interview, Mark says,

The story actually begins about fifty years ago, when Barack Obama Senior, uh, went to Hawaii, as a, as a, a student and met Sally Ann Dunham, and shortly after that conceived Barack. A few years later, they divorced and, uh, he met my mother (pauses, utters “whi”) Ruth Baker, when she was at Harvard Universi, uh, uh, at Harvard. And, uh, shortly after that they went back to Kenya, uh, where I was conceived.  We’re both, uh, we both have white mother, uh, white American mothers; we’re both Americans; uh, we’re both multi-r, uh, mixed race; uh, we also went to, uh, we’re also born just a few years apart; and we have a lot of similarities and also a lot of differences.

Mark Ndesandjo’s speech has the same inflection, the same cadence, the same lisping “s” as does his half-brother’s. Quite odd, for men raised by different women, at different schools, in different countries, and, in fact, on different continents.

Curiously, Mark describes his first meeting with Barack “in 1988.”  He says that was “about 20 years ago.”  By my reckoning, that was 26 years ago.  (Mark holds degrees in physics and mathematics.)

Also curiously, while recounting Barack’s 1988 visit to Kenya, Mark refers to Auma as “my” sister, instead of our sister, and he refers to their father as “my” father, instead of our father.

The “mistake” concerning Stanley Ann Dunham’s name (Mark calls her Sally) is compounded in the accompanying Newsmax article, which refers to Barack’s mother as Sydney Ann Dunham.

We’ve had fun with the ever-morphing names for Barack Obama’s mother over the years. First she was Shirley, then Mary Ann, then Stanley, now Sally or Sydney!  See this post for a history of her shifting nomenclature.

About five minutes into the audio, Mark refers to himself and Barack as “the two, only two, mixed race kids in the Obama family.”  This is curious because, according to the official story, Mark had a full brother–David Obama–also the son of Ruth Baker and Barack Obama Sr.  This brother, although now allegedly deceased, was of mixed race, too.  He allegedly lived into his late teens, and so would have shared the same problems as his brother and half-brother, with trying to fit into more or less racially homogenous cultures while growing up.

The interviewer asks whether Mark believes that someone else wrote Barack’s books for him, like Bill Ayers. Mark replies, “I don’t know enough about that.”  Then Mark goes on to talk about how the Obamas are “proud” and wouldn’t want others to write their books for them.

This is quite amusing, given that there’s hardly an Obama who hasn’t “written” a book, and it’s likely that most were ghost written.  What an Obama “wants” is not necessarily what’s true.  I have little doubt (some, but just a little) that Mark wrote his own book. He says so, and he seems like a very intelligent and talented man, perfectly capable of writing a book.

What is missing from Mark’s “story” about Barack Obama Sr. in the USA?  There’s no mention of a marriage to either white American mother.  Mark does, however, mention Sally’s (snark) divorce from Barack Sr.

Mark declines to answer whether or not he perceives Barack as a Marxist.  He doesn’t answer “political” questions.  He does say that when they first met in 1988, Barack was very influenced by African nationalism.   Mark then again refers to the present time as being 15 to 20 years after their first meeting.  Do the math.

By the way, in the mid-1980s, Mark attended college in the United States, graduating in 1988.  He went to Stanford for his master’s degree and then spent 15 to 20 years, he says, working in the States in the field of telecommunications. See our O Timeline for some details.

Mark rather slickly avoids addressing questions about why Barack didn’t financially help his struggling family members, such as Zeituni (who lived in the projects in Boston) and George (who lived in a tin shack in Nairobi).  Mark responds that Barack paid for the extended family to fly to the 2009 Inauguration, as if that’s comparable to helping them on a day-to-day basis.

Mark addresses the curious claim that Barack made, when he falsely stated that he and Mark had met for the first time only a few years ago.  Mark can’t explain the discrepancy, other than to suggest that Barry rather hypocritically distances himself from all things “Kenya”, for political reasons, and this is the fault of his advisors.

In the second video, the interviewer asks whether Mark knows Malik. He brings up the anti-Israel scarf that Malik was shown wearing recently. Mark says he speaks only for himself, but he believes that Malik was “made to wear” the “controversial neckband” and that it was “ill judged” and was “something that should not have happened.” Obama spin if I ever heard it!

Mark believes that Barack has done an “exemplary job” in supporting Israel. Mark says that his own mother is Jewish and he’s “extremely proud” of that.  He refers to himself as a “secular Jew”; Jewish, because his mother is Jewish.  By so saying, Mark implies that he’s not a “practicing Jew.”

Mark reiterates that he won’t talk about politics, and laughs when asked if a white Republican could have been elected if he had the “pot-smoking” and drug using history that Barack has.  Mark won’t give his opinion about media bias with regard to favoritism towards black or Democrat candidates.  He believes that there was “a lot of scrutiny of Barack” but that Barack’s books still have factual problems that need to be clarified.

Mark was asked if Barack was born in Hawaii. He answers that

(1) Barack was born “in the United States, ”

(2) Barack is “not Muslim, ” and

(3) “we have the same dad.”

Read the article and watch the videos.  Let us know what other curiosities you notice.  To regular readers: Does the photo at the top of this post remind you of another photo?


h/t alfy (and Papoose, too)

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  1. Knock Knock

    Who’s there?


    Bobby who?

    Mark’s Brother Bobby.


    Now where did it go?

    • Try this one: http://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/article/1453192/other-obama

      Please everyone: Do check out the slide show photos at the top. See especially the family tree with “Ridhard”.

      Three physicists. Stephen Chu at Stanford, when Mark was there. Berkeley, where Stan the dad went, too. John P. Toutonghi (the babysitter’s brother-in-law who’s a physicist, who was a professor in Seattle). Mark, the failed physicist/cheater. Chu a bigwig in Obama’s administration. Gee, wonder how he got THAT job? After having suspended Mark for cheating? Hmm. The possibilities.

      Check out how Chu is a big supporter of green energy (read SOLAR). Probably had stock in Solyndra. OMG.

      Bobby Opiyo. Another day, another name, another Obama. Another Ndesandjo, too. Ridhard.

      • ding ding ding!

        Thanks, Miri. This is a must read and go huhn?

        • Really. How many things can y’all spot? ANOTHER memoir writer! YAY! Where can we buy a copy? Here’s another:
          http://www.chinationreport.com/ObamaBrotherInChina.html Enjoy.

          • From thte China Report ^

            Mark’s friends know that he moved to the US after spending the first seven years of his life in Kenya.

            Did Mark move to the US all by himself at 7?

            • I found that story when I was looking for something else, yesterday. I remembered in the back of my mind that we had learned somewhere that Mark came here at age 7. NOW there’s another story saying he came at age 17, so maybe they’ll claim the Chination author had a typo and dropped the 1 from 17. Even so, 17 is kind of young to move to a new country altogether. I remember speculating long ago about how odd it is that Barry and Mark were in California at the same time and yet we’re supposed to believe they didn’t know each other well. NOW we learn that Barry and Mark met at least once (probably many more times) in California, for lunch. They look alike, they talk alike, they have the same mannerisms. What are we seeing here? Mark was supposed to be born on Nov. 28, 1965, so he would turn 17 on Nov. 28, 1982. His (their?) father allegedly died (what a surprise!) NOVEMBER 24 OR 26, 1982, so only a few days before Mark’s birthday. Within that next year, Mark came to the USA, if you believe the NEW version of the story. Why? Where did he go? To whom was he sent? Madelyn Dunham? Ida Baker? Was she still living? I forget. This may be Ida, died 1987, so was still alive if Mark came here and lived with her: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/VZ5R-D85 He claims to remember her saying that soon everybody will be “brown”. Or maybe he heard that from one of Ruth’s fables, as told by Janny Scott (or maybe it was Sally Jacobs). I don’t have time at the moment to go perusing those particular works of fiction.

          • An honor student from Harvard, Ruth runs an upscale daycare center in Nairobi, Kenya
            Hmmm, an honor student from a school she never attended…that is impressive.

            • It is, isn’t it? But even her son has trouble and stutters and stammers over his mother being AT HARVARD. Remember how in the interview he says they met “when she was at …” and the he says, “at Harvard?” So did she go to Harvard for an advanced degree after Simmons but they just omit that little fact? WHY?

        • …With his first autobiography, which was released last month, Mark has emerged from relative anonymity to tell his story and set the record straight about the president’s “mysterious Kenyan roots”…

          oh, so Mark thinks his brother’s Kenyan roots are mysterious?

        • Ndesandjo can’t remember being told about his father’s death.

          “Perhaps I blocked it out,” he says.

          Teenage repression. Yeah, happens all the time.

          • In Obama’s 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father, he claims Ndesandjo’s mother, Ruth Baker, sent a car to pick him up and that the family had arranged lunch.

            “It was never like that,” Ndesandjo says, shaking his head. “He and my half-sister, Auma, walked in that afternoon out of the blue. It was a year after my younger brother, Bobby [David Opiyo], had died in a motorcycle accident. I thought, ‘What are they doing here?'”

            Thank goodness for the author’s brackets or we might be a bit befuddled.

          • Don’t forget Mark’s name is on that research from Stanford back in 1995-96, so how is that if he supposedly left Stanford on cheater terms he wouldn’t be invited to do lab work for some other guys research in 1995 or 96. He says he was at Stanford in the 80’s…as a matter of fact in Obama’s book he states something to the effect that he was home on break just like Obama and would be going back.
            It’s really too bad we can’t find out exactly when he gained his citizenship…I know he voted down in Florida, even while he was in China, of course then so do alot of ilegal aliens probably.
            Mark is somewhere around 48-50 years old. If O.sr. is his father, and his mother left after about a year into the marriage for a while, then comes back and Mark gets the abuse for what, maybe three years at most, that he would even remember, why is it so necessary to center a whole book on his miserable childhood unless……unless there’s a motive behind it??? His mother’s divorced by the time he’s seven. He gets a new dad (we’re supposed to believe) then leaves home at 17 never to go back home till Obama visits, yeah right. Why would you leave mom too. Then he doesn’t really remember his dad’s death. I think it helps to tell it like this so he can cop out on having to explain much history on his folks. Then he says he got a scholarship too by way of Elizabeth Mooney? Don’t believe it at all. And what’s the big deal ….the need to write another book so he can tell us they didn’t send a car for Obama. I hear his first book was absolutely atrocious to follow. He couldn’t decide when he was the narrator or the characters in the book…and neither could the readers. Wonder if he got help this time around?

        • Found a couple more confusing things.
          In the Chination story he opened the BBQ restaurants BECAUSE he was a vegetarian and wanted to introduce the Chinese to BBQ’d TOFU!
          And this:
          In 2004, the year after Ndesandjo had moved to Shenzhen, a friend drove him to the American Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou, to watch the new Illinois state senator, Barack Obama, give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, which would make the politician an overnight star. As Ndesandjo and a gaggle of other Americans watched the senator speak live, before a rapturous audience waving Obama placards, Barack told the world, “We are our brother’s keeper.”

          “At that point, no one knew of my relation to him, except the friend who had driven me over,” Ndesandjo recalls. “But word gets around, and someone asked, ‘Are you his brother?’ I said, ‘Yes’. Suddenly, I felt very proud of him.”

          Butttttttttttttt….I thought he didn’t tell ANY of his friends until 2008?

          • Buttttttt… Exactly. So many lies. So many contradictions. Probably designed to keep us spinning our wheels.

      • The author of the article: https://twitter.com/jenn1marsh
        Let us count the discrepancies, questions, and news:
        1. The “other” Obama. Is there only one other?
        2. Mark wears an INDONESIAN bandanna. Why? He has a connection to Indonesia?
        3. Did we know he left in 2003 for China from Orlando?
        4. He “laughs off” having owned barbecue shops; I guess the Chination author just made that up. See below for a photo of Mark close-sitting with his then “partner”.
        5. Author says Barry spent his childhood in Honolulu, but omits Seattle and Indonesia.
        6. Mark heads “up two consulting companies that assist American investors entering the Chinese and Kenyan markets, and those looking to go in the other direction, one registered on the mainland, the other in Hong Kong.”
        7. Mark claims he and Barry first met in 1988. But let’s not forget that then Simeon, that little guy, would be bouncing 8-year-old Joey on his knee.
        8. Mark claims “Bobby” (aka David Opiyo) died in 1987.
        9. Mark wondered “what are they doing here?” when Auma and Barry showed up at their house unannounced. Why wouldn’t his Kenyan HALF-SISTER, who grew up with him, bring their common half-brother to see him? Why wouldn’t Auma come see the woman who was the only real “mummy” she ever knew as a child?
        10. Simon Ndesandjo was “impressed” by Barry.
        11. Mark left for college at age 17, “armed with a scholarship.” He was in Kenya, on a break between getting his bachelor’s from Brown and enrolling in Stanford for a master’s. Seems there is some missing time. 1982, he went to the USA for college. Got a degree from Brown when? 1988. Six years, not the typical four.
        12. Disses Auma, apparently, because he assumed he was the “cleverest in the family” until he met Barry, although maybe his definition of “clever” is not flattering.
        13. Says Barry wanted to learn a lot about “MY” father, not OUR father. (Note how the family tree appears to show Lolo as Barry’s father.)
        14. BHO Sr.’s “Hawaiian son” had the “hallmarks of brilliance.” Yep. That’s why Ann had to beat English lessons into a kid who allegedly had already attended kindergarten and elementary school in the USA.
        15. BHO Sr. never graduated from high school because he was kicked out for an “infraction”. He didn’t come over on any airlift; he had a rich, white, much-older girlfriend who funded his education in Hawaii (Elizabeth Mooney Kirk). Now they admit it.
        16. BHO Sr. met Ruth at a party in Boston; in his interview, Mark said they met “at Harvard”. The Chination story said she was an “honor student at Harvard.” Why do they hide her background? This party had to have been in June 1964, if they were engaged two months later.
        17. She “relocated” to Kenya as his “partner”. There’s no mention of a marriage.
        18. He allegedly didn’t tell Ruth about his marriage to SAD. Hmmm. The INS knew and somebody’s mother was concerned.
        19. It says “she fled back to America” within a year; no mention of Mark. The official story goes that Mark was one and was with her when she showed up at home. She went back but there’s no mention of David/Bobby’s birth in this story.
        20. When she got an annulment (!) of the 7-year-marriage (not a divorce, from a marriage that was never mentioned before in this story) Mark was 7 years old. Hmmm. Do the math. The author doesn’t mention David or his age at the time of the annulment. But Sally Jacobs says that by 1973, Ruth AND the two boys were gone.
        21. As Papoose noted, Mark says he doesn’t remember being told about his father’s death. Is that because he wasn’t there in Kenya? Or was he at some “international” boarding school and they just failed to inform him? One would think it would have been satisfying news for him, considering that he had to watch the drunken brute beat his mother as he stood helplessly terrorized. Mark admits that he wanted to be as far away from his father as possible. Did he get his wish? If Mark was 7 when his parents were annulled, DID he really then go to the USA? Or did he get away from his father and go to the USA only AFTER his father was already dead? Or, did Ruth AND Mark come to the USA after the annulment, as this story says? “Unlike President Obama, though, he stayed with his father until he was eight, when his mother left her husband to return to the United States. … His mother has since returned to Kenya, where she runs a kindergarten in Nairobi, but raised Mr Ndesandjo in Boston, where he took his stepfather’s surname. “It was a huge culture shock for me to go to America. It was very, very difficult because I had no support structure. The only thing I had to pull me through was my mother,” he said.”
        22. Mark had a “moment of weakness”; Mark cheated on an exam. “… he slipped into his professor’s office to read the exam paper: “I had the keys to the kingdom.” He was caught and then suspended by the department chair, Steven Chu, who, in a twist of fate,[RIGHT!!!] would later work for the Barack Obama administration as secretary of energy. Ndesandjo describes feeling suicidal as he left Stanford mired in disgrace. So like his father, he never got a PhD? Did he ever even get the master’s from Stanford? When he went to Emory, did they know of his disgrace? Or is that why he started using Ndesandjo?
        23. Two decades in the corporate world followed. Supposedly for those 20 years, Mark didn’t speak to Auma or Malik, nor did he return to Africa. Not even to see mummy. So did Mark go to Stanford, fail there, and never again see his mother? Don’t we have photos of him playing piano with his mother? Timelines. OY! Was Mark at Barry’s wedding?
        24. Some time in 1995, Mark and Barry met for lunch at Tommy’s Joynt in San Francisco. A “few months” after that, Barry published the book Ayers wrote for him.
        25. Mark, like Barry, downplays his mother’s wealth in 1988. He says they couldn’t have afforded to send a car to pick Barry up and bring him to the house where he, Ruth, Simeon, and Joey lived. But Simeon had a lot of money, as we know, and Ruth had a lot of rich friends.
        TO BE CONTINUED BELOW, before WordPress loses my comment, like it did yesterday …

        from http://chinamusictech.blogspot.com/2008/12/barack-obama-americas-multicultural.html

        Another close-sitter with his “flatmate”:
        from http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/03/barack-obama-wild-drugtaking-roommate

        • I’d just like to pause to mention that after sooooo many years of researching this crap, it’s always exciting to get “new” information. Who knows at this point what is fake and what is real, but every new bit of info is either a puzzle piece that adds to the overall picture or one that just doesn’t fit and it’s always interesting trying to figure out which it is.

          • I have a feeling its all deliberate. The contradictions, I mean. Plus I think they are trying to deflect. Get us debunkers busy on their BS minutiae whilst they scrub the real deal.

            I also think there is major animosity – having to do with the Won trying to claim Sr. as his own./ firstborn. The very first thing about all of this was: he couldn’t prove who he was even though he is named after the father. There was contention from the start. Wondering if Mark intends to blow his so called brother’s cover story to some degree. He’s always complaining about how cold BO is…

            True Facts would be consistent in all respects.

        • But here’s the big discrepancy…
          Obama, Ndesandjo remembers, sat on the couch in very simple clothes, appearing as a regular Kenyan, with gangly legs and arms, and huge hands.
          Seriously? He has the girliest hands I’ve ever seen on a 6 foot tall guy.

          • He sure does. Maybe it was the ghost of Bobby.

          • Speaking of Bobby…OK there is just too much to relate here in one message and again, I can’t cut and paste from the book entries, BUT, according to Auma’s book, “Bobby” was also Abongo (Malik)’s nickname. I just found the same thing in Maraniss’s book.
            If you have the time:
            Find a copy of Malik’s book online and search Mark Okoth; somehow that lead me to the story of Barack’s trip to the US in 1971. Did you know he also went to Boston, Nebraska, Chicago and Oklahoma on that trip? It says he went to seek medical help in the US because Omar was “doing very well” at that time.
            From various books what the story seems to be is Ruth went back to Boston with Okoth (Mark) when he was 3 and Barack came after her and talked her into coming back. Then they had Opiyo (David);

            Malik also mentions that after she married Simeon they had Richard and Joseph.

            Like I said…too much stuff.
            Found the actual Stanford Commencement program listing Mark Okoth Ndesandjo from Nairobi, Kenya among the Master of Science awards in …..wait for it……1987.

            • Hey. It’s like Mark maybe said: It’s like herding cats. They don’t get along with each other. And then they’re all talking and, unfortunately, they can’t put EVERYBODY under house arrest, which was easy to do in Kenya for Sarah. In fact, isn’t Malik/Bobby her jail keeper? I wondered last night if Mark is still free to roam after Mooch’s trip. He’s fooling himself if he thinks he’s immune over there. It’s a danged police state, worse than this one (for the time being).

              I didn’t know that Barack Sr. visited all those place across the USA in 1971. How did he do it? With whom did he travel? Where did he get the dough? Isn’t the story supposed to be that the family in Kenya didn’t know WHERE Omar was? And when Barry first visited they asked him to find Omar to put Sarah’s mind to rest? So Malik says Barack Sr. was in touch with Omar in ’71? I kind of remember the BS about him needing medical help for his legs (the ones that were supposedly gone).

              WHAT?!!! So Mark got a Master of Science from Stanford in 1987 but didn’t get his bachelor’s degree from Brown until the following year? I am SO confused. 1988 would make sense for a bachelor’s degree for a man born in 1965. Not a master’s degree in ’87 at age only 22. Is he lying about his age? Or are they deliberately mixing and matching the birth dates?

          • In his linkedin profile, it says Brown 1984-88, Stanfor 1998….aww heck, none of it makes sense.

          • my son’s girlfriend will be graduating next month in a masters program in California…She went straight from her four years of college at 18 ,then 2 more years in Cali.. she is exactly 24 and a half. Just thought that might help on Mark’s shadey college past.

        • 26. “Ndesandjo flew to the US to meet a half-brother, Joseph, from his mother’s second marriage, to support Barack at his 2008 Democratic Party presidential debate against Clinton in Austin, Texas.” Is that when Mark “surprised” Barry?
          27. Mark was concerned his own “failures” would negatively affect Barry’s campaign. (Could it be that Chu agreed to keep quiet if …) Mark also had bad debts. We’re supposed to believe that Barry didn’t worry about Mark’s history hurting his campaign.
          28. Another “low key” wedding in the Obama family.
          29. Mark believes Barry “uses” the Obama family for political purposes. (As the extended Obama clan use Barry for monetary purposes, writing memoirs, creating foundations, collecting money, getting special treatment by the IRS and the INS and the DHS after breaking into the country illegally, etc.)
          30. Mark chastised Barry for not talking much to the Obama clan in Kenya and expected him to greet “Granny Sarah” for her 93-rd birthday. Since when did Mark have any close relationship with Sarah, such that he would care? He didn’t talk to Malik for 20 years. Did he talk to Sarah? Pot calling the kettle, imho. Oh, wait. He returned to Kogelo in 2011 after 20 years. But not Nairobi, to see mummy?
          31. “As his maternal Grandma Ida says in Cultures: “One day, Mark, we will all be brown.”” IF he was 1 when he first met her, then when did he ever get a chance to hear this from her mouth? Unless, he lived with her or visited her when he was at Brown?
          31. Why does the family tree seem to indicate that Lolo was Barry’s father, too, or else he wasn’t Maya’s father? Which sons belong to Simeon Ndesandjo? Why does Richard suddenly merit recognition?
          32. Why are Mark and David “American” on the family tree, while Joseph and Richard are not, as SEO asked?

        • “In some U.S. graduate programs, particularly in the natural sciences, the majority of students do not have master’s degrees when they begin graduate work, and the successful students will earn doctorates without getting master’s degrees on the way. In these programs, a student who does not pass “comps” or “prelims” on the second attempt will generally be allowed to earn a terminal master’s degree but is not permitted to become a candidate for a doctoral degree. At many institutions, students who pass the exam and are formally accepted as PhD candidates are technically entitled to a Master of Arts or Master of Sciences degree, but submitting an application is required, so no master’s degree will be awarded unless the student specifically requests it.

          In the second and third years of study, doctoral programs often require students to pass more examinations. Programs often require one of the following:

          Qualifying Examination (“Quals”)
          General Examination (“Generals”)
          Comprehensive Examinations (again, “Comps”), testing students’ grasp of a broad sample of their discipline, and/or
          one or several Special Field Examinations (“Specials”), testing students in their selected specialty within the discipline.

          If these examinations are held orally, they may be known colloquially as “orals”. For some social science and many humanities disciplines, graduate students might not have studied the discipline at the undergraduate level. These examinations will be the first set, and be based either on graduate coursework or on specific preparatory reading (sometimes up to a year’s work in reading).

          Preparing for comprehensive exams is normally both stressful and time consuming. Passing them allows the student to stay, begin doctoral research, and rise to the status of a doctoral candidate. Failing usually results in the student leaving the program or re-taking the test after some time has passed, usually a semester or a year. A second failure normally guarantees dismissal from the graduate program, though progress on previous attempts may convince the student’s program to grant a third, final attempt. Some schools have an intermediate category, passing at the master’s level, which allows the student to leave with a master’s without having completed a master’s thesis.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comprehensive_examination

          So these orals must have been what he cheated on. If he got into the office and found the questions the committee would be asking … Shades of Watergate. How did he do it and how was he caught?

          • And…I found a thesis from….I think 1995?? from a Stanford PhD candidate, acknowledging the help of graduate students, including Mark. He could have gotten a Masters and then gone back to do a PhD, but that doesn’t seem to be the story line.

        • Reviewing old stuff and had a thought. I read a comment where we wondered why Mark says he’s “multi-racial” instead of “bi-racial”. Then we have this comment above where we wonder why he wears an Indonesian bandana. He loves Chinese culture, too. We know he’s allegedly black. That’s one race. What others? What if mixed-race Indonesian (Malay/Chinese, e.g.)? Just a thought. Maybe SAD found twins on Ambon. I seem to remember once someone talking about or linking to a story that speculated that Barry was born in or near Mombassa, but in a part along the coast that’s Tanzania (?) and not Kenya. In addition, the speculation was that his mother was not SAD but was a mixed-race woman, not an African woman. That’s a possibility, too, and would fit with Sarah’s claim that Barry (his twin, too?) “passed through her hands,” if BHO Sr. didn’t want the kids and neither did the mother. OR, perhaps, Mom died in childbirth. Maybe SAD got one twin and another white American woman took the other?

          • just recently, I read one of Mark’s sites (one of many) where he tells about his cd’s and his calligraphy and more. It struck me as odd again when he tells that he created some of his cd’s in his studio in New Jersey about 10 years ago. The site was a 2013 site, so in roughly 2003 he has a studio in Jersey…….odd since he says he went to China before then. This same puzzling stuff happens when I check his Florida home he loses around 2003 too….and he voted supposedly in Florida in 2003, yet he was also in Georgia around 2002-2003. Nothing quite adds up. I think he’ an agent of “humint ” of some sort….that’s Intelligence services work of some kind. I think he’s got cover of some kind , just like Barack.
            I also recently found him on a list of employees/alumni at a company called Thoma Bravo LLC. He’s listed as a services marketing manager. This is a company based in Chicago( since 1970’s, once owned by a Stanley C. Golder). It’s a huge private equity firm that seems to be a huge company buying out or buys up lots of tech. companies and telecommunications companies. I’ll see if I can find it again where he is listed. The actual address of the division of this company associated with Mark is an address in Dallas Texas which of course is interesting too, since lots of stuff seems to be associated with Texas and these “folks” just a smidgen. I can’t remember if I could tell what years he was with this company maybe you guys can. This portion of the company originated or was founded in 2000. Soooooo?????

        • while we’re on this page note barack obama’s friend on the couch with him; how hairy his arms are, his heavy mustache—-his pakistani friend. Now notice Mark with his chinese buddy and how hairy he is—-very hairy for an african dude or black dude wouldn’t you say. /

    • “We had arranged to meet in Shenzhen’s Baoan district. Ndesandjo’s assistant, George, escorted me through a leafy park on a golf buggy to a secluded building. The imposing, tall wooden doors opened from the inside and we were guided through a series of private, tranquil courtyards until we reached the Yuan Baoyuan teahouse, where Ndesandjo emerged from the main hall.

      In the flesh, he is a force. Dressed head to toe in black, with an Indonesian bandana around his forehead, Ndesandjo is tall and personable, and speaks with a warm American accent.”

      Not bad for a poor man:

      Family tree:

      Hmmm. Who’s missing? And they almost make it look as if Barry belongs to Lolo.

      • Compare to Ruth and the tree does say Lolo is papa.

        • That tree is seriously messed up, but I suppose if you want to know the “truth”, you’ll have to buy his book because that’s one of the topics: the Obama family tree. If you follow the “logic”, then either Lolo is Barry’s dad, too, or else he’s neither Barry’s nor Maya’s dad. There’s a thick line between Simeon and “Ridhard” and Joseph, which I assume means he was father of one or both of them, but there’s no thick line between Lolo and Maya, so where does that leave her?

          To me, the significance of the whole thing is that apparently Mark has claimed Richard as a brother, even as he cuts loose Kezia’s younger sons, because Ruth’s family and BHO Sr.’s sister Zeituni claim they’re not BHO Sr.’s kids.

          • I find it a wee bit interesting that they have “Saetoro” (usually I see it as Soetoro) and that they don’t have his first name, Lolo. Everyone else has their first name listed.

        • What’s with that tree, anyway? Is it matrilineal or something? It’s upside down, from our point of view, too. Children at top and parents below.

          • Also, why are Mark and David “American” while Joseph and Ridhard (sic) are not?
            I don’t get the “code” for this tree at all. If I were given it as a test, with no prior knowledge of who these people are, I would have to guess that Barack and Kezia had Auma, maybe, and Kezia and Auma had Malik, etc. 🙂

            • That is an excellent observation, SEO. If Mark and David got their U.S. citizenship via Ruth’s citizenship, then all her kids would be U.S. citizens. However, IF Mark and David naturalized in the U.S. at some point (or whatever would have been necessary for them being the children of an admitted “ex-pat” living in Kenya), but Joey and Richard, didn’t … But one would assume Joey is now a U.S. citizen, right? Who knows about Richard? But I think he went to an exclusive and tony university here, iirc, which I sometimes don’t. HOWEVER, a story that I linked in my long comment about this news article says that Ruth brought Mark (and one presumes David, too) TO THE USA and raised MARK (no mention of David) in Boston. At some point, she returned to Kenya–I guess when she married Ndesandjo. But the timeline doesn’t work. Richard was born in the mid-70s. Joey in about very late 1979. When and where did she meet Ndesandjo? He was supposed to be BHO Sr.’s friend. How could Mark be 8 (1973) and then raised in Boston, but Ruth is in Kenya (or here?) giving birth to Richard about 1976? Did she dump her child on her mother to raise? This sounds so much like a parallel story to the Barry Obama story. Doesn’t it? Exact same trajectory. What are the freaking odds? Even down to a surname change.

          • I was trying to figure out the Mark/David timeline also vis a vis when they were in Kenya and when in Boston. I need to take some notes.

  2. This is from the Chination story
    Mark is a writer, painter and composer who spends most of his time in Asia and USA. He was born in Kenya. He studied at Brown and Stanford Universities. He published 3 CDs and one book. The book’s title is Observations in Africa and others. This (semi-autobiographical) book is about a young Kenyan man who immigrated to the US and lived in a metropolitan city there. He studied Communications and worked at Lucent Technologies and Notel Networks in high positions. His hobbies included sky diving, skiing and surfing.”

    So, another semi-autobiographical book, BEFORE the Nairobi to Shenzen book? Or, is it the same book?

  3. The Obama family, Ndesandjo says, spanning Islam, Judaism, Kenya, the US, China, Indonesia – on Barack’s side – and Mexico – through Joseph’s wife, Dora – is a tale of what it is to be a modern, multicultural American. As his maternal Grandma Ida says in Cultures: “One day, Mark, we will all be brown.” …. @ Time story above

  4. I was a bad student, ? suffered “great pain” ? at Stanford &
    “treated women badly” ?… ( HOW SO? & who might they Be ?)…
    so says … MARK “OBAMA”
    So again we have Hurt Children/People Hurt People … & MO is worried about what we stuff in our MOUTHS…. How about dealing with
    RUN AWAY DAD’s.. OR would that DECREASE “your VOTING numbers?

  5. yeah, I can see the resemblance. yeah, its remarkable.

    yeah, keep telling me that. striking resemblance.

  6. I was re-reading excerpts from “Dreams from My Father” on the visit to Ruth’s house. In this version, Mark says he is getting ready to go back for his the last year of the physics program at Stanford.
    Since we now know he got a MS in physics in 1987, and this is supposed to be 1988 (?) what are the possibilities?
    1) The years of these events have been changed for whatever reason
    2) He was going back to complete a PhD, having finished his masters, and then got kicked out???
    Actually…that 2nd one could make sense.
    Also a disclaimer on the Commencement document. I could absolutely see his name on the snippet of the document, and the front of the program shows, I am depending on the link title for the year because the resolution is too poor on the front to blow it up enough to see the year for myself.

      OK, I found the actual commencement document (this is why actual documentation is SOOOO important); The “document” that was referred to in the “snippet” actually contains commencement brochures from 1987-1991. Once I scrolled through the whole thing and found Mark, I found that he actually got his M.S. from Stanford on June 17, 1990

      Sorry for the confusion


      • Good work, SEO, except I get a blank screen when I click that link. Never mind! It just took a long time to load. Sorry.

      • This is from the 1990 Stanford commencement records, as found by crack researcher SEO:


        And now I ask you: What are the odds? The year before, 1989, the babysitter’s son got a bachelor’s degree from Stanford:


        Look at his degree: Anthropology. Think it’s possible they knew each other?

      • SEO Mark is also inthe 1987 commencement too…..on page 84. No kidding, so what’s up with that. I you found him in 1990 . Both are for Master is Science, Physics. The one in 87 shows another dude in the program from republic of China, Guangdong too.

        • Maybe it’s all untrue and somehow he got his name in the commencements????i know , that’s rediculous, but I’ve heard of such things before.

    • Now that we know he got the Master’s in ’90, what does that reveal? Typically it takes a couple years to complete a Master’s degree. So he got his bachelor’s in ’88 from Brown. That would make him on schedule at Stanford, so he got that degree in ’90. But then he screwed up and cheated and got caught and suspended. Didn’t finish at Emory with his EMBA (?) until 2001. Then he hightailed it to China two years later. Guess we have Mark figured out now. If only we had some REAL and BELIEVABLE documentation for his brother.

    • It works. It was my fault. I was impatient and couldn’t tell it was taking long to load. Got it now. GREAT FIND, SEO!

      • Good find on Toutonghi!
        I’m still looking for Richard. The addresses in Houston are both on the Rice U campus. One is the building that houses both the foreign language school and the grad school. It appears he was there from about 1998 to 2003.

        • It really doesn’t surprise me much. iirc, his uncle John taught in the physics dept. or was somehow connected with it at Stanford. Lawrence Livermore lab? Same place Chu worked. I didn’t find Chu’s name in the commencements, so I guess he didn’t particularly participate in any way or maybe he’d already moved on by then. Some professors are listed. Do you have a clue what the footnote 2 means? I’m blown away by you finding this.

        • Note that Stephen and presumably his mom, too, were already in Soldotna, Alaska. (In a second reference, they refer to Soldotna, ARKANSAS! So much for brilliance at Stanford. SNARK.) He to departmental honors, with distinction.

        • Hey, everybody. Have a go at those name searches. No telling what other players might turn up. Maybe some of the known girlfriends. Boyfriends? Administration folks. The usual apologists in the “field” of “journalism”. Those of an age with Barry and his brothers. I know it’s a huge school, but still …

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