Was Obama Born in Mombasa?

Since the above video is what people will be talking about today, I’ll go with the flow and give some further analysis that’s been provided in the past by Barrister Michael Shrimpton, the man in the video.  h/t Gordo

Back in 2012, Shrimpton took on the issue of Obama’s true place of birth:  [emphasis added]

The competing theories may be shortly stated.  President Obama and the Democratic Party claim that he was born in Honolulu in the State of Hawai’i on August 4th 1961.  Two different hospitals were put forward at different times in the 2008 election (I have been tracking this issue since Obama first came on my radar, as a state senator in Illinois, about ten years ago).  The President and the Democrats have now settled on the Kapio’lani Maternity Hospital in Honolulu.   Mainstream media commentators like Anne Applebaum are seemingly unaware that two different US birthplaces have been put forward by the President and his supporters.  They tend to take the latest White House position as fact.

The Kenya theory, supported by many Republicans, a broad swathe of the international intelligence community (behind the scenes) and … Donald Trump, asserts that the President was born in or near Mombasa in what is now Kenya.  Within this group there are five main sub-groups – those who say that the date of birth is correct but not the place, those who put the birth in 1960, those who say that the claimed maternal relationship is true but not the paternal relationship, those who put it the other way round and those who accept the claimed parentage but not place of birth.  …

The CIA’s true position, supported I am told by a DNA test, is that the claimed paternity is correct but not maternity.  … 

CIA had the DNA test done (I am told they used wine and water glasses, with the DNA swabs verified by fingerprints).  Homeland Security are said to agree with the CIA’s internal assessment.  They of course have access to the immigration and passport records, which have never been disclosed publicly …

The Mossad, DGSE, BND, SVR, MI5 and MI6 go with Mombasa, … 

MI5 have a file because the colonial internal security files came over from Nairobi in 1963.  Since Obama’s father and grandfather were both linked to the Mau-Mau terrorist organization they were very properly made the subjects of intelligence and police surveillance.

Shrimpton continues with interesting insider perspective on other issues, such as the two allegedly bogus birth certificates produced by Obama’s people in an attempt to silence questions. Much of what he points out has been pointed out here and also at many other blogs and websites for years.  Shrimpton writes,

It is a matter entirely for them but I see no reason why the Electors could not ask for evidence of Barack Obama’s eligibility.  That applies to all candidates of all races from all parties by the way.

In fact, a new poll shows that  70% of us believe the same way:  We the People want candidates to be required to present birth documentation proving eligibility for the office of the presidency.

Shrimpton is a barrister.  He writes,

If I am right in my conclusion that President Obama was born in what is now Kenya (it was then the Coastal Protectorate) he cannot have been born to Ann Dunham, as there is no evidence she was in Kenya in 1960 or 1961.  Since she is his route to US citizenship (a somewhat doubtful route at best, since his father was already married and the form of ceremony of marriage between Ann and Barack Hussein Senior was bigamous) birth in the Protectorate would also take down his US Citizenship.  He has never naturalized and is not in my opinion a US Citizen by birth (jus soli) or descent (jus sanguini).

Our friend and fellow blogger Citizen Wells has a post on this topic, too.  In his article, he presents proof that background information on Barrister Shrimpton is being scrubbed, even as what Shrimpton says is going viral.  Certainly Citizen Wells, a fan of Orwell, also has included pertinent quotes from the book 1984, related to this rewriting of history.

What we’re left to wonder is, “Why now?”  Where has this video been for the past few years?


230 responses to “Was Obama Born in Mombasa?

  1. BRING on the TEA ! ~ 5 TH year Anniversary ~ UNITED WE STAND
    I STAND with all the TEA FOLKS ~ I know why & I’m PROUD we are
    working for the GOOD….NOT the DESTRUCTION …. the BEST way
    2 win is PUT it OUT on Every SITE… WHAT is “todays NEWS” (ours)
    since THEY have been ~ GETTING their COALs~ WET! LET’S WIN!


  2. February 27, 2014

    At “wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com”:

    Tonight – beginning at 7 pm central.

    “Special Guest Surprise Arizona Tea Party”

    “Listen Live: Rep. Townsend Talks Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigation; Tonight”


  3. http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3127773/posts

    It’s a family affair, or affliction, apparently:

    “A jury was poised to begin deliberations after Kerry Kennedy told them how she accidentally took prescription sleeping pills that then “overtook” her, causing her to crash her car on a highway. Kennedy, 54, took the stand to testify in her own defense Wednesday in her drugged driving trial. She is accused of driving under the influence of zolpidem, a sleep medication better known as Ambien, and slamming her SUV into a truck on a New York highway in July 2013. …”

    Did she learn nothing from Patrick’s experience? (Lucky for him he’s a Kennedy, else DHS would have taken him out.) http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=1927026 Remember?

    After he smashed his Ford Mustang into a barrier near Capitol Hill early Thursday morning, Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy released a statement, saying that he had been disoriented by two prescription medications he had taken.

    One of which was Ambien, a prescription sleep aid.

    While Kennedy said he was “disoriented” in his statement, police officers described him as “intoxicated.” …”

    The Ambien defense. Will it work if you’re NOT a Kennedy?

    • http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/mark-obama-ndesandjo-kenya-family-politics/2014/02/27/id/555235
      Couple almost interesting statements, but be sure and read too….ann dunham got a new name, haa ha. notice the pauses….ndesandjo makes sure to flatter Marzberg right off. He also gets cut off when he tells that he first met B in 88, but says actually before/between….it’s cut off. I somehow still, just like the first time I watched marks’ concert in 2009, think Mark is using Obama, and is taunting him someway. There;s a purpose to this madness. Notice he does not speak as if he ever had his two other brothers, Joseph (that would be the other mixed race brother that’s living, nor his brother david, as if David was never there when he was growoing up). You’d think an older brother would be protective of his younger sibling. These people are so fake. It’s still creepy to me.

      • I haven’t watched the video yet, but that same thing jumped out at me from the article: “As the only two mixed race kids in the Obama family, I think it was a powerful experience.”

        Omits DAVID. Then there’s Richard and Joseph, who, of course, aren’t OBAMAS, but Joseph was enough a member of the extended OBAMA family that he was at the WHITE HOUSE on the first Inauguration Day, having his photo taken with the rest of the African family (but not with MAYA. Where was she and her family? The girl with whom Barry was raised, allegedly. She’s not there but instead there’s half-brother Mark and MARK’S half-brother by another baby daddy, neither of whom Barry even knew much at all, if you believe Barry.) While looking for a photo of Maya at the 2009 Inauguration, I came across only photos of her being sent to pre-Inauguration events, like a party for Punahou students. She stood in for Barry who, of course, didn’t show up. Another Punahou grad, however, provided “proof” that Barry was at Punahou: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2009/01/president-obamas-email/ And here’s an old story about the whole family converging in DC: http://www.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2009/01/16/obama-relatives/

        • The videos are worth hearing. I just posted you a long skreed on Mark and his Voting registration in Orlando Florida. Its still active and it gave his address in China. My skreed was long, but now don’t have time to explain all I had. I was going to tell you about how he listed his race (which is required in Florida) as OTHER, so we can’t know what that is. I’d like to know myself when he became a citizen and how and why, since he loves China so much. Wonder when he’ll have that citizenship too? I was also going to describe to you Mark’s makeover, and all about his very hairy Bod. And more. When I hit post I lost the whole dang thang!

          • Where did you post it, alfy? I’m going to link back to this discussion from the new post.

          • for a couple dollars, if anyone is willing, we could see Marks records, his public records anyway…and on an immigration record site maybe see when he obtained his papers or passports. Course we might need a FOIA form to get to the juicy citizenship papers. My guess is he got his buddy Thompson…that journalist dude in CHinna, who seems to be an expert on all things citizenship/passport information. used to be everywhere I tried to find Ndesandjo, Thompson would have him featured on a site. He appears to be about Ndesandjo’s age. Now they belong to some journalist’s forum together somewhere.
            Miri, you should post Mark’s photo from the cover of his new book , as it looks like he matured that photo we have of the two little ones together. I doubt they are the same kids used, but hey…it’s a start. Mark is shrew, brave and has a hidden pompous persona…pretty brave of him to surprise his brother he hadn’t seen in 20 some years and hold him around the shoulders like he did. He wasn’t alone….he had some chinese dude with him. All Barack seemed to say was “How ya doing, how ya doing” and then comment about his afro. Love to see a photo of Mark’s afro, wouldn’t everybody since that’s about the only thing Mark and O had in common . WHERE’s the PHOTOs?
            I’m telling ya, Mark is so hairy, he’s had his eyebrows waxed or plucked now…you can compare. And he has to shave probably twice a day..I’ve hardly seen him with out the shadow, morning or night. His arms are hairy, his neck…even his knuckles have more hair than most. He reminds me very much of a lebanese friend of mine….while he has an excessive amount of buccal fat in his nose…what race might that be. For sure though, when is the last time you saw a real hairy african ? or african american for that matter???

            • alfy, after listening to Mark on those recordings, I’m struck so much by how he’s almost like a clone of Barry. The timbre of his voice, everything. His pomposity, too, as you noted. He certainly hems and haws as well as, if not better than, Barry does. We’ve been told that Barry was schooled in his demeanor, by that black actor. Remember? Did Mark take the same classes? The way he’s spinning his answers, when challenged, certainly seems as if he’s been schooled in how to respond, for Barry’s sake.

              They seem alike enough to be … dare I say it? Twins. Although in the photo at the top of the post, Barry looks YOUNGER than Mark (when Mark has said many times that he’s younger than Barry.) Could David and Barry have been twins? David the elder; Barry the younger and, for some reason, Barry wasn’t raised with his brothers.

              If we take what Shrimpton said, they have the same father. SAD is not Barry’s mother, but Barry has a full sister, believed to be only a half-sister (according to the official story). Auma is the only half-sister we know about who lived in the UK and who went to Kenya at some point after her divorce. Barry IS VERY CLOSE to Auma and Kezia, although he’s not close to Mark, which presents some logistical problems, doesn’t it? How and where did he develop this close bond with them, without meeting Mark until a few years ago? (Snark.)

              I was reminded by reading stories about the Inaugurations this morning that Kezia even came to Barry’s swearing in as a SENATOR in IL in 2005. Now isn’t that curious?

              But my various hypotheses don’t hold together. If David and Barry were twins, then Ruth would be their mother. That would fit Shrimpton’s story about SAD not being the mom, but it wouldn’t fit the
              “Auma is full sister” part.

              So what if Kezia is Barry’s mom? Well, we know that Ruth was the only “mummy” that Auma ever knew because Auma and Malik moved into Ruth’s house to live with her and BHO Sr. and the rest of the extended family who lived there, including some cousins. Why did they, btw? Who’s to say there weren’t some even younger siblings who needed to come to Ruth’s for the same reason? Kezia “unfit” or something. We already know about the story that Kezia got pregnant by some other man while BHO Sr. was in Hawaii, before he met SAD. What became of that pregnancy? https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/obama-mystery-theater-kezias-baby/

              That would fit Shrimpton’s story. SAD not his mom. BHO Sr. his dad. Auma his full sister, not half-sister.

              But how is it that he and Mark BEHAVE and SPEAK so much alike, IF raised separately?

              It’s very important, you can tell from Mark’s memorized speech, that Barry’s mother be AN AMERICAN. So if we apply the Obama rule, then she’s not an American. Mark wouldn’t say Barry was born in Hawaii. He kind of paused on that one. He did then say Barry was born in the United States.

              btw, did you know that Mexico is also a “united states”? I’m just sayin’. They parse. You’ll love this:

              From Wikipedia:

              “United Mexican States, the official name of Mexico [Los Estados Unidos de Mexico; The United States of Mexico.]


              United States of Belgium, a confederation that existed during the year 1790
              Republic of the United States of Brazil (Portuguese: República dos Estados Unidos do Brasil) was the name of Brazil between 1889 and 1968
              United States of Central America (informal name), more properly known as the United Provinces of Central America and the Federal Republic of Central America (through several name changes), a defunct 19th century federation of the nations of Central America
              United States of Colombia, name held by Colombia between 1863 and 1886
              United States of Indonesia, name of the country from 1949 to 1950
              United States of the Ionian Islands, former British protectorate from 1815 to 1864
              United State of Saurashtra, an Indian state between 1948 and 1956
              United States of Stellaland, a short-lived political union of Goshen and Stellaland proper in southern Africa
              United State of Travancore and Cochin, the name of the former Indian state of Travancore-Cochin between 1949 and 1950.
              United States of Venezuela from 1864 to April 15, 1953
              Dutch Republic or United Provinces

              I guess none of them really apply to Barry, but a few might, depending upon how much he’s lied about his age.

              • Then, again, we have to remember that “wife in the Philippines.” 🙂 Maybe BHO Sr. married Ruth, they bought that big house, and he rounded up all his children in one big happy communal family. Do you think Ruth has ever given birth? She might have adopted one and SAD the other. Ya think? Most adopted kids call their adoptive mothers, “Mom.”

                • What if Kezia was “stepping out” even before her husband left Kenya? What if Auma’s father is the same as the man who fathered the child Kezia conceived while BHO Sr. was in Hawaii? Maybe that’s why, when asked the names of his children, BHO Sr. put only Roy’s name on the INS documents. Auma was born by then, yet he didn’t name her on the papers. Why not?

                  Of course, the problem with this hypothesis is that for Mark to be so much like Barry, Mark has to have SOME shared DNA with him, which means that perhaps Auma’s mother is Mark’s and Barry’s, but there’s a different father for all of them. Maybe Ruth the kind-hearted adopted Mark, SAD adopted Barry, and Auma just stayed with her mom, being a girl. The answer could be anything, with this mixed up family. My head is spinning.

          • Oh, okay. Sorry. I didn’t see that you said you lost it. Interesting info, though.

          • alfy… so… here today… Gone 2 China’ … what a drag… Soo

            O’s grand-pappys …brut-ish lies?.. it fills a book&seeds the mind’ O’


      • You tell me exactly HOW Mark can be an “American”? He was born and raised in Kenya, where his mother has LIVED since 1964 and has been married to TWO successive African husbands. From what we’re told, the only time he lived in the USA was for college. Did he go as a FOREIGN student?

        This is funny. Another name for her: “Barack Obama Sr. married and then deserted Sydney Ann Dunham, the future president’s mother.”

  4. Reminds me of Jack Wheeler – dead, beaten and stuffed in a trash dumpster in Delaware. A week to the day I was on the same train (December 2010) and out of the clear blue night sky we were sent backwards to our arrival point once we got to Wilmington. A trip that should have taken well under 2 hours ended up being 9 hours or more. I didn’t get home for 12 hours. The train reversed on the tracks, deliberately and without explanation. Whenever it would make a stop on its way back, it never would “park” at a station where one could actually get off.

    He was Silkwood-ed as he had paperwork. Same thing with Judge Roll being assassinated in Arizona a few weeks later. Gabby Gifford was the “target”, however. She was injured. He was murdered.



    • I still wonder about that Jack wheeler. Wonder what he knew that required tossing him to the trash.???

    • Was that 9-hour trip ever reported in the news? Did they TRY to come up with an explanation? Bizarre.

      • FWIW, I went back to see if there was anything on the web inre Friday night 12/15/10 (DC to NYC) and well, they came up with something by the 19th of December. It was one of the scariest adventures in my life, especially, in light of what I was witnessing that week. Funny, that no Amtrak personnel on board knew what was going on. We were kept in the dark – figuratively, and literally. hmmmm.


        • Wow. That’s something! I was stuck on an Amtrak train once. Close to midnight. Pitch black. The train stops in the middle of nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Outside was nothing but empty fields for miles and some bluffs far off in the distance. No houses. No buildings of any kind. No lights! The lights were out in the train. We were all thinking it was “Butch Cassidy” time!

          No air conditioning; it was summer and eventually it got so freaking hot. We couldn’t open windows, though. They didn’t tell us anything except there was an engine failure and we had to wait for another engine to be brought out.

          This was before the days of cell phones and my family was waiting at the station to pick me up and all I could do was hope they’d get word what was going on. The extra engine finally arrived and we got to our destination about 4 hours late.

          While we were stuck, a lot of the passengers wanted to get OUT of that hot, claustrophobic car, although where they’d go, nobody knew. There weren’t any roads in sight, either. It was like an Agatha Christie novel. Interesting experience.

  5. Interesting terminology. Our military have IW techs and officers. Comparison to other countries’ approach interesting. Duh? IW has been in force against the American Patriot Peoples for over five years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_warfare

    • Sydney, I know, I had to laugh.

      • I’m writing a post about this, so hold your thoughts. OK? I’ll hurry.

        • last pages of this & all the other books written we can learn many
          things.. Mark’s many written words/ books also $ 2 B made off O’ the
          Index has 13 pages 329-342… Auma also thanks Aunties Zeituni &
          Marsat ? … & Abongo is 2 years older than Auma scan thru …


          • Cultures: My Personal Odyssey of Self – discovery
            Due out 8/1/2014 ~ $ 26.96 ~ by Mark Obama Ndesandjo

            Editorial Reviews ~ About the Author
            Born in Kenya and a nine year resident of Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China, Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo is an accomplished pianist, writer, artist and businessman. He has a BSc. Physics from Brown University, an MSc Physics from Stanford and is an Emory EMBA graduate. He consults worldwide, using over 15 years of telecommunications and international marketing and branding experience gained as a senior manager at Lucent, Nortel and other companies. He is an HSK L7 (advanced) Mandarin speaker and writer, and an avid brush calligrapher. In addition to his first book, Nairobi to Shenzhen, he has completed a memoir and published 3 piano CDs, The Untimely Ones, Night Moods and his own composition Reflections on William Blake. His current projects include a translation of Tang Dynasty poems. He regularly gives piano lessons to orphans in and around Shenzhen. Mr Obama Ndesandjo has been appointed Volunteer Image Ambassador and Special Olympics Image Ambassador by China.

  6. Tony Antone, spokesperson for Maui… another small plane crash

    Orly’s asking is he a related to Deliana?


  7. I posted some new material today.
    The video was on Google videos at one time.
    It was referenced on Feb 2010 in a discussion relevant to Brits.
    Most of the video pertains to British relevant topics such as the EU.



    • It’s possible that the source of the video is this event, from March 2007: http://web.archive.org/web/20070718040658/http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~springbk/sc_main.html

      “During late March 2007 the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club was most honoured to be addressed by Mr. Michael Shrimpton, the renowned barrister, constitutional lawyer and national security consultant. Mr. Shrimpton spoke under “Chatham House Rules”, so the exact contents of his speech cannot be quoted, but it proved to be a most riveting and eye-opening address which was greatly appreciated by all present.”

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