You Work for the USA, Claire!

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Now I’ve heard everything. As if a U.S. Senator doesn’t have anything better to do, Claire McCaskill is going to “press” the country of Ireland to make public their private adoption records, something which isn’t even the law in this country.

[emphasis added to quotes]

Philomena Lee’s tireless effort to track down her son who was taken from her at an Irish convent and was adopted by a St. Louis family has inspired an Oscar-nominated film.

Now, her story has prompted a U.S. senator to pressure the Irish government to open its adoption records.

On Thursday, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., sat with Lee at a news conference in Washington, calling on Ireland to immediately pass legislation to help reconnect children and their birth mothers. …

McCaskill said she will consider a Senate resolution or formal letter of protest to the Irish government in its role of keeping many of the adoption records sealed. She noted the U.S. also will be appointing a new Irish ambassador this year, and the issue should be made a factor in that appointment process. …

Can you guess what I’m thinking?

McCaskill is a senator in the United States of America.  She’s a senator in this country.  We the People of the United States are her constituents. There’s a situation here in this country that’s far more pertinent to the citizens of this country and which should therefore be of utmost concern to every U.S. senator.

There are currently sealed records that are far more important to the citizens of this country than old adoption records in Ireland.

How about McCaskill introducing a Senate resolution to protest the role that the Hawaiian state government played in sealing  formerly open public vital records that would have answered the many questions that We the People rightfully have about the person who currently occupies the Oval Office?

How about McCaskill introducing a Senate resolution to protest the fact that the Hawaiian Dept. of Health at times violated Hawaiian law and its own policies and procedures with regard to citizen access to public vital records?

How about McCaskill working to “immediately pass legislation” requiring vital records to once again be public records, as they were in the past?

How about McCaskill working to “immediately pass legislation” requiring every candidate for the presidency (or for any elected federal office) to present certified and authenticated identity documents (birth records, school records, passport records, selective service records, etc.) to the public (their employers), with such legislation laying out severe penalties should the documents fail to pass muster in a court-overseen validation process?

What should be of more concern to a U.S. senator?  That foreign-born adoptees learn who their biological parents were or that

We the People of the USA know exactly who our president is?



45 responses to “You Work for the USA, Claire!

  1. Yeah, Claire, here’s something to chew on.

    She never fails me.

    Great Post, Miri. sledgehammer and knuckle sammich. 😉 BAM!

    • She just gripes my butt. She’s even on Hillary’s list. 😉

      • I have nothing against adopted kids learning their background. It’s an outrage, imho, that they hide such PERSONAL information from an individual. Seems like one of those “self-evident truths” that one fundamental right is to know who you are! It’s just that Claire is inserting herself into this issue in the first place. Why? Publicity? Because she can slam her own alleged Church? (She claims to be Catholic.)

        The DemoncRATS love to hate the Catholic Church, for obvious reasons (their stand on abortion and homosexuality). Progressives also hate the Church for it’s power and wealth. They hate ANY entity that is powerful and wealthy EXCEPT for government. In their minds, all wealth BELONGS to them, so they can distribute it the way their GOVERNMENT run by THEM sees fit. Where does she get off trying to make another country open adoption records instead of FIRST opening them here? It’s just crazy.

    • Good luck to Orly on that one. It does look like a slam dunk, but we’re getting used to seeing the game stolen because it’s rigged.

  2. You mean this Claire McCaskill???

    Police to the Rescue -Tea Party anti-Obama Care protest at MO Sen. Claire McCaskill

    Local Tea Party patriots held an anti-Obama Care protest at Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s district office. Constituents peacefully protesting and the police arrive at the scene. The small crowd must have been threatening and people were protesting too close to the building so McCaskill’s office called the police.

    The second video was taken after the police told us to move to the other side of the street..

    • From wiki ~

      Airplane reimbursement and property tax scandal

      On March 16, 2011, McCaskill told reporters that she was “embarrassed” about revelations that her office had used taxpayer money for the senator’s use of a private airplane she co-owned with her husband and friends. According to a government audit, the plane was used for 90 flights taken between Washington, D.C., and her home in suburban St. Louis, as well as to numerous sites around the state of Missouri. According to McCaskill’s Senate office, all but 1 of the 90 flights in question were within Senate rules. As soon as the story broke, Senator McCaskill sent a check for $88,000 to the U.S. Treasury as reimbursement for the flights.[27] The Missouri Republican Party filed a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee on March 16. In response McCaskill said, “The Missouri Republican Party is going to try to ride this horse as long as they can. They’re going to try to make this as big a deal as they can. Them filing the ethics complaint is about as surprising as the sun coming up”.[28] On March 21, 2011, Politico reported that McCaskill had failed to pay more than $280,000 in property taxes on the plane and was planning to sell it. “I have convinced my husband to sell the damn plane”, McCaskill said on a conference call with reporters. “I will never set foot on the plane again”.[28] The Senate Ethics Committee has yet to comment on the matter.

      The plane, a 2001 Pilatus PC-12, is stored at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, McCaskill confirmed. It is owned by Timesaver LLC, a Delaware-based corporation. McCaskill noted that she had paid $38,800 in sales taxes on the plane, and she only recently became aware that Missouri also imposed a property tax on private aircraft. She said she was “disappointed” in herself for not ensuring that Timesaver LLC paid the property taxes. “Frankly, having the plane owned in Delaware would not negate the necessity of paying the personal property tax in Missouri” she said. “This is a mistake. It should have been reported in Missouri. It was owed in Missouri. It will be paid in Missouri today”.[28]

  3. Are they kidding us?


    and what about all the other hard drives the info was transferred to?


  4. ~ JUST … SAY NO!!! ….. la la la … It’s SO easy…. NO! NO! NO!

  5. ANDREW’s Birthday…. A “fooled” AMERICAN…that’s all I can feel…

  6. Is that the same house we’ve seen before, where Barry allegedly lived in Indonesia?

  7. no … not the house that Lolo left to his daughter Maya…
    not the same 2 me…. ( was this the palace?? ha)
    we have a video of the other one I’m sure…. tricks…. or treats?

    • I didn’t think that looked familiar, but there were several houses. We saw another that looked older. This somewhat palatial one looks more modern.

  8. Fight Back on AMNESTY …. YES we can … at orly

  9. And he dropped it. 😯

  10. Well this makes me feel safe (NOT) 😡

    Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.”

    Reports indicate that terrorist Hezbollah forces — allies of Iran — have infiltrated the U.S. and have mapped out targets.

    “We will conduct such a blow in which they [America] will be destroyed from within,” Salami said.

  11. “Remember, Barry does not lie; outright that is. Example: Bill O reads a letter from Kathy in CA who asks the president why he wants to fundamentally transform America, which he benefited so much from. And not lying, Barry says he does not want to fundamentally transform America. Wake Up, Americans! He is NOT lying……..Why would he want to fundamentally transform his fundamental transformation? In his world and mind, with Obamacare, the coup is just about complete. Won’t be long before the American Flag will be seen as more vile than the Confederate flag. Not long at all. Watch the interview again. The answers are very specific. He does not lie anymore; he does not have to since mission accomplished. None of his answers are denials but correct answers in the framework of being fundamentally transformed.”

    • Now that’s good reporting. $4000 deductibles! Can you believe $40 co-pays for visiting the doctor? Well, that will cut down on visits, won’t it? Health care costs would go down even more if everybody just stopped going to see doctors altogether, which of course would be wonderful for the politicians in DC who don’t want to pay for senior citizens’ health care. Speaking from experience, we’ve skipped going to a doctor when we should go, simply because every damned time we walk into the office, they hit us with a $25 co-pay, even if it’s just to change a bandage, which they insist the doctor’s OFFICE has to do. Of course they do. That way, they get a co-pay which we’re paying even if we don’t even SEE the doctor, but just an assistant who may or may not have ANY medical training. Who knows?

      53-year-old Judy gets hit the worst, with a huge monthly premium increase of 42% (more than $300 a month increase) and with a new $4000 a year deductible. Will the “insurance” pay for ANY CARE Judy or her child gets?

      This is the DEMONCRAT WAR ON WOMEN!!! Poor Judy looks ready to cry. I’d be crying myself. This is a WAR ON OLDER WOMEN, so that Barry can subsidize the sexual activities of younger women.

      • pathway to bankruptcy, en masse.

        and about that smart meter,
        the letter says its to provide them your usage information to HELP YOU better understand your usage and help save you energy and money.

        • “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

          NOPE. Leave us the EFF alone, which is why we have the Constitution in the first place.

  12. We already have enough help from the Gubment. 😡

    • Ann Coulter’s friend’s sister died because there was a gap in her insurance (due to Obamacare) so she put off going to the doctor, as a result she developed septic shock and is now dead. RIP. Obama lies (again) and people die (as in Benghazi).

  13. What’s up with this Chris Christie thing?
    All of a sudden all the news stations are talking about him as if he is already the foregone conclusion for challenging and losing to Hillary,
    I mean, who wants an obot hugger in the first place and he really has a look of sleazy politician about him. I wouldn’t have given him a second look but even Fox, who have shifted noticeably left, have taken up his cause. I watched Megan trying to defend him on some ridiculously small point of legal language, kind of like the meaning of “is”.
    Megan is pretty smart – and she is certainly smart enough that even if she can prove her legal points, they will make no deifference to the mostly politically uneducated voters who will conclude they have just another scandal haunted politico before them. So if she is supporting Christie then it appears as if she is being told to do that.
    It’s as if bilderberg have called in their murdoch debt and said this clown is to be the designated loser in 2016.

    • Christie is the new McCain. Build him up then tear him down. Usually, the media waits until the person has the nomination, but the polls said he’d BEAT Hillary, so … Enuf said.

  14. You can’t make this stuff up! Barry wants us to believe that Nixon was more liberal than he and that Barry has NOT expanded the nanny state!

    The Obama rule: TRUTH is ALWAYS the opposite of what he says, in the Obamanation.

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