Beating a Dead Horse, Again.

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So, having exhumed the dead horse, I’m going to beat it some more.

Even though the obfuscators want us to be bogged down in contradictory details, I nevertheless have some comments on Nick Chase’s articles. (See here and here; some background on him here, and a list of all of his articles for American Thinker here.)

I won’t address all of his articles, but will take issue with a few. First of all, Chase believes that Obama’s short-form certification of live birth (SFCOLB) is “genuine” and that the information on it is “true“.

But there’s no embossed seal on the image posted on Daily Kos and other blogs. Why not? If the SFCOLB is authentic and certified and unaltered by anyone, then why would the Obama campaign not publicize the copy with the seal and certification and why wouldn’t that actual 3-D document be available for anyone to examine in person?

Why wasn’t the entire back side of that “document” published? Could it be because there can be no back side of a created digital image?

The back is where the registrar’s stamp would be, in order to certify the authenticity of the document. If this document exists and is correct and certified, then why hasn’t it ever been presented to a court of law, in any of the hundreds of Obama ineligibility law suits? That would be the quickest way to put the issue to rest and stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and the courts’ time.

Way back in 2008, the Obama campaign should have provided the public with the actual “genuine,” certified document; that would have prevented any need to get a waiver (allegedly) and to publish a long-form certificate of live birth (LFCOLB) in 2011. That’s provided that the SFCOLB is “genuine” and the information on it is “true.”

Chase doesn’t address the fact that the photo (p.3) that FactCheck representatives allegedly took of the “genuine” SFCOLB paper document has a shadow exactly across the image where the embossed seal should be. Why? Could it be because there was no embossed seal on that paper, whatever it is?

In another article, Chase discusses the “verification of birth” that AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett received from Hawaii State Registrar Alvin Onaka, which led to Obama’s name being placed on the presidential ballot in AZ for the 2012 election. Chase determined that the information common to both the long-form certificate of live birth (LFCOLB) and the SFCOLB matches and is accurate (true). Notwithstanding that belief, he nevertheless states that the LFCOLB was forged.

Chase seems to believe that there is a 1961 (contemporaneous) birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii, based upon Onaka’s statement that the information on the copy that Bennett sent him “matches the original record in our files.” However, Chase doesn’t specifically point out (at least in that article) that a birth certificate could have been first created for Obama in the 21st century, and that birth certificate would still be called the “original”, despite not having originated in 1961. In addition, an original “record” or original “vital record” (Onaka’s word) is NOT necessarily the same as an original birth certificate (or certification).

The HDOH could have created a late (or amended) birth certificate for Obama based upon his own 21th-century affidavit (or “evidence”), or based upon affidavits provided at any time by any other family member or alleged witness (such as his now-deceased grandmother). The scenario is possible under Hawaiian law.

Hawaiian law also provides for law enforcement (like the Secret Service?) to request creation of a “new” birth certificate for someone that they determine, for whatever reason, to be in need of protection.

Upon request of a law enforcement agency certifying that a new birth certificate showing different information would provide for the safety of the birth registrant; provided that the new birth certificate shall contain information requested by the law enforcement agency, shall be assigned a new number and filed accordingly, and shall not substitute for the birth registrant’s original birth certificate, which shall remain in place.

That law probably exists to protect someone placed in witness protection, who is given a new identity. But if this law was used to generate a new “original” birth certificate for Obama, it wouldn’t be the first time that Obama’s administration has stretched the spirit or letter of any law. A late birth certificate could have been created for Obama and then law enforcement could have requested a “new” version with the information on it that they determined would best protect Obama’s “safety.” (For more, see here.)

Note the other possibilities for creation of a new birth certificate: adoption (settled upon by Chase as the explanation for the forgery) or to establish paternity. In the case of paternity, the registrant himself can ask for a new birth certificate.

If the HDOH, in the 21th century, created a new “original” LFCOLB for Obama upon the request of some law enforcement agency, then the information would (duh!) match.

If the actual original record is “sealed”, then the subsequent “original” would necessarily appear to be pristine and truly original; but it’s a legal fiction. If the certificate given to Obama’s lawyer resulted from creation of a new record via adoption, law enforcement request, or establishment of paternity, then it should absolutely match the image published on the WH blog; but presumably it does not, because for some as yet unknown reason, the image was digitally forged, according to many analysts, including Chase. Therein lies the puzzlement. Are we to believe that the exception the HDOH made for Obama was to provide him with a copy of his SEALED birth certificate (if he has a sealed document)? Do HDOH officials have the legal authority to do that?

Chase indicates in one article that much of the microfilm portion of the LFCOLB appears digitally created (p.17). That suggests that a recently generated birth certificate is what was given to Obama’s personal attorney back in April 2011. Any new birth certificate wouldn’t look at all like a 1961 birth certificate.

Chase believes that the information concerning the delivering physician would perhaps not have been previously known by the supposed forger and so would need to be extracted from the “genuine long-form birth certificate that was to be kept from public view.” In other words, he believes such a contemporaneous document exists.

If the public was to be deceived into believing what the public had been told already (at least the latest version of what we’ve been told–Kapiolani hospital instead of Queen’s, e.g.), then a microfilm image with believable names and signatures for the doctor and the registrar, as well as for Obama’s mother, would have to be forged, if there was no birth certificate from 1961. Those are the very items on the digital LFCOLB that look most suspicious, according to those, including Chase, who have analyzed the image.

Chase discusses how difficult it would be to take signatures from the actual documents that were given by the HDOH to Obama’s lawyer in April 2011, because of the green security paper. However, there may have been no signatures for a doctor or mother because the document was created after the individuals were already dead.

In other words, what Obama’s lawyer received may have been something that looks more or less exactly like the SFCOLB, but with more data: A printout of information from a database onto security paper, which was then certified by the HDOH and which perhaps indicated on the document that it was based upon affidavits and is a “late” birth certificate.

As for the registrar’s signature, if Obama’s birth record is a 21st-century creation, then the signature couldn’t possibly match because the 21st-century registrar isn’t the same person who was registrar in 1961.

Chase believes the signatures were taken from the document that was given to Obama’s lawyer and moved to the forgery. The signatures might have been taken from other people’s documents and moved to the forgery because there is no contemporaneous 1961 birth certificate for Obama. If so, then to make us think otherwise, the signatures had to be cadged and put onto the digital image of a “microfilm copy”.

That said, Chase’s explanation for why the certification stamp had to be rotated 90 degrees before being placed on the digital LFCOLB is a brilliant and convincing insight (pp. 21-22): [emphasis added]

I suspect the forger put the Hawaii-issued birth certificate on the glass sideways to capture only the rubber-stamp images, while the microfilm-image part of the document was left hanging over the edge so it would never, ever, in any way, be entered into the computer as a digital file where it could later be
discovered (even if deleted) or wind up in a backup file.

Although the HDOH links to the LFCOLB digital image on the WH blog, they certainly do not verify that it’s an authentic copy of whatever was sent to Obama’s lawyers. Onaka’s “verification” merely states that certain information on records in Hawaii “match” some of the information on a copy of a digital image sent to Onaka’s office by AZ officials.

Chase also believes in the authenticity of the so-called contemporaneous newspaper birth announcement. Why? To date nobody has produced an actual newspaper, despite an offered reward, to prove that this unprovenanced, unverified image of an announcement is anything more than yet another digitally created image. The woman who allegedly first received the image from a library in Hawaii is now deceased, a sad event that happened just as Donald Trump was getting serious about researching Obama’s birth.

The announcement, having to necessarily follow form (unfortunately for Obama’s supporters), did not name the child or his mother. Given that Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (BHO Sr.) had at least two, if not three, wives in 1961, and given that he had many sons over his lifetime (at least 7 documented at that link), who can say definitively that the “son” born in Hawaii (if any) was the person who’s currently president?

Chase believes that the “public State of Hawaii” birth index proves that Obama was born in Hawaii. Apparently, he’s unaware of a person who viewed the hard copy index at the HDOH when Obama’s name was not there. Later on, however, his name mysteriously appeared on a computer-generated, 5-year listing from the database.

The Cold Case Posse has found that birth certificates were issued to 3-year-olds as if they were newborns and also that birth certificates were issued to children known to not have been born in Hawaii.

Generating a birth certificate automatically triggered an announcement and also, one assumes, an entry on the index list. That index is meaningless if 3-year-olds can be listed as newborns and if people born elsewhere can receive Hawaiian birth certificates. A blogger has found original names on the same index for children who were adopted (and given new names) and so were supposed to have sealed records. Therefore, the birth index is meaningless. Nobody certifies its authenticity or accuracy, at least not under threat of perjury.

Chase also believes in “eye witnesses” to Obama’s birth in Hawaii. I would challenge him to name one. Name one. There are none so far.

Dr. Sinclair, who allegedly delivered Obama, is deceased. Allegedly delivered because prior to the release of the LFCOLB image, another doctor (Dr. West) had been named by one of the now thoroughly debunked “eye witnesses” as the deliverer. This “fact”, however, was proved to be impossible when it was learned that Dr. West, also deceased, had given up practicing medicine 5 years before Obama’s birth. He took a desk job. So a new candidate was conscripted. Nevertheless, Chase wrote that “the name of the doctor who brought baby Barack into the world is not politically controversial.” We beg to differ. One of the supposed “eye witnesses” to the birth told us that Obama was delivered by Dr. West, but the LFCOLB says it was Dr. Sinclair. To date, no nurse or other hospital employee has come forward to say that s/he attended upon either the baby or his mother.

Chase believes that Obama’s birth in Hawaii is supported by his “father’s student-visa INS records.” He must have missed the page where, just a year after Stanley Ann gave birth, Obama’s alleged father documented having only one child–the Kenyan-born Roy Obama.

It should be noted that BHO Sr. should also have mentioned his daughter Auma, who was born in Kenya while her father was a student in Hawaii. Perhaps BHO Sr. was as yet unaware of that happy event, although he very well ought to have known about the birth of the son by his new American wife, right there in the city where he lived. At the time Barack Jr. was born, BHO Sr. was estranged from his Kenyan wife Kezia, because he learned that she was “stepping out” on him, which is why he pursued Barry’s mother in the first place, according to his friends.

In this article, Chase concludes that what journalist Savannah Guthrie saw was not the certified original document given to Obama’s lawyer (as she apparently believed) but a color laser printout on regular paper (not security paper) that somehow was embossed to her satisfaction, but not authentically. He further concludes that any forgery was done at the White House, not the HDOH.

Chase believes that Obama’s LFCOLB image was forged to hide an adoption that took place in Hawaii. In this article, he addresses that theory, and also mentions Obama’s mother’s 1968 passport renewal:

Her passport was amended to include or to exclude Soebarkah (aka Barack Hussein Obama II). The names were entered and then crossed off. Was that her way of indicating that she wanted Barry taken off of (excluded from) her passport? Chase seems to believe that she changed her mind in the course of the application, which is why she crossed the names out. But what exactly did she change her mind about?

She was either including him or excluding him. If she were including him, or leaving him on her passport, as Chase seems to believe, then she should have put his photo into the space at the bottom. There’s no up-to-date photo of the 7-year-old Barry there, so it appears that she might have intended to include him and then changed her mind and kept him off her passport. In which case, he must have had his own passport, perhaps Indonesian or Kenyan or both, because he most certainly traveled extensively during childhood.

There’s another possibility: She may have indeed excluded him from that passport application, but someone later on crossed out the information before the copies were made available to the public in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. There’s nothing to prove that his mother is the person who crossed out those names. If she crossed them out, then the change should have been initialed or else a new form should have been used, in order to avoid confusion.

Many have kicked around the idea that Obama was adopted, yet Chase limits himself to the notion that Obama was born in Hawaii, to Stanley Ann and Barack Hussein Obama Sr., and subsequently adopted by his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro. There are many other variations on the adoption theme. He might have been born elsewhere and adopted by both BHO Sr. and Stanley Ann. After all, his step-grandmother, who worked with Kenyan orphans for decades, once said that even the president of the USA “passed through” her hands. He might have been born elsewhere and adopted by both Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann. After all, she once told her high school girlfriends that she didn’t have to have biological children–she could adopt. And then there’s the information gleaned from Obama’s father’s INS file, wherein it was reported that his mother intended to give him up for adoption, after his birth. Did that happen, but subsequently the adoption was rescinded?

What’s the truth? Will anyone ever know?

Now you have the picture of this puzzle. And that’s all we have: PICTURES. Digital images. No paper document. No document that’s ever been submitted to any judge for authentication. The details are mind-numbing, and by design.

Infernal ironies and insoluble problems.


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  1. Okay. Here it is. I feel like a dead horse myself, after this one. My head is spinning. Too many details. Too many of them under the bridge and I’ve forgotten more than most ever knew. I could have been even more comprehensive, but really … what’s the use? Flogging a dead horse, fo shizzle. Hey. Aren’t you glad that I spared you a photo of a REAL dead horse? I did find one, but it was too gruesome. Poor creature. Anyway, we needed a new thread, so here ya go! If anybody sees any place where I got things wrong, please let me know. My head was spinning. Truly.

    • Great Job, Miri.

      Thanks for laying it all out. 🙂

      • YW. 🙂 I must confess that the sudden reappearance of an infamous obot (who never got out of moderation, of course) gave me my second wind. I love to poke them. It’s especially fun when I won’t allow them to rebut with their “cut and paste” non-sequitur arguments.

    • Lots of info there Miri thanks. 🙂

    • as good as any place to insert..THIS!..

      It didn’t take long for Twitter users to toss off a bunch of jokes about Jets tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. allegedly getting caught masturbating in his vehicle. … it’s on Drudge … &

      BUTT got me pondering over OUR FAMOUS…. Rock-with-the STARS

      # 1…. ” MASTER” ~ “BAIT” ~ “ER ” … in CHIEF with no feathers!!!!

      does it ever stop….? …Oh Rock ON…


    This story will make you sick. A taxpayer bailout of the insurance companies, buried in the fine print of Obamacare (which we knew) but it sounds even worse.

    “Obamacare contains a “Reinsurance Program that caps big claim costs for insurers (individual plans only).” He writes that “in 2014, 80% of individual costs between $45,000 and $250,000 are paid by the government [read: by taxpayers], for example.”

    In other words, insurance purchased through Obamacare’s government-run exchanges isn’t even full-fledged private insurance; rather, it’s a sort of private-public hybrid. Private insurance companies pay for costs below $45,000, then taxpayers generously pick up the tab—a tab that their president hasn’t ever bothered to tell them he has opened up on their behalf—for four-fifths of the next $200,000-plus worth of costs. In this way, and so many others, Obamacare takes a major step toward the government monopoly over American medicine (“single payer”) that liberals drool about in their sleep.”


  3. btw, Chase also doesn’t address the FACT that the embossed seal on the Guthrie version of the LFCOLB is the WRONG SIZE. An official embossed seal is, quite obviously of a standard size. In fact, the Hawaiian laws dictate it’s size, shape, content. Just another of those confusing and contradictory details.

  4. Bare-Faced Lie.. is NOT…a WHITE… LIE…. O who said THAT?

  5. “I will cut taxes – cut taxes – for 95 percent of all working families,
    because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is
    raise taxes on the middle class.”
    ― Barack Obama —

  6. Lie Trip Fall….. O …. Obama’s Apocryhal KENYA…. TRIP ~ Jack Cashill

    • Great article, Zenway.

      …A third possibility, and the most likely, is that Obama lied to Ferris about making a return trip to Kenya, possibly to show how serious he was about writing the book and getting his facts straight. Instead of going to Africa, Obama — or his writing partner — may have contented himself with going to the local library and pillaging the memoirs of longtime Kenya resident Kuki Gallmann. This is the thesis proposed by Shawn Glasco, a tireless researcher into all things Obama. Obama’s evasions about his Kenya research trip make Glasco’s theory all the more credible.

      Two of Gallman’s books intrigued Glasco: the 1991 memoir, I Dreamed of Africa, later made into a film with Kim Basinger, and the 1994 collection of stories, African Nights. Although the title of the 1991 memoir more closely resembled Obama’s, Glasco found a wealth of shared words and concepts in the 1994 book, African Nights. Gallman, for instance, tells the reader of a certain fellow. “He was a little man with a perennial grin” and a “readiness to obey or volunteer for any work.” His “sentences often became tangled in a painful stutter.” In Dreams, Obama meets a man just like this: “He was a short, gentle man with a bit of a stutter; he did odd jobs.”…

      Read more:
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • OMG. That’s priceless!

  7. “Nelson Mandela is a leader who Barack Obama should try to emulate.
    He could start by spending 27 years in prison.” — Don Imus

    • 🙂

      I hope we all live to see the trials. Maybe we’ll be retired and can watch CSpan all day. Like we did back in the day nursing our children during the Watergate hearings.

  8. butterdezillion presents some images of the Fuddy incident:

    fwiw. She believes she sees Fuddy in the water with Yamamoto.

  9. So much going on while I flog the dead beast:

    “Justice Antonin Scalia on Monday tore into President Barack Obama’s use of recess appointments to staff government agencies when the Senate is unofficially on recess.

    During oral arguments, Scalia shot back at an argument by U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli that the Constitution’s recess appointments clause is ambiguous enough to validate Obama’s temporary appointments.

    “It’s been assumed to be ambiguous by self-interested presidents,” Scalia said, to “oohs” and laughs in the court room.

    Scalia argued emphatically that the text of the Constitution does not permit presidents to appoint individuals to government agencies during pro forma sessions — when the Senate technically gavels in and out to fulfill a constitutional requirement, but does not conduct any business. He suggested the power ought to be restricted to official recesses. …”

  10. Verdict is in on Fuddy’s cause of death: accidental death due to cardiac arrhythmia brought on by stress. (And how is it possible to diagnose this in a heart that’s not beating?)

    Her brother says she had no known heart disease. I’m hazarding a guess that in any such similar incident, in today’s litigious society, the family would even now be looking into a wrongful death lawsuit. If not, then … ?

    • Another one Bites The Dust…..another one Down…another one bites the Dust…….Sad ,but nothing has changed has it? Ahh , another day another conspiracy to be mocked at. Well, I’m going to do a little somthin,sompem…

      • Yeah, I hear you. I have sewing to do, but no knitting. 🙂 Need to do something more constructive, like watching paint dry. But I probably won’t.

  11. Fuddy’s Income $.. Increase$$$.. Follow the MONEY$ doug hagman
    could THAT put a bit of stress on the OLD ticker? let me count the ways!

  12. Also, while at the airport, Killilea said he spoke with crash survivors including Deputy Health Director Keith Yamamoto; Rosa Key, a National Park Service administrator at Kalaupapa; and Key’s husband, Jake. The names of the pilot and other passengers have not been released.

    Killilea said Fuddy’s body was taken to the settlement’s care home where he held a prayer service for her. Her body was later taken to Molokai General Hospital.

    Killilea described the scene at the airport as “hectic but calm” as nurses and people from settlement attended to the eight

  13. So many questions. 😯

  14. There’s another school shooting. This one in New Mexico. Scenario like Sandy Hook but much fewer hurt. Is it just me or does this photo look familiar?


    McInerney addresses what Gates has written and (it’s said) confirms that the Muslim Brotherhood is inside our WH. (At the end of the audio; he really says nothing we don’t know already. He doesn’t really name new names, just repeats what’s already reported in the blogosphere (like Huma Weiner).)

  16. In Illinois, the St. Clair County sheriff, without a warrant and without a specific law, “fights to keep guns out of the wrong hands.” Like Barry, actually on his orders, this sheriff “can’t wait” so he goes ahead and confiscates guns “even without a law.” He’s “thinking outside the box” to prevent more Sandy Hooks, etc.

    A story from last summer about sheriffs who proudly and bravely resist the regime’s illegal gun confiscation plans:


    What a surprise! Investigation of ourselves showed nothing. MOVE ON!

    No charges in the IRS POLITICAL TARGETING scandal. Nope. Just a bunch of incompetent bumbling. Not so with Christie, though. TROW THE BOOK AT ‘IM!


    Allegation that Breitbart’s bloviating led to his own and two other deaths. The story mentions Garrow and Barry’s known bisexuality. What’s interesting is that the tabloids now are “reporting” that Barry and Mooch are on the verge of divorce on account of his flirting with the Danish blond and her finding out in Hawaii that the Secret Service covered up two of his affairs with WOMEN. Right. I believe it, don’t you? What’s more concerning to me is that this could all be a staged excuse to get his family out of DC and keep them out. Why? I don’t want to think about why. Keep in mind that my link goes to a PROGRESSIVE WEBSITE.


    Senate report (bipartisan) on Benghazi. Note this part:

    “The report also notes, chillingly, that the FBI’s investigation into the attacks has been hampered inside Libya, and that 15 people “supporting the investigation or otherwise helpful to the United States” have since been killed in Benghazi. The report says it is unclear whether those killings were related to the investigation.”

  20. Obama Principles & the BREAK-DOWN of the FAMILY…. & if ..

  21. I was saving this for RW, but it’s on Drudge now, so …

  22. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This is EXCELLENT, Miri. I would love to share this with those I know personally, but everyone has such a distinctive writing style that if I shared it (which I am tempted to do) I would no longer be anonymously RW or that other name I was forced to employ elsewhere in of my posts throughout the net . Not that the NSA doesn’t know. I don’t delude myself for one second that they haven’t compiled data on each and every one of us. us. Waves to Big Brother’s minions and tells them not so politely to eff off!

    • Roe, its me Ruth Gordon. We’ll meet someday, I know we will.
      But Beware, I am more of an Ethel Mertz than you could ever imagine.

      Patriots will arise. We’re American, And WTP know it.

      God Bless you and yours. xo

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Not once, but twice I was booted from this site in the midst of typing this reply. Yet again, NSA……eff off!

        Dear Mrs. Gordon, I know that you and Roman really aren’t in Dubrovnik, but have kept that DAMNED baby in that apartment all of these years. Now, he’s being, pardon the expression and God forbid, “resurrected” by the directors of Devil’s Due. Clearly, they are ripping off that pedophile, Roman (no, not your husband- the other one, pedophile Polanski. The one whose wife was murdered by satanists and whose baby was literally ripped from his murdered wife’s womb. Oh yes, and about which Obama’s good friend Bernadine Dohrn said

        I also know that someday we WILL meet, but unlike the Orwellin “under the spreading chestnut tree…” I REFUSE to see you and you’ll REFUSE to sell me. We are honorable and loyal Americans. We are honorable and loyal friends.

        Unfortunately, I can;t open the logisticsmonster link, but it’s late so I’ll try tomorrow. Off to sleep.

        BTW, I lave no problem playing Luuuuuucy to your Ethel!

        God bless you and yours as well, Pap. xoxox

        • Good morning all……need a pleasant wake up, I did. These kids are playing a classical guitar just like one I have…..darn I need some practice.
          Enjoy please.

          • For real, alfy! TY. While it is a little “creepy” as the poster said, considering their regimented lifestyle, there’s no doubting their skill. OMG. Amazing. What are they, like 3 years old?

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I agree, alfy and Miri. Just because we allowed our children to become fat, lazy and entitled doesn’t make other countries children’s achievements “creepy”

            • Only reason I find it somewhat creepy is thinking about what might go on behind the scenes, should the child embarrass Dear Leader. I remember how some of the athletes in other commie countries (like the Soviet Union) were browbeaten and terrorized to perform. Know what I mean? I wish those children a better future than they’re likely to have in NORTH Korea.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I hear you, Miri. Like abused circus animals.. Let’s just hope not!

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Fred! But hey…Fed works too!

        • I can see the two of you, on the candy assembly line, stuffing chocolates in your mouths and cracking us all up. 🙂

          • i’m not sure who you’re referring to but I do enjoy candy and a good laugh.

            • I’m talking about that classic Lucille Ball episode where Lucy and Ethel get jobs in a candy factory and can’t keep up with the assembly line, so they stuff the excess candy in their mouths.

          • I know….guess you were referring to Pap anf R Woodhouse though. Just saying I would love to be there too. My parents still watch those old shows and they are still forever funny.

          • in our minds eye… were ALL “Samantha”.. if you ask me .. picking
            out answers to connect … ~ …. (our dots : ‘s) what a team we B
            the Video “Her” it’s a kick & check out his pocket also… pass them
            chocolates…. please …

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Vita-meat-a-vegimin. It’s so tasty. Just like candy! ….just like all of the poop this regime is trying to stuff down our gullets!

            So gather round, Lucy, Ricky (who, hopefully was legal), Little Ricky (if not legal, then his anchor baby!) Ethel and Fed. Everybody gather round. 623 E. 68th Street. NYC, NY

      • Love that song. WE SEE YOU!

    • I know what you mean and a big huge raspberry and a big middle finger to our “friends” at the NSA, not to mention the obots, if they’re not one and the same.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Zen, has the been confirmed elsewhere? Isn;t Before It’s News Sorcha Faal’s site?

    • Didn’t they list them as staff on another jaunt? Seems I remember that. Can you imagine the outcry if GWB had done the same for his daughters? I didn’t look at the paperwork, but I expect that cousin went along, too. And the daughter(s?) of Mooch’s OB/GYN friend who goes everywhere with them. Are they listed, too, as STAFF? Are We the People paying these children SALARIES? Are we paying the dogs salaries, too? Wait! That was the 2011 trip, so we probably did know about that before. This must just be confirmation, being that they finally gave up the documents. I do remember seeing the food purchase stuff before.

      • Technically, they’re under “staff” but so are the cousins who are listed as “guests”, so I’m guessing that they just assume we know that Malia and Sasha are just allowed to go on the taxpayer’s dime to “represent” us. EOP is executive office of the POtuS.

        • Oh you guys watch this….you won’t believe how it is getting edited over and over as we speach…….Correction (still it doesn’t fly) made by Puentes…..check this one out.

          • Un ****ing believable!!!!!

          • It sure has some new stuff, doesn’t it? There had to be more than one cameraman. I don’t remember Puentes being so emotional when he talked before about not saying goodbye to loved ones. Is this a retake? Or does he just say the same thing every time he’s interviewed, like a script? I still don’t see any trace of Fuddy when they’re exiting the plane and she ought to be seen because she’s right up front. She looks to be the last out of the plane, unless that’s not even her in the doorway.

          • puentes now says when the plane crashed he got his go pro and it shows more frames with him and his go pro ,proving there were parts removed. now he says that the spash down camera of the plane go some of the footage. And yes that was “take two” of puentes more meaningful interview, also him looking more distresses and floundering a bit on his back. You do realize that in at least two shots of him he is wearing and earpiece in his right ear. It’s creamy colored. I saw it several places and sort of dismissed at first untill it became clearer something was n’t right about this thing.

            • Is that the GoPro at 55 secs.? Is he putting the camera together first, before grabbing his life vest? At 1:09, is that again the camera, swinging from his neck? Who was wearing the tan mesh baseball cap? (1:20) It just struck me to wonder why the husband and wife teams aren’t hanging on to each other. If this happened to you, do you think you’d hang onto your husband or wife? The narrator says they were all “adrift, floating in different directions.” Would you let your spouse float off in another direction?

              • Remember how one reporter explained that the GoPro was in a waterproof snorkel “mouth” (? that’s what it sounded like) and that explains why the sound was muffled and it wasn’t damaged underwater? Still, if Puentes was “getting” his GoPro, then who was filming him doing it? If we don’t hear clear audio on some versions of HIS video, because of the snorkel apparatus, then why later is there clearer audio?

          • has anyone bothered to look at about 53 to 55 seconds into the vid. it suddenly became eerily troubling when I realized that something was in that seat that was partially blocked out. in the last video miri posted if you watch the early part where they are sitting still flying…you can make out the top of a mans’s dark hair in the seat beside fuddy and glass (could be silver rim). he turns his head a couple times. it’s not obvious ,you have to just continue looking there. Like I said, there were several cameras,. The splash down camera of a plane…if there was one would not be taking photos of the guys in the back of a plane. lyer, lyer

            • alfy, sorry if I’m repeating in my comments what you said. I’m replying one by one, in the order you posted, so I haven’t read subsequent comments yet. In addition, my replies to your comments aren’t going in the right place, so anybody who wants to follow will just have to read the whole series again. I did watch at 53-55 secs. and I do see the camera or whatever that is. I see a guy, relatively tall looking guy, with dark hair, sitting next to Fuddy. Later, I see what looks like a guy with a whitish cap on (or lighter hair). He looks like he might be in the seat in front of the dark-haired guy next to Fuddy.

          • the reason it was so quiet, was (1) it was planned, (2)the passengers up front may not all have been there….(no ladies asking questions, no pilot giving any directions, no one asking is everyone OK) (3)only noises asscociated with the back of the plane….velcro or tape being torn…or the lifevest packages being opened,maybe. (4)no scrambling from the front of the plane.(5) Doesn’t Phillip say he tried to open the door but it woun’t open….he’s at the back of the plane he says…….but that’s the door they go out, not the door near the front near the pilot…Right?

            • I agree. Rosa even looks like she’s ready to jump into action. Fuddy does move a little bit, so she’s definitely still of this world at that point in time. Now maybe Rosa was anxious to get up and put on her life vest and get the hell out of there, but …

              I agree, you’d think the pilot, at least, would be talking, reassuring the passengers. If I were Rosa, I’d have been holding my husband’s hand across the aisle. How about you? Might be your last moment on earth and you’re clinging to the back of the seat instead of your hubby? (Assuming the spiderweb guy is her husband, but why wouldn’t they sit next to each other?)

              Which makes me wonder whether the guy next to Fuddy is Yamamoto? He doesn’t look tall enough to be that guy. So where was Yamamoto sitting?

              I can’t tell what door they go out. I remember reading somewhere that the pilot TRIED to open the main door, but couldn’t and then Jacob Key got another door open instead. So that’s at odds with the narration on the video (above) because she says that the pilot got the main door open and they all exited. Where would the steps be? I’d guess the main door, in front.

              I noticed right away the lack of scrambling at the front of the plane because, of course, that’s where Fuddy was. Again, isn’t it ladies first? Maybe we’re to assume the ladies were already out when Puentes exited, but it doesn’t look that way. In fact, it almost looks like Kawasaki was out before Fuddy and whoever is helping her, because he’s at the tail of the plane, away from the others who are clinging onto the wing and Fuddy was out last.

              Is that a man in shorts going out before Puentes? I can’t tell. They’re deliberately mixing up the sequence, probably, with their editing. Another thing: I don’t see anybody react to the alarm, not even the pilot. btw, does that pilot look consistent with Kawasaki? I’m just askin’.

              At 42 secs. Puentes is messing with the camera that previously was filming the passengers in front. WHO is filming him messing with the camera? The angle is to his side. Who was sitting next to him? You can stop the video and see his hand go in front of the lens and see the stick, too, so I think he took it off the stick. Then there’s a splice.

              Then we’re back in the cabin, watching Puentes take out his life vest but that’s where it looks as if a camera is there, being filmed by another camera (55 sec.).

              At 56 secs., there’s an image of his hand holding what looks like a camera. Does he have more than one camera? Is one strapped to his head? Or is it a private eye cam, like James O’Keefe uses? Narrator says he’s in “survival mode” but he’s playing with his camera equipment before getting his life vest out. Well, if the stuff is expensive, maybe he values it that much. I almost think the part about him fumbling for his life vest is designed to SHOW US that paper that says “Makana Kai” on it, so it looks credible.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Am going to have to enlarge this later. THANKS!

      • While I do think they’re rediculously frivolous and elite schmoozers, I’m still happy that she’s not giving speeches to our military, or telling us what to eat or how to live.One day she will be out and if it cost billions to keep her away from any political infuence, she can buy a thousand wigs and booby cinched dresses or wear her hair in corn rows and spit watermellon seeds with Oprah. She probably takes an OBGYn staff with her to prove the kids are really hers. I don’t care if she’s screwing her secret service enterage as long as she isn’t telling me what to do or infuencing congress. She’s a hateful ,spoiled B . Wonder how much a trip to Siberia would cost?

        • I wish it would be true that we can keep her away from political influence, but I fear that she’s prepping for a future in (the HORROR) politics. She said in an interview that when 2017 comes around and Barry is out of office, her kids will be in college and then anything goes for her, because she won’t have defined roles (paraphrasing) and can start to live for herself. She also said she wouldn’t rule out plastic surgery. Probably already hasn’t. HA! Ha! She’s hoping for a future in the limelight. Of course, if her star is remaining hitched to Barry’s, then she can become queen of the WORLD. Right?

      • If they are staff and are because they are reps of the USA, of us, then we should have access to them! Via interviews, pics, etcs., during the trip. Usually they just issue one pic of the girls but that is enough, technically, to make them representatives. So, I say then only the hour within which photo taken (although probably taken ahead of time in a pre-trip photo shoot) are they reps and can be as ”staff” rest of trip they can go back to being children of god-awful parents.

  23. Yes, I was tried to hold back… BUTT’ ~ the ENDING…made me do it~

    • Media blackout? Isn’t that racist? They don’t allow cameras inside elite hospitals where plastic surgery is done on the rich and infamous, so …

      OMG. That story explains why guests are to eat before the party–the Obamas must pay for their private party, so they’re TOO CHEAP to wine and dine the guests if the taxpayers won’t be paying! OMG. What cheapskate scofflaws. It would serve them right if they gave a party and nobody came. Let them dance alone.

  24. An obot had this comment in moderation:
    “Regardless of your opinion. Hawaii vouched for it. According to the Constitution, that is good enough for the other 49 states!”

    Although this comment isn’t hateful, this particular IP# is the address from which someone wished murder upon someone’s family. Tsk, tsk. Someone doesn’t believe in free speech or in everyone’s freedom to petition their government for the redress of grievances or to avail himself or herself of the justice system. Are we not ALL Americans? Well, perhaps not. In any case, no proof the person who wrote the hateful comment is the same person who wrote this comment to us, although his or her location is quite interesting, all things considered. While I’m not letting him or her out of moderation, I will address the comment thusly:

    1. “Hawaii” did NOT vouch for “it”, if by it you mean the LFCOLB digital image. IF “Hawaii” vouched for anything, it was the as-yet-unseen actual paper document that was given (if any) to Judith Corley.

    2. Funny you should cite the Constitution, with also says that a candidate should meet certain criteria, among them proving to be a natural born citizen and of a particular age, in order to “qualify” for the position of POTUS. Nevertheless, I assume you are talking about the clause, which appears to state (not yet ruled upon in certain instances, like gay marriages) that each state must extend “full faith and credit” to “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.” That would be well and good provided that there IS a “public record” from Hawaii that meets legal standards (e.g. birth certificates aren’t stored in the State Archives, which is where Abercommie said the document is to be found). In Obama’s case, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence which suggests otherwise and plenty of evidence which suggests that whatever record is on file in Hawaii is not legally valid (most likely a late or altered certificate that merits further examination by a court, e.g., to determine its probative value and authenticity. See here: and here: for more details.)

    3. Furthermore, since no state-CERTIFIED, LEGAL paper document has ever been produced for the public, the media, or any court to EXAMINE, then there’s nothing to which to give “full faith and credit.” Even the verification sent to AZ does not follow proper form; it does not verify a birth CERTIFICATE, but just a “record” of some kind. Notably, the “verification” neglected to verify specific details, such as the date of birth, which, of course, pertains to the Constitutional qualifications for the presidency.

    4. Didn’t you mean to write “the other 57 states?”

    • Even hawaii’s own state constitution has laws that stipulate what is considered a legitimate document is and one that is not an original , a copy cannot be used as evidence in a legal court case. i don’t remember what the statute is but it’s there in their own constitution on judicial court proceedings.

      • I believe you. All states have such LAWS, but Barry and his peeps care nothing for laws, unless they can bend them like Beckham. We’re not even talking about a COPY! We’re talking about digital images on BLOGS, for goodness sake. No court or government entity accepts digital images or printouts from digital images as proof of anything. We ALL know that fact.

    • Oh, and I came across this.. it’s written very well and while much has already been said on this matter this Gary Wech lawyer from Indianna puts this in the most proper perspective. Though only a little bit long, skim and at least read most of his post, because this is almost the ultimate reason why things are happening as they do and I think Gary is as close to right about the CIA as anyone. This is why the constant spin and we will likely never get to the bottom. We’re will be threatened or blocked at every turn.

        • Leza would be most interested in this, if she hasn’t seen it already.

          I didn’t know the connection between Rumsfeld and Ayers’s father. Interesting. His mention of Ayers ghostwriting Barry’s book reminds me to ask if Cashill is proposing in his newest article that Ayers plagiarized that Kenyan writer? (Cashill cites this: It appears that in that article he says Ayers was careful to cadge but not specifically plagiarize.) 🙂 So now Ayers and Dorhn were working “for us” as undercover CIA agents? The rationale sounds like the kind of dirty tricks the political elite have always pulled. One wonders why they haven’t already placed an Ayers inside the Tea Party to wreak havoc in their name.

          • This is too funny:

            “Karl Rove tells of running into “the best writer to occupy the White House since Lincoln” soon after the latter’s second book, Audacity of Hope, was published. “Hey, I understand you got me in your book,” said Rove. “I don’t think so,” Obama replied. Rove continued, “I think you got me in your book saying, ‘we’re a Christian nation.'” Said Obama, “Where’d I say that?” Rove showed him.

            I suspect if someone asked Obama what a shamba was or a shuka, the inquirer would get an equally dumb answer.”

            Game, set, match.

  25. Someone recommended to us the movie Lone Survivor. For some unknown reason, WordPress won’t find the comment for me, so I’ll put this here:

    If you want to know why we despise the PC left, that’s one reason. Glenn Beck has offered to fly this writer to Texas and put her up in style if she would only dare to read her critique to Marcus Luttrell in person.

  26. The latest round of revelations creates new pressure for both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to acknowledge and be held accountable for the full extent of their administration’s stunning failures and violations of the law in prosecuting the war against drugs.

    President Obama is scheduled to travel to Mexico on February 19, to participate in the North American Leaders Summit.

  27. I am disgusted. This area recently have had a couple of shootings; one a break in at an elderly couple’s home where jewelry and guns were stolen and the man sent to the hospital; the other an armed robbery by three men of a MC Sporting goods store where over ten people were tied up while the place was robbed. In both these cases no race was given in the descriptions. No. Mention. So, today was a shooting at a grocery store and it says,

    “Police shot and killed the gunman, a 22-year-old white male, who lived in the area.”
    WHY even state the race as there was no suspect to find? In the other two cases the suspects were at large and the public should have had adequate pictures (police drawings from witnesses and video) to protect themselves. Oh, and this will be “mass” shooting again…..which it was not. I am disgusted.

    • Just another case of a double standard and the reporters trying to “correct” the presumed racist assumptions of their readers and to protect minorities from stereotypes. If the perp is black, they don’t report it because then it’s irrelevant (to them). If the perp is white, then they MUST report it in order to counterbalance that “racist” notion that only blacks commit such crimes.

  28. Since we all have Leftovers.. if were still Lucky…this is Worth a try….

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