An Insoluble Problem?

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He can only have wanted it as a way of creating a mystery. Then I saw that this applied to all the other outrageous details. They were devilish enough; but it wasn’t mere devilry; there was a rag of excuse; because they had to make the mystery as contradictory and complicated as possible, to make sure that we should be a long time solving it — or rather seeing through it. …

They had to give us an Insoluble Problem.

G.K. Chesterton

One of our regulars, Zenway, tipped us to a new article concerning some of Barack Obama’s lies, but specifically the one “big lie” involving Obama’s supposed original birth certificate. With regard to the incuriosity of the mainstream media, Nick Chase asked,

Do you suppose we could get them to take another look at the big lie of April 27, 2011? The lie that is central to Barack Obama’s identity? The lie the dinosaurs not only glossed over, but for which they excommunicated from the human race anybody who dared to point out it was a lie?

I refer, of course, to the long-form “birth certificate” forgery for Barack Obama released by the White House to the world as a digital image on April 27, 2011.

I’d venture to guess that hell will freeze over before the mainstream media truly analyze Obama’s so-called birth documentation.

We’ve written numerous articles ourselves, trying to make sense of the complicated and contradictory details handed to us in the form of Obama’s several birth certificates.   (See here, here, here, here, and here.)

It remains to be seen whether or not the mystery surrounding Obama’s birth certificate is an “insoluble problem”.  Despite unending attempts by Obama’s supporters to obfuscate, which speaks volumes, the Cold Case Posse claims to have found “hard document evidence” that will shed light on (perhaps even solve?) this mystery.

By now, we’re only too familiar with the many “outrageous details” associated with this man known as Barack Hussein Obama II (aka Barry Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Soebarkah.  See here for more possibilities).

We also know how they try so hard to

make the mystery as contradictory and complicated as possible.

It’s their modus operandi

Who are “they”?  That’s part of the insoluble problem, too.

It’s hard to pin them down.  Obots, for starters.  That’s a given.  Obama’s campaign workers. His lawyers. His supporters in local, state, and federal government.  His supporters in the “global community”, specifically those who want a New World Order with one global government, preferably run by the global elite.

We see a plethora of contradictory, confusing, conflicting, complicating details surrounding nearly every big issue or event associated with Obama, his presidency, his administration.

Most recently, reports of the mysterious death of Loretta (aka Deliana) Fuddy, the woman who was responsible for vouching for Obama’s so-called original birth certificate, abound with confusion.

Our own O Timeline illustrates many of the conflicting details we found while trying to document Obama’s ever-morphing life story and his confusing “family”.

Controversy and contradictory details surround Obama’s passport(s)school transcripts, Social Security application and number, Selective Service registrationBritish National Archives records, Indonesian records, state senate records, tax returns, college transcripts (loans and scholarship information), and his (at least) three citizenships.

Two different hospitals were given as the location of his birth, even though the actual country of his birth remains undetermined. His mother’s name was originally reported as Shirley, not Stanley. His “autobiography” has been proved to be full of lies (aka contradictory details.  Deliberately contradictory details.)

As for events, there are discrepancies surrounding the alleged Sandy Hook massacre.  There are discrepancies surrounding the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. There are numerous discrepancies and many conflicting details surrounding the terror attack on our mission in Benghazi.

Nearly every non-existent scandal associated with the Obama administration is rife with the devilry of contradictory and complicated details.  Day by day, we’re deluged with details that do not make sense.  Distracting details.  Distractions.  Anything to distract us and keep us spinning our wheels.

The “Washington soap opera.”  That’s what Rush Limbaugh famously calls it when the media focus on Obama “plot lines” instead of reporting the news.  This tendency of the mainstream media, most of whom support Obama, plays right into the plan to keep us all spinning our wheels, trying in vain to solve the many insoluble problems that Obama and his minions delight in presenting to us on a daily basis.

The thing is:  WHY all the obfuscation?  Why all the conflicting, infuriating, distracting details?  There can only be, there must only be, one very simple explanation.  Ineligibility.

That, along with the main goal, which is to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, by any means necessary.


The photo at the top of this post is an illustration by Leonardo da Vinci, who was trying to solve (perhaps did solve) the Delian Problem as well as other constructions, thought by ancient mathematicians to be insoluble.  The Delian problem was named for the Greek island of Delos.

The aforementioned, late Loretta Fuddy’s nickname was Deliana, so we have a Deliana problem.  There’s some indication that the name Deliana is of Indonesian origin.  Ms. Fuddy herself was born in British Columbia (or Hawaii–take your pick) to parents of Portuguese and Austrian ancestry, and apparently grew up on Molokai.  Nevertheless, Ms. Fuddy was an adherent of Subud, an Indonesian mystic tradition, so it’s quite possible that her nickname had its roots in Indonesia, rather than the Greek isle of Delos.

Obama, remember, was raised in Indonesia, in or very near the royal compound, because his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, was related to the Sultan, who was related to the founder of Subud, whose work was centered in Yogyakarta–the royal compound.

Oddly enough, Obama once told some classmates in Hawaii that he himself is an Indonesian prince.  An insoluble problem?


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  1. Tomorrow, if I remember to, I’ll address where I disagree with Nick Chase. Tomorrow is another day. In the meantime, be careful out there!

  2. I love a great cryptic jigsaw puzzle. This is such a fine article, Miri. I look forward to hearing the aspects of your disagreement with NC. I, too, disagreed with a couple of things in his assessment.

    Yes, please do be careful out there!

    (They’re baaaaaaack ! “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.”)

    • Regarding Nick Chase, here’s one thing I noted right of the bat this:

      Figure OFS. Obama PDF forgery (with white border) and genuine short-form birth certificate, side by side, each measuring 8.5 by 11 inches.

      And, I said, “nah. wrong.”

    • TY, Papoose. Let me know if we disagree on the same points.

  3. Interesting,Miri. The whole Subud religion thing coming to light with Fuddy’s death had me contemplating, “why this info now?”. Are we supposed to rush to say, “Lookie, all Barry’s associations that matter, the ones he puts into positions are Subuddies! Maybe he is, too? Yes, we found the secret!” And this takes him away from being Mzzzlmm. . . . .Is this new news a clue to confuse or to verify; verify he is or is not something. Or is it just to add to the soup pot another piece of disconnected information? Is Fuddy really not a bfd after all; only became one because “they” made her one, in death? Thanks for the lead-in read to your comments and thoughts!

    • Or was he deliberately created with the mystery that he could be Mzzlmm and clues left like crumbs for us to pick; when he really is part of something more controlling and secretive, such as the Subuddies?

      • That might be. It sure would be “embarrassing” if he’s not black at all. Yet he could be what some call “black”, if he’s from one of those islands off Papua, New Guinea, which might also make some call him a “desi”.

        “Yum, yum. Eat ’em up.” Remember that classic Little Rascals/Our Gang episode with the Wild Man from Borneo? Not PC, but hilarious, nonetheless.

        • Here you see whom?

          • Looks like “Maya”… with her famous “BRO”…. rock-on~rock-on


          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            You know those photos where they digitally “age” missing people. BANG!^^

            • It’s very creepy. I had hit the link where that photo was found and for a moment thought I was looking at … Put your finger over the lower part of the face. See what I mean?

          • Is there any more information on this?
            Its too crazy. The one thing that strikes me is that unlike the younger, this head looks way to big for the body.
            I can’t help wondering – is this for real? Who is this guy? Uncanny!

            • That’s that Bapak fellow–the founder of Subud–who’s said to be related to the Sultan of Yogyakarta, so then would have to be also related to Lolo, if only by marriage somehow. Yes, his head does look too big for his body.

          • Hugo Martin Montgomery Campbell

            Interesting … born in 1950 – lived in Kenya until about 1961, changed his name in 1977


            • Thanks for finding that, Papoose. I forgot the link where I found that photo. I read this the other day but the photo didn’t hit me at the time. Only when I pulled it up again and my eyes saw that photo first, did it freak me out.

          • From Dirk’s Essay:

            Pak Subuh would almost certainly have come into contact with Sufi methods. And it is known that he did. As a young man he was enrolled into a Naqshbandi group under the tutelage of Kiai Abdurrachman. He did not remain with the group long, but it could be claimed that here was the source of transmission of baraka which led to Pak Subuh’s later spontaneous receiving. That would be an example of covert Sufi action operating in the context of overt Sufi activity. Covert work by definition, of course, includes all manner of things to which no external evidence attaches. However, there are several points in Pak Subuh’s life at which ‘mysterious strangers’ appear. The most significant of these is shortly after his birth. Interestingly, this is claimed to be a standard Sufi operational method occurring in both history and folk-lore [9]. A sage/fairy/mysterious stranger appears soon after the birth of a certain special individual and confers baraka on him or her by means of a certain intervention or gift. (One thinks immediately of the Sleeping Beauty and of Jesus!) In Pak Subuh’s case the mysterious stranger contrived to have the infant’s name changed from Sukarno, the name his parents had given him, to Muhammad Subuh. (‘Subuh’ is the Indonesian form of the Arabic subh meaning ‘dawn’.)

            Abdurrachman is recorded as having stated that he could not teach Pak Subuh anything, and that what he (Subuh) was to receive would be ‘directly from God’, and not from any teacher [8]. Abdurrachman apparently knew in advance what was going to happen (something that even Pak Subuh did not know) so it is unlikely that he would have transmitted the requisite baraka accidentally. If, on the other hand, he was using a conscious ploy in order deliberately to transmit baraka ‘under cover’ by lying to Pak Subuh about it, then the Sufis are directly responsible for the existence of Subud, which causes the difficulties I have mentioned above.

            This is a must read — infernal ironies

          • I found it interesting that Dirk doesn’t refer to “Bapak” which is a title, means Father.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I really think you found IT! Uncanny is right.

            p.s. Miri- that WP “thing” with your name and gravatar is happening. Again. I can delete your name, but not your gravatar.

            • How odd. Papoose’s WP problem showed up again, too. I can’t figure out why my gravatar ends up on your post. I can see it there. It makes no sense to me. I thought maybe it happened if instead of logging on when I first come here I log on when I comment without logging on first. (If that makes sense to you. It does to me because I know what I’m talking about.) Anyway, I don’t think I did that yesterday, so that eliminates that possibility. My gravatar shows up when I enter my email address. Since your email address differs from mine, then how the heck can my gravatar show up associated with your email address? I’m perfuzzled.

          • OMG. TY, Gordo. I forgot how funny it is! Takes me back to happier times. CERTAINLY not politically correct; still, who wouldn’t laugh at that?!! 20 minutes well spent. 🙂 Poor Stymie got the black ball. No doubt a racist plot.

    • That might work except that Subud, apparently, isn’t mutually exclusive with other religions (or quasi-religions). Subud allows people to remain whatever they were and just add on Subud. Most of them are muslim already or become muslim. The Subud connection might be why her death is a bfd with the progressives, but that’s odd because as a religion it’s on a par with a small cult–only 10,000 adherents WORLD WIDE? You have more people at a high school soccer match.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Well, whatever it is, DAMN if he “don’t” resemble that photo. Eerie, no pun intended.

      • Even more earie is I think a whole bunch of people think it to be the truth because now pics are popping up of pics with direct camera shots of his left ear…..are we to see something here or wonder why the right ear is not getting photo time?

  4. be sure and watched jasper on the next video too even more detailed.

  5. And isn’t Michelle “staying on” on Maui with her female co-hort, which now includes Oprah, the hostess for these broads? It would be awesome to be a fly on the wall or a tap on the phone there. Can’t wait to see what M. looks like when she returns to DC. I saw some tabloid speculating that she’s getting some “work done” to meet her 50th birthday face-to-face.

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Year 5 and they are sticking to it. Those who believe otherwise are ostracized. On the fringe. Sit down, shut up and take it for…….three more years. God help us all. Unless, as we suspect, some crisis/crises will “require” he rescind 22, declare martial law and get Bill to play Taps. Oh wait….that was the sax. And honestly, he may as well for all anyone has DONE anything meaningful about it. Frustrating as hell. Wimps. Rubes. Formerly known as Americans.

    Signed, Disgusted/

  7. Problem solved with this excellant presentation. Hopefully, you’ll all find the time. Produced and narrated by Ralph Epperson. Very informative in removing the mysterious aspect of lil’ barry’s world and conceptions. A, “Must See” !!!! Enjoy !!!!

    • Wow. That’s a long video. I’ll listen as long as I can.

    • thanks James, Ralph Epperson summed it up beautifully didn’t he. I did enjoy it while I did a couple hours of sewing today. Got a lot done while getting a little better educated. like he said, too bad Obama didn’t seem to include the communist party member Johnson (already forgot his first name), who found that communism was far from what he thought in the beginning and left the despicable trappings of it. Thanks again James!

      • I believe Subbud was possibly part of Fuddy’s beliefs but I am not too caught up in whether she was or not. For what it’s worth it just let me know that she was part of that “collective” of morally self righteous people that seem to migrate to these sort of outcroppings of religious beliefs that people like Maurice and Hanne Marstrand and her sister are drawn too and use as tools to further a global agenda. Her being of one of these types of groups (a very Nature environmentally spritualized group) just let me know she was definately possibly part of a group that would help conspire to do something shady if it would help their causes.
        I noticed just as much how subliminally there was a catholic inspired collusion as well. Wondeer how many times Fuddy goes to visit Father Damien’s grave when she visits the island. THen of course the Father referend dude had to get in on the story makeing this whole scenerio have overtones of a spiritual event. Course then the funeral with the open casket and how she loved to sing in the choir. Oh how lovely and spiritual a person ms. Fuddy was and then of course how she just drifted away…..No information yet on what caused her death , but lots of touchy feely carp has been spewed.

        • TESTING….. this is a quiz…. wtpotus … (justblackmarbleshere!)
          1.~ “Deliana”… in a “Life – Jacket”.. “alive” & … floating alive!
          2. ~ “SHE let go” … was she floating alone? was she picked up alone?
          (Butt’ if she did “die” …maybe …”HE”..”let go”… she was dead? right?
          if the answer was yes…. then DID anyone .. SEE THE … (fuddy’s)
          “expired body” getting lifted out of the water? into a lifter or a boat?
          did they find her’s alone? after all the wavers & kickers??
          have we read any more ? … my open casket answer will follow…

          • justblackmarbleshere! You’re too funny, Zenway. Where would we be without you? 🙂

            Obviously, seems like SHE can’t let go if she’s already dead. Oy. I didn’t look at all the links. Did they show her in the open casket? The Big Chill?

          • Ever kissed a person in a casket? or touched their face or hand ?
            since I worked in a morgue… they feel just like ones below… did you
            ever see the movie Face/Off? J Travolta & N Cage? interesting flick.
            Even if Deliana had an open casket… in a videos I posted weeks
            ago it could have been pre-made & waiting… for her next move?
            I’d guess zero people … touched her … that’s my story… so far!
            It makes… perfect sense to pull this ONE off… PERIOD. .. OR?….


        • Good insights, alfy.

  8. Is it necessary to point out the media hypocrisy evident in their “feeding frenzy” accusing Christie of bully, hardball, political revenge against that DemoncRAT mayor in NJ? “Oh, it’s not believable that he didn’t know what his staff was doing, but even if he didn’t, that’s evidence that he’s not fit to be president because it’s a leadership issue.” The talking points are already developed to head off those who point out the similarity between Christie’s lack of knowledge and Barry’s–that being that federal government is so much BIGGER, so Barry can’t be expected … yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Let’s take the same issue (political revenge against opponents, using the trappings of government and hurting innocent people) and look at the media’s reaction to BARRY claiming that he didn’t know about the IRS targeting and everything else he doesn’t know about. And then let’s look at his orders (or his staff’s orders) to make the SHUTDOWN as difficult for people (especially elderly vets) as possible in order to hurt the Republicans. What was the media reaction?

    Do they call him an unfit president because he’s so clueless about what his staff and his employees do? NOPE!

    Do they disbelieve him when he says he didn’t know? NOPE!

    Have they all butt-kissed Christie, like they do McLame, up to and until he challenges one of THEIR people? YEP!

    It’s amusing to watch, but then again, it’s not. I don’t care what happens to that progressive Christie’s prospects. I do, however, HATE the hypocritical blind bias of the lamestream media.

    Birds of a feather flock together. Thus we see Barry and Christie arm in arm. Thugs, bullies, politics of revenge. What a surprise! Chicago and New Jersey. Need I say more?

  9. Interesting stuff there Thanks!! 🙂

  10. Starfelt was Unitarian Universalist. Ya think she might have been a Subuddite, too?

  11. btw, I’m working on my rebuttal to Nick Chase’s articles. Will take longer than I thought.

    • … Dystel persuaded Obama to put a book proposal together, and she submitted it. Poseidon, a small imprint of Simon & Schuster, signed on and authorized a roughly $125,000 advance in November 1990 for Obama’s proposed book on race and voting rights.

      In the spring of 1992, on top of his existing obligations, Obama was offered the opportunity to head up Project Vote. If Obama accepted the offer, he would have still another excuse for not being able to meet his June 15, 1992, manuscript deadline despite the generous 18 months he had been allotted.

      He took the job and missed the deadline. Simon & Schuster extended it. In the summer of 1992, he and Michelle visited Kenya and married in October of that year.

      After the couple’s West Coast honeymoon, Obama decamped to Bali for a month to finish the book without interruption. Nothing happened.

      Simon & Schuster lost patience. In the summer of 1993, the publishing house canceled the contract. According to Osnos, the publisher asked that Obama return at least some of the advance.
      Celebrity biographer Christopher Andersen reports that Obama had spent $75,000 of the advance and could not pay it back. […]

      Continued @ WND.

    • I read about that in the Sunday paper. Can you believe this? After Trayvon Martin, too. They don’t get it or just ignore it, because they’re racist! Because the school down there treated Martin JUST AS Holder wants schools to treat all such “discipline problems”, with kid gloves, now Martin is dead. HAD HE been disciplined correctly, then he wouldn’t have been walking around to get into any fight with Zimmerman. They cover up that he was a burglar and a drug dealer (allegedly, but with a lot of evidence uncovered by Conservative Treehouse researchers). He should have been put into the criminal system but wasn’t BECAUSE, no doubt, the schools knew that Holder and Obama were looking over their shoulders, trying to make a case that they’re “racist”. The story I read said the numbers don’t lie. Then they spouted a bunch of numbers that show that more blacks are disciplined than whites. Of course, they don’t examine whether it’s because more blacks than whites are discipline problems. DUH.

      • btw, and not to mention, the FEDERAL government has NO AUTHORITY to interfere in ANY SCHOOLS. Schools are a local function. Of course, that’s WHY they pretend to find racism because that gives them an opening to interfere, under the guise of enforcing civil rights laws. A-holes. The writer correctly points out that most of the administrators and teachers in these schools are themselves black. So they’re racist, too?

  12. September 2013 Cavuto Rants

    Wow, I missed this one!

    • Well don’t miss this one. you may not agree with all this guys details or points, but I believe alot of it. Makes lots of good sense. hear it out, you’ll get lots of food for thought.

    • “That does not mean we are the ones that stink.” I love that!

  13. You MUST read this. Looks like there was a US Marshall on the plane! It sounds like they are trying to spread their propaganda for why she drowned and the others did not. I’m not buying it! The link to KHON-2 has the best video.

    • Oh, how freaking fishy is that? No pun intended, but maybe a Freudian association. Who’s swimming with the fishes and who’s not? They couldn’t call for assistance but somebody could VIDEO all of it? OMG. With Sandy Hook, we get nothing. With this, LIVE VIDEO. Right.

      • btw, if there’s any investigation that’s worth its salt (again, no pun intended–salt water), then shouldn’t these videos have been known about and released earlier? Like when the investigation was going on? Wouldn’t the cops on the scene have taken any video cameras or phones as evidence? Wouldn’t they have ASKED if anybody took video? Didn’t the NTSB already issue their report BEFORE this guy decided to suddenly “share” and “for the first time” his pictures? Do they emphasize that everybody was “quiet” (both videos) in order to head off logical questions about why 9 people say NOTHING on this tape? He turned on his CAMERA, so it’s not a phone. If he was picked up with a camera, then SURELY it would have been taken into police custody. Right? Did he turn it on only “moments after” the engine “quit” so we don’t ask why we hear nothing like an engine sputtering (and so this is useless to determine the CAUSE of the “crash”)? He’s an “avid waterman” but he doesn’t know Girl Scout-level survival methods? That being that you take off your HEAVY wet clothing, including your boots, and go into drown proofing mode? I learned this from the Red Cross at age 9. Sounds like something put out there to give us an “explanation” for how or why Fuddy might have died. This big strong young guy could barely keep afloat, so … And he makes it a point to say that he might have died himself. Why was HIS NAME never before mentioned? Can we identify anybody else in the water? Anybody see Fuddy and her co-worker together, holding hands? He manages to get everybody else but them on tape? Does a GoPro camera have audio? Oh, I see. Made for EXTREME ACTION video-ing. So waterproof. So nobody can ask how his video survived the dunking. What another coinkidink. Yep. It has audio.

        • My son’s friends all use go-pros to surf with. THe only problem with these photos is Fuentes is not the one using the thing. You can strap a go pro to your wrist , tie it to anything , mount it on your head, mount it on a rig on your surf board , or just hold it in your hand, or on your wrist. BUTTTTT!, where ever it goes , it goes with you from the angle it is on yur person, yet he couldn’t have taken the photos of himself without extending the go pro out away from him. The angles don’t work …someone is taking some of these shots above the water or from a aboat. Remember he’s only level in the water so his hand would have to be out way above to get these shots. WHo took his goPro and took photos of him. who was using the go pro where those womeon’s feet were stepping into the water? This is a joke.
          My son’s friends make videos all the time with these things and then splice together using video apps from their computor. They are very clear and can even do panoramic if you set it to. AND they do record SOUND!

          • Ha, ha! Duh. I didn’t even think of that. So who’s the photographer? Posing for a portrait! Isn’t that what you would do if you’re going under for perhaps the last time and have to be given another flotation device so you don’t drown? The guy was more “emotional” when he was being interviewed than he appeared to be when his candid shots were being snapped. If he was taking selfies, then he’d probably sink as he held his arm out to snap a shot. These are just more confusing and conflicting details to make the problem even more insoluble. Keep everyone spinning their wheels. Can you ask your son his opinion of this video? Would love the perspective of someone who uses that camera. It’s only a matter of time, imho, before someone tells us that the window visible in the photo isn’t like the ones on that plane. There’s no sound because they wanted to use the video without the sound, maybe because it was shot by someone else at some other time for some other reason. Maybe it was filmed from a aqua plane. Is that what you call them? Somebody at the link said these were just more crisis actors. We’re supposed to believe that a plane is going down and nobody on it is screaming, praying, or at least talking. What? The pilot couldn’t even say something, anything, soothing or instructive to his passengers?

      • was this fuddy’s last …photo? check the mountains…color..
        & check her new afro perm… & color of clothing… before the dip

        • Excuuuuse me, I never saw that wide of a person in that plane, or squeeze thru the door or floating anywhere. ANd I figured ya’ll would find the report that said that deputy administrator guy that held her hand had on baggies(that’s swim trunks). I think those photos are part of something else,but not a real crash….why no noise. Weird how a guy with a go-pro can take a photo of himself without being attached to it anywhere. I’m talking about the one especially where you can see both his hands.

        • Fuddy…. wearing on HER… Last Photo of “THAT DAY” .. (above)
          Right Hand.. 2 gold cuff-puffed Slide on “Bracelets”.. in the plane we
          don’t see her SHOW her Right Hand..Zero.. movements from HER ?
          also…. her “Ears HAD… LONG… Dangling… Earrings” ..

          Her “Name Tag” ? on HER NECK.. does it un-clamp? & did she clamp
          it on a Right Pocket area in flight? did she in FACT HAVE POCKETS?
          or put it on the SWEATER? .. WHY NOT in HER… Purse? (Lipstick?)

          WAS it taken to “MAKE us THINK it WAS FUDDY” sitting in that seat?

          The video shows it on her … HIP.. “AREA”… BUTT’ …since being
          so fat, it ..”Couldn’t be on her NECK & Hanging at the HIP AREA” ??

          Swimming in HAWAII! First REMOVE your “SWEATER” & “SHOE” ?
          ..what else?…. oh & the bloody head… dip it in the cold water ??

          • Right you are. I saw no woman in the water wearing full-length dark pants, dark shoes, AND a pinkish/purple shirt. The floral jacket appears to be on her in the plane, but I see nobody wearing either that jacket or a purpley t-shirt in the water. Her hair seems curlier in that photo than I remember it looking in the plane. If the video of her in the plane was made on the way to the island, she might have not put on her jewelry or her name tag yet. If it was taken another day, then maybe her hair had been straightened either deliberately or accidentally (being perhaps “bed head”). If she had a perm and didn’t set her hair after washing, it may have gone frizzy/curly. If the video was taken on the way back, she might have taken the jewelry and name tag off already but surely would have the jewels in a purse, as you say. Sure, they’re probably supposed to leave all personal items aboard and just get the eff out, so wouldn’t have her purse in the water. That said, then WHY was Puentes allowed to keep his camera, on that big stick, too? Hey. Is the man in the photo with her not that priest? I read somewhere that he was at the airport, seeing the plane off.

          • I didn’t answer your question: Yes, I think they took the video to make us think she was on the plane. She maybe was, at least on the way there. She may or may not have been on the way out. Either swimming with the fishes or on Cloud Nine. Puentes, so far as I know, hasn’t mentioned Fuddy once, but I probably didn’t see all his interviews.

          • errors I made above was the “name tag” on Fuddy’s hip was the
            safety belt ?..hers looked flat as the gal behind in the striped t-shirt
            was closer & much rounder…& gray…
            The long earring was the sunglass chain holder! But in another shot
            it shows her white socks & black slip on shoes… easy to kick off…
            but still be wearing her white socks? .. …

            • I’ll have to take another look, Zen. I thought that I did see her name tag on her hip, after you mentioned it before. Yeah, maybe she did kick off the shoes. That’s possible, but seems to me that the women I saw kicking underwater had on shoes–like white tennis shoes. Have to go back and look again.

              Here’s one for you. Sometimes it pays to go back and read again: What you wrote: “”Loretta Jean “Deliana” ANTONE FUDDY…..” (Antone, as we have learned, was her mother’s (real mother) maiden name.) NEXT UP: “Results from the autopsy on Fuddy have not been completed, but her cause of death will be made public when the report is finished, Maui County spokesman Rod Antone said.”

              So we add another Fuddy family member (potentially, research pending) to the mix. Stepmother worked for the HDOH and brother-in-law and sister work with the cops and Molokai government. Now the Maui County spokesman just happens to have the same surname as Fuddy’s mother? I believe his first name is Roderic and he’s 41, if it’s the same guy. Monsanto! Kathy? Here he is: And he has a connection to Washington state, too! Yakima.

              What a coinkidink, if they’re not kin. Huh? He works for the Mayor.

              • Another:

                “Rev. Patrick Killilea said he had met Fuddy when she came in on the morning plane.
                “I took her by the beach,” says Miller, who says two whales were spouting and spinner dolphins were putting on a show for the group. …”

                Would those be the same whales Josh and Jamie saw, along with the same spinner dolphins, all from the air? Puentes had a close encounter with one of those whales, too, as he tells it. No sharks or jellyfish though. Narrative, narrative, narrative. All the little details to make it sound so true. Isn’t that what you did when you were a kid and spun a tall tale? The more details you could add, the more likely Mom would buy it.

                Remember, too, how nearly immediately the feds said the plane couldn’t be recovered? Look where it is. Obviously close to shore. Remember, too, when the first photos from the air showed NO plane and not even any passengers in the water?

                • Here’s your funeral video again:

                  They say her “faith” was “rooted in the Catholic Church.” I’m sorry, but no Catholic, especially one of her age, would belong to Subud and somehow still be in good standing in the Catholic Church. Such beliefs and practices are akin to paganism, in Catholic teaching. It’s like Kerry, the Kennedys, Pelosi, McCaskill claiming to be devout Catholics and yet supporting abortion. One wonders if the pastor knows about her connection to Subud.

                  • About Flipper:

                    “Some of the survivors of Wednesday’s fatal plane crash from Kalaupapa to Honolulu are speaking out about the frightening experience.

                    Flip Holstein says he doesn’t want to sound cavalier but he says fear never came into the picture for him. There was no time. He was focused on survival.

                    “I know we were going in the drink. We were way too far out to think about gliding back so I gave the seatbelt one more synch and hung on for the ride,” said Flip Holstein, Action Fire Sprinklers Corp. President, who was working in Kalaupapa and was returning to Oahu.

                    Hollstein is used to falling from the sky. He has skydived 12,000 times in his life. But he’s not used to going down in a plane crash. …”

                    They stayed with the plane until it sunk, he says. Whoops. Does it look that way in Ferd’s video?

              • I can’t tell, Zenway. It does look like a seatbelt, now that you mention it. I do see Fuddy’s white socks and black shoes. The woman in front of her ought to make it a practice to always wear 3/4 sleeves. I’m just sayin’. The guy in front of where Puentes is supposed to be–he has on a gray t-shirt. Did you note that spiderweb tat on his left arm? Have we seen that anywhere in the water?

          • Amazing all the family ties ya’ll have found. Are you sure we aren’t talking about CHICAGO? I swear, I always heard that the local Hawaii scene was a real locally tight bunch. When my son and some others were going there for a big pro contest, they said , it was too expensive and with the politics of the locals , it’s be impossible to win …it wasn’t worth the hassle. We have friends there now and they live low key out of politics because it’s very clickish. I bet being very close and secretive is second nature for them. THis is probably hardly anything extraoidinary to these folks.

      • Unless I am not seeing the right thing, I don”t see a video. I see still shots. Now, my question inre the “video” news report. In the midst of the pics is the guy on a gurney, did his camera capture that shot also?

    • I missed where this was a US Marshall.

      • The hat on the guy’s head. If it was so rough, how does one keep a cap on?

        • Ha. Good point. He kept his boots on, too. Would you have? For over 80 minutes?

          • I would think…? he had on lace up boots…? but in Hawaii why
            would they be needed 2 B so sturdy? …flip flops??
            holding the raft … he could have loosen one at a time …since
            he had an hour +? did he not want to part with them? or swim
            ashore their was indeed coral.. I ponder that also…double knots?

            • ANYBODY who swims, boats, flies over water on a regular basis knows rudimentary lifeguard skills and life-saving techniques. I dare say that the pilots all must be TRAINED in correct procedures. In JUNIOR lifeguard training, the Red Cross teaches children to REMOVE shoes and boots and how to remove heavy clothing and even how to make a flotation device OUT OF your blue jeans. It’s BS. Look at the photos. I can’t recognize ANYBODY in the photos, except perhaps the pilot, who may be the guy hanging on the wing over those two other people, one of whom is a woman but not Fuddy. I don’t see Fuddy and Yamamoto (is that the name?) floating together, holding hands. In one photo with Puentes, somebody’s taking his picture while he hangs onto something (out of view) while there’s a plane in the background. Would that be the plane that allegedly half-sank almost immediately and completely sank in 25 minutes, or is it some other plane? Fuddy, it would seem, ought to be visible. Need I say that being as heavy as she was and floating in SALT water, she ought to have been more buoyant than a muscular young guy like Puentes. It’s all about center of gravity and buoyancy. Fat people (I’m sorry) float much more easily, so they’re not going to convince me that she wore herself out. Women’s shoes aren’t as heavy as men’s, and Fuddy could probably easily kick off whatever she had on her feet. Coral be damned. I’d ditch the shoes and take my chances with coral and urchins and jellyfish before I’d drown!

        • Watch this video. They identify Puentes as the guy in the long-sleeved yellow shirt. Look at the other video! They guy in the US Marshall’s cap is wearing a blue shirt. They are not the same person or at least the same video. This is just a bunch of BS! Where is FUDDY?

        • exactly… and why isn’t Deliana’s hair wet?


      …. Fuddy…. if it works?.. & why does … the Mountains of Lush Green Hawaii look Brown in Dec.? I ponder that! Is it the video’s limitations?

  14. January 10, 2014


    “Virginia Thugs Beat White Couple During Knock Out Style Attack – Police Refuse to Identify The Attackers As Black, and Refuse to Use Pictures of Them In Investigation… *Update* Thugs Turn Themselves In – Police Apologize”

    “Update details at bottom – Facing increased scrutiny the Charlottesville Virginia Police apologize for not investigating and dragging their feet for over three weeks.

    Why the reversal?….

    ….Because facing increasing pressure from social media discoveries, the two thugs, Richard Bernard Spears and Malcom James Stevenson, walk into a police station and turn themselves in. The police didn’t really have a choice after that happened.

    Original Post – This does not surprise me at all based on the location, Charlottesville Virginia. It was Virginia where the police refused to release the 911 call tapes from the Virginia-Pilot Reporters being beaten by dozens of thugs while they shouted “Justice for Trayvon”.

    Virginia law enforcement are simply PC paralyzed and unable to discuss the race of criminals in their jurisdiction..”

  15. New post at my blog:

    Employment-Population Ratio and Averages, January 1995 - December 2013

    Anyone who thinks that the last 4 years of Obamsa’s 5 years in the White House have been a “recovery” needs to consider this:

    Reagan vs. Obama, E-P ratio

    • More excellent work, RP. I heard some commenter on radio this morning talking about how “we” created 78,000 jobs last month, or maybe it was 76,000. Unimportant. He said, though, to put that against the reports that last week there were 300,000 NEW unemployment applications. So 4 times 300,000 versus 78,000 new jobs? Anybody can see we’re in a HOLE and falling fast.

  16. To cheer you up friends. 🙂

  17. For whom it may concern, I’m still working on my comments about Chase’s articles. I’ll make it my next post. Have a great weekend, everybody. It’s Friday; was there a document dump?

    • Hiya Miri. Don”t worry about me. The mere fact that he compares the bogus LF with the “genuine” short form is enough for me. 😉

      • Yeah. I know what you mean. It’s just my usual attempt at being “comprehensive” that’s holding me up. That and reorganizing my bookshelves. Spring cleaning, early. And then I got sidetracked watching those bogus videos of the live plane “crash”. Welcome to the beautiful tropical isle of Starfelt:


    The little jerk got arrested for hitting that “old lady” in the face with his fist full of snow.

  19. Somebody tell the NY Times:

    “The Obama State Department finally admitted the Benghazi killers were al-Qaeda linked terrorists today — which undermines their claims for the past year that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to an offensive video.

    The State Department also admitted something that was first reported just 8 days after the attack – The terrorists were reportedly led by Sufyan Ben Qumu, a former Gitmo detainee.”


  20. Jodie from Code Pink, a big Obama supporter, works with Al Qaeda!

    “Obama bundler Jodie Evans and Code Pink, the leftist group she co-leads, have been found to be working with a group whose leaders have recently been declared terrorists and al Qaeda supporters by the Treasury Department.

    This is not the first time the Democratic Party allied group has been caught in bed with terrorists. As this writer has reported over the years, Code Pink works with terrorists, state sponsors of terrorists, the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama against the United States in the war on terror.

    This most recent Code Pink tie to terrorists involves al Karama, a so-called human rights group. A report published this week by the Washington Free Beacon about Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) scheduling a meeting with a representative from the al Karama in November about the Obama administration’s use of armed drones to kill suspected terrorists prompted an examination by this writer of Code Pink’s alliance with al Karama. …”

    Every time I hear the name “Jodie”, I think of that red-eyed, demon PIG in The Amityville Horror.

  21. is this another …. photo/shot of Fuddy in the water ? looking for
    photo of Keith Yahamoto to compare his hair / sideburns…etc. +

  22. LET’S PLAY FISH…..

  23. January 10, 2014

    “Carl Gallups: Sheriff Joe’s ‘Universe Shattering’ Obama ID Fraud Evidence Set For March Release”

    Woner about this as a precursor for the engine loud bang theory/excuse. THis was just barely two months prior to Molokai crash. it was a cessna too.

  25. lil’ debbi,says, “you can opt-out”. It’s Official, This could be a very big monkey-wrench for those who have had to sign on to a policy they didn’t want and cannot now afford. Uh-oh !!!!

    • So ,he lied and then he’s played everyone for fools too,by not letting this be known, oR what….when was this statute passed?

    • 42 USC § 18115 reads:

      No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act(or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.

      Any of the above listed, OFFERING GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE SHALL NOT……..The individual part would be for individuals offering ……. That is how it is written and that is how it was intended but now they lie and say it says no individual mandate. Or Debbie never read the bill and now reads it and thinks it says no individual mandate and it all was a scare tactic of those evil Republicans. Damn. These people are good at reformatting and rebranding their enemies.

      Before It’s News is wrong. In my opinion.

      • I think so, too, WAH. That was my first impression–that they misread a poorly worded sentence. No entity (individual, company, business, notprofit entity, or health insurance issuer) offering group or individual health insurance coverage … yadda, yadda, yadda. But I didn’t and don’t have time to analyze it this evening.

  26. Rosemary Woodhouse
  27. Dr Vuoto…. Questions…. Fuddy’s …. Plane Crash … O…
    See the her hair & sweater ?…sitting in her seat ?….STILL ALIVE .
    Could she drank or was given something that slows the heart
    rate…so the pulse seems …missing? Pondering still!… & U?

  28. Fuddy’s open casket…one person is seen touching the casket’s
    top cloth looks like she has on her… crash sweater ?…. can’t B…
    I did not see hundreds? did U ..? …
    if you REALLY…. dead … LJDFuddy… I say RIP 2 U ..(what a rip!??)

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