Happy New Year; Happy 2014!!!!!

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We here at WTPOTUS wish you and yours a healthy and happy 2014. 

Here’s hoping that the new year bring us the change that our Republic needs to survive.

God bless you all,

and God bless the United States of America.


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  1. Happy New Year, everybody! Thanks for all your support over the past year. May next year bring us good news.

  2. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-walgreens-obamacare-20131230,0,753215.story

    Walgreens is going to give a free month-worth of prescription medicine to anybody who enrolled in Obamacare. Isn’t that special? They’re “working with the White House.” Can we expect the Democrats to call all this “help” from private companies “in kind donations” to the DemoncRAT party or at least to Hillary? Wonder what they’re getting in return? We the People have a right to know, since it’s likely something WE’RE PAYING FOR!

  3. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/12/30/NYT-Defensively-Declares-No-Conspiracy-to-Endorse-Hillary-Clinton

    The EDITOR of the NY Times uses a Barry excuse to cover for the cover story they invented for Hillary about Benghazi! He claims he knew nothing about the story UNTIL HE READ IT IN THE PAPER. Let me wrap my mind around this one. If he’s THE editor, then isn’t it a given that he reads and edits the stories published in it? Are we to believe that, like Barry, he’s kept out of the loop, especially on incendiary and controversial topics? Pshaw! Wait! Excuse me. He’s editor of the editorial page. So what the heck does he do? Read and edit editorials? Still, he’s not given even a heads up on a story this hot? Right.

  4. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/12/30/Adam-Lanza-s-Computer-Files-Mass-Shootings-Pedophiles-Rights-Man-Boy-Love-Story

    This opens a whole new can of worms, imho. Adam Lanza had a particular interest in pedophilia and a “love story” about a 10-year-old and a 30-year-old? No wonder the cops say that we may never know the motivation. Well, we won’t until and unless somebody does some real investigating. If a victim is deceased, is a perp off the hook? What does this sound like to you? Seems to me that I read another story the other day that said that Adam was relatively normal, personality wise, until about age 11, when he went suddenly downhill.

    • I was reading just the other day that Isaac Newton most very likely has asbergers’ syndrome(sp). Wow, what an unusually beautiful mind he must have had. Now today, i guess Lanza’s mentally cripling psychosis just weren’t enough. Now they’ve got to add on more crap to the bull sh**. Guess the letter from his dad about SHOOTING just wasn’t enough to convince the public we had an emotionally unstable LITTLE twirp. I’m not buying all the inuendo. I’m startin to feel sorry for Adam. And I thought he destroyed his computor. I can’ remember all the junk told now. I’m over it really. The story is so full of holes, nore holes than Adam’s rounds of amo.

      • OMG, you’re so right, alfy. I didn’t even realize that they’re talking about computer files. They DID tell us that he destroyed his computer hard drive and it couldn’t be recovered. Now they’re saying they got files and bookmarks from both a laptop AND a desktop computer? If he even ever existed, I feel sorry for him, too. The progressives who comment at Breitbart aren’t happy with this story angle, though, because they think it is a smear against homosexuals. If he was molested, and it fits the profile, I do feel sorry for him. Like I said, if he even existed. There’s a comment there where someone links to a site that demonstrates that the scary photo of the emaciated Lanza is a photoshopped creation. It’s possible. Likely, even. The story IS so full of holes that it’s ridiculous. We’ll never learn the truth of this.

        • yeah , it’s so easy to exploit the human psychy , especially a dead one. This is and has been such a poor exhibit of the workings of Connecticut ,from the governor, law enforcement and every whacko analyist out there. They hide what they wish , and exploit what’s left of their shinanigans. I love all the people who contributed to the stories….you know all the friends and people with no names, anonomous officers, ect., and the conversations Lanza had (the isolated Lanza)with friends(I thought he had no friends) . It’s becoming hokey.
          Lame Cherry now has to get in on the analysing. What the heck is worth analysing, when most of it is probably made up. It’s garbage really , sensationalism.

      • http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Investigators-recover-Lanza-computer-data-4285235.php Convenient.

        “Investigators have succeeded in recovering some data from one of the damaged hard drives in a computer used by Adam Lanza and have subpoenaed computers of people they believe were in contact with the Sandy Hook mass murderer, a law enforcement source said Friday.

        Another smashed hard drive is still being reconstructed by technicians with the U.S. Department of Defense, the source said. …”


  5. DEMS…”Don’t IMPEACH” .. (the usurper) ..O’.. E-mail .. BACK-FIRES!


  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Typical molestation. Could have been a teacher. We’ll never know.

    Happy birthday to the WTPOTUS crew. I appreciate knowing all of you, albeit virtually. Since we have to be optimistic, here’s to 2014. I still believe in miracles, don’t you? Of course YMMV.

    • I was going to ask y’all about that bodies being piled up, too. Did we EVER hear that story before? That kids were piled on each other IN THE BATHROOM?

      • From day one of the big shooting event….the first and foremost observation for me caused me to be leary of the outcome of this so called tragedy. I have close relatives as I’ve mentioned before , that train swat, head up swat divisions, ect. . They, when called to a school about shooting do not ascend on the building the way this has been portrayed. Not once have we seen (first thing I noticed) a single agent of any kind,even though there was Every Sort of agent of protection on the scene, NOt one single one of em on the roof of the building. That’s the first place trained divisions go. Mind you , this never happened and if one person says they were there, then it is only after this fact of observation. In case you are not aware, there ar numerous instances where law inforceent have been called in to interven shooters at schools and other various places. I know because I kow the people who were there. It just doesn’t go down like this. We don’t hear about these episodes,because no one was injured and the perpertraitors wwere stopped and there was no national media hoopla. You just didn’t hear about em. No one on the roof that first day when helicopters are flying over to report the incident, told me all I needed to know. The rest was for me to inquire what the he** was really going on.

        • Good points, alfy. I agree with you about what happened and didn’t happen. It’s awful to believe this way, but there it is. Logic and common sense say there are too, too many oddities and too much being deliberately covered up and hidden. The clincher for me may have been that recent post at FOTM where they showed photos of that choir full of children, many of whom were dead ringers (no pun intended) for the victims.

          • yeah, there’s just a little question mark I wear like a pendant over my heart. Certainly , I would feel great empathy for what might have taken place, if only there weren’t so much clouded doubt. It’s that simple really. i have to guard against anything I don’t trust, it’s only natural, and this , I think is the very reason why the story just keeps on, because i think they’re aware that they didn’t convince us or get enough sympathy. THey’re outcomes weren’t what they anticipated.

            • I totally agree. You put it very well. It’s like how they can’t let go of ridiculing “birthers” and trying to convince us about his background. The more they try, the more suspicious it looks.

          • AND….i think they’re just digging themselves deeper and……they’re also trying to “milk it” too!

            • For sure trying to milk it. Barry’s coming back from vacation to do another push for gun control. Count on it. State of the Union speech coming up, after all. The media alway helps set up his next campaign.

          • I really can’t say I see likenesses in the pics. All are, to me, sort of maybe could be but not really that kid…

            • They look like what we noticed from the beginning. That the photos put out there appear to be either earlier pics of the same child or morphed pics of two siblings or photoshopped pics of the same child. There are a few pics that Dr. Eowyn pointed out, in particular, that give me pause.

  7. Despite files…Conn. school Shooter ?? Remains …. ENIGMA …?
    ( also from Lame Cherry’s above…) …
    (if he were mine??? yikes! …what to do???) no guns no way! Period!


    • That mentions how he changed at age 11. Then there’s this:
      “At 6 feet tall, Adam weighed just 112 pounds.”

      What I said yesterday. That tall and only 112 pounds, those pants they showed us would have fallen off him. The shirt would have been far too large, too. Yet the children called him a “man” while the cops thought he was one of the victims, he was so small.

    PHIL ROBERTSON….. what a Diamond in the RUFF….


    • I really liked how the author describes the snooty-moral superiority bunch.
      Jeffrey Lord, that author said this also about our “dear Leader” :
      In May 2012, Jeffrey Lord wrote an article in The American Spectator which compared President Barack Obama with Mao Zedong because of the similarities between Barack Obama’s slogan “Forward” and Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward.[7] In the same article, he also compared Obama with the Hitler Youth due to their song “Vorwärts! Vorwärts!” (Forward, Forward).

  9. Happy New Year WTPOTUS. Look forward to reading more great articles and comments in 2014.

  10. December 31, 2013


    “70-year-old Grandfather Beaten Senseless For Asking Black Motorist To Slow Down..”

    “Bradenton, Florida – A 70-year-old man pushing his wife in a wheelchair with his granddaughter by his side says he was beaten for trying to slow a car down in his neighborhood.

    […] All James Gorman wanted was for a car speeding down the road to slow down. That car ended up stopping, and what happened next would end up putting James Gorman in the hospital.

    That’s when the car stopped and two men got out who proceeded to beat Gorman unconscious.

    “He grabbed my hands … proceeded to beat the daylight out me,” he said. “He knocked me out.”

    One of the attackers tried to gouge his left eye.

    […] Gorman says the men responsible are two black males in their 20s.”


  11. “Happy New Year” – 2014 !!!!! Greetings from the Tea Party, to begin on a more positive note, the New Year !!!!http://www.teaparty.org/happy-new-year-tea-party-32608

    • I was contemplating a long narative on the things I’ve observed and learned this past year. i’ts been enlightening, to say the least, and some of my learning has come from visiting this thought provoking blog, then zipping about the web (an almost debilitating disease) and exploring my hunches. It’s been fun, except now I must reach back to the core of my being and re-evaluate my own perspectives and beliefs, do a little soul adjustment for the year 2014. I hope I will remember the year, as that’s the only major task I have as my resolution that will take effort really. The rest of my resolutions are just like last year and the year before as well. And that is to understand this world better,trust in God to show me what I am here for, and to be nicer to my husband more often. There is always room for improvement. Thank God I am still alive so I can keep on trying. Happy new Year to all and bless you all . I hope this year we won’t quit exploring for the TRUTH.

      • God bless you and your family, alfy. You’re so much more introspective than I. Well, I did resolve to TRY to write/bloviate a little less, to choose my words more carefully, and to focus more on what’s important. Being nicer to my husband is something I should work on, too. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  12. Happy New Year WTPOUS 2014!

    Here’s an archive from the Congressional Record dated January 10, 1963.

    How many of the 41 Goals have been achieved in the 50 years since?

    • Happy New Year, Papoose. That reads like Barry’s to-do, resolution list for 2014. 😦

      • I left out the T in WTPOTUS… maybe ‘The’ is gone in my mind.

        a ‘happy’, per se, new year is impossible. lets not kid ourselves.

        Rise in 2014

        Authentic and Valid American Photo Voter ID Required is all we have left.
        Rise to the Occasion. Just demand it. Your Voice. Your Say.
        Immigration Reform is Voter Reform. Don’t be Coup’d.

        The DOJ is not the Authority on Voting Rights. You Are.

        Wathch Out For This:


        • I didn’t even notice, Papous. 🙂

          Yep. Watch that one (sponsored by Keith Ellison, the muslim) and watch that Real ID thing, too. They’re trying to IMPOSE it nationally and then you may not be able to fly if the TSA says you can’t. Missouri is one state that forbids its government to enforce the Real ID Act. That’s what that hullabaloo over their concealed carry program was about–when the state offices were illegally scanning people’s birth certificates and other documents and sending them to the feds. Remember? I wonder how many other states will stand upon their rights? Elections are run by the STATES, not the feds. The STATES make up their policies for elections (as we unfortunately have learned, given the Secretaries of State who allowed Barry on the ballot, without proof of eligibility). Again, these progs are like the Terminator. They never stop and they never give up.

  13. Happy New Year everyone and guess what?? 🙂


  14. Daughter to have baby anytime in next couple if weeks. Yeah. First grandson. And then the hospital just informed Daughter that there is a quarantine at the hospital until mid-February because of the flu. Thus anyone visiting maternity must show proof of flu shot or no visitation. Sucks. I probably would have been there for the birth as was for his sister. Sucks. Daughter has all shots as mandated for job in hospital. How stupid is that since if I had shot today and baby born next week would I even be really immunized or would I be sick with the flu but with that paper could get in? Don’t think daughter will understand DH and I not greeting the shot. . . Letting teenagers at home greeting shot up. Ugh!!!!! So upset.

    • Sorry about typos. Only can see a couple of words at a time.

      • im not about to get a flu shot , and besides Hoot, you’ll see the little hootlet for a lifetime. But I thought too, that masks are still worn to prevent spreading anything to patients, and where I’m from little hootlets are nicely cared for behind a glass wall, and if there’s a flu ep.there all they’d have to do is quarantine the babies there. it’s a scam indeed.

    • Congratulations on the impending birth of a new member of the Hootie family. 😉 Sorry to hear about the quarantine. I remember when they wouldn’t allow most people into maternity wards, but especially kids. It was hard every time my mom had a baby, because we older siblings went “motherless” for 4 days or so, and that was if all went well.

      • What gets under my skin is the flu shot requirement. Use heart strings to get more people to volunteer. If it was about infection control we would not still have staff and mrsa and hepatitis still being a problem for people in hospitals. I really resent being blackmailed into getting the poison needle.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          As time passes I become considerably more crass, so firgive me, in advance. Fighting fire with fire, if you will.

          They can eff off!

  15. http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/7-steps-thatll-land-obama-in-jail/#R9G11g8aebZ5QRDk.99

    Good article by Lord Monckton. I like this part of his advice to Republicans:

    Step 1: Stop being panty-waists. A senior member of the House, whose opinions I have learned to respect, once told me that the real reason why no congressman has yet moved to set up a congressional inquiry into the self-evidently bogus “birth certificate” that festers to this day on the White House website is that they are terrified that the left will work night and day to trash the reputation of anyone who dares to question Mr. Obama’s legitimacy.

    I understand my friend’s fear. It is real, for the threat is real. The “Democrats” have learned from the unlamented KGB, whose primary weapon of desinformatsiya, or disinformation, was a million agents whose job was to ruin the reputation of every key opponent of worldwide Communism by making up vicious rumors and peddling them via a plethora of front organizations.

    The left have done their best to trash my reputation because I have dared to question the climate scare with which they had hoped to bully the West into shutting itself down without a shot being fired. Just look at my CreepyMedia page. I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of artful lies told over and over again by a host of paid trolls and useful idiots.

    But there is a way around the threat. Work together with enough others to make it harder for the attackers to spread their poison. The Congressmen who have seen through Mr Obama should band together in strength and bring forward a resolution that an inquiry into the “birth certificate” be established at once. I should like the honor of being the first witness. …”

    That’s it in a nutshell: STOP BEING PANTY-WAISTS!

  16. 151 yrs. ago, Republicans abolished slavery !!!! Now all they need to do is abolish the slave trader. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/01/151-years-ago-today-republicans-freed-the-slaves

  17. http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20131219/NEWS03/131219214/1006/NEWS
    Can you believe it…….for a guy who all the early articles say ,he wanted to keep a low profile, has written another brain twister…..THis dude is a poor writer and notice it seems so important to set the record straight about his mom and all he want’s to do is HUG Obama. He says while O. was in Kenya to discover his Black roots…he was in Kenya to discover his white roots. UHm someone needs to help this guy, I thing his white roots would be in America,he’s lost. he’s also grown quite affectionate for all things Chinese, looks lilke to me he’s ditched his Dad, his white American culture(as he claims he’s an american citizen, for the Chinese life. He’s still boohooing about his childhood and domestic violence. WHat a ajok the guy is, as he tells us Obama ‘s book was to develop a persona……But his isn’t? He’s so creepy. He’s all about himself. Obama so far has avoided him like the plague, wonder what the real reasons are? Is it that he doesn’t want us to know just what he ad Mark are up to or the fact that maybe he knows his mom really really well. Why is it so important for Mark to get the facts on his mother straight….Obama spent very little words about Ruth in his own book…..is it perhaps to change some details about his mom so people can’t figure out who she really is. TOO LATE MARK.

    • I don’t know about you, but I didn’t need to have a book written for me to develop a persona. That kind of happened all on its own. Sickening how these people use euphemisms to make Barry’s fakery sound less ominous. They do avoid each other and the “mother” like a plague, which in itself is telling, imho. Barry just loves on Malik and Auma and especially Kezia, with whom he allegedly has NO blood relationship. So why not equally love Mark and Ruth, or at least be civil to them? Barry seems to avoid talking about things that are IMPORTANT–like “Reverend” Wright, Bill Ayers, etc. They’re not in his book, either, but they played a BIG role in his life. Maybe somewhere in his book Mark will explain why his mother’s maiden name used to be Nidesand until it suddenly became Baker.

    • I think he’s trying to find his Jewish white roots. Oh, there’s a potential reason why a man might not want to explore some of his roots, especially if, perhaps, he’s muslim, too. Anyway, here’s another story about Mark: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/02/obamas-half-brother-reveals-what-the-president-did-the-first-time-they-met-in-kenya-and-talked-about-western-culture/ And when exactly was this photo taken?

      ““A few months ago I asked him to contact his relatives in Kenya. I told him that even one phone call would propel them to the sky with such happiness, but he didn’t like what I asked, and that moment broke off the connection with me,” Ndesandjo said.”

      Isn’t that a strange way to put it? Mark asked Barry to contact HIS relatives in Kenya. Wouldn’t those relatives also be Mark’s and wouldn’t it be more likely one would say “our relatives” in that context? Keep in mind, however, that the original interview was published in Hebrew. http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART2/536/011.html?hp=1&cat=666&loc=7 Time for translations!

      The translator does say that Barry hung up on Mark when he asked him to talk to the Kenyans and it translates as “his” relatives. Mark said this [snippiness?] is a side of his personality that people don’t see. WE see it, though, don’t we?

      • It’s interesting that in The Blaze story, they call Ruth NIDESAND, even though the interview they derive their info from called her Ruth BAKER.

      • ON Mark: Asked what he has in common genetically with Barack, Ndesandjo said, “I think that the common link between us comes not from [our] shared father, rather more from our mothers. Both of us had strong mothers, women who took great risks to raise their children and to protect them. Barack and I love our mothers to no end, because they defended us and protected us.”
        So , the statement is telling you guys. Think long and hard on that entire statement. First how would Ndesandjo know what risks obama’s mother took and for what, and why would Ndesandjo need to say his mother DEFENDED and Protected him. Well, one could say, of course, from domestic violence……but what if that’s not what he really means at all. And what could possibly make the two mothers so alike(seeing as how Ndesandjo doesn’t know O.’s nother. And what with the siamese twins concept? What great risks did their mothers take that he would be talking about. I think Ruth may have raised someone elses kid, perhaps protecting him and herself from something, but not from Oama Sr. He also says here he left for US when his parents divorced. Again he tells a different story on that topic . It was first said he left for US when seven. ANother story say he was raised in international schoos. Another interview says he went to the same Kenyan high school as Koinange (a catholic high school, but no records show him ever being there. Then the last story befor this one says he was raised in Kenya till he went to college in the states. Right, lets see did I cover all the inconsistant lies on his schooling he has equivicated on.
        My guess is Ndesandjo is creating himself via internet , books, media, and even Jewish and foreign media. A real dyed in the woo Kenyanl American, jewish, CHinese cultural World Citizen. I think he’s dangerous

        • Why is it important for Obama’s book to say this dude had an afro? Again why is it important for the only statement of trivia to be important again why Ndesandjo (now we hear theyve seen each other in 2007 in Texas, someone better tell Obama about that) to mention his afro? Possibly to insinuate that this dude could even grow an afro to make him appear to be a BLACK dude. Maybe this is why Ndesandjo keeps his head shaved. He’s not jewish, no way!!!!!! This is trickery for a reason!!!!

          • As usual, good observations. I had the same thought about the Afros. So prior to 2007, they both had Afros, presumably while in Kenya. Except Barry didn’t, did he? Not in the photos we’ve been shown of his multiple visits to Kenya, iirc. And Mark? He was trying to find his WHITE side. Barry thought he was too white. If so, then why would he have had an Afro? If this was when both were on the Mainland, USA, then an Afro would have even more “AFRO” symbolism so if Mark were trying to get away from his “black” side, why would he wear an Afro?

          • i was saying why would he go to africa to find his white roots when the only white one there would be Ruth…I would think his white roots would be in USA…and other reports say he was living in kenya back then, when he had come back to find his white roots. But he’s supposedly in college at Stanford. I think Ruth didn’t arrive in kenya till sometime from 1983-1987 or 88. There is no mention of a Ruth with Simeon before then and even in 1984 there is a Victoria Ndesandjo living with Simeon and no Ruth. I also think Simeon dies somewhere between 2006-2009. We see Ruth and Simeon in 2006 getting a copy of papers on Simeon’s property because they CLAIM they were lost….this may have been to get the papers in her name or to get her name on the papers, who knows. And in 1987 or 88 Little Baby Joey, I think would be too big to be a bouncy knee baby…..by proof of his birth date of 1979, he would have been 8 or 9 years of age.
            In China there have been at least two ambassadors appointed to the embassies there in Gangzhou. Obama spent $250 million on a new consulate there starting i 2009. He appointed that republican that ran for office against him in the first election….because he had previously been an ambassador to that area in Taiwain, but mainly because he knew Mandurin and good business acumen in that area. Then that ambassador quit, and he appointed again someone who had chinese children and speaks Mandurin Dennes Locke…………….What if before he leaves office he appoints someone else who speaks mandarin and is married to a chinese women…..and has good business acumen and already is really chummy with Harley Seyedin of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China. Mark of the Quandhong province is in the jurisdiction of the new $ 250 million dollar consulate that I think was close to finished this year.Yeah O. pretends to not know Mark too well, but from Marks position and comments , you wouldn’t think so. What’s with the HUG that Mark can’t wait to give O.?????

        • I think you caught more inconsistencies than I remember, but then your memory is far better than mine. That “Siamese twins” thing raised my eyebrows, too, if only because of David OPIYO, the elder of twins. Good catch on the mothers protecting and defending the two of them. Exactly. From what? Why? Mark claims to have been abused. Has Barry ever claimed the same? He had, from all appearances, an idyllic childhood. Is somebody implying something about Lolo? I can guess that IF they’re the sons of BHO Sr., then they might have needed protecting, all things considered — like that was no car “accident”. Like his “brother” the stories morph and they can’t even keep their own timelines and stories straight.

        • Yo, Mark. Okay. Okay. Now settle down a sec and get a grip.

          Barack Obama Sr,. is not barky’s father. If you’re related, its through someone else. Okay? I see a slight resemblance. Nothing earth-shattering. You are both very, very long in the face. Psssst. You have bona fides and he doesn’t. That’s the problem. Now, carry on.

      • can’t translate, but you can tell it’s another staged interview. Notice the book positioned on the side table ,”CULTURES”. THen of course as i scroll down past the jewish rabbi and other jewish personalities, there’s the other global citizen , the Rothschild great grandson (name escapes me, but I recognize him). Good lord , I hope those two don’t get together, but it could very well be likely, they have lots in common.

      • Great Observations, alfy and Miri.

        Check out this Kenyan video. A little confusing with the dates 2006 vs 2007… The video claims 12/4/07 with Family and then there was that fact-finding visit in 2006 when he was a Senator.

        Check out the picture of the woman at 50 seconds. I never saw that pic before.


        • yeah, and in that video, obama rolls his eyes and says he came to kenya in 1987. So we’ll soon see when Mark shares his illustrious corrections what year that was which so far for the past several years now has been 1988. they had to change it because they claimed David died in 1987, or something like that. Anyway if these two can’t get their stories straight after three of four books, can we PLEASE then toss their books to the fiction bin or just reissue them as fantasy coloring books or get Disney to do a version of adventure fables on the life and times of the obama Charlatans. Maybe they can star in the production if they can keep their lines straight.

        • Oh, that would be Ann, wouldn’t it? Nice smooth hair. No kinks at all. Are those moles on her face? Never saw that one before, either.

        • If only we could understand what those men say after the narrator says “one of their sons” (from that “simple family”) could become president. Oh, what a joke. He tells Nairobi students that “ethnic-based politics has got to stop,” because the idea is to “funnel” as much of the “pie” as possible to “one’s own family or one’s own tribe or one’s own circle of friends.” Is this not what he and Holder are doing in the USA? As usual, he preaches to others to do as I say, not as I DO. He claims the problem is that people rely on “patronage” and “paybacks” instead of their own initiative. This would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating. He actually lectures Kenyans about corruption and how it “erodes the state from the inside out, sickening the justice system until there’s no justice to be found.” What a freaking hypocrite! So in 1987 he visited that town where the “microfinancing” bank was located? Auma was with him, too. If only somebody kept the blood from that HIV test. That would be all she wrote! At 7:38, who is that other little girl with Barry, Mooch, Malia, and Sasha? She looks like Malia. Oh, poor Barry had a nightmare on the train to Kisumu. That’s a shame. We’re living a nightmare right now. Well, that was nauseating.

          • I got a lot out of that video, too. and yes, nauseating.

            “they think they own this government and we’re here to take it back”

            “Bara Kusane” is the how the natives say it.

          • Funny, that. If this existed, then, why do they constantly use the one of Olive Oyl?

            • Good question. She looks relatively lovely in that photo, don’t you think? It almost looks as if it’s the photo upon which others have been built, if you get my drift. The hair, though. That’s a puzzle. So different from what we’re used to seeing. That reminds me of a studio portrait, like nearly everybody has of their own mother, taken when she was leaving high school, except we’ve seen “Ann’s” high school photo, with her kinky hat hair. That actually looks like a real photo of someone–not photoshopped, no messed-with hair. Sepia-toned, too, which seems to me would date it further back than a photo of “Ann” (even at that age) ought to be. Who is she?

              Check this out, to have your mind blown. Page 21: http://www.subudvoice.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SubudVoiceEnglishAug2011.pdf

              • If you were Javanese and muslim, you might call this their version of Unitarian Universalism. The not-so-odd other odd fact is that the big kahuna/swami was centered in … wait for it … Yogyakarta! And here he is:


                Related to whom?

                • I’m reminded of that bizarre story about the chanting that people heard going on behind closed doors at one of Barry’s campaign events, when he emerged transformed. I’m reminded of his little Hanuman talisman. I’m reminded of, oh, I don’t know–somebody who seems to have strange, unnatural powers deriving from some source, but not, imho, any holy one.

          • For comparison:

            I see moles on that other one; do you? Do you see any here?

          • where’d that half back’s neck she had in those school photos? Her forehead just shrunk in width by four inches too.

          • OMIGOSH they look like TWINS!! Not.

          • Yes, Miri, its the curl in the eyes that give away the “Javanese”…

            Meet another Ruth Beatrice Baker


            (we’re out of replies down there – great links!)

          • Related to whom?
            WOW, that’s uncanny.

            ~ yeah, last night I noticed, hmmm, beauty marks. ?

            Wonder why all this is coming out now – why do these people have such a need to write their memoirs? Do they all really think they are just such wonderful and special people? Nothing against Mark, but who did you write the book for? Who’s your audience?

            Makes me think that the Posse is bearing down or something.

            Ruth. What’s It All About?

          • OK. I am lost. What is going to blow my mind away about pic on pg 21? It looks like a pic we have seen over and over. What am I missing? I did notice the pic caption identifies MamaAnn as Obama’s mama but does not say the baby in pic IS Obama; does not even identify baby.

          • Oh my Lord in Heaven…. What A Hoot…. read page 21 again.

            just read it.


          • DUH!!!!!! I just, the first time, went and lookie-looked at pic only; thought about pic so not read! Sometimes I can be too singularly focused! Everyone get a screenshot?

      • you asked somewhere if that photo of barmy and mark and wife was new. I think maybe. In Mark’s interview about his China meeting he always says Barack arrived and went straight to his hotel and changed clothes and then came to see him. I figure that’s to cover for discrepancies in different article of clothing we might see him in in any of O.’s China photos like him arriving and stepping off the plane somewhere. Mark recently is in his white shirt mode I think some PR person told him he looked more appealing this way. There’s some new photos of Mark in white shirts, just like on his book cover. Someone has also softened his face (pock marked, lots of scars, and he’s very hairy on neck, even his knuckles are hairy…..don’t look to African to me)

      • I don’t know when the photo was taken either, but I do know with proof that the young lady in this photo doesn’t have a very large wardrobe or she likes wearing this dress for every occasion. This is the exact dress she wore at Marks piano debut just prior to Obamas inaugaration in 2009….I think around November.The photo could likely be superimposed with mark(aas he like photographuy0 could have taken a picture of her during his performance night then later put he and obama there. I only say this because prior to Mark’s second book , Mark was never seen in a white shirt. Seems that’s a new thing —it looks friendlier than his chinese garb and his mobster dark clothing he usually wears.
        THis dress is Exactly the same dress to a tee only here her hair is pulled back and her festive earrings are showing ( again something she might wear at a festivitly like the piano concert, not to meet the pres.).

        • sorry for the poor spelling…can’t see as usual. I was saying mark like photography. His early days he was aften seen with his camera with the giant lens.

        • You’re talking about this photo, right?

          I guess, unlike for Mooch, the Chinese government won’t pay for an extensive and expensive wardrobe for Ms. Ndesandjo and Mark’s not coughing up the dough to get her some more frocks. Maybe sales will pick up on his book (which HE probably did write, unlike his “brother”) and he’ll be able to afford some new dresses for the little woman. She’s cute, btw, and they do look happy together, don’t they?

          • yes, that dress. The more I think about Mark and the thousand duplicate news pieces about his new book. no one has bothered to ask him the real questions some that might get us more to the heart of the truth. But mainly, why does a guy need to write for a second time about a very few short years of his childhood abuse. One time maybe, but twice to play on the hearstrings. Of course this book supposedly also lays out more information on his mother TO CORREcT The RECORD on what O. said about her. . His first book, wile few have botherd to notice was not a big hit, so via it’s the media attraction for the book that’s more important nan the book itself, so the lies can be generated over and over on cyberspace for us gullible little people to consume. The only thing that may sell his books is his kinship to O. and he certainly knows it or he’d write about something worthy, course his push for some other incideous cultural causes are part of his agenda too, but IF Ndesandjo’s picture of him with his teary face and his dreamy sweet eyed portraits are shown to enough gullible sycophants maybe he’ll get that position he’s striving for. maybe just about the time O. leaves office. Maybe that’s why he’s waiting for the big HUG from Obama and to be a FAMILY (when were they family exactly) AGAIN.!!!!!!!!!!!

            • O has barely said ANYTHING about Ruth, so what’s to correct? He could correct it in one short interview. Good question: Why write two books about the same thing? Maybe to keep up with Barry, who couldn’t stop at having Ayers write one “auto”biography but needed two. I can see BOTH of them at the UN, which is where the commies wanted the global gummint to be situated, although they probably prefer to move the UN to Russia or Red China. The latter is probably Mark’s preference. Little by little. Incrementally, they hope to overcome. I’m still puzzling over how Barry, Mark, and JOEY can resemble each other and how Ruth had that last child at such a relatively advanced age. You think it’s possible the mom was a co-wife, like maybe that other woman who’s in the records with Simeon? But then, how could they all look alike?

  18. A belated “Happy New Year”, everyone!

  19. http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/12/revealed-pristine-image-of-footprint-on.html

    Ya gotta admit that this one looks more real than the one on the WH blog.

  20. Bapak…. a form of addressing elderly man in Indonesia (another photo)


    • Subud is an international, spiritual association of people who share a unique experience known as the latihan. It is an association of men and women of all nationalities, all beliefs and faiths, and all cultures, with a common aim: to improve ourselves as human beings through our worship of God. Subud is not a new religion and requires no study or teacher.

      For further inquiries you may call our national office at (301) 595-0626 or send an email to our Executive Director.

      SUBUD USA Maryland

      • Subud even gets mentioned in this life story. http://www.subudworldnews.com/people/profile.php?profile=87
        Wonder how many of these stories are legit and how many are subud propaganda???

          • Is this association why she was loved around the world? And why it was so newsworthy? So many subudites to care and it gives credence to their system? Whole. Thing. Bizarre……..names show up, cities show up, countries show up……..over and over…..it’s a small world afterall.

            • Did you read about how Ann set up a class for learning Bahasa Indonesian? She hired a Subud guy to teach. Expats were really into that religion, if you call it that. I don’t care so much about the creed as I do the connections. It is a very bizarre world when we keep finding the connections between Hawaii, Seattle, Indonesia, FALL RIVER (alfy, didn’t you find something connected to that place?), LANGLEY Virginia, etc. All the same few places, over and over again. Texas, too. WTF? Seriously. I wonder if any of this has anything to do with what the sheriff found?

              Thinking about all this reminded me of how she was said to get Barry up early to teach him his lessons so he wouldn’t be behind when he came “back” to America. Was she teaching him English and American history in order to help him pass? Seriously, I’m back to thinking of how Lia said Eny (Ann) told her she was going to the island of “Hawaii” to “pick” her a brother. I don’t think he’s AA at all.

          • now I wonder about that other Henry Obama Kugenga Buckner in Hawaii who changed his name after meeting some spiritual person in Hawaii.Adds a new outlook at this .

          • Noticing in these articles that “they”, chronically, change their names…. Deliana ?

            • I read somewhere, in Madsen’s article, iirc, that many of the Subud followers change their names. He speculated that might be why S. Ann changed her name from Soetoro to SUtoro. Also that guy from the Byrds changed his name, too.

              • I wonder if BARRY’S name is an invention of Ann’s Subud religion? Baraka means a blessing in those eastern religions. “A sage/fairy/mysterious stranger appears soon after the birth of a certain special individual and confers baraka on him or her by means of a certain intervention or gift. (One thinks immediately of the Sleeping Beauty and of Jesus!) In Pak Subuh’s case the mysterious stranger contrived to have the infant’s name changed from Sukarno, the name his parents had given him, to Muhammad Subuh. (‘Subuh’ is the Indonesian form of the Arabic subh meaning ‘dawn’.)”

          • Can’t believe you remember Falls Church va. I think a lot happens in Falls Church so that would be a hard place to explore . ?? But yeah.

            • Didn’t you find some strange people-database record where a person’s name was listed as “Fall”? My memory is shot–too many details to keep track of. This article, iirc, refers to Fall River Massachusetts, where the Subud guy Ann hired is from. Falls Church, VA, has a lot of Obama connections. Various members of the family living in or near there.

          • Whoa, CIA and mind control ties in with article downstream I posted about Ms. Morris.

        • Something I read on one of these links about that “religion” said that they want one world bank. (It’s in that link above, where I say, “try this one.” I had to use a loooooong, ixquick proxy because the link kept locking up my computer. That’s happening with a lot of these links.)

          So there’s the link to microfinancing and banking. Guess they want one world “religion”, too. The connections are too bizarre. Fuddy. And Fuddy has links to where? SEATTLE! It boggles the mind.

          Remember how alfy found those links about how the children from the Molokai leper colony were adopted out, either legally or hanai, without any paperwork? Just taken and given to new parents. If they did get a birth certificate from the HDOH, it looked as if the child were born to the new parents and in some cases the kids never knew at all. In other cases, they were only noted in a register in the STATE ARCHIVES, just as Abercommie said there was “something written down” in the archives about Barry’s birth.

          We talked about how easy it would be to just bring a child through that system and make it look AS IF the child were born there but wasn’t. She would have known all about this system, since she AND her mother were involved in the HDOH and on Molokai, too.

          The connection between that religious leader (forgot what they call him) and Yogyakarta blew my mind. Lolo is said to have brought his kids up as “royals” in the compound there. This imam or whatever he is was related to the “royal family” in Yogyakarta AND he sure resembles Lolo, but then most Indonesians do, imho. So Lolo and this guy were related to the royals in Yogyakarta.

          • Wonder when Fuddy was in Bellvue Wa. and for how long. how long did she live in Hawaii. Wonder about her middle name. Seems some of her friends like to refer to her as Deliana and not Loretta.

          • Subud Washington DC

            December 2013



          • Would someone show me about ms. Fuddy’s mother. Somehow I missed most of that….her relationship to dept. of Health or Molakai???? THanks

              • http://www.molokaiadvertiser-news.com/MAN_2-15-06_.pdf A photo of Rev. Lynette Schaefer on page 4. She’s an Episcopal pastor of Grace Church on Farrington Ave, Ho’ olehua. http://www.brokentrustbook.com/pg14_060323.pdf Her husband’s name is Scotty Schaefer. She’s retired, apparently: http://s3.amazonaws.com/dfc_attachments/public/documents/3159242/Annual_Meeting__Journal_of_the_41st_Annual_Meeting_of_the_Convention__Dio_of_Hawaii_.pdf

                A factoid. Because the other sister’s married name is Bunch, some of the researchers at Free Republic speculate that that makes her related, by marriage, to Barry, seeing as how he, through his “mother”, is related to the Bunch family. iirc, they found a genealogy tree that makes Fuddy and Barry 5th cousins, or something like that. However, since I don’t put any stock in his biography, or even in the bogus story of Ann’s relationship to these “Bunches”, then it’s not very pertinent to me.

              • And I just noticed that the church from which she was “scattered” was the same one where her daughter was pastor. http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2001/Aug/25/il/il10a.html There’s a photo of “Deliana” meditating in that old story from 2001. And then there’s this connection:

                “Maui mayor Alan Arakawa extended his condolences to the victim’s family, including her sister, who is a part of the Maui County family and works as a Maui Police Department Chaplain on Molokai.”

                Then there’s this: http://themolokaidispatch.com/kalaupapa-aircraft-wreckage-to-be-recovered-under-investigation/

                “Molokai emergency response personnel gave Fuddy a final salute at the Ho`olehua airport Monday morning before her body was transported to Honolulu.

                “We saved eight because of what you did,” paramedic Scotty Schaefer, also Fuddy’s brother-in-law, solemnly reminded fellow emergency responders. “Loretta was family to us.””

                She was also family to HIM! So …

                Maui county (Molokai, in particular) is where Ann allegedly married Lolo. Fuddy’s mother worked on the computers at the HDOH. Her sister is a POLICE chaplain on Molokai. Her sister’s husband is a paramedic there, so may actually be one of the people who “worked on” her? Fuddy practiced a rare INDONESIAN religion, with which Ann was also associated. Fuddy herself was intimately involved in finding Barry’s “documents”. It’s just too much.

                • http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dowfam3&id=I511259

                  Are you seeing this? Fuddy was born in British Columbia? Didn’t we read elsewhere that she was born on Molokai? If BC, then that’s where potentially Barry might have been born, if Ann went to stay with her aunt when preggers. I’m just saying. And it appears that the programmer was Fuddy’s stepmother, not her biological mother. (That’s assuming the person who made the family tree is accurate, which is not a given with online trees. However …) This explains how it is that the stepmother had a son with the surname of Golderman. That was from her first marriage. Both mothers are now deceased, apparently. There’s a picture of her father at the link. I’ll copy the obit again:

                  “Marjorie Fuddy, 70, of Kamiloloa, Molokai, a state Department of Health computer programmer, died Sunday. She was born in Leichhardt, Australia. She is survived by daughters the Rev. Lynette Schaefer, Loretta Fuddy and Cynthia Bunch; sons Philip Golderman and Lewis Fuddy; brother Keith Ireland; sisters Sylvia Laverly and Dollie Bierley, seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Scattering of ashes: 10 a.m. tomorrow at Camp Mokuleia. Memorial services: 4 p.m. Wednesday at Grace Episcopal Church, Hoolehua. No flowers. Donations suggested to Camp Mokuleia Campership Fund.”

                  Now that family tree is missing a child, isn’t it? It mentions Loretta Fuddy, a brother who married someone named Dana and who must be Lewis Jr., and a woman who must be Cynthia Bunch. What about the other? Golderman is listed under the other wife. Where’s the sister who’s a minister?

                  I can’t find an obit for either Evelyn or Lewis Sr.

                  Fuddy was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, too, even though (perhaps) also born in BC? So does she have the same provenance as Barry?

          • Funny you should mention Cynthia Bunch. You know the week or two around the time of madeline/madyline Dunham’s death, I was looking around,that’s how far back I checked Ms. Dunham’s apartment address. I recall on a couple of bloggs, people were asking who was Cynthia….and saying,” I thought Madeline lived alone, then who is Cynthia.” I can’t remember If I found Cynthia (don’t remember the last name ) at Madelines address,but i did find a cynthia in the building. That’s also when I found Marcus Tate and James Pate Tat and some others living at her apartment. Thing is I always wonder where someone else got that name back then and were blogging about it. It sounded like they had found her to be at Madeline’s apartment too. I know this isn’t much since I can’t very anything now but I sure never forgot the first name. It stuck with me.

        • Here is another long read but talks about mind control and programming and all sorts of stuff that seems to sound so familiar. And Indonesian Brotherhood of Subud…..Read under I think it was Janet Morris, in red lettering, which is where mentioned. However won’t make much sense unless at least skim all the prior stuff. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_aviary08.htm

          • They mustn’t be doing very well with their mind control, seeing as how they don’t have much luck controlling our minds. Yet this might explain why so many aren’t immune and didn’t see through him from the outset, as we did. It’s a puzzlement.

          • i was on a differnt computor this morning so I don’t have the site, but was reading on the founder of Subud and it’s close relation to Sufism. A long history and more on the founder (not to be confused with what Subud has become). Thru the entire article the term “baraka” was a prominent feature. If I find it again I’ll post it and you can highlight the term with your finder. Enlightening ****

            • I think that’s the same article I cited a while ago. It talked about the similarities between Sufism and Subud. I wonder if there’s any correlation at all with Mormonism. Seems all of them believe (don’t they?) that men (and women) can themselves become gods. In which case …

        • I think my comments are looking quite out of place….no easy place to reply. So much activity I guess………But miri, you asked wasn’t there someone with the last name Fall I found somewhere. Yes, Most Definately,,, Sheila Ndesandjo(Marina, Mary) is also Sheila/Mary/Marina Falls……husband Bertrand(Bert) Falls, with Timothy Falls and kenneth Ndesandjo is iat thae same address in Lawrenceville Georgia. Sheila went to U of Kenya and some other college in the states(possibly via internet) She in computor tech, possibly banking. Kenneth and Bert N. Falls are the ones I have found on Mugshots, without valid drivers license and intoxicants. The way I found her as Falls is too complicated and almost by accident, but anyway FALLS was these peope. Hmmm, as I like to say when i don’t know what it means of course.

          • TY. I thought I remembered that. The thing is that they scrub (or maybe “correct”) those people searches almost as soon as we find things. Falls is such a weird name. I thought maybe that somehow the databases got corrupted and what should have been part of an address ended up in a surname field, but if you found that many people by that surname, then it seems there must be such a family. Ndesandjo is obviously a very rare name, especially in the USA. Same as Obama, except for the Japanese by the same name, which is just coincidence. Otherwise, all the Obamas do seem to be related.

    • Bapak….was a Mzlm. And here are some interesting reads.
      ChitownSubud on facebook with old photos https://www.facebook.com/SubudChicago/photos_stream
      Pg 21 of interesting article mentioned upstream continues on Page 22….

      • Actor Siblings Patricia and David Arquette, “The Arquettes spent their early years with their parents and two other siblings in a Subud community in Winchester, Va. “They started it with a bunch of their friends, and they wanted to kind of build this utopian society,” Patricia Arquette said on Oprah. “David was born there.” She said the commune had no electricity or bathrooms, and, “I don’t think there was running water.” Even after the family moved out of the commune and into more conventional homes, their environment didn’t get more stable. Both parents were drug addicts. “There was a lot of drama in the house,” Patricia Arquette said. “There were a lot of chairs flying around.” “A lot of hole punching in walls,” Rosanna Arquette added. “My mom stabbed me in the arm with a knife. Concussions. Just terrible physical abuse.”

      • http://www.subudchicago.org/#!chicago-members
        On site’s sidebar, ” A member of Subud Chicago started a nonprofit organization called The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI) with the guidance and support of its fiscal sponsor, the Subud International Cultural Association. TWWI aims to connect, inspire and educate women and girls locally and globally.
        Look at the Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI) website to learn more about Subud enterprises!”

      • Out of Chicago we bring you,
        “Rashad Pollard
        Rashad is a semi-retired, independent consultant in international marketing, based in Virginia, USA. For 25-years he has specialized in working as a senior consultant to major international donors and governments in designing and evaluating programs to deliver health services and pharmaceutical products to low-income consumers in low-income countries, through making partnerships between the public, NGO and private sectors. Before moving to the USA Rashad was the Marketing Manager for the S.Widjojo Building in Jakarta and Director of the Working Group that developed the Subud Township in Kalimantan. In 1970 he founded what became the largest advertising agency in Jakarta after working in Singapore, Thailand, Iran and the UK. He joined Subud in Bangkok in 1964; has worked on Subud Group Committees in Liverpool, UK; South Jakarta Group, Indonesia, and Singapore. He has been both a Regional and National helper in Subud USA. He has US and UK citizenship. He joined the Board of SESI at the New Zealand World Congress. Rashad was appointed to the position of Coordinator of SESI in November 2012. ” http://www.subudenterprise.com/People/SESIExecutiveBoard.aspx

        • Maybe overkill in posting on this subject. Here is another from the SESI with interesting livelihoods and involvements,
          “Hamid Kaber
          Hamid has two major areas of expertise:
          • Design and engineering of large scale industrial/commercial security systems (airports, seaports, high rise buildings, etc.; more than 40 years experience). • Assisting small businesses in developing/ implementing internet marketing strategies (past 5 years).
          Current active projects include: product management for a water quality monitoring system; sales development for a Subud jewellery company; internet marketing for health and wellness business; internet marketing for medical tourism business. Hamid is a US citizen and has been living in Costa Rica for the past eight years, is divorced and has two children, ages 11 and 18.”

          • Interesting… I have been reading so much about this tonight.

            There’s so much. And its been around for so long. They’re all over and in the UN from what I see. Clinton’s “Global” Initiative even funds them.
            It all ties in.

  21. With all the Ph.D.s and jest-setters in this family she lives here…

    He was 25 when he first visited according to this tale…

  22. January 3, 2014

    “Carl Gallups: I Don’t Think Media Will Be Able To Ignore Sheriff Joe’s Obama Fraud Evidence”


  23. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-JKaDFt2Sbms/UGYQt5O021I/AAAAAAAAAUg/TBTjUuytryk/s1600/ObamaMarks.jpg …… who do you belong……2…. Period. a lot went into this
    scam….. so I still have no clue…. who is a sure bet!!! so SAD … ZERO

    • yea, my thoughts went there, too. Note all the facial spots and pocks.

      Where theres smoke there’s fire, so they say.

      Re Gordo’s update… the Birth Certificate is one thing but that aside, there’s other paperwork that is “universe-shattering”… what could it be?

      • Whatever it is it will only be revealed after the country is long, long dead.

        • I think they did kill our Country, What A Hoot.

          Just like the lead balloon to change the name of the Redskins, I am wondering whats on the list for new names they are concocting for the United States of America. I have a feeling “States” and United” no longer apply.

          • Yeah, I am soon to be annointed What A Hootsein.

          • Wht Hoot, you’ve changed…..your new outfit is quite becoming, guess becoming a grandma and all. Looks like you came to the right party….cuz yu look like a hoot owl hula gal now. What’s that a grass sckirt and a bra. I need a bra. Lookin sharp though.

            • Ditto. That is cute! Is it in honor of the Obama family vacation in Hawaii? 🙂 I had to put my cursor over your avatar to see your cute outfit.

        • Yeppers, had a makeover; a younger more outgoing me. I am embarrassed to say I never even thought of the connection between my bathing suit (the skirt hides a little extra) and hula skirts and Dear Leader being in HI. Oh my, now everyone knows I don’t live and die for Michelle’s latest fashion ensemble! When I was discussing my makeover with my fashion consultant and color designer, I mentioned I wanted to keep my individuality but wanted to blend in a bit more with my friends here at wtpotus. Very pleased with the results, btw. The alternative is a cute robot look. Even with that though Chief Narcissist would probably take is me signing up as one of his ‘bots’! How ironic, I am now a bit cold with the blizzard and all.

  24. This was filed in Fla. a few days ago.

  25. Howdy peep’s! Yes I’ve been gone awhile with health problem’s and the long hours of research wasn’t was not helping, so I had to stay away for awhile while trying to get my health back in check.

    Happy, Happy, Happy, (Love ya Phil R.) Thanksgiving, and a Very Merry CHRISTmas, and a wonderful New Year to all, so sorry I missed being here with you. RW, xo, TY for including me in your Christmas wish’s, it did not go unnoticed 😉

    Fuddy. anyone surprised? Not! I looked into a few things regarding Fuddy and they may or may not have already been posted….I’ll post them anyway and you can disregard anything that may not be new info, btw, excellent research by all that’s already been posted. Great job peep’ers! 🙂 miss ya, and hopefully I’ll be back more now to help out.

    Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

    State health director killed in Hawaii plane crash

    By AUDREY McAVOY Associated Press

    HONOLULU (AP) – Authorities say the woman who died in a plane crash in waters off the Hawaiian island of Molokai (moh-loh-KY’-ee) was the director of the state Department of Health, Loretta Fuddy.

    Snip ~

    Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii’s health insurance exchange, confirmed Fuddy’s death.


    Implementing the Affordable Care Act

    Hawaiʻi Healthcare Project Implementing the Affordable Care Act Tom Matsuda ACA Implementation Manager


    A little odd that Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii’s health insurance exchange confirmed Fuddy’s death? I thought so… then it it get’s even more odd –

    David Matsuda, any relation too Tom Matsuda? Take a guess who David Matsuda is – He is Administrator to DOT’s Maritime Administration. Nominated for the position by who else…butt –

    David Matsuda
    Administrator, DOT’s Maritime Administration

    Why He Matters

    As the maritime administrator and acting administrator for the Transportation Department (DOT), Matsuda manages a staff of over 800. He oversees maritime policies regarding safety, security and the shipbuilding and operating industry.

    Matsuda has over two decades of experience in transportation and maritime policy. While working as the acting assistant secretary for transportation policy, Matsuda was nominated by President Obama to the position of deputy maritime administrator and served as acting maritime administrator before being confirmed to his current post in summer 2010.


    Maritime administrator He oversees maritime policies regarding safety, security….hmmm, in charge of safety and what happens on the water way’s? Jurisdiction of accident’s on the waterway’s?

    • Then this….Subud (excellent find Miri, not sure if you also already have the below posted)

      Mourning Deliana Fuddy
      December 12, 2013

      Our dear sister, Deliana Loretta Fuddy, died yesterday in a plane crash one half mile off the coast of Molokai, Hawaii. The plane was en route to Honolulu. Many of us knew Deliana as the Chairperson of Subud USA from 2006 to 2008.

      Snip ~

      A small plane carrying nine people (a pilot and eight passengers) had engine failure and crashed into the water. Deliana, who was director of the state Department of Health since January, 2011, was killed. The other eight survived.

      The passengers were returning from their annual visit to Kalaupapa, a remote peninsula on the north side of Molokai. Hawaii exiled people with leprosy or Hansen’s disease to Kalaupapa from 1866 through 1969. Some are still living there today. Deliana, in her role as director of the state health department, was appointed mayor of this community.


      Chairperson of Subud USA from 2006 to 2008. Fuddy was also was mayor of Molokai? Back when I was researching Maurice Strong I remember he had donated land to Subud. I’m not sure how strong his connections are to this group are though.

      • Just found more on the name Matsuda from Hawaii –

        December 29, 2013

        Jean King Memorial Reminisces About Her Communist Party Days

        SA: Kimi Matsuda, who also spoke during the service, remembered becoming close friends with King through Hawaii Youth for Democracy, a group formed during their college years at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. (HYD was the local branch of the AYD–youth group of the Communist Party, USA during the Browder days of WW2.)….

        After attending UH, King went on to earn master’s degrees in history from New York University and in drama and theater from UH. She also worked with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in San Francisco in the office of (Communist Party member) Harry Bridges, a widely known union leader, and even transcribed an interview between Bridges and the FBI because she was known for her attention to detail, her grandson said.

        Matsuda remembered hanging around with King in New York and serving as the maid of honor in her New York City apartment wedding to the late James King, (also a CPer) whom she later divorced.

        http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesDailyNews/tabid/65/ID/11484/ December-29-2013-News-Read.aspx

        From the above link – Jean King

        Jean King
        Jean Sadako King, Mrs. McKillop (December 6, 1925 – November 24, 2013) was the sixth Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, the state’s first woman to be elected as such, from 1978 to 1982[1][2] in the administration of Governor George Ariyoshi.

        Governor George Ariyoshi
        George Ryoichi Ariyoshi (有吉良一; born March 12, 1926), served as the third Governor of Hawaii from 1974 to 1986. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He assumed the governorship when John A. Burns was declared incapacitated. When he was elected, Ariyoshi became the first American of Asian descent to be elected governor of a state of the United States. He also holds the record as the longest-serving state governor in Hawaiʻi, a record that will likely never be broken because of term limits. Ariyoshi is now considered an elder statesman of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi.

        Snip ~

        Personal life
        Ariyoshi married Jean Miya Hayashi in 1955 in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. They have a daughter, Lynn, born in 1957; and two sons, Ryozo, born in 1959, and Donn, 1961.

        In her book Washington Place: A First Lady’s Story, Jean Ariyoshi credits former police officer Larry Mehau as becoming responsible for her family’s safety. Mehau was also named “Neighbor Islands Coordinator” for her husband’s campaign for governor. In the book she states that Mehau, although having a reputation as being honest and tough, was nicknamed in the press as “the Godfather”. She does not mention why he was given this nickname, but the press did so because he was accused of having ties to the criminal underworld. According to Jean Ariyoshi, Mehau offered his help but told her husband: “I know I’m controversial, so don’t put me up in front.” Her husband responded: “I’ve known you for a long time and I’ve known you to be a good and honest person. What kind of friend would I be if I said ‘I want your help but I don’t want anyone to know you’re helping me?’ I’m not afraid to have people know of our friendship.” In his own 200-page autobiography, With Obligation to All, George Ariyoshi does not mention Larry Mehau at all.

        Ariyoshi has also served as president of the Hawaii Bar Association and served on the board of directors for First Hawaiian Bank, the Honolulu Gas Company and Hawaiian Insurance Guaranty Company. He also served on the board of governors at the East-West Center, based in Honolulu, an internationally-known education and research organization that was established by U.S. Congress. As governor, he is credited with revitalizing the organization, and joined the board when his term as governor ended. He served five terms as chairman, until he was not reappointed by Republican Governor Linda Lingle in 2003.

        After his term as governor in 1987, Ariyoshi and his wife were stopped by U.S. Customs at the Honolulu International Airport because they failed to declare over $30,000.00 worth of jewelry after returning from a trip to Japan. The Ariyoshis paid $11,389.00 in fines. Former Gov. Ariyoshi resigned from the Board of Directors of First Hawaiian Bank to spare them “any embarrassment”.

        From the Wiki link above

        Larry Mehau “the Godfather” accused of having ties to the criminal underworld and he was also a key figure in the 1990s “Broken Trust” scandal at Kamehameha Schools. Also a Big Island Rancher and prominent Democrat Party supporter, also past chairman of Hawaii State Board of Land and Natural Resources.

        Mehau once sued Honolulu city prosecutor aide Rick Reed for liable and invasion of privacy over Reed’s claim that Mehau was the “Godfather” of organized crime in Hawaii – a case Reed won…! Research has lead me to Former Gov. Ariyoshi several times in the past.

        Oh My! …. tie’s that bind. Could be just name coincidences but worth noting.

        • This could relate back to the top of my post –

          Na Pu´uwai, Inc


          Na Pu´uwai, Inc. is a community-based Native Hawaiian organization on the island of Molokai, dedicated to the betterment of the health conditions of Native Hawaiians. It was founded in 1985 as an advisory committee to the Molokai Hearth Study in collaboration with the University of Hawaii, the World Health Organization and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. In September of 1986, Na Pu´uwai was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors comprised of Native Hawaiians under the leadership of Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli.


          Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli (from above wiki)

          Board of Directors

          Tides Board of Directors

          Noa Emmett Aluli

          Noa Emmett Aluli is a Native Hawaiian physician on Moloka’i and a long-time activist for the preservation of Hawaiian culture and beliefs, the preservation of historical sites, and environmental integrity. He serves as a member of a number of organizations pursuing this work and he serves as the Chairman of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission, the State agency overseeing the clean-up and restoration of Kaho’olawe.


          Tides Foundation, George Soro’s….Ayer’s, Apollo Alliance is funded by the Tides Foundation, H. C Bill ?

          Again, Interesting……The connections – The Robert Wood
          Johnson Foundation, George Soro’s, AGAIN ! Fuddy connection….Lingle also?

          The Hawai‘i Uninsured Project
          is a statewide initiative dedicated to
          making health care available to
          all the people of Hawai‘i. It is a
          project of the Hawaii Institute for
          Public Affairs.

          Virginia Pressler

          Noa Emmett Aluli ***
          Susan Chandler
          Andrew Chang
          Cliff Cisco
          Linda Colburn
          Susan Forbes
          Loretta Fuddy ***
          Beth Giesting
          Gary Hamada
          Michael Hamnett
          Irving Lauber
          Barbara Luksch
          Rich Meiers
          Deane Neubauer
          Christopher Pablo
          David Peters
          Hardy Spoehr
          Kelvin Taketa
          James Tollefson
          Paul Tom
          Sylvia Yuen

          Snip –

          With the support of the State
          Department of Health and other
          organizations, The Hawai‘i Uninsured
          Project has received a $1.3 million
          grant through The Robert Wood
          Johnson Foundation’s State Coverage
          Initiatives program. Funding will
          support a three-year effort to make
          health insurance available and
          affordable to Hawaii’s uninsured.
          “This grant represents a strong
          collaborative effort by private and
          public sectors to meet the health
          insurance needs of Hawaii’s
          said Governor Linda Lingle.
          “The assurance of affordable
          healthcare for Hawaii residents is a
          priority of this administration. We
          look forward to working together
          with providers to make more options
          available to Hawaii residents.”
          The Robert Wood Johnson
          Foundation, based in Princeton, New
          Jersey, is the nation’s largest
          philanthropy devoted exclusively to

          Click to access Newsletter-1st_Qtr_2003.pdf

          • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation –

            Physician Views on the Public Health Insurance Option and Medicare Expansions

            Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ^ | September 14th | Keyhani S, Federman

            Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 8:31:19 AM by Halfmanhalfamazing

            A RWJF survey summarized in the September 14, 2009 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine shows that 62.9 percent of physicians nationwide support proposals to expand health care coverage that include both public and private insurance options—where people under the age of 65 would have the choice of enrolling in a new public health insurance plan (like Medicare) or in private plans. The survey shows that just 27.3 percent of physicians support a new program that does not include a public option and instead provides subsidies for low-income people to purchase private insurance. Only 9.6 percent of doctors nationwide support a system where a Medicare-like public program is created in lieu of any private insurance. A majority of physicians (58%) also support expanding Medicare eligibility to those between the ages of 55 and 64.


          • Miri, I have a comment in moderation I believe. Can you delete the comment in moderation please. It’s all the same info. It just all posted together in the comment that is in moderation. TY

            • Leza, it’s good to hear from you again. I was thinking of you only yesterday, so it’s synchronicity that you should come back now! ESP or something. Hope you’re feeling better now. I know what you mean when you say you need a break. Anyway, I didn’t see this message until I had already released the comment from moderation, so now I don’t know which comment it was you wanted deleted. I “unapproved” one, but if it’s the wrong one, let me know and I’ll try again.

        • There’s a connection between BHO Sr. and that longshoreman’s union and also between one guy who provided his own birth certificate to CNN’s obfuscator and that union. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/trumps-offer-of-5-million-answered-by-obamas-silence-no-records-released/comment-page-1/#comment-97197

        • Through his connection to Hawaiian banks and the East-West Center, Ariyoshi may have known both Madelyn AND “Stanley Ann”.

      • Leza, we’ve been talking about Fuddy all over the place, so don’t worry about repeating stuff. We’ve gotten lax about keeping stuff together. I manage to find it, if anybody’s looking. It’s good to review, sometimes, in light of something we’ve learned since.

        • Fuddy yes, but Leza had already added some extraoidinary information. It’s Maurice Strong’s wife that seems to have such ties to the spiritual stuff and lands given or protected for many native peoples and their spiritual connections to the earth, such as the people on Molokai. Maurice’s wife Hanne . Emmil Aluli’s position on molokai came after the mysterious disappearance of some other dude in the waters off some island.

          • I know. I’m still digesting what she found, and it’s a LOT of good stuff.

          • I’m freaked out that this person begins his post with a quote from G. K. Chesterton, given my most recent post (and one to follow soon, I hope):

            “They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,
            Lords without anger or honour, who dare not carry their swords.
            They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
            They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
            And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
            Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.”

            Chesterton, needless to say, was a Christian AND an anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-devilry, pro-human-autonomy kind of guy. alfy, you do seem right when you suggest it’s the wifey who’s the main “religious” one. Just read that post. My gosh! Methinks Strong’s sage bush may have been creosote. 😉

          • And that Crestone land Maurice and Hanne got in Colorado was some 200,000 acres bought from the famed Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi…remember him. Maurice had ties to just about everybody or anybody you can think of…that Nadmi Auchi fellow that was dealing with Rezko…Maurice helped get him allowed in the country. Ties to Saddam Hussien on and on…
            You might find Hanne listed under her maiden name? I think it was Marstrand.
            you might find Mauricesces’ wife Hanne by her last name

            • alfy, I didn’t have time to read all that stuff I linked, but I thought that this land was originally some kind of land grant. How the hell do the Saudis end up with land grants in Colorado?

          • Miri the site I found that information was extremely long…it was someones research all put together from free republic from around 2010 or 11. I would have extrapolated a bit but it would have been hard to but it was really good. It most defineately is Maurice’s wife (and her sister Marianne Marstrand too)who is the spiritual connections with Subud, hinduism ect. ect. Here.

          • http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Hanne_Strong here you are Miri. She connects to Kenya too.

            • TY. I saw that one before and dismissed it, basically, because my impression is that the site is a bunch of progs, like Move On or Factcheck, etc. Seems so to me, anyway, although their information is probably accurate, just likely very slanted and incomplete. Do you see their sister site ALEC Exposed? It’s focused on the Koch brothers and other conservative groups as if it’s un-American or even criminal for conservatives to do what progressive groups have always done. Note the difference in tone: http://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed There are anti-ALEC stories planted in newspapers and on editorial pages, too. It’s a meme and a theme. Otherwise, I’d never have even known what ALEC is.

          • here’s a site then that has everything and person you could possible want to research. The Swan commentary library is a great ‘keeper” and has a wealth of some really worthy articles with in it. Here you’ll find Maurice strong’s sister in law marianne strong and her work and so many others like the World Federalists I mentioned one time.

            • That sure is some site, although it, too, starts out sounding very anti-conservative. Just what I need–more reading. Check out this part:

              “Funding for the State of the World Forum is obtained from the Canadian International Development Agency, a multitude of liberal foundations, (13) and corporate sponsors like Booz Allen Hamilton and McKinsey & Company.”

              Booz Allen. That would be leaker Snowden’s employer. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/lets-make-a-deal-for-illegal-aliens/comment-page-2/#comment-116566

              It’s funny how these global “elites” seem to forget one major factor, one monkey wrench, in the cogs of their manipulations: THE PEOPLE. To be an “elite” implies subjects. We WILL NOT BE WILLING SUBJECTS. They seem to believe otherwise. In which case, I refer them to Marie Antoinette.

          • sorry, I forgot to give you the url for the Swan commentary

      • What I remember reading about that was that the director of health is automatically the mayor of Molokai (?)

        • The “unofficial” mayor, according to some reports. Am I the only one who’s always mispronounced Molokai? It’s Mole-oh-KAH-eeeeeee.

  26. I tell you, there’s some strang happenings with the island of Molokai, whether they have much to do with O or not. And for the record , today, if one has Hanson’s disease, they are not allowed on Molokai anymore. As of 1969 there were about 300 patients left. In 2006 only 33, some of them older patients. This place is a sancuary of all sorts, spiritually, environmentaly….sort of an ideal Maurice Strong paradise.

  27. Registration Fees… for Subud in Puebla 2014…. X’s.. thousand’s of $’s

  28. Deliana… listing names of family … Butt’…zero about Subud…. ?
    & more at thesandymonocle…


    • I’m still puzzled that, despite the obituary, the person who made this tree omits Reverend Lynette and her husband Scotty, both of whom work (in some capacity) for the Hawaiian government, particularly on Molokai. The obit says she was the second of three and then proceeds to name 3 siblings–a brother and two sisters. Her stepmother’s obit also names Lynette, but omits her from the offspring within the tree. Oddly enough, to coin a phrase.

  29. + Fuddy was born TWICE 2 dates/places… 4 DEC 1948 in Canada
    at the top of page
    … & … also born …. 4-12-1948 … in Honolulu, Hawaii …????

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