Musings on the Death of Loretta Fuddy

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On Wednesday, Loretta Fuddy, director of the State of Hawaii’s Department of  Health (HDOH), was reported killed in a plane crash off the coast of Molokai, Hawaii:

The Hawaii State Health Director who authorized the release of President Obama’s birth certificate in 2011 died Wednesday when her plane went down in the Pacific near a remote island.

Loretta Fuddy was the only person aboard the aircraft to die. The others, including the pilot, were either rescued by boat or swam ashore.

The crash was attributed to catastrophic engine failure, according to the plane’s owner, who allegedly heard it from the pilot, who didn’t call for help during the long minutes between takeoff and crash landing.

Some musings/questions about this story:

1. Was “Deliana” Fuddy found by rescuers in the fuselage, as reported in many news articles, or was she found floating in the water, wearing her life vest, as told to a Catholic priest by Keith Yamamoto, deputy director of the HDOH?

2. Was communication between the plane and the tower possible, or was it not? Did the pilot radio distress or not? If not, why not? How is it that the other plane in the area was able to radio a position?

3. Fuddy’s death was announced relatively quickly.  The priest opined that she may have been dead for hours when he gave her last rites.  Was she pronounced dead and her family notified before her death was reported to the media? If so, when, where, and by whom was she pronounced dead?

4. Why are Fuddy and Yamamoto the only named passengers?  Who was the pilot?

5. How could the NTSB so quickly declare that the wreckage is unrecoverable?  Molokai is an island, which is nothing more than an undersea mountain.  Given the underwater slope of the island and the fact that the crash was allegedly just offshore, how is it that the wreckage cannot be recovered?

6. Was that plane capable of a controlled landing?  In other words, could it glide so that a skilled pilot could set it down intact?  Given that 8 of the 9 passengers survived with few injuries, it would seem so.

7. Why did Fuddy alone die?  Of what injuries?  Autopsy is pending.

8. The plane left the airport at 3:15 p.m., local time.  What time did the plane crash and when were the first reports of the crash received? How long before rescue workers got on the scene?  How far off shore was the crash site?  Some stories say a half mile; others say a mile.

After being alerted to the crash, the U.S. Coast Guard scrambled two helicopters and a Hercules plane to the site, which was about a mile from the shore. Rescue swimmers were also deployed and they winched three passengers onto the helicopters. … Joseph Ferguson [pilot of the rescue plane] … told NBC News that usually they would drop rescue gear into the water for the survivors but because the helicopters had arrived quickly so that was not required. “We acted as the on scene commander,” Ferguson, an avionics electrical technician, third class, said. “So we control all the different assets flying around there and made sure no one flew into that air space.”  Maui Fire Rescue were involved in bringing others to safety.  [See his photos here.]

Why did the first story cited in this post state that passengers were rescued by boat or swam ashore, and yet other stories say one swam ashore and three were hoisted into helicopters, with the rest being picked up by fire boats?

9. Were five survivors flown to Maui or treated on Molokai?

10. How is it that the owner believed that everyone was out fine and yet Fuddy either was or was not still in the fuselage, but in any case dead?  How many were truly on that plane?  Where is the manifest?

There are many other oddities and discrepancies in the reporting of this story, which I leave to commenters to point out.  Previous discussions about her death can be read here and here.  Video of the plane owner here.

We await further word on the cause of her death and, of course, the results of the official crash investigation.

Our condolences to the family of the deceased.  May they learn the truth about their loved one’s death.  We wish this fervently for them, as we also wish this for the families of the deceased at Benghazi–that some day they finally learn the truth about their loved ones’ deaths.


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  1. Merry Christmas WTPeops!! Have a great week!

    A little something to put into another window as you sleuth.


    Well, guess you could say they’ve taken over Great Britain. Gotta love the irony. Once a Brit. Always a Brit. The winds are shifting ugly, we see.

  3. Any reason why the Newtown folks would “ask” the news media to NOT come to town to cover the anniversary? Any reason they’d comply?

    • probably because they know that now there are too many people in newtown that don’t comply with the story and might speak derogatorally , and blow their cover. I’m just thinking the first thing that comes to mind, mind you.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Maybe if they “axed: instead of asked., they’d get a better response, Sorry I can’t help myself. I never in a million years would have thought I’d even entertain such a thought But yeah. He IS the great divider. Great job, Barry.


    The latest Colorado school shooter was a SOCIALIST. The Denver paper edited the words of a source to REMOVE the word “socialist” from the description of the shooter.

  5. ~ FUDDY’S….. AUTOPSY….already a ….DONE…”DEAL” …. O

  6. ~ rainy ~December 15th, 2013 @ 2:46 pm

    Loretta Fuddy committed to service
    Family, friends honor Loretta Fuddy
    State DOH director dies in plane crash
    Fuddy’s last moments on Molokai
    A formal procession will follow after Loretta Fuddy is brought back to Oahu from Molokai. Fuddy died after a plane crashed in waters off Kalaupapa Wednesday.
    The ceremony will be conducted by the Honolulu Fire & Honolulu Police departments and Emergency Medical Services.
    It will be held at the Castle and Cooke building off Lagoon Drive on Monday, December 16 at 9:45 a.m.
    After the ceremony, the motorcade will proceed to Hawaiian Memorial Park in Kaneohe.
    On Saturday, December 21, funeral services will be held at the Co-Cathedral of St. Teresa located in Kalihi with visitation from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and a mass to follow.
    The public is invited to attend both Monday and Saturday’s events.
    The burial will be private.

    • maybe this is another reason why records in HI health department are kept in the archives and no one permitted to see them unless they are records before 1930’s. ANd it just so happens that Obama has actually passed one good piece of legislation for the residents on Molokai. I wonder what moved him. Did you know that no one is permitted on Molokai unless over 16 and all children born there were removed and adopted. Still today just like in the 1960’s too you could not go to Molokai unless you got signed permission from the Hawaii State Health Dpt. HMMMM. so how and why would Ann Dunham go there for a wedding.

      • good question, alfy.

      • OMG. Good questions, alfy. I did NOT know that! All children born there were adopted? When was this? Did Fuddy grow up on Molokai? Why WOULD Ann Dunham marry there? I’m out of hypotheses. Too bizarre.

      • So then would there be public records of the “permission slips” given to those who asked the HDOH for permission to go to Molokai? If not, why not? Seems that all this is public record–public work product, so to speak, as it’s created by and on the public dime.

      • Excellent catch, alfy. Very interesting:

        “There is no registry of children born and taken away from Kalaupapa. Most of the related documents, including birth records, are in the Hawaii State Archives. But state law requires that 80 years pass before such information is made public. Thus, only records before 1931 are available.”

        • Of course, this could give him a convenient excuse: “I didn’t know. They lied to me!”

          Babies born to Kalaupapa patients were separated from and often lied to about their parents to protect them from “the burden of Hansen’s disease,” he said.”

        • Exactly Miri, archives, no registry……here’s the catch. Let’s pose more theories than just that he could have come from there…….Just suppose you wanted to bring a child into the country and hide his identity……one could bring that child to the island and pass him off to the mainland with a group of kids. THere is a wonderful story of two children whose parents worked and lived on the island . Every so often (they moved there around forties) the mother would take children (some of them four and five years of age, down to the dock and help put the children on the boat for the mainland. THe father felt it wrong to continue to keep his own children there so after they were some age he sent them off to live on the mainland with relatives as well. THere is a great story about the barefoot girl on Molokai who makes a reunion there to see her footprints in their cement sidewalk when she and her brother Biffie were there…… the children were not always taken as infants. THe barefoot girl left around 1952 or 57, I don’t remember.
          If the stories thatAnn D. went to Molokai for a wedding I wouldn’t remally wonder so much what the real deal with Molokai was, but????? Lots to theorize. Don’t forget Frank M. Davis was seen for some time watching the ocean with binoculars….was he watching for a boat to arrive?
          A while back I looked into the Newman connections with Molokai, didn’t get too far, but remember I told you there was the maternity home run by the nuns that later was run by the county/state. Mrs. Fuddy and her mother would have known about or worked with that….children does seem to be what ms. Fuddy was so proud to work with. What’s to say the mothers of children at the maternity house for unwed mothers didn’t do the same thing in the state archives til children were adopted…so the actual records of some type would be in state ARCHIVES just like Gov.Abercumbs said.

          • Wow, alfy. You are so correct. It would certainly be possible to pass off any child as one born on Molokai to leper parents, especially with no formal records. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I remember reading, long ago, a Hawaiian law about “foundlings”. Such a child would be given a birth certificate, too. I was thinking on that last night–about Ann going to Molokai. Window shopping for a child? Remember how she told one of her friends in high school that she didn’t have to marry to have children–she could adopt? That’s one of the early stories that was “updated” or “corrected” almost as soon as it was written, because, no doubt, of the implications therein.

          • Only thing about Ann window shopping for a child…..i think there’s something more complex than that. Not sure yet how to formulate what I am thinking,,,, but one thing is true….that if what is known about ms. dunham is remotely correct, her persona that is…..I could see her shopping a child, like you say, about like you’d shop for a puppy. You know the type, she wants a cool little companion, something to love, but then as real life sets in, the thrill wears off……I could see that , as the only times we see any potos of Ann or this crowd together is in front of a Christmas tree. She’s never really with O. much that we can say for sure. Anyway, I’m not feeling that is what the quest at Molokai is for. Why is this child in 1958-to about 1961 of such importance. THat’s the million dollar question. Wy does O. think he’s so important? Why was Rockefeller up front at his inauguration…and people like Sidney Poitier………………….
            ifHe’s not just any black man . Even if Obama had and has ties to the CIA ,that would not make him all that important….the questio would be why would the CIA go to the trouble for just any black guy…

            • alfy, I remember comparing Ann to Mia and Angelina before. Know what I mean? Just the past day I read articles about TWO MORE actresses who adopted “little brown ones”–Joan Fontaine and Emma Thompson. I totally can see SAD doing that and then, when the thrill is gone, dumping the kid on Mom. I do think Maya is hers; there’s that loving photo of her and Madelyn with the babe in arms. NONE like that with Barry, which is instructive because USUALLY the “first born” is also the most photographed of all. O thinks he’s important because he’s a narcissist. I believe that. It’s almost a textbook case, given the part of his upbringing we do know about.

              I’m not sure about Obama and the CIA, either. It’s a plausible hypothesis but …

              Molokai and Pakistan. Those are keys, I think.

              You know what? If Fuddy was 65, would she not be in that 5-year index that ladysforest got? Or was it ladysforest? (Duh. Nevermind. OR did I read she was BORN in ’65? I’m losing it, people.)

          • Im just using CIA as speculation. But some important group or person

          • yeah, he’s narcissistic alright, but something or somebody helped shaped that. he’s been spoon fed every word of his narrative…you can tell by the way he spits out the crap. And he didn’t just start being a criminal since he came to politics. he’s had to have had practice early on. Where’d he learn that from? grandma and grandpa? Soetoro, mommy dearest,commy spies,handlersl, I don’t know,

    • i missed this one Z. 🙂

    • That’s a shame. Is the Egyptian she’s alleged to have conspired against, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the guy that TIME magazine said was the winner of their reader poll for person of the year? (They don’t necessarily give it to the people’s choice.) Hmm, hmmm, Huma.

  7. All stuff with fuddy is being….scrubbed fast & furious….. they are
    hot on our……azzzes’… very SAD!!!!! 4 them 2 work so very
    HARD!!!!! piss me off & that ain’t a good thing! JOKERS!

  8. ~~ chrisDecember 12, 2013 at 11:19 AM…
    Watch and see Mike, I bet that none of the other survivors’ names will be released. Unlike any other rescue operation, none of the Coast Guard service personnel involved in rescue operations will be permitted to speak about the incident. Watch and see: There will be a cloak of secrecy about this crash and the mainstream media outlets will not even investigate. Lots of sharks off Molokai. I used to work on the SS Independence, the only American flagged cruise ship in the world at the time. Had to get a Merchant Marine ‘Z’ Card and join the Seafarer’s International Union. Watch and see. The other passengers–if we ever learn who they were–will all work for the same front company and each have strong connections to defense department security sub-contractors like the old Haliburton, URS corp., etc…. Just thinking outside the box. The lady must have known that getting rid of her might one day be a real possibility. Let us pray that she made arrangements for such a day as this and that a dying statement may have been prepared which might come to light.

  9. now….4 SOME ……… Sweet…. News!!!!…. HALLELUJAH ~!!!!!

    • That’s hilarious. I can’t stand listening to Barry but a good Barry impersonator … That guy is good. He even has down the little smirking laugh Barry gives when he’s talking about something serious.

  10. Researcher Walid Shoebat, a native Arabic-speaker and a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative, has reported on his blog that credible news sources in Egypt have reported in Arabic that criminal charges have been brought against Hillary Clinton and Morsi’s wife.


    • Oh, yeah. Remember that? Could it have been an inheritance from her father? Seems that Orly said he died this year.

          • Sorry, but those damn water bottles and that damn PURPLR tablecloth set up a day after her death is just too reminiscient for me.I want to believe what i am seeing but Just Damn!!! What’s with the purple…like at Sandy Hook and all the purple neckties just in time for the funeral. God help me, but I am beginning hate purple, forgive me.

          • Here you go. None other than the LA Times says Fuddy was IN THE PLANE, so they’re putting the lie to Yamamoto’s tale?,0,279382.story#axzz2nNkAn7Gp

            “The eight others on the plane, including the pilot, were rescued, but Fuddy “remained in the fuselage of the plane,” Honolulu Fire Capt. Terry Seelig told KHON-TV. “It’s always a difficult situation when you’re not able to get everybody out.”

            On Thursday, Lt. William Juan with the Maui Police Department said that Fuddy’s body had been recovered from the wreckage and that an autopsy would be conducted.”

            Oh, that story has it all: TYPICAL ALINSKY ridicule. Demonization of one’s political opponent. Name calling. Repeating the meme: “conspiracy theorists”. Making assertions with NO EVIDENCE to back it up (e.g., that Obama did NOT apply to college as a foreign student. How does that writer know this? Did Obama say so?) On and on and on.

            One thing we can say about this: They would not expend SO MUCH ENERGY, TIME, and MONEY trying to debunk the “conspiracy theory” about his lack of documentation if there was NOTHING TO IT.

          • Well, if the stories told so far are any indication that “yes some things keep stinkin” we can expect this to get quite interesting or maybe even commical…….So now she was in the fuselage and her body was rescued from the fuselage…meaning they could easily have yanked the plane from the water…..that blows that part of the story. No wait a minute those rescuers , one fist said they did not see the wreckage that must have already been submerged when they arrived and the other dude told a twisted version using two people including himself and someone else at the same time. He says he swam over and she was unresponsive, then he remembers to tell that he checked her pulse. So authorities better go back and regroup and get their stories straight. If the people on the island watched the rescue, then wheres some footage, surely people of Molokai would enjoy a little action on the island. I can’t see why there is so blatantly two stories unless this was staged in a hurry and the groups aren’t aware what they are really up except following orders maybe. You know , I don’t know to what degree homeland security is tied to these rescue groups but I know they are more encompasing than they used to be.

  11. This crossed my mind, as well. Until I came to my senses.

    • I don’t know what to think of it. I wonder WHO Yamamoto is. Such interesting background on Fuddy, that we didn’t know before. The hypotheses we could derive from her connection to Molokai AND to the HDOH (for two generations) are so interesting.

      Her mother, and Fuddy herself, would be WELL AWARE of how those children of leper colony residents were taken and adopted out, some formally, some informally, but with no records of their births being made and no registry of their names being kept, for the most part. What records there were were apparently put into the State Archives, according to that article that alfy linked yesterday: A 2011 story about the children of Molokai. (Another planted story? Same year Barry’s LFCOLB came out.)

      There could be several possibilities with regard to Barry: (1) he’s one of them, an adoptee with parents who are lepers; or (2) this was a new “explanation” being built to satisfy a need–that being for a plausible excuse to CREATE an “authentic” and “original” birth certificate for him.

      So Fuddy’s placed there at the critical time. At the critical time, Abercommie drops the story that there’s “something” written down in the archives. He knows it. Adams says there’s no birth certificate at HDOH. The sudden mention of the ARCHIVES instead of the HDOH was then and remains today very curious. It reminds me too much of how FactCheck focused on how his SFCOLB met all the criteria to get a passport from the State Dept., when NOBODY at that time was talking about passports, although the passport files themselves were at that very moment being “cauterized” by an employee of John Brennan’s.

      Then Fuddy announces that she personally saw all the records that remove all doubt that he was born in Hawaii. So there’s your backstory.

      Is it a crime to forge, alter, or fudge historical records (not OFFICIAL records) that are just “written down” on something in the state archives?

      You can even make up a “plausible” African-American background for him. Can’t you? There were plenty of black troops in Hawaii during the war. Maybe one visited Molokai. Or was somehow stationed there. Or somehow contracted leprosy and was sent there.

      Then you just ramp up that meme about the “violent” Tea Partiers and birthers and so you “justify” creating a bogus birth certificate for him. One that matches all the previous lies already published about his background. Under the law that they might have dredged up (as butterdezillion opined), a new fake BC could be created if law enforcement requested it, in order to protect an “important someone’s” life.

      • Don’t think of the records as just historical records….they are State (authorized by the state) Records just the same. Any recorded property housed at the HDOH is a verifiable record. All records are historical at some point….don’t let the language trap you, or better yet, don’t let Their language trap you. A breach of the common trust of the public is at stake….and a crime…..only trouble is with Hawaii it has been a known fact that if you needed some spiffy ID /birth c. or what ever….you go to Hawaii. isaved the episode of the sistcom I told yall about that made reference to that fact (this was in the 90’s) and it got a good laugh. I would have posted it except that part of it isn’t on the excerp of the episode.

  12. Here’s an update to an earlier story about an Italian woman who had her baby snatched from en utero whilst in England… because why, again?

  13. Miri,
    Is it possible to read the research blog?
    I think the last time I did, it didn’t need a login and a password?
    Just askin’
    dave m

    • Don’t think so. I have to look into it to figure out how that was set up. I’m not responsible for anything having to do with it. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for? I might be able to find it.

      • ok,
        don’t worry about it,
        just sort of a “green door” thing

        • There’s no green door thing going on. Nobody has access to it except moderators and we’re not accessing it. So you’re not missing anything. No conversations going on there. It’s moribund.

    • Rev. Patrick Killilea said he had met Fuddy when she came in on the morning plane.
      “I took her by the beach,” says Miller, who says two whales were spouting and spinner dolphins were putting on a show for the group. They also visited the grave site of Father Damien and met with Hansen’s Disease patients who still live in the town of about 100. At a town hall meeting, Fuddy listened to the concerns of the residents.
      Then FUDDY and Yamamoto caught the last flight out of Kalaupapa,
      about three-thirty in the afternoon.
      The plane crashed about a half mile from shore. All nine people onboard survived the crash. Father Killilea says Yamamoto later told him that everyone had life vests on and were floating in the water, waiting for rescue.
      “He held her hand, ” says Killilea, “(They were) holding hands for
      sometime while …… floating,”
      Then Killilea says Yamamoto…… told him…. that Fuddy let go. He
      thought she fell unconscious.

  14. I’m putting this here because it’s Fuddy news. What do you make of these stories:

    “Richard Schuman returned my call from earlier in the morning and my second call in the afternoon. Schuman is the owner of Makani Kai Air. Here is the information I gathered from the phone conversation:

    *The plane is down in about 75 feet of water. It is an area where the wave action can be extreme. The wave action is currently in that state. The plane can be seen from the air and is intact.

    *The insurance Schuman carries provides for recovery of the plane. He has talked to a salvage company and it is likely the plane will be recovered. It will be floated to the surface and lifted with a crane onto a barge or large ship.

    *The engine on the plane is a pratt and whitney PT-6. It is basically a jet engine with a prop (TURBO-PROP). Schuman indicated that the pilot heard a bang. In a jet engine the blades are spinning at a very high rate of speed to the order of 25,000 RPM. A turbine blade failure at this high speed would cause a catastrophic failure to the engine. He suspects a blade failure to be the cause.

    *Schuman reported that similar failures were reported on similar engines within the last couple of months. He pointed to Malkali Air (spelling ??) with airplanes with a similar engine experienced a similar failure at 7,000 feet.

    *Schuman is anxious to have the plane salvaged and the engine analyzed by experts. Prat and Whitney is showing little interest in the accident.

    *The plane was flying out of an uncontrolled airport. In other words there was no tower or humans controlling the landings and takeoffs.

    *Immediately after the failure a “MAYDAY” was signaled. …”

    I cannot keep up with the discrepancies! There’s a lot more info there in the story; I didn’t want to copy the whole thing. The circling plane was allegedly a friend of the owner of the downed plane. The owner says the pilot was “shooting from the hip” when he allegedly falsely said one person remained in the fuselage. He’s already forecasting the results of Fuddy’s autopsy: heart attack or stroke (wait for it!). The interviewer asked him if Johanna Randolph was on the plane. This person was interviewing him for Orly Taitz or reporting this to her. Why she’d think that woman was on the plane is an interesting question. The interviewer sounds as if he believes the owner.

    Now consider this one:

    The National Transportation Safety Board said it will try to recover the plane that crashed off the Hawaiian island of Molokai after the aircraft was spotted in the water.

    The agency previously said it seemed unlikely the single-engine plane could be recovered. But NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss says the plane was spotted Friday from a helicopter. He says the single-engine aircraft was about 400 to 500 yards off the north shore of Molokai.

    Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy was the sole fatality among the nine people aboard last week’s flight. Weiss says the NTSB is awaiting autopsy results from Maui County.

    Weiss says a recovery vessel will leave Honolulu Harbor on Tuesday night and crews will attempt to pull the plane out of the water Thursday.

    Weiss says investigators are eager to see the engine.”

    And this:

    “… The wreckage was spotted from a helicopter in 60 to 70-feet of water about 400-to-500 yards offshore on Friday December 13. …

    It is apparently on a ledge on the sea floor. Weiss would not say which helicopter was used to spot it.

    If the retrieval is successful the plane will be taken to secure location for further analysis. Investigators was [sic: want] to look at the engine. …

    Weiss said he did not know which vessel would be used in the salvage effort. …”

    My take: Insurance company was going to salvage the plane. When the powers heard that, they decided to intervene and take it to a “secure spot.”

    • Riddle me this: Would it take even a 70-year-old 90 minutes to swim 500 yards? What part of a mile is 500 yards? .284 of a mile, so less than a third of a mile.

  15. 1st plane was Intact sat inside for a while then put on life jacket gear outside in the water ? 2nd I heard the plane was Broken Apart…
    the video had nasty Large waves…. who unscrewed / loosened
    or bent the blade area? very possible.. was she gay? did she have a
    Heart Attack? Stroke? Did she know how to Swim? Shark scare?
    Wife of the elder swimmer said his legs were “very strong”… He may
    have been pushed back a lot or was off course? who can really say?
    do you think he stopped 4 a beer? glad it was not me! I ponder on…

    • Kawasaki made sure everyone was safely out and wearing a life jacket before he left the aircraft, Schuman said. Kawasaki will be welcomed back on the job when he wants to start flying again, Schuman said.”

      That’s interesting because just yesterday Schuman allegedly told that interviewer for Orly that it was the PILOT who incorrectly said that one person remained in the fuselage. So which was it?

  16. Someone not up 2 code… in Wanting the Fire Sprinkler…. Repairs???
    C Phillip Hollstein Jr (the swimmers)… company…. or whom else ??

  17. just maybe someone does not like the noise or using Motorcycles or
    Scooters on the island??? …. Richard Kawasaki the Pilot ?


    Orly apparently trying to get the family to NOT cremate Fuddy’s body. The funeral director says they won’t state that she won’t be cremated. The autopsy results won’t be back for weeks, on account of toxicology tests, among other things.

    It’s odd that Orly says that Quarles Harris’s murder wasn’t solved for four years. He was killed in 2008. Has anyone heard about his case being solved?


      “It could take some time before officials determine exactly how Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy died, said the lead investigator for the Molokai plane crash.

      It’s common for a cause of death not to be immediately known in these types of investigations, Hawaii-based National Transportation Safety Board investigator Jim Struhsaker said Friday.

      Fuddy was the sole fatality out of nine people aboard the Makani Kai Air flight that crashed in the water soon after taking off from Kalaupapa on Dec. 11. A passenger and the pilot have said they were shocked to hear she didn’t survive because she seemed fine in the moments after everyone got out of the plane and waited in the water for help to arrive.

      It’s been a week since an autopsy was conducted. Fuddy’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Honolulu.

      “Most people think cause of death is really simple … and usually it’s not quite that simple,” Struhsaker said. …”

      Wouldn’t examination of the heart and brain immediately rule out heart attack or stroke, which is what most are suggesting (obots, mostly)? What’s left? Hypothermia? Why one person and not the others?

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