The President Who Could Not Walk and …

There was an article over the weekend entitled, The president who could not walk.  Twas a review of a book about Franklin D. Roosevelt, which noted that FDR was a “cripple” who may not have been elected had the citizens known the truth.  Like Obama, FDR hid the truth from the People.

Here he is–the president who could not walk:

Franklin_Delano_Roosevelt_in_1933 - Copy

and here is the president who could not walk and chew gun at the same time:



Where would he be without TOTUS?

totus - Copy

How’s that Obamacare working out for you?


144 responses to “The President Who Could Not Walk and …

  1. Hi to all who persevere here -dedicated truth-seekers and may God bless you this season of true hope. I spent some time looking at the impostors in this picture and actually magnified on my screen so I could see mooch as close as possible.

    Mooch-hell looks like hell in this pic taken recently -Thanksgiving? I wanted to revisit this picture after I listened to a lengthy conversation by Doug Vogt – all now on u-tube regarding the forgery and the affidavits he filed in October 2013. Interesting to listen how he connected the dots in the forgery and also in the background of this treasonous act. Yes mooch has a lot of reason to be looking fuggly these days. I could give the utube sights but if you do a utube search for Doug Vogt you can find the info. You have already covered some of his findings here earlier. I wonder who the forger was that left the “signatures” of letters of her name. Was it Valarie? If this man is correct and he has actually found a loophole in the system that can eventually bring justice to all these criminals then I think we can expect a major falseflag distraction of great reprocussion to occur. These criminals will go easily to the noose to hang for treason.

    • Wow. She is looking particularly “fugly” in that photo. That’s when they visited with the illegal aliens who were camping out in DC. Guess he doesn’t need his SS protectors in their company, huh? Tell me: Are those authentic and expensive Ugg boots? All look well fed, despite that they’re allegedly on a hunger strike. Well, Barry himself looks like he’s been on a hunger strike. Still can’t figure how that tall ectomorph could have developed from that short, stocky endomorph of a kid.

      • Let me add this: Is that how a “lady” sits? No, that’s how a man sits. Typically how a man sits. It’s the little things that suggest a lot.

        • Everything you said in both comment here. I even went to the Blaze to look for more. Wondering who the two “guards” are standing behind the emperor.

  2. Correction!: These criminals will NOT go easily to their demise (being the noose) for their treasonous acts.

  3. The photo of the guy with the wad of nicorette hanging out of his mouth sure does look like that little baby boy in the picture with “Mark”.

    • Sure does. What’s up with Barry’s ear, in the gum photo? First of all, that looks like his left ear, instead of the right one. Did they flip the photo? Has somebody been punching on his ears? Note how Barry the adult’s hairline appears to be shaved into those clean straight lines. That last photo is SUPPOSED to be “David” when he was in his mid-teens.

      • Mark is even lighter skinned than obama and he’s very harry like some other race,but not entirely african or caucasian??? I doubt that’s Mark in that photo. Hey, I also found a fuller photo of the one where O. Sr. and Mrs. Ndesandjo (or whoever) standing with the two children. You wouldn’t believe the bottom half of that photo. You can tell its a pasted photo, no doubt. The background is even poorly done .Obamas pants look like ghostly sheets, and her legs and sandals look like the wrong size for the upper body. I thought I saved it , but now I’ll have to hunt for it.

        Oh I remember just now where I found it. I was watching a utube of Mark and they show the photo. It’s a teller photo for sure.

        • Good point. The adult Mark is light skinned, so why, as a child, was he so dark but his “brother David” was so much lighter? The younger child is chunky, much like that chubby boy in Indonesia. I always thought that the ears and hairline on that younger boy remind me of the Barry we know. The older “David” doesn’t look as much like that little boy, especially his eyes, although I think all three of the photos have been doctored.

  4. I agree with your comment Miri that “it’s the little things that suggest a lot”. I thought the same thing about how the mooch is sitting in that picture. The pictures of the first phony family are very interesting to me. Of course 99% of them are staged but I can use my perceptual gift to pick up on stuff. For instance the picture of the empty suit with nicorette -his lower lip is swollen likely he burnt it the night before on the crack pipe. Yes I am sure he continues to self-medicate his bulging narcissistic ego since it is stuck inside such a puny piece of humanity. I’m sure he needs a variety of remedies to relieve the pressure on a daily basis.

  5. Eleanor Roosevelt was acting President during FDR’s last term. Compare that to Valerie Jarrett who has been making Obama’s tough decisions for him

  6. since Day One

  7. January 20, 2009. A date that will live in infamy. On the other hand, if we are talking about sneak attacks, nothing tops December 24, 2009, aka Christmas Eve, when the Senate passed its version of Obamacare.

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