Thanksgiving Lessons

Following are excerpts from A Thanksgiving Lesson, by Chip Wood: [emphasis added to quotes]

Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock? …

The Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620 were incredibly brave and hardy souls. They were motivated by the noblest of virtues. They vowed, each and every one, to be as selfless as possible—to always put the needs of the group first. They agreed to own everything in common and to share everything equally.

And their naïve piety almost killed the entire colony. …

There were 102 passengers on board the Mayflower—50 men, 20 women and 32 children—along with a crew of 40. The captain set a course along the 42nd parallel, a bearing that would carry him to Cape Cod. From there he intended to swing south and follow the coast to northern Virginia.

A little over two months later, on Nov. 19, land was finally sighted and the captain turned the ship south, toward Virginia. However, they soon encountered such “dangerous shoals and roaring breakers” that they turned back to Massachusetts. It was then that the grumblings of dissent turned into a full-fledged roar. Many of the passengers insisted on landing in Massachusetts, where “none had power to command them.”

The Pilgrim leaders decided to meet the explosive situation by asking each male on board, except for the crew, to sign a formal document that would lay “the first foundation of their government in this place.” Thus the Mayflower Compact was born. …

Because provisions were so scanty they decided that the land would be worked in common, produce would be owned in common, and goods would be rationed equally. Not unlike the society Karl Marx envisioned of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Unfortunately, thanks to illness, injury and attitude, the system did not work. Pilferage from the storehouse became common. Suspicions of malingering were muttered. Over the course of that first, harsh winter, nearly half of the colonists perished. …

The colonists struggled desperately for two more years. When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter. The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good. …

Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramatic—and life-saving. Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them. More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.

Our current administration reminds us of the importance of ensuring that our “entire colony” is not killed off by communism.

Following are excerpts from a website that recounts the familiar legend of the first Thanksgiving:

In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast and invited a group of the fledgling colony’s Native American allies, including the Wampanoag chief Massasoit. Now remembered as American’s “first Thanksgiving”—although the Pilgrims themselves may not have used the term at the time—the festival lasted for three days. While no record exists of the historic banquet’s exact menu, the Pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow wrote in his journal that Governor Bradford sent four men on a “fowling” mission in preparation for the event, and that the Wampanoag guests arrived bearing five deer.

Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to mark the end of a long drought that had threatened the year’s harvest and prompted Governor Bradford to call for a religious fast. Days of fasting and thanksgiving on an annual or occasional basis became common practice in other New England settlements as well. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress designated one or more days of thanksgiving a year, and in 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the national government of the United States; in it, he called upon Americans to express their gratitude for the happy conclusion to the country’s war of independence and the successful ratification of the U.S. Constitution. His successors John Adams and James Madison also designated days of thanks during their presidencies.

The story, as interpreted at that website, makes no mention of the Pilgrims’ failed experiment with communism, although it does take pains to mention that the Spanish may have actually celebrated the “first” Thanksgiving, in Florida, and that some “Native Americans” as well as others believe that

the traditional narrative paints a deceptively sunny portrait of relations between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people, masking the long and bloody history of conflict between Native Americans and European settlers that resulted in the deaths of millions

altogether failing to mention the long and bloody history of conflict between and among Native American tribes that resulted in deaths, displacement, or slavery of at least thousands, if not many more.  Besides which, conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers did not alone result in the deaths of millions, although diseases introduced by each group to the other group doubtless played a much larger role in the deaths that did occur.

Wars between and among various Native American tribes were going on even as the Pilgrims landed, as Powhatan consolidated his “empire“.  These conflicts and numerous other intertribal battles over the millenia resulted in death, slavery, or the displacement of many thousands of Native Americans westward, which explains how Eastern and Great Lakes tribes ended up in the Midwest or the Dakotas.

Long before Columbus arrived, particularly in the 1300s, intertribal warfare was common. Such are the inconvenient truths that the politically correct downplay or simply ignore, as they rewrite history.

In politically correct history, Powhatan didn’t conquer other tribes through violence and subjugation. No, he somehow simply “added” tribes to his “fold”.  We might imagine that he peacefully community organized them into his “confederacy”.

Confederacy.  Association.  Fold.  These words sound so much better–kinder and gentler–than empire, don’t they?  Nevertheless, Wikipedia does tell us that Powhatan extracted tribute from his so-called allies.  Tribute is paid by forcefully subjugated peoples in empires.

Here’s another example:  Navajo didn’t invade Hopi lands; they “migrated” from Canada and points north and “entered” the Southwest in order to strike up a “long relationship with Pueblo people.”   Truth?  What does your common sense tell you?

One wonders what the politically correct make of the Windover population of Florida, which DNA analysis has shown consisted of 168 (or 169) persons of European ancestry who lived on this continent over 7000 years ago, sharing with contemporaneous European populations not only DNA but also cultural artifacts like woven cloth and stone tools.  A tool found with a similar population in Virginia consists of flint that originated in France.

Did the ancestors of the Windover people thank their Creator when they arrived safely in the New World thousands of years before their descendants lived in Florida?  Were the Windover ancestors waiting to greet the Asians who walked over the “land bridge” and became the “Native Americans”?  Were the Windover people wiped out by the newly arrived “Native Americans” through warfare, competition, or forced assimilation?

There’s another inconvenient truth for you:  More and more archaeological sites are popping up in the Americas, suggesting via cultural artifacts as well as DNA and morphological evidence that the traditional “First Nations” may not have truly been “first”.

As a result, the politically correct supported legislation that gives control of cultural patrimony as well as the human remains from ancient sites to traditional “Native American” tribes, on the assumption that they represent the descendants of these populations.  This law too often results in scientists being delayed or even prevented from analyzing the origin of some human remains, such as Kennewick Man.

So there’s controversy over the first Thanksgiving and there’s controversy over the first “Americans”.  We Americans are, and always have been, a scrappy lot.  One important lesson to be learned:  Always keep an open mind.

In any case, historians remind us, quite accurately, that most cultures around the world celebrate a harvest festival.

And so today, We the People of the United States of America, all of us, no matter our ancestry, give thanks to our Creator for His bounty and, above all, we thank Him for the blessings bestowed upon our beloved Republic, unique among nations in the history of this world.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

to all of our friends, and Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to those who don’t consider themselves to be our friends.


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  1. November 28, 2013

    “IBD Goes There: Obama Life Story Fabricated; Terrorist Wrote Obama Book?”

    “An article topic previously published by BirtherReport and GatewayPundit has now been picked up by Investors Business Daily along with Rush Limbaugh. IBD asks if voters are victims of an elaborate con. Well, Duh!”
    “Investors Business Daily”:

    “Terrorist Ayers Confesses Sharing Obama’s ‘Dreams'”

    “Excerpt: If someone else wrote the book the president has repeatedly claimed he did — a book that proved significant in his election and earned him millions in late royalties — it not only exposes him as a fraud, but further indicts the national media for failing to properly vet him.

    In fact, the media elite used the book to help promote him for the presidency. Time magazine, for one, gushed that “Dreams From My Father” “may be the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.””
    “@ IBD: Don’t forget about his fabricated birth certificates and selective service card…”

    [more at link]

    • I had to hide for a second and this is where I came. WTPOUS always has great holiday posts. So, I came by the wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to tell you all that I’m grateful for you. No matter how bad the news, how dire the situation or how puzzling the world may be, the posters here always manage to keep perspective, to still laugh and to hang onto principles. It’s possible to disagree, to be seekers of truth and not hate or wish harm on others. You are fine examples…even when frustrations bubble to the top. We all have those moments, but being able to right yourself is maturity. I witness that here.

      Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, interesting articles and in depth research.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      • 7delta, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones, too. We are THANKFUL for you, too. Thank you for the compliments. We try, and will try to live up to your expectations. God bless.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Yes, 7delta. This is THE best blog. I always enjoy your well written and insightful posts. I hope your Thanksgiving was memorable! God bless American and God bless us, every one!

      • btw, having ancestors from both “sides” of this first Thanksgiving/first Americans issue, what I’d like to reiterate is that nothing bugs me more than political correctness, changing history, refusing to see FACTS (especially if they don’t fit preconceived notions of reality), and racism of any kind. We are ALL members of the same race: HUMAN. If we’re citizens of this wonderful country, then we are ALL “Americans”, no matter our ancestry. We are all subject to the failings of the human race. There is no superior race, neither white nor black nor red nor yellow nor brown. This was no paradise on earth, where all lived in harmony, until those “evil” pilgrims arrived. We’re all persons of color, too, otherwise we’d be invisible. Peace, out.

    • Jack Cashill:

      Part 1:

      “© Jack Cashill”

      September 18, 2008”

      “Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s “Dreams”?”

      “Prior to 1990, when Barack Obama contracted to write Dreams From My Father, he had written very close to nothing.

      As an undergraduate, Obama had written what he justifiably calls some “very bad poetry.” He published nothing under his own name in The Harvard Law Review, where he served as an editor and as president. And after leaving Harvard, he published nothing in its review or in any law journal.

      Then, in 1995, this untested 33 year-old produced what Time Magazine has called–with a straight face– “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”

      The public is asked to believe Obama wrote this on his own. I do not buy this canard for a minute, not at all. …”

      Part 2:

      September 19, 2008”

      “Deconstructing the Text”

      Part 3:

      September 20, 2008”

      “Why it Matters”

  2. Edit: TO wish, not THE wish. Geez. Oops.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don’t bust a gut eating today. I plan to, though. 🙂

  4. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy the first day of Hanukkah Miri and all that post here. 🙂

  5. Remember when the media thought this was a horrible credibility problem for the president? (Mind you, there was NO lie involved.)

    Turkey-gate explained here:

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! NASA is reporting Comet Ison hasn’t survived its orbit around the Sun.

    • Oh, I know, James. I’m so disappointed. I was looking forward to a spectacular show. It fizzled like Halley’s Comet, for which I waited from childhood.

  7. America.
    Bring it Home 2014.

  8. November 29, 2013


    “‘But, He Was Such a Good Boy’ – Thug Shot While Committing Armed Robbery – Now Thug’s Family Angry About It….”

    “Remember last week when Black Community leaders in Brooklyn New York said they wouldn’t stop beating Jews and Non-Blacks unless they were paid? Believe it or not, I think this story out of Alabama actually has that insufferable logic topped.

    During a store robbery a thug held a group of customers at gunpoint. The thug held the gun to the head of one of the customers and threatened to shoot. Another customer in the store was armed, took position and told the gunman to “drop his weapon”.

    The thug turned to shoot the armed shopper. The customer shot the thug. Now the thug’s family says the shopper should have just kept on going and minded his own business – they are quite upset. They say of the good Samaritan: “what gives him the right to shoot someone”?

    MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The family of a suspected thief is lashing out after their son was shot during an armed robbery.

    Relatives of Adric White, 18, [pictured above] believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have “just left the store.”

    Court records show that White was out on bond for robbing The Original Oyster House at gunpoint a little more than a month before the Family Dollar robbery.”

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Such a nice lad. “roll”

    • It’s “logical” only in the sick, twisted logic of the progressive left, which has spoon-fed people this mentality for years. Nobody is responsible for his or her own actions, unless they are white, conservative, believers in the Second Amendment, patriots, Republicans, Christians, patriotic members of the military, Tea Partiers, or … did I leave anybody out?

  9. Well that Turkey WAS stuffed now it is me. 😆

  10. NASA – “it may be on,again”. Comet Ison may have survived !!!!

    • OMG. YES! Did you see that? I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was fixing the turkey and nearly dropped it! How in the world do they expect people to explain that to their kids, who expect to see Underdog and not drag queens?

    • Look to the background of the friend/ob-gyn.

    • Well, one would assume that there would be birth announcements for the kids, especially considering that their father was an Illinois celeb.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Would be more fitting if they were named Boris and Natasha!

      • Oh, my so correct, Miri. I don’t know if elite blacks of Chicago are like those of the “gold coast” of Detroit but if they are, there would definitely be announcements with a professionally take pic to go along with it. I am not talking about those put out by hospital but those similar to engagement and wedding announcements. Also, baby dedication at church would be in weekly bulletin and those children dedicated at the same time would have some notoriety now in showing the bulletin with their’s with one of the Obo girls. Hmmmm……

    • The Chicago Sun-Times had gossip columns and there were “congrats” to Obama during the appropriate weeks for the births of his daughters. I found them on an index of abstracts, which showed only a tiny excerpt for each and then gave information concerning at which library somebody could find a copy. They’re probably on microfilm, if anybody cares to go look them up. The one for Sasha mentioned her name as “Natasha Marion”. That’s all I could see.

    • And after he sees to it that they get food stamps, they refuse to eat the food! This is Barry’s constituency, in more ways than one. He visits THEM on Thanksgiving. ILLEGAL ALIENS. He has THEM, and not U.S. citizens, standing in prized (?) spots behind him on the podium, when his eminence gives canned speeches. I wonder what he has in common with them?

    • They’re so right to point out the 9 kinds of pie that the Obamas enjoyed for their Thanksgiving feast. I wonder how many homeless old white men they invited to dine with them? 9 kinds of pie! Now that’s not to say that they ate ANY of them, but they must be on hand on the off chance that Mooooooo-chelle Antoinette takes a fancy to having a bite of OUR pie.

  11. Proverbs17-12NLTNov. 30, 2013 at 10:10am

    People are finally starting to not like 0bamas white half……


    Churchill’s bust is back, but in the Capitol, not the Oval Office. Kerry took the occasion to diss the man, as would be expected.

  13. Just a heads up: Watch in the media for “victims” of the knockout “game” who are black. It’s coming, if not already here. We know by now HOW these people spin the news, the facts, and create images.

  14. Know thy enemy. Have no doubt, the Enemy is here amongst us. Just in time for Christmas, and in a way that they would NEVER, EVER, EVER ridicule the “religion” of submission, a DESPICABLE hate-infused “satirical” site has published a “satire” designed to insult every Christian in the world. They pretend to report that archaeologists have discovered the site where–I’m not going to say the name–“turned tricks”. I hate to have to link to them. Well, maybe I won’t. I’ll just say that a few days ago (11/26) “The Onion” published their hateful “joke”. So far I don’t see any outcry that’s easily found by Web searches, although SURELY there MUST be condemnation out there. What would happen if any such site ridiculed the prophet of the “religion” of submission? Talk about a war on Christmas.


    GP has an update on those Saudis deporting their illegal aliens. With a photo!


    The Taliban are NOT our enemies, so sayeth Barry’s spokesperson Donilon. All I can say is: 9/11/01


    Benghazi document and photo dump over Thanksgiving weekend. FOX News says there’s nothing earthshaking. They post them on a government website, so guess who will take your name and IP# when you go to browse? I’m just sayin’. Another coup by Judicial Watch.

  18. Hardball! Obama’s IRS suddenly decides to audit the returns, back to 2003, of a cancer patient (an Obama VOTER) who had to temerity to speak out about his plight!

    Oh, it’s just a coincidence. Besides which, if he has any estate at all, it “should” belong to THE STATE. Which makes me wonder. If someone accepts subsidies for Obamacare, once the person is deceased, will the State go after their estate, if any? I mean, after all, they do go after the houses and other assets of elderly people who go on Medicaid when they have no insurance. They let them stay in their homes until they die and then … CONFISCATION.

    From the story, quite the understatement:

    “The United States desperately needs to restore the rule of law and confidence in its institutions otherwise we are facing a serious crisis in which Americans begin viewing government agencies as tools of political repression.” TOO LATE. They ARE ALL tools of political repression.

  19. Remember when Zullo said that he’d been “out west” investigating for several weeks. Well, some speculate it has to do with this:

    ” … Kakugawa is being held on $400,000 bond and if convicted, faces a lengthy prison sentence.

    A source close to the former Wall Street trader told the Enquirer this may lead him to reveal his stories about the President.

    ‘Keith knows a lot of secrets that could prove to be embarrassing for the commander-in-chief if they get out,’ he said.

    ‘They are mostly youthful indiscretions, but he would know more about Obama’s teenage drug-taking than anyone. And now that he’s really desperate and facing a lengthy prison stretch, he could spill the beans.’ …”

  20. Can you believe this? Some clown actually is arguing to allow Barry to run again, for a third term: So sad about the 22nd amendment.


    Did somebody already post this article? I remember one with a photo, but this one seems different. I searched but didn’t locate it on the blog, so am repeating, so I can quote this:

    “If someone else wrote the book the president has repeatedly claimed he did — a book that proved significant in his election and earned him millions in late royalties — it not only exposes him as a fraud, but further indicts the national media for failing to properly vet him.

    In fact, the media elite used the book to help promote him for the presidency. Time magazine, for one, gushed that “Dreams From My Father” “may be the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”

    Others waxed proudly about how his tangled and biracial life story reflected “the diversity of America.”

    But this myth-making was recently busted by Obama biographer David Maraniss, who documented at least 38 instances in the president’s life story that were fabricated. Obama made up people, events and history. Much of the book was pure fiction.

    The real story may be that Obama was deeper in bed with an unrepentant America-hating militant socialist than he has admitted.

    Did America elect a fiction to the White House? Are voters victims of an elaborate con? It’s high time the national media started asking hard questions.”

  22. Rosemary Woodhouse

    He is doomed. Highly susceptible to “suicide” while imprisoned.

    • Keith, you mean? That occurred to me, too. That’s an old story, though, so maybe he’s already out on bail? I didn’t look into the disposition. I remember it when it was reported at Gateway Pundit, back in Sept.

  23. Happy December Friends. 🙂

    • Right back atcha! Can you believe it’s December already? I’ve done ZERO Christmas shopping or preparation. In hindsight, maybe those folks who decorated right after Halloween had the right idea. 😉

  24. Rofl!!!
    Obama’s green car. 😆

  25. Remember way back when we were looking at the immigration records (or maybe it was passport records) that were released? Some paper said that Barry, in relation to Lolo, would be regarded, technically, as a stepchild, according to immigration law. To recap:
    “The term “child” means an unmarried person under twenty-one years of age who is

    (A) a legitimate child; or

    (B) a stepchild, provided the child had not reached the age of eighteen years at the time the marriage creating the status of stepchild occurred; or

    (C) a child legitimated under the law of the child’s residence or domicile, or under the law of the father’s residence or domicile, whether in or outside the United States, if such legitimation takes place before the child reaches the age eighteen years and the child is in the legal custody of the legitimating parent or parents at the time of such legitimation.”

    Formerly, I was focused on that second part (B). Now think about (C): “a child LEGITIMATED under the LAW of … the FATHER’S RESIDENCE OR DOMICILE, whether in OR OUTSIDE the U.S.” if it takes place before age 18.

    We know that Lolo preceded SAD and Barry to Indonesia, by months, if not a year. While they were in Hawaii, they were allegedly waiting for vaccinations and passports (I think this was in the book Ayers wrote for Barry, iirc). So where was Lolo’s domicile and residence? JAKARTA, Indonesia, where little Barry, once he arrived, was listed at school as the son of Lolo, named Barry Soetoro, and a citizen of Indonesia, which he would be IF he had been “legitimized” in Indonesia as the son of Lolo Soetoro. No adoption required, if they simply said he was Lolo’s biological son and had that declared as true under Indonesian law. Now how do they do it? I don’t know, but seems it would be worth looking into. We’ve already noted the resemblance, which may have been close enough for courts in Indonesia, but maybe they didn’t even see the kid. Only took Lolo’s word for it. (It’s entirely possible, too, because Lolo had been in the US before the official story says and there are, as usual, discrepancies in the stories about when he met SAD. I remember stories that at least implied that she possibly saw BOTH BHO Sr. and Lolo simultaneously. In addition, there’s the discrepancy about when she married Lolo, which year, I mean; and there’s also a recent video I found where Maya says her parents met earlier, too.) In any case, here’s my latest hypothesis:

    SAD is preggers. Maybe knows who the father is or doesn’t, but she wants it to be Lolo because he’s her ticket to Indonesia, where she spends nearly her entire adulthood as an anthropologist (or so the story goes). Remember that she’d hoped to go to Africa, but that was before learning of the co-wife Kezia and she’s not the type to take a back seat, is she? Besides, Mboya wanted BHO Sr. back in Africa, with Kezia, and probably NOT with that white wife. (I realize this is based somewhat on the official tale, which may not be true at all.) Anyway, so for whatever reason, initially she wants Lolo as the father. Maybe the kid was born with “father unknown”, but to easily get to Indonesia, with Lolo, with the kid, and ease the way with passports, schooling, etc., the best case scenario would be for Lolo to be the “legitimate” father. So he goes home to Indonesia where he easily (maybe wealthy family greased palms) gets Barry “legitimized” as his biological son. THUS the question from the INS guy about what would be Barry’s “status” with regard to Lolo, and the answer that “technically” he’s a stepchild. BUT this all happened when Ann wanted Lolo to be able to STAY in the USA, so it would be BEFORE any legitimization, wouldn’t it? I’m just brainstorming here. But isn’t it plausible? To get out of Hawaii and to Indonesia, they play fast and loose. Now, once legitimated, Barry’s no longer a stepchild but is a “child” of Lolo’s. By then he didn’t want to stay in the USA (maybe because he was called back or maybe just because politically it was more expedient because he’d have a role in the new government and Ann wanted to be there, too). But once her marriage to Lolo fell apart, now she wants to get Barry away from him and back to Hawaii, where her mother will raise him and she can stay there in Indonesia. What to do? Why, reverse the process. Have him “legitimized” in Hawaii by BHO Sr., who flew there just for that process. Would there necessarily be any need to tell the US authorities that Soebarkah was legitimized as Lolo’s son in Indonesia? Who knows? Maybe she came clean with them and somebody figured it’s for the best for him to be in the good old USA, anyway, so more strings were pulled and viola! However, that Hawaiian BC would certainly say “amended” on it. What say you?

    • Mothers did not have the same rights as fathers in Indonesia. No way a mother(especially an american mother) can leave and take a child…not in Indo. Only recently have laws changed and it still may be so. Remember Indonesian laws are pretty much influence of Moslem nation.
      While all your speculating may be a great try, we still only have gobblde goop for a legitimate life story for Barry Soebarka Obama Hussein Soetoro.

      Any Senator or CIA could have gotten Ann or Barry into Indonesia under many guises during that time. Any by the way , seems he came back by himself, if i remember the story from “Dreams’
      Hey was just listening to Percy Sutton on Utube today. He really is a remarkable person. THere’s one where Percy tells about representing Malcolm X. One about He and his family and several more. Areally sweet man, Percy Sutton….I didn’t realize that his son Pierre Monty Sutton married Joan Harris Bunche Pierce’s daughter. Joan Bunch was Ralph Bunche’s daughter that jumped from her apartment building Oct. 9th 1966. Her daughter was Karen Bunche Pierce married Pierre Sutton in 1989 It’s really a small world, cause Ralph Johnson Bunche is supposedly kin to Obama; so the geneologists say. And Remember Husein Onyango took the name Johnson for a while in Kenya( the relation is supposed to be on Obama’s grandmothers side of the family.

  26. SPEED KILLS.. a cherry-red Porche Carrera GT….only knows SPEED!


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