Invisible President Dot Com?

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A team of Internet entrepreneurs has won a contest with a proposal for a “startup” website that creates virtual paramours: [emphasis added to quotes] isn’t a dating service. Instead, the service will create a faux relationship, using fake texts and photos.  The website, which still is in pilot mode, won out over a field of 49 pitches made by entrepreneurs at the St. Louis Startup Weekend …

Once it’s operational, the website would allow customers to create a virtual girlfriend, complete with messages and photos that can be shared on social media, according to Juney Ham, one of the team members who developed the concept conceived by Matt Homann.

“It’s essentially a way for you to create a believable story with evidence, and say, ‘I’m with somebody, get off my back,’” Ham said. Another website,, is in the works.

The website promises faux veracity:

Each of our plans help you create a believable Invisible Girlfriend and include a mix of virtual and real-world relationship “proof.” …

After selecting your Invisible Girlfriend from our extensive library, you’ll customize her personality and specify how the two of you will interact.

This opens up a whole new career vista for the army of “obots” who have put together and maintained, for years, the false persona of Barack Hussein Obama II.

If it’s true that his life story is myth, if it’s true that his documentation has been created to provide “evidence” of eligibility, if it’s true that photos allegedly backing up his life story have been photoshopped, then the people who made it all possible will be prime pickings for recruiters from the team at Invisible Girlfriend.  After all, the obots are going to need a new employer come 2016, unless the Democrat Party has them on retainer.

Obots, with their particular expertise, can help make this Invisible Girlfriend startup as successful as Twitter!  Or they can branch out on their own and become Internet startup entrepreneurs in their own right.

How about  That’s one service that may be in demand from Democrats at the local, state, and national levels, all courtesy of a group who already have successfully made a bogus back story seem real by creating

a believable story with evidence,

albeit “evidence” that would never be accepted by any court of law.


135 responses to “Invisible President Dot Com?

  1. Britt Wit · Top Commenter

    Looks like GOVERNOR Sarah PALIN was right the whole time, but
    the barry koolaid main-lining, white powder snorting press corpses
    could only call her vile sexist names because they had their noses
    up obamas a$$ instead of in his commie history background Art.

    • True dat! I read something Friday that had some lamestream bigwig talking about how the lamestream let the American people down because they didn’t vet Obamacare. Well, they COULD start vetting it now and telling the truth about it, but … crickets! In fact, now they’re covering up. See how NBC ignores all the news on Obamacare. And see how CBS has ALREADY DISAPPEARED their story about Barry’s sinking poll number! Yep. To put it in my new post, I had to go find it in the Internet Archives. Thank goodness for the Wayback Machine. Soon to be corrupted and/or leaned on to censor that, too. When can we expect to see somebody from the lamestream talking about how they let us all down by failing the vet the “man” himself? 50 years after? I saw a program on PBS about the Kennedy assassination, where they did forensic tests out the wazoo to prove the “single bullet” theory. What I found interesting is how they’re actually applying forensic science to the evidence. Went to the National Archives, got access to the photos and actual photos from the autopsy that most people up to now haven’t been able to see. Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they actually did the SAME for Barry’s so-called evidence of eligibility, as a public service, especially seeing as how We the People support PBS with our tax dollars?

  2. ….

    O.. Blocks his SAY NOTHING DO NOTHING PRESS…. SO very SAD!!!
    MORE….empty….. CHAIRS….. “Lap Dogs united” 4 how LONG???

    • The best news out of that issue is that the so-called journalists are banding together and challenging each other to REFUSE TO RUN OR USE the canned photos provided to them by the WH photog. But see–they’re going to meet with Barry where he’ll lean on, cajole, bribe, and/or threaten them and they’ll knuckle under to Big Bro and the Ministry of Disinformation.

  3. November 22, 2013

    “Lt. Zullo Interview: Universe Shattering Evidence In Obama ID Fraud Investigation”

    • November 22, 2013

      “Team Arpaio: Hard Document Evidence Piling Up; Sheriff’s Office More Involved”
      go to 3:16

      Zullo flew west (from AZ)

      3 hour meeting => 3 week stay

    • I wonder if they know what I have known but couldn’t confirm since about 2008-09. WHat I know would surely wake up the dead and have the media in such a stir. I doubt it’s the same thing, but since they aren’t talking it’s got me wondering. THe other day I found a tiny piece of evidence that caused me to only confirm further what I already have as far as evidence. I was elated , but the only problem is I have had for five years now no one but my family and maybe a couple close friends to share this with. I have almost shared it or started to write to a couple people …but have not been sure who to trust. I sure don’t trust the FBI and I thought maybe a congressman, but for various reasons I” held back on that too. Got any suggestions what you would do if you had some information that you thought was so important but was dangerous to know or share?

      • I don’t know alfy and I am not so sure giving to cold case posse people good idea. For a variety of unspoken reasons.

        • Wondering if they are in on it? Never occurred to me, though Orly has said a hundred times “what’s the hold up”; “why the need for donations”. Also your insght makes me think that though they may not be in on it, they are certainly being surveilled.

          • Agree with you Hoot and Pap. You understand the delima. Every now and then I listen to someone and think, could I trust that person or give them the information, but something always make me hesitate.Plus, it would take some time to show and explain the huge stack of info I have, how I’ve varified this and with out all that people would think I was crazy to tell them what I know and probably write me off as just that and not persue what I can almost 99% know to be correct. like they say, their information is unbelievable what they have found. Well what I have found is that also and people are not expecting it.
            Two reasons all this stuff we’ve seen, all the stuff with the maricopa sherriff , and various others…..WHy have we seen no results and things are always titilating but never and outcome. Makes one wonder, what really gives. Are they shopping for people with info, so those people can be silenced. I don’t know. I do know the info I have , if it were known would makae people run for cover ,so maybe that’s the same reason they are not telling their findings too. I just don’t know.

      • Find some way to get it to Arpaio or Zullo anonymously, or some way to lead him to how to find it himself, anonymously, of course. Or get it to someone who will get it to Arapaio or Zullo, anonymously. I expect that even snail mail could be intercepted if sent to the CCP, so it would have to be someone who could hand it off to them personally and whose mail wouldn’t be intercepted. Know anybody who lives in AZ who would hand deliver something?

    • Oh, I’ll bet. I’m waiting with bated breath. We wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. When will the UNIVERSE-SHATTERING EVIDENCE be revealed? On the 50th anniversary of Barry’s selection?

      • Ok. I listened to the audio. Zullo said that the Xerox stuff (which we haven’t even discussed, so far as I know, because we basically knew that it …) IS an obot smoke screen. He said these guys have no clue that they’re NOT going to beat a team of seasoned investigators. The obots are worried about what Zullo has and they haven’t a clue about that, either, but it’s universe shattering WHEN it comes out. It seems to be only tangentially connected to the BC, but the BC led to this tangent they followed, which led to the new evidence. In addition, it’s interesting that NOW the sheriff’s office and its resources are participating in the investigation, which seems to indicate that it’s a legitimate criminal investigation upon which the sheriff can expend taxpayer funds. That seems huge. Can’t even guess what it is, but it’s likely something we discussed before. We’ve been prescient on so much else, so it would be universe shattering if it’s not something that we have imagined. In other words, I bet we guessed it in the course of our speculation. Time will tell, if we all live long enough. Let’s hope they don’t sit on it for 50 freaking years.

        • Universe shattering as in tape of conversation between Donny youngster and the presidential candidate on dy havin stolen Barry’s document box and obarry threatening to have him killed. Either that or footage of him doing cocaine. The best would be taxi sex tape turned over to team a between Sinclair and Barry. From the taxi driver. Take your pick. My bet is on video proof.

          • Speaking of cocaine: Isn’t it interesting that they’re speculating in the lamestream media that the political career of that “Tea Party” Republican who used coke is over? What about Barry, who ADMITTED it, in writing?

        • Miri at 11:43 pm:

          “… it’s interesting that NOW the sheriff’s office and its resources are participating in the investigation, which seems to indicate that it’s a legitimate criminal investigation upon which the sheriff can expend taxpayer funds. That seems huge.”
          At ORYR:

          Part of areyoukiddingme’s comment: “… now he’s committing official resources to the investigation. That’s a smart play because when he has to answer the media barrage that’s bound to happen from this, it will give him and Zullo the stage to present their evidence as to why it needed tax payer dollars”.

  4. YEP! Beyond the PALE… so we wait… the OBOT’s are SWEATING

    • I do know a way to get info out but unfortunately can’t tell you. Can’t email correspond. Can’t make plans to get together and tell in person. Or snail mail. Everything is heard. And seen. And current reality vindicates me as being paranoid. You have to think outside the box on this one; outside of who can you turn it over to and change it to the world seeing all at once and actually seen. There is a way. Imagine. Big scale. And demographics to go big scale.

    • Don’t think obits are sweating; laughing maybe but not sweating.

    • Oh, I know. I read that one the other day, too. I agree, PLEASE make it stop. What is WRONG with these people? Seriously. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams schools making a folk hero/messiah out of George W. Bush?

  5. DOGS…..getting OBAMA-SCARE? ….BUTT’ Baxter is an AMERICAN
    DOG…. does that make us feel better?

  6. November 23, 2013


    “St. Louis – Megan Boken’s Killer Pleads Guilty – Getaway Driver Yet To Be Tried..”

    “Last August we outlined a murder of a young female college student, Megan Boken, in St. Louis, Missouri. She was sitting in her parked car when a black male, Keith V. Esters, 18, approached her, shot her twice, then jumped into a car driven by another black male and took off.

    It was broad daylight, 2:15pm on a Saturday afternoon – on a busy public street at St. Louis University.

    Three general red flags were noted:

    At the time of the shooting the media refused to publish the race of the attackers.

    In addition the motive was continually declared as “robbery” despite the fact that nothing was taken from the victim.

    St Louis has a long history of being unwilling to identify black on white crimes as racially driven.

    Here’s the Update: ST. LOUIS • One of two teenagers charged in the Central West End murder of former St. Louis University volleyball player Megan Boken pleaded guilty this afternoon and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.”

    • They claimed that the thugs were after her pricey cell phone. She fought back and they shot her in cold blood. Now the prosecutor gave a plea bargain to thug #1 so he gets off with only second degree murder, so no death sentence or life in prison without parole. Thug #2 hasn’t taken a plea bargain, so don’t know what he’ll get. In that city, I’ve heard that most of the gang murders end up being knocked down to second degree. It’s a travesty. White people who got caught with a few ounces of marijuana are serving more time in the Big House than black thugs who’ve MURDERED people.

    • He won’t have to serve 50 years. He has to serve 85% of 30 years and then the next sentence of 20 years, but a judge can parole him on that one. So he could be out after 25 years. Since he’s only 19, that means he could be out by age 44. Not bad for having murdered an innocent girl in cold blood.

  7. November 22, 2013

    “‘White Girl’ author gives Hannity ‘knockout’ scoop
    Colin Flaherty reveals ‘relentless mountain of evidence’ of growing black-mob violence”

    “The journalist who, until recently, has been the only newsman to focus on the rapidly growing phenomenon of racial violence in America – including the “Knockout Game” where an attacker bashes, as hard as possible, an innocent passer-by on the head, sometimes resulting in death – today shared with talk radio host Sean Hannity the “relentless mountain of evidence” of the troubling phenomenon.”

    [go to link for audio]

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