Big Nanny: Get Out of My Life!

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Today’s noon news was illustrative of where we find ourselves today, in the Obamanation.  There was a common theme to the stories, although it’s doubtful that the news producer recognized it: That being the emerging Nanny State, to which any constitutional conservative must be driven to scream,

Get out of my life!!!!!

First story:  Say bye bye to “trans fats”. [emphasis added to quotes]

The Food and Drug Administration has declared war on trans fats. The government agency said Thursday it would require food makers to gradually phase out artificial trans fats — the artery-clogging ingredient found in crackers, cookies, pizza and many other baked goods.

Trans fats are not good for you.  That’s today’s judgment.  Tomorrow’s?  Who knows?  But in the meantime, in typical knee-jerk fashion, Big Nanny says, “NO!!!!”

You clueless people won’t stop buying food containing trans fat, so Big Nanny is going to take it away from you, for your own good, by ordering companies to stop making products that contain trans fat.

Next up:  A father is tazed to stop him from saving the life of his toddler.

The family of a 3-year-old killed in a northern Missouri house fire says it is outraged after police used a stun gun on the boy’s stepfather as he tried to run back in and save the child.

Riley Miller died early Oct. 31 in the Mississippi River town of Louisiana. A city police officer fired his stun gun at Ryan Miller [handcuffed him, then tazed him twice more] as he tried to re-enter his burning home, which was destroyed.

The family is considering a lawsuit.  Sadly, the little boy’s body was found just 12 feet from the door, which his dad was prevented from going through, for his own good, the authorities would probably say.  The cops made a “judgment call,” but in so doing they took away Mr. Miller’s individual freedom to make his own judgment call about what risks he freely chose to take in order to save the life of his child.

Next we have yet another food-related story.  There ought to be a law to prevent “fast food giants” from “targeting” your children:

A new report from researchers at Yale University shows fast food restaurants are still targeting kids with their advertising.

Marlene Schwartz with the Yale-Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity says parents might just give in because they simply feel overwhelmed by the constant bombardment on TV and at the restaurant.

So Big Nanny ought to, ought to, protect parents from their tendency to “give in” (for the parents’ and childrens’ own good, of course).  The recommendations made by the report’s authors are here.  While none explicitly call for government action (yet), there are quite a few “musts” for restaurants to follow (e.g., “Fast food restaurants must establish meaningful standards for child-targeted marketing that apply to all fast food restaurants — not just those who voluntarily participate …”)  And if they don’t do what they “must,” voluntarily?  Enter Big Nanny, stage left.

Speaking of musts, now millions of our fellow citizens “must” do as Obama says and “shop around” because Obamacare, his signature law, has forced insurance companies to drop policies that aren’t, in Obama’s opinion, good enough, and Big Nanny knows best.

As we all know by now, despite Obama’s oft-cited promise that if you like your insurance you can keep it, the regulations deliberately implemented by Obama’s administration have removed your individual choice.  Now you must “shop around,” whether you want to or not; but it’s for your own good.  Obama (aka Big Nanny) says so.

The case of Richie Incognito, of course, is also in the news.  Incognito, for those who have managed to avoid the latest ginned-up media controversy, is accused of “bullying” another behemoth of a football player by the name of Jonathan Martin. Whether the charges are true or not, make no mistake: Big Nanny has an interest in this case, too.  The goal?   To rid the world of the violent sport of football.  It’s a hotbed of macho culture. It’s a hotbed of racism, for goodness sake!  It’s full of bullies.  Big Nanny is already moving against this violent sport because players can suffer concussions, as they’re being bullied.  Just look at these headlines:

Is Football Just Too Dangerous?

An Ugly Truth — Football Can Cause Brain Damage

League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

Listen up, folks. It’s only a matter of time until Big Nanny decides that football must be banned.  For your own good. For the good of your children. For the good of the multi-millionaire players.

Paul Hsieh, MD, said it best, in an article at Forbes:

Nanny state regulations and universal health care thus create a vicious cycle that erodes individual responsibility and habituates citizens to ever-worsening erosions of their individual rights.

To break this vicious cycle, we must therefore reject both the nanny state and universal health care and instead advocate for a properly limited government. The proper function of government is to protect individual rights, such as our rights to free speech, property, and contract. Only those who initiate physical force or fraud can violate our rights. A properly limited government protects us from criminals who steal, murder, etc., as well as from foreign aggressors. But it should otherwise leave honest people alone to live peacefully. It should not limit our diet choices “for our own good,” nor tax us to fund “universal health care.”

Of course, healthy diet and exercise are good. But these are issues of personal — not government — responsibility. Adults should enjoy the right to eat and drink what they wish — and the corresponding responsibility to enjoy (or suffer) the consequences.

Then Dr. Hsieh quoted G.K. Chesterton:

The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he MAY not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.


142 responses to “Big Nanny: Get Out of My Life!

  1. “Some folks have decided to try to go after “MY DAD” because they
    want to take some shots at me,” Cruz said. “But I think the critics are
    better off attacking me. “MY DAD’S” been my HERO my WHOLE life.”

    Just LOVE IT!!!! His DAD has been his “HERO”…. his whole LIFE!!!!

    & then of course…we have the Usurper in OUR WHITE HOUSE….
    JUST WHO is his FATHER?.. & who is HIS.. HERO?? we Ponder STILL

  2. OLD…. HILLARY & CHELSEA in San Francisco & Hollywood
    SHE HAS a LOT 2 HIDE…YES she does.. getting $$$ 2 paid talk
    …. she is everywhere…keeping it REAL QUIET….. she is…

    • I suspect the “Hillary 2016” meme explains the backtracking by 60 Minutes on their story. I also suspect the FBI with disinformation.

  3. IS the MAN & his grifters..going 2 his HOMELAND soon.. fill us in…

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I refuse to use the term I now see popping up on every conservative blog: “low information voter”. How about: morons, idiots, imbeciles, or that now all but outlawed word hurled by many of us as children to insult others, retards?

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    There is so much to read at Trevor Loudon’s blog, New Zeal, regarding the great peril Israel faces. Those with eyes to see/ears to hear are aware of just how prominently Israel and the seven year peace treaty factors in end time prophecy, but let’s start with the fate of our nation.

  6. Confirmation that Big Nanny is going after football to BAN it:

    “When we talk about football, we usually talk about our favorite teams and the games they play. The biggest ongoing story in the sport right now, however, is something else entirely. It’s not about the Bears vs. the Packers or Michigan vs. Ohio State, but rather the controversy over concussions and the long-term health effects of head injuries.

    On August 29, 2013, the National Football League agreed to pay $765 million to settle a lawsuit involving more than 4,500 players and their families, who had claimed that the league covered up data on the harmful effects of concussions. Although medical research into football and long-term effects of head injuries is hardly conclusive, some data suggest a connection. A number of legal experts believe the NFL, which will generate about $10 billion in revenue this year, dodged an even bigger payout.

    Football, of course, is much bigger than the NFL and its players, whose average yearly salary is nearly $2 million. Football’s ranks include about 50,000 men who play in college and four million boys who play for schools or in youth leagues whose pockets aren’t nearly so deep. A Colorado jury recently awarded $11.5 million to a boy who suffered a paralyzing injury at his high school football practice in 2008. How long will it be before school districts begin to think football isn’t worth the cost?

    Earlier this year, President Obama waded into the debate. “If I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football,” he said. He also called for football “to reduce some of the violence.” Others have called for a more dramatic solution: Malcolm Gladwell, the bestselling author of The Tipping Point and other books, thinks football should go the way of dogfighting. He would like to see America’s favorite sport run out of polite society. …”

    The article goes on to explain that this is a long-time goal of the PROGRESSIVES, who tried to ban the sport in the early 1900s! This whole topic might require some research and another post. Why?

    Good question: WHY? Why do the progressives and especially Obama want to put a stake in football? I’m guessing it’s the money. The entire football industry is a massive economic engine. We KNOW that people like Obama want to take over everything and that includes ALL private universities as well as state universities. You can’t have communism and state control until you control all the institutions where people are educated.

    In addition, a redistributor like Obama (and one who does NOT understand basic economics) sees a huge sh**load of money, accumulated at the college level from football, and what does he think? That it’s a zero sum game. For that money to be there, it MUST have been taken from somebody else or, in any case, that’s money that OUGHT TO GO to his peeps. To his people. To be redistributed.

    But, you might say, it wouldn’t exist without football. He doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t realize that the money will just go away, or go elsewhere, without football. Nope. All he sees is their bottom line and how much money coaches and others related to the sport are paid at the university level and he thinks: That’s not fair. I think that money should go to pay for college educations for persons of color.

    What say you? Any theories about the REAL reason that they want to ban football? We know it’s not because they care about the violence. Actually, the trial lawyers make a ton of money bringing these cases and the trial lawyers love on Obama, so the lawsuits can’t be it. What is it?


    “Warning: If You Sign Up for Obamacare – Your Information Can Be Accessed By Complete Strangers

    We were warned this could happen. A St. Louis woman found out she was a victim of identity theft this week after she signed up for Obamacare.

    Lisa Martinson called customer service after she forgot her password. That’s when she was told three different people were given the password to her account, her address and her Social Security number. Then she was told it would take up to five days to get her personal information offline. …”

    Video at the link but I wonder how long before the regime leans on that lamestream media organization to delete it?

  8. You’ll like this one, too:


    ““The 8 to 9 million people that you refer to that might have to change their coverage — keep in mind out of the 300 million Americans that we’re talking about — would be folks who the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, estimates would find the deal in the exchange better,” Obama said to Rep. Eric Cantor at a February 25, 2010 White House summit on health insurance regulation.”

    Apparently, nobody was listening except us chickens.

  10. He said there were be losers he just didn’t say how many. 😡

  11. h/t Gateway Pundit. Those who don’t want Hillary because they believe SHE has too much baggage are going, instead, for Fauxcahontas!

    Just when you think you can’t make this stuff up.

    Their “soul” lies with Warren, that says. Really? With a fake Indian? They could be 100% correct. Their phony souls lie with phonies.

  12. Well, I need a little sanity time today, so I listened to this music. I like many kinds of music, BTW. And I’m still amazed at Jackie Evancho’s voice. It’s something else. Talk about gifted!

    I don’t know if you guys like this music, but maybe someone will. They sound so good singing together.

    • She’s wonderful, kittycat77. TY. I love listening to her.

      • Miri, Rosemary,
        She has one of the most beautiful voices, and she’s still young. Makes you forget about all the bad things happening in this country for just a brief moment, anyway.

        Glad that you guys enjoyed it as well!

    • Rosemary Woodhosue

      I usually provide very little personal information (although the NSA knows all) , but I’m a singer and erstwhile actress. Hence, when I post information about having associated with and understand the etiology of the gay community, I know whereof I speak through direct, close once-upon-a-time close association, friendship and having been a confidant of many who choose to identify with that label.

      This is GORGEOUS! Thank you so very much. kittycat. The second unexpected uplifting moment of my day. When I went to the library today I heard gorgeous classical musicinstead of the usual “elevator” type music. It wasn’t until I heard applause that I inquired of the librarian. It was indeed live. I proceeded to go upstairs and I was undoubtedly the youngest in the room ( some of the elders were actually nodding/dozing) It was a cellist, a violinist and a bassist. What a treat. As is this. Thank you, again.

  13. Rosemary Woodhouse


    • “… Cuccinelli’s office opened a full investigation into the legitimacy of the vote and quickly turned up surprising results. In 13 districts, multiple instances of intimidation at the polls were reported. Large black men wearing traditional Black Panther garb were reported lingering around polling places approaching older voters asking questions about who they intended on voting for. In Loudoun and Fairfax counties (traditional Democratic strongholds), election officials withheld submitting voter data in order to get an idea of whether to count absentee ballots or not. In an audit of the voter registration information, it quickly became apparent that MULTIPLE votes were cast by people who were either deceased or had long ago moved out of the district.

      According to exit polling Cuccinelli won the race by big margins reaching a high percent of the key voting blocks of women, Latinos and Blacks. …”

      Gee, what a surprise. As predicted, they hold out the DemoncRAT precincts in order to know how many “absentee ballots” to rig to put the DemoncRAT over the top (a la Kennedy in Chicago).

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Let’s hope. Why did he concede so early?

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