Who Is Patricia Ann “Pattie” Millett?

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Last week, the Republicans blocked the nomination of Patricia Millett to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia because Obama is trying to pack the court that has the most to say about his policies and the tactics used by his administration to do end runs around the law and the Constitution.

As a result, Harry Reid (who voted against Millett) is once again threatening the nuclear option, which, of course, if ever invoked will come back to bite the Democrats big time, if and when Republicans ever control the Senate again. [emphasis added to quotes]

Republicans opposed Millett’s nomination because they feared it would tip the balance of power on the D.C. Circuit court, which is  generally thought to be the second most important court in the country, behind the Supreme Court. The GOP also argued that the circuit court’s small caseload didn’t require a swift confirmation.

White House press secretary Jay Carney accused the GOP of obstruction. He called Millett “extraordinarily qualified” and said the arguments some Republican senators have made about the court’s small caseload are “astoundingly hypocritical.”

“At this point, we would simply like to see our nominees confirmed – our highly qualified nominees confirmed,” Carney said.

Leaving the U.S. Capitol shortly after the Watt and Millet votes, Vice President Biden told reporters “I think it’s worth considering” changes to the Senate filibuster rules.

But who is Patricia Millett?

Patricia A. Millett co-heads Akin Gump’s Supreme Court practice and the firm’s national appellate practice. She has argued a total of 32 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and approximately 36 in the courts of appeals. She has briefed scores of cases in the Supreme Court and appellate courts across the nation. On June 4, 2013, she was nominated by President Obama to serve as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. …

From August 1996 to September 2007, Ms. Millett served as an Assistant to the Solicitor General in the Office of the Solicitor General at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Prior to her employment with the Office of the Solicitor General, Ms. Millett worked for four years in the Department of Justice’s Civil Division, Appellate Staff, where she briefed and argued more than 20 cases before the federal courts of appeals and, occasionally, state appellate courts. Before that, she clerked for two years for the late Judge Thomas Tang, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. She also worked for two years in the litigation department of a Washington, D.C. law firm. [Associate at Miller and Chevalier, 1988-1990]

That’s Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld LLP, the same law firm for which Vernon Jordan is Senior Counsel and where Jordan has been employed since 1982. Vernon Jordan is the great-uncle of Valerie Jarrett, who is currently a Senior Advisor to Barack Obama and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.  More about that law firm in a moment.

Millett’s lengthy resume, as provided to Congress, is found at this link, and is the source for much of the biographical information in this post.

From early 1985 through late summer 1988, Millett worked at Frost and Sullivan:

Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting firm which provides market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training services across multiple industries including automotive, healthcare, internet and communication technology, and more. Its headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, with offices in over 40 countries.

Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit associated with the consulting firm.  To say the “challenges” they plan to “attack” are globalist in nature is an understatement:

This list serves only to give a flavor of the types of issues we will be addressing over time. Each challenge is not discrete and cannot be solved without addressing many related issues.

The list will be developed and change over time, and, hopefully, more issues will be solved and dropped from the list than new issues identified that will impact our future.

  • Global Warming
  • Population Explosion
  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Land Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Energy Issues
  • Health
  • Biodiversity
  • Space Junk
  • Urbanization Acceleration
  • Food and Nutrition

Millett told Congress that she worked at Frost & Sullivan, Inc., presumably the consulting firm founded in 1961 and not the non-profit, which may not have been in existence in the mid-1980’s. (It’s difficult to determine when the Institute was founded.)

Because of its focus on “competitive intelligence”, the company Frost & Sullivan sounds very much like Business International Corporation (BIC) where Barack Obama worked after college.  Millett’s position at Frost & Sullivan was Temporary Consultant on Papua New Guinea.

In 1984, Millett published an article in The World Today, which is previewed here.  The article concerned the “political institutions” and “foreign relations” of Papua New Guinea and was co-authored with Bruce George, M.P. (liberal Labour Party), for whom Millett was a “volunteer summer intern” the following year (1985).

At the time the article was published, Millett was a “politics student” at the University of Illinois and a researcher in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons. The article points out that Papua New Guinea shares the island of New Guinea with Irian Jaya, an Indonesian territory.

These facts are interesting given that Barack Obama was born a British subject; spent his childhood years in Indonesia; was adopted by an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro, who had moved his family to Jakarta from Papua New Guinea; and was thought by Indonesian classmates to be a native of that island:

I thought he [Barack Obama] was from Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province. He had curly hair, dark skin and was a fat boy.

Millett later wrote articles for SCOTUSblog, a publication which, although focused upon the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), oddly enough didn’t report on any of the cases that went to the Supreme Court after citizens challenged Barack Obama’s qualifications under the Constitution to be president.  Millett’s work at Akin Gump specifically concerned the Supreme Court, so it would seem that she should have been particularly interested in those cases.

At this link, I chronicled other interesting connections between Obama and the law firm of Akin Gump.  For example, Savannah Guthrie was the only member of the media who was given access to what was said to be Obama’s “original long-form birth certificate.”  Savannah Guthrie is a lawyer as well as a talking head:

Savannah Guthrie received her undergraduate degree in journalism [in 1993] from the University of Arizona before receiving her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center [in 2002], where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. … She worked for the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld … Guthrie was a Law Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center. …

The Akin Gump law firm is … associated with the SCOTUS blog, through the blog’s founder Tom Goldstein, who once also worked at Akin Gump but left to start his own firm, which now oversees the SCOTUS blog …

Robert Bauer … [is] the lawyer most responsible for fighting the Obama ineligibility lawsuits, which are studiously ignored by the SCOTUS blog. … 

Bauer [was] replaced as WH Counsel by his Deputy WH Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, profiled in Washingtonian Magazine in July, 2006. Ruemmler attended Georgetown University Law Center, and was editor of its law review.  She was 35 at the time; she’s now about 40, the same approximate age as Savannah Guthrie. It’s likely they knew each other at Georgetown University Law Center, probably knew each other well, given that Guthrie was a Law Fellow, and Ruemmler (who graduated in 1996) was editor of the law review.

Note, in particular, this commentary about the SCOTUSblog, which was founded in 2003 by Goldstein who, along with Laurence Tribe and David Boies, represented Vice President Al Gore in Bush v. Gore:

 [SCOTUSblog] serves as a constantly updated site for information and news about the Supreme Court — the submissions of new petitions, decisions concerning certiorari, decisions concerning stays of lower court decisions — particularly executions, oral arguments, and final decisions in all cases.

As noted before, researchers found no mention on the SCOTUSblog of the  Obama ineligibility cases that went to the Supreme Court, including those involving certiorari, a concept which just happens to be of particular interest to Millett, who wrote an article about certiorari in 2009 for The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process.

Her article may be of interest to attorneys for clients who challenged Obama’s eligibility, as it speaks to the potential role of the U.S. Solicitor General in such cases. Has the Solicitor General been “invited” by four justices to address the topic of any of the ineligibility cases?

There are other coincidental connections between Obama and Millett:  For example, Millett has spoken to classes at Georgetown University Law Center, where Savannah Guthrie and Kathryn Ruemmler both attended law school. These classes are listed in her resume, yet in most instances she has not retained notes or syllabi, so Congress hasn’t been informed about the gist of her remarks.  The same holds true for many interviews she has listed–to learn her views, a researcher will have dig up quotations.

Millett was finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1981-1985), at the same time that Barack Obama was community organizing upstate, in Chicago.  Although Millett was born in Maine, she grew up in Illinois, where her father, was a history professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

In 1987, Millett worked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts in Boston. That same year, Obama’s paternal uncle, Omar Okech Onyango Obama, was surreptitiously living in Boston and evading taxes. He was ordered deported, but went on the lam for several decades, until his recent arrest for driving under the influence.  Omar Obama has a deportation hearing scheduled for early next month, on December 3.  His sister Zeituni also lived as an illegal alien in the Boston vicinity.  Millett was leaving Harvard Law School, in the Boston area, just as Barack Obama was entering Harvard, in 1988.

Millett was a key figure in an Arizona “voting rights” ruling, a topic that is near and dear to the heart of Barack Obama and the entire progressive cabal:

Millett delivered the Supreme Court oral argument on behalf of plaintiffs in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.  At issue was a restrictive Arizona voter law that required election officials to reject any voter registration application not accompanied by documentary proof of citizenship. In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court sided with the plaintiffs and held that that law was preempted by the National Voter Registration Act.

In that case, Millett argued

that tens of thousands of people had been rejected from the registration rolls because of the Arizona law, though there was no evidence that they were not citizens.

And so, as with those who support Obama’s eligibility without any court-worthy documentary proof, “voters” who claim that they’re “eligible” are eligible to vote, unless someone can prove a negative–that they’re not eligible.

This stands qualifying on its head, but this is nothing new in the progressive universe.  If one were to apply the same logic to the business world, then companies would be required to hire someone who has no resume or who has provided an unverifiable resume unless and until the company can prove the person’s lack of qualifications!

Millett also wrote in support of Obama’s nominations of the progressives Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

Most interesting: From September 2008 to November 2008, Millett was a “volunteer legal advisor” for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  She says that she

provided legal assistance to the Voter Protection Teams for Ohio and New Hampshire, including preparing for potential election challenges.

So Millett was among that army of progressive lawyers who fanned out across the country during the 2008 election to intimidate (with the threat of lawsuits) any election board that might challenge at the polls those who were suspected of illegally voting.  Robert Bauer was instrumental in implementing this political ploy yet again, in 2012.

In addition, Millett was advising Obama’s campaign during the height of the birth certificate controversy, the time during which the “birther movement” first coalesced.

Now Obama has nominated Millett for a prized position on the DC Court of Appeals.  So far, her nomination is blocked.  Harry Reid promises to revisit her nomination shortly.  Will he invoke the nuclear option?

One thing we’ve noticed is that Obama punishes his “enemies”–as Valerie Jarrett allegedly calls those who disagree with Obama–as Obama rewards his friends.

Does an Obama always pay his debts?

If so, then what debt does Obama owe to Patricia Millett?


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  1. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/president-barack-obama-receives-frost–sullivans-gil-growth-innovation-and-leadership-visionary-award-167972766.html

    Frost & Sullivan believes that the true mark of leadership is when a person with great influence makes a tough, important decision in the face of great opposition. President Barack Obama’s bold stance to support the U.S. automotive industry in 2009 serves as a perfect illustration of this point. As President of the United States, he displayed visionary perspective and genuine courage in making a crucial decision of great import to the industry and the country. For these qualities, Frost & Sullivan considers it an honor to bestow upon President Obama its GIL (Growth, Innovation and Leadership) Visionary Award.

    After President Obama took office, he faced an economy going in reverse, the financial infrastructure crumbling, the housing market failing, unemployment rising at alarming rates, and a country mired in two expensive wars. In the midst of this adversity, the U.S. automotive industry–the bedrock of American innovation in the 20th century–was threatened like never before. To have allowed the auto industry to be subject to pure free market influences would have risked, at a minimum, a prolonged decline of the industry. Such a decline could have caused a ripple effect of catastrophic proportions across the entire supply and value chain of the industry. President Obama had every incentive to ignore this threat, to avoid burnishing the “socialist” mantle he was saddled with by his political opponents. Instead, he chose to act. …”

    PROPAGANDA courtesy of Obama’s “friends”. It’s GOOD to be a COMMUNIST. He had to “act”, for our own good, of course.

  2. While researching the other day, I happened to see a display of some of the big shots associated with the Frost & Sullivan Institute. It’s amusing that of the 15 or so faces in the group, only 2 or 3 were female, especially given their focus on “women empowerment” and the FACT that the global population is at least 50% female! Progressives talk a good game but when push comes to shove, it’s still the old boys network. Don’t try to find the board of directors of Frost & Sullivan Institute, though. There’s a tab on their website for it, but it doesn’t work (maybe, like with Obamacare, they used CGI to build their website). On the other hand, maybe they just don’t want you (or Congress) to know.

  3. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yes, I remember reading here about O/Papua New Guinea.

    Just when I think there is no absolutely no hope for the Republican party, as you wrote yesterday Mirii, “hope springs eternal”. I only wish they had shown such backbone with his pawns…I mean his then nominees to lifetime SCOTUS appointments: Sotomeyor and Kagan. We have to suffer their tenure for quite sometime.

    Whatever **possibly*** can be overturned under a (oh/please/dear/God/let/it/be/so) government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people (US citizens only!) cannot undo this damage. But this was when they were all still fawning over him and proving they wouldn’t cross this “historic” president. Oh….he’s historic, alright!

    • It’s possible that Millett will be fair-minded, but what are the odds? There’s a meme in the media that reminds me of the typical “war on women” crap the DemoncRATS put out. When Millett’s nomination was blocked, the usual suspects (like Jay Carney and Clair McCaskill), came out howling about how Millett is a “military spouse”.

      Now that’s such an interesting concept. Yes, she is a military spouse. Apparently her husband has been in the service for a couple decades. Name of King. But so freaking what? Is this now the standard?

      If a woman is married to a man in the service, then she automatically becomes a shoo-in for a prized seat on the freaking DC Court of Appeals? Does this sound like feminist logic? Like someone like Millett, who professes to be interested in women’s empowerment (she also has written on the importance of having more women on the courts), would like to be seen? As an appendage of her accomplished husband? Like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama or Huma Wiener, who ought to get accolades and higher office just for being married to some guy who has accomplished something?

      I’m not putting Millett in the category of Clinton, Obama, and Wiener because whatever her politics (and it’s hard to really know), Millett IS an accomplished person in her own right. But why are DemoncRATS like Carney and McCaskill (of all people) playing the military spouse card? What’s the purpose of even mentioning her husband in a situation like this?

      When you apply for a job, do you mention your husband? I don’t and wouldn’t ever. It’s irrelevant to my qualifications. What it proves, yet again, is that DemoncRATS are hypocrites, are sexist (even the female ones), and are always, always, thinking POLITICALLY.

      If this is supposed to be an appointment of a judge who’s SUPPOSED TO BE UNBIASED and APOLITICAL, then why would Carney, McCaskill, and all the others insert politics (e.g. “military spouse”) into the equation? Why play the “war on women” or “war on the military” card? We know and it’s disturbing because it probably foreshadows what havoc might be wreaked upon the country with a DemoncRAT majority on that Circuit.

      About Papua: I thought it so interesting. Of ALL the countries in the world, WHY would Millett be writing about Papua New Guinea? Of all the countries in the world, why would she be a researcher for the House of Commons–the UK, of which Barry is/was a British subject? It’s just such a freaking coincidence, huh?

      Then there’s the possibility that he’s actually a child adopted in Papua by SAD and her then husband Lolo, who moved to Jakarta from Papua shortly after the adoption. Indonesians thought he was Papuan. Wouldn’t they be more likely to recognize the traits? (Have you ever noticed how Chinese people can look at each other and somehow KNOW what part of China the other person is from? Whether Mandarin or Cantonese, etc.?)

      Stanley Ann, an anthropologist, had expressed the desire to adopt to her girlfriends in high school. She, who might possibly have run across a pitiful and adoptable child in the course of her work. Who may have sent said child to live with her parents, who then got him a Hawaiian BC in order to ease the transition for this stateless child.

      Remember Huwai, that island in the Indonesian archipelago? Ambon. Ambonese. Our discussion of that?

      There were also bills introduced (think it may have been Orrin Hatch) to give “natural born status” to adopted children. It’s a question never resolved, so far as I know. We’ve discussed it before. What about all the Chinese girls adopted by US citizens. Are they forever excluded from becoming POTUS?

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This is our Achilles heel. This is becoming a pattern. And with illegals getting their licenses in Illinois could the MO be any more “in your face”? THIS is the most important issue, IMO. Without fair elections we are a banana republic. THIS should be priority # 1 in getting the message out. Something which, as we know, the MSM will never cover.


    • Yep. It’s so easy for them, especially when they have so many tech people/hackers right there in the administration or as obots.

  5. November 5, 2013

    “NBC Drops Bomb: Obama Found Birth Certificate April 14, 2011; Why Order One?”

    “The following is absolutely unbelievable. NBC News’ Today Show book section published excerpts from the soon-to-be released book ‘Double Down’ written by “journalists/politicalhacks/mediabigwigs” Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. They report Obama found his birth certificate, with footprints on it, at his house in Chicago on April 14th, 2011, while rummaging through some old boxes. Halperin and Heilemann also write Obama’s mother died 7 years earlier even though Ann Dunham reportedly died in 1995. They write Obama was furious over the birther issue.
    Excerpts: ‘Double Down’: How Obama beat the birthers in 2012
    Mark Halperin and John Heilemann | TODAY books

    Obama had contended with birtherism since the previous campaign, when rumors surfaced that there was no record of his birth in Hawaii. The fringe theorists had grown distractingly shrill and increasingly insistent; after he won the nomination in June 2008, his team deemed it necessary to post his short-form birth certificate on the Web. The charge was lunacy, Obama thought. Simply mental. But it wouldn’t go away. …
    So, April 14th, 2011, Obama found his actual birth documentation with his actual footprints on it yet on April 22nd, 2011, he had his attorney send a letter to Hawaii requesting two copies of his birth certificate. He then publishes a manipulated pdf of a purported birth certificate on the Internet.

    Question is; Why order/create one when you purportedly have the one with PRINTS on it?”


    • So they say Ann died 2003/2004? Or maybe they mean whoever his mother is.

      “Birthers” never said he was “foreign born.” WE DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH. The fact that he allegedly had his bc with footprints on it but chose not to show THAT, proves that there’s something on it that he doesn’t want KNOWN.

      • Dunham had died seven years earlier, but Obama hadn’t sorted through all her things. Now, alone in his old house for just the third night since he’d become president, he started rummaging through the boxes, digging, digging, until suddenly he found it: a small, four-paneled paper booklet the world had never seen before. [And still hasn’t!] On the front was an ink drawing of Kapi‘olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, in Honolulu. On the back was a picture of a Hawaiian queen. On one inside page were his name, his mother’s name, and his date of birth; on the other were his infant footprints.”

        Doesn’t sound about right. Has ANYBODY seen this BOOKLET? Is this YET ANOTHER FORGED DOCUMENT THAT WILL BE TROTTED OUT SOON? Whose footprints are really on this “booklet”? Did it take them this long to find out what exactly Kapiolani gave to mothers in 1961?

        It’s NBC. It’s NO COINCIDENCE and just may have something to do with the court cases that might be getting traction. Look for NBC to “exclusively” present this “booklet” soon. It will be AS REAL as the other birth records. It’s triple down time now. When they present it, will we be allowed to compare footprints?

        Who exactly are the guys who wrote this book? Whom do they serve?

        • Here’s my take on this: They “found” his little birth certificate booklet after it was rigged up for him. Then IT was used to convince the Hawaiians to create for him a late birth certificate, based upon that so-called documentary “proof”. But it was still a late (very late) certificate and so that couldn’t be shown and so they had to “fix” it digitally to remove the evidence of lateness and the fact that it was based upon this so-called unauthenticated hospital booklet/birth certificate that is NOT evidentiary. Who compared the little footprints? Are they the same ones you can download off the Web or did somebody donate a pair? In all these years since 2008, why has nobody else born at Kapiolani ever shown the world a “booklet birth certificate”? Have we ever heard of this one before? How hard is it to just take someone else’s and replace the page that contains the child’s and mother’s names, leaving all other pages intact? This sounds so much like every other piece of fiction that’s ever come out, produced by ever-complicit “journalists”. Do we, can we, rely on the truth told by these guys, especially since it was not seven years since his mother died but actually, allegedly, 16?

        • “On one inside page were his name, his mother’s name, and his date of birth; on the other were his infant footprints.”

          Not his parents’ names? Just his mother’s?

          • Good catch, 7delta! Here’s a link with more of the book:

            Following the stuff already quoted:

            “The next morning, Marty Nesbitt came over to have breakfast with Obama. … Obama went upstairs and came back down, wearing a cat-who-ate-a-whole-flock-of-canaries grin, waving the booklet in the air, and then placing it in front of Nesbitt.

            Obama headed back north to the InterContinental hotel, where he had an interview scheduled with the Associated Press. He pulled aside his senior adviser David Plouffe and press secretary Jay Carney, and eagerly showed them his discovery.

            Plouffe studied the thing, befuddled and wary: Is that the birth certificate? he thought. [Yes, Halperin and his co-author can read minds! They know what Plouffe THOUGHT! btw, what do they mean, “is that the birth certificate?” Supposedly they already presented the “birth certificate” in 2008! They claim it existed. They should have known it existed. It almost sounds AS IF they didn’t know there was one, anywhere! Ya think?]

            Carney was bewildered, too, but excited: This is the birth certificate? Awesome. [Again, what’s the problem? They’ve claimed for YEARS that Barry has a birth certificate in Hawaii, and that they already presented it. So …]

            Obama didn’t know what to think, [BUTT he’s already said he presented his birth certificate and, in his book, he WROTE that he SAW IT EARLIER in his mother’s things, AFTER SHE DIED. So is/was this a DIFFERENT birth certificate and there were two extant ones in his mother’s effects that were lost for years and he never bothered to look for them in 2008, 2009, 2010, or until April 2011?] but he flew back to Washington hoping that maybe, just maybe, he now had a stake to drive through the heart of birtherism, killing it once and for all—and slaying Trump in the bargain. Striding into a meeting with his senior advisers in the Oval Office the next Monday morning, he reached into his suit pocket and whipped out the booklet, infinitely pleased with himself.

            “Hey,” Obama announced, “look what I found …””

            Infinitely pleased because what? Perhaps Reggie Looooooove, who also “remembers” when Barry “found” his birth certificate (remember?) remembers it because perhaps HE played a role in “finding” it? At least this new one that perhaps was created just for this purpose?

            What the hell is this? Plausible deniability now for all of them? The advisors didn’t know and Barry didn’t know it was fake? His mother pulled one over on everybody? Nobody’s a forger? WTF?

            Did Barry find it 7 years after his mother’s death? That would be in 2002, right? IF she died in 1995. Or did she really die in 2004 (mas o menos)? As usual, there are no “facts” in the Obama fable. Facts are mutable. Things change. Time warps. Nothing can be pinned down. The more biographies are written, the more discrepancies. The only way you can read this, if you accept Halperin’s storyline, is that Barry himself was NOT SURE that he was born in Hawaii until he “found” this thing that would drive a stake through birtherism. Therefore, he must have been LYING all along because he’s been swearing from the beginning to be eligible when he DID NOT KNOW. Did he? Not if you believe this tale. They’re admitting they didn’t have a birth certificate. So WHERE did the SFCOLB come from and upon what basis was that LFCOLB suddenly created in 2011? Did they come up with this solely to give the Hawaiians SOMETHING, anything, upon which to pin the creation of a BC expressly for him to use to put a stake through birtherism? It looks like it.

            btw, remember that they bought that Chi-town manse in 2005. Remember that he did write in his book that he “found” his birth certificate among passports (wasn’t it?) and vaccination papers in his mother’s effects. So found twice! And lost again. Twice! But still nobody’s SEEN IT.

            No doubt about it that this allegedly took place IN 2011. It had to be then, allegedly, because Carney wasn’t the press person until February 2011.

          • Beelzebub? Rosemary, what say you?

          • Where’s the plaque outside the hospital? They have the bogus letter – as well the first smooch BS monument in some ghetto.

            • One wonders if the reason they switched his birth place from Queen’s to Kapiolani is because they can make up a souvenir “booklet” for him using some complicit person’s souvenir from Kapiolani and/or maybe Queen’s didn’t give any out in the first place. Since when are your hospital birth certificates “souvenirs”? These people are nuts. And they call us nuts. What’s funny about this whole thing is that it’s even shaken some of the most loyal obots. Not all, but some. They’re astounded, some of them, too. The most intellectually honest, I guess. Not that there are many of THEM. Where is this amazing souvenir, lost and found twice? WHERE?

              What’s upsetting them is the discrepancy on the date of Ann’s death. Well, yeah. That’s a problem, isn’t it, Dan-O? Some of them are saying that maybe the author meant seventeen years, but besides being blindly loyal they apparently can’t add, either.

              1995 from 2011 equals …

              1995 plus 17 equals …

              Actually, November 1995 to April 2011 equals …

              Well, let’s not muddle their pea brains.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I love your succinct analysis, as always, Miri.

            Beelzebub is literally Lord of the Flies. And he has attracted more than his fair share.

            Tongue in cheek (laughter is good medicine) I say, forget Stanley Ann, Elizabeth Whomever, Indonesian actresses, or any other potential vessel. I say look for the grave of the jackal!

            Seriously, as to whom he is, it really is wait and see. If he turns Damascus into a “sea of glass” (see Isaiah 17) then we have our confirmation.

            • Well, I’m not always succinct. That’s putting it mildly. My usual rants are too wordy. Sometimes the succinct bug bites me, though.

              Why DOES he attract those flies? It’s a very bothersome thing (to him as well as to us. It’s frightening.) Isaiah 17 is frightening, too, because, as you all know, I’m always “joking” about how we should make glass out of … (not specifically Damascus, but you know–close enough).

    • November 6, 2013

      “Hawaii Native Responds To NBC Report On Obama Finding Birth Certificate”
      November 5, 2013

      Sharon Rondeau:

      “Miki Booth Comments on NBC’s Altered Obama Life Story


      “Constitutional activist Miki Booth was the second guest on the WheresObamasBirthCertificate radio show on Tuesday evening hosted by Mike Volin, discussing a book soon to be released by two NBC “reporters” claiming that Obama “found” his long-form birth certificate at his home in Chicago two weeks before it was posted on the White House website.

      The two writers, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, report that Obama located his birth certificate while rummaging through “some boxes.” Booth believes that the “birth certificate” described in the new book is a souvenir which Kapiolani Medical Center gives to parents whose babies are born there.”

      • She says nothing that the obots haven’t said. If she knew about these four-page booklets given out as “souvenirs” then why has nobody seen ANY ONE of them before? Does anybody know of a link to ANY exemplar of these souvenir “booklets”? Did her children get them, for example? Can we see a redacted copy? Has anyone else ever seen a multi-page hospital “souvenir” birth certificate? Isn’t the child itself your souvenir, btw? I’d like to see this thing, especially with the little Barry footprints on it.

      • http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines/multiple-obama-birth-certificates-surface-in-alabama-eligibility-case

        “Not that we are surprised, but now there are multiple copies of Barack Hussein Obama’s “real” birth certificate that are surfacing and they are clearly indicating fraud. In a rare move, the Alabama Democrat Party has submitted an amicus brief in the McInnish Goode v Chapman Appeal case. The reason being is most likely because the Alabama Supreme Court has Chief Justice Roy Moore presiding over it. The Alabama Democrat Party just submitted a completely different birth certificate than the one that was posted at the White House website in 2011.

        Larry Klayman, the plaintiff’s counsel submitted the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate that was posted to whitehouse.gov on 4-27-2001 (seen below). Fogbow/Jack Ryan obot group produced another bogus one. Still a third birth certificate has been submitted by Alabama Democrats to the Supreme Court.

        Remember, this court is being presided over by Chief Justice Roy Moore, who supported Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, when he believed Obama to be a usurper and denied following orders to deploy to Iraq until Obama proved his eligibility as part of keeping his oath (ironically Lakin was not supported by Mr. Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes). Another justice on the court by the name of Tom Parker will also hear the case. …”

        More information here: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/05/multiple-obama-birth-certificates-surface-in-alabama-eligibility-case/#.UYX0_R6TmMg.email

        The other birth certificate is a long-form submitted from the fogblowers that has a totally different security background.

      • http://socialismisnottheanswer.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/breaking-dr-jim-garrow-obama-born-in-kenya/

        “… Garrow said that there are certain things he cannot divulge because of the “Secrets Act” and the oath he took when he went into government service.

        He likened Obama’s long-form birth certificate to Obamacare, about which Obama lied regarding whether or not people could keep their current insurance. He said it was “rather unbelievable” that Obama would try to pass off a fraudulent image for the authentic document.

        He said he knows that it is “a fake, a fraud.” “We know that there’s no record there at Kapiolani Hospital,” Garrow said. …

        Volin responded that the public has been told that Obama was born in Hawaii and is therefore eligible to be president, but that the problem is that his documentation is fraudulent, including his Social Security number. Volin recounted Obama’s public life story, including his years in Indonesia and time spent with communist Frank Marshall Davis.

        Garrow said that Obama traveled on a British passport to Pakistan and Afghanistan because he was “born in Kenya.” “I’m saying it,” Garrow said, regarding Obama’s birthplace. Many have believed that Obama was born in Kenya based on reports in African newspapers and other evidence. …

        Garrow said that “there is so much more” to Obama’s background, including “traitorous things” and strange associations. He said that “hack attacks” carried out in “America” are sometimes carried out by Obama’s half-brother, who lives in China. …”

        Now that last is an interesting claim. I wonder upon what he bases that allegation?

  6. I didn’t see an open thread handy, but check this out, a lady that knew BO, Barry, in Hawaii in 1977.

  7. The Manning interview with Mia is extremely good. She knew Barry back in 1977. He was a pathological liar, homosexual scumbag back then. And into cocaine, freebasing. Her and her friends figured that he got his cocaine from older white men and having sex with them. Oh, you’ll just have to listen to her. I pretty much think that lady is on the level about everything.

    • It is excellent, kittycat77. Thanks for linking it. I’ve listened to about half the longer video. It’s great. She actually used the word “scumbag” and I nearly choked on my coffee, laughing. She says, and it sounds so accurate, that Barry was a braggart and a self-aggrandizing liar even back then, and that he was always known as Barry SOETORO, not Obama. She didn’t hear the name Obama until he ran for office. She said he presented himself as a foreign student.

      • True, the scumbag stuff was wonderful! Did you catch that she had talked to the FBI several times, no one listens? It just figures. He’s in there, and he’s set up to be in there.

        I think that Dr. Manning needs to interview her again. He asked about her friends, what they think, and he either broke in before she answered or she was still talking. Can’t remember.

    • She says she remembers “his mother” being around, but not really involved much in Barry’s life. She’s seen her, remembers her long brunette hair. She also says the place he lived with his grandparents was nothing special. Just a walkup. It doesn’t look that way to me, but …

      She says Punahou, in the ’70s, cost something like $700 a MONTH! She thinks his foreign status is what helped him get into/stay in that school, which was very, very exclusive and expensive.

      She implies that his grandmother knew what kind of person he is, so that may be why she was so mum and not openly supportive of Barry during the campaigns.

      About 26 minutes in they show a photo from a You Tube video of Barry in drag, but I have to admit that it looks like a typical “head game” photoshopped pic. I may be mistaken and it might be a real photo.

      Mia does, however, remember Barry dressing like the transsexual in Rocky Horror Picture Show. She says she saw him dressed in drag, just not in that particular outfit in the You Tube video.

      • Yeah, I remember her talking about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and she meant that he dressed in drag, like a transsexual. Not that it was exactly like that picture. I had that picture saved for a while, and I just assumed it was a joke.

        The pathological liar stuff she got 100% correct, probably other stuff as well. I think that she’s on the level here. But that’s just me.

        • She sounds as if she really knew him. She did say that they weren’t close, just that she knew him because they ran sometimes in the same crowd. He’d bum cigarettes off her, it sounds like, and then once he got what he wanted, dropped the person like a hot potato. It does very much sound like Barry. She says he was a few years older.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        $7,000 for private school in the 70s sounds right, actually And EVERYONE dressed for the Rocky Horror Show. I’m not saying he’s not gay, because he is (gaydar) BUT It was the era of David Bowie, glitter/glam rock and androgyny. So there’s nothing queer (pardon the pun) about having dressed as the sweet transexual from Transylvania. Cue Tim Curry. And as an added bonus the anti American Sarandon too!

        • Let’s just say that IF my hubby were going to dress up for Rocky Horror Picture Show, he would NEVER, ever, ever go as Tim Curry’s character. 🙂

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          This is actually the exact time when they made debauchery the norm, and made Norman Rockwell’s American “uncool”.

          “They’re probably foreigners way different than our own”

          “By the light of the night it will all seem alright. I will get you a satanic mechanic”

  8. I’m so thankful that IowaHawk got this message out there… there are many in the media who follow him..

    • That’s an excellent excerpt. Of course, Barry left out that they were going to make that little policy tweak that would make it impossible for ANY plan (but UNION plans) to remain grandfathered. Just a little sin of omission.

  9. 😀

    Obama Approval – 39%

    Obama Disapproval – 53%

    • And this is a rigged poll, too, no doubt, as they always oversample DemoncRATS. Isn’t Gallup one of the guys that was leaned on and suddenly their polls started looking better for Barry?

  10. The writers of the book that talk about how Barry “found” his birth booklet:

    “Mark Evan Halperin (born January 11, 1965)[1] is the senior political analyst for Time magazine, Time.com, and MSNBC and serves as a board member on the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. …

    In October 2004 the Drudge Report published a memo Halperin sent to ABC News staff about coverage of the U.S. presidential election directing them not to “reflexively and artificially hold both sides ‘equally’ accountable” and that both John Kerry and George W. Bush used “distortion” in their campaign, but that Kerry’s distortions were not “central to his efforts to win.”


    “John Arthur Heilemann (born January 23, 1966) is an American journalist for New York magazine, where he mainly covers US politics. He previously was a staff writer for The New Yorker, Wired, and The Economist. …”

    So … BIASED or UNBIASED? Truth tellers or obfuscators like all the other Obama “biographers”? Keeping in mind that even if these dudes have sources in the WH, consider the sources.

    • “White House Counsel Bob Bauer took one look at the booklet in Obama’s hand and knew it wasn’t the birth certificate. It was just a commemorative keepsake.”

  11. YEP!!!!! Let’s OUT this Creepin’~Cocaine~Snorting~Free~Basing
    Crack~Smoking~Homosexual~Pervert~ & Boy was GOD Right!.
    A “MAC~DADDY” + oh…so much more….
    30 + sites list…the story so far…. What a day 4 Manning!!!
    Mia Marie Pope….Stunning… Show & Tell ALL… I ponder.. does..O
    STILL got them “BOOT” ??????? OH YEA!!!!! him & nancy S

  12. CUCCINELLI 50.78% ……….on Drudge
    MCAULIFFE 41.91%

    • Seriously? OMG!!!! Well, not all precincts reporting yet. They LOOOOOVE to do this to people, especially Republicans. When they’re going to rig the results, they first must (a la Kennedy in Chicago) KNOW how the Republican districts are going. Then, they rig up the requisite number to suddenly put the DemoncRAT over the top FROM THE DEMONCRAT DISTRICTS. It’s an age old ploy, especially in CHICAGO-style politics. The old-time bosses used to carry around suitably stuffed ballot boxes in their trunks.

      • What’d I say, Zen? Already McAuliffe is creeping up. 43.69% DemoncRAT McAuliffe to 49.05% for Cuccinelli. It will end up close but outside the margin for a recount. It will end up with McAuliffe squeaking by. That’s how much of a pessimist I’ve become. The votes are being rigged in the software companies even as we speak. It’s all scientifically planned out to look as “plausible” as possible. How much more will they be able to CROW if he has a come from behind “victory”?

      • The creep is creeping up, as predicted. Now it’s 47.8 to 45.3. If McAuliffe loses, well, it will be “recount” time and he’ll probably end up getting in like Al Franken, who similarly lost but “won”. I have no faith that We the People will EVER see a fair election again. Not unless EVERYBODY asks for paper ballots. btw, are there hoards of paper ballots and absentee ballots that they can “count” to put McAuliffe over the top?

    • Stinking dirty tricks, as usual: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/05/revealed-obama-campaign-bundler-helping-fund-libertarian-in-tight-va-gubernatorial-race/

      “A major Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler helped pay for professional petition circulators responsible for getting Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert C. Sarvis on the ballot — a move that could split conservative votes in a tight race.

      Campaign finance records show the Libertarian Booster PAC has made the largest independent contribution to Sarvis’ campaign, helping to pay for professional petition circulators who collected signatures necessary to get Sarvis’ name on Tuesday’s statewide ballot.

      Austin, Texas, software billionaire Joe Liemandt is the Libertarian Booster PAC’s major benefactor. He’s also a top bundler for President Barack Obama. This revelation comes as Virginia voters head to the polls Tuesday in an election where some observers say the third-party gubernatorial candidate could be a spoiler for Republican Ken Cuccinelli. …”

      Stalking horse. Another age-old DemoncRAT tactic. They’ll do this throughout the country. They want to split the Republican Party. This is WHY the meme in the media about the Tea Party splitting the Republicans. To make it seem plausible. To fool Tea Partiers into perhaps voting for FAKE Libertarians. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. We have to hold our noses and vote Republican no matter what. We have to, for the sake of our Republic. Rand Paul (or maybe it was Ron Paul) actually endorsed Cuccinelli and NOT the Libertarian. So we can take our cue from the Pauls. We must. Do not let these stinking DemoncRATS divide us.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Oh! Please! Dear! God!

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        ^^ In reply to Zenway. But then I read Miri’s post and sadly, you’re right. M.O again.

        Latest from Drudge

        CUCCINELLI 46.51%
        MCAULIFFE 46.48%

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          How did the court jester Franken work? ……challenge/theft/win

        • Gateway Pundit reports that FOX News called the race for McAuliffe: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/11/virginia-governors-race-cuccinelli-holds-10-point-over-liberal-mcauliffe/

          Yep. Now Drudge has McAuliffe up. How it will end, I don’t know, but I suspect outside the recount values. Or else, as usual, the Republican will be a gentleman and decline a recount. EVERY freaking race is always close now. Every damned one. Their stalking horse ploy worked or at least it SEEMS to have worked. They may have rigged all his votes, too, to make it appear plausible. NOTHING is true. We will NEVER have a clean election ever again. This is fraud straight up, no matter how you look at it. They’re blaming the stalking horse thing on the Citizens United decision, if you can believe that.

          I hate to be right but as I said, I’m THAT pessimistic. They enjoy this, too. Enjoy doing this–getting your hopes up and then DASHING them with the “come from behind victory!” There is no joy in Mudville.

        • I ….NEVER…. GIVE UP… TILL I’m A BLOODY MESS! It’s my DNA!
          I know WE know they know..so who does NOT KNOW!!!?? Fthemall

  13. You know who’s really doubling down? Ms. Edie Sundby challenges Barry for his people’s “snotty” tweets about her case and says it would warm her heart to see Barry show that he believes in his signature law by putting his own “precious family” on the health care exchanges. She challenges him to make an executive order that ALL his staff and cabinet people MUST BE ON Obamacare! Good for her. She truly IS a fighter. We all must pray for Edie Sundby. Well, we should, whether or not she’s against Obamacare. God bless her. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/11/stage-4-cancer-survivor-edie-sundby-slams-white-house-for-snotty-tweet/

  14. “We were on our own”.


    According to the Washington Post, Chris La Civita said that financial support from national Republican sources dried up on October 1.

    “There are a lot of questions people are going to be asking and that is, was leaving Cuccinelli alone in the first week of October, a smart move?” La Civita said after Cuccinelli’s concession speech, according to the Post. “We were on our own. Just look at the volume [of ads].”

    • So, does this mean He should have abandoned the R’s and went on own? Ya think he would have pulled some of those 6+% that went to the other guy? Cuccinelli should not have conceded. No one should until a recount and if recount not allowed because not close enough, still do not concede. Romney should not have conceded; should have said, “Dictators don’t win elections and neither do their candidates of choice.” Never, EVER concede from this point out. Always leave the door open. Don’t be afraid of being labeled a sore loser, either.

      SPeaking of the Republican Party undermining conservative candidates withing their own party, it goes, in my opinion, much deeper than that. Way deeper. The party has been usurped by progressives dressed up, pretending to be republicans. They are finally empowered enough to be transparent about who they really are (uh, look at McCain, etc.,) The Ron Paul faction almost exposed it but were totally Alynskied. The Tea Party is on the way to being in the dust with Paulites if they do not wake up and see their beloved republican party was part of the coup of the dem party. Planned. Along time ago. Thinking along these lines helps answer the question of why so many get to Washington and turn into cross-the-aisle-ass-licking mambies. Because they were play acting the entire time. Sometimes, like Rubio, I think some begin to see the light and fall in love with our Republic and step out (where we see genuine conviction) but are put right back in place to complete the mission. They did not compromise; they merely in environment where necessary, through voting record, to expose themselves and who they follow. They are part of the fundamentally transforming America. So is Cruz — yeah, I know, I speak blasphemy saying that. BUT LOOK at the REALITY of all things Cruz. He grew up his entire life KNOWING, just like everyone else his age that he was not qualified for president. And if he was not, then his father taught him differently than what he himself was taught when naturalized; meaning he chose to teach his son to be a part of usurpation of the United States of America. He taught his son HOW he wanted the US to be. Cruz is not stupid. Not stupid at all. He knows not to get his information and facts from any documents produced in the last ten years; he knows about justigate. AND we all keep saying look at how O. was raised and where he went to school. Well,………..where did Ted go to school? So, back to wondering when the Tea Party lets go of the R party? Another reason the R’s will not support a TP and/or constitutionalists is their funds are waaaaaaay down. Did we get caught up in the infighting and forget to push the money directly to Cuccinelli? Like went to Scott Brown? What happened that he ended up without money bombs? What bloggers and radio talk shows are whining about all the unfairness in by the rinos instead of being rahrah, proactive for Cuccinelli? So, the bloggers LOOK like they are breaking with rinos but really just distracted from the mission. This should not have happened. There should have been such a turn out of money and voters that the election could not be controlled by fraud.

      And…….more proof the republican party is one with the progressive dem party is by this: With all the epic fails of Obamacare the R’s immediately started putting out ads highlighting all the disaster and at the end of the ads there is the GOP logo and donate. These were really goooood commercials and conservatives plastered them all over for their liberal friends to see, thinking well, finally now that they are hurting with raised premiums they will come on board. Nope. I see the ads designed to do just what happen which is to make the r’s look like ambulance chasers and all about money and party and attacking and aggressive. If they would have just sat back and let the disaster happen and sink in and waited. . . . but nope. They do not want to really have the dem followers believe it was O’s fault.

      (and this is what four cups of coffee does! Ok, Watchers, be sure to put that in my medical file as proof out of control and need to be monitored futher………fyi, three cups were black; fourth with whole milk. Make sure you record that accurately; “whole” milk as in fat-laden.)

      • Good rant! I agree with you. Cuccinelli should not have conceded. I agree totally, but he did concede almost immediately. WHY? It’s not a good sign that Republicans will not FIGHT voter fraud because you KNOW that there was plenty.

        Kevin Jackson says that illegal aliens were being bused in to vote. He says that the Republicans are (my word) wusses because they won’t FIGHT. Just what I said yesterday–he says they should use the stalking horse technique, too. They should use every play in the DemoncRAT playbook AGAINST the DemoncRATS. I agree. He said, paraphrasing, that they have to learn to fight the way that he would fight: He’d get right out there in an unfair fight and say (something like) maybe there are four of you against me but I guarantee you that at least two of you will be very badly wounded and one of you just might not be here anymore after this fight.

        I’m sure the results were outside the margin for a recount, but it doesn’t matter if the Republicans won’t ask for one in the first place. I’m sure Cuccinelli was pressured to concede and probably is getting his consolation prize, one way or another.

        This race followed the typical scenario, which is why I was able to predict the outcome, even when Cuccinelli was ahead by 10 points.

        They rig the polls to make the race seems “close” to make the fraud seem less likely as a cause of the result. Then they make sure that Republicans can’t get any recount but, on the off chance that their fraud doesn’t do the trick, they do make sure that all DemoncRATS get recounts. Then they get a second bite at the fraud apple. (Franken, anyone?)

        We the People MUST TAKE OVER (TAKE BACK) THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It can be done. We have to openly and loudly support the real conservative candidates and make it clear to the RINOs that we will not donate to nor work for ANY Republican candidate that is not a real conservative.

        If you noticed, the DemoncRAT progressives have not only usurped the Republican Party but now they’re also fixing to usurp the Libertarians. That guy in Virginia was NO Libertarian but somehow he got on the ballot as one, anyway.

        • WEll, the dems could not take back their party. The thing about it is the republicans are already playing every dem playbook maneuver–against the Americans in their party. They also play the same sheeple brainwashing and/or emotional manipulating warfare against the Americans in their own party. And we keep drinking the koolaid. They even have us thinking we can take the party back; that is all we have to do, take it back. Ain’t happening. America is lost; gone. BUT Life,Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness still rages in the recesses of many souls making them Americans to pass on the Freedom legacy and prepare the next generation amongst us to desire Lady Liberty and want no other woman in their lives. The Americans in the New Americas will keep the flames of Liberty and Justice for All smoldering and then burning until She is reclaimed. The price to get it back won’t be cheap.

      • Excellent, WAH. Yep, the conniving conservative consorts are just an arm of the plotting progressive paternalists. Maybe they’re really the Proservative Party (pros at serving themselves) or the Congressive Party (a congress that progresses its own agenda.) Either way, they abandoned public service long ago.

        The icing on the cake is that the GOP is actively and openly targeting members of their own party who are fighting against all odds to be public servants. The establishment Congressive Proservatives have a permanent expression on their faces that says, “What’s this constitution thing you speak of? You’re one those rascally radicals, aren’t you? You must be squashed like an annoying mosquito.” Yeah, they think they’re annoyed now…just wait…just wait.

        They’re not nearly as smart as they think they are. Neither side of the Congressive Proservative aisle is. They’re trying to persuade themselves that those pesky radical rascals are nothing more than a tiny swarm of gnats to be swatted. At one time, both sides tried mightily to coax those extremely large buzzing masses into their bug catcher, but the bevy of busy bugs refused to follow the honey-colored poison the bosses offered. Boy, that twisted their stingers. There is nothing left to do; the bugs must be exterminated. Just because the bosses continue to trot out the pre-arranged narrative doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions…hundreds of millions…of pests that, when considered as a whole, make a grounded locust storm, chowing down on corn fields for as far as the eye can see, look like a tiny dark cloud on the horizon. In their cold-plated little hearts, they know this. If they truly believed their own lies, they wouldn’t expend energy that could be better spent cutting deals with their donors. They know.

        They, the GOP, also know that they aren’t losing elections because the big middle voter is rejecting the radical, extremist July 4th bugs, but they’ve gotten themselves between a nest of moneyed hornets and a fire ant hill taller than their heads. They’re in trouble and they know it. They have no good way out, not to their way of thinking anyway. They’re trying to swat the little bug, because they’re essentially nameless and faceless…ya know, just voters they’re supposed to represent…and, if they word things just right, the tiny biters can possibly be controlled. It won’t work, of course. They’re just providing the ideal conditions for more and more bugs to spawn.

        They really have maneuvered themselves into a very bad place. The other side of the Congressive Proservative aisle will stomp them like the cockroaches they are when it becomes convenient. The big donors want what they’ve paid for. The movers and shakers, with whom they’ve conspired, have seriously big stingers and won’t hesitate to use them on either side of their Congressive Proservative aisle. The pollster pill bugs have tried to help…some under the duress of a wanton winged wasp named Eric…but the swarm of disgusted and angry voter bugs aren’t buying it and don’t care what dung they’re flinging out to distract them. Heck, new recruits are crossing the aisle in droves as it becomes increasingly impossible for the lying lice to spin pretty in the nits they’ve laid with such o’care.

        And the poor GOP goobers don’t get it. They have a way out, but there doesn’t seem to be enough courage among them, combined, to take the bad beetle by the horns and wrestle it to the ground. Of course, that’s because they’re members of the same genus as the bad beetle. Ya know, family. Still, they hold out hope that they can change the swarm’s direction and divert it away from themselves. Not a chance. Hope and change never did replace integrity and responsibility. Until they realize they are going to have to care about something more important than themselves and be willing to own their own mistakes and weaknesses and take the bad beetle by the horns, no matter the cost to them personally, they will continue on the road to their own destruction. Their destruction. Not ours. Oh sure, we’re going to suffer in ways we have never known or imagined, but that will only make We, the Bitter-Clinger Bugs, even more determined and righteously angry that the very representatives we entrusted with our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness squandered it on their own pursuits of selfishness.

        They will not win. Pray for an awakening, a revelation of such magnitude that the repentance of Samson in the temple will pale in comparison. Pray that when they awake, the fire of freedom flowing in their veins cannot be squelched by no man, no force or threat and no enticement even if it’s grander than the wiles of Delilah. Pray nothing can divert them from pursuing America’s and their own salvation. Nothing less will suffice. It’s all that will save them from themselves. We, the People will save ourselves, with or without them. They’re on the wrong side and they know it.

        I have no doubt that America is not Babylon. If this is the Biblical End Times, we will be so bruised and battered that we will not be able to interfere so that prophesy can be fulfilled, but we will not take the evil one’s dark road. Why else has God gone to so much trouble to clearly show us how wickedness has flourished in the back rooms of our trust? Why would He bother to wake nearly an entire nation from its deluded slumber? Why else has He so patiently waited on us to see the dots He’s been connecting for us? Even our losses, failures and defeats are with purpose. Each is necessary for us to see His hand, and for Him to use to bring America to its spiritual peace. The Greatest Awakening has been underway for nearly two decades. That’s why the enemy must double down and try to ram through everything possible. Their time is short, but it’s all in vain. In fact, the harder they push, the more awake we’ve become, not just us…their own are joining us in such disgust that not even the promise of freebies will buy all of them any longer. They aren’t stupid. They know when they’ve been used. They have every right to be angry and I stand with them. The time it’s taken, and for us, the disappointments, have all been necessary for more of our American siblings to finally slap their foreheads and say, “I should’ve had a V-8, with 4 in the floor and chrome rims, and would have, if I hadn’t listened to the lying sons of a broken wench.” All we have to do is leave behind the manipulation, the division and with humble hearts follow the only Leader worthy of our devotion. Even many of those who may reject faith as their guide, can and will come with us. They are welcome. They want the liberty that is their unalienable right, even if they reject the Creator of those rights. They may not be religious, but they aren’t stupid either. I will share a foxhole with any true bloodied American sibling who will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Those who dig in behind the line of lies will perish, one way or another, in the tarry pits of their own deceit.

        Faith. I’ve learned a lot about faith recently. I’ve never doubted we will win, but I have become better acquainted with the power of faith. I still struggle with my own doubts, worries…and I think too much…but I am witness to the truth that everything God does is a miracle and that there is no job too big for Him. Jesus told us that we could do everything He did and more. With faith, we can move mountains, heal the sick, heal the spirit and with faith, we can heal a nation and save it from the myopic eye of Mordor. There is no force that can defeat faith, because there is no force that can defeat God.

        We will win. Don’t let despair or fear or nattering nabobs distract you. The other side of the aisle learned after the last mid-term election. They won’t make that mistake again…and have not. It means nothing. Stay on the side of right and remember, forgiveness and faith is our birthright. It’s been bought and paid for. Take it. It’s yours. It is the most precious miracle of our lives, no matter what we may go through before we WIN. It’s enough.

        So…that’s my companion rant to WAH’s most excellent rant, for which, I stood up at my desk and applauded. Unfortunately, I think I scared the dogs.

        • Oh, MOST excellent “rant”!!! Thank you so much for the pep talk. I, for one, needed that. My gosh–you deserve your own show. You put Dennis Miller to shame. 😉

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Amen. Amen! Amen! Thank you so much again, 7delta. Sometimes I have felt quite alone in my belief that America Is Babylon. It’s not exactly run of the mill “doctrine”. It’s always been so apparent to me. As I’ve written before, many have wondered why America, the most powerful nation on earth, wasn’t mentioned in the Word of God. But we are. Quite prominently! What other nation matches the description? So yes, if we go down it is God’s plan. We don’t have to like it, and we can always fight the good fight against the evil that is now in charge. It should be apparent to all that the world is now mad (in the literal sense: insane). Princes and principalities. Ephesians 6:12 And, I again maintain that those of us who “see” and know are meant to see and know. We are often perplexed as to why others don’t see it when it’s So. Very. Obvious. The answer is: they are not meant to see. They are not meant to know. Sometimes it may feel like a curse. But it’s a blessing. Truly. Thank God for having instilled that foreknowledge in those of us who do. Rejoice!

          May we all have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7. That’s what I prayed for. That’s what I have. And I pray that all believers pray for that peace as well. Time is short. The signs abound. Marantha!

    • I believe it. It was said that the RINOs wanted McAuliffe to win in order to be able to blame the Tea Party.

      • Rush said that. He may be correct but he spent too much time whining about the Rinos and in rhetoric, taking eyes off of proactive and supporting Cuccinelli. He may be brilliant but sometimes I think he is so impressed with himself that he ends up being a tool for the Rupers (RinoUsurper). You see, Rush is very consistent and predictable; the enemy knows him so well they know exactly how to set him up to do their bidding, which ends up (even if he has good intentions) squashing the Americans amongst the citizenry.

  15. check out the scams:


    The McAuliffe campaign put out the information in a two-page summary of his 2012 federal taxes, filed Oct. 15 after obtaining extensions of the April 15 deadline. Mr. McAuliffe did not identify the sources of his income, which included $417,000 in wages, $6.2 million in business income and $2.2 million in capital gains, the newspapers said. The campaign limited release of the information to a handful of reporters in Virginia, and refused a Wall Street Journal request for the same summary

  16. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yes, WAH. Compromised. I know there’s great debate about a third party guaranteeing a Hillary win. I used to be one of those people. But as I wrote the other day need a forceful personality whom is non p.s. (I suggested Rick Santelli who started the Tea Party movement) to lead the way.

    It’s the invaders. I feel as if I’m repeating myself, but Illinois granting licenses to illegals was just the beginning. It will be like gay marriage. Dominos.

    The Constitution (according to our president, “a charter of negative liberties”) requires protection from enemies both foreign and domestic. But when, as WAH wrote, and as we’ve discussed for years (years!) the enemies are not only domestic but in charge of our government- on both “sides”, We, the People are fu…..ed. I don’t see anyone taking the lead. The only two solutions are: one state secedes or a word that begins with the letter “r”. But it must be led.

    This is now our reality. And it’s only going to get worse. OUTRAGED!


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I was never a PUMA as several people who began blogging were, so I’ve never been a fan of Hillary’s. NOT EVER. Always a Republican. So to clarify: I was always one who thought a third party would be disastrous.
      But now that congress is now part of the comintern, it’s the ONLY solution.

      edit: p.c., not p.s.

      • What we need to do is TAKE BACK the Republican Party.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          How, Miri…..how? Look at all of the gloating @ Breitbart. Andrew would be ashamed. There comes a point when we have to coalesce or acknowledge defeat. There is no more room for just talking/writing (even though I don’t need to mention again how important this blog is. ) We are over the precipice. Well over. We need a person of integrity and action to unite us all or this nation is over.

          I’ve always maintained we were Babylon the Great. But my interpretation/understanding was we would be destroyed from without, not from within. Either context works.

          Sorry to be a bummer, but I am not feeling terribly optimistic today.

          • I wish I knew how. By opposing every RINO everywhere and every way possible. By telling them in no uncertain terms that we will NOT support them with money or effort unless they support the WILL of the People.

      • IF republicans had not been drinking their own koolaid they would not have been so molded as to buy into the third party can’t work. My God! Think about it. Their meme and brainwashing worked so well that people stayed home instead of voting third party! They passed on their right to vote!

    • I don’t believe ANY of their explanations. They’re all lies. This is only the spin to “explain” the results–massive “turnout” that really was vote fraud. I guarantee it. We may not be able to prove it, but in our guts we know it’s true. Would these be the Latino “voters” that Kevin Jackson said were illegal aliens bused in to vote illegally? I’ll bet! They can bus the same people all over the country to any jurisdiction that doesn’t check identification or citizenship.

      • Besides which, if you read that article, you can see how the BIG LIE works and you’re dealing with opponents who do not care how much they lie. They have NO HONOR, NO MORALS, NO ETHICS, and they ABUSE the very people that they lie to (“Latinos”) BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. First they put blacks on the Plantation and now they’re putting “Latinos” on a similar plantation. Making them “dumb” and “ignorant” and denying them RESPECT by making fools of them through LYING to them. It’s the “low information voter” coupled with the lying, complicit media that will support the LIES and NEVER tell the nuanced truth. It doesn’t even matter if Cuccinelli said this–they would have just MADE IT UP, as Governor Palin said (through first hand experience). What we need are people to come out fighting and point out what they’re doing and why. But we don’t have that because only someone like Palin so far has the guts to call it like it is (well, there are probably others but at the moment my head hurts and it’s too hard to think of names).

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          But it’s working. And at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. Nobody is fighting back. No one.

  17. Rosemary Woodhouse

    From 2012: Paradoxical statement of the day from Ben Stein”

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government

    that requires every citizen to prove they

    are insured. . . but not everyone must

    prove they are a citizen.”

    Now add this, “Many of those who refuse,

    or are unable, to prove they are citizens

    will receive free insurance paid for by

    those who are forced to buy insurance

    because they are citizens.”

    • It makes your head spin, huh? But supposedly they’re supposed to prove they’re citizens before they apply for Obamacare, so supposedly they won’t be able to get Obamacare. But we know they will be “enabled” by the ACORN-like turds hired to help them. It was reported yesterday that in Illinois a HUMONGOUS number of people on Medicaid NOW are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR IT. Same with food stamps across the country. Same with the Obamaphones–that was on Drudge yesterday. There’s already so much PLANNED, ALLOWED FRAUD in all the “social safety net programs” that Obamacare will only be the PLANNED straw to break the camel’s back. It’s ALL by design but we are like Cassandras, as I said over 5 years ago; nobody’s listening and they probably won’t listen until it’s too late.

      • You know, I have become acutely aware that the phrases, “everything the government touches fails.” and “Government mismanages and overspends” are lies; are smoke and mirrors for the fact that the money never gets to where it is supposed to go. Follow the money. Find the money. Where is it going? To who? All one big money laundering scheme.

  18. With only two hours left to vote Lansing Michigan yesterday, one district only had 120 votes cast. Same story in Indiana cities and counties. Shitski! Where were all the conservatives? Where? Remember the big push to focus on local level a couple of years ago? It is like that EFFECTIVE mission has been wiped from the conservatives minds. Gone. One city near us has a mega force of Tea Party and I think all the miniscule votes went for more gov. spending. Everyone is so focused and wetting their pants over the prospect of finally having a leader in Cruz that they are just waiting for 2016 when we can take it all back???? Not gonna happen. Dictators (or their party DO NOT lose elections). See what happened? See how effective so many Tea Party and republicans it was turning into sheeple? Not only did they sit out the local elections, they have disengaged. They have changed gears now to getting themselves ready for the collapse and for when they will be the underdogs, the lower class, the victimized. The already are acting like losers. OR they see AND accept the country has fallen and it is a waste of time to throw pearls before the swines and have moved to the underground. . . . . 🙂

    I know one way to turn so many of the urban mommas that are orgasmic at just so sound of Barry’s voice to get them to dump the entire progressive crap. Start it in one city and word will get out……but holding onto the idea for a bit to finish how to present it.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Yea? Well, point me to the railroad, honey because it is time to go underground.

      This morning I couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom after reading about Cuccinelli’s loss and the “Hispanics” part in his defeat. When I retired for the evening last night he was fractionally ahead. We all KNOW it was rigged,

      So, I apologize for my doom and gloom posts but I felt pretty defeated/deflated. But that’s how they want us to feel so I went on to enjoy my day.

      It isn’t healthy to focus on negativity (the destruction of our nation), but at this point, it’s impossible to be an ostrich. I have the feeling we’re all in the same boat, or railroad car. 🙂

      • So, I apologize for my doom and gloom posts but I felt pretty defeated/deflated. But that’s how they want us to feel so I went on to enjoy my day.

        I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared in shock at the TV or gotten up from the computer to go to bed at night and felt overwhelmed. We all have. This is a battle that is going to take a long time, but, as I know you know, it’s a battle worth having. You’re not alone in fighting off the feelings of dejection and hopelessness. You’re absolutely right, IMO, to shake it off and keep moving. I often remind myself that Gen. Washington lost most of his first battles, but each misstep and defeat lead to another event that, in the end, brought victory. We keep moving, just like he and his army did.

        You also hit the nail on the head when you said that’s how they want us to feel. We’re inundated with disinformation daily. I just listened to a guy Beck had on his show who is not a traditional pollster. In fact, he says they don’t poll at all. They use social media and other sources of opinion to track how the independent voter really feels. They choose a subject, then track millions of comments, tweets and blog posts. He confirmed what I said in my earlier post about the GOP and Democrats knowing they’re in deep trouble. Traditional polling is skewed by the questions asked and the demographics of the poll, then the results are interpreted to suit an agenda. When the GOP tells us that the majority of their base want them to reach across the aisle and to compromise on issues that are not in America’s best interest, they are ‘misinterpreting’ the cause of the dissatisfaction expressed by voters. In fact, the opposite is true. The vast majority are unhappy because of the reaching and compromising. The voters are turning their backs on the GOP because of lack of leadership and that no one is standing up for the Constitution or for them.

        The Democrats are suffering similar issues with their base. It’s not so much because their voters have changed their ideology, but it’s because they are seeing their ideology is unsustainable and their leadership is equally as self serving as the GOP. A mammoth, lumbering government is just not working.

        The good news is that what this man and his company have discerned from their work is that the country is shifting right…or further to the right. Graph after graph showed the establishment and the business-as-usual backscratchers, and I’m sure you could name them, are in serious trouble and likely to lose their seats. People want leaders, not compromisers and glad handlers.

        The bottom line, according to his data is that the disinformation from both parties clouds the truth and that truth is…we’re winning…by a lot. We are winning. Let’s all wallow in that for a minute. And many of the people who have ridiculed us and called us names are waking up too. They are realizing that they’ve been duped, just like we have at earlier times in our lives, by slick politicians and disinformation campaigns.

        I, of course, liked his conclusions, but more importantly to me, it validates what I have seen with my own eyes. For years, I’ve followed both sides of the aisle, read neutral sites where issues are discussed and listened to what people are saying. I have seen for myself that progressivism is losing its base, which was pretty small to start with, just as the fake conservatives are losing theirs. He sees a real possibility for a third party to emerge some time in the future. Both parties are shooting themselves in the foot.

        America is awake with more and more sleepyheads joining the party. We are winning.

      • I’m never getting in any stinking railroad car. I don’t know about the rest of youse, but I hope we’re all together on that point.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Not THE railroad car (HEAVEN FORBID) but the underground railroad in reply to WAH!

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

          • Oh, ha, HA! In the context of this administration, I was thinking the worst. 😦

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I hear ya! Easy to understand that interpretation.

            But another edit is in order. THE railroad car is the one Curtis Mayfield sings about. the r.r. car as in jews/cattle/wwii….never.

            Note to self and everyone else:Illegitimi non carborundum!

          • RW, it shows you my attention span–mere seconds. I was responding to this sentence: “I have the feeling we’re all in the same boat, or railroad car.” I must have already forgotten your opening statement about going underground. I plead Obama Fatigue Syndrome.

  19. About Mia Marie Pope: Orly Taitz is trying to contact her, but with little luck. She asks for information about Ms. Pope. I did a little looking and there’s a Mia M. Reuther 50 from Honolulu and Fremont, CA: http://radaris.com/~Mia-Reuther/109251196

    She’s associated with Donald Pope 67. He appears to be Donald T. Pope of
    Spokane, WA
    Seattle, WA
    Waipahu, HI
    Honolulu, HI
    Aiea, HI
    Pearl City, HI

    and related to
    Mia Pope
    Bob Pope
    Dolores Pope
    Cheryl Pope

    One can presume perhaps that her maiden name is Reuther? Married to a Pope? The SEATTLE association is interesting, imho; but then again, these people searches muck things up.

  20. CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog

    November 6, 2013

    “WheresObamas BirthCertificate Radio Show on Wednesday Night 06 Nov 2013 at 8 P.M. ET. … Hosted by Mike Volin”

    “Bettina Viviano Talks about the begining of the cover up with Obama’s forged birth certificate. She also speaks about inside information from Literary Agents Acton & Dystel who promoted a book written by Obama stating he was born in Kenya, where they got their information from. Rudy Davis of Dallas TX will be on in the 2nd hour speaks about Obamas eligibilty.

    Listen to the show at:”


  21. So about waking up
    I found this Internet radio station:
    I#d characterize it as one of those early warning stations that could easily
    be described is “doom mongering” like the sort of links you’d find on http://www.beforeitsnews.com, and some of that stuff is pretty freaked out.
    Even though in the middle of those crazies, I don’t find most of them evil, frightened? yes, and frightened maybe to the point of being freqked out, but sometimes I think there may be small bits of truth in there, if once can be bothered to sift through it all.
    The radio blogger, John Moore, seems pretty sane and reasonable
    so see what you think.
    The event that I learned about – GridEx2 – starts next week and you can search it out but it a planned widescale excercise to practice what happens if an EMP event takes down the electricity grid. Some people expect the worst, maybe it is just an exercise, the interesting thing is that you haven’t heard about it anywhere on regular news.
    Anyways, while we are focusing on obumacare, I also read at debka.com that obuma has pretty much given away the Middle East, Debka notes that Egypt is now negotiating with Russia to build a Russian naval base on the Mediterranean in exchange for major arms purchases. From Egypt’s point of view, it is entirely reasonable to dump the US since Obuma tried to install the muslim brotherhood as a sharia government there.
    Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing.

  22. That was his plan all along Dave.To destroy us. 😡

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