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800px-Russet_potato_cultivar_with_sprouts - CopyWith apologies to René Magritte.

Because I was in a surrealistic mood.



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  1. ….

    MO FUN….MO GAMES….. Wake up one & ALL……


    What does…Virginia….. HAVE….that O wants????

    • I do so hope that this is the one issue that FINALLY makes the scales fall off everyone else’s eyes. WE here have known from the beginning–call it intuition or ESP or ability to read body language or just emotional intelligence–that Obama is at his core a liar. That you cannot believe anything he says because he’s one step removed from a flim flam man, a con man, or a used car salesman. The one step being HUGE because of the power he’s acquired by lying his way into power. The DemoncRATS look more and more like what they are: demon RATS. I think the People, as a whole, might be waking up. Finally. We can only hope that it’s not too late.

      Now they have their choice: the nanny state where elites like Obama DECIDE FOR YOU what’s best for you, in their opinion, OR individual freedom.

      Like Jackie Mason said, “Since when do you destroy people and it doesn’t count because it’s too small a percentage?”

      Obama is destroying people, like Ms.Sundby, who has lost her insurance and her doctors–the very ones who are saving her life.

      At best, he tells people that they can go on the exchange and choose something better. EVEN IF the website worked, it’s beyond dispute that people OUGHT TO HAVE the right to NOT HAVE TO be forced to go “shopping” for something when they already own something they like. Imagine the hours these people will have to spend, the frustration of trying to compare apples and oranges. It’s probably WORSE than shopping for a cell phone or deciding between cable, satellite, or U-verse!

      But now the Republicans are going to enable Obama and the DemonRATS. Instead of telling them “it’s the law of the land” and “it’s settled law”, they’re proposing fixes that will alleviate the situation and tamp down the ANGER at OBAMA. Who is Fred Upton? Is it helpful that he’s proposing this bill?

      “In the Republican-controlled House, officials say a vote is likely as early as next week on a bill to let insurers continue selling any individual policies that were in effect on Jan. 1, 2013, even if they provide coverage deemed insufficient under Obamacare.

      The measure, drafted by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., and backed by roughly 100 fellow Republicans, would remain in effect throughout 2014, after which the issue would presumably be reviewed.”

      Think about it. It will MAKE COME TRUE what Obama is lying about–that it’s the insurance companies who are deciding, not that they’re being FORCED by Obama to cancel the policies.

      Now that the companies have proceeded to reformat everything, is it likely that they will backtrack and re-offer the original policies NOW? So the insurance companies, at this late date, will decide not to re-up the older policies and THEN Obama will be able to blame the loss of policies on the insurance companies! How brilliantly he plays the Republicans. But Mary Landrieu is SMARTER than them:

      “While Upton’s legislation permits insurers to sell existing coverage plans that would otherwise be banned, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., introduced legislation during the day to go one step further by requiring it.”

      That’s the only way to ENSURE that the people get the protection that Obama promised them–to FORCE the companies to continue the policies as is. Otherwise, as I said, Upton and his 100 other idiot Republicans will hand Barry yet another victory.

      Snatching DEFEAT from the jaws of victory once again. It’s BARRY’S JOB to see that his promise is kept. Since OBAMA and his administration decided on the POLICIES (not the LAW) that made these companies HAVE TO drop the plans that didn’t meet Obamacare benefit standards, then he has it already in his power to FIX the problem and to KEEP his promise.

      But again, the RINOs will save his behind. They’re handed a winning issue and once again will screw it up. When will they learn to FIGHT fire with fire? Our Republic cannot afford these wusses to screw it up again.

      TO SAVE our Republic and stop the “fundamental transformation” the Republicans MUST take back the Senate if not the presidency, too. And keep the House. This is possible if they capitalize on the ANGER that the Obamacare disaster is creating.

      It’s interesting that the story about Hollywood being inveigled into inserting pro-Obamacare propaganda into dramatic plot lines is hitting the mainstream: It wasn’t just at FOX; it was in my local paper today, too. What’s amazing is that they seem to believe this is A-OK, just another political tactic, and not a HUGE violation of everyone’s individual rights to NOT be surreptitiously propagandized.

  3. how did our grandfathers…get stirred into this???better 4 everyONE
    ….it’s….the Right thing 2 do….. watching him makes me very ill…

    • “But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve got to change it to a higher standard. They’ve got to make it better, they’ve got to improve the quality of the plan they are selling. That’s part of the promise that we made too. That’s why we went out of our way to make sure that the law allowed for grandfathering.”

      Lies within lies within lies. The part about losing your “grandfathered” status was deliberately inserted into the POLICIES, not the law, by Obama to FORCE insurance companies to CHANGE the policies. They FORCED the changes that cause the policies to lose grandfathered status. But all Alinsky 101 requires is to confuse the issue, to obfuscate, to LIE repeatedly, and to NEVER, EVER admit the truth, as you demonize your opponents. They make it complex deliberately, so that nobody understands “what’s in the law” and what’s not.

  4. God is good…. So, O needs to be sent 2 …The Mental “Institute”..
    So…he can KEEP….ON….LEARN-in’ …. & I Pray….

  5. ~~ Majik Imaje • 21 minutes ago ~~
    This man needs to be committed to the “Mental Institute” he is deranged, dishonest, despicable, delusional, determined to decimate this country for sum “Dreams from his Father & his only agenda is to re-distribute the wealth to his “friends”. This man brags he is good at killing people – He is a pathological liar – fraud – huckster-wannbe dicktraitor.
    He really needs help – he is deliberately hurting millions of people & laughing about it and propping up that middle finger of his which he loves to display so much.

    ARREST THIS IDIOT!! Follow the friggin Constitution & haul him off to jail where he belongs.

    It is a total disgrace to allow this babbling idiot liar to remain in the white house!

  6. ~~ Dylan Felts • an hour ago ~~
    Obama’s ….. entire life ….. is a …..” LIE ” !!!!!!

    • As most do not have subscription this is just a teaser. If wants to be paid for work (and nothing wrong with that), Martha should go out and hustle advertisers or sell some TT brand products. These and other avenues would validate that she puts the country first and she really believes what she writes and as such would desire everyone to have the so-called ‘truth’. Granted, her subscription fees are minimal and many others do the same but it does the country no good, at this point, for people who have money to be the only ones to have access to the special truth. Charging to see the freak show of pics of Duke/duke lookalike getting onto airforce one. The pics are not in mainstream???? Really??? So she has them and withholds view for pay? Sounds all rather stinky to me. She would make more money with advertisers and such than with her subscription thingie anyways. And yes, entities would want to advertize on a fringe blog like hers. None of the links do any good except give hints that MT knows stuff that has been common knowlege, validated or debunked, right here on wtpotus.

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