On Senator Ted Cruz and Media Hypocrisy

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_Congress - Copy

Senator Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz, smiling.

Submitted for your consideration, from Dana Milbank, writing about Senator Ted Cruz:   [emphasis added to quotes]

… The young senator from Texas, after just nine months on the job, had managed to drag down his Republican Party to historic unpopularity. But as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) went to the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon to announce a deal that would begin to repair the damage Cruz inflicted, the renegade couldn’t resist one more poke at his leadership.

“Unfortunately, once again, it appears the Washington establishment is refusing to listen to the American people,” the Texan intoned, his protruding chin bouncing as the vitriol poured from the lips above it. “The United States Senate has stayed with the traditional approach of the Washington establishment of maintaining the status quo.”

CNN pulled away from McConnell when the sore loser began talking. …

Can anyone, anywhere, imagine a well-known columnist of Milbank’s caliber referring to Barack Obama in such a disrespectful and arguably racist way?  What would happen if, for example, a well-known conservative columnist wrote this about Obama?

His protruding ears wiggling as the vitriol poured from his purple lips.

Would that columnist keep his job for long? Why the double standard?

While progressive “journalists” often point to Cruz’s youth and relatively short tenure in the Senate, how many of them ever mentioned Obama’s youth and lack of experience when he ran for president?  How many progressive reporters have referred to Obama as a “renegade” or a “sore loser” (which he definitely is)?  Cruz is an elected representative of the people of Texas.  As such, is he not due the same respect as shown to Obama?  Then there’s this:

Earlier this week CNBC reporter Steve Liesman requested “Mexican music” for Senator Ted Cruz. …

[After an Internet firestorm,] CNBC Senior Economics Reporter Steve Liesman issued this apology.  …

“Regarding my recent remark on Squawk Box regarding Senator Ted Cruz, I first want to deeply and sincerely apologize if my remarks were insensitive.

Second, I want to explain that it was not intended to be offensive in any way.

I thought of him only as an American senator from Texas, and in an attempt, on the fly, to choose music representing that state, I chose Mexican music.

As a musician for many decades, I’ve played and listened to tons of Texas songs infused with Mexican themes.”

This is a typical progressive non-apology apology. “If you were offended, I’m sorry.”  He doesn’t own the remarks. He tries to put the onus on those who were offended, implying that they ought not be offended and are, perhaps, simply too sensitive.

Since Liesman falls back on the lame excuse that as a musician, he’s familiar with Mexican themes in the music of Texas, then why didn’t he refer to Tejano music instead of Mexican music?

Texas is a state in the USA, not Mexico.  Tejano music is specifically Texan as opposed to “Mexican”, and it includes the “white” people of Texas, too, since Tejano music has roots in Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia, as well as in Mexico.

Liesman knows the term Tejano, but that’s not the term he used.  (Interesting name.  Lies man.  Hmmm.)

It’s worth noting that Cruz, despite representing Texas, is not Mexican-American. He’s Cuban-American, and he was born in Canada.  Then there’s this:

Chris Matthews Accuses Ted Cruz of Racism Against “Brown People”

Why?  Because Cruz said this:

Having spent the past month up in D.C., it is really great to be back in America.

To which whiter than white Chris Matthews opined:

… this isn’t a casual reference. This “We’re Americans, we white people out here in Texas, as opposed to people who live in the big cities: the ethnics, the blacks, the browns. Those people in Washington, those liberals, they’re not Americans.”

Being Cuban-American, Cruz is himself a “brown” person.  Is he not?  He’s as brown as Barack Obama is black.

The population of Texas is approximately 45% non-hispanic white, so less than half white.  One could argue that Texas itself has as many “ethnics” as does Washington DC.  (Besides, who believes that Cruz was referring to the inhabitants of DC instead of the politicians therein?)

Aren’t non-hispanic whites “ethnic”?  Tell that to the Texans who are proudly Czech, German, Irish, Polish, English, among many other “white” cultures.  Finally, yet another from Chris Matthews, who is referring  to Senator Ted Cruz here:

This guy goes pretty far, but I think he fits in the tradition of Father Coughlin, and [Joe] McCarthy, and of course, and maybe to a lesser extent, Pat Buchanan, and [Bill] O’Reilly. These guys are hard right-wing guys, they look a lot alike — they have what we call the ‘black Irish look’ to them — they don’t smile much.

How’s that for sound scientific theory?  They look a lot alike?  How racist is this?  What’s Matthews saying here?  That those who share physical characteristics must therefore share philosophical and political characteristics?  Coughlin, McCarthy, Buchanan, O’Reilly, and Cruz have dark hair; therefore, they’re all “hard right-wing guys”?

Where does that leave Barack Obama, who also has dark hair and just happens to be (allegedly) of Irish descent?  Obama’s mother looked as black Irish as Cruz, and she was far from being a “hard right-wing” gal.

Ah, but clever Chris Matthews. He’s done his homework. Cruz has some Irish ancestry, although whether his maternal grandfather was black Irish hasn’t been confirmed.  Cruz’s Delaware-born mother, Eleanor Darragh, is of Irish and Italian descent.  Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, is Cuban.

For the record, Chris Matthews, according to Wikipedia, is the son of a father of Anglo-Irish Protestant descent and a mother of Irish Roman Catholic descent, with Matthews himself being Catholic.  He “looks” Anglo/Dutch, however, like the Orangemen.  Although being Irish himself, perhaps Matthews doesn’t identify with the “black” Irish of whom he speaks, who are, some say, the aboriginal peoples of Ireland–descendants of Iberians.  Maybe Matthews is a “progressive” instead of a “hard right-wing guy” by the grace of whatever god blessed him with blond rather than black hair.

In any case, what’s his point with this rant?  Father Coughlin was an early supporter of FDR, a socialist, an anti-Semite, and even a sometime supporter of Hitler and Mussolini. His support for Nazism (national socialism) and “social justice” puts him philosophically close to today’s progressives and socialists in the Democrat Party of Barack Obama, which Matthews wholeheartedly supports. Coughlin was far from being a “hard right-wing” guy.  He was, however, a hard left-wing guy, as are all Nazis and fascists and anti-Semites.

One thing Cruz does have in common with Coughlin: Both were born in Canada.  Cruz and black Irish have dark hair, but so does Barack Obama.  Cruz, by the way, is not Roman Catholic, so does not have that in common with Coughlin, McCarthy, Buchanan, O’Reilly, OR Matthews.

So why is a commentator of Irish descent trying to lump Ted Cruz in with black Irish folks?  Is he trying to fool the hispanics in his audience into thinking that Cruz is not “hispanic” or “brown” himself?

Is Matthews trying to fool “ethnics” in his audience into thinking that Cruz is not a person of color like themselves, but is just another “cracker”?

If Cruz, by virtue of having a mother of Irish and Italian descent, is not, therefore, “brown”, despite having a Cuban father,

then Barack Obama, by virtue of having a mother of

predominantly English ancestry, with some German, Swiss, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ancestry

is not, therefore, black, despite having a black African father.  Chris Matthews cannot have it both ways, no matter how hard he tries.

By the way, Cruz smiles.  He smiles a lot.  See photo above.

One thing is clear: These people are afraid of Senator Ted Cruz.  They’re like rats on an electrified grid. They’re all over the place.

They don’t know which way to jump, and it’s so much fun to watch them scramble.


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  1. New open thread.

    • http://news.yahoo.com/snafu-jackson-reports-federal-prison-225351713.html
      Thought maybe all would want to know where young jessie jackson is spending his time. Camp Butner (called that as it once was a military camp and later where all mental patients went in north carolina), is jessie’s new home, and although it is now a prison, it’s like a sprawling green oasis ….it also happens to be where some very bad prisoners spend time, like of course Bernie madoff, and also the spy Jonathan Pollard. What a crowd to join huh? Splendid company. This is the same place where, as a child, my mothr would take me and my sister to take my cousin out for lunch. This place was her secound home as she was paranoid skitzo. THis is where she got her shock therapy too. Wonder if they still have those facitlities there no, as jessie and ther rest of em, for that matter , might need a little therapy …..
      Funny, just thinking back to those days with my cousin and my mom….my cousin also thought my dad was running for president, but she also thought that space men were outside her house at night and were making her pregnant. Camp Butner had that sort of effect on people back then. Wonder what it will do for these guys these days.Wonder if obama has ever visited Butner before ,as he is about as delusional as my cousin.

  2. October 29, 2013

    Thomas Lifson:

    “Jack Cashill’s If I Had a Son”

    “The definitive account of the conspiracy to send George Zimmerman to prison for the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin is reaching bookstores today. …

    At the heart of the effort to inject race into a case that was self-evidently a matter of self defense to the police and prosecutors who in initially investigated is what Cashill labels the Black Grievance Industry, or BGI. Benjamin Crump, a black Tallahhassee attorney who had gained fame and fortune suing on behalf of blacks claiming racial victimization was brought in early by Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, through personal contacts. Crump assembled what Cashill termed “Team Trayvon,” … They were aided and abetted by key media outlets, from the Orlando Sentinel, which at first reported in a straightforward manner for a local readership and then ran into the BGI, to The New York Times and especially ABC News, which assisted the BGI and Team Trayvon in manufacturing a false narrative, betraying both their journalistic responsibilities and the cause of justice. Inevitably, Al Sharpton quickly leapt into the fray, follolwed by Jesse Jackson, fearful of being cut out.”


  3. To whom it may concern: We are not responsible for mistakes made by WordPress, for mistakes made by commenters, for technical glitches that are beyond our control. We do NOT appreciate personal attacks when something does not go as planned. We do NOT appreciate accusations without foundation. (We do NOT exist, btw, as an advertising site; but that has nothing to do with this issue.)

    I have very often fixed broken links for persons of good will. For persons of good will, not for those who ASSUME the worst and ACCUSE without foundation. (Don’t look for the accusations; we have comment rules which will be followed. No personal attacks. Period.)

    I have forgiven and forgotten, as I do not carry grudges. I would have hoped that those who know me by now would know that already.

    • Hiya Miri,

      It’s w o r d p r e s s, and they know it. We all do.

      Thanks for providing us a forum to visit, chat and drop links. We are under siege on all fronts. The powers that be hate the natural born American, black, white and brown and we’ve been coup’d. If you cannot be indoctrinated, you must be eliminated. Ask Bill Ayres and Jeremiah Wright.

      • YW. I try. TU for being here. While we stand.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Who is giving our Miri a hard time? Lately, she’s been single-handedly running this blog. (thoughts and prayers for Leza’s health and hoping Bridgette is well). This is THE best blog, bar none. And WordPress has been quirky as of late. So, please take into consideration the fact that there is a wonderful human being behind this blog who takes time from her day to write these well written, well thought out and VALUABLE posts and whom provides us with a place to share, vent and communicate with one another.

          • Well, thank you, Rosemary. You’re so sweet.

            FWIW, I’m not giving any blow by blow. I’m not into that high school stuff; I wasn’t even when I was in high school. Person(s) in question know who they are; also know who wrote the nasty comment that never got posted. When we say “no flame wars” then it needs to apply to us, too, so I won’t go into it in public. As I said, all is forgiven, provided there’s good behavior. It was forgiven before, same player. You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you? That’s not to say there won’t be a(nother) probation period.

      • What Papoose said. 🙂

    • I broke a nail while commenting on this blog; what are you going to do about it? 🙂 Love you, Miri!

  4. Obama didn’t know about NSA spying. Is there ANYTHING that he DOES know? Anything for which he’s responsible? Nein.

    NSA p-o’ed because Barry denies knowing what they’re up to. Well, what did they expect? http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-spying-phones-20131029,0,3235295.story#axzz2j7tZC8am

    “The White House and State Department signed off on surveillance targeting phone conversations of friendly foreign leaders, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said Monday, pushing back against assertions that President Obama and his aides were unaware of the high-level eavesdropping.

    Professional staff members at the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence agencies are angry, these officials say, believing the president has cast them adrift as he tries to distance himself from the disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that have strained ties with close allies.

    The resistance emerged as the White House said it would curtail foreign intelligence collection in some cases and two senior U.S. senators called for investigations of the practice. …”

    Who cares? It’s Bush’s fault, anyway.

    Obviously, Barry HAD TO KNOW. When they told him interesting tidbits, where did he think they got the info?

  5. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/10/28/nbc-news-says-obama-has-known-millions-would-lose-their-health-insurance-as-a-result-of-obamacare-since-2010/

    They ask: What’s NBC’s angle with truthfully reporting that, in so many words, Barry LIED when he said you can keep your health insurance if you like it.

  6. http://hotair.com/archives/2013/10/28/valerie-jarrett-obamacare-doesnt-force-you-off-your-plan-your-insurance-company-does-by-complying-with-obamacare/

    “… Tonight, the president’s right-hand woman tries the lie again, even as it’s demonstrably unraveling before the nation’s eyes.

    Valerie Jarrett ✔ @vj44

    FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.
    7:07 PM – 28 Oct 2013

    Let’s try to walk through this inanity. There’s nothing in Obamacare that forces people out of their health plans. Instead, Jarrett asserts, insurance companies are just deciding to change their plans, throwing people off their current coverage.

    She leaves out the part where Obamacare legally requires all health insurance plans to include a certain number of benefits that was above and beyond what many more, ahem, affordable plans offered, thereby making certain plans illegal. Many of those plans were plans that people liked and were assured they could keep. Obamacare offered a “grandfathering” clause, which the administration later eviscerated after it had served its political purpose, ensuring even more people would lose their current coverage. So, no change is required by you under Obamacare unless your insurance company goes and changes your existing plan to comply with Obamacare.

    Update: This isn’t just one yes-woman’s delusion. It’s a talking point. …”

    At the link: multiple minions parroting the same insulting meme.

  7. GLITCH: the new term for SUCKER!!!!

  8. SNAP! 47,000,0000 reductions…

    The Syrians, Pakistanis, Palestinians and DNC must be in need of some hard, cold cash.


    Please don’t revolt, contact your fairy godmother, umm I mean caseworker:

    At USDA, we remain committed to ensuring that low income children and families have access to the critical nutrition assistance programs they need as they get back on their feet. If you are a SNAP recipient and have questions about your case or the change happening on November 1, contact your caseworker immediately or call your State’s information hotline. – See more at: http://blogs.usda.gov/2013/10/28/helping-snap-recipients-prepare-for-november-1st-benefit-changes/#sthash.O57twZxP.dpuf

    • just an FYI, my typing stinks, in case you didn’t know that already. 😉

    • This is such cr*p. I know someone on this program. Benefits are going down $1, after having been raised a few bucks this month so–net gain. In any case, the people being taken off are those who never should have been on in the first place. Able-bodied people.

      What they’re trying to do, with this meme as well as with the new meme that “allowing” fast food workers to “only” get $7.50 or minimum wage is a big taxpayer benefit to Big Food, is to undo the welfare to work reforms that were enacted under Gingrich, when Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming into approving them.

      So how is McDonald’s paying SOME workers only minimum wage corporate welfare? Well, because, the communists claim, fast food workers have to be on social benefits, too. As usual, they lie with statistics.

      In any case, imho, it’s better that they work and get $7.50 an hour instead of being TOTALLY supported by the taxpayers, which they would be given that they have few skills.

      Why don’t they look at this as McDonald’s et al doing the taxpayers a favor by employing the virtually unemployable, so that the entire burden of supporting them doesn’t fall on We the People?

      I’d like to see the types of social welfare benefits these people collect. McDonald’s, for example, hires many disabled people. So are they counting ANY social benefit that the disabled get and would still get, employed or not, or even if they made $20 an hour? I bet they are.

      How many of these people will STILL collect the benefits (for example, for a “disabled” child) NO MATTER WHAT their salary is? Plenty, I’ll bet.

      The DemoncRATS WANT all these people on government benefits, because it furthers their goal of communism.

    • What they’re doing is taking back the INCREASE that was given under the stimulus, which was supposed to be temporary but NOTHING ever is temporary in the Obamanation. Now it’s an entitlement. What bugs the hell out of me, always, are the elites who claim that people cannot feed families on what they get from food stamps. I don’t get food stamps but DO easily feed my family on less than what these people receive. That’s mostly because I shop frugally, buy HEALTHY raw foods that I prepare myself (rice and beans are CHEAP and healthy), and don’t buy prepared foods. Nor do I buy Kobe beef, which is probably why the likes of Mooch think it cannot be done on food stamps. IMHO, there’s an old saying about people in certain positions not being CHOOSERS. Be grateful for what others provide and if it’s not suitable to you, then make other choices in your life and work, like others do, to upgrade your circumstances.

    • Did you hear that Graham (believe it or not) threatened to hold up ALL nominations, including Yellen, if the survivors aren’t all made available to Congress asap?

      btw, about the article saying that Issa is impeding the criminal investigation of the terrorists who perpetrated Benghazi: What’s the matter? Drones won’t work on them? This was an act of war against our embassy in a foreign country. It’s not a legal matter. What authority, btw, does the FBI have to investigate in another country?

      • I’m thinking, Egypts investigation into Morsi. It’s gotten to hot for the CIA operatives, and so the FBI. It’s a cover-up that’s blowing apart. Obama lit the powder-keg in Libyia. The dead in Egypt,Lybia, Syria and the United States. The spying, the World Court.

        • You could be correct. I, personally, would love to see someone hauled before the World Court. Wouldn’t THAT be delicious irony? Hoist on his own petard. Who loves the “international community” more than they?

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        As I’ve written before, Graham is another who perplexes. Perhaps it is all stage craft, but Nikky Haley, Gov S.C is one tough broad. Hanging tough on rejecting Ocare. Is Graham up for midterms, perchance?

  9. Ted Cruz addresses Trayvon’s mother today.

  10. October 29, 2013

    “Sen. Cruz Grilled About Natural Born Citizen Issue; Obama Abused Power”

    “Jorge Ramos of Fusion.net interviewed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and grilled him about his qualifications under Article II of the U.S. Constitution and whether he was running for president. Senator Cruz stated he’s in the process of renouncing his Canadian citizenship but did not mention whether he was running or not. Ramos correctly pointed out foreign-born persons are not eligible to be POTUS. Sen. Cruz was then asked if Obama is dictator and he stated Obama absolutely has abused his powers.”


    Video excerpt:

    • That’s good! That whole crew deserves credit, btw, for their work on the Trayvon fiasco. Cashill, unlike some, actually credited the bloggers.

    • For a very short while, I expect. While I have excoriated Milbank lately, I suppose I ought to be fair and praise him when praise is due. Not only did he mention the OBVIOUS instances where Barry (falsely, imho) claimed to be out of the loop, he also brought up some others that most of the lamestream like to avoid. Kudos to him, no matter what his reason for getting out in front of this story. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-what-did-president-obama-know-and-when-did-he-know-it/2013/10/28/584702d0-4013-11e3-a751-f032898f2dbc_story.html

      “For a smart man, President Obama professes to know very little about a great number of things going on in his administration.

      On Sunday night, the Wall Street Journal reported that he didn’t learn until this summer that the National Security Agency had been bugging the phones of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders for nearly five years.

      That followed by a few days a claim by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that Obama didn’t know about problems with the HealthCare.gov Web site before the rest of the world learned of them after the Oct. 1 launch.

      It stretches credulity to think that the United States was spying on world leaders without the president’s knowledge, or that he was blissfully unaware of huge technical problems that threatened to undermine his main legislative achievement. [Sure it does, but he thinks you, Dana Milbank, are, and everyone else in the world is, too stupid to realize the truth!] But on issues including the IRS targeting flap and the Justice Department’s use of subpoenas against reporters, White House officials have frequently given a variation on this theme. …”

    • Did you hear that they’re blaming this on the INSURANCE COMPANIES and also the govenors of the states, because states control insurance policies in most states? They leave out that the
      Obamacare law Obama/Sebelius regulations REQUIRED the companies to change insurance policies that were exempted (by the law) from the onerous new benefit provisions of Obamacare. This is like how the DemoncRATS forced banks to give risky loans to the “poor” and then sued them for doing it and blamed them for the housing crash! With a complicit media, ANYTHING is possible. With this meme as with others, the lamestream is covering for Barry and will continue to do so, apaprently.

    • That’s MY FEAR. That they will, once again, give the DemoncRATS and Barry an out, right as they have them on the ropes. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since at least 2000.

  11. October 30, 2013

    Sharon Rondeau:

    “Exclusive: Interview with Doug Vogt, Petitioner for Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits”

    “Vogt maintains that the two fraudulent birth certificates were produced by the Hawaii Department of Health in cooperation with several employees there, including the director, Loretta Fuddy.

    Mr. Vogt then described to The Post & Email how Alvin Onaka had “indicted himself” by actions Vogt believes he took at the Hawaii Department of Health. He also said that numerous alterations of the stamp were made. “The only reason I can find to do that is to give plausible deniability to Onaka…the easiest thing to forge is the registrar’s stamp. You just scan it in. Why change it unless you’re doing that to give cover to the registrar?””


    • From >>> March 1, 2012

      “Arpaio: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud”

      “Additionally, the posse says, the videos demonstrate that the Hawaii Department of Health Registrar’s name stamp and the registrar’s date stamp were computer-generated images imported into an electronic document, as opposed to rubber stamp imprints inked by hand or machine onto a paper document.”

      From >>> “The Obama File”

      “Birth Certificate II — The Sequel”

      “It’s An “Abstract” And What About That “Smiley Face””

      “Now let’s be clear about the subtle use of “txe” instead of “the.”

      “TXE” is the file extension for an enriched text file which is exactly what Onaka meant to say! He doesn’t say he gave you an copy of Obama’s original birth document, but an abstract of the “records on file,” compiled from “TXE” files.

      This is compatible with Adobe Illustrator or the exact software conglomeration Hawaii uses today. It is pertinent to point out the change from “the” to “TXE” as it leads to the obvious fraud but it means something and exonerates Onaka. These people know that they are not telling the truth. …”


    • One thing I got from reading his filing, he believes the forger is female.

      • I’ll gladly stand (well, sit) here and take the “I told you so” if i’m wrong (that is if we EVER find out if we are right or wrong about anything for certain), but I still just don’t buy the TXE explanation. I get the theory, it just seems highly unlikely to me. A more likely explanation (IMHO) is a scan of a real stamp, that was not very clear, was interpreted by a

        computer and an H was mistaken for an X. Or, just a typo. I freely admit I could be wrong.

        • From >>> March 1, 2012

          “… the Hawaii Department of Health Registrar’s name stamp and the registrar’s date stamp were computer-generated images imported into an electronic document …”

          ^^^ “imported” ^^^

          “Computers . to bring (documents, data, etc.) into one software program from another.”

          From >>> May 8, 2011

          Part of batazoid’s comment at thedailypen:

          “Moreover, the Registrar clearly states as much in his affirmation stamp on Obama’s new long form Certificate of Live Birth document as the following: “I certify this a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health”.

          A TXE record is an “enriched text file” used to combine graphics with textual data for easier storage and retrieval of information stored in computer databases. So, the Registrar is certifying that all the information on the new long form is all from electronic sources, which might not even be based on any one particular database record. The Registrar admits none of the data is from original sources; it is all digital data printed out as an “abstract”.”


          • So, Gordo, I know what the commentary on that has been, but do you think it is a convincing argument? I have to admit, if only the TXE were capitalized it would be rather convincing. But, that is supposed to represent an official stamp, that is what they are trying to pass it off as, and to make the case that they were sneaking a super secret message in that would get them off the hook later…just doesn’t make any sense to me.

          • So maybe the bogus “stamp” itself was emailed to the forger?

        • I’ve wondered about that, too, SEO. I know when somebody runs character recognition on text, sometimes the computer misinterprets characters and “replaces” them with what the program thinks it might say, especially if the original is old, damaged, stained, wrinkled, unclear, smudgy, the latter of which might be likely when you’re dealing with a stamp. Would anybody, however, have run optical character recognition on something like a birth certificate original? Hardly seems likely. What ANY reasonable person would do is simply slap the original on a copier and copy it. No “interpretation” involved, just a “picture” taken and reproduced. I comprehend the theory about the TXE, too, but don’t think they’re that clever. My particular theory is that somebody changed one letter, one that might be easily overlooked (like H replaced by X), in order to avoid the legal ramifications of forging and using a HDOH certification stamp. This may have been done on a computer, however–meaning the forger may have used a real stamp and then digitally made it unofficial by, for example, turning on or off pixels in Paint. They could have as easily changed an O to a P, or an R to a P, etc. Or maybe this was a twofer–to snark about the TXE (being an actual file extension for an “enriched text file”) and also to invalid the seal as a forgery, given that their legal argument would be that anything that’s OBVIOUSLY not an exact facsimile can’t be considered a forgery and thus illegal. They may not be on sound legal footing, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t think that they are or might be. As with anything in the Obamanation, they push the envelope, knowingly run up against the boundaries of the LAW, and count on the fact that IF anybody ever challenges them in court (not really happening so far, with any success), they have clever lawyers and can, and will, run out the clock because lawyers are able to drag out ANY court case for years–so long past Obama has left office. (If ever.)

          • I’d be interested in knowing what somebody familiar with technicalities of text files thinks of these facts, keeping in mind the issue of the TXE:

            1. .TXE File
            File extension: TXE
            File type: Enriched Text File

            2. Enriched text is a formatted text format for e-mail, defined by the IETF in RFC 1896 and associated with the text/enriched MIME type. It is “intended to facilitate the wider interoperation of simple enriched text across a wide variety of hardware and software platforms”. … Some people … see enriched text, or at least the subset of HTML that can be transformed into enriched text, as a superior format for use with e-mail (mainly because of security considerations).

            Now what stands out to me is the association of this file extension with EMAIL. This “document” was allegedly given to Barry’s PERSONAL attorney, hand carried back to the USA, and presumably (or so it was implied) given to the obots in the administration, who then copied it and supposedly handed copies out to the media while allowing Savannah Guthrie to photograph one of the two “originals” exclusively.

            So where does EMAIL come into it? Huh? Note the second citation above, that focuses on how “enriched text format” is superior for use in emails BECAUSE OF SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS.

            Now when you have the NSA grabbing up all email content, as we found out recently, despite their previous LIES, and you know, as head of the entire freaking gummint how vulnerable you MIGHT BE to being found out by people like Edward Snowden, you might want to be especially careful when EMAILING a “document” from an alleged forger in the HDOH to somebody in DC. Wouldn’t you?

          • I know woefully little about how most computer things work, which is why I wanted Gordo’s opinion on this. I can’t make it plausible in my head, but then I don’t know if my “plausible” theories are really plausible either…know what I mean?

          • OK, so if they were taking “pieces” from other forms, as it appears they did, to create a new PDF that they then pretended they “scanned” whole, wouldn’t this be necessary? Especially if they needed to “edit” parts?
            “Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a visual recognition process that turns printed or written text into an electronic character-based file. A document that is scanned and converted into a PDF document provides the basis for which character recognition software may interpret each character image on the PDF and assign it an electonic character-based file that can then be entered into an editable format, such as a Text or Word document.”

            • Could be, if they intended to EDIT it. Like to change one letter on the stamp to invalidate it as “official” so they could hopefully elude charges of forging an official stamp? I guess it all depends upon what they did. We know they didn’t steal that stamp entirely from some other document because it does say TXE and not THE. Of course, as you said before, it may have been misread by the software and they didn’t notice it. In any case, that alone makes the entire “document” invalid and certainly not proof of citizenship or anything else.

  12. So my problem with Cruz is this, by example:
    You’re in a bar and a whole bunch of Hell’s Angels are staring at your girlfriend.
    Do you:
    1) Tell them they are a bunch of smelly squat-holes and worry about whatever happens later?

    2) Phone a friend and ask him to bring your machine shotgun (yes it exists)
    and bring it in in a viola case?

    3) Decide this particular fight isn’t worth starting and GTF outta there?

    Cruz chose option 1

    I can’t think he could face down Iran, the illuminatti, or even the democratic
    party and I don’t think he should learn “on-the-job”.

    You can’t bluff an opponent who doesn’t care if the whole world is destroyed. If you can’t figure out who your oppenent is, then why not become a Fox News contributor?

  13. I am perplexed; missing something in the meme: How come the IRS building in NYC is having armed guards on Friday in Preparation of food stamps being cut? Food stamp grabbers (not gonna say “recipients” any longer) don’t pay income taxes. So, what am I missing? Gut says this is gonna be turned on Taxed Enough Already people. . . like are they getting in place for t.e.a and disguising it as for a contrived food stamp revolt? I am not being snarky or trying to be funny…..I really am wondering what part of the issue I am missing.

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