Eric Holder Says Mass Shootings Up 300% Since Obama Took Office

Progressives love statistics.  That’s because progressives lie.  We know, as Mark Twain knew, that statistics lie; and progressives love nothing more than lies and propaganda.

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.            Mark Twain

Examples of lying statistics that progressives embrace are those that “prove” that racial profiling exists in traffic stops, that minority groups suffer from voter suppression, and that blacks get inferior health care, all because of racism.

Progressives point out correlation, but deliberately obfuscate causation, ignoring all other variables besides racism.

It’s shoddy science, but they don’t care.  They’re not interested in truth; they’re interested only in power and anything they can use to expand their power.

So let’s look at a statistic that Eric Holder recently presented:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday the average number of mass shooting incidents has tripled in recent years.

Between 2000 and 2008, the U.S. experienced an average of five mass shootings every year. Since then [since 2009, when Obama took office] the annual average has tripled, Holder said. So far in 2013, there have been at least 12, he said.

Let’s put on our “progressive” Halloween costumes and pretend that we’re progressives and that George W. Bush is still president.  Let’s pretend that Bush took office in January 2009 and since then the average number of “active shooter” incidents has tripled.  What would progressives say?

They’d say, without doubt, that there’s something about the Bush administration that has caused these mass shooting events.

Therefore, looking at the increase in active shooter events through a progressive lens, holding progressives to the same standards they apply to their political opponents, it appears that Eric Holder and the rest of the Obama administration are somehow responsible for the 300% increase in active shooter incidents since Holder and Obama took office.

Case closed.


111 responses to “Eric Holder Says Mass Shootings Up 300% Since Obama Took Office

  1. Wait…until it’s FREE…..hard finding humor in any of this..CRAP!!!

    • You know, they might have predicted ALL OF THIS had they read at least PART of the bill, as WTPOTUS readers and researchers did BEFORE it was rammed through with no conservative or even Republican votes.

  2. Scenario, looking for input.

    Man has pension from a company with medical insurance for himself until turns sixty-five and for his wife until she turns that magical age, and for his children until they are twenty-six. Man goes back to work for company but will keep pension medical plan as once removed from it can not get back in and his youngest is eleven so will need insurance for the kid for years after himself has retired.

    Does Ocare say one has to have insurance first from employer and therefor could lose his pension coverage? And with that when no longer working for company after two years, can not get back pension coverage and out of luck???

    If company does not provide medical coverage as an employee, even though employee is covered with pension, does company have to pay fine?

    If the questions don’t make sense, don’t blame me; blame Obamacare as that is one big piece of confusion.

    • Even if you think you know the answers to the questions, you probably don’t, won’t, can’t. You have to read the bill to find out what’s in it, but even if you read it, they change it as they go along. It’s like Barry himself. No questions answered. No evidence or proof given. Everything is fungible. No real identity. A blank slate waiting for you to write upon.

      It matters not. All that matters is the ideal. The feelings. The emotions. The feel-good aspect of the idea of Obamacare. Reality is not within their lexicon. Don’t bother them with details. Let them bask in the glory of their pretend ideal world.

  3. So what kind of stunt will the O-krewe pull today, Friday document dump day, in order to distract from the Obamacare website woes and make sure nobody’s talking about THAT on the Sunday shows?

    Sebelius, that arrogant cipher, says she’s not going anywhere because she doesn’t work for us! She works for Barry. Well, somebody needs to remind her and her boss that

    BARRY WORKS FOR US!! As an employee, he’s woefully incompetent and so should be fired.

    • It’s all over the place now that DemoncRATS and “most people” want Obamacare mandate delayed. BS!!!! It’s the “law of the land” and it’s “settled law” and that was their meme. IF the Republicans are STUPID ENOUGH to cave on this issue now, then they are total losers who deserve to lose.

      The DemoncRATS probably think they’re clever and think that Cruz and company will cave on this, too, and give them the OUT that they do not deserve. This is THEIR baby. It’s theirs. They own it. Let the mandate take effect but you know.

      It’s another typical DemoncRAT trap. Now, if the Republicans WON’T delay the mandate, the DemoncRATS, who INVENTED THE MANDATE, will BLAME THE REPUBLICANS for it and the media will play along, as usual.

      This is where Cruz stepped in it. He and his supporters created a distraction from the abject failure of the Obamacare website, and now they’ll let the DemoncRATS seize this “delay the mandate” issue and turn it back on them and blame THEM, the Republicans, when it takes effect. Count on it.

      But it’s still settled law; it’s the law of the land. Let it take effect as is and let it FAIL big time, as it was doomed to do. But the Republicans also have to be out there constantly, with their own meme, that this is the DemoncRAT’s and OBAMA’s baby, that they rammed it through against the will of the people and with NO Republican support, and that it was designed to fail.

  4. I have tried to search this site/archives for joseph toutonghi but I know it must be around here somewhere! (where else would I have heard the name?) Saw this, and the “next” next in the link, as well. Noticed a neighbor (if this is even real) was joseph toutonghi and that seemed so very familiar so came over here, searched, but nothing came up .

  5. Benghazi Witness – 60 minutes this Sunday. Looks to be an indivdual who was with the British Security firm who the State Dept. hired to protect the embassies. The State Dept. did not allow the hired gaurds weaponry. Video.

  6. Sorry, this comment could not be posted.

    I’m being censored again.

  7. Papoose ….me also…. CEN-SOR-ED!!!!!

    • Hiya Z. I shut down and started over.

      I wanted to make a comment with respect to the mention of Hester Prynne:

      “Its time to pin the scarlet T on the treasonous traitors.” There. I said it.

      • Papoose, your other comment wasn’t in moderation OR in spam. I don’t know what’s going on, but we’ll blame it on WP, as usual.

    • What do you mean censored? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody’s censoring that I know of. There’s nothing in moderation, either.

      • When I get this response when I hit ‘post comment’ I take it as being censored:

        Sorry, this comment could not be posted.

        • Its been going on since 9/11/13.

        • Papoose, I can’t explain why you’d get that message. I will ask WordPress what it means when it says “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.” It’s nothing that I’m doing. I found Zenway’s comments in spam and I can’t explain that, either. I don’t know why a simple link would go to spam, but WordPress has its own system for figuring out what’s spam, which I don’t know how it works. It’s like with email; sometimes Yahoo or Gmail or whatever throws a message in spam when it’s not spam. They have their list of keywords and it’s hard to figure out what triggers it. I remember that there was a problem with my own “spam” filter. We have a way to send certain messages to moderation, if we suspect they’re from obots or from people who MIGHT, because we don’t know them well yet, say something that we wouldn’t want posted when I’m not around to moderate. (Like racist or hateful stuff. It takes a while to be able to trust new commenters.) In any case, my bad, I thought that if, for example, I told it to always put into moderation “Mary Jones”, the system would only put Mary Jones (BY NAME on the comment) into moderation. Nope. I found out the hard way that it would put into moderation ANY comment by ANY person that contained EITHER the word Mary or Jones in the text (not just in the name field). So I switched to IP#, but that won’t work when people constantly change their IP# by using anonymizers. Let me look at that list again and I’ll check to see if something in your comment is on that list–INADVERTENTLY. I’m sorry that this happens sometimes, but it’s nothing I’m doing consciously, unless it’s a NEW commenter that I don’t know yet.

          • WP screws up and we pay the price. Now, instead of just emptying the voluminous spam folder, I will have to go through each message just to ensure that nobody’s legitimate comments are in there. If you only could see the annoying spam we get.

        • At >>>

          “”Sorry, this comment could not be posted” error”

          So far, I’ve never had this happen.

          • Thanks, Gordo. So WP knows but hasn’t fixed this and it seems to have something to do with people being logged into the right or wrong account or not accepting cookies. Or maybe it’s the WP gremlin. Anyway, it proves it’s not anything we do here.

  8. This is so funny (from Fellowship of the Minds):

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