Dog Gone; Phineas Is Missing Again.

This is an update on Phineas, the yellow Labrador retriever who’s become a sensation in the Ozark town of Salem, Missouri. His story was first discussed in this post. In brief, Phineas stands accused of being a serial biter, a crime for which he was condemned to die, until dog-loving citizens rose up to object.

On Thursday, Phineas had another day in court, but the ole yeller defendant was not in attendance. That’s because someone dognapped the pooch, for the second time.  When the controversy first arose, the dog mysteriously disappeared from the poochgow, but he was as mysteriously returned.

Thursday’s hearing was an attempt to get the judge to grant Phineas a final reprieve, but the dog had gone missing again.

Last weekend, just days after subpoenas for Thursday’s hearing were sent out, the dog disappeared from the veterinary clinic where he had been housed for months. His death sentence has been on hold for more than a year while his owners challenged the mayor’s finding that Phineas was a vicious animal for biting a 7-year-old girl.

Authorities say they don’t have a clue who took the yellow Labrador retriever. They are not even sure how. There were no signs of a burglary. The dog was just gone. And in a town where strong feelings about the case are common; “Phineas for Mayor” bumper stickers have been seen; and Phineas billboards along Interstate 44 beg “Don’t let Salem, MO kill me,” the list of possible suspects is long.

“I’ve heard so many stories, it’s unreal,” said Deanna Parrett, a Salem resident who attended the hearing. “Who knows where he might be.”

The question of what happened to Phineas, while not on the official docket, repeatedly intruded into the courtroom. It seemed to undercut a hearing aimed at deciding a dog’s fate when that fate, one way or another, already seemed to have been decided by someone else.

Dog gone, that dog is “just gone.”

There are allegations that the local cops weren’t all that interested in investigating who pulled off this particular caper. There was no sign of forced entry at the veterinary clinic where Phineas has been living.

Forensic evidence played a role in this case.  K-9 CSI?  Bite mark patterns, a lawyer argued, indicate that perhaps the being who bit the little girl was of the human persuasion.

Whether Phineas will get his reprieve is an open question.  The judge hasn’t made his crucial decision yet.

As the hearing ended, some spectators said they believed that whether Phineas would ever be seen again depended on what the judge decided.

If he reversed his ruling, essentially giving Phineas a second chance, they expected the dog to magically reappear. It sounded a little far-fetched. They knew this. But it already had happened once before.

Let’s all hope and pray that Phineas lives, wherever he is, and that he’s soon reunited with his human family.


138 responses to “Dog Gone; Phineas Is Missing Again.

  1. This interview with Jim Inhofe need to go viral. I’m not sure where the tape is. Local OKC media is censoring this information. This should be one of the lead stories on all of the newscasts, but it’s censored. This is an OKLAHOMA SENATOR. Powerful censorship!!!

    Jim Inhofe: I ‘Probably Wouldn’t Be Here’ If I Was Insured Under Obamacare

    The senator said he was able to be treated right away because of his health care plan, but under a program like the Affordable Care Act, Inhofe said “with my age, that would have been about a six-month wait” because he did not have a heart attack.

  2. Also, someone needs to get the clip of Jay Leno’s tonight show monologue from tonight when it comes out. He made a joke out of Arnie wanting to change the Constitution so that he can become President instead of Obama becoming President and finding out that he’s not eligible. 🙂

    • I know. Aren’t those things crazy weird? I never heard of these “sea serpents” before the past week. Now they’re washing up everywhere, it seems.


  4. Bill Ayers… GAY Agenda 4 your KIDS!!!! 2008… ( checking back in )
    does anybody know WHAT … really is going on? I don’t…

    • And so now we see that it has come to pass. What’s going on? Barry has a vested, PERSONAL interest in this topic, as does Reg.

  5. Eww! The progs are orgasmic over this today on facebk: Proof the Tea Party was founded as astroturf movement

    • I’ll believe their “proof” when they believe our proof that Barry’s a usurping fraud.

      btw, isn’t it just AWFUL that conservatives have the same rights as progressives like George Soros? Don’t you just hate it that conservatives are allowed to use the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUES that leftist commies in the USA have used for decades? That’s hardly fair!

      Isn’t it just AWFUL that all citizens of the USA have the same protections and the same rights to FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY AND FREE SPEECH?

      Isn’t it just AWFUL that progressive propaganda is ALLOWED to be refuted by their political opponents?

      Wouldn’t if be simply wonderful if, like Hitler and Stalin and all other fascist tyrants down through history, the progressives (communists, Marxists, Nazi left) could just use the power of government to FORCE you to STFU?

      I mean, failing that, why shouldn’t they be allowed, for the society’s own good, to simply round you up, put you in gulags, prisons, or psychiatric institutions, to prevent your “hateful” speech about your GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS from being disseminated? I mean, after all, people might actually BELIEVE what you conservatives say–logic sometimes being able to overcome emotion and jingoistic fervor–and then what would become of the Soros/OBAMA “fundamental transformation of America?”

      I supposed MOVE ON isn’t “astroturfed”.

    • The ass who wrote this article doesn’t realize that the Tea Party does NOT refer to the USA as a “democracy”. That’s LEFTIST propaganda because they CHOOSE to IGNORE the FACT that this is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. That’s EXACTLY why they hate the Tea Party. They want mob/rabble rule. They love some minorities but HATE minorities that stand in the way of the IMPOSITION of the TYRANNY of socialism (at best), communism or fascism (at worst) on the USA.

      Do note the theme we’ve noticed before. They are taking the VALID arguments we make against these progressive propagandists and trying to use it against the Tea Party, for many reasons. For example, they accuse the Tea Party of trying to impose fascism and fundamentally transform the USA, when what the Tea Party desires is a RETURN to the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, which is our historical system.

      Accuse your opponent of exactly what you’re doing. That way, nobody pays attention to your tactics and many do think that it’s all just a bunch of political gamesmanship and rhetoric. Until it’s TOO LATE.

  6. Carney DUCKS out…the “TRANS~PARENTS”…need a new set of
    PARENTS…. soon… 24 / 7

    • Excellent post. Astute and very well written.

      In sum, like all tyrants, he will brook NO opposition or criticism, as O’Really touched upon, just mildly touched upon, recently.

    • “… I would be thrilled to see Obama, seated with a smug look on his face in the Oval Office, being instructed by Thomas Sowell on the workings of the Constitution, with Harry Reid and all the Democratic Senators standing by, trying not to hear what Sowell was saying:

      There is really noting complicated about the facts [about who was responsible for the shutdown]. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities going – except for ObamaCare. This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record.

      As for the House of Representatives’ right to grant or withhold money, that is not a matter of opinion, either. You can check the Constitution of the United States. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which means that Congressmen there have a right to decide whether or not they want to spend money on a particular government activity….

      The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for ObamaCare.

      It’s as simple as that. The House did not shut down the government. The Senate did, with the encouragement of the White House. …”

  7. I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the

    Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

    that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. So help me God.

  8. O’s…. PROP CLOSET…. 4 his rose garden events!!!!

    • Deservedly. Placeholder she may be, but SHE chose to be the minion. If some Czar or Barry truly calls the shots (or Valerie), it’s STILL HER CHOICE to be the willing dupe. She and the other incompetent women in the Obama cabal have set feminism back decades.

  9. O… How CareLESS…can they B…all a plan in the minds of the ILL.

  10. At least O .. did NOT have to deliver the KID!!! Karmel…how sweet

  11. Some think the preggo lady faint was a fake.

  12. ~~ TripleA60 ~~ David J Boyer ~ IS THEIR A PROBLEM?..WHAT! ?
    ObamaCare… I know nothing I see nothing.
    Benghazi… I know nothing I see nothing.
    IRS scandal… I know nothing I see nothing.
    NSA Spying… I know nothing I see nothing.
    Phone tapping the media… I know nothing I see nothing.
    Fast and Furious… I know nothing I see nothing.
    GSA gone wild… I know nothing I see nothing.
    Solyndra… I see nothing I know nothing.
    BHO, the Sargent Shultz of politics… I know nothing I see nothing.

    • How “progressive” of them. Aren’t these supposed to be our allies? Well, here’s a first case for Ronan to tackle. Don’t you think, with his special focus on young people and HUMAN RIGHTS, he’d be more than happy to address the human rights of WOMEN in the muslim Middle East? Or in his world are women not human? (I’d argue that his fake father, no matter his progressive faults, loves women, truly loves women as human beings, more than did his probable real father, who was, shall we say, a product of his paternalistic upbringing.)

  13. This Obamacare bashing is funny. At the 2:14 mark is where Leno makes his joke about eligibility. I don’t know how to post just the video, so here is the link. Maybe someone here knows how. The name of the clip on the link is:
    Monologue, Part 1
    Air Date: 10/21/13

    • Worked for them in 2008, why not try again? Amazing. He can “consider” all he wants. Snowball’s chance in the Obamanation hell.

  14. You all here do such thorough research, that I’m turning to you for some info. I was reading over at the memoryholeblog that they are going to be tearing down Sandy Hook elementary school starting on the 25th. There is a current post up by someone who visited the town this month. In that video clip, he briefly makes mention that Dawn Hochsprung’s brother-in-law, David was murdered in Watervliet, NY on 4-21-13.

    I started doing a bit of research on the stabbing, and his roommate, Brandon Burritt also suffered knife wounds, was in critical condition, but later confessed and plead guilty! Wow, that sure makes the story go away quickly! There are interesting comments on the story written by Steve Flamisch. Apparently, the Hochsprung family is angry that it was mentioned that they were related, and the victim didn’t know Dawn.

    I then researched Dawn’s husband George, who is over 20 yrs. older than
    Dawn. After the S.H. shooting, he never went back to his job of 40 yrs., and retired instead. Oh, and he sold his home and moved. Apparently, Dawn and George have only been married for 10 yrs. (and no one on the internet seems to be able to find a marriage certificate), I can’t find the obituary notice for David Hochsprung, and Dawn’s daughter Erica has been quite vocal in things. Oh, and Dawn was married once before, but apparently there is never a mention on his name, and amazingly, her daughters had her maiden name, Lafferty.

    What is your take, or has there been discussion here before on Dawn?

    • Cynic, I was just looking into the Hochsprungs last week! One interesting tidbit was that there was a lawsuit pending against Erica (Lafferty) and George, apparently involving some kind of vehicular incident. The last court occurence prior to the shooting was 11/05/12; The suit was apparently dropped this month due to the plaintiff refusing to be deposed (?)

      At least that is my interpretation of the orders. Here is what is available on the CT court files:
      Also couldn’t find any records of the marriage between Dawn and George, but I did find some records of her marriage/divorce to/from Robert Defilio. And I wondered the same thing, why weren’t her kids named Defilio if they were married. I don’t have the link to that handy but I jotted down that they were married Nov 20, 1983 and it was on a CT marriage database.

    • Thanks for the info!

  15. We were discussing some of this on one of the Sandy Hook threads, but since you’re here…for what it’s worth, on that same CT court site I found a custody battle (or maybe it was mostly a child support battle) between Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, presumably over Jesse Lewis.
    It started with a custody application by Scarlett on 8/11/2006 (Jesse was born in June, 2006)

    but what was kind of interesting was the last Contempt order against Neil was on 12/13/2012. There was a final court Order on 12/17/2012, but the contents are not available online.

  16. I would assume the final court order closed the case because the child in question had died. It does seem awfully efficient that it was done on that first Monday after the shooting on Friday.
    Also, it appears Neil requested a DNA test right away, it was one of his first motions to the court .

  17. There’s an update on Phineas. It appears possible that PETA-like activists have poochnapped Phineas in order to make a statement:

    A mysterious new letter indicates that Phineas, a dog at the center of a contentious legal dispute in Salem, Mo., who disappeared earlier this month after being stolen from a veterinary clinic, might be alive.

    The letter was received on Friday and, along with other clues, indicates that Phineas is being kept in hiding by someone who believes he or she is helping the animal, said Joe Simon, a Kirkwood attorney representing Phineas’ owners, Pat and Amber Sanders, of Salem. …

    The letter

    “You’re outraged and frustrated you can’t help aren’t you? Well you can help! Your heart aches for Phineas because you care about him. And the best thing he can do is inspire you to care for our fellow earthlings as you care about him. Use that passion for good! Help the dogs on death row at the pound and kittens thrown into the river by adopting, oppose breeders, and spay/neuter. Help our cow, pig, and chicken friends hindered to slaughter by not eating them. Help the beaver drowning in a trap and coon treed by hounds by not wearing fur and leather. Help the rabbits tortured in a lab by fighting against all animal testing, and shopping cruelty free. Help one friend like Phineas every chance you get. Thanks for all you do for our fellow earthlings. And shame to the selfish. If I were on death row I wouldn’t want my fate in the hands of a judge. So Phineas is now safe and happy playing with friends.””



    Update: Phineas is off the hook. The judge “exonerates” Phineas on all counts. Stay tuned to see if the dog turns up, though. As of now, he’s still missing. His owners hope he’s returned. I’ll let you know if I hear that he is.

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