Closed Parks; Open Borders

Illegal alien crossing

The National Park Service (NPS) has seemingly declared war on the citizens of this country (non-citizen, illegal aliens exempted, as they get special treatment).  Obviously, the NPS has become part of Barack Obama’s longed-for private army:

We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military].

During this government shutdown, the NPS, which has units well trained in SWAT tactics

(This highly trained team is proficient with a variety of weapons including submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and less-than-lethal weaponry)

has recently executed numerous outrages that are well documented in the “alternative media”.  So far, the “mainstream” media continue to spin and cover for them, seemingly to protect the Obama administration from justified disapprobation.

Let’s focus on just one example of NPS “spite“.  Karen Trevett wrote to the Newport News: [emphasis added]

I was astounded when I went to my doctor’s office  …  Across the parking lot, where there is a lovely little nature path [through the Lake Maury Natural Area] . . . there sits a park ranger in his car, lights on, blocking anyone from taking a stroll. There are no structures, water fountains, handrails—just a nice little area to walk around in for some fresh air. I cannot imagine how much it costs to have a ranger there 24/7 to keep this path closed.

I rolled my window down as I pulled up beside him and asked him “Really? And you’re not embarrassed?” He gave me an ugly go-to-hell look and rolled his window back up.

P.S. It was a bit chilly today, so he was keeping his motor running . . . polluting, spending money on gasoline . . . all on the taxpayer dime.

In the meantime, the borders remain open for illegal aliens, potential terrorists, and criminals of every stripe.

No such army–civilian or otherwise–is deployed, nor are Barrycades deployed, across the entire length of the border, to keep “trespassers” out.

What should be the priority of the Obama administration?

To keep civilians off of nature paths, or to keep illegal aliens, other criminals, and jihadists out of our country?

Whom does the NPS serve?

Have they no shame?


158 responses to “Closed Parks; Open Borders

    • So wrong for her to be there. Cruz, too. My vent is further downstream. I am so disgusted they interfered. All the speeches should have not been. People were all ready to go; already had the message that is why they were there. I no longer will trust Palin or Cruz AT ALL.

  1. Truckers Ride for the Constitution and Veterans [VIDEO]
    Sunday, October 13, 2013 4:07:21 PM · by DCLIBERTY
    RT-TV America ^ | 10/13/2013 | Perianne Boring
    The government shutdown the World War II memorial, now truckers are shutting down America. On October 1, the Obama administration closed the WWII memorial in DC, which was paid for with private funds to honor the country’s most beloved veterans. One week later, the Administration allowed for an immigration reform rally to take place on the National Mall with hundreds of illegal immigrations in participation, just a few hundred feet away. The outrage caught national headlines and the National Park Service has since changed the wording on the signs around the memorial. Ride for the Constitution has sent their drivers…

  2. ~BISONS~ UNITED… NO MORE… “BULL”… get more than the HORN!

  3. Gonna vent. And probably seeing things in a very unpopular view. What the hell were Cruz and Palin and Lee doing giving speeches at the vet march in DC? Think about it. This was a time for the people to lead themselves without any partisan (and like it or not they are partisan in non-republican eyes) leader. All the talk of needing a leader is bs in this case. Sometimes no leader is leader. And this was one of them. What could have been an American, a Veteran moment became a singular republican moment. They should have been just another citizen, not singled out at the the event. They should have been in the background. So many Americans now do not see this moment for what it is — riot police — on veterans. Today Cruz and Palin and Lee actually advanced the cause against veterans and America. Sometimes the important need to not be important. This should not have been a Cruz or a Sarah moment. At all. I am so sick of politicians and leaders not letting We the People be We the People. Get the f… out of the limelight.


    They saw the light and bowed to the pressure of outrage. You may now pull off the highway to gaze on Mt. Rushmore from a distance. How kind of them.


    More about that civilian security force of Barry’s:
    “We are constantly told that the Constitution’s First Amendment mandates “a separation of church and state,” on the basis of which prayers are forbidden in public schools, and the Ten Commandments removed from court houses across America.

    So why is it that an agency of the United States federal government — the Department of the Interior’s National Park Service — has produced a series of videos defending and extolling the Islamic religion? …”

  6. And we thought Sandy Hook was theater.

    “… The Pentagon just admitted that those heart-rending “arrival ceremonies” at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, wherein an honor guard carries off a cargo plane the flag-draped coffins supposedly containing the remains of soldiers killed in battle ARE ALL STAGED.

    The coffins are empty. Even the cargo planes are fake — they don’t fly. …

    The Department of Defense unit charged with recovering servicemembers’ remains abroad has been holding phony “arrival ceremonies” for seven years, with an honor guard carrying flag-draped coffins off of a cargo plane as though they held the remains returning that day from old battlefields.

    The Pentagon acknowledged Wednesday that no honored dead were in fact arriving, and that the planes used in the ceremonies often couldn’t even fly, and were towed into position. The story was first reported on

    The ceremonies at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii are held up as a sign of the nation’s commitment to its fallen warriors. They have been attended by veterans and families of MIAs, led to believe that they were witnessing the return of Americans killed in World War II, Vietnam and Korea. …”

    Fake pres__ent, so why not fake funerals? The only think that’s not fake are the deaths.

    • a crying shame


    • Says this has been going on for seven years??

      • I picked up on that, too, What A Hoot.

        I imagine that before too long everything is going to go back at least 4-5 years before the fundamental transformation for the sake of having an excuse and someone else to blame.

        • Oh yeah, joint blame. There is a trend in society that two people must be to blame for everything. Like if someone screws up and they say, “I am sorry”, the other person is expected to apologize for something as well. A lot of, “I will apologize if you apologize.” I first noticed this, surprisingly in a couple of churches when addressing adultry. Joint blame. The wife cheats and asks forgiveness, per counselling, then the husband has to apologize for his fault in the marriage. Now, I understand two create a bad marriage but saying someone else contributed to your sin sort of gets in the way of an individual thing going on with Christ forgiving your sin. But I digress and get off subject. Collective blame and Collective guilt. Hmmm…. What else is Collective?

  7. Is this American riot cop striking a woman with his baton in DC?

    Rumor is : Video tomorrow night on Fox/ Megyn’s show.

  8. Truckers Ride For Our Veterans

  9. February 2012
    Ron Paul Revolution

    Now these people are serious.

    • Looks like they were ahead of their time by about eighteen months. How ironic only after yesterday’s vet’s barrycadapalooza I finally see and learn of the event in this video. Did Cruz or Palin speak out at how the Republicans treated Ron Paul during the debates? Did they speak out about how little respect and how much disdain was being shown to him, personally, even after all his years in DC working by their sides? I can’t remember if they went along with the Party on this imaging Paul as a nutcase with only lunatics for followers. I wonder how many of these same vets were there yesterday, but this time all the conservative bloggers that alynskied them during the election cycle are cheering them on, not realizing last year they branded them crazy but today hold them as heroes. It sure would have been appropriate for the speaker politicians at the barrycadapolooza to acknowledge, apologized, and thanked those Ron Paul Vets who paved the way just a short while ago. (Or maybe they were recognized and I missed that???)

  10. Pretty good comment over at cth. Lots of food for thought. Too good not to share.

    “Eggs Nihilo says:
    October 14, 2013 at 3:28 am
    …………….., may I suggest you distance yourself from trying to redeem what’s unredeemable. I realize I’m the new guy posting on your website, so I’ll offer my thoughts with that in mind. I’m only a visitor.

    The Republican “party” no longer plays by the rules set forth in 1778, with such rules as adopted from an eternal Standard. They’re a weak reed that can no longer be relied on, since they will cave in to the Fabians in order to look good, and gain a few votes. And who knows how many of these snakes have infiltrated the Republican party? Forgive my language, but they’re a bunch of Masonic cunts (I’ll confess this willful sin from my heart & mouth later tonight before I turn in–Jesus understands anger–especially when it has to do with a Nation’s leaders who’ve turned their backs on all that’s good and true for votes). They may have titles like “ex-federal prosecutor” (Chris Christie), but they’re still spineless wimps that love power, yet don’t deserve their titles or positions because they keep changing the rules that they didn’t countenance to begin with. They take their secret oaths, and later blame “the profane” like you and me when their satanic plans fall apart through exposure (Ephesians 5:11).

    I think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are the real deal, and in only a politically principled sense, the last hope for the United States. Sarah Palin is America’s Deborah (Judges 4-5)–pushing for a man to step up to the plate–and I think she’s finally gotten an answer to her prayers at the national level. But I also think none of them go far enough. They’re missing the real issue, or if not, don’t have the collective spine to reveal to America what they know.

    It’s been over 70 years since Senator Joe McCarthy* first spoke the truth to the globalist power elite that runs America, and that to the “progressives” of his day–both Republican and Democrat. As a result, he was purposefully destroyed. In their lust for power, the RINO/CINOS have merely acquiesced to the “tactics” instead of standing firm on the Founders’ principles. So now, we have the Fabians from each party exercising control over those who actually work for a living and who want to live in peace. And like Karl Marx, our “leaders” demand their “cut” because they’re such great thinkers that promise to lead us to immortality. A “finder’s fee” on the freedom that’s been freely granted from on High! I’m sure they’d call it “True the Vote.”

    There are only two great nations in the history of the world whose predisposition to God’s eternal Standards have prospered them–Israel and the United States. The rest have gained fleeting prominence only through theft, intimidation, and Communism. Israel learned the hard way, but is now back in the land they were promised–united and flourishing as a blessed people. America has no such biblical promise for national prosperity and blessing, except that she acts morally and in line with biblical commands that were given to what later became known as Judeo-Christian societies. Israel also has been blessed with a “man’s man” as its leader, in case no one has noticed. It seems that God does that for the nations He wants to bless after they stop killing the weakest among them–they’re given moral leaders that encourage their citizens to continue doing what’s right and noble, and without a falsely-gained Nobel!

    There’s an example given for the nations in that the leadership story of Samson is included in not only the Old Testament (Judges 13-16) for Israel, but also in the New (Hebrews 11) for us weak-willed, wimpy, limp-wristed, baby-killing Gentiles that keep voting for ball-washing Republicans that want to “fit in” and “be cool and accepted.” Samson was a true conservative who lost his life because he lusted after the “feel-good” freedom afforded him by a leftist bimbo named Delilah. He wanted to “fit in.” She finally got him killed. If the Republicans want to “fit in,” they can just be honest and join the progressives, but they’ll make sure they’re killed. It’s ironic that the “progressives” always seem to “progress” far and away from established Standards, but don’t want to progress alone. Like the drunk that needs one drinking buddy for acceptance and assurance, they want to take the rest of us with them. Today’s Republicans are more than happy to be the bestest of the best buddies. Delilah and the rest of her progressive friends could find nothing greater to smile about while burning in Hell, awaiting their Republican friends to be dropped off by angelic special delivery (Luke 17).

    Might I suggest that we have a new Webster’s definition for Republicans: “Noun, ‘Conservatives’ who stumble over each other to access a microphone or television camera in order to tell their constituents how conservative they are, while wearing pink shoes and purple ties and slurping mai-tais with a raised pinkie.”

    I think there needs to be a Kotex dispenser in every “men’s” room in America’s Capitol.

    *M. Stanton Evans, “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy, and His Fight Against America’s Enemies,” (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2007).

    Good night, and God bless.”

    • Eggs makes some good points; however, he proceeds to ruin it all by his kneejerk sexism. He can ask God’s forgiveness for his word choice, but can he ask forgiveness without examining and owning the sentiment of his heart that led him to make such a word choice? Equating female (body part) with “spineless” and “weak”? Then there’s the Palin-as-Deborah analogy, where he has Sarah’s role being merely to find a “man” to lead us, as if Sarah’s not a force to reckon with in her own right. Then we have that age-old meme about the Delilahs (and Eves) of the world who CAUSE men to go astray, via their being “lusted after” by men. This is TOO MUCH like the ideology of muslims and other patriarchal groups–the devil (meaning women) made them do it. Women as evil. It gets RATHER old. Finally, there’s his “Kotex dispenser” crack. Another meme. Women as fundamentally unclean. If nothing else reveals his heart …

      • Very good observations and points, Miri! the mornig cup of joe must not have kicked in for me to not pick up on this stuff, since we all know I hyper analyze most of the time. Thanks for covering my back!!! And bringing me back to read it. I focused more on the definition of republican. Made me laugh.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      THANK you for sharing this post, WAH. It’s perfect.

  11. EBT cards (aka food stamps) did not work Saturday morning and afternoon, because of a glitch that had nothing to do with government slimdown, SO??? The cards were up and running Saturday evening without all glitches solved which meant NO limits on them because people supposedly had no food. Word traveled fast. Since they would never have to pay back the amounts there was a mass looting of food and such via the cards; after all can’t make someone who has no money pay money back, now can you? This is a feral, no moral culture. If not feral how about the old fashion word, “heathen” that was used to describe uncivilized societies. I do not feel any heartstrings tugging that they are underprivileged and victims of circumstance. I don’t care if they go hungry when left to their own devices. I care about their children but only if they are not connected to their parents so as not to grow up in that feral society. I don’t know anyone who would behave that way. Even those that have been and/or are still dependent on ebt cards. The people I know know exactly how much their stipend is and would not spend a cent above. Cut them loose. Let them solve this on their own. Let those civilized amongst them get out; they will. But the rest. Let them go. Free them and not one more cent. If only the government would truly shut down. Defund this urban culture. Let them live the consequences. Zero tolerance.

    • This feral, amoral culture is EXACTLY what Obama has been incubating. And we know WHY.

      As for the children, I’ve said many times: We need to revert to the days when children living in “unfit” homes were taken away to orphanages or group homes to be raised CORRECTLY, with morals, with good education, so that they can then become productive members of our society instead of criminals. In addition, we should NOT give away credit cards with which to buy food. We should give away FOOD. Let Mooch start working on this krewe of “folks” who buy junk food with the money she and her husband extract from working Americans’ wallets. She can set up a system where the government gives people boxes/bags full of HEALTHY food for the week. To each according to his need. Then the children will be eating right, too, instead of subsisting on junk food. THIS is partially why so many lower income children are obese. When people become dependent upon others for their food, then they give up the right to choose WHAT they will be given by others. If they want autonomy, then HAVE IT, meaning–work, support yourself and your children (or don’t have them), and stop expecting others to carry you and your family on their backs.

  12. Obama’s evasive reply to the Father of Benghazi victim, Tyronne Woods.

    • I’m surprised his staff even bothered to respond for him.

      “… On September 27, Obama answered Woods with a five-paragraph letter. Four of the paragraphs are devoted to presidential boilerplate: “prayers,” “challenges,” “courage,” “security,” “justice,” “commitment,” and “service.”

      One paragraph pertains to Woods’ questions about Benghazi.

      Obama writes:

      On that tragic day, I directed my national security team to do everything possible to respond to the attacks against our people and facilities in Benghazi. The United States Government considered a range of options and deployed additional military capabilities, but as our military leaders have said, the military forces needed to carry out the type of operation you describe were not close enough to have made a difference. Please know that my actions would have been the same if the attack had been against my own family. The sad truth is that attacks happened so rapidly that U.S. forces could not arrive in time to prevent the loss of our brave Americans.

      Notice there are no answers to Woods’ very specific operational questions. Not one. In fact, the only question Obama addresses is Woods father-to-father “child” question, which Obama broadens into a “family” answer to assert that his “actions would have been the same” regardless. …”

      The original lie. What more would anyone expect?

      • “… Obama wrote:

        “On that tragic day, I directed my national security team to do everything possible to respond to the attacks against our people and facilities in Benghazi.”

        There is no evidence of such a presidential directive. Nor is there evidence it was carried out.

        “The United States Government considered a range of options and deployed additional military capabilities

        But not during the attack. Not a single Pentagon asset was “in motion before the attack concluded,” as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put it on questioning both Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, both of whom could only point to the aircraft that were dispatched to evacuate survivors after the attack.

        “but as our military leaders have said, the military forces needed to carry out the type of operation you describe were not close enough to have made a difference.”

        This remains one of Benghazi’s disputed points. Defense of the Obama line, though, includes such hard-to-believe statements as when Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey declared to the Senate that it could have taken up to 20 hours to get an F-16 from Aviano, Italy to Libya.

        Obama continued:

        “Please know that my actions would have been the same if the attack had been against my own family.”

        Hard to imagine, but impossible to know.

        “The sad truth is that attacks happened so rapidly that U.S. forces could not arrive in time to prevent the loss of our brave Americans.” …”

        As West points out, they didn’t know when “in time” would be. Some of the dead weren’t dead until many hours later. Doubtful, as West points out, that had Malia or Sasha been in Benghazi, that Barry would have checked once with Panetta and then gone wherever he went that night (to bed?) followed by a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day.


    “In the wake of the government shutdown, despite provisions in the Pay Our Military Act, Catholics at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia are being denied religious services. The Catholic priest who serves this community has been prohibited from even volunteering to celebrate Holy Mass without pay, and was told that if he violated that order, he could be subject to arrest. Protestant services continue to take place. Only Catholic services have been shutdown.

    This is an astonishing attack on religious freedom by the federal government, and the latest affront towards the military since the beginning of the shutdown.

    As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, today, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia….”

    I would guess this answers my previous question about whether or not muslim services were also curtailed and imams threatened with arrest. As with their bizarre permission for vets to enter memorials under the guise of protecting their “1st Amendment activities,” when it was really an excuse to pave the way for that illegal alien rally, using the same excuse of free speech, they probably exempt Protestants so that nobody can complain that only muslims are getting special treatment. In addition, Barry gets to poke the Catholic Church again.

  14. This was on ORYR, and a day or two ago, so maybe I’m the only one who didn’t see it yet but it’s pretty interesting. Forgive me if it has already been posted and/or discussed 🙂 Summary: obama had both Breitbart and Tom Clancy killed and is, surprise, a foreign operative

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Hi, SEO. It is very interesting, and it was posted awhile back. I’ll repeat the question I asked the first time I read it….why was Garrow allowed to live if he’s a man who knows too much?

    • RW, that same question came to me immediately. He knows too much AND he talks freely about it.
      After I watched the video (which was after I posted it) and started doing some research, I saw that the information had been around a while.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Well, you never know what can be gleaned from any new source, SEO, And I believe Breitbart was “offed”. Also, too many of Clancy’s plot lines did become reality, so it’s certainly plausible. The only thing that **didn’t** make sense is the man lived to tell the tale.

        So , my take is, if it’s worthwhile, post it. the intrepid investigators at WTPOTUS will ferret out the truth, eventually.

  16. ~ gyrwan Infidel51 • 6 hours ago ~
    It is indeed devious; but the plan laid out by Mr. Duke does not reflect incompetence. One could be devious & cunning without being intelligent, and one can be devious and cunning without being particularly competent or effective; but it’s hard to see how one could be both stupid AND incompetent and yet initiate and carry out devious schemes.

    We are therefore left to draw one of two conclusions:
    1. Obama is intelligent, competent, AND devious and cunning; or,
    2. He is a puppet on strings.

    Personally, I doubt that, without assistance, the man could muster the raw brain-power to develop a plan of attack for tying his own shoes.

    Whoever the puppet-masters are, they are few in number, or only a single person. Marionetteers do not operate by committee. This President RECEIVES marching orders; he doesn’t give them.

  17. ObamaCare …premiums raised per State .. ( at Michelles Mirror)

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