Will Obama or Won’t Obama? (Open Thread)

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Will Obama attack Syria?  That’s the question.

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At this moment, an informal poll at The DrudgeReport shows over 92% of respondents say that Congress should NOT give Obama their approval for any attack on Syria. 

If Congress follows the WILL of We the People, will Obama–having drawn his red line–proceed, nevertheless?

Does Obama actually want Congress to stop him from acting because he now realizes he spoke first and thought later?

Or does Obama want them to turn him down, so that he can then proceed on his own authority (already unconstitutionally granted to presidents by the War Powers Resolution of 1973) on the pretense that he must proceed without Congress because they won’t act?

This has become Obama’s favorite mantra:  He has no choice but to illegally and unconstitutionally circumvent Congress because they won’t cooperate with him (by rubberstamping whatever it is that he wants).

If this is part of his current game with regards to Syria, then his unilateral action will serve to set the stage for more instances of Obama acting extra-legally and extra-constitutionally, simply because, as he claims, he has to do so, because of the do-nothing Congress.

In Obama’s world, it’s always his way or the high-handed way, where he simply does what he intends to do, Congress, the people, the Constitution, and the Republic be damned.

If the war spreads, then so much the better. Like FDR, Obama could then use the national emergency excuse to grab more power unto himself and the executive branch–but most especially the power of the purse and the power to censor and restrict our constitutional rights.

On the other hand, does Obama want Congress to give the go ahead to attack, so that he can evade any negative blowback from the decision to go to yet another Middle Eastern war?

Ever since he took office, Obama has stood above it all.  Nothing clings to him.  He’s never to blame.  Everyone and anyone else is to blame whenever something goes wrong.  So it is with the economy.  So it is with racial division.  So it is with the continuing threats of jihadist attacks on Americans, here and abroad–attacks that will only increase in number if Obama gives those who hate us yet another excuse to retaliate.

Wasn’t it Obama himself who said that we caused the jihadists to hate us by our (wholly justified) attacks on them after 9/11?

Despite that Obama’s policies directly cause most of our current angst, somehow Obama has been able to evade the blame.  Usually by being AWOL.  He wasn’t there during Benghazi.  He wasn’t on the conference call with select members of Congress when they first discussed an attack on Syria.

Will Obama continue to be able to shed responsibility for and blame arising from whatever decisions his administration makes, because he stood by and allowed his minions to be the deciders?

Will the mainstream media continue to prop him up? Only time will tell.

The Republicans seemed poised to fall for Obama’s ploy.  John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and now John Boehner. Useful idiots all.  Or else very, very compromised ones.  (NSA)

Yet another war is anathema to the Democrat party’s base, but if Obama can bait Republicans into making this call, if he can continue to play them like a kamancheh, then Obama (despite his own involvement) can and will use this issue as leverage against Republicans in 2014 and in 2016.   It will probably work, and he knows it.  Lame Duck Obama doesn’t have to worry about his own political future.  He’s worried about protecting the Democrats and the “progress” both he and they have made towards “socializing” the USA.

However, that’s provided that there are elections in 2014 and 2016.  Anything can happen in the Obamanation.

Then there’s this: If Obama attacks Syria, the House of Saud will be very, very pleased.  Who actually commands our military?

What is going on?  Truly?  Exactly WHAT is going on?

We the People have been watching this Kabuki theater since the election of 2008.  Is this their end game?  Why the rush to a war that can spiral out of control?

Will our Republic survive,


will the USA be “fundamentally transformed”–forever?


146 responses to “Will Obama or Won’t Obama? (Open Thread)

  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2411885/Revealed-Pentagon-knew-2012-75-000-GROUND-TROOPS-secure-Syrias-chemical-weapons-facilities.html

    75,000 GROUND TROOPS necessary to secure all those WMDs in Syria. THIS is what they all want us to do for them, although AQ rebels hope to carpe diem, if you get my drift. Notice the huge loophole left in the resolution, forbidding boots on the ground for COMBAT. They would say securing WMDs is NOT combat.

  2. http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2013-09-04.html

    Ann Coulter’s take on this incipient fiasco.

  3. Are these men praying in public?

  4. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


    despicable, callous and snide. he should be fired.

    • Indeed.

      We’ve been at (really over) our debt limit since May, and the “extraordinary measures” are going to be claimed to be running out right when Congress is about to go on its next break. We should be adressing this issue NOW, not at the time of the Democrats’ choosing to manufacture a crisis.

      • It is a distraction and a manufactured crisis, for sure. Long in the planning and making. If they do attack Syria, then right as it’s time to get into the issue of raising the debt limit, we’ll be “at war.” I can hear it now: The recalcitrant and anti-American, and racist, Republicans are dividing the country during war, when all partisanship is supposed to end at the water’s edge. (Or whatever that saying is that they’re throwing around again.) The Republicans will be cast as traitors deliberately trying to stiff our troops and keep them from winning and putting them in harm’s way, unnecessarily, if they don’t just give Barry carte blanche to spend, spend, spend us into oblivion. And all because they’re RACIST!!!! It’s a plan.

    • Kathy, I got your message and am working on it. TY.

    • I love Joe Wilson. He da MAN!!! 🙂

    • Oh, that’s really a good one. So apt. You know, it was the NSA that made up that plan last year that said we’ll need 75,000 boots on the ground to secure Syria’s WMDs. Our friends in the NSA.

  5. ~ Why is America a Republic and not a Democracy? ~

    In a Democracy, laws are established or repealed by the majority. The rule of law’s protection of minorities from the whim of the majority in a democracy is no protection at all.

    In a Republic, a written Constitution safeguards the rights of the individual and the minority, despite the whim or panic of the majority.

    Thus, in the American Republic, all citizens are in theory protected by law, in spite of the election of a lunatic. But the law must be enforced against a lawless president, and it is done by way of the remaining two branches of our government (Congress and our courts).

  6. many articles… read and ponder over …


  7. Kirsten Powers a liberal… tells O to return his Nobel Peace Prize..
    ~ as Billygoat O’really.. ends the show with a laugh … so lets look up “Bureau of Investigative Journalism” did drones killed 200 children ?


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