Understatement of the Year: Hooking Up Is Bad for Women (Open Thread)

Fish_on_hook - Copy

They needed a study to figure it out?  This article has the “DUH” headline of the year: [emphasis added to quotes]

Sexual hooking up favors male students on college campuses. 

OMG. Ya think? Young ladies, what did your mother, your godmother, your grandmothers, your aunts, maybe even your dad tell you?  If a genuine academic, a professor, tells you so, now will you believe it?

Mark Regnerus, PhD, associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, has discovered that the hook-up culture results in males who are more interested in casual sex without commitment, because it’s readily available without commitment

When females (who for the most part are still interested in commitment, romance, and marriage) participate in the hook-up culture, they work against their own self-interest. In other words,

Women give men what men want and fail to secure reciprocal investment in return.

Regnerus looks at hooking up through an economic model:

The three market factors that lower the price of sex – therefore enabling a culture of casual, uncommitted sexual in which women are the true losers – are increasingly present at America’s universities:

1) There are larger pools of women than men, so supply outstrips demand; only 43% of college undergraduates are male.

2) Permissive sexual norms are prevalent; various studies have indicated that Generation Y’s sexual ethical standards are relaxing.

3) Finally, men have easier access than ever to digital pornography or other low-cost sex substitutes.

 The only market factor that female students can directly impact to increase the price of sex – thereby causing men to improve their wooing efforts and treat the ladies with more respect – is to collectively increase their individual worth in guys’ eyes by refusing to be used for punctiliar pleasures.

Duh and duh.  Guess what?

Mom was right. 



96 responses to “Understatement of the Year: Hooking Up Is Bad for Women (Open Thread)

  1. August 28, 2013

    Derrick Hollenbeck:

    “Black Man Savagely Beats 71 Year Old White Man”

    “The Left is uncomfortable about “keeping score” of racial attacks by black males on (especially) defenseless whites. The favorite targets of these cowards are fragile elderly whites and white women; although when they are assembled in sufficiently lopsided numbers, these predators will attack young healthy white men.

    The numbers of stories about these savage attacks are growing faster than the Democrat-controlled media can smother them. …


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