Bo and Sunny: Double the Trouble–for Taxpayers (Open Thread)

Have you heard the latest news?!!!!  The Obamas have a new dog.  Oh, how exciting (and distracting).  The Obamas, yet again, play the “puppy card“.  The media, as usual, have been conscripted to blather the news everywhere.  (Nearly 700,000 hits today, searching on “Sunny Obama dog” at Startpage.)

Welcome Sunny to the White House, everyone.  Yes, I mean that presidential palace at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC, the place where ordinary human citizens are not allowed to go, anymore, even though we pay all the bills. 

Isn’t that special?  Bo, we’re told, was lonely.  He needed a playmate, so the Obamas conscripted Sunny.

Like Bo, she’s a purebred and so was pricey.  Another status symbol (of course), being an expensive dog that costs on average $1400-$2000.

Sunny didn’t make her appearance at Martha’s Vineyard, where the Obamas recently vacationed in a nearly $8 million manse.  No, Sunny appeared at the White House upon their return this week.

Bo, the Obama’s other black (hispanic?) Portuguese Water Dog ordinarily flies around in a taxpayer-funded jet or helicopter, often separate from the Obama family, so that We the People get dinged twice as much for the “family’s” travel expenses.

Given that Sunny is female, will she be traveling separately from Bo, so that there will be three (or four) times the expense for the lowly serfs (aka taxpayers) to ante up, since the regal Obamas themselves often fly on separate (taxpayer-supported) jets?

When Bo was introduced to the world, he was called the First Dog on the White House blog.  What title will they give to Sunny?  The Second Dog?  The First Bitch?  The First Dog Lady?

The Daily Caller noticed that the Obamas don’t have any white dogs. Good point. However, Bo does appear to have white feet.

Like his master, he’s a white black or a black white, depending upon how you look at it.

Obama’s poll numbers must really be tanking.  Yup. He’s been in the red since early June.  That’s a shame.

Watch for a full court press by the press to get those numbers up, which explains this transparently fawning article about Michelle Obama in the latest issue of Parade Magazine.

The more things “change“, the more they stay the same.

1248 days to go, and counting.


117 responses to “Bo and Sunny: Double the Trouble–for Taxpayers (Open Thread)

  1. Spread the WORD around….. we are on the MOVE…. some may
    have read the above articles…I have not…. sorry if so.
    The BEST & the WORSE days …are getting BETTER!!!!

    • Just as they tried to suppress the Tea Party and the “birthers”, they’re trying to suppress this movement, too.

      The dog will be wagging soon.

  2. Axel RoD…. Fears Impeachment Movement…. Alinsky Smear Tactics…
    has someone been reading that book? High Treason is a capital offense!

    • ““Alexrod’s comments represent classic Saul Alinsky tactics of mocking and smearing a movement you fear, of attempting to paint the movement of concern as fringe when it is nothing of the sort,” Klein told WND.”


    Say a prayer for the Gateway Pundit, who’s in the hospital with a serious (unnamed) virus. Get well soon, Friend.

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Jim Hoft is one of the good guys.

  5. The latest TOILET PAPER …extra wide… unbelievable …. SICK!!!!!

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