Dog says, “I learned to depend on me.” (Open Thread)

Like humans, some animals are going high tech. A recent story in the Wall Street Journal introduced readers to a number of “apps” designed specifically for iPad-using critters. [emphasis added]

… Dog trainer Anna Jane Grossman began providing private iPad lessons to dogs last year. About 25 of her clients have signed up, and she is planning a 90-minute iPad clinic for dogs later this month, where they will learn to nose the screen to activate apps. …

Brooklyn cat owner David Snetman intended to let his cat, Pickle, play with his iPad until he tired of it. An hour later, Pickle was still whacking at the screen. … “It seems very frustrating for him,” Mr. Snetman says.

App developers dismiss such criticisms as, well, catty. People “have negative connotations of a zombie child staring at a TV for hours and hours,” says T.J. Fuller, who helped develop the popular “Game for Cats.” “But I think it’s quite different for cats,” he says, adding that the games challenge cats physically and mentally.

He and business partner Nate Murray developed it after an app they designed for children flopped. They now have three cat iPad apps, including one that allows cats to paint on a screen and “Game for Cats,” which encourages cats to swat a laser dot, mouse or moth scurrying across the screen. …

There are at least a dozen pet-specific apps available in the iTunes store. Although cats and dogs are the main targets, the games have been played by penguins, tigers and frogs, developers say. …

Madeline Bernstein, president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, … advises pet owners, though, that such techniques can backfire: Her own cats now assume the iPad exists for them. “They’re constantly getting in my way,” when it is her turn to use the device.

And then there are the Luddites–those animals, like the dog in the video above, who simply refuse to use technology, preferring to invent their own games. What a clever pooch!  He’s figured out how to play “Fetch” by himself.

A dog after my own heart. How sweet is that?  (h/t Dr. Eowyn)  It reminds me of my own childhood.  How about you?

The soundtrack to the video is very calming and soothing. Just what we need for a relaxing weekend. ENJOY.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!


I defaulted to the historical convention of using he for indeterminate sex. With apologies to Whitney Houston.


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  1. Comments on ladysforest above explains much for me again…
    Cruz uses .. Citizens BY birth ..vs Citizens AT birth …
    & here is a second story…

    • The headline is: “Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens — just because”

      Allow me to supply the rest of the story, which the media will NEVER report: They killed him “just because” he’s white.

    • Something is really wrong with this. We are being setup again. They are not charging the white guy driving the car with murder. The photos I saw earlier on MSM and CBS, they all looked black. Now, one is clearly white. Their having Australia push for guy control and I bet they are going to charge racisim against those OK cops. Snip from the above article below.

      James Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Luna, 16, were charged as adults with felony murder in the first degree, according to Kaylee Chandler, Stephens County Court Clerk.

      Michael Jones, 17, faces two charges — use of a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact to murder in the first degree, she said.

      • Kathy, which guy is the “white guy”? They all look AT LEAST partially black or possibly hispanic.

        Luna’s mother is white and yet, he certainly looks black and in no way would he likely self-identify as “Caucasian”. Early on, they alternately labeled Jones as Luna or vice versa.

        Jones, if he’s Jones, has blue eyes (or at least light colored eyes) but certainly black features, so he’s likely white black or vice versa.

        Luna’s mother is white, in any case. I doubt they’d mislabel her as the mother named Luna. So she’s either a white hispanic or perhaps just married to a hispanic. But his father, if he’s the one labeled as Luna, is without a doubt black.

        Since Obama is “black” and never white black, then by the same token these alleged perps are all black. I see NO “Caucasian” among them.

        I already see a setup for a big campaign to exonerate Edwards. (Big note: The MOST “black” of all of the alleged perps.) He wasn’t driving and he wasn’t the shooter.

        The story goes, now, that Luna (with the WHITE MOTHER) was the shooter but he certainly looks black AND if Obama had a son …

        The guy driving the car is the one who gave it up. Who confessed. That would be Jones. I assume that if Edwards would sing and identify Luna as the shooter, too, then he would not be charged with felony murder.

        But it doesn’t make sense for the driver to NOT be charged with murder. He was more actively involved than Edwards, who was “only” the passenger, although a willing participant because he didn’t have to get in the car to stalk and kill Lane.

        Jones, if he was driving, participated in the murder actively, because they saw Lane, PROFILED AND TARGETED HIM, and then drove after him, pursued him, for the sole purpose of murdering him.

        You may be right that something’s a set up. Now that the story is being reported nationally, the PC police and the spin-this-to-protect-Obama krewe is on the case.

        Kevin Jackson, a conservative black writer/blogger/radio talk guy, said that Sharpton and Obama are complicit in this murder BECAUSE Edwards (iirc) is quoted on his Facebook page as being “angry”. He said that this anger against whites has been deliberately created by Sharpton and Obama by, among other things, the Trayvon case (“if I had a son”) and also by Obama’s defense of Gates, etc., so that has caused this “anger” among young black people who otherwise might notice that every day they’re being hired by whites, educated by whites, treated by whites in hospitals, etc.

        It’s coverup mode now because this incident (and all the other incidents across the country where black teens attack whites, asians, and hispanics UNPROVOKED and just “for fun”) have been ENCOURAGED by Obama and his friends, to paraphrase Jackson.

      • Can you point us to a photo of the perp who’s “clearly white”? Yes, they definitely got the phone lines buzzing to Australia to ask them to spin this for gun control. No doubt about it. You’re right that they will push the racism angle in that the whitest guy is off the hook and the blackest guy is being overcharged, compared to the others. Al Sharpton WILL show up, but on the side of the perps. The VICTIM will be forgotten. He’s only white, after all. Some animals are more equal than others.


        That’s WND’s story and it has a lot about the backstory on Edwards, the alleged “good boy” who was only the passenger.

        Now here’s evidence for what Kathy said above:

        That photo is from the NY Post, according to Gateway Pundit. So why does “Jones” look so different in that photo as opposed to the mug shot, where he looks more white?

        • Thank you Miri for posting that photo and tracking it down. That is the photo that I saw yesterday and no way is Jones, in that photo, the same guy in the Jones photo they are showing now. Something STINKS.

          • Watch this video and see how white Jones is in it now.

            • It’s the same photo we’ve been seeing, other than the one that allegedly was really of Edwards with a bandanna over his mouth and with curly hair. They may have “lightened” Jones via photoshop. He still has black-looking features to me and also a name that otherwise would be suspected to belong to someone black, based upon probabilities; like the other, he’s probably multi-racial. Since we haven’t seen his parents, we won’t know until we do. It’s curious that the others’relatives were shown but not HIS, although there may be legalities involved. If they choose not to engage the media, that may be that they can’t be shown. Apparently they were in court. Truth will out, eventually. We’ll have to wait for the trial.

          • OK that link did not work. I don’t know how to embed the video. Try this link.


      • More about the theory of a setup:

        Note the lamestream jumping on the bandwagon, accusing Fox and the Daily Caller of falsely reporting that all three teens were black when one is “clearly white” or so they say. And they cite an ANONYMOUS “police source” that claims Jones is white. Why are there no photos of HIS parents who WERE in the courtroom? In any case, early stories, as confirmed by Gateway Pundit and a story at Conservative Treehouse, PROVE that the LAMESTREAM, early on, misidentified Jones as a “clearly black” person, before they published images of Jones as a questionable white person. WHY did they do that? NY Post, the Australian newspaper, and, iirc, the Herald (or is that the Aussie paper?) all showed what turned out to be (THEY SAY NOW) a photo of Edwards that was labeled as Jones. So they showed two images of Edwards (one with curly hair and another with a shaved head) but identified the curly-haired image of Edwards with the scarf over his face AS JONES. I can’t find Jones’s Facebook page to see other images of him. But it almost seems as if the media was baiting people into making racial comments. In any case, the alleged shooter (Luna) is black (since Obama is “black”, according to the media. Luna cannot be white or Caucasian unless Obama is, too.)

        • That article claims that FOX and Daily Caller asked where’s Sharpton, as if there’s something wrong with asking that question. Sharpton and the other race baiters SHOULD complain about ALL SUCH CRIMES, REGARDLESS OF THE RACES OF THOSE INVOLVED. WHY DON’T THEY, THAT’S THE QUESTION? ARE THEY SUCH RACISTS THAT THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE? Gateway Pundit labeled that image as coming from the NY Post. That’s the lamestream. THEY made the error. The other sites merely picked up what the NY Post apparently published and then later scrubbed, apparently, without correction. If I’m wrong, then GP was wrong and we need to learn who created that montage and mislabeled Edwards as Jones. And now I am even more confused. They write:

          “A Duncan police source confirmed to Mediaite, Wednesday morning, that 17 year-old Michael Jones is not “the one with the lightest skin,” he is a white male. It is true that 15 year-old James Edwards and 16 year-old Chancey Luna have been charged, as adults, with first-degree murder, while Jones is charged as an accessory after the fact, but Jones is also reported to have said “I pulled the trigger” in court Tuesday:

          As the boys appeared in an Oklahoma courtroom, a 17-year-old blurted out, “I pulled the trigger,” then wept after a judge told him that Tuesday’s hearing wasn’t the time or place to sort out the facts of the case. …”

          There is something very wrong here. It has been reported that Luna is the shooter. Now they’re going to say that it was Jones, but he’s the one NOT charged with murder? And notice that their police source (anonymous) said Jones is NOT the one with the lightest skin. WHAT? Mediaite writes the sentence as if to say Jones doesn’t have the lightest skin BUT he’s a white male. So there’s a non-white who has lighter skin than Jones who is white? These people are nuts!

          Obviously, the person now labeled as Jones has the lightest skin. So who’s wrong here? FOX and Daily Caller or these progs at Mediaite?

          Now check out this story, which does say that Jones spoke in court but does NOT say that he said that he himself pulled the trigger. But it does say:

          “In court, Hicks said Luna was sitting in the back seat of a car when he pulled the trigger on a .22 caliber revolver and shot Lane once in the back. Hicks said Jones was driving the vehicle and Edwards was in the passenger seat.”

          Hicks is a cop. Are we to believe that the cop LIED in court about who is the shooter? Since Luna is allegedly the shooter, if you believe the cops, then did the police source intend to refer to Chancey Luna as the “white male”?

          • This is a link to the local newspaper, where we can follow the story as it unfolds:

            Note this story.

            “Jones was brought in last and told Herberger, “I didn’t pull the trigger.” The judge immediately cut him off, saying it was not the time to make such statements because the hearing was only to determine bond.”

            So who is propagating falsehoods? Mediaite? The teenager, whatever his race, clearly is reported as saying he WAS NOT the shooter. Look at this bizarre quote:

            “Rachel Padilla, who said she was Edwards’ sister, said after the hearing that some people at the courthouse had acted with prejudice.

            “I don’t feel it is fair that the two off-color boys did not receive a bond and that they are being judged as thugs and a threat to society, and the other young man got bond,” she said. …”

            Racist tweets by one of the “good boys:”

            Who knew? A new hate term for whites: Woods. Variant: Peckerwoods. Not just crackers, anymore. However, the cop says it does NOT warrant a hate crime charge because these kids only put stuff like that on Twitter for “shock and effect.” Always an excuse. Those who “play” the “knock out game” also don’t get charged with hate crimes.

            Dana Loesch’s take, with which I agree, although the hypocrisy of progressives, the alleged potus, and the media still sticks in my craw:

            Tell me how in the world those kids can have that hateful speech and those alarming photos on their social media pages, and yet somehow their parents can proclaim their innocence AND that they’re “good boys!” It’s mind boggling.

          • There is a drug and gang element to this as well. I can’t find it now, but I saw a video of where they found a PILE of $100 bills in one of the killers homes. I think one of the family members was arrested on drug charges. Also, there is video out there of one of the killers on facebook making gang signs.

            • Saw those articles, too. Any explanation for all that money? Was it monopoly money? Looked real to me. So–how can they spin that? What kid from his background would know anybody who has piles of CASH laying around like that, waiting to be photographed?

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Oh, so now it’s not an issue of race, but of hue. 🙄

  2. NOW WHO…would do a thing like THAT??? & WHY???
    James Edwards 15 – Chancey Luna 16 – Michael Jones 17 –

    • What a horrible story. Would this even be reported if it weren’t an international incident with a victim from Australia? I add some facts that the words of the story omit, although the pictures tell the story.

      “DUNCAN, Okla. — It is a chillingly simple motive: Police say three bored [black] teens killed an Australian [white] collegiate baseball player attending school in the U.S. for “the fun of it.”

      As authorities prepared to charge the teens Tuesday with first-degree murder, family and friends on two continents mourned 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was being remembered as a wonderful young man whose life ended too soon. His girlfriend tearfully laid a cross at a streetside memorial in Oklahoma, while half a world away, his team in Australia placed flowers at home plate.

      Lane, who was visiting the town of Duncan, where his girlfriend and her family live, had passed a home where the boys were staying and that apparently led to him being gunned down at random, Police Chief Danny Ford said Monday. A 17-year-old in the group has given a detailed confession to police, and charges were expected Tuesday afternoon.

      “They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: ‘There’s our target,'” Ford said. “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.‘” …”

      WILL HOLDER FILE HATE CRIME CHARGES? Obviously, they chose their “target” on account of his race, don’t you think? The media shares the blame for this incident because of their DELIBERATE campaign to NOT report on this violence against whites that is happening ACROSS the country. Similarly, activists like the NAACP, which go out of their way to tie the hands of the authorities by threatening them with lawsuits accusing them falsely of RACISM, also have blood on their hands, but maybe they don’t care because it’s not black blood but is white blood, and yet all blood is red. Or maybe they don’t care because he’s Australian. Look at what the NAACP is doing right now in NYC, stopping the cops from doing “stop and frisk” which WOULD prevent such senseless murders as this one.

    • Thanks for the link. I live in the OKC Metro area and this is the first time I have seen photos of these three killers. Our local state media has totally censored out the fact that they were black and that this is most likely a HATE crime. Although, I have suspected it because of the censorship. Where is Obama on this? Is he going to stand against this racism? I guess he just really hates his fake white cracker mama, huh?

      • I guess since this is out on the web, local media is showing the photo’s of the killers for the first time tonight. They are following the line of they were just board. Yeah right.

        • Exactly. A radio show host this morning pointed out how the local paper accepted the line that they were just “bored” because in the headline they didn’t put the word bored in quotes. As if it’s a fact and not what just ONE of the alleged perps said (the one who was singing and so, obviously, would slant the story to favor himself. Ya think a perp in a potential hate crime/murder would ADMIT that they targeted Lane because he was white and then have more charges thrown against him? Hardly.) In addition, the newspaper did put the word “thug” as mentioned by the cops, in quotes. The other alleged perps aren’t talking. Yet. On Facebook, one said he’s “angry”, so that doesn’t fit with bored. The radio host pointed out that Duncan is a town built by Halliburton, which explains the large wealthy area. The population is way over 90% white, with only 1% being black. Thus, the lamestream focus on the “grittier” part of town where the alleged perps were from. So what were they doing in the upscale part of town, one wonders? In any case, watch for a developing meme that the perps are the victims and vice versa. (Blame the real victim for being wealthy and privileged and white, iow.) The wealthy majority caused the anger by having more than these poor unfortunates.

    • Guess what he (a 15-year-old) does in his spare time, besides using an illegal gun (has a rifle, too) to murder in COLDEST BLOOD a white man from Australia?

      • He also said the killer left a chilling message on Facebook before the spree –
        “Bang. Two drops in two hours”.

        “They wanted to be Billy Bob Badasses,” Chief Ford said yesterday.
        “I think they were on a killing spree.
        “We would have had more bodies that night if we didn’t get them.

        • This actually made my local TV news. They showed everything BUTT the perps. I wonder why.

          • “Billy Bob Badasses” Looks like trying to image as rednecks to go with their new phrase “neo confederate”. The minions will never see these guys as black no matter how many pics are put out there.

            • I noticed that, too, WAH. They want to spin this as that they didn’t belong to any black gang like the Crips (they were only whitish wannabes) and that they were “Billy Bob Badasses.” That’s obviously, so obviously an allusion to WHITE people and NOT what they ARE and who they were TRYING to impersonate. They were Trayvon wannabes, imho. Just like him. Flashing their gang signs, their guns, and their drug money (what else would it be? How does the media explain all that cash? Were they “breaking bad” and cooking up meth like WHITE trailer trash?) For the cop to use the term “billy bob” shows they want to portray this in the media, in print, for low information viewers and readers, as if they’re Columbine type of guys or maybe even (Oklahoma, after all) domestic terrorist-type wannabes like McVeigh. Obama’s black but these guys aren’t. How hypocritical!

          • The move is on to destroy one of the biggest shows going on tv/cable; the show that showed redneck to mean good, honest, hardworking, talking Jesus, money-making capitals with good looking women and two-parent homes. Two words. Duck Dynasty. They got the royal following that belongs to O&M. It is not fair. AND many are watching the show and finding they are drawn to the principles the family shares and are becoming desirous to have a love of country instead of a love of government.

    • BUTT, did you see? The Australians, being PC, want to boycott the USA until we have stricter GUN CONTROL!!! Not stricter murderous teenager control? Hmmm. I see the Aussie politico even mentions the NRA and blames the NRA, AS IF THESE TEENS HAD LEGAL GUNS, which is WHAT the NRA promotes. The NRA is FOR people OBEYING THE LAWS. It’s ILLEGAL already for these teens to have these guns, so more laws would mean NOTHING. If the Obama administration weighs in at all, it will be on the side of GUN CONTROL. Where’s Al Sharpton? How hypocritical. He demonizes Zimmerman for killing someone who was beating his head into the sidewalk, but these thugs CHOSE this young man, STALKED HIM, and then SHOT HIM DEAD FOR NO REASON AT ALL. And yet, crickets from the likes of Sharpton and Jackson AND OBAMA, who perhaps just thinks it’s not his business, seeing as how the victim isn’t even one of his subjects. Already, the excuses are being put out there. The alleged shooters suffered “tragic lives.” Isn’t it wonderful? Because they’re under 18, they can’t be executed, like they executed Christopher Lane. (Note: These news sites must change stories on the fly, without noting that, so today the quote about their “tragic lives” isn’t there anymore.)

      • Oh, look: The cops say it wasn’t a hate crime. They just chose him at random. Right. From that story linked above:

        “Chief Ford said yesterday the attack was not racially motivated.

        “It was just three clowns who got together and decided to kill,” he said.”

        CLOWNS! They’re murdering thugs, animals; they’re NOT “clowns”.

        • THE….SPIN….IS…IN!!!!! O….

          • Right. I know when Sharpton and Jackson will show up–when the “real” victims (the alleged perps) go on trial. Then they’ll be around to whine about how they’re innocent, are being railroaded by racist cops, like Mumia. Know what I mean?

        • Wow, doesn’t that sound a lot like what Hillary said about Benghazi? Just some guys out for a stroll who decided to kill somebody? (I’m paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to look it up) I was just struck by the similar phrasing.


        Check it out: now this story claims that Jones is “Caucasian”. However, it’s Luna’s mother who’s shown as white. In any case, they are black white or white black, like our president. In fact, if he had a son …

        The police are in full PC mode. That story says there’s no gang connection, and yet subsequent stories in the same paper say there’s a Crips element. The next victim (thankfully saved because the alleged perps got busted) was being targeted by these perps because he would NOT join the gang. I heard Kevin Jackson (a black conservative) on radio this morning. Although the white radio host said he wouldn’t say this is a racial incident and that they chose Lane because he’s white, Jackson interrupted and said that there’s NO DOUBT in his mind that they profiled and targeted Lane because he was white. He asked: Do you think they’d have targeted and shot a black jogger? He said this is MORE of a racial incident, more heinous (of course), than the Trayvon Martin killing. He wondered if these perps will be sent to sensitivity training. He pointed out that we won’t be hearing from Obama on THIS killing (despite that it has international overtones). And yet, because they’re finally reporting this (5 days after the fact) in the lamestream, it’s obvious that they know it needs to be addressed and so–my prediction–it’s going to be spun as proof that we need gun control. In addition, I predict a huge campaign for Edwards, who didn’t drive the car and who wasn’t the shooter. He’s not the white-looking alleged perp, although it’s hard to determine which is which because stories have labeled Jones as Luna or vice versa. Luna’s mother is either white or hispanic. I’m guessing. She looks white but has a hispanic surname, so …

        The stories I saw do NOT mention the race at all, which is very interesting. WHY did they insist on reporting the “race” of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin? Either they identify race or they don’t. It’s inconsistent to omit it in some instances and not in others. Similarly, they show no photos of the perps, although they’re arrested and mug shots ARE available. Why is that? We know.

  3. PLAYS>>>>> SPADES?

  4. YES, the shooter buddy pals had a different DREAM…. A DREAM
    OAKLAND… in OKLAHOMA… & a parent say HE’s MY BABY….BABY’S DON’T play BANG..YOUR DEAD…. & U didn’t even see me ..


    Video of the taped off house where all 3 – “BOYS” were staying
    & photos shows Jennifer ….(my son was at home?) Luna, the shooter?
    A stepfather? …& brother? was killed last year? (suffered tragic lives?)
    Edwards dad ….. the Mom is in Jail? …

    • Reminds me of the Trayvon case. He also was “staying” in that gated community. All three of these unrelated boys were “staying” at this house? It sort of indicates there may be some “root cause” that the media and the powers that be want to avoid mentioning, at all cost. For example, fatherless kids? Although there is at least one father in evidence, the black man who says his son is innocent. Of course he is. Prisons are also full of innocent people. In fact, they’re all innocent, but especially if they’re persons of color.

      btw, if Jones is the “Caucasian”, tell me if you know any whites with a middle name of DeWayne. I’m just sayin’.

      I want to also say that the ONLY reason I focus on whatever race these people are is BECAUSE of the way the media, the “president”, and the progressives make such a difference in their reporting and their commentary and their intervention, if any. The double standard and the hypocrisy are mind-boggling.

      No matter if these perps were all white and if the victim were black, IT’S A HORRIBLE MURDER. And the perps deserve the death penalty.

      The difference that irks me is HOW the media WOULD report it if the perps were all white and the victim black. We wouldn’t have waited 5 days to see the story in the news, for example. And the perps would be demonized (rightfully so) instead of being made victims of circumstances. It’s likely that they all suffer from some mental disorder (ADHD, autism, learning disability, low IQ–take your pick) so they’re not responsible. Oh, I’ve got it. Their brains are not yet fully formed, as the progressive “scientists” have been telling us. Teens aren’t responsible for what they do because their brains aren’t developed yet. Case closed. Let them off.

      • Miri at 11:28 am:

        “The difference that irks me is HOW the media WOULD report it if the perps were all white and the victim black.”
        August 21, 2013

        Colin Flaherty:


        “The murder of the Australian man in Oklahoma was horrific, but not unique. Or even rare.

        A similar episode of black mob violence happened just a few days ago in Memphis. And a few days before that in St. Paul. And before that in Burlington. And before that in Delaware, New Haven, Madison, Denver, Flint, Peoria, Springfield, Greensboro, Green Bay, and on and on and on.

        This is a long list with more than 500 cases of recent black mob violence in more than 100 cities, big and small, many on video – and all unreported as being part of an epidemic of black mob violence throughout America.

        “Beat Whitey Night,” for example: Two summers ago, black mobs beat and robbed dozens of patrons at the Iowa State Fair for three nights in a row. They also attacked police.

        Ever hear about it?

        Didn’t think so. That is because most editors are not comfortable with the words “black mob violence.” No matter that black mob violence exists plainly and exponentially out of proportion.”

  6. Here we go:

    ” … Richard Fowler, Democratic political strategist and progressive messaging expert, was on FOX News tthis mornigng to discuss the media’s reaction to the brutal murder of Aussie baseball player Chris Lane last Friday.

    Three Oklahoma black teens shot Australian baseball star Chris Lane after he jogged by their home. They killed him just for fun.

    Fowler blamed Oklahoma gun laws for the shooting.

    “I think the fact that we have guns in large proliferation, in fact Oklahoma is a gun friendly state. I mean, guns get in the wrong hands of the wrong people. That is why we need to have more gun control in this country.” …”

    It’s all they can do. Do we need to point out that the guns used to murder Christopher Lane were already ILLEGALLY in their possession? Do we need to point out that we have laws against profiling, targeting, stalking, and then murdering in cold blood another person? Do we need to point out that we have hate crime laws that make it a greater felony to attack another person because of his race?


    • If Obama had a son, he might have looked like Christopher Lane. Indonesia is very close to Australia, after all, and Barry is as white as he is black. Here’s a story from American Spectator: It’s about race, stupid.

      “… Now, will Mr. Obama get on TV and say that Chris Lane could have been his son or anyone’s son, that the real race problem in this country is not racism against blacks, but an astounding epidemic of violence among blacks, especially black youth? Will the media superstars start talking about the sickening worship of violence in the rap culture? Will anyone ever tell the truth again? Or is the fear of even a hint of an accusation of racism going to make us keep our blinders on?

      There are virtually no murders of blacks by whites (not none — just very few). There are thousands of murders of blacks by blacks each year, far more in one year than the Ku Klux Klan ever did. Will anyone ever tell the truth again? Yes, Pat Buchanan will. But anyone else?

      And can a society which lies to itself about its most basic problems survive? This is a crisis. Absent parents. The gang control of thought. The scourge of drugs. These have created a catastrophe for the black community. That is an immense part of the youth of this nation. Occasionally the flood jumps its bounds, goes over the river banks, and kills a white person — and then it’s new — but we blame it on guns. Our media and our leaders just cannot tell the truth.

      We really are doomed in so many ways it’s blood curdling. I think I’ll just stay here in North Idaho.”

  7. When will MATTHEWS grow up…. just being 2 low-down on O…WHO?
    just McCarthy..STUFF..yes, McCarthy was a D before he became an R

    • Did you see that he could be out in as little as 6 1/2 years? In addition, he wants to become a woman. Will We the Taxpayers be sued by him and his lawyers now, so that we “treat” his “illness”? Will he be covered under Obamacare for his sex reassignment? Will he be then transferred to a women’s prison?

  8. Yes, the Barn’ is burning up… go annie … Stating the Bloody Obvious

    • In addition to having to look into the root causes of “bored” teenagers shooting people at random for no reason at all (or as a hate crime against whites, as in “polar bear hunting”)

      –such as fatherless teens and social “welfare” programs that break down nuclear families and eliminate the financial “need” for a father, as well as removing all incentive to fend for oneself or strive for self-sufficiency, thus creating “boredom”–

      we certainly, as a society, NEED TO LOOK AT THE ROLE OF PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS IN THESE INCIDENTS. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and now Georgia (among many others)–all featuring perps who were “diagnosed” with some mental illness and “treated” with psychoactive drugs which have not, for the most part, been adequately studied as to their effect on developing brains. MUCH of this violence might be explained by the proliferation of children who were “treated” with ADHD drugs from the toddler state.

      That woman who talked him down is a genius and a heroine. She needs to get the Medal of Freedom instead of Oprah and other less deserving friends of Barry. Note that he had been in trouble with the law before but somehow was free to do this. There’s another thing we need to address: How many of these killers/potential killers are KNOWN to be dangerous but somehow are set free? The same types of people who prescribe psychoactive drugs also are the bleeding hearts who gave him probation and “anger counseling” instead of locking him up for the safety of others.

  9. you are all guilty of advancing the knit-picking that’s going on in the media. I’m not giving it one word, except this. You’re all analysing something not worth it except to feed the media and airwaves…what a farse! Insane foolishness. I know anyone can take issue with me , go ahead, while other issues are being sucked away from the public, so as not to see what other things should really be disturbing people. It’s sad to say ,but these same crimes have been going on and on and the only right now has the media, this administration is using it for useless fodder to distract and feed the haterr. I won’t be any part of it…I’ll not feed feed the demons.

  10. Hey alfy…. could ya throw us a bone or two 2 chew on…???
    Yes, we know that London Bridges … ARE falling down around our
    asses.. 24/7 … It’s disturbing 2 be neck high in quick sand, yes we are
    BUTT’.. what’s us poor dogs 2 DO? (GOD)HELP US!!! open thy EYES!

  11. We the People of the United States
    In Support and Defense of the Constitution for the United States of America

    Like our heading… knowing how the youth & Insane fools think on “today’s turf” so WTPOTUS.. try to avoid some fall out. It’s really about taking
    everyones GUNS, as we know. I fuel & fan the demons BUTT’ I’m SO
    aware that those DEVIL’S are not OUR friend & our hands are tied tight..
    too control any & all knit-picking news massive importance or NOT!!!

  12. 911 call Chris Lane…. DEAD!!!! & as we cry over our beautiful loses…
    THEY…. laugh… crash & burn.. tear things apart.. soul less barbarians
    Can they change ?… YES…. if they choose 2 … IF THEY choose 2

  13. “words matter” an so does punctuation:

    Article I of the Constitution
    Section. 2. (excerpt regarding eligibility of Congressmen)
    No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

    Section. 3. (excerpt regarding eligibility of Senators)
    No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

    Article II of the Constitution
    Section 1. Clause 5.
    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    and by the way, Article II,
    Section. 4.
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  14. This is an excellent report, alfy. I am looking forward to reading it in its entirety as well as the articles on the sidebar.


    This report examines the most significant events that occurred before, during, and after the September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attacks against an American special mission (and a nearby CIA annex) in Benghazi, Libya.

    In March 2011, American diplomat Christopher Stevens was stationed in Benghazi as the American liaison to Libya’s “opposition” rebels—among whom were many al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists—who were fighting to topple
    the longstanding regime of President Muammar Qaddafi. Ambassador Stevens’ task was to help coordinate covert U.S. assistance to these rebels.

    Bengahzi, Never Forget the Lies

    • There are some juicy tidbits in here that really cause one to raise some more important questions,even while answering some old ones. One can conclude from all these answers,but there is room to wobble on what was happening real time….and WHO already may have known this was going to go down and hide all the evidence/ I really find it odd that Hillary calls pretending maybe to not know what’s going on and asks about Stevens…Yet she for some reason deliberately , earlier withdrew security right up to the day before it all went down. I really think if one looks closely there’s much evidence for impeachment of several people involved (and not involved…if you get my drift). This goes directly to the Pres…but also to the CIA which as we speak is probably supplying the propaganda coming out of Syria…as they had done in EGYPt and Lybia. I’ts an old story repeated over and over, like in Cile, Guatemala, the IRab/Contra, this time Obama has ,himself sold weapons to the bad guys while claiming we won’t send troops on the ground yet and act like we aren’t involved….his fancy way of going around Congress to War with other countries and hasten his agenda(what ever that is. Hillary dropped out before she could be impeached while Obama just goes on another vacation .
      You can actually skim some of the first of this article, but the rest is worth everyones time. especially that all knew what this attack was, so everyone , including Lybia and Egypt, knew, so all Obama’s and Hillary’s acomplces need to go. Which will likely never happen.

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