Obama Mystery Theater: Adventures in Babysitting (Open Thread)

Cassatt_Mary_Nurse_Reading_to_a_Little_Girl_1895 - CopyOur theme for this episode of Obama Mystery Theater is babysitting. Several strange and disturbing stories revolve around the Obama family and its babysitters.  There are also some very interesting connections.

First, we have Mary Toutonghi, the woman who claims that she babysat for the future U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama II when he was just a wee “pink” lad.  Trouble is, just months prior, Toutonghi didn’t mention that amazing connection when she spoke to an Alaskan reporter about vandals trashing her Obama-for-president yard signs. 

If she did mention it, apparently that local reporter didn’t believe this local connection was worth mentioning.  (Simply unbelievable.)  The same reporter, in January 2009, failed to ask Toutonghi why she had not mentioned babysitting for Obama when they spoke earlier about the vandalism.  Or perhaps the reporter simply failed to report Toutonghi’s “explanation” (for her own reasons).

Toutonghi not only supported her alleged erstwhile charge for POTUS in 2008, but she also conveniently remembered babysitting for little Barry, while his mother attended University of Washington, only after it was discovered that “Anna Obama” had moved to Seattle from Hawaii a mere 3 weeks after the birth of her child.   Unfortunately, Toutonghi got her math wrong, and she ended up adding to the skepticism about Barry’s back story instead of putting it to rest.

Next up!  Relatively unknown adopted sister Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah. (h/t LEZA)  Lia is not, unfortunately, still living, having died mysteriously before Obama’s first scheduled visit to Indonesia.

Lia was adopted by Stanley “Ann” Dunham Obama Soetoro and her then-husband Lolo Soetoro, when the couple lived in Jakarta.  At some later point, Barry was “picked” (Lia’s word) by Ann to be a brother for Lia, and the two children were raised together until the Soetoro marriage fell apart.  Because Lia was the elder, she often had to babysit for her younger brother Barry Soetoro.

Then there’s Turdi (aka Evie), the Indonesian transvestite nanny that Ann Dunham Soetoro hired to care for Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama).  What a strange story that is!

Evie/Turdi on the left.

As a child, Evie was often beaten by a father who couldn’t stand having such a “sissy” for a son.

“He wanted me to act like a boy, even though I didn’t feel it in my soul,” she says.

Teased and bullied, she dropped out of school after the third grade and decided to learn how to cook.

As it turned out, she was pretty good at it, making her way into the kitchens of several high-ranking officials by the time she was a teenager, she recalls with a smile and a wink. And so it was, at a cocktail party in 1969, that she met Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, who had arrived in the country two years earlier after marrying her second husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.

Dunham was so impressed by Evie’s beef steak and fried rice that she offered her a job in the family home. It didn’t take long before Evie also was 8-year-old Barry’s caretaker, playing with him and bringing him to and from school.

Neighbors recalled that they often saw Evie leave the house in the evening fully made up and dressed in drag.

Now let’s jump ahead to the next Obama generation.  Where to begin?  How about with Christine Saffold, who says that she babysat for the Obama girls?  (h/t bgill at Free Republic)

Ms. Saffold was quoted in a story from 2007, about young Obama supporters at Yale University: [emphasis added to quotes]

Christine Saffold ’11, who once babysat Obama’s daughters, said she thinks Obama appeals to students because he is in more in touch with younger generations.

“He’s youthful and energetic and has a way of connecting to the younger demographic,” she said.

Saffold comes from a distinguished family in Chicago.  Her father was Eugene Renauld Saffold, a former managing director at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and also chief financial officer for the city of Chicago and a top adviser to former Mayor Richard M. Daley. He was also a trustee for Chicago schools, in the 1990s.

Eugene R. Saffold began his banking career at Salomon Smith Barney, co-founded LS Financial Group Inc. in Chicago, and worked for Bank One  Corp. After Daley left office, Saffold became an indendent consultant and was also on the board of the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund. Saffold was on the board of the Erikson Institute, which itself has many interesting connections:

For many years Barbara Bowman has run the Chicago based Erikson Institute. An early Erikson board member was Chicago businessman and “liberal” activist Tom Ayers-father of Bill Ayers.

[Bill Ayers’s wife] Bernardine Dohrn, has also served on the Erikson board in recent years:

Tom Ayers served as a trustee of the Erikson Institute. The Institute distributed $46,025 in Northern Trust scholarships. At the time, the Erickson Institute Board of Trustees also included Ayers’ convicted felon daughter-in-law, Bernadine Dohrn Ayers. In addition, the Institute’s co-founder, Barbara Bowman, is the mother of close Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

When Saffold died in 2012, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel honored his “life and memory” with a resolution. (There is more background information about the man within the resolution, at the link.)

Saffold’s father, also Eugene Saffold, was an elementary school teacher, later a high school math teacher, and also a basketball coach in Chicago.  The elder Eugene Saffold became a salesman for Anheuser-Busch–the beginning of a long career at the company:

He accepted a job offer from Anheuser-Busch in 1953, working his way up to director of its special markets, which offered corporate sponsorships and other support to local grass-roots organizations. He was the point person for the company’s annual telethon for the United Negro College Fund.

Eugene Renauld Saffold’s former wife, Carol Saffold, is a physician:

Family Health Center in Kalamazoo has named Dr. Carol Saffold as its new Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Saffold is a graduate of Rush Medical College. She completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency in Chicago. She is a licensed physician and surgeon in the states of Illinois and Michigan and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She has worked as the Senior Attending Physician at Provident Hospital of Cook County and has served as Assistant Professor at Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Her focus has been on reaching underserved populations with an emphasis on preventive health maintenance and patient education.

Dr. Saffold has been appointed to many national OB/GYN committees and is frequently an invited lecturer on women’s health and  quality improvement. She also has received numerous honors and awards.

She travels annually to provide OB/GYN services in Africa and South America.

Dr. Saffold also supports the Erikson Institute, which has a “radical political orientation,” according to a story in FrontPage Magazine.  So what about Christine Saffold?

Ms. Saffold is a fan of and a volunteer at Endeavor Global, Inc., which is a  “nonprofit or community organization”:

Established in 1997, Endeavor … is leading a global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. …

Endeavor’s “mentor capitalist” model catalyzes a chain reaction in the larger economy—driving investment, creating role models, and incubating the next Silicon Valley in Rio or Cape Town, Cairo or Jakarta. It is a model that Thomas Friedman hailed as the “best anti-poverty program of all” and one that New York City-based Endeavor, along with its 15 independently-run country affiliates in Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, and South Africa, will expand to 25 countries by 2015.

Christine Saffold is also a Business Development Analyst at Microvest Capital Management.

Ms. Saffold is a Business Development Analyst, joining the team in 2013. She supports the Business Development Team with capital raising, market research, and business development. Prior to joining MicroVest, Ms. Saffold was an Investment Banking Analyst for Barclays, where she gained experience in valuation analysis, conducting in-depth market research, and financial modeling. Ms. Saffold has volunteered extensively with Women’s World Banking, providing business strategy research and recommendations to senior management regarding entry into the Mexican microfinance market. She also volunteers for Endeavor Global, a global nonprofit that provides strategic support to high-impact entrepreneurs.   

Ms. Saffold holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yale University. She is fluent in English, has advanced proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish and speaks intermediate French.

In 2010, she was a participant in a group at Yale called Smart Woman Securities, which is another “nonprofit”, which teaches female undergrads about investing. The group is supported by progressive billionaire Warren Buffett.

In addition to other political contributions over the years, Buffett has formally endorsed and made campaign contributions to Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign. On July 2, 2008, Buffett attended a $28,500 per plate fundraiser for Obama’s campaign in Chicago hosted by Obama’s National Finance Chair, Penny Pritzker and her husband, as well as Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

In 2008, Christine Saffold was associated with the New Haven/Leon Sister City Project:

The New Haven/Leon Sister City Project is a “progressive, binational, grassroots organization that fosters a relationship between the communities of Greater New Haven and León, Nicaragua“. …

The organization has been hosting delegations to Nicaragua since 1984.

The New Haven office of the organization is at 608 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that!  It would be expected that when the Obamas lived in Chicago, they were very well connected politically and socially to the well-connected (politically and socially) progressives in the community.

Interesting that Stanley Ann Dunham, like Christine Saffold, was into women’s issues, microfinancing, and promoting small business entrepreneurship around the world.

A globalist.  Like her mother Madelyn Dunham and the Saffolds, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro was into banking.

Finally, we come to the last Obama family babysitters that this post will feature:

Mona and Rashid Khalidi

Yes, former PLO spokesperson and head of the Middle East Studies Department at Columbia University, where  Obama may or may not have attended classes.  In 2008, Mona Charen wrote:

Consistent with what you’d expect from someone who justified PLO attacks on civilians in Israel and Lebanon from 1976 to 1982, Khalidi routinely refers to Israel as a “racist” and “apartheid” state, and professes to believe in a “one-state” solution to the conflict. Guess which country would have to disappear for that “one” state to come into existence?

The Khalidis and Obamas were good friends. In his capacity as a director of the Woods Fund, Obama in 2001 and 2002 steered $75,000 to the Arab American Action Network, the brainchild of Rashid and Mona Khalidi. According to an L.A. Times account of the dinner, Obama mentioned that he and Michelle had been frequent dinner guests at the Khalidi home (just another guy in the neighborhood?) and that the Khalidis had even baby-sat for the Obama girls.

Like William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the Khalidis held a fundraiser for Obama in their living room when he unsuccessfully sought a House seat. At the farewell dinner, according to the L.A. Times, Obama apparently related fondly his “many talks” with the Khalidis.

So close were these two families that the babysitting was reciprocal:

According to a professor at the University of Chicago who said he has known Obama for 12 years, the Democratic presidential hopeful befriended Khalidi when the two worked together at the university. The professor spoke on condition of anonymity. Khalidi lectured at the University of Chicago until 2003 while Obama taught law there from 1993 until his election to the Senate in 2004.
Sources at the University told WND that Khalidi and Obama lived in nearby faculty residential zones and that the two families dined together a number of times. The sources said the Obama’s even babysat the Khalidi children.

On the left side of this webpage are links to many articles and videos that elaborate on the Obama/Rashidi connections.

Thus ends our adventures in babysitting and with them, this latest episode of

Obama Mystery Theater.

Happy Trails!


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  1. New open thread. Happy researching! 😉

  2. “This is an update on the previous report about Rep. Mullin being confronted about Obama’s ID fraud….

    Miki Booth, the constituent in the video, …”


  3. There was a rumor going around that Bill and Bernardine (Dorhn) Ayers also babysat for the Obamas, but I couldn’t find a named individual who would substantiate that rumor. It was mentioned in comments on a blog, by an anonymous person who made the claim. Not that it’s improbable. It would make perfect sense, given the multiple connections to the Ayers family. Bernardine and Michelle were co-workers. Then there’s the story told by the postman who delivered mail to the Tom Ayers household and remembered meeting the very young Barry Obama coming from the Ayers home. Then the probability that Ayers and Obama knew each other when Barry was at Columbia (if he was) and Ayers was at Bank Street College, where Barry’s white girlfriend was also a student. Then, of course, we know the allegations that Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s “memoirs” for him, that they served together on foundations in Chicago, that Barry began his political career in the Ayers living room. Why wouldn’t these good friends babysit for the Obamas?

    • Well it was Obama that made that comment about the babysitting or it was Ayers making it, I remember someone in an interview stating it when it was first learned that the Obamas knew the Ayers. But it came from one of the horses mouths .

      • I know. I thought that I remembered that, but I couldn’t find it when I looked, although I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking for it. We already know the close connections between Ayers and the Obamas. The Khalidi babysitting, I’d forgotten, too. btw, we’re STILL waiting for the LA Times to release the tape of that event. Or can we guess that, for history’s sake, it’s been totally destroyed by now?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I remember that, Miri. Someday, this blog should become The Encyclopedia Obomination.

      Miri, WP glitch is occurring again. Am changing the fields myself and am going to shut down my browser and see if it refreshes itself.

      • Did that work? Shutting down your browser? Clearing the cookies ought to work, but the question is: how is it that WordPress THINKS that you’re me in the first place?

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Yes, it did. And yes. I always clear cookies. It only occurs *after* I enter the email address, so if they are somewhat similar perhaps that’s the glitch. Just speculating because it is very, very odd.

    • There was a rumor going around that Bill and Bernardine (Dorhn) Ayers also babysat for the Obamas, but I couldn’t find a named individual who would substantiate that rumor. It was mentioned in comments on a blog, by an anonymous person who made the claim.

      Was this the one you were thinking of Miri –

      First comment –

      I live in Obama’s neighborhood and know some of the Obama / Ayers crowd. Ayers and Dohrn have babysat the Obama kids personally. The families are personal friends, not just professional acquaintances.

      Posted by: hydeparker | August 13, 2008 at 01:41 PM


      • iirc it was also Ayer’s himself that admitted to babysitting each others children, was it in this interview Ayer’s and the The Daily Beast? I’ll check later if nobody else has time.

        Isn’t This How Bill Ayers Got His Start?
        April 16, 2013

        Bill Ayers confirmed what Obama has denied, that Ayers held a fundraiser in his living room for Obama. It was in an interview last week with The Daily Beast. Ayers recalled the fundraiser: “We were friendly, that was true; we served on a couple of boards together, that was true; he held a fundraiser in our living room, that was true.” It was all true, everything that was said about Obama and Ayers back in 2008 that was denied is all true, and Ayers has now admitted it, because what’s to lose? America’s finally in decline, everybody’s getting what they want, nobody can do anything to Obama now, so what the hell, why not admit it? And Ayers did.


      • Yeah, that was it.

  4. Very interesting and informative Miri Thank you. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Foxy. I had planned this to be a very short post, just mentioning all the babysitting going on; but it ended up (as usual) being a big research project because I kept finding more links. Had I researched all the connections in that Rahm Emanuel resolution, honoring Mr. Saffold, I’d still be working on it! It never hurts to repeat the stuff about the early babysitters, especially Turdi, because I’m sure that most people missed the nuances there!

  5. I felt like reverting to our roots with this post. Remember those days?

    A link to the rest of this “series”: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/category/obama-mystery-theater/

  6. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/lost-and-found-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-120408
    That comment references the topic of this link, too: http://petapixel.com/2012/12/14/how-fake-photos-are-messing-with-our-perception-of-reality/

    “… Rose Eveleth over at the BBC has published a fascinating piece on how fake photos can affect both our memories and our behavior. She writes,

    For decades, researchers have been exploring just how unreliable our own memories are. Not only is memory fickle when we access it, but it’s also quite easily subverted and rewritten. Combine this susceptibility with modern image-editing software at our fingertips like Photoshop, and it’s a recipe for disaster. In a world where we can witness news and world events as they unfold, fake images surround us, and our minds accept these pictures as real, and remember them later. These fake memories don’t just distort how we see our past, they affect our current and future behaviour too – from what we eat, to how we protest and vote. The problem is there’s virtually nothing we can do to stop it.

    What’s crazy is how easy it is to manipulate people’s memories. When participants in one study were shown fake childhood photos of themselves riding in hot-air balloons with their families (when they hadn’t actually), 50% of them began “remembering” going on the ride that never happened. … In the end, there’s not much anyone can really do to guard against being duped by these images, says [scientist Kimberly] Wade. Her lab has done studies in which subjects are told that they’re about to see both fake and real images. Even with the warning, people will still remember the fake photographs as real. “Warnings don’t seem to have much of an effect,” she says, “that’s how powerful some of these fake photo manipulations can be.” …”

    Fake “family”. Fake “birth certificate”. Fake life history. Fake potus.

  7. Empty suit empty chair. 😯

  8. Speaking of Barry’s connections. One of our “old friends” has got the sharks circling, but just like with Barry, somehow the Chicago thuggery doesn’t touch him. We’re to believe that, like Barry, Eric Whittaker wallows in the cesspit that is Chicago but still comes out smelling like a rose. (I thought CW would post on this one.) http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/pal_link_to_scandal_mmCnLtuWrJVbh3dB0mg9aI

    Another golfing buddy of Obama in hot seat over staffer’s alleged ‘kickbacks’; Illinois honcho’s aide eyed in ‘kickbacks’

    Another one of President Obama’s golfing pals is in the rough.

    Dr. Eric Whitaker, a longtime Obama friend from Chicago who has golfed his way through Obama’s term in office — including at a round for the president’s 52nd birthday last week — is cooperating with the feds as they probe a $433,000 kickback scheme. [Who doesn’t believe that the other Eric (Holder) is also a good friend of this Eric? With the “feds” on the case, I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it. NOT!]

    Whitaker’s former chief of staff at the Illinois Health Department is under investigation for allegedly taking kickbacks starting in 2006. Whitaker ran the department from 2003 to 2007.

    A federal grand jury indicted Quinshaunta Golden this week on fraud, bribery and theft charges as part of an ongoing probe into sleazy graft in Illinois contracts that has ensnared 13 people.

    Golden is accused of taking the cash through kickbacks on contracts her agency awarded to a variety of not-for-profit health-care groups.

    I had no firsthand knowledge of the activities outlined in this indictment and was not involved in any way,” Whitaker said in a statement issued Thursday.

    “As requested by the US attorney, I have been fully cooperating with the investigation into these matters.”

    There’s no information that he’s a target in the scheme. Last year, Whitaker left a job at the University of Chicago hospital, where Golden also worked. …”

    Whitaker golfed with Barry last weekend. Think they were talking about the upcoming indictment?
    We “reported” on this two years ago here: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/another-day-another-scandal-tread-marks-for-pals/comment-page-1/#comment-63109 Read down to see all the connections: Pritzker, Golden (niece of commie Rep. Danny Davis), Nesbitt, Blanchard (Mooch’s ob/gyn, who likely knows Dr. Saffold–see creds), Blagojevich (who, like “Quin” Golden, is taking the fall), Rezko, “Reverend” Wright. Speaking of which:
    From a story over a year old:
    “… Author Reveals Identity of Man New Obama Book Says Tried to Bribe Jeremiah Wright
    May 15, 2012

    [O]ne of the many shocking allegations to come from Edward Klein’s controversial new book on Obama was the story that someone from the Obama camp tried to pay Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Obama’s controversial former pastor — $150k to keep quiet until after the 2008 election. Wright rejected the hush money. But we never knew who allegedly tried to pay Wright off.

    Until now.

    In an interview with Sean Hannity on Monday, Klein revealed the identity of his money middle man — and he’s a doctor from Chicago.

    “What happened is that after ABC’s Brian Ross broadcast the audiotapes –videotapes of the Rev. Wright God damning America and slamming whites and slamming Jews and America, he was contacted by one of Obama’s closest personal friends, a guy who travels on Obama’s plane, who plays basketball with him, who goes on vacations with him,” Klein told Hannity during Hannity’s radio show.

    “I didn’t name him in the book, but I can tell you who he is. His name is Dr. Eric Whitaker. Dr. Whitaker is the vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center and he’s a member of Obama’s very tight inner-circle. And he sent an email to a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ,” Klein said. …”

    Again, scroll down at the link to read the further research into this cabal of “Friends of Barry”.

    If I’m not mistaken, all the physician friends of Barry and those who had executive positions at those hospitals all ran in the same circles. OB/GYNs, too. Remember our discussions about the possibilities with regard to that? Test tubes and all?

    Here’s another story that elaborates on the “Golden” kickback scheme. (How weird is that? Her name is “golden” and I remember how Blago said that he wouldn’t just give away Barry’s senate seat because that ability of his to be “kingmaker” is “golden”.)


    “… Whitaker declined an interview request but released a statement following the Wednesday indictment of Quinshaunta R. Golden, who was his chief of staff at the Illinois Department of Public Health. Golden is accused of conspiring with state grant recipients to divert federal money into her own pockets and then trying to cover it up. …

    There was no indication in the indictment that Whitaker knew of the wrongdoing. Asked Thursday if Whitaker is a target in the probe, James Lewis, U.S. attorney for the Central District of Illinois, offered the standard response of refusing to venture beyond details of the Golden indictment.

    At this point, the evidence has taken us to Quin Golden, and the evidence has not taken us farther,” Lewis said. Pressed on whether Whitaker is in prosecutors’ sights, Lewis said: “There’s nothing in the material you have today that leads toward an answer to that question.”

    But Lewis answered “no” when asked if Obama is linked to the case, given that he is a Whitaker friend who recommended him for the public health job. …”

    This is background on the cabal of friends:

    • Also indicted in the grant probe is the daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., the president’s controversial former pastor. Jeri Wright, of Hazel Crest, has pleaded not guilty to charges of money laundering in a case involving former Country Club Hills police Chief Regina Evans. Wright is alleged to have helped Evans convert paychecks from Evans’ nonprofit to Evans’ personal use rather than using it for the intended purpose of training minority and female workers in the building trades.” http://nomorecocktails.com/post/2013/08/09/Obama-golf-buddy-cooperating-with-Feds-in-$400K-kickback-scheme.aspx

      You simply cannot make this stuff up. Like children in a candy shop. It gets worse:

      Golden directed grants to the V.I.P. Security & Detective Service in Evergreen Park to do background checks to evaluate potential nursing home residents for felonies. A 2009 Tribune investigation determined that state evaluations in which V.I.P. Security took part sometimes missed ex-convicts’ violent crimes and downplayed the risk they posed to other nursing home residents.

      • http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/14/us/politics/14friends.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

        “The ride could be painful at times. Dr. Whitaker, a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, had to watch a yearlong falling-out between his best friend and his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. The doctor and Ms. Jarrett have become minor figures in two corruption scandals (Dr. Whitaker with the one involving the real-estate developer Antoin Rezko, Ms. Jarrett with the one involving the Illinois governor, Rod R. Blagojevich). There have been no suggestions of any wrongdoing by either of the friends or Mr. Obama.”

  9. Well, Trowbridge is certainly pushing th EAD angle. This is the third or fourth post in two weeks.

    I do have a question though. Do we know if EAD has a chipped front tooth? none of the pictures show her teeth, and of course they (the pictures) are all decades old. If she did and the FBI was aware, wouldn’t that information be out there?
    Mole on left cheek is never mentioned.

  10. just the photo….2 me is very…. DUKE like….. terribletruths above
    show them…side by side 3 articles are new 2 me….. lots to ponder….
    I feel SAD & MAD…are still alive… Mad’s old brother said she was in
    good health…I recall then …she GOT…? shoved into the OCEAN….
    Let’s DRILL MAYA… ALL LIES…. what IF?


  11. Back to his old tricks, Barry flips off Chuck Todd:

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I do that whenever I see an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. The recipients of my snark are probably too dumb to notice. Even when it’s “in their face”.

  12. I know that many think she’s an obot, but for the interest of hearing all sides of a story. From Orly: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=430094

    Orly has reissued her FOIA request for Harrison Bounel’s SS records. She has also this news about Ann Dunham:

    “… This is the second time Taitz is requesting SS-5 for Stanley Ann Dunham, deceased mother of Barack Obama. It is of interest that the first time Taitz received only one form. Today she received three different forms. Based on the information received today Ann Dunham changed her SSA card twice: in 1963 and 1995. … [A]according to the letter July 29, 2013 from Dawn Wiggins, FOIA officer, which was received by Taitz today, Ann Dunham never received any SSA benefits. Signature on the three forms appear to be different. Most significant is the difference between 1959 and 1963 forms. … Typically there should not be such a pronounced difference in the slant in the handwriting, particularly within a short period of time, only 4 years span between 1959 application and 1963 request for a change in the Social Security card. Additionally, there are some inconsistencies in the 1959 card, specifically at the bottom of the card the form number is 7-55. … [W]hy did Ann Dunham apply for a change from Dunham to Dunham Obama in 1963, when she divorced Barack Obama senior. One would expect her to change her name in February 1961, when she reportedly married Obama, not in 1963, when she divorced him. This application for SSN change for Ann Dunham was released for the first time today. … [W]hy did Ann Dunham apply for yet another change of her SSN card in June of 1995. This June 1995 application for a change of the SSA card was released for the first time in SSA July 29 2013 letter to Taitz and was received today. This change was made only a few months before Ann Dunham passed away on November 7, 1995. Incidentally, November 7 happens to be the day when the Communist revolution in celebrated in Russia. Ann Dunham passed away at home with only her two children present. There was no attending physician at the time of her death, no autopsy by a coroner. Her remains were cremated and buried at sea. Typically there is a requirement for a permit for a burial at sea. There is no record of such permit ever being granted or requested. …”

    • larger

      Note name change from Stanley Ann Dunham to Ann Dunham Obama. This took place on 1/3/1963. What makes a married name “legal”? Just changing it on SS records? If so, then her signature on Barry’s so-called birth certificate was NOT her legal name at the time, because she didn’t change it at SS (but apparently, if we’re to believe the Polk Directory, she was using the name Obama).

      • larger

        Now from this we see that on 1/14/1995, she goes back to “Stanley Ann Dunham” from “Ann Dunham Obama” (a name she didn’t use on any of her academic publications, so far as I remember. She used S. Ann Sutoro and S. Ann Soetoro for that.) She does apparently put Soetoro as a married name on this application. In 1995, Barry was just starting out on his political career. Read the note at the bottom: “USPP# G155268 issued 3/31/86 (?) shows Dunham Divorce decree #57972 Honolulu, HI, shows Obama” I can’t make out the signature of the person who accepted the change. Were these clever little notes that reference the two previously released sets of documents (via FOIA) by NUMBER simply inserted on this form to mislead and/or tie everything up with a nice little bow? They divorced in 1964, btw, not 1963. So why did her name have to be Obama in 1963? So when she went back to college at U of HI, after BHO Sr. exited (stage LEFT), she could be an Obama?

        • This was five months or so before she died. Can we presume that she was applying for SS disability and cleaning up her records? How in the world would her name on her SS card say “Ann Dunham OBAMA” but she’s issued a passport without the surname OBAMA? I’m not sure of the date they say the passport was issued. Does it look like 1986 to you? By then, she’d divorced both husbands. Is the Dept. of State THAT lax in ensuring that people’s identification matches? Ok. It’s 1986. http://www.wnd.com/2010/08/186677/

        • FWIW that application has the original SS# wrong. They put in “525” when it is “535”

          • On closer look, maybe it is supposed to be a 3, just scribbled

          • TY, SEO. Something didn’t seem right about the number. I didn’t have time to check it but it did seem different to me. Oh, what a “mistake”. Well, as you say, maybe it does say a scribbled 3.

      • Is this all disinformation and spin? Damage control? The LFCOLB is signed “Ann Dunham Obama” with Stanley added in parentheses. The mother’s name is typed at the top as “Stanley Ann Dunham” (no Obama). How freaking convenient. Her name at the time was NOT Ann Dunham Obama but Stanley Ann Dunham. What kind of games are being played now?

        http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3052914/posts?q=1&;page=51 Comments about this at FR. Have we ever seen SAD’s obit? Someone is claiming it states that she died at the Straub clinic.

        • from the article ^^
          … it appears in Dreams from My Father; and the president occasionally repeats the myth, as in this speech (excerpted here) to students at Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia, on September 8, 2009:

          Now, I know it’s not always easy to do well in school. I know a lot of you have challenges in your lives right now that can make it hard to focus on your schoolwork. I get it. I know what it’s like. My father left my family when I was two years old, and I was raised by a single mom who had to work and who struggled at times to pay the bills and wasn’t always able to give us the things that other kids had. There were times when I missed having a father in my life. There were times when I was lonely and I felt like I didn’t fit in.

          So I wasn’t always as focused as I should have been on school, and I did some things I’m not proud of, and I got in more trouble than I should have. And my life could have easily taken a turn for the worse…

          Us kids?

          • Yeah. He includes Maya in “us kids”, I suppose, even though she’s nearly a decade younger than he is (allegedly). He’s such a liar. We know that. When he was two, there’s only supposed to be the ONE kid–Barry. When he got to Indonesia, of course, there was also Lia, his adopted sister; but they lived in a swell house and had a chauffeur and everything! So that can’t be when he’s talking about; besides, I doubt they had food stamps in Indonesia. And then “Ann” leaves Lolo but he still bought her a very nice house in Jakarta, just for her and Maya, Barry having been sent to Honolulu to live with the bank VP grandmother in the Hawaiian high rise. Hmmm. Must be talking about that short time when Ann brought Maya back to Honolulu and they all lived together in an apartment on Poki St. while Ann furthered her education. It’s all a fable, but he has to stick with the fable as already told. That’s the problem when you begin to tell lies.

        • Miri, can you pull the 1961 Transcript from this article? I can’t read it and I’m curious as to the classes she was taking while raising a newborn. I think I see a class in a Chinese topic.

          That would be great, if possible.

        • Found it at obamafile; thanks!

          Still wondering why such a young person was using two names in Washington State. Anna Obama for a lease and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama as University registration. (using your maiden name along with your marital surname was highly unusual, back in those days)

          • Different classes on those two transcripts. For the record, I’m TRYING to display photos in comments but the html code I have always used is not, for some reason, working.

      • the 14 signatures of SAD

        Just noticed on exhibit #5 here that the word stanley is squished in once again.

        • Wow, the research here is great! Separates the conspiracy theories from the conspiracy fantasies from the conspiracies (which are not always false as it is a crime to conspire against the United States) from fact. And these signatures are facts that could support a conspiracy or two. The study of the signatures is from two years ago! Wow. WTPOTUS waaaaay ahead of the curve on the masses just now beginning to study this. I never saw the signatures at this link before and find them fascinating.

        • What’s interesting is that we’re to believe that her passport did NOT say Soetoro, and yet she signs it as such. Well, the 1986 one didn’t.

    • You know how many times I’ve watched people throw family’s ashes to the sea??I can’t count them. It’s one thing to throw ashes , but there are requirements for a BODY to be buried at sea….that is , taken way off shore so it doesn’t show up somewhere and scare the kiddies in their intertubes. THey may have to weight them with something…I’m not sure, but ASHES …toss away to the wind. We hold waterman’s ceremoneies evertime some membr of the surf community and other various friiends and family of their coastal waters and I’ve never known anyone to get a permit.

      • I’ve NEVER seen anyone’s ashes scattered. I haven’t a clue what the law is. http://www.cremationsolutions.com/Scattering-Ashes-Laws-Regulations-c108.html

        “… Private Property

        It’s a good practice to get the permission to scatter ashes from the landowner to do anything on private land.

        Controlled Public Lands

        Most controlled lands such as public city parks have rules and regulations, and permits.

        Uncontrolled Public Lands

        When it comes to non-specific public land, (e.g. rural woodlands) don’t ask, don’t tell is as fitting advice as any. No laws say “yes you may” and no laws say “no you may not.” …

        It is also highly advisable to use roads (areas) less traveled for the ash scattering ceremony; cremation and/or scattering ashes is offensive to many people and cultures.

        As a guide, you should not scatter ashes within 100 yards of public roads, walks or public trails.

        Burials in inland waters are regulated according to the Clean Water Act. For inland water burial, a permit is required from the appropriate state agency. …

        EPA Requirements For Scattering Ashes at Sea

        Disposal location and measures of cremated remains

        Cremated remains shall be buried in or on ocean waters without regard to the depth limitations specified for non-cremated remains in the above paragraph provided that such burial takes place at least three nautical miles from land.

        Notice to EPA within 30 days

        All burials conducted shall be reported within 30 days to the EPA Region in writing. …”

        They scattered Madelyn at Lanai Lookout, according to news stories.

        “… Almost two months after Dunham’s death, the family pays their final respects.

        Just as the wind, emotions run strong at Lanai lookout. President-elect Barack Obama and family arrive around 3:30pm after an earlier private service for “Toot” at a Nuuanu church. http://www.whitepages.com/business/HI/Honolulu/Nuuanu–Punchbowl/Churches

        Secret Service security keeps a close watch as Obama, oldest daughter Malia and sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, among others, make their way down to the rocky shoreline. Together, they spread the ashes of Madelyn Dunham. It’s the same spot Obama paid tribute to his mother last August. She died in 1995.

        From politicians to everyday people, hundreds turned out at the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl at Dunham’s public service in mid-November. …” (Why would they have a public service at the National Cemetery and then NOT bury her there with her husband? Just thinking. There are strict guidelines for whom can be buried with a service member.)

        It appears that Lanai Lookout is within a public PARK and it’s also along a highway, which means that parts of it could belong to the federal government, but certainly taxpayers somewhere. http://www.khon2.com/2013/07/18/woman-falls-off-ledge-at-lanai-lookout/

        “According to the Honolulu Fire Department, the 22-year-old woman went past the warning signs at Lanai Lookout when she lost her footing and fell about 20 feet off the ledge.”

        Link. Note that the parking lot sign refers to “PARK users”.

        There’s also a map at that site showing that it’s contained within a park. From what I can tell, it’s within a Honolulu city park. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koko_Head So, it’s PUBLIC land. Scattering Ann:


        Bottom line: No surprise that they did not follow common courtesy to avoid public areas, to avoid offending those who MAY be offended by cremains underfoot, nor did they PROBABLY follow Honolulu laws concerning permits, etc. I didn’t look to see if Honolulu has any laws, but it would be interesting to see if they do.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I’ve stated my opinion of Orly many times. I just want to state, for the record, that regardless of what my opinion of her may be I do NOT believe she’s a Bot.

      • I don’t believe she’s an obot, either, fwiw. Whatever else we think of her at-times Edith Bunker-like behavior. (For the record, Edith often had the last laugh and proved she was far wiser than those around her.)

  13. August 11, 2013

    “Rep. Duncan Hunter: Concerns About Obama’s Birth Certificate: Following As It Progresses”

    “Patriot William Lolli contacted Rep. Hunter about Obama’s felony identity document fraud and here’s his response: [go to link]”

    “Here’s Mr. Lolli’s response back to Rep. Hunter:

    “Congressman Hunter,
    Thank you for your reply to my concerns that the president continues to engage in felony activity by the continued propagation and use of forged documents.
    Your response below, however, is typical of Washington sophistry, as it skirts the issues as well as your oath of office.
    Let me put it this way:
    If you were notified that someone used forgery to gain access to your bank account and stole all your money, you would notify the authorities, would you not?
    So imagine your response when the authorities respond to your concerns with the placation that they believe that “groups and individuals should continue to have the opportunity to present any facts on this matter” and that they would follow the theft of your money “as it progresses”.
    Needless to say, I believe that you would conclude that the authorities were lacking moral clarity, skirting their sworn duty to uphold the law, and cared not one whit about on-going criminal activity.
    In such a case, would you not agree that such authorities are not fit for public office? I would. And just in case I am not making myself clear– I am speaking of you.
    If you continue in this amoral stance to refuse to examine and take action on the evidence that is now available from law enforcement, I will have no choice but to oppose you in the next election– and do all in my power to see to it that you are removed from office. As we have learned from the case of Bob Filner, even Democrats will support law enforcement when the crime is blatantly significant. Why can’t you?
    William Lolli, MCSE”

    Duncan D. Hunter:

    “Duncan Duane Hunter (born December 7, 1976) is a member of the United States House of Representatives. He has served in Congress since 2009, previously representing California’s 52nd congressional district, where he was preceded in office by his father, Duncan Lee Hunter. … Like his father was, Hunter is a member of the Republican Study Committee.”


    “Duncan Lee Hunter (born May 31, 1948) is an American politician. He was a Republican member of the House of Representatives from California’s 52nd, 45th and 42nd districts from 1981 to 2009.”


  14. Speaking of babysitting, we cannot forget this connection. A commenter “Lilibet ” has oftentimes reiterated her story from 1971 in Decaur IL, when barky and timmy were there visiting that summer. I kind remember he was passing “hisself” off as a 10 year-old and she said he was more like 13.


    Interesting that SAD’s early interest in higher education was first Russian classes and then Chinese History. Such an inquisitive young lady, she.

    • http://americandigest.org/mt-archives/enemies_foreign_domestic/presence_of_malice.php

      Obama did not spring from the brow of Zeus. And, I am not a birther by choice, I am a reluctant witness to a coup by powerful forces within and without my government.

      In 1970, Tim Geithner, his younger sister and mother visited relatives on Lake Decatur in Decatur, IL to escape the heat of Indonesia. Peter Geithner was opposed to his wife and children’s visit to the mainland and had warned them not to speak of certain things because, “the plan was all set,”and he didn’t want anything going wrong with the plan. Tim and his sister wondered at length what “the plan” entailed and why their father was so insistent that they not speak about certain things.

      However, the children had a fascination about a boy named Barry; Audie having a school girl crush on Barry who attended her school and who studied the Koran in Arabic and dressed in Muslim garb, and Tim was fascinated with Barry’s many names and pronounced them in my presence. Tim knew that Barry might not be returning to school in Indonesia in the fall, but might be moving to HI at the direction of his mother, and he knew that his own family would soon be moving to Thailand. Tim also wasn’t sure about Barry’s age,first speculating that Barry was several years older than him, then nearer his sister’s age, and then possibly his own age. According to reports, Tim Geithner and Barry Soetoro were both born in August within a few days of one another, if one takes this information as fact.

      Mrs. Geithner became very alarmed when she saw and heard her children speaking about Barry in my presene and yelled from within her relative’s home for them to stop immediately. She threw the front screen door aside, stomped onto the lawn and began angrily berating them both before forcibly dragging them inside and continuing to shout that they had been forbidden to talk about certain things and had done exactly what she and their father had warned them not to do. She continued her angry scolding tone so loudly that I remember hearing her harrangue long after she had slammed the front door of her relative’s home and wondering what could possibly warrant such vitriol and force against her own children.

      Then, in the summer of 1971, a boy named Barry from HI visited the home of a drug dealer and his family in Decatur, IL before going north for important meetings with important people.

      A school friend of mine who babysat for the couple’s two little girls met Barry and he told her that he wasn’t born in this country, but wanted to be president someday anyway. He compulsively stated that admission several times, each time apologizing for his ambition. She liked his great smile and his many ideas for future programs, even though she thought his repetitious statements of not having been born here rather strange.

      Barry did not have a birth certificate and needed a SS#, but had been promised his first job at an ice cream parlor when he was old enough. My friend’s sister had a lot of radical SDS,anti-establishmentarian friends and someone in her network told her that he could get a SS# in CT and they would provide a mailing address.

      And now before I go on, I should mention to you that when I objected to Barry’s lack of nbc qualifications, my friend mentioned this to her employer and he became angry. At first he thought if I met Barry I would change my mind, but when I refused, stating that Barry could never be president because of his foreign birth, Barry’s handler threatened me and my friend relayed this message.

      She gave her employer my SS#, which she knew because we applied for our cards on the same day. She did this because it was her opinion that Barry would make a great president and that if and when he ran, she would vote for him.

      After,I was threatened, I told one of my parents, but my father reasoned that the chances of Barry running for the presidency were marginal because Barry was a foreigner. As for the drug dealer, he was already known to the DPD and was soon run out of town. Nonetheless, my concerns about Barry’s presidental aspirations and the threats of his handler persisted and I told three people in the years immediately following about Barry’ statements and his handler’s threats.

      During the presidential campaign of 2008,I posted this information on the internet at regular intervals hoping to alert the public to questions about his bona fides which had also been raised and investigated by journalists and citizen journalists. Then after confirming with my former friend who met Barry that she did not deny the incident,and having spoken to someone I had told about this incident back in 1971, I contacted the FBI hoping to provide information which would trigger an investigation into potential campaign fraud and fraud against the voting public by this candidate.

      Imagine my surprise when I was told that the election settled what the FBI considered a political question and that they “weren’t authorized to investigate such an allegation.” Well I can remember my chagrin at having to tell them that i was unacceptable for a foreign-born POTUS to act as CIC with the authority to order American sons and daughters into battle at his command. Yet, truth is that they probably already know and just don’t care because the DOJ won’t authorize any law enforcement arm to do anything to investigate this president’s background. Yet, it must be an open secret those at the top.

      Consider that this president’s mantra is social justice, and he is perfectly willing to set this country’s race relations back decades to reinforce historical wrongs against decease victims by deceased perpetrators yet will do nothing to indict or try crooks on Wall Street, in the banks, mortgage brokerages, bond rating agencies, investment banks, or in the mosques, or streaming across our southern border. Ask yourself why this president is more concerned with crimes pre-dating the Civil War and stretching through the decades after WWII, but is not concerned with crimes against the entire American citizenry as perpetrated by the aforementioned criminal elements in the investment and banking industries?

      The financial debacle in Sept. 2008 (month according to Rep. Paul Kanjorski) compromises the security, freedom and opportunity of every American alive now or born in the decades after this man-made catastrophe.

      Rumors on the internet are that Barry was selected by Brzenzski at Occidental, and, of course Geithner, Jr. worked for Kissinger & Associates, and then the banking consortium rising to the CFO of the NY Federal Reserve during the Bush administration and just prior to the installment of Obama.

      Peter Geithner was head of the Ford Foundation in Asia and employed Barry’s putative mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro. Lolo Soetoro worked for Dutch Shell and left Indonesia sometime around the overthrow of Bung Sukarno. He reluctantly returned to Indonesia with SAD as his wife and with young Barry. Peter Geithner also opened the first FF office in Bejing and mentored many of the current leaders of the Chinese governemnt. Geithner, Jr. immersed himself in the Chinese language and culture just after graduation from Dartmouth and befriended several of the future leaders of the Chinese Communist regime now in power.

      As I am trying to type this information, my computer is acting up again which is what happens whenever I try to post about these facts. How unfortunate for all of us that cowards are in charge of Washington and our intel agencies. Just imagine if these people had done a better job of vetting and monitoring the putative POTUS than a grandmother from the Heartland.

      It is my belief that the current president was selected as a possible leader early on by powerful men linked to banking and the Chinese government. Kissinger served Nixon during the instigation of trade relations with the Chinese Communists, an initiative which has robbed Americans of jobs, weakened our economy, indebted us to the international bankers and the Communists, and sickened and killed Americans through the importation of toxic medicines, products, food and other items.

      Obama (not his only name) serves as a multi-national/multi-cultural face to fool the underprivileged, especially the Black community. He also serves to enmesh the Muslim world and its wealth (shariah bnking) with the American economy. He has Communist sympathies, Muslim sympathies, and divides (not unites) Blacks and whites and other races. He champions social justice over rule of law because it achieves the political balkanization of this country and further weakens her before her enemies.

      If he is re-elected in 2012, he will inflict further damage, perhaps, irreparable damage on this country. Geithner is a multi-cultural tool of the international banking set and seems more proud of his foreign upbringing than his American roots. These two men have no allegiances greater than their allegiances to the international powerbrokers who faciltated their rise to absolute power.
      Posted by: GloryofLiberty at March 24, 2011 9:28 AM

    • Interested in RED communists. Very excellent history of the Geithners at that link. The white girlfriend was ALSO well connected and IN JAKARTA when Timmy and Barry were there.

    • The story lilibet tells sounds like people who are hiding a child from one of their real parents; trying to keep them from getting custody or they are the non-custodial parent hiding from the law and the custodial parents and/or guardian. Looking at this story from this perspective, it makes sense that BO Sr. is not daddy because with him still in kenya, he would not be a threat to finding little O and taking him from momma, whoever she is.

      • Well, unless they were hiding from his adopted father, Lolo. But then he was across the ocean as well. But had friends in high places? As soon ‘proper papers’ prepared the family would be free to go to HI. Papers to ‘unadopt’ Barry? So Lolo could not get hands on? Did not mommy go back to Indonesia with little sister?

        • Maybe the person is of the Malcolm X persuasion (meaning he’s the daddy). Actually the story is TOO PAT. It’s like the fables people like Maraniss tell and those women “biographers” of Obama and his “mother”. All the details that are ALREADY KNOWN and/or (especially) have been found and REVEALED by INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS (but not the complicit ones until forced to) are included.

  15. On the pope: “He then said he wished to send greetings to Muslims, our brothers, throughout the world who have just finished celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan . Referring to his earlier message released to mark this event, the Pope said he hoped that Christians and Muslims will strive to “promote mutual respect, especially through the education of the new generations.”

    More at Text from page http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/08/11/pope_francis_greets_muslims_and_urges_both_christians_and_muslims_to/en1-718872
    of the Vatican Radio website

    Any know of the actual transcript for the finish of the prayer/speech? Is this accurate? If so, great. Now my Catholic, Liberal family will for sure be righteous about my being a hater for not seeing muslims and christians “as brothers”. I sensed from some towards the tail end of this week that it is no longer appropriate to post muslim jokes (Polish one are still ok, which is good because this Polish girl loves a good Polish joke) and there is a silent admonition for doing so. Some who were the first to post funnies are not acknowledging the funnies. Ironic thing is, I at first thought fb was taking my funny down (well, not funny now that the pope has spoken for us to reach a higher ground), but then I read this just now and wondered if that why the silence. Life always works this way, everyone playing a game and when I finally join in, the game has been deemed off-limits and like, how shameful of me to even want to play. Then we have my conservative catholic friends who totally understand the politically correct for control thing and are now going to be PC in the name of the pope who has taught them to take the higher ground, the spiritual ground and see, “Muslims, our brothers”
    It is not my intent to offend Catholics here. I am not a Catholic hater. Born and bred one. Still hang on to many of the cultural traditions.

    Oh, and here is the funny that was received with total silence and wonder now if the timing was to be perceived as my slamming the pope’s admonition when I did not even know about it???? http://12.img.v4.skyrock.net/12c/fredlamoto/pics/2635428134_small_1.jpg

    Happy Sunday! Prayers and blessings.

    • Left the caption off the banned funny, “Islam version of creation”

    • SO…. is GREEN…all that good??? hoot? and further more….

      http://barnhardt.biz/ read down… where said…. Break/crack some
      LEGS…. to WAKE ….people UP!!!! always on target she is…go ANNIE!

      • I often have a hard time following Ann; not because of her thought process but because she is lights years ahead of me in history and vocabulary. So, it takes me sometimes more than a couple of read-throughs to understand. It is sort of like me reading a Dorothy Sayers book in that I don’t often know the latin phrases and literary references to get it all. But I try. It builds the brain and critical thinking. I am not there yet so am somewhat confused, as of the first reading, of the ‘break legs’, to what she is saying. I get the whole the Shepard breaks a lambs leg to keep from straying but unclear if she is applying that to the pope, bishops, etc., needing their legs broke? Although I do get the concept that leaders (shepards) did not break legs when they should have in the likes of the persons named.
        I found the following on the site that I had not read before and I got it totally the first run through. More than get it.
        “Michael Voris has hit the nail on the head and has come up with a question of extreme simplicity that will allow anyone to instantly discern the orthodoxy of any clergy, religious or layperson. The question is:

        “Do you desire that everyone in the world be Catholic? Yes or no.”

        If the answer you get is anything other than an instantaneous, emphatic, and unqualified YES, then there is a massive, massive problem and all future dealings with that person should be addressed and parsed with the full knowledge that the person is NOT properly catechized at best, or a heretic or apostate at worst.

        No matter who it is.


        I would encourage one and all to start asking this question. Frequently. ”

        Interesting to this very properly catechized heretic. 🙂

        • FWIW, I think Ann misunderstands what the Pope meant when he said, “who am I to judge?”

          “Judge not …” Who is the Judge of us all? No man. IMHO.

          He did not say he accepts the sin. He accepts that the sinner can repent and be forgiven. It’s the sin he condemns, not the sinner; and this is and has always BEEN the gist of Catholic thought about homosexuality. “Go, and sin no more.”

    • http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/08/02/pope_to_muslims_for_end_of_ramadan:_promoting_mutual_respect_through/en1-716319 Scroll down to see the text of his speech. He does NOT call Ramadan “holy” nor does he call Muslims “brothers”.

      • Thanks, Miri. I asked originally because the end of my link appeared to deviate from a transcript and wanted to see if pope actually said such things, as many are believing what appears to me to be a spin on his words. So, onward to reading the actual text. Thanks, again.

        • OK. read it. He does NOT call Ramadan holy nor does he call Muslims brothers. Do you think to show Allah in a cartoon is disrespectful because Muslims are offended and have decreed it is not to be done? Will education to take the higher road to respect the other develop in others the choice to not do those things, out of respect instead of not doing them out of fear of getting their head chopped off? Quite frankly, it sounds like the speech is written by CAIR, although I think the pope is genuine in his quest because he is naive.

        • That’s definitely a spin on his words and it makes me wonder WHY they are spinning it. It’s an INSULT to Christians to pretend that the Pope called Ramadan “holy”. I’m am ALWAYS offended when newspaper articles refer to the “holy” city of Mecca but SELDOM, if EVER, refer to Bethlehem as “holy”, etc.

  16. My wordpress email is with lavabit.com. I went to check my mail this morn and clicked from my bookmarks; received a 404 error. Thus I search engined ‘lavabit’ and clicked on the official site and was met with this:

    My Fellow Users,

    I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have decided to suspend operations. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot. I feel you deserve to know what’s going on–the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this. Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise. As things currently stand, I cannot share my experiences over the last six weeks, even though I have twice made the appropriate requests.

    What’s going to happen now? We’ve already started preparing the paperwork needed to continue to fight for the Constitution in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. A favorable decision would allow me resurrect Lavabit as an American company.

    This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States.

    Ladar Levison
    Owner and Operator, Lavabit LLC

    Defending the constitution is expensive! Help us by donating to the Lavabit Legal Defense Fund here.”

    So, looks like not everyone is getting the message from lavabit and I would not have either if had not done an engine search on ixquick to get there.

    • I read about that in the paper. I didn’t realize that people have email through them. Apparently this has something to do with the gummint trying to force them to allow them to spy on us. In other words, to be complicit like ATT, Google, Yahoo and the others.

      • I have, I mean had, email with them and their were great! So, what happens when they become an American Company? Yep, under American rules and no privacy. Who knows where my emails. Think about this, my internet traffic to the rest of the big, bad world beyond the USA is controlled by our government. In so many ways. Bizarre. Surreal.

  17. August 11, 2013

    “Obama’s BC REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Scares The Obamabots!
    ABC NEWS – Jonathan Karl interviews Donald Trump

    The interview took place in Ames, Iowa today – where Trump spoke at an evangelical gathering on Saturday night. The billionaire businessman said he is considering a presidential run – although he said he won’t make a final decision until after the 2014 midterm elections. He also said – if he did run – that he’d be willing to spend up to half a billion dollars.”

    “ABC News To Trump: Pretty Convinced Obama
    Born In USA: Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Not Eligible?”


    • I sort of like the irony of Oprah getting this medal, as announced around the same time that she’s currently accusing a poor Swiss sales clerk of RACISM (probably getting her fired) because the woman SEEMED (there was a language barrier) to suggest that Oprah didn’t want to see a $38,000 purse and the clerk wanted to show her something a little less pricey.

      Now, Oprah is getting this medal on account of her “philanthropic causes and expanding opportunities for young women.” http://news.yahoo.com/obama-to-award-oprah–bill-clinton-presidential-medal-of-freedom-214439983.html

      One wonders: Had Oprah bought that $38,000 purse, would she carry it when she goes to pick up her medal for her “philanthropy”? Just how many young ladies could Oprah educate in Africa for $38,000? Hmmmmm.

      I remember how the progressives slammed Governor Sarah Palin for allowing the Republican Party to purchase a wardrobe for this governor who (to her credit, huh?) didn’t have a lot of EXPENSIVE clothing to wear on the campaign trail, unlike, say, MICHELLE OBAMA.

      The Yahoo story points out that the wonderfulness of all these recipients of the Barry Soetoro Presidential Medal of (disappearing) Freedom apparently is that they are mostly historically connected to Barry himself. Well, why not? Everything is ABOUT Barry. I don’t suppose, when choosing the recipients, that Barry racially or politically profiled. Do you?

    • I’ll see that one and raise you this one: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/08/the_crusades_reconsidered.html

      The Crusades Reconsidered

      One of the idiocies passed off for decades among Western historians is bemoaning the Crusades as evil. The Islamic world — the Ummah — has disseminated this imaginary charge against the West, and like fools, we have absorbed Arab lies and taken the blame to heart. But the most superficial reading of Western history should put that canard to rest. … [history of the Muslim brutal invasion and conquest of much of the known world follows] … Later on, historians would blame the Dark Ages on the Germanic Tribes, but the Goths and Vikings readily Christianized and embraced the higher civilization of the lands they conquered. The reality is that Islamic raiding is what produced the Dark Ages. Trade and the economy collapsed under the Muslim threat, plunging Europe into stagnation.

      In 1095, after centuries of Muslim aggression, Pope Urban II finally had enough, and called Christians to war. He did so after the Byzantine Empire, now broken away from Roman Catholicism, appealed for fraternal help from the Western Christians to save them from Islam. After over 4 centuries of war with Islam, the Byzantines were on the verge of collapse. Most of Spain was still under Islamic tyranny. Malta and Sicily had only been recently freed.

      One may condemn the atrocities of the Crusaders, but what infuriates the objective student of history is that the far greater crimes of Islam are ignored.

      The Crusades was Christendom finally fighting back, not always honorably, but against a foe which had plunged Europe into darkness for centuries.

      Instead we allowed our students to be brainwashed, and force fed an Islamic line that we have to feel guilty. The Muslims invaded Southern Europe, yet somehow we Westerners are labeled the imperialists.

      Islamic aggression did not end with the Crusades.

      The reason Columbus headed West was because the Muslims had blocked all trade routes to the East. Yet, we are never told this. …

      A half million or more slaves from the British Isles were kidnapped on the high seas by the religion of peace.”

      Uh, now would that be WHITE SLAVES?

      • from the article; says so much: “One may condemn the atrocities of the Crusaders, but what infuriates the objective student of history is that the far greater crimes of Islam are ignored.

        The Crusades was Christendom finally fighting back, not always honorably, but against a foe which had plunged Europe into darkness for centuries.”

      • good post Miri, but it did go both ways…the early “christian crusaders” took license as crusaders and were as vile and pilaged much in their path. The later crusaders like Columbus ,were crytp-jews or called new christians, converts (many who only claimed superficially their new christian faith as a means to escape the perils of the Spanish inquisition or be run out or kiled). I had forgotten though reading about the trade routes being blocked and their were already the Muslim pirates on the high seas ..like the ones who went to the Philipines by the 1500’s.

        • The article covers what you say, Alfy, with “The Crusades was Christendom finally fighting back, not always honorably, but against a foe which had plunged Europe into darkness for centuries.” All the things you mention have been given top billing for the longest time as the only history. This article merely attempts to show that there was another side, and a major player at that; showing the history going both ways. I like the article as it gives me lots of history research to do, as I like history and I am sort of computer-bound right now with a pneumonia. (Bedrest is so much more fun than pre-internet days, huh?)

          • Get well soon, What A Hoot. We’ll keep you in our prayers. I read a great book about the truth about the Crusades: “God’s Battalions” http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Battalions-Crusades-Rodney-Stark/dp/0061582603/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376269068&sr=1-7&keywords=crusades

          • wo! I didn’t know you were with pnewumoia. Take care. Yeah, I actually didn’t read the whole article ya’ll referred to, I just stuck my two cents worth in there. I should have read the whole thing…my bad. I’ve got but one book on the crusades. It’s a large, but very thin book, but I have never been able to finish it. I covers such details, I have to go back and read over and over again from where I started. I do have a wonderful forur or five inch thick book, written long ago…in the fifties I think, called the AGE Of FAITH. It is wonderful, and I just pick it up and dive into it, bovering every thing from around jesus’ time to the 20th century, every leader, philosopher, every ZAR,poets, jews, the world of faith really . I usually put it down after it has left me pondering so much more. THen the next time I pick it up, I start somewhere else entirely. If you can ever find this book (a big black book), it used to be in the public libraries, get it. You won’t be let down. I’ll look for the author’s name when I get a chance . It’s just wonderful..and not opinionated, but just gathered history.

          • I can’t find my crusades book right now, but that cover has the same picture, i believe as mine only my cover is more colorful…I wonder if mine is a newer or later version . Darn , I’ve had that book out for some time..now I can’t find it.

            • I hear you, alfy. I couldn’t find my book, either. I couldn’t remember the name, either. I had to look it up on Amazon. Too many books!

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Feel better soon, WAH!

    • “As Barack Hussein Obama enjoys his vacation, he should ponder the brutality of Muslims against so many groups in the world, including other Muslims. Instead of his fawning at the recent White House iftar dinner, he should remind these co-religionists that their religion defies the imagination for the sheer ferocity against those who dare to resist.

      Obama speaks of the “tradition of celebrating the sacred days of [America’s] various faiths.” But somehow he avoids the trail of blood associated with Ramadan celebrations across the world, as documented at the Religion of Peace site. …”

  18. Oh, my, the last paragraph says “Messiah” is the fourth fastest growing name according to the Social Security Administration and yet…….a Judge renames a 7-month old child without parents’ request or permission. What you all think????

  19. Another clueless [Is it real or an act?] Republican Congressman.
    “Rep Blake Farenthold Talks About Sheriff Joe’s Obama ID Fraud Investigation & Impeachment”


    Two comments at ORYR:

    ItsObvious: “Any congressman who believes that ignoring Obama’s ineligibility is a good thing to do in order to save the country from the damage that would be done by acting on his ineligibility is a fool. The damage has already been done. To continue to deliberately ignore the Constitution and let stand the actions of a foreign agent and usurper of the presidency leads eventually to the complete destruction of the United States of America as we know it.”

    DWD: “”Gee, I hate to operate on cancer. Just think of the damage it will do to your body to remove the tumor.””


  20. August 11, 2013



  21. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/08/ma-pelosi-demands-gop-take-down-anti-hillary-site-that-it-doesnt-own/

    “Nancy Pelosi is demanding the GOP take down a Slap Hillary website… that it doesn’t own. Proving once again, the woman knows nothing about America’s free market system. …”

    The game is here; it’s kind of fun. Pick the button to get her talking and then smack away! Keep in mind, the leftists had a Slap Palin game before this one was created. San Fran Nana was mum on that one.


  22. Sequestration. Budget woes. Unemployment. Highest number on food stamps. And Bo the First Dog gets his private “airlift” to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard (necessary for all the photo ops to come). That’s a story you WON’T see on NBC Nightly News. Again, we must go to the UK for the WHOLE STORY: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/10236302/First-dog-Bo-is-airlifted-to-Obama-holiday-home.html

    First dog Bo is airlifted to Obama holiday home

    Rooms have to be found for dozens of Secret Service agents, someone has to carry a selection of presidential basketballs, and of course the family dog needs his own state-of-the-art aircraft.

    Arriving in the idyllic coastal retreat of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Mr Obama left behind him in Washington DC high profile debates over the budget, government surveillance and his health care reforms. Instead, he will spend the next eight days playing golf, going to the beach, and buying books from the Bunch of Grapes bookstore.

    In the air he swapped his suit and tie for khakis and a blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves, while Mrs Obama wore a yellow-and-white summer dress.

    Bo, the president’s Portuguese Water Dog, arrived separately on one of two MV-22 Ospreys, a hybrid aircraft which takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane.

    It was the first time the Ospreys have been taken on holiday by a US president. More than 70 hotel rooms, each costing up to $345 (£220) a night, have been booked out for Secret Service agents, who took charge of luggage including two large mesh bags full of basketballs.

    The Obamas are staying in Chilmark on the western tip of the island, an area that is dotted with multi-million dollar homes. The neighbours include actor Ted Danson and the singer Carly Simon.

    On several previous visits the Obamas had stayed at the 28-acre Blue Heron Farm, but it has since been sold to Britain’s most celebrated architect, Baron Foster of Thames Bank.

    The president has therefore had to downsize to a $7.6 million, 5,000-square foot retreat on nine acres which is owned by a businessman friend from Chicago. It includes a basketball court. …”

    Oh, how wonderful for them. Was Mooch’s yellow and white frock a $38,000 special?

    • Sequester Bo.

      • LOL

        Hope you are feeling much better today, What A Hoot.

      • GOOD ONE!!!! I wonder WHY they won’t fly on the same airplane as Bo. Is it because all he is is a prop? Is it because dogs are “unclean” animals, to muslims? What a way to treat a “beloved” member of the “family”. What kind of relationship does this show between the daughters and their pet? Would you, as a child or teen, have allowed YOUR pet to be treated like luggage? Remember how they criticized the Romneys for putting the dog’s crate on the top of the van? At least he traveled WITH the family. I suspect Bo is the pet of the WH staff or the Secret Service. Like “Socks”, he’ll be pawned off on a member of the staff as soon as Barry leaves office.

  23. Morning to all WPOTUS bloggers!
    I need to make one of my Obama scars comments -can’t help noticing this: If his scars could talk, what a story we would hear.
    Miri, I am not savvy at the posting and research as you and others do so well on this blog. I so appreciated how you tidied up my comments several months ago! In this case, I am referring to Obamster’s goofy gulf picture on Drudge this morning (the one with his leg up and butt sticking out). Sorry I do not know how to put the picture here and I wonder if there is a way to focus more closely on his right leg below the outer side of his knee. I am a nurse and have an eye for these kind of things and I see what appears to be a keloid and scaring in the area. What happened to this man? Must have had and impact from head to toe. Mystery Jinn (LC credit for “Jinn”)!!

    • Good Monday morning, truthwitness. This photo?


      Picture embedding wasn’t working at all yesterday, but seems to be today. If not, hit the “link” above. We’ve noticed his scarred leg before. Seems it was visible on a photo where he was exiting one of his many, expensive, taxpayer owned (I expect) black SUVs. I’ll take a look.

      • For comparison:

        • and now, as you see, the photo option isn’t working again. I can’t figure it out, but hit the “link” to see the other photo of his leg scar. That photo makes the scar appear to be lower on his leg. From reading help text, it seems that the inability to display certain photos may have to do with WordPress security. They say they won’t embed links that aren’t on their “white list” whatever that is. But it worked the first time and then when I tried to enlarge the size of the photo so you could see it better, it stopped working, so must be another of WordPress’s annoying problems.

          • Try right clicking on ‘view image’ and then ‘save image as’ to your computer. Rename and put on site. Works, well, until your computer is ‘not allowed’ to download images anymore……

            • I’ve saved them and put them in our blog’s “media library” and even so the WordPress comment editor for some reason won’t let me post them as images. WordPress itself can’t be on its own black list, or can it? There’s something wrong. I remember this happening a while back and after a few days, they rectified it. I think it has something to do with when they upgrade. They screw things up, in other words.

        • It looks like a skin graft to me. btw, when people “lay down a bike” on a concrete road, without wearing leathers, lots of skin can be lost.

      • Is he wearing the shorts version of mom jeans?

      • Theulstermanreport.com has what looks to be a funny article on this entitled: “Rare Obama golfing footage…Dude looks like a Lady” but every time I try to open it my entire IE browser shuts down. It happens from time to time..
        Anyway I wanted to read (and link) it but I thought I’d mention it in case others don’t go to that site regularly.

  24. What were the ‘racial slurs’? I mean, was it “long live the South”? or “General Lee was right” or “Proud to be an American”???? Where is the rest of the story informing what the racial slurs were? http://www.my9nj.com/Story/23109931/bias-crime-suspect-arrested-again-in-nj And…..who is this guy; a dem trying to make Confederate flag a racist symbol instead of a States’ Rights symbol?

    • Since when is it a CRIME to wave a Confederate flag and say “racial slurs”? What happened to free speech? If that’s all it takes to commit a crime, then they should arrest Charlie Rangel, who refers to white Tea Partiers as “crackers”, and they should arrest the New Black Panthers for waving their racist flags.

      It sounds like a he said/he said in this case. Is he going to be convicted on the basis of a prior incident? Seems that’s not allowed when the colors of the perps are different.

      Did somebody post this earlier or did I just click this off Drudge? I don’t remember. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/holder-seeks-to-avert-mandatory-minimum-sentences-for-some-low-level-drug-offenders/2013/08/11/343850c2-012c-11e3-96a8-d3b921c0924a_story.html

      “Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is set to announce Monday that [black] low-level, nonviolent drug offenders with no ties to gangs or large-scale drug organizations will no longer be charged with offenses that impose severe mandatory sentences.

      The new Justice Department policy is part of a comprehensive prison reform package that Holder will reveal in a speech to the American Bar Association in San Francisco, according to senior department officials. He is also expected to introduce a policy to reduce sentences for [black] elderly, nonviolent inmates and find alternatives to prison for [black] nonviolent criminals. …

      A vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many [black] Americans and weakens too many [black] communities,” Holder plans to say Monday, ­according to excerpts of his ­remarks that were provided to The Washington Post. “However, many aspects of our criminal justice system may actually exacerbate this problem rather than alleviate it.” … “Too many [black] Americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason,” Holder plans to say. “We cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.””

      I added the “black” because you know that’s how it will work and that’s what he’s thinking. Why am I so cynical as to believe this is a program to decriminalize BLACK crime in order to allow voting for a population that would ordinarily be felons who can’t vote?

      • civilian army recruits

        • Exactly. For some reason, it’s reported that Rand Paul is on board for this illegal change. The LAW is that they have mandatory minimum sentences. Holder, once again, is going to NOT ENFORCE THE LAW by doing an END RUN around the law. How? By not mentioning in the charging documents HOW MUCH of the drug in question the person possessed at the time of arrest. I don’t see how any judge will accept this. Of course, the defendant’s lawyer isn’t going to introduce that evidence. How many prosecutors will knuckle under and just NOT MENTION how much of a drug a perp possessed? How will the cops feel about this? It’s disgraceful. So even Rand Paul is okay with executive actions that deliberately violate the letter and the spirit of laws. This is EXACTLY how they “legalized” Dreamers and refuse to enforce the border.

  25. Thanks for the comments and pictures. My thoughts on the size of the wounds that left the extensive amount of scaring on this man’s body are that he had a very big insult injury and some major surgery with long recovery in healing. Many times that much damage takes multiple surgeries. Look at the leg wounds – the entire length of the lower leg (legs?). I see that some of the areas did not heal well. Since there is so much movement to that area casting is often used to immobilize for healing. He has some fat medical files somewhere as well as good medical intervention but all part of his mystery history. Took some skill to put him back together head to toe. I feel quite sure he uses body makeup to cover the scaring. Must have been young when it occurred but I would think he feels that accident as he ages. Aches and pains, etc. Yet, he can surely get that leg up in his golf picture.
    Hey (whistle) checking out those legs especially in your picture quite girlie and delicate compared to Mooch-hell’s manly pair of sticks! Don’t ya think? Very very mysterious threads woven with deep aroma of deception – an odd bouquet to imagine let alone view side-by-side.

  26. Um-mm, did you check the other picture link that Miri offered?? Oh well…plenty of other mystery theater to focus on other than analyzing for evidence of possible fibrosis on the hairless struts of the long legged mack daddy.

  27. I just saw that picture….yes, it appears to be there too. I’m now more convinced 🙂 That’s all I needed.

  28. OK, Miri, now you’ve got me thinking about Mary Toutonghi again. It’s like Ground Hog’s Day…Or was it Yogi Berra who said “it’s like deja vu all over again”?
    Anyway, I’m sure I’m going to cover the same damn ground I/we covered before but I’m off on a hunt again. I saw this quote from the article written in 2009 from an Alaskan paper. I had seen the quote about her recollection that he didn’t cry, but does this one contain a Freudian slip?

    “I remember his being very large and very curious and very alert. I don’t remember him fussing, but that doesn’t mean anything. Saying he never fussed is like saying he’s not real.

    • I believe that was Yogi Berra. What is a Freudian slip, imho, is Toutonghi mentioning that Barry was “very large”. He was only weeks old. And “very pink”. How large could he be?

      In the Fall of ’61, quite large if it really was when he WAS 7 months old and so he was really born early in ’61 and not in August, which would explain A LOT.

      She said he was 7 months old and that was the telling slip, because she also said that her daughter was 18 months old at the time. Her daughter WAS 18 months old in Spring 1961 and not Spring 1962, which was her second story, after her math error was pointed out to her.

      So it’s possible she was correct on the age of her daughter but wrong on the “Spring” of her babysitting (maybe it was Spring ’61, during that time when SAD dropped from view and that was because Barry was BORN in Jan/Feb ’61) or she was correcting her story about how old Barry was when she babysat him (making him 7 months old instead of a newborn and turning Fall ’61 into Spring ’62). There’s something very rotten in her story, that’s all I know.

      • No, I thought the subconscious “slip” was when she says “Saying he never fussed is like saying he’s not real”

        • Oh, I see. He never fussed because he wasn’t there? Or, like Rosemary’s Baby, he’s supernatural and not in a good way? Or maybe he was just lacking a TOTUS and so was too stupid to “say” anything.

          • From the looks of the baby pics of Obama he sure was not all pink like.

          • Do you remember Mary Toutonghi’s spouse’s name? Or her maiden name? Or was she a Toutonghi originally? I know it has been discussed, I remember the part about her going to school in CA with Bob Hope’s kids, but I can’t remember (or find) the details

          • Never mind, I found this on FreeRep and it all sounds very familiar.
            Joseph Toutonghi was born on April 2, 1932 in Cairo, Egypt and emigrated to the U.S. on the ship “Vulcania” on June 12, 1946. He married Mary Jean Zolin (the babysitter) on November 12, 1955 in Los Angeles. Their first daughter Mary Toutonghi was born and died on August 23, 1956 in Los Angeles. Gabrielle Marie was born on July 6, 1959. Michael Joseph (former Vice-President at Microsoft) was born on October 14, 1962. There were two more children before their divorce, and his second marriage to Ruta I. Mindenbergs of Latvia.

            Mary Toutonghi “recalls as best she can the dates she babysat Barack as her daughter was 18 months old and was born in July of 1959

        • my feelings were the same back then too….’like saying he’s not real’.The only reason one would need to supply that comment would be?????

          • Have you seen this? Quite interesting. The Toutonghi family, Ruth Baker, Ndesandjo , etc.

          • Elle, what blew right past me is that the INS memo where they talked about BHO Sr. and his wife making arrangements to give up Barry for adoption was dated just 10 days after their ALLEGED marriage in Feb. 1961. The timing of that just didn’t register. WERE they even married? There’s no record of this alleged marriage–like a license or an announcement. Just a so-called index printed out by the HDOH (allegedly) that shows the ‘index data’ for the marriage. Do you know how EASY it is to make a computer program print a line on a report? You don’t even have to change the underlying file (which would, of course, likely be ILLEGAL if one was inserting false data). It’s very easy to add a record to any file, including a temporary file created just for the purpose of printing something out. Is that index, one wonders, CERTIFIED by the HDOH? Who created it? Who vouched for it? Another thought: If they married on Maui, on Hawaiian “royal” land or Hawaiian “homelands”, then would state law prevail? In other words, if someone is married by a chieftain or some type of religious personage on land that technically is excluded from the State of Hawaii, then would there be a marriage certificate or is this marriage simply RECOGNIZED by the State of Hawaii, without proof other than attestation to that effect (sort of like how they hand out birth certificates)? It could be just another loophole that these people exploited in created a “plausible” backstory.

          • Way back I mentioned a story of a court case involving the fraudster Rockefeller guy (which I need not reiterate),that during court proceedings there was proof of his marriage to the wealthy Stanford law Student (last name Boss, whose father worked for Boeing)……there was no proof of marriage because they got married in a private QUAKER ceremony. The only records were recorded by the Quaker Friencds organization that married them. And I said then, there was a Quaker Friends org. right there in Hawai in Honolulu. This was way back. I’m just throwing it back in here. The only problem is if you were were back then trying to have something for legitimacy why not just do it …get married the legit way so it’s recorded big time. The stories are still screwy.

        • Ruth Gordon played that part very well.

          What did Polansk know.? And when did he know it?

  29. Hmmm, I don’t remember this but the brilliant Miss Dunham had a 1.35 gradepoint average from her two freshman classes at the U of Hawaii?? Am I reading that right?

    • I remember that we discussed that once. I think back when this first came out. Yes, she’s a “delicate genius.” 🙂

    • WOW, SEO.

      I could look at this all day long and that U of W transcript.
      Bussssssy Teenager! whew!

      Does it say she got her BA in Mathematics? I have to go back and look.

      Her major was History, iirc, on the transcript scheduling the time frame for that excursion. And her alias was Anna then.

      ~ ~
      Math is important in banking. Makes sense. Maybe she was a “millenium worker” way before her time. (its a new word for political nepotism) (Cory Booker of NJ is introducing it. pretty cool.)

      • They couldn’t decide what she majored in, when they were crafting the story. They eventually settled on a double major, iirc. (Which is a little hard to do–remember–when the narrative keeps changing.)

        • Anna


          When did she meet those toddlers. Ruth’s “kids”?

          the barky birth date is probably a lie, too. He’s older than he says and that is the exact reason why Mark will not divulge his age. (Who does that?)
          There’s only one reason why. That photo.

          • I know. It’s frustrating that more don’t know and that they’re not even curious and that nobody ASKS the logical questions. Isn’t it convenient that the name change to the SS card shows up and just happens to match what SAD put on her alleged transcript in 1962?

        • Does that Transcript show credits from high school?
          I can’t read the courses.

          • I don’t see HS credits, but just an allegation that she graduated in 1960 with a 3.35 grade point average (not exactly a “delicate genius” but respectable enough).

          • There is a block up top showing the High School and it appears as though there are credits showing in the slots. I am so blind.

            • Oh, you’re right. Do they add up to 20? Looks like some are half credits. I can’t make them all out. Gee, only 20? I had 27. I thought Mercer was a “top” school. Oh, well.

      • You know what’s very suspicious? That the U of WA at Seattle has updated her transcript through the years, even so far as to noting when she died. They have when she got her degrees, finally, from U of HI. WHY? I guarantee you that once I left my alma mater they forgot all about me. WHY would a school where she attended only for a semester keep track of this part-time student who didn’t even matriculate? Once she transferred to U of HI, you’d think that would be the end of her records there. No reason, once she graduated from U of HI with her bachelor’s degree, to EVER go back to U of WA for records. Employers et al accept the final transcript from the degree-awarding university. They DON’T ask for transcripts from any other college where a person may have earned some credits that were transferred TO the graduating college. It’s as if (of course) this “document” was created to add “cred” to the STORY we’re told about her. (The story told AFTER people find out tidbits of truth that they didn’t know about when they were inventing the backstory.)

        • Miri, that’s exactly why I asked you the other day for a picture of the full page transcript which showed the extension courses. Why did someone scrawl on it? Who does that? Who wrote it? Why?

          Subliminal message planted for the masses…

          Who goes back an writes on original documents these days?

          What was Anna doing in Washington whilst Stanley Ann was studying hard, getting good grades, (and ever so brilliant in off-the-beaten path red knowledge) and raising a newborn infant alone?

          Does one move to Washington to take extension courses from one’s apartment?

          • There IS a lot on that document that’s food for thought. They have that she graduated from U of HI in 1972, but there’s nothing there about her advanced degrees, even though she allegedly got a masters and a doctorate. Yet they have when she died! Why? You’re right, of course. Even in 1995, information was already computerized and nobody would go back and write her death on an original record and then re-scan the image so it would be in the database. When somebody gets a transcript, it’s just printed out from the database. You don’t get a copy of some original typewritten thing from the ’60s. Of course, they might still have them somewhere in storage and since people requested them, then maybe the school went and dug hers up. By why, then, before sending the copy out, did they write her date of alleged death on the record? Good question about the extension courses, too. Most of the obots tried to say, at first, that she was taking “correspondence courses” from her home in Hawaii. But then that was disproved by the fact that the prefix/suffix differs. Her courses are coded as extension courses. Those require a person (actually correspondence courses sometimes did, too) to be in state to take tests periodically under the supervision of instructors–to ensure that the person getting the credit is the one doing the learning. If she WAS a new mother with a baby to watch, then she MIGHT take extension courses that she could work on while watching the baby. But then, of course, she wouldn’t have needed Toutonghi, who said she watched the baby WHILE Ann went to school. And she wouldn’t have needed to move to WA state to do that, as you point out. How much easier to take extension courses from U of HI while grandma or unemployed grandpa watched the kid?

        • Agree, so it would beg the question who supplies all this information ? If one went to Wa. University and checked, you think you get the same information? I sort of wonder.

        • http://www.npivalidator.com/Medical_Data/NPI/1033236864.html
          A bunch of this Tout. family info is stuff you already have. I can’t find a good place to comment,but:: did we know that Ms. Mary toutonghi was a speech language pathologist? I just find that striking, seeing as how Mr. Lefforge seems to fall into that category as well, and both appearing to be in little O.’s life at an early age….we don’t really know the truth as to what age he was or first appeared in the US.

    • Wow.

      “… Upon learning earlier this Spring of this shortly-after-his-being-sworn-in-as President behavior by Obama’s Department of Justice, I spent two months fighting Magistrate Judge Robinson to get the transcript of the June 17, 2009, hearing before her. When I finally forced Magistrate Judge Robinson to release the transcript, I discovered that neither the law nor the facts granted Magistrate Judge Robinson the authority to dismiss the indictment against Elizabeth Duke. Accordingly, I have now made my Third Verified Motion for Reconsideration of Order Dismissing Indictment and Motion to Intervene or to Appear as Amicus Curiae. In sum, as the Department of Justice sought to dismiss this Indictment, I don’t believe they can be trusted to investigate why they sought that dismissal. Hence, in the Motion I ask that the Court stop acting like a department of the Executive Branch and appoint me as a private attorney general to investigate that question. Here is the letter I have written to the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C. regarding that request.

      But there is more, much more. As of right now, a few more pieces of the picture have to come together before I make my case publicly that something much greater was involved in this case than immediately meets the eye. Then I will let you judge whether the dismissal of the Indictment against Elizabeth Duke matters to this Republic or not. …”

      WHY, indeed?

      • I was busy back in 2009 researching ms. Duke….actually way before like in the beginning of the election cycle. She was on the list plainly in early 2008. At some point in 2009 when I went to FBI’s website she wasn’t there. You could still pull her up if you typed her into a search,but she was gone from the original list. It is true and I wondered then what had happened. Also immediately ,the days following up to election and a few days after I had just started checking aout the Federal archives. They had a message that they were shut down to the public but would baack up soon, something about to make some new adjustments for aaccess to archives. I didn’t know if this was something that happened after all election cycles or an unuusual phenomena. I thought it strange at the time and the wording of the explanation was suspicious I remember. So…if this news is true it answers my suspicians from way back. If true??

      • WOW. WOW.

        More from the link:

        … In sum, as the Department of Justice sought to dismiss this Indictment, I don’t believe they can be trusted to investigate why they sought that dismissal. Hence, in the Motion I ask that the Court stop acting like a department of the Executive Branch and appoint me as a private attorney general to investigate that question. Here is the letter I have written to the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C. regarding that request….


        as usual.

    • zenway, that is a malicious site for me .

    • I remember reading that the first time, Zenway, back in my awakening.

      Remember this line?

      Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother, Stanley “Ann” Dunham, gave a telling admission while still in Washington State as a recent high school graduate in the summer of 1960 when she told her friends: “I don’t need to date or marry to have children”.

      Who said that back then? The red-diapered commies.

  30. A picture of Obama, Sr. And Ruth Baker. This is a NEW photo.
    Other pics at link, most of which we’ve all seen before, except two of SAD while in Seattle.

    Yes, Miri, Mary Toutonghi is not Pauls mother. His mother is wife number two. I also see on FB that Joseph Toutonghi, Sr. Has just moved back to Seattle from Brussels. And the young Mary Toutonghi is continuing her world travels, currently in the Middle East, speaking Arabic. Where DO they come by all their money???

    • There are a few photos there that I have never seen.

    • There’s a few pictures here I don’t recall seeing.

      and little scott and barky went to kindergarten together. I always thought they just went to 3rd grade together. Wonder if that 3rd grade picture is really 5th grade… and so many more questions looking at this album.

      • What’s new to me, besides Ruth, is the photo allegedly of BHO Sr. with his rich benefactress. (It doesn’t QUITE look like BHO Sr. to me.)

        • I didn’t think so either. Had to look long like the one with Ruth all dolled up. The more I see these photos and think about Anna the Teen, I am starting to think Obama is the rook in all of this. I am thisclose to even giving him a thought as to being the One’s sire.

          • 3..O’s … an a D … who’s in photo # 4 do we yet know the real name?

          • Although that photo does seem “real”, on the other hand, the shadows are bizarre. You can see the photographer’s falling across Ruth, but why doesn’t the other guy’s shadow fall across BHO Sr.’s left leg? Her head COULD BE a head game, too. On the other hand, she more closely resembles the woman at Joseph’s wedding than the woman who is associated with Madari school. That woman looks, for lack of a better word, more butch. Know what I mean?

    • You’re right. We’ve not seen THAT photo of “Ruth” before. She certainly looks quite different from the woman we’ve seen elsewhere as Ruth. Wouldn’t you say? Now this one DOES look like a debutante.

      Elle, the rich and the elite are different, aren’t they? They may have intelligence (some of them) and they may have worked hard (some of them), but in the end, the big decider is those connections. The Toutonghis are related to international elites, with connections to the U of Cairo, etc. Do you think that you, as a poet, would be able to make a living at it? Not unless you’re well connected, imho. At the link I gave earlier, to some of our research on that family, scroll back and forth for other stuff we’ve found. I’m fascinated by the connection between the colleges in CA and how the Toutonghis, Stanley Dunham, Ndesandjo, as well as Barry, might have crossed paths at various times.

      • and theThelma people with the Hawaiian house, and neil abercrombie and the Nordykes…

        How come John Kamana is soooo deafening silent?

    • maybe that ruth/o seniour photo would appear more real if they had taken some of the flat shadows out from directly behind them (like a studio set).Blow it up…they should have fixed her ear better and softened her chinline and fixed the two shades of her hair. They could have at least given Obama his real hairline.

      • don’t you notice the shadow on either side of seniour’s jaw and cheek lines.The photoshopper must have had a hard time taking that part away from an original photo because they couldn’t distinguish the color value well enough to take it away completely without distorting the face.??

      • Her nose looks odd.

  31. That picture of Ruth is unlike any I’ve seen of her. I’m not saying it is not her, I guess everyone has a good picture day once in a while (?) but it is the only one, including when she was quite young, in which she looks quite attractive. In all of the other photos I’ve seen, she is quite a “plain” woman as they used to say 🙂

    • Exactly when did Elle come to this blog Miri, anybody? That photo is another forgery. From where/who? Alot of the info being posted the last couple days is old stuff….I know that is necessary or happens from time to time…..But why do most of you sound like you’ve not seen this info before?

      • Alphy, I came to WTPOTUS about two years ago. I do not post often but always follow this site.
        As to the picture of Ruth with Obama, Sr….I had not seen it before. I am sorry if I posted something you’ve all seen prior.

        • its new to me, too.

          • Thank you, Papoose. I see now on the other thread where much if this has been discussed, including the link I posted here, further up.
            It is difficult to stay on top of everything.

            • I know what you mean about not being able to keep on top of everything. I can’t even keep track of what I KNEW and when or what’s on this blog already and what’s not. Too many details and they are being confused deliberately by the obots.

        • I know. If its a headline, I’ve pretty much read it, thoroughly. If its in conversation, I may not have run into it.

          I am mixing up something up in my head with the Toutonghis’. My recollection is that one was an athlete or racer or something and he died suddenly. But then again, it could be another person with a similar surname. There’s so much swirling.

          ~ And the reason we’re all talking about this “old stuff ” is because we’re on topic with the current article.

      • alfy, I never did see that particular photo of Ruth before. If it’s been linked here previously, I missed it.

    • Whoa. I never saw that photo before either!

  32. SEO, I wouldn’t get too excited over that forged piece of crap,cigarette included ….so formal…isn’t it.

  33. Hoot. Hoot. Hoot.

    How are you feeling today, Wise and Funny One?

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