Lost and Found (Open Thread)

fatberg062wayPoor children in the USA have lost a lot of lard:

The obesity rate among preschool-age children from poor families fell in 19 states and United States territories between 2008 and 2011, federal health officials said Tuesday — the first time a major government report has shown a consistent pattern of decline for low-income children after decades of rising rates.

Let’s mooooooove.  Predictably on cue, Michelle Obama was there to take credit:

Today’s announcement reaffirms my belief that together, we are making a real difference in helping kids across the country get a healthier start to life.  We know how essential it is to set our youngest children on a path towards a lifetime of healthy eating and physical activity, and the more than 10,000 childcare programs participating in the Let’s Move! Child Care initiative are doing vitally important work on this front.

Just where exactly did all that lard go?  Breaking news!

The city of London was recently attacked by a huge Blob of lard, nicknamed “fatberg” (photo above).

The bus-sized berg behaved like a biological bulwark, blockading sanitary sewers, preventing Londoners from flushing!

CCTV footage shows the 15-tonne mountain of congealed fat and sanitary products in a sewer in Kingston, south-west London. The massive lard lump was first noticed after the residents of a block of flats nearby were unable to flush their toilets. The ‘fatberg’ was blasted by high-powered hoses and took three weeks to clear. Thames Water says it’s the biggest ever recorded in Britain, and was the size of a bus. 

The question just begs to be asked:

Has the Obama administration found a secret weapon to use against those evil colonialists in the British Empire? 


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  1. New open thread.

    • Sorry , but I just have to comment on the FATBERG seen here in reference to peoples’ diets and fat. Sorry to dissolution everyone, but it’s a mistake to translate ‘that fat’ as comming from people’s diet. Londoners may be the cleanest people in the world though….as that fat comes from SOAP, of all kinds….the biggest producer of LARD and solid waste one can imagine….Soap Scum tops the list….then washing your glass of milk(fat residual) or washing your l scraps from greasy pans down the drain……so it’s likely Londners are washing away most their fat…..as I havn’t seen too many bulging portly porcine Londeners squirming about have you

      • alfy, I know. I’ve had to have that soap gunk cleared out of my drains enough times to know. It was a joke when I said it was the “lard” from fat kids in the USA. Actually, the UK citizens are getting about as fat as US citizens. http://celebritydoor.com/themes/wp-admin/world-obesity-chart-7915.png

      • Then a couple ladies flush a few tampons down the toilet causing the “great Fatberg Catastrophe” …but this can now be solved with the use of Drones blasting from a clear distance from the “matter”. If worse comes to worse and all out Nuclear attack may be seen as the only solution. Thank goodnes Weapons OF “MASS” destruction have not been intirely eliminated!!!!!!

  2. http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/08/06/Lois-Lerner-Discusses-Political-Pressure-on-the-IRS-in-2010

    Very interesting article about how Lois Lerner admitted that she and the FEC were under pressure to, in essence, stop conservatives from using the same “not for profit” shell game that the libs have used for decades. There’s video of her in 2010, apparently.

  3. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/08/07/cnn-airs-the-truth-about-benghazi-but-fills-the-story-with-lies-and-deception-we-explain-why/

    The TRUTH about the CNN “expose” on Benghazi. What we’d expect from the complicit lamestream. They’re setting it all up for Hillary, imho. Protecting HER, I mean.

    CNN never aired the Nick Robertson report in Egypt [which documented that the protests on 9/11/12 were over calls for the release of the Blind Sheik] because it completely contradicted President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s assertions. In short, the Robertson report, if aired, would have proved Obama and Clinton were lying.

    The Nick Robertson CNN report was filmed on 9/11/12, yes the exact morning of the Cairo embassy protest, and, by coincidence, it would have aired at the exact moment Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama began attributing the Egyptian embassy protest to a “U-Tube Video”.

    A U-Tube Video the U.S. Cairo embassy itself was unaware of until 9/9/12.

    CNN’s refusal to air the real reasoning for the Egyptian Embassy protest turned assault was intentional protection of President Obama, specifically orchestrated by the CNN News group, at the behest of the White House. Specific, intentional, lying. …

    Amber Lyon is an award-winning journalist who worked for CNN.

    She says she was ordered to report fake stories, delete unfriendly stories adverse to the Obama administration (like the Nick Robertson report), and construct stories in specific manners while working for the left-wing network.

    CNN is paid by foreign and domestic Government agencies for specific content.

    Let me repeat that.

    CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others. She shares: the Obama Administration pays CNN for content control.”

    Your tax dollars at work?

  4. The Obamas to invade Martha’s Vineyard once again and the “natives” are restless, once again: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/pres-lucifer-vacays-at-marthas-vineyard-again-residents-not-happy/

    There’s a plethora of comments by the natives at that link. They are NOT amused, even the ones who voted for Barry. Their bad. Who knew? One points out that he’s just like Romney. Oy.

  5. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/08/mission-accomplished-john-mccain-and-lindsey-graham-stir-up-hornets-nest-in-egypt-then-fly-back-home-video/

    The NSA program pays dividends for Barry. The TWO major RINOs go to Egypt in support of the MB. Covering his bum and spreading the blame around. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. One can only IMAGINE what they have on them.

  6. Good post Miri.Thanks. 🙂

  7. Leno gave it to BO. 😆

    • He did! I couldn’t watch, though. Surely it was a GAG worthy event. I read that Barry said, “The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately,” Obama said.”

      Those FREUDIAN slips sure have a way of biting him in the bum. If that were GWB who said that …

  8. WASHINGTON — President Obama has canceled a planned summit meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, officials said Wednesday, a response to frustration at the Russian government for refusing to send Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive intelligence analyst, to the United States to face charges of leaking national security secrets.

    • More bogus Kabuki theater. He’s still GOING to Russia, though.

      I’m beginning to suspect that all of this NSA “leaking” is just another propaganda op, too. Something to INHIBIT citizens into fearing the gummint spying on us. Oh, yeah. He also reassured Jay that they’re not spying on anybody domestically.

      Maybe that IS true and the rest is ALL disinformation to make us STFU. We know they intimidate the media into silence. Using the IRS, FEC, and SEC, they TRIED to shut up the Tea Party. When SCOTUS ruled, Barry “hated it”–Citizen’s United, that is. The involvement of a lawyer from Perkins Coie in that story at WSJ about law enforcement using hacker tools to install spyware on computers and to turn on mics and cameras … well, that just adds to my suspicions. The usual suspects.

  9. It occurs to me that Barry himself might be responsible for children losing lard. Who can afford to EAT in the Obamanation? Record unemployment. More on food stamps than ever. Food prices going sky high. TY, Barry, and all the idiots who voted for him.

  10. August 7, 2013

    “Ret. Navy Commander To Rep. Stockman: Expose The Fraud And Criminal In The White House”
    “Congress Must Investigate Obama ID Fraud: My Letter of Support to Congressman Steve Stockman of TX
    By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)”

    “Dear Congressman Stockman:

    I strongly support you to introduce a Bill in Congress demanding a Congressional Investigation into Obama’s ID documents which includes (1) his forged long form birth certificate proffered to the electorate on 27 April 2011, (2) his forged short form birth certification form proffered to the electorate in mid-June 2008, (3) his forged and back dated to 1980 draft registration card nefariously inserted into the Selective Service System (SSS) via someone in the Chicago IL SSS office in late 2007 or early 2008, and (4) his use since circa 1986 of an SSN of a deceased person who was born in 1890 and which said SSN was originally issued to someone who lived in Connecticut in the month of March 1977 … at a time when Obama was 16 years old and still living in HI and his father had long before that time returned to Kenya.

    Please press forward with your introduction of a Bill to investigate these issues. And be prepared for an onslaught of personal attacks and ridicule attacks right out of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, which Obama taught course in while a Community Organizer aka Agitator. That is all they have – name calling and ridicule. The truth, facts, and evidence are on our side. To help deal with such onslaughts, if you get invited onto a TV show to discuss your proposed Bill, please insist that Chief Investigator Mike Zullo appear with you, side by side, so that he can clearly defeat any attacks on the credibility of the factual evidence proving that Obama’s ID documents are either forged or stolen.


    Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
    CDR USNR Retired”

    • If only. In our dreams. We can keep hoping and praying, while he keeps destroying our country. I can’t figure why Leno went along with letting him use his show for his spin. Then again, it’s NBC, isn’t it?

      • Why do We The People need a Bill?


      • Obama the “Giant CowARD” for talking publicly to Putin or all the rest of his talking points uttered on the tonight show. Coward, Cowaard, Coward! He hides and avoids any real conversations with the American People, course we know that, but this kind of stuff just makes it so obvious. It’s all about ratings for TV personality, so I don’t fault Leno, but for all of Obama’s career he’s been a bully and a coward and a tyrant and both sides have let him get away with it. Seems it’s the norm now .

        • It’s all a sham, imho. Who truly believes that he’ll go to Russia and NOT meet one-on-one with Putin? It’s theater. To satisfy all those “bipartisan” guys who are outraged that Snowden got asylum over there. For show. Carney said there are no “plans” for them to meet. So what does that remind you of? Exactly how Hillary doesn’t say that she WON’T run for POTUS; instead she says she has no “plans” to run. But, you know, plans change, don’t they?

  11. August 7, 2013

    ““Impeach Obama” Protesters Greet Obama In Phoenix”


    • great!

    • August 9, 2013

      “HuffPost Hosts Get Panties In Wad Over Birthers & Protesters Greeting Obama In Arizona”


      ThisObamaNation’s comment at ORYR: “I lost count of the number of times the Huffington Post used to words race and racist. They never mentioned the forged birth certificate once.”


      • How ridiculous. What a freaking agenda. They lead off with all the pressing problems that Barry is allegedly working on, trying to fix, trying to lead on, and then … OMG! The racists appear to stymie him. (Is that racist?)

        Note how she makes sure to exclude from her critique those (sane?) protesters who were simply voicing opposition to the Keystone Pipeline in the name of preventing “climate change” and protecting the environment. We wouldn’t want anybody to mistakenly believe THEY’RE racists, even though they also oppose many of Barry’s policies. But in their cases, it cannot be because of racism. Just because. We all know that progressives and environmentalists can’t be racist.

        She talks about the “racially charged” signs but mysteriously we didn’t see those in their video. I didn’t. Did you? Where are they? Why would they excise their most inflammatory “evidence”, given their agenda? Maybe because the signs don’t exist or else, by showing them, you’d also see the context. Like “black white muslim” being a play on the meme that Zimmerman is a white hispanic? How nice of both of these partisan obot hacks to allow that we have the Constitutional right to free speech BUTT

        Sabrina Siddiqi (any relation to Sohale? Enquiring minds want to know.) is simply bound to be non-biased. And she proves me wrong!

        She alleges that all the protests are just attacks against the first black president. Uh, Sabrina. He’s the first white black president!

        OMG!!!! News flash. An ANONYMOUS senator from the south (a DemoncRAT, perhaps?) called Barry “exotic”. Now there’s a racial slur if ever I heard one. (Maybe he meant that, as a southerner, he can’t relate to an exotic person who grew up in Indonesia, Kenya, and Hawaii and then began his political career in the home of a known domestic terrorist and went on to become a typical CHICAGO THUG politician.)

        How can anybody be “focused on his race” when nobody knows what it is?

        Is all this being hyped again on account of their fears that the CCP is making headway and perhaps some of the court cases are, too?

        Does Huffpo really still pretend to be non-partisan, objective “news”?

        Why is Siddiqi standing in what looks like a Ron Paul campaign headquarters?

        • There are a lot of great comments at the link, but this one made me LOL. After someone said Barry’s the anti-Christ, Falcon responded:

          “I’ve considered that myself, but wouldn’t the anti-Christ be married to a super-model and not a Homo Habilis, and further, wouldn’t he exude some manly characteristics?

          He’s Satan’s footstool, no doubt.”

  12. few things are PERFECT…. Butt’ this is right up their…. did they bring
    in the drones? .. We Support Sheriff Joe! .. United We Stand…
    We are Americans… Is he in the Back of the TOW Truck? Where he
    belongs ?… Don’t forget Benghazi ! Obama Sucks! Hey,Hey Ho,Ho
    Obama’s got 2 GO… What do you WANT? “Impeachment” When
    do you want it? NOW ! …Now they were KICKIN’ BUTT”!!! GO Phoenix!
    ~ Is this the CROSS~ROADS …of NO RETURN??… I pray 2 GOD!
    No longer are we THE JOKE.. the World is Aware.. this is BEAUTIFUL!

    • That’s cool, Papoose. I’m thinking Russian, because of “Swan Lake” but there’s that prep school in the UK: Leehurst Swan School?

      • 😉

        I looked for “emblems” but didn’t come across any similar. I too, was thinking a privates school or a club of some sort. Didn’t see where it may have been discussed here in the past.

  13. I’m sick of this CRAP!!!!…. BLACK MOB Targets Off-Duty Police…


    • Zimmerman is the warning to us that we are no longer permitted to fight back.

      They spin white flight into people being prejudiced when the truth is people were driven away with daily bouts of “jumpings”, robberies, squatting and deliberate acts of vandalism and destruction. Shops had to close due to cold blooded murder. And that was 50 years ago…
      Now we have illegal aliens climbing the status ladder. Whatever happened to mandated immunizations? nevermind. I keep forgetting how invasion-at-large will be good for the economy and the American tapestry.

      They are “mapping” every “community” in the country so to identify specific places for those with the desire of living in a neighborhood they can be proud. Will they prohibited people from moving? Probably since they want all Americans to get their fair share of vicious acts of crime due to poverty and lack of education.


      The inner-cities should be paved with gold by now. Do the math.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Tell. It!

      • Reminds me of this Papoose.

        Gang members had been planning an attack on the police and the public for months. The Rodney King verdict was just an excuse.

        July 04, 2008

        Los Angeles’ dynamics radically changed for the worse, on the evening of Wednesday April 29, 1992. It began when major rioting broke out following the acquittal of four LAPD police officers accused of beating Rodney King. But the trouble had been brewing in L.A. for many years.

        Most of the media would attribute the causes of the riots to the same old politically correct BS: lack of jobs, racial profiling, and years of police abuse. However, during that time I was a sergeant working the LASD Special Investigations Bureau (SPI) and I was privileged to read and review all the police intelligence reports of that period. So I have a very different opinion.

        For several months prior to the riots, intelligence reports rolled across my desk about activity in the Jordan Downs, Imperial Courts, and Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects. Drug dealers were financing meetings of gang members from rival gangs, and these meetings were being arbitrated by OGs (veteran gang members) or the Fruit of Islam, Black Muslim security units.

        Drug dealers were motivated to curb the gang wars because the killings were hurting the drug business and drawing increasing police attention. The Muslims had their own agenda; they wanted to redirect the hatred that gang members have for rival gangs toward white citizens and the police.

        A “self-defense” paramilitary militia unit had formed and began drilling around Martin Luther King Hospital. This unit was led by a former county police officer and martial arts expert. Political activists and agitators like the Revolutionary Communist Party also stirred up resentment in these minority communities against the police and the government.

        Having grown up in Willowbrook during the era of the Watts riots of 1965 and having also worked undercover in politically subversive groups, I have a special contempt for them. The subversive groups utilize provocateurs to talk up the revolutionary ideals and to agitate the community to fight, but rarely are they there when the real confrontations and violence go down. They use the local people as expendable pawns and incite them to destroy what little these poor communities have, just to make a point for the provocateurs. They are cowards who lack the courage to fight for their own ideals and parasites sucking the life out of the already troubled communities.

        The South Central community and especially the African American and Hispanic gangs were primed to explode. All that was needed was that one spark. In my opinion if the Rodney King incident hadn’t sparked the rioting, something else would have.

        But politicians and police administrators feared any PC criticism about being “heavy handed” or “overreacting” in the minority communities. Instead they turned to programs like “Amer-I-Can” (and later “No Guns”), who promised to organize peace treaties between warring gangs. Police intelligence reports named these groups as a significant part of the problem and not part of any solution.
        The same source said that tactics used to assault and kill officers with these weapons was discussed. Brown reportedly suggested that coffee and donut shops were good places where officers just sit around. The LAPD South West Division was singled out as a target.

        Informants reported that Jim Brown had plans of using the Amer-I-Can program as a front to obtain federal and state funds. Brown and Rodgers also reportedly discussed sources of support from local church leaders who could be persuaded to believe their superficial cause. According to the informant, Brown said that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was a sure supporter of their cause, however, she really didn’t “know what was going on.”
        As the Gang unit drove away Kincy said, “Ain’t no cop your friend!” He then promised to kill some cops after things cooled down. He called the riots “a celebration of power!”

        On May 9, 1992, the Los Angeles Times printed a picture of rival Blood and Crip gang members meeting in Solidarity with members of the Nation of Islam. The article mentioned the flyers calling for “Open Season on LAPD.” Other flyers from the “Coalition for Justice” called for a general strike to shut down L.A. on May 15. They also demanded federal troops be removed, the release of all suspects arrested during the riot, reparations to rebuild the burned out riot zone, and the release of the Libyan bombers of the airliner over Scotland.
        Later that night Lt. Anderson’s Compton P.D. team found the two male Latinos naked and nearly dead. Both were transported to the hospital as Jon Does and both remained unidentified and in a coma for a long time. I don’t know the outcome of their hospitalization, they may have died. I am still troubled by our various police leaders and their response to this situation, their lack of willingness to try to rescue those poor victims.


        Maxine Waters is Right! Go Talk to the Birthers and “Teabaggers”
        September 17, 2009


        RUSH: Here’s Maxine Waters, this was yesterday. She was on the fledgling Bill Press radio show, and Press said, “Do you agree with President Carter that all the criticism our great president is rooted in racism?”
        Speaking of Maxine Waters, this is from Los Angeles Times. “‘House ethics panel investigates Rep. Maxine Waters’ — The Los Angeles congresswoman faces scrutiny over her husband’s ties to a bank that received federal bailout funds. Word of the investigation came as the committee announced that it was delaying an inquiry into whether Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) or his representatives tried to secure the Senate seat vacated by President Obama by promising to raise campaign cash for disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich. The panel cited an ongoing federal investigation in Chicago.”

        So Maxine sent some stimulus money to her husband in a bank and the House ethics panel is investigating. How racist is this? Targeting Jesse Jackson Jr, now targeting Maxine Waters, it’s just gotta be racist. I mean who in Washington doesn’t use stimulus money to send to their spouse? Dianne Feinstein did it. Didn’t look at her. She’s Jewish and she’s white. Of course they’re not going to investigate her, but they’re investigating the black babe, Maxine Waters? Has to be racism. You know, I met Maxine Waters once. Yes, I did. It was Super Bowl Sunday, 1995 I believe, it was in Atlanta and it was the game between the Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. It was actually the night before. I think it was the commissioner’s party. I’m trolling around there and I’m saying hello to some people that I knew and I got this tap on the back and I turned around, it’s Maxine Waters and her husband Sidney who got the bank cash from stimulus money. And Maxine looks at me and says, “You know, I’m not a socialist, I believe in free markets.” She started telling me about the businesses that she and her husband own and all this sort of stuff. (laughing) At the Super Bowl this happens to me? I don’t remember the exact conversation, but she made a big point out of saying she wasn’t socialist, she believed in profit and all that, and obviously her husband does, too. Profit, from your tax dollars. Maxine Waters.

        Sidney used to play for either the Oakland Raiders or the Steelers. I’m not sure. His name is not Waters. I don’t remember Sidney’s last name, Maxine Waters’ husband. But, yeah, something in my mind says he did have a rogue auto dealership somewhere in Jamaica or in the Bahamas or some such thing that got attention for some reason, obviously it was racist, the attention focused on it. “Waters was in the spotlight earlier this year because Massachusetts-based OneUnited Bank received $12 million in bailout funds, three months after the congresswoman, a senior member of the congressional committee that oversees banking, helped arrange a meeting between officials of the bank and other minority-owned financial institutions and Treasury Department representatives.”

        And don’t forget wasn’t there some other stimulus package some years ago, I forget what it was, maybe the Mexican bailout or something. What was it? Oh, that’s right! It was the floods in North Dakota, we had federal bailout money for the floods in North Dakota, and Maxine Waters went to the floor of the House and said, well, hell, if you’re going to bail them out, I want money for my constituents in South Central. What it turned out to be, grooming money, 300 bucks a person, right, that she was able to pass out, 300 bucks. You want to talk corruption — but — sorry, it’s not corruption. To point out any of this to Maxine Waters is racist. I’m sorry.


        RUSH: Yeah, Maxine Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also played on the Cleveland Browns championship team in 1964. Also, after he left football he started as a business developer with ex-Cleveland Brown star Jim Brown’s Black Economic Union in LA. And now Sidney Williams owns a Mercedes dealership, and obviously has an interest in a bank that his wife sent stimulus money to. He was also ambassador to the Bahamas under Clinton.



        Jim Brown’s Black Economic Union in LA

        Black Economic Union is a Central Corporation. For Tax purposes Contributions are deductible. The organization is a Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)


  14. August 7, 2013

    “Ex-pilot behind fake names in TV gaffe”


    maggie’s comment at WND: “Journalisim has become a Hollywood side show. It is no longer about reporting the facts or maybe some of the facts with a big twist of sensationalizim. Reporting factual truth is to difficult and doesn’t increase ratings. Nor does it remain neutral. Too many believe everything that is being reported in the newspaper and on tv as reliable truth. Not to mention the “you heard it hear first” mantra. The idea of being the first to report from the so called reliable source should be a lesson, but will it? I don’t think it will.”


  15. As a country, we are in sore need of an angel like this:
    Video at the above link. Do watch to see how isolated the area was.

    Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears to Help Trapped Teen Following Horrible Car Crash — Then Disappears

    Some believe in angels and others don’t. But a story coming out of Center, Missouri, might lead skeptics to conclude that a higher-power sometimes intervenes in the midst of tragedy. Of course, there’s also the potential that a real-life priest is responsible for the life-saving act that’s gaining widespread attention — and that he has simply yet to be found. …

    After Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash on Sunday morning, authorities claim they began a long rescue process. After 60 minutes of trying to get Lentz out of the vehicle (she was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat), rescue crews, at Lentz’s request, prayed out loud for the trapped woman.

    And that’s when a mystery priest allegedly appeared. According to accounts, he came out of nowhere and brought intense calm upon the situation.

    Considering how many people were at the scene and interacting with the mystery faith leader, the story is a fascinating one.

    “I can’t be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle,” the firefighter added.

    Now here’s where things get weird. After another fire department showed up, the rescue proceeded easily and the tools worked, as promised. But when nearly a dozen firefighters turned around to thank the priest, he was gone; the road was empty. Considering that the road was blocked off for a quarter of a mile during the rescue and that no cars were around, the scenario, on the surface, seems a bit bizarre. …”

    • Mystery priest found. He was a natural, not a supernatural, angel: http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/329930/250/Mystery-priest-%20from-Mo-car-accident-scene-identified

      “The mystery priest who appeared at the scene of a critical accident last week in eastern Missouri involving a teen girl has been identified as the Rev. Patrick Dowling, KDSK and other news agencies are reporting.

      The diocese of Jefferson City, Mo., identified the clergyman after he stepped forward in the comments section of a story about the incident in the National Catholic Register.

      Emergency responders had been working on extricating Katie Lentz, 19, from her damaged vehicle for at least 45 minutes when they saw her condition was drastically deteriorating. When Lentz asked if those around her would pray with her out loud, the priest stepped forward and said he would.

      After emergency responders successfully removed the teen from the wreckage and sent her off to the hospital via helicopter, they went to thank the priest and found he’d disappeared.

      Dowling wrote in the National Catholic Register that he was returning from mass when he came upon the accident scene. …”

      Video of Father Dowling at the link.

  16. And another religious story: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/state-depts-faith-based-advisor-i-am-glad-american-civil-religion-dying

    State Dept.’s ‘Faith-Based’ Advisor: ‘I Am Glad American Civil Religion is Dying’

    Secretary of State John Kerry announced Wednesday the formation of the Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, which will be headed by Shaun Casey, a former religion advisor to President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and a liberal professor who last year touted the end of ‘civil religion’ in the United States.

    I, frankly, am glad American civil religion is dying,” Casey said at a discussion last year at the Center for American Progress focused on “God and Politics” in the last presidential election. …

    “There is also a negative underside to that history with respect to slavery, manifest destiny, to war, you know, to empires, so I, frankly, am glad American civil religion is dying,” Casey said of the mix of politics and religion at the discussion.

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Swiss-French philosopher, is credited with coining the term “civil religion” in his 1762 book in his series “The Social Contract.” Rousseau described civil religion as the “moral and spiritual foundation of modern society.” …”

    And he and his fellow travelers are “GLAD” that our “moral and spiritual foundation” is “dying”. That’s their goal, though, isn’t it? To “fundamentally transform America.”
    – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/state-depts-faith-based-advisor-i-am-glad-american-civil-religion-dying#sthash.4hGMKB0R.dpuf

    • “… “I’d like to think that Niebuhr would approve of our efforts today in expanding religious engagement as we, too, navigate through very perilous times,” Casey added.

      Niebuhr once was a prominent leader of the militant faction of the Socialist Party of America. Both liberals and conservatives, however, have praised some part of the theologian’s evolving political and religious philosophy over the course of his lifetime, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who cited him in his book “Hard Call” as “a paragon of clarity about the costs of a good war.” …”

      ENUF SAID.

  17. First Fatberg,
    San Francisco missed a great opportunity here. They could have brought it to their methane recycling plant that makes fuel for city busses. It
    probably would have powered one for a day or two.
    Secondly, The Horserace Blog,
    Looks like horse number 3 is the winner.
    That was no terrorist threat really existed so one was ginned up to show us
    crummy citizens how necessary the nsa surveilence program is to our very
    sort of survival.
    I especially liked the latest speech with Marines in the backdrop.
    My wife asked me “Is that camoflage wall paper?” .
    It looked like it was.
    Sometimes when I was bored, I used to tap a stick on the ground.
    When asked why, I would reply it keeps tigers and gorillas away.
    When further queried as to there aren’t any tigers or gorillals around here,
    the answer was obvious: “Works good – doesn’t it?” !

    • Good comments Dave and I think I’ll go retrieve my son’s “favorite stick” as we liked to call it, and ,I don’t know, just lean it up by the kitchen table this morning, as a “here’s to you” gesture for all your great finds and comments. Morning all, got to go, Seeeeeze the Day you guys.

    • Good one, dave! I HOPE it’s just wag the doggie. He’s going to have a press conference, I hear. Full court press. Just like during the election years. What’s he afraid of? Bad poll numbers? I HOPE he’s afraid of the Congress actually looking into WHO HE IS.

  18. Reporters!
    From the Washington Examiner:

    “The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an “electromagnetic pulse” so big that it could have knocked out power, cars and iPhones throughout the United States.

    Two EMP experts told Secrets that the EMP flashed through earth’s typical orbit around the sun about two weeks before the planet got there.”

    What in Heck is Earth’s “typical” orbit. Is that the one we usually use as
    opposed to the “special” orbit or the “emergency” orbit.

    I think the sentence is just supposed to be “the EMP flashed through
    Earth’s orbit …..”

    And these guys tell us wot’s wot?

    • Emergency orbit, I think. 🙂 Are they prepping us for when they tell us that the EMP that they didn’t prepare for (coming from Iran or Russia) was just a solar flare, like the explosion of Flight 800 was just a glitch in the fuel tank?

    • That’s the claim of Sven Magnussen over at Free Republic: That Barry arrived in the USA in the care of Catholic Charities of CT. (I don’t think it was as a refugee but rather as an unaccompanied minor without papers, something like that. A stateless individual?) I would like to believe this all is true–that somebody has finally got some proof, but we’ve had our hopes lifted in vain too many times for me to get too excited. Still:

      “Moore claims that Obama became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1983 …”

      Now that’s interesting. He would have been 22 then, if that’s his true birthdate we’ve been told. Allegedly, he’d have lost his Kenyan citizenship at around the same age, if he didn’t go to reaffirm it.

      I find it hard to believe someone would actually file a court brief with the theories about E. Duke and FMD, but I have read that briefs aren’t evidence and people can say anything in them that they want, without substantiation. If the fogblowers are the source of this brief, then I would take all of it with a grain of salt.

      • The catholic charities thing (I don’t know Sven’s take on it) has been with me for awhile …and Connecticut…has also been something stored away lately in my head, because the Robeson’s had a home there where many people came and went and stayed, even when they weren’t there. Robeson visited orphanages (kids camps )in the soviet Union and was very impressed. There are photos . I do know that Frank Marshall Davis’s and the other guy..who headed his news paper (Inouye?), their secretary was questioned in one of those commie hearings about her list of expenditures for Paul Robeson and items like tee shirts and clothes. I’ve always wondered who the clothes were for.
        And of course the Catholic nuances have come up through out Obamas life story.
        Did ya’ll know that the Sisters in Hawaii had a place for unwed mothers called the Mary Jane house. It stopped its care in the late sixties ,but not exactly…….it is still there, but the social services no still supports it. It’s still called the Mary Jane house or program… The sisters ran the Kalihi orphanage and the Mary Jane house…..the orphange is now a catholic retreat. It ties to the Newman center.

  19. Rosemary Woodhouse

    From ^^^^^

    “Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has said that Obama has used four aliases in his life and that Zullo’s affidavit submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court in the same eligibility case is “the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve got” in regard to information on Obama’s background.”

    Out with it, then. Tip of the iceberg, huh? What a joke. What the HELL are they waiting for? Why the long strip tease?

    • Exactly. I’m tired of their rope a dope (with us being the dopes).

      • rope a dope. i think this is just the beginning.

        Imagine 20 more years of spoiled, psuedo -intellect, dopey children running this Country’s institution and industries and infrastructure.

        If there is known crime committed the Sheriff and his Investigators are obligated to take it to a Grand Jury and press charges. They have the evidence and they do have Jurisdiction since the Federal Government affects them. Misprison of Felony. Evidence shouldn’t be used as internet radio fodder. And they have Jurisdiction as they are a State of Union, in case they’ve forgotten that fact.

        Take it to the GOVERNOR!

        • I wish that Arpaio would. He is safely reelected, isn’t he? The people out there love him, despite the obots’ best efforts to get rid of him. I don’t know WHAT they’re waiting for. Total collapse and fundamental transformation? They can’t even get Congress to repeal Obamacare when most of the country hates it. What are the odds that any Congressperson is going to get anybody interested in vetting him? I thought after all the unconstitutional stuff he’s done that they would FINALLY take action.

          • I love the irony that their Senator was also the opponent of this scoundrel and he’s a gatekeeper. Getting away with it!


  20. I’ve just heard a new name, Elizabeth Ann Duke. Now that is very interesting. She’s a terrorist.

  21. Lost & Found indeed-ie … Atty Albert W L Moore Jr. …. GO DUDE!!!
    Spit it OUT! Cough it OUT! RWoodhouse… says..to HURRY!!!! so funny
    Rose it’s like were digging up old bone… one scrape at a time….PRAY!

    • WOW WOW WOW….# 13….. PAGE 8….. WOW WOW

      TRUTH or DARE….. on DOC above by Albert W L MOORE

    • We need us an angel.

    • Since the fogblowers always have this stuff, publicize it, and Alinsky-ize it, is it possible that they actually file it just to discredit those looking for the truth? I’m just askin’.

      • You got that right. Dissemination and Disinformation are weapons.

        stealth and deceit

      • Now that I’ve read the entire brief, I see that the theories about FMD and Duke were NOT in the brief, despite that the story at ORYR seems to imply that (because of the way they’re written. It’s not easy to tell from their story who’s saying what–the lawyer or ORYR). So I rescind my comment about fogblowers filing this. It seems like a well reasoned brief, albeit without evidence to back up the allegations (other than the Fukino statement, etc.).

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Group hug. GREAT find, Zen. Truly!

      BTW, within the document (un-copy/paste-able) it states “since Obama cannot be born again….” Oh, indeed he cannot! 🙂

  22. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3047756/posts

    About Duke on FR.

    “In May 2013, Private Investigator Neil Sankey discovered that four years prior, in June 2009, at the direction of the “Obama” Department Of Justice, the D.C. District Court – without cause and in violation of procedure – dismissed “Duke’s” indictments and warrant, and removed her from the national crime registry, NCIC.

    – In May 2013, Private Investigator Neil Sankey and Martha Trowbridge engaged the services of Washington D.C. Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley to assist us in our investigation of the corrupt federal government /judicial actions surrounding “Duke”. Mr. Sibley has worked diligently on this matter. He has filed several D.C. District Court motions to intervene in this case, to no avail. On 26 July 2013 Mr. Sibley filed ‘Third Verified Motion For Reconsideration Of Order Dismissing Indictment And Motion To Intervene Or To Appear As Amicus Curie” in United States v. Duke / Criminal Case 88-cr-00145 [DAR]. He also notified Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts of The United States District Court Of Washington D.C. , all the D.C. District Court Judges, and the D.C. United States Attorney of the improper dismissal of “Duke’s” Indictment. See Mr. Sibley’s blog at http://amoprobos.blogspot.com/

    – Obama’s mother, known amongst other identities as Jo Ann Newman and “Elizabeth Ann Duke”, is far from dead. She operates ‘above ground’ under another principal identity.”

    • The problem is that Martha has already shown us photos allegedly of Jo Ann Newman and she looks nothing like Elizabeth Anna Duke.

  23. That name may not be new to you guys. I know we’ve heard the name JoAnn Newman, but I never heard the Elizabeth Ann Duke. So Newman might have been an alias for Duke..

  24. JUST….. an every day FAMILY…. & could B O’s …. SON!!!!!
    Mrs. Robinson.. was that THE SWITCH…. your SON VS DUKE???


  25. Well, I’ve wondered if Mooch is really a man. That must make BO happy.

  26. Tick Tick Tic… Time will TELL ALL … At this point in TIME.. kitty…
    Any-Thing is MORE than POSSIBLE.. like Taffy… KEEP PULLIN’
    Waiting for the dam to burst… the shoe to drop… my JAW 2 DROP!!!!

    • The reason that I saw that about Mooch is the photos on here of her. Sure doesn’t look like a lady. She’s kind of manly looking anyway.

  27. There is a whole lot going on right now. Look what someone wrote at ORYR:
    “Crystallite · 1 hour ago
    Sheriff Arpaio’s CCP claims that his real mother was Chinese, Japanese and Filipino and that she either gave him or sold him to Barry’s grandmother. It could be that she was a Waikiki whore who had an affair with grandpa Stanley. Perhaps the child was foisted upon Stanley Ann as her “son” when he might really be her half-brother instead. Remember, her friends said she did not look pregnant and she did start school in WA 2 weeks after she allegedly gave birth. There’s a photo out there of Stanley Sr. and his grandson Barry when Barry was a child and there is a resemblance.”
    – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/08/friend-of-court-brief-in-alabama.html#sthash.5zDlKpG6.dpuf

    • Yep, Kittycat77, its POP. I have always felt that. and I think her name was always Anne, until they needed her to be “Stanley”.

      The picture of the Toddlers is the one thing that always stops me in my tracks. The Nd-sand-jo thing; its connected in someway, too.

      11 international siblings… a mindbender.

      My money’s on POP. He is Maya’s Uncle.

      • Yeah, and think what Lame Cherry said, which he calls BO Barry Chin, right?

        • right. I didn’t hang much after the Tiger Lily stuff. But, yeah, he’s been on the sino-theme for a looong time.

          I just always felt the Nativity Gospel incredible but more than that, he looks exactly like Stan the Man, to me. I just believe that SAD is his mother. Same thing with Jack Nicholson except flipped. His sister was actually his mother. That Stanley name is just crap. DId you ever notice that she put her father’s name as next of kin with his contact information as the Bank of Hawaii on one of her passports? Yea, she did. Always doing shady things. non-conformist, my butt. commie through and through.

        • and that last minute Granny-death really bugs me. shady.

        • Yep. Barry Chin. That’s it.

      • Papoose….you sort of hit on something there……”I think her name was always Ann, until they needed her to be STANLey”. Well, just suppose when Stanley Dunham died( think about all those adresses, birthdates we find), maybe Ann became SAD Stanley just like her father’s intials….so she could reap some benefits of his and that’s when she used the Stanley Ann, and that’s why we see Stanley added sometimes on some of the papers we’ve seen. They did it later.

    • Mark N. definately looks like he’s got Asian in his genes….like I said awhile back if you put the two sides of Obama’s face together he looks very ,very Asian.

      • I mean, put the two sides of the right side of his face together. You can also put a mirror (a very flat rectangular or square one works best) up to your screen next time you get a good photo of him….then you can do the right side, left side mirror image yourself. Call me crazy, but it works, and I like to do stuff like this.

    • When did the CCP say that? Not that I would disagree with it. BHO Sr. had a “wife in the Philippines,” if we can believe the INS records. He looks Chinese at times, and Filipino at times, too. Indonesian, too. He could be one of those hanai adoptions http://kaaihue.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/the-meaning-of-hanai/ (and wop–without papers). A foundling, maybe, with a “Hawaiian” mother, whose ancestry is mixed with Asians, as many are. Remember Babs Nelson, who herself looks Hawaiian (although she’s not supposed to be) and who took a very special interest in Barry, being there at all his games, making him the graduation lei. WHY? Didn’t we just read that Dr. Sinclair himself had a hanai child? https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/a-musical-interlude-for-a-monday-morning-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-119762

      Sinclair “delivered” Barry. I wonder. Being an ob/gyn who (inferred from what his wife said) worked with poorer people, might he not be in a position to know about any number of motherless, fatherless children or unwanted children that he would then also be in a position to place with (deliver to) people who want a “hanai” child? Maybe that was the deal. The HDOH provided Barry, at some point, with his “original” bc and maybe it only came into existence when he first went looking for it in 2007. Sinclair had a hanai daughter of his own. Isn’t that odd? Remember Zullo talking about how they have proved that 2 children got original bc’s at age 3, AS IF they were newborn? I believe those kids were adopted kids. If they’re the kids that butterdezillion wrote about. There were two kids who showed up in the index that the HDOH sent to someone who SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE INDEX because they were DEFINITELY adopted children, who had SEALED records. She believes, iirc, that they ran the computer program to print the list and told it to IGNORE the flags for “sealed” records so that BARRY would show up on the list, too. At least, I think that’s her theory. Bottom line: Originally Barry wasn’t on the index when ladysforest’s friend looked at it. Later on, when the HDOH supplied a copy of the index (after being forced to follow their law) it suddenly contained both Barry and those other KNOWN adopted kids.

      btw, did you know that Cecil Goeldner died earlier this year? http://www.arkansasonline.com/obituaries/2013/mar/21/cecil-goeldner-2013-03-21/

      • a long time ago I was going to post a couple things, but the timing was never right………of two different stories of a couple things that happened in the past in reference to adoption. The stories were not about Obama, so at the time I thought ya’ll would just read it and move on…..but one story , not a story really, but and excerp of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Diary. One occasion she tells of a good friend of hers who adopted a child. THe lady was the famous war journalist who killed herself in her old age.The details about what her friend (can’t think of her name right now but I think she was married at one time to Hemmingway. SHe adopted a boy and could not get legal citizenship papers on him right away. She took him to Mexico where he stayed for a few years before he could be brought into the country. I can’t repeat the exact details, so it would be best to find the story again. Old Eleanor has many quotes in her diary/diaries that lend themselves to what was happening in those days , from stuff about the blacks, children are mentioned alot. She had a great love for the artist Thelma Johnson Streat (who looks like Obama to me,only blacker). Her second husband was white. I had done alot of research on THelma though because she seemed to follow some pretty interesting paths with the old communists of the day. SHe did a portrait of Paul Robeson, SHe worked for the WPA painting with Diego Rivera, the mexican famous mural painter (that’s a interesting story as well, as Trotsky escaped to Mexico and lived with Diego and his weird wife in their home). THelma Streat also did a portrait of Trotsky, but I haven’t been able to find either portrait. THelma died suddenly in 1959….not before she and her husband had opened a school of some sort called SUN CITY projects in Honolulu HI. THe strangest thing is, if THelma is such a famed person, why then have I not been able to find anysuch place. I am sure by now the place may be a museum or school with some other name, but there is no landmark or anything I can find in Hawaii. ……I’m skipping a bunch…..but……Thelma is all the rage in Black Modern and Post modern Art and Black History,so the stories of her are full of as much details of history those type people can find on her, yet they don’t connect her to anything sinsiter at all (like all her communist ties). But on my own, I have found direct connections to she and FRANK MARSHALL DAvis……It took a while before it all came together, checking back and forth, rechecking what I thought I had figured out, but THelma worked with Frank Marshall Davis in Chicago in the 40’s at the Lincoln school where Frank taught some Art classes , photo stuff and something else. THe Lincoln school was the Communist aligned school in those days. THere is an inkling of other connections to her and Frank and of course if she painted Paul Robeson’s portrait, she had to know these people in some way. But later I came across Eleanor’s diary and a mention about THelma Streat and how she was teach art to children in Hawaii at an orphange and how much she took a liking to one dear child. THis got my curiosity up for sure, but couldn’t get much further…..although she painted a picture a this child(I think this child) and the picture is called the boy and the bird. Well there’s thousands of painting with similar names. THelmas painting were of many styles from extremely modern to stylistic like her work with Diego, I looked and looked for the painting…no such luck. I have never found what she died of…she died in California…so the stories say, but she had been teaching art and dance to children in her place in Hawaii and to the orphans.
        Now I got a third story or actually all should read the story, interview actually with Christine Dunham and about her life as the adopted child of Katherine Dunham the dancer. Her actual interview tells alot, it also shows the difference in a real story from a make believe life story of one Barack Hussein Obetja. See if you can find the interview, you’ll love it and it brings to light some details about how adopting kids from somewhere else back then was and what one had to do about their citizenship. Only a few details but well worth it to ponder over. If anyone is interested in any of these antidotes I’ll look back for the info.

        • THelma also knew Kathering Dunham (who was a communist) and THelma was also going to school to study anthropology…like so many others who were famous dancers/singers///like Paul Robeson too. Hmmm. Not much can be found on Edgar Kline, thelma’s husband either, yet he was a producer, so I found that odd….They married in Seattle????

          • Interesting information on Thelma Streat Alfy. I do not remember ever coming across her when Renee and I were doing all of our research on Katherine Dunham. I’m not sure if you already have this information on Thelma Streat yet, I found it on a quick search. I do not have time right now too look further into her. But a suggestion, when your looking up information on someone try using PDF after you type in their name. You may already do this, not sure, but I know it has sure helped me find additional information on searches.

            Oregon Encyclopedia
            http://www.oregonencyclopedia.org/entry/view/streat_thelma_johnson/ – 08/09/2013

            Thelma Johnson Streat (1912-1959)

            Thelma Johnson Streat was a multi-talented African American artist who focused on ethnic themes in her work. Born
            on August 29, 1912, in Yakima, Washington, to James and Gertrude Johnson, she moved with her family to Portland
            where she graduated from Washington High School. Streat began painting at the age of seven and received art training
            at the Museum Art School in the mid-1930s. She was a frequent local exhibitor who worked in tempera, oil and

            Streat moved to San Francisco in 1938 and continued her career working in Works Progress Administration art
            programs. She participated in exhibitions at the De Young Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and others. In
            1942, her painting Rabbit Man was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art. She then began working in mural format
            and produced works that attracted attention for their intense content, such as her 1943 Death of a Black Sailor, which
            drew threats from the Ku Klux Klan. [ha! the DemonRats]
            In 1945, Streat took a position in Chicago as the chair of a committee that sponsored murals to aid “Negro in Labor”
            education. She also spent time in the Queen Charlotte Islands, gathering inspiration for her art and dance from the Haida
            Indians, who used strong graphic designs and bold color in their traditional art.

            After marrying her manager, Edgar Kline, in 1948, Streat expanded her career internationally. Kline was a playwright
            and film and play producer, and their common interest made them compatible partners as they worked and traveled
            early in their married life. Pieces from their time in Liverpool, England, were later exhibited in San Francisco. The
            couple’s strong interest in education and in fighting intolerance led them to establish Children’s City projects in Hawaii
            and Canada. They settled in Hawaii in 1952.

            Streat’s work was powerful, both in line and color, as exemplified by the piece Black Virgin, now in the collection of
            Reed College. Her work is also included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Mills College in Oakland,
            California, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Honolulu Academy of the Arts.

            Thelma Streat died in May of 1959. She was honored by a posthumous one-person show at the Portland Art Museum in


        • Interesting story and connections, alfy.

      • “Cecil Max Goeldner, 75, of Maumelle passed away Monday, March 18, 2013. He was born July 3, 1937 in Butler County, Kansas to Cecil B. and Hazel Maxine MacKay Goeldner. He was a member of First United Methodist Church and lead guitarist of The Grandpas. He was a Boeing employee. Then he co-founded Data Center Inc. in Kansas, and Pacesetter in Michigan, and was a Computer Systems Analyst for Systematics and for Alltel.

        He is survived by his wife, Virginia (Dunham) Goeldner, of Maumelle; daughter, Layla Cecil Goeldner, of Saudi Arabia; son, Kevin Blake Goeldner, of Aledo, Texas; seven grandchildren, Nadia, Maria, Dania, Abdulrahman, Omar, Grace and Seth; and five great-grandchildren, Abdullah, Jena, Adam, Tariq and Sami. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Donna Elaine Goeldner.”

        • I did not know that Cecil had died. Makes me want to go look for the story from the 2008 election again; the one in which Eleanor says Barry’s mom died in the 70s.
          I don’t know why…it didn’t do us any good back in 2008 🙂 or 2012

          • FWIW: It was Virginia that said Ann died in 1970. Eleanor, her sister, is herself a mystery person. No photos. Deceased. Two deceased twin sons born in Canada around 1959 on a military base.

          • Duh. I meant Virginia. I hadn’t thought about her in a while and skimmed the story so fast only the name Elaine Goeldner melded into Eleanor.
            I had thought about Cecil recently though, only because the actor from the USA network show Suits (Gabriel Macht) looks JUST like Cecil in his wedding photo. 🙂

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        I vote Indonesian.

        And remember the statement (was it Fukino?) who said that if exposed whatever was locked up could potentially be an embarrassment to the president?

        I believe the following contains truth/mixed with lies.


        • I do remember her statement very clearly. In addition, they cauterized the passport files to avoid “embarrassment” to the potential fraudulent potus. This writer says, “so what”, about the fact that the bc online doesn’t match the one in the files. So what? What difference, at this point, does it make if the POtuS perpetrated a fraud upon (at best) and a crime against (at worst) the people of this Republic? I’m afraid that he may be right about Barry’s parents being US citizens, but NOTHING excuses the lies. If he’s not black at all, if everything is a lie, then how many would take back their votes? Surely, in the furtherance of this sham, crimes have been committed–the passport breach being one, document fraud, corrupting public records, using taxpayer resources to continue a fraud against the People. This man writes for The Blaze sometimes: http://www.theblaze.com/user/lordhowardhurts/

  28. oh. now I get it. the exaggerations and false front as of late.


    And America has enriched hers, as well, many billions of times over, barky.

    • Oprah, one of Barry’s biggest supporters in 08′. Barry’s and Oprah’s relationship go way back. They both attended “the chickens have come home too roost” Jeremiah Wrights Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

      Amazingly though around the early too mid 1990s Oprah left the Trinity Church.

      Busy group of reformers organizers back around 95’…oh the planning involved for 08′.

      Yep Papoose…but we have too be fair here. Clinton awarded the the Medal of Freedom too Communist Cesar Chavez back in 94′, well he gave the award too Chavez’s wife anyway because Chavez was dead in 94 but it was in honer of Chavez.

      Beyond sicking,…

      • Both racists. Both hide it relatively well. Well enough to fool the masses into “selecting” Barry and watching (and enriching) Oprah. What do they get in return? Placebo for white guilt.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          All three Marxist to the core.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Four actually. Zero, Bill, Hillary and Oprah. Sure bet that being a billionaire in America has been a tough life mired in racism, Harpy.

            • People are criticizing the new Matt Damon movie because, they say, it supports communism. The theme, apparently, is a huge, impoverished population living on a dying Earth, whilst the “One Percent” live in luxury above, in orbit, on a beautiful space station (or asteroid. Hazy on the details.) In any case, the idea is that this is pro-Obama, when, if you ask me, it’s not necessarily so. Just WHO would be living the life of luxury in space if this movie were reality? THE OBAMAS. As they currently live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and HAVE NOT RELINQUISHED THEIR LIFE OF LUXURY while the people get poorer and poorer and poorer. Currently, they’re off to Martha’s Vineyard, which could be analogous to that life in Elysium. So, no matter what the movie producer intended, we can draw our own conclusions about who his movie is portraying. BARRY, child of privilege, and all his wealthy supporters. Apparently the movie touches on death panels, so, again … who is the movie about?

          • Video 18 minutes….but a great ride back in history…. Streat was the
            Aunt of Evelyn Cook… it shows “Rabbit Man” …a family photo of TJS
            with her white husband … & her painting with Diego….much 2 see…..


  29. “…hope to make it a smoke-free Country.”

    (except for doobies)

    What next? Cars?


  30. August 6, 2013

    “Et Tu, Trey Gowdy?”


    • I agree that it’s a form letter and was probably sent by a member of his staff. If the letter was signed, it was probably a mechanical signature. I doubt that Gowdy even read the letter, or will read the next one, but anything’s possible. They are avoiding this issue. Either they KNOW the truth and they believe he is a NBC (based upon other parents who were citizens or because he was a CIA asset) or they just figure it’s a “no go” because there’s no win for them in this issue: they can’t prove it but in trying to do so, they will be hammered and destroyed by the media and the obot behemoth. There are just too many nuances. It’s too difficult to put into a talking point. “Where’s the birth certificate?” was an excellent way to simplify the issue and draw attention to it; but then they put out the bogus bc. Now what can they do? Argue the issue of him losing his citizenship in 1968 or naturalizing in 1983? Either people’s eyes will glaze over or they will just think “so what?” We’ve been outmaneuvered by Alinsky-following, obot thugs. They KNOW propaganda and how to demonize people. It works. It’s always worked for unethical, amoral Nazi types. God help us.

    • More gibberish from a Republican congressman:

      [Is the woman Miki Booth?]

      August 9, 2013
      “EXCLUSIVE: Oklahoma Congressman Comes Out As A Birther”
      By Scott Keyes @ Think Progress

      “During a town hall meeting Thursday afternoon, Mullin fielded a question from the self-professed “Birther Princess”. The woman presented him with documents — which he repeatedly refused to take — from Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse”, which investigated whether Obama had forged his birth certificate in order to run for president. (He had, they determined, in a surprise to no one.)

      Though Mullin at first appeared to be batting down the Birther Princess’s nutty theory, it quickly became clear that he only took issue with her timing, not the substance of her accusation. “I believe what you’re saying,” he told the woman, saying he thought the birther issue “probably would’ve been” big enough to drag down Obama in 2012. Mullin felt aggrieved that he had to question whether Obama was actually born in the United States, concluding that although the issue is “still there,” it’s too late to prove it to the country.”

      FALCON’s comment at ORYR: “Rep. Mullin thinks that the birther issue was dealt with during the last election. Exactly who spoke up about Obama’s lack of credentials? He further thinks that he should deal with an illegal pResident and move on.

      I’ll tell you Rep Mullin – you lost the last pResidential election BECAUSE the GOP refused to deal with the issue. And you may never win again. Here’s a dumbass that thinks he can pick and choose which parts of the Constitution he will support, like Mark Levin.

      Lastly, Representative Mullin why don’t you admit you have no ethics, no morals and no place in the American body politic.”


      • CDR Charles Kerchner’s comment at ORYR: “If it is too late as he says, and I don’t agree with that, it is because people like him, and before him, in Congress did not openly speak out on this issue over the last 5+ years and instead ignored the people presenting them with the charges and evidence. He and the others in Congress ignored the pleas and grievances filed by the American people and the 100s of lawsuits and said nothing officially in the well of the House or Senate about this. They did not live up to their oath to support and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law. To them it was all about politics, as he emphasized in continually referring to the elections, not the Constitution and the Rule of Law. They had the bully pulpit in the Well of the House and none of them ever used it. They let it happen.”


      • August 9, 2013

        “Revealed: Think Progress Cuts Obama ID Fraud Evidence Details From Congressman’s Townhall”

        “This is an update on the previous report about Rep. Mullin being confronted about Obama’s ID fraud….

        Miki Booth, the constituent in the video, provided the following statement:

        Think Progress edited out the entire exchange where I talked about evidence of forgery, Steve Stockman and the other 2 congressmen who believe the evidence of fraud should be heard in Congress. …

        No doubt the freshman congressman was “prepped” by his handlers on how to respond to the ‘birther’ issue – Shut them up, shout them down, compare them to religious zealots and tell them they “don’t give a s***.””



        • Figures! What idiots. Notice that the jerk, whoever he is, won’t even take her evidence. He compares us to “Christians” that stand on street corners and scream at people. The only reason we have to SCREAM is because jerks like him will NOT listen to us or even TOUCH the evidence. He claims it has nothing to do with “anybody being above the law.” Well, we beg to differ and they’re ALLOWING Barry to get away with defrauding the American people. Barry would have LOST the election if the RINOs would have TOLD THE TRUTH about him. THEY KNOW. If that BC is forged and posted, as it is, on a WH computer, then that’s a crime.

      • August 9, 2013

        “Team Arpaio Responds To Rep. Mullin Over Obama ID Fraud; Rep. Stockman Update”


        [Miki Booth at 14:37]

  31. Rosemary Woodhouse

    ^^^^I agree 100%, Miri. It’s a lose/lose at this point in time. The ship has sailed. Timing is everything and post re-election pols have nothing to gain. They are just going to let his term run out. The truth will emerge someday. After all, we know the history of Rome’s demise as a then superpower. At least as it has been written. Am so cynical now that everything is viewed through that lens.

    • Yeah, I know. They’re letting his time run out, but in the meantime, all the damage! Much of what will be irreversible. (By design.)

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Yes, by design. 😦

        To clarify, my regret about the Mooch post is actually because it’s borderline LC-ish in its vulgarity and everyone here always strives to only cite credible sources.

        Pink planet- God sure is a Master Designer.

        FYI Miri- again, when I entered the email address portion to enter my post your name and gravatar.com http appears

        • Well, it’s not THAT horrible being LC-ish.

          I love that pink planet. Something tells me, though, that it’s not suitable for us to live on (not in our present incarnation). It looks as if, like Jupiter, there’s NO SOLID GROUND to stand on. (Sort of like living in the Obamanation.)

          • But I don’t want to be LC ish! This is taking a comical turn. Glad you saw the wordpress glitch. I let you know every it occurs.

            • Everybody: See the above comment. It was written by Rosemary Woodhouse, has her gravatar, but somehow ended up with my name on it! I didn’t correct it, so all of you could see it, too. Bizarre.

  32. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I regret that first post regarding Michelle. Most inappropriate,

    What I came back to post……buckle up.
    (Mentioned multiple times in scripture)


  33. elclipses of the moon have been understood (their cycles and timing)for thousands of years and the falling stars associate with these cycles. Maybe the new pink planet will play a part in this time as many physical/astronomical signs and wonders coincide with gods plans.

  34. I’ve probably asked you guys this, but who is Lame Cherry? Does anyone know?


  35. Hmm…I’ve been searching for stuff on Mooch. I know that you must not be talking about her now, but did you know that she said this about being a single mom? Yes, it was by accident, but it’s still interesting.


    Michelle Obama Slips, Says She’s ‘Single Mother’
    Tweet Email 70 Smaller Font Text Larger Text | Print

    By Arlette Saenz
    Follow on Twitter
    Apr 5, 2013 9:03am

    First lady Michelle Obama slipped up in a local TV interview Thursday and accidentally called herself a “single mother.”

    “Believe me, as a busy single mother– or, I shouldn’t say single, as a busy mother. Sometimes, you know, when you’ve got a husband who is president, it can feel a little single. But he’s there,” Mrs. Obama told Vermont CBS affiliate WCAX.

    “But as a busy working mom, and before coming to the White House, I was in that position, you know, as well. Working, driving kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook, not having the energy, you know, the resources weren’t the issue but time and energy is key,” she added.

    On Thursday, the first lady planted a new spring vegetable garden at the White House with groups of school children. President Obama was wrapping up the second day of his fundraising swing through California.

    • It appears Michelle WAS a single mom before moving to the WH. During the campaign nobody seemed to question her when she made her decision to go with Barack to Washington. It was a decision because for the most part, she and Barry did not live together. He was never there. Somewhere, maybe even here, outlined where he lived prior to the WH and was not involved with his family on a daily basis.

      • Could be. Hey, What A Hoot. Love ya.

      • You regulars know what I mean but in rereading I need to clarify for visitors and such. It appears Michelle WAS acting as a single mom…………in that Barry lived everywhere but with her and the girls.

        • Somebody on radio the other day was talking about how easily Muslims in the Middle East stage photos for the complicit US media to consume. Read this story and consider what OTHER events might have been similarly staged: http://petapixel.com/2013/08/09/a-creepy-video-that-shows-how-easily-protest-photos-can-be-staged/ There’s video there, where the guys are caught in the playacting. Notice the child actress and the “wounded” woman lying on the ground, being attended to by a “doctor”. You can see all these actors at the beginning, lined up as if to begin a race, and then they rush to their predetermined spots to take their predetermined pose, for the filming. So familiar!

          Anyway, when y’all were talking about Barry and Mooch not being together much, anyway, I couldn’t help but think of the photo shoots for all the staged father/daughter and family photos. Such a perfect little family–on camera. What tales these babysitters COULD tell, if they WOULD tell.

    • I kind of do remember hearing that she said that. Ooops. Just a Freudian slip, huh? Consider the possibilities.

      • And the memory that pops into my mind is when my daughter told me that her friend was at Ft. Hood when BO & wife came, saw them backstage before they went on, and it was like two cold fish. Completely weird. Acted like they didn’t know each other. She had voted for him, too, and her thought was that he was such a “family man.”

        Anyway, the second they walked out on stage, they transformed into that “loving couple” image. But she came away totally disillusioned from all of that phoniness.

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